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snake-and-mouse · 5 minutes ago
Au where Wen Ning actually killed everyone at that banquet and not just drugged them. Not for any like, actual plot fix-it reasons. I just want to watch everyone have to deal with Wen Ning of all people suddenly committing mass murder out of no where against his own people and now having a higher kill count in the war than most sect leaders.
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moidior · 10 minutes ago
Writing for me is like air, essential and what I need the most to live. I intend to dedicate my entire life to writing, to write shit and masterpieces. To write about everything and nothing.
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roughwighting · 21 minutes ago
The Tulip
Helen can’t identify the strange sonorous sounds coming from outside. Usually in her little corner of the world, the loudest noise early in the morning is the red squirrels arguing with each other as they sit on branches, trees apart. But this sound is unfamiliar, not the high-pitched shrill squirrel bickering she’s used to. Helen runs out the front door, the spring rain falling on her as she…
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kitsune-kaos · 25 minutes ago
50. Favourite colour to wear?
I love this deep dark red color that totally might be maroon but I’m not sure 😂💕
Tho my typical color scheme is blues, blacks, and grays 🫐🌑🌪
I also enjoy a little pastel green or turquoise here and there 👌🏼
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Prompt 140
“Can I sit?”
“mm,” Hero answers, but it sounds thick. Like they’ve been crying. Because they have been. and they hate it. They hate that they’re crying. They hate how vulnerable they are in front of villain. They hate everything and everyone that’s ever made them turn out this way.
Villain crouches down next to them.
“The stars are pretty tonight,” they say. and it’s so unexpected that Hero can only laugh weakly.
“Yeah,” but they don’t look up. Instead, they gaze into the familiar golden eyes that always seem to see right through them, and they smile. “They are.”
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su-univeralai · 34 minutes ago
Okay here it is... Kissing prompt #7 for... I think you gotta do Kataang, but you could try it for Taang or any of the ships. I'm already ded.
7. French kisses where they trace every tooth with their tongues as though trying to memorize them.
hehehe ok look out for some nonsense. It starts nice, but goes downhill real quick. For anyone who thinks this is legit Kataang, it is not. So, if you’re a Kataang fan, probably shouldn’t read this ficlet. Oops, made it Taang at the end 😅
Katara joins Aang on the balcony away from all their friends. Now that the war is over, she can finally wrap her brain around her confusing feelings for the young Avatar. 
The pair smile at each other before embracing. They both smile into the hug, grateful to have both made it through the final battle. Katara sheepishly pulls away with a blush on her face and looks towards the sunset building up the courage to kiss him. 
She turns her face towards the airbender with love clearly in her eyes. Aang steps closer to her so their faces are just a few inches from the other. She leans into the kiss, cupping his jaw to hold him close. 
Aang smiles into the kiss, happy that Katara is returning his affections. He feels her slide her tongue over his bottom lip, asking for permission to explore his food hole mouth. This being his first makeout, Aang enjoys the feeling of her lips on his. 
He feels the swipe of her tongue run along his bottom lip again and still doesn’t understand what she wants. He squeaks in surprise as her tongue penetrates his puckered lips to explore the cave that is his mouth.
The airbender moans as her tongue glides across every surface of his mouth that she can reach. His eyes open in shock when her surprisingly long tongue traces his back molars. 
He gazes at Katara’s closed eyes as he feels the strange sensation of her tongue following the arch of his teeth, running along where his teeth and gums met. Is this what kisses are supposed to be like? He shrugged and closed his eyes and tried to enjoy the strange kiss.
Neither noticed or heard the soft snickers from the rest of the gaang watching them through the open door. 
Zuko jokingly puckers his lips toward the group and says in his best Aang voice, “mmm, Yeah, Katara, you lick them teeth up.” Everyone snickers, even Sokka, who tries to hold it in.
“Hey! That’s my baby sister you're talking about...” he pauses before raising his voice an octave higher, “Oh, Aang sweetie, it looks like you’ve got a cavity in there, let me take another lick.”
