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the-finalfrontiier2 minutes ago
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My loves. The wine hasn't kicked in just yet. Check in with me in about an hour 馃挄
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allthingsnarcos14 minutes ago
Monday Morning Mood 馃が 鈽曪笍
Don鈥檛 mess with Pedro Pascal & his 馃が coffee!
Part #1 Part #2
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diivdeep25 minutes ago
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headinthestarz38 minutes ago
I would like to wish a happy six months to my longest running hyperfixation - Se帽or Pedro Pascal.
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sweetgirldjarin44 minutes ago
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Din Djarin if he was a biker babe鈥 Wandering up the west coast until he reaches a little town called Twin Peaks鈥 He might stay awhile, the girl at The Roadhouse has enchanted him - but oh, trouble brews in this mysterious little town鈥
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absurdthirstan hour ago
Hey! Idk if your request are open, but if you have time, I was wondering if you could do a headcannon with the Pedro characters of how they would be when they have a family day with their s/o and child! 馃挄
Family Day with the You and Your Child(ren):
Javier: Nobody knows Javier has a family, so when Steve and Connie runs into. you, Javier and your child, he is shocked. Javier looks completely different than when he is working. He is actually relaxed, a smile replacing his normal frown and your child is perfect up on his shoulders. Connie can鈥檛 get over the fact that Javier has a family, The three of you were on your way to get ice cream and go to a park that Javier knew was relatively safe.聽
Ezra: No one would ever think that Ezra had a family. An old partner ran into him with you and your child. Your child is older, but they are in shock. It was suspicious that Ezra never talked about his family, but it was something that he kept close to his heart. HIs memories were his own and he didn鈥檛 want to share you and your child with anyone.聽
Mando: He doesn鈥檛 get back to the covert often enough, but when he does, he鈥檚 completely different. He is relaxed, letting his ad climb all over him. They are careful not to try to pull his helmet off. His helmet is nearly always leaning against yours in a keldaba kiss. His voice is heard more around you and your ad than any other time.聽
Catfish: Frankie is on alert, but also more relaxed than most have ever seen. He has scoped out the park when you arrived and obviously keeps tabs on kids. He lets them play, get absolutely filthy and just grins at you when you scold him for letting the youngest eat dirt. 鈥淒irt never hurt anyone, babe.鈥 He shrugs and knows he might have to hose the kids off in the front yard before you let them in the house.聽
Tovar: Scowling. Even as he is rolling around on the ground with his brats. All the village children flock to the mercenary when he is home. For one so fearsome, the little ones love him. Might be because he is a big kid himself, rough housing with them and teaching them to fight and defend themselves.聽
Agent Whiskey: Sad......he鈥檚 drunk and has passed out on top of the grave. Wishing that he hadn鈥檛 fucked up and lost you after also losing his wife and his unborn son. Wondering what his child looks like now, although he knows that Champ knows where the two of you are. He won鈥檛 tell Jack until he gets his shit straight.聽
Marcus Pike: He鈥檚 got the day planned out!!! Breakfast/brunch at his girl鈥檚 favorite restaurant followed up by a few events that he had scoped out in the local section of the paper. Pottery painting? Yes. A story time with the author of a new children鈥檚 book? Absolutely. This man is loving getting to spend time with you and the kids. To be the father he wants to be and not be pressed by work.聽
Max Phillips: Grumpy as fuck. While he can be outside, the sun hurts after too long. SPF 100 and dark tinted sunglasses only go so far. Especially when your evil ass decided family day was at the beach. However, he鈥檚 in the water with his evil little hybrid kiddo as often as they want. The sharks peace the fuck out when he鈥檚 in the water. They know they aren鈥檛 the top of the food chain when they smell him in the water.聽
Oberyn: Fighting. That鈥檚 how this man loves to spend time with his little Snakes of all ages. Including the ones that are still attached to the breast. He will hold the littlest one in his arms while he spars with his younger daughters. You might kill the Red Viper yourself but he just smirks at you before he looks down at the youngest in his arms and kisses their head.聽鈥淚 will not let them get hurt, dove.鈥澛