Iroh releases an uncharacteristic snort from that comment. The old man wipes away his tears before trying to say something about young love, but decides against it when he sees Aang’s eye practically pop out of the sockets from another one of Katara’s moves. 
Suki even attempts a joke, “Come here baby,” she says in an attempted low husky voice, “I need your tongue to floss in the very back... oh yeah right there, I’ve been trying to get that out from my teeth for ages.”
Toph cackles as she rolls around on the floor. She tries to catch her breath before adding her own comment, “Oh Katara, feed me like the baby bird I am!” She opens her mouth like a baby bird would waiting for food to be placed in her mouth. 
Sokka dangles a piece of meat above Toph’s mouth, “Is this what you’re looking for, baby?” he squeaks in his incredibly bad Katara impression.
Everyone stops laughing as Katara marches up to the group with a glare on her face. Obviously, the two lovebirds had heard their friends making fun of them.
“Are you two making fun of us?” Katara asks, hands on her hips and Aang hiding behind her.
“You call that a kiss, Katara? Seriously little sister, I thought you’d have more skills than that being that I’m a kissing god.” Sokka teases, “Right, Suki?” he asks looking for affirmation.
The Kyoshi Warrior blushes at the thought of their most recent steamy kiss. Question answered.
Katara’s cheeks flush in embarrassment and anger. “I’m a good kisser!” She yells. She whips around to the mighty Avatar, “I’m a good kisser! You liked the kiss we just shared, right?”
The airbender averts his eyes to the ground and twiddles his fingers, “I mean.... that was my first real kiss, so I can’t really say that it was good or not...” he ends lamely.
Toph picks herself off the ground and marches up to Aang, “Well I guess there’s only one way to find out.” 
The earthbender grabs the monk’s robes and connects her lips to his. They’re surprisingly soft for someone who is such a rough bender. He instantly relaxes into the kiss and pulls her closer. Quite enjoyable.
The rest of the gaang’s mouths hang open as the youngest members of the group kiss in front of them. Katara doesn’t even protest as she watches them pull each other closer.
Toph pulls away and says, “There. Now you’ve kissed two girls. Hope that helps you figure out what you like.” She steps away with the faintest tint of pink on her cheeks, “Now, let’s eat!” she requests trying to take the focus off the mindblowing kiss.
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planetstory · 42 minutes ago
Writing Prompt
[WP] Your father is the king of demons, your mother is a goddess of darkness, your aunts and uncles are actual monsters, and all your siblings are evil sorcerers; but you just want to own a small inn out in the country-side. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here
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quixotic-writer · 48 minutes ago
@im-erin : 15
15. Write a letter to someone you’re no longer in contact with
where do I even start? How are you maybe? We haven’t talked in so long. I often think you maybe have fallen off the face of the earth and it wouldn’t surprise me if you thought the same of me. I see your posts and you seem to be doing okay, but I wonder if I cross your mind like you do with me.
I don’t even know why we stopped talking. I don’t remember what that fight was even about. I just remember it didn’t even have anything to do with me. But just like that you kinda disappeared. We parted ways and it felt weird because I thought we were close enough where in a week or two it’d be water under the bridge and we’d go on our merry way as we always did. Not this time I guess.
Do you look back on the memories like I do and wish things played out differently? I do. Because I miss you a lot more than you think. You were one of my best friends, but it seems circumstances and certain decisions caused our paths to stray from each other. You’re like a stranger to me now and that’s such a weird thing to think about because of how close we were for so long.
Mom asked about you the other day, I didn’t know how to respond since we don’t talk at all. She had so many questions, most of which are the same as mine. But I think the bottom line is that we both hope you’re safe, healthy, and okay. Maybe one day we’ll talk again soon, but i’m too scared to send you a message because we both know I never initiate conversations. I’ve been like this forever and I know you know haha.