Dave York: Look, he might be murder daddy, but this man loves his kids. He鈥檚 going to sigh and roll his eyes at the idea of going to the fucking place with the dancing animatronic rat that he wants to shoot, but he鈥檚 gonna do it. He鈥檚 not going to be happy about it, but thank fucking God they serve beer there now. It鈥檚 kind of cute/hot to see this grumpy ass assassin standing around ChuckECheese with a glower on his face while his precious daughters run around like crazy. He looks like every other parent in the place.聽
Marcus Moreno: It鈥檚 an event for the Heroics and their families. He鈥檚 uncomfortable but all that matters is spending time with you and Missy. He rolls his eyes when Miracle Man tries turning the friends games into a competition but rises to the challenge. You smirk and just keep the camera on the two of them as Missy and her father proceed to show the rest of the Heroics why they were chosen to the leaders.聽
Max Lord: Family day is a pretty low key affair now. Before the dream stone events there wouldn鈥檛 have been a family day, too wrapped up in achieving greatness. Now, it鈥檚 Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast together, followed up by a trip to the park or one of the public pools to go swimming. Whatever Alistair wants to do.聽
Zach Wellison: Movies. This man loves to take his kids to the movies. Especially in the summer when they have the specials going on at the theaters. You pay a set price and get to see 2-3 kids movies. He is right beside them, giggling and munching on the huge bucket of popcorn while they watch the older kids movies that a few are even from his own childhood. Whispering in the dark about how he saw these when he was there age and just generally loving the time he gets to spend with all of you. 100% snuck milk duds in so you didn鈥檛 pay $5 a box from the concession stand.聽
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daisy-plieran hour ago
Still getting sad that Prince is gone whilst listening to his music. 馃ズ馃槬
I would just love to have a conversation with Pedro about Prince!
Is that too much too wish for?
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clints-lucky-arrowan hour ago
The Nomad - Instagram AU
(Din Djarin/The Mandalorian x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I need to work but I've been caught up making these for my fics all day 馃槶 They're so fun!)
Once again, she's a Reader-Insert so this look isn't my canon. They were just the most usable pictures of a female assassin I could find!
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yepyoinked2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Some Pedro ones cause why not
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novemberrain2212 hours ago
Mashup Monday
It's that time of the week again! If you鈥檙e just tuning in, Mashup Monday is where I take a piece of art from a beautifully talented artist on Tumblr and I write a short Drabble about it.
Tumblr media
To Sleep, Perchance, To Dream
Summary: Cee seeks to cure Ezra鈥檚 depression
Word Count: 712
Rated General Audiences: Nothing scary here! Disabilities, missing limbs, tooth rotting fluff
Inspired by: This gorgeous work by @thekawaiifruitworld
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what good this is gonna do me, Birdie,鈥 Ezra groused as he reluctantly followed the messy shock of blond hair out of the pod.
鈥淭rust me, you big grouch. You鈥檒l like this,鈥 Cee insisted as she pulled him the rest of the way down the ramp. 鈥淢y family use to come here all the time before my mother died. It鈥檚 the prettiest place in the whole galaxy.鈥
鈥淵ou are talking this place up quite a bit, Birdie. I hope it meets the high expectations you鈥檝e set up for me.鈥
Ezra knew he was being uncharacteristically grumpy. Cee knew it too. The prospector had slept very little over the last few weeks. Phantom pains in his arm and violent night terrors of the horrific events on The Green kept him from any real sleep. And he refused to take any kind of sleep aids. For this, Cee was grateful as she remembered how it turned her father into a drugged-out zombie every time he sought chemical means of slumber.
She also knew that Ezra had been trying to hide his poor sleep schedule from her but after weeks of barely any shut-eye, it was getting harder and harder to mask. Which is why Cee had insisted they take this little detour on their way to a new dig site. Ezra would need all the sleep he could get if they were going to be successful on their dig and she knew this was a surefire way to get positive results.
Ezra let out a deep sigh. 鈥淎lright. You have gotten me this far. What is next on your mysterious itinerary.鈥 His tone held only a fraction of its usual smarmy teasing.
鈥淜ick off your shoes,鈥 Cee said as she began to unlace her work boots.
鈥淐ome on. Just do it. You promised me you鈥檇 cooperate,鈥 she reminded,
鈥淎 promise I do intend to keep even though you have me perfectly perplexed.鈥 Ezra struggled with his left arm to remove his boots but soon they were off and joined Cee鈥檚 smaller ones beside the ramp.