I just miss you and I hope we can laugh together again soon and put the past behind us.
With love,
Little S
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aworldwithoutme · 50 minutes ago
Established Buddie. Living together.
Eddie is a teacher, Buck a firefighter.
Eddie has the flu and Buck took time off to nurse him.
Ana stops by, unannounced, with soup. From the start, she shows contempt for Buck—criticizing the state of the house, improper care, and how lucky Eddie is she cooked. She also berates Buck’s worth—how he’s beneath Eddie as a firefighter instead of a scholar. How a firefighter can’t measure to Eddie’s silver star either. How Buck is just a pretty face, a lay, etc. Buck’s insecurities multiplies—especially as he’s Eddie’s first male relationship, and after being infatuated with Ana too. She’s beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, has a similar upbringing, can bear children—Buck can’t compare. He doesn’t say anything, afraid Eddie wouldn’t believe him. Instead, he leaves to buy medicine, groceries, and snacks for Eddie.
By this point, Eddie’s worried, having noticed Buck's change in demeanor.
Buck returns, Ana finally leaves, and he starts overcompensating around the house and with Eddie—trying to prove himself. Eddie tries to bring it up, but Buck persuades Eddie to rest, focus on his recovery, and let Buck care for him.
Eventually, flu-free, Eddie worms the information out of Buck. He comforts Buck and, back at work, confronts Ana and puts her in her place.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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grandmasgoldfish · 56 minutes ago
Neural Prompts
As generated by the Talk To Transformer app from an old list of mine.
• Ectomorphia
• Aborigine
• Prospector
• Octopod
• Chthonian
• Calliopus
• Cargo Cult
• Division
• Dweller
• Icthyacides
• Magpies
• Musinges
• Maritime
• Missoula
• Pyramid
• Palladion
• Muses
• Panamastrophia
• Pilgrimage
• Ludi
• Lucretia
• Sisyphos
• Quadrige
• Télephant
• Ethiopis
• Phlegethon
• Moon
• Raptor
• Xeros
• Sol
• Homogenes
• Blackbird
• Seven
• Antequus
• Protruding
• Rodentia
• Secundum
• Agave
• Dove
• Pequod
• Hippocampus
• Serpent
• Spite
• Scylla
• Fable
• Misshapen
• Cog
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thelemoncoffee · an hour ago
I don't know jack shit about the actual plots of any Indiana Jones stories/movies, but the concept is definitely perfectly in character considering Rantato's true ultimate title
i think Indiana Jones also has a tagalong in some of his stories?? I'm not sure cause like I said I don't know jack shit about this series, but if he does; then [insert shipped character] is tagalong. You fill in that blank with who you wish.
obviously, for me personally, it'd be Kaito, whom would definitely be an interesting character to drag into the catacombs of some ancient structure. Kaito and boobytraps do not mix and, and trying to mix them is a halarious disaster waiting to happen.
The poor guy can hardly make it out of a mildly obnoxios clown's glitterbomb pranks alive, God so help him if he tried to survive actual boobytraps.
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rayshippouuchiha · an hour ago
a while ago on here there was a thing about Cloud hearing Sephiroth's theme music, and I was imagining it as a quirk, but the music that you would hear wouldn't fit the tone of whatever was happening, only the words would fit. So imagine a random civilian watching the Kamino Ward battle and hearing the Three Musketeers 'All for One and One for All' theme song thing on loop. Nothing else, just the part with the words all for one and all for one. the poor guy would be so confised
That poor guy is gonna spend the rest of his life trying to figure out what that shit means
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insomnia-productions · an hour ago
Ooh, #6 with Jonahbas for the kissing prompt?
6: “I’m sorry” kiss 
Thank you for the prompt, Pen!! I’ve never written jonahbas before and oh boy did you pick A Prompt for me to start with... 
The skies are clear on the day he brings Barnabas home.
It seems almost too cruel an irony to be anything but intentional, but Mordechai has never been one for symbolism. His work in this matter is done; he does not even come down from his study, does not need to to glut on Jonah’s misery. He has reaped his harvest in surplus.
Jonah knows he did this to himself.
He knows he would do it again.
He has chosen his path, and he has no regrets. He can have no regrets.
Even so, as the sun dips, as darkness slips silently through his office, Jonah holds the skull of Barnabas Bennett — his friend, his first love — in his hands and finds that his heart will not be still.
There is an ache in his chest, in the hollow cavity behind his ribs, a dull cold sickness that seeps into his blood and spreads through every part of him. It is not regret. But it is something very close.  
Jonah lifts the skull, holds it level with his own head. The cracked yellowing grin is wide and ghastly, hollowed sockets sharp and searching. Jonah closes his eyes and presses his mouth to the place where lips once were, lips that spoke, and smiled, and laughed, and kissed so gently. And he does not regret, but he aches, and he mourns, and he wishes.
The words drum like thunder inside his head. He will never say them aloud. Instead he carves them into his friend’s frozen bones with every kiss, every layer of eroded enamel.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
When he opens his eyes again, the skull’s ghastly grin seems softer. Seems to say,
I know.
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rayshippouuchiha · an hour ago
I just had the worst thought. The Nomus could be made to look like Pokemon. and Mr. Compress has pokeballs. spelling??? idk? but imagine LOV recreating real life pokemons and just pokemon
I .... huh .... I would hands down read it.
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revan-posting · an hour ago
I wanted to write a lot but I'm tired and falling asleep and I'm going to bed. Goodnight, little stars ✨
Tumblr media
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aworldwithoutme · an hour ago
Buck is a fairy. He can shift between hand-sized and 6′2″ tall. Maddie and Buck are half-siblings, making Maddie half fairy. She can’t shift and doesn’t have wings. Buck is a caretaker who knows the 118 through Maddie, who’s dating Chim. Buck only interacts with the 118 at get-togethers Maddie invites him to.
Eddie moves to LA. Isabel left him the house so she could move in with Pepa. There’s a tiny door leading to the backyard and other small curiosities that leave Eddie charmed but bemused.
Chris finds a small house in the backyard garden and meets Buck. They grow attached to each other quickly.
Isabel visits and asks Eddie if he’s made Buck feel welcomed and cared for. Upon Eddie’s confusion, she takes him outside, to see the tiny house for the first time, and coaxes Buck out to meet Eddie. 
Buddie become friends quickly. Buck eases Eddie’s worries about starting at the 118 and also surprises Eddie with the opportunity of having Buck be Chris’ caretaker.
Buddie eventually, of course.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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planetstory · an hour ago
Writing Prompt
[WP] The alien diplomat showing you their planet directs your gaze to an ancient relic. "Here are the oldest known markings on our world, we still don't know what they represent". You are horrified, as what appear to be meaningless scribbles to them, is a desperate cry for help in your own tongue. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here
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milktrician-hell · an hour ago
im watching kids on the slope cause a friend recd it to me and i?? didn’t think id like it so much??
im only 4 episodes in and god im really enjoying this. and the way the they animate the performances? i can’t express how i love it?? every episode is titled after a jazz piece as well?
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So I might be in a fanfiction...
So I was doing my nightly routine when I realized. I have a double date coming up, where I am going with my best friend, her crush, and my best friends brother. *cue the victorious song*
Now, the only reason me and the brother, we shall came him Trevor, are going on this “date” is so that there is people with Zoey (the sister) and Shane (the crush). Nothing romantic happening here whatsoever. Nope.
Now we shall add some spice
I used to have a crush on fucking Trevor
Me and him are close and goof around a lot
We might be doing more “dates” like this with me and Trevor just in the background hanging out
Anyway, to end my story, I am going to be going on a platonic date with my best friends brother, most likely multiple times..... this is a fucking fanfiction and no one can convince me other wise.
Plus there is extra angst details that could be added in 🤷‍♀️
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