鈥淣ow, follow me. And for once, just listen. No talking.鈥
Ezra nodded and followed the peculiar girl down the grassy knoll. He鈥檇 never seen such a lush planet before. Most of the time his work either sent him to thick forests or rocky terraria. He鈥檇 never once seen a planet that seemed so wide open. For miles, bright green grass rolled in a gentle breeze. He could feel the coolness on his bare feet as Cee led him to the sprawling shade of a large, gnarled tree. Its branches twisted far beyond the thick trunk and its leaves umbrellaed in the warm sun offering a cool, shaded sanctuary. Cee stopped under the tree and flopped onto her back in its shade. Ezra gave her a confused look.
鈥淚 am befuddled, Birdie.鈥
鈥淛ust try it. Lay on your back and just listen.鈥
Ezra hesitated a moment but then did as he was told, coming to rest beside the girl. His eyes traveled along the branches of the tree, tracing their paths and getting lost in the greenery. A symphony of birds unknown to him chirped to each other, gossiping and talking nonsense no less. A peace he hadn鈥檛 know in many a moon started to nest in his chest.
鈥淲ell, you were correct in your original statement, Cee. This is indeed the most beautiful place in the galaxy. My travels have taken me far and wide but I confess I鈥檝e never seen a place quite like this one.鈥
鈥淭old you so,鈥 Cee replied with a smirk.
鈥淭hat you did indeed,鈥 he murmured as his eyes slipped closed. It wouldn鈥檛 hurt to rest them for a minute.
Cee watched as bit by bit, the anxiety, exhaustion, and depression smoothed from his features. It had been a rough couple of months for the motley duo. Days on end of recovery, rehabilitation, and readjustments to their new normal. Ezra was as strong as they came but she knew getting used to his disability would leave scars far beyond the physical ones he now carried. This little detour was the first positive step in getting him back to his old self.
For the first time in weeks, Ezra truly slept.
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pascals1pedro5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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avenging-fandoms9 hours ago
i鈥檓 playing gta and i wanna play with pedro :(
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pajamasecrets9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I will see you again. I promise.
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pascalisfrenchpunk9 hours ago
Tumblr media
The 5-Pedro-gets-into-the-water-steps 馃寠
Happy first day of summer 馃尀
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honeymandos10 hours ago
Frankie with kids is the only thing I ever wanna talk about.
He鈥檚 just鈥 such a good dad. He鈥檒l drive them anywhere, do everything for them. His daughter wants to do karate classes? He already has her signed up and bought a uniform. His son wants to join drama club? Frankie鈥檚 in the front row with a camera and a goofy smile on his face.
He鈥檚 endlessly supportive of his kids no matter what they choose to do, what they want to wear, what they want to be. When his toddler runs up and exclaims that he wants to be the president of the ocean when he grows up, Frankie is all smiles as he tells him that sounds like an amazing career.
He indulges in his kids鈥 imaginations, playing along as his small son triumphantly hoists a trident made of PVC pipes into the air and declares himself ruler of the sea. He sports a tiara beside his daughter as she serves him fake tea and puts his hair into pigtails, giggling about him being a great princess. When his seven year old plays with blankets and pretends to be a famous fashion designer, you can bet Frankie is right behind him snapping pictures, playing along as the paparazzi.
Every terrible drawing gets framed or hung on the fridge, every report card, whether good or bad. His home is filled with pictures of the kids, of his spouse and himself, of his family.
And as they get older, he still never wavers; he sits at the counter with them and helps with homework. even though he鈥檚 not the best at it. He鈥檚 sure his daughter is much better at algebra than he is, but he鈥檚 happy to help her nonetheless.
With every achievement, he鈥檚 there, beaming and engulfing them in hugs, and for every fall, he鈥檚 there to give comforting words and a shoulder to cry on. He鈥檚 firm, yes, but he never yells at his kids. Even if they mess up, as all kids are bound to do, he鈥檚 empathetic. He knows nobody is perfect, not even his children.
And when they finally leave home, he tries to hide his tears away, saving them for later so they don鈥檛 have to see him cry. But his eldest son notices anyway as he鈥檚 about to leave, giving his father a watery smile and a hug. Frankie couldn鈥檛 be more proud of the man he raised.
And one by one, as his kids grow up and leave the nest, he starts to feel it, the pang of loneliness. He still has his spouse, and his faithful dog, but there鈥檚 a void there, too. It鈥檚 sad, for a while, but his children write letters often and make sure to call as much as they can. It鈥檚 small, and it鈥檚 nothing like being with them, but it still puts a smile on his face.
And when he finally sees them again, and gets to hear about their lives, about the wonderful people they鈥檝e become, he really does cry.
And it鈥檚 not because he鈥檚 sad, no; he鈥檚 never been happier or prouder in his entire life.
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juletheghoul10 hours ago
Sub Terra (Part 2)
So... I just wanna edge this little shit. This is completely self-indulgent and I'm literally posting this at midnight, tossing it onto this site like a grenade then going to sleep lmao.
Tumblr media
This is a continuation of Sub Terra.
Dio x F!Reader
Pairing: Dio x F!Reader
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Language, Smut 18+ dirty talk, Oral-male receiving (you edging him) - let me know if I missed anything.
The ride back to your place was quick, but not quick enough. You were eager to get him right where you wanted him.
I have plans for you baby boy.
He was all over you, mouth insistent on your neck and hands roaming everywhere he could reach. You had to peel him off you in order to make your way inside.
You guided him to the bedroom and let him take charge for a moment, letting him get more and more worked up against your body.You let him grind his hips into yours, let him palm your breasts roughly and then when he was about to throw you on the bed you pulled away.
鈥淭ake off your clothes and sit on the bed.鈥 You were smiling but your voice booked no argument. He smiled back, a million different scenarios running through his head at once, each one more tantalising than the last. None of them are as good as what you actually did. You stripped and threw a cushion down at his feet and he scrambled to get naked.
When he was sitting there you kneeled in front of him, naked and on display for him. He reached out to touch your breast but you slapped his hand away.
鈥淵ou wait until I say.鈥 You smiled as you said it, voice as sweet as sin and he nodded in understanding.
He was so hard, his cock was thicker than you expected, an angry red, sticky with precum dribbling from the tip.
You鈥檙e in for it now.
He opened his legs to let you rest your arms on his thighs, bringing your mouth closer to where he wanted you. He was relaxed despite the state of him, leaning back onto his forearms as he studied you.
He hissed slightly when you grasped him, if you went for it he鈥檇 cum within a couple of minutes but where was the fun in that?
You held onto the base of him firmly and softly licked the tip, bringing just the head into your mouth. You saw his hands clenched tightly at his sides and he bit his lip.
鈥淭hat feels so good baby, more, take more of me I know you can.鈥 His hips were lifting off the bed slightly, trying to get deeper into your mouth but you weren鈥檛 going to.
鈥淏e a good boy, and don鈥檛 cum until I say so. Understand?鈥 You spoke as you placed open-mouthed kisses on the underside of his cock. You watched as more precum leaked out at your words.
鈥淵es, yes I understand.鈥 He moaned out the words as you stroked him, slow and thorough. You took him a little further but stopped when he threw his head back.
鈥淓yes on me baby boy, I want you to watch me suck your cock.鈥 He groaned, he wouldn鈥檛 last long at this rate. He focused on you, on your mouth, on your tits - everything and you felt him tense up.
鈥淐an I cum baby? I鈥檓 so close.鈥 His stomach clenching with the effort and you pulled away, keeping a firm grip on the base of him while he caught his breath.
鈥淣o, not yet. Take a deep breath and tell me when I can keep going, you鈥檙e doing so well.鈥 You kissed his thigh while he got himself under control, your other hand running through the fine dusting of hair on his stomach. You saw the flush creeping up his chest, blooming in his cheeks and lighting up his ears.
鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 okay, can I touch you?鈥 He was asking with the sweetest tone, docile and eager to please. Nothing compared to the cocky little shit back at the bar. Your arousal was burning low in your belly at the control you had over him.
鈥淵es you can since you asked so nicely.鈥 You continued your slow teasing of him. Hollowing your cheeks prettily around the tip of him and he reached out to pinch and pluck at your nipples. He groaned as you cupped his balls lightly, tasting the salt of his precum in your mouth.
He was close again, groaning as you pumped him a little faster, tongue teasing the slit at the very tip of him.
鈥淪top, stop please or I鈥檒l cum.鈥 He groaned out the words and you quickly pulled away. He was breathing hard, trying with everything he had not to cum. Eyes clamped shut as the thick pillar of his sex rested heavily on his stomach.
鈥淪uch a good boy for me, tell me when.鈥 You watched him and it was mesmerising, he was trying so hard to be good for you. It took him a little longer this time.
鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 okay, but I won鈥檛 last much longer, please can I cum?鈥 He hissed as you held onto him again.
鈥淎sking me so nicely, soon baby I promise.鈥 You licked the precum off his stomach as you stroked him slowly, ramping him up a little faster this time. One hand stroking while the other cupped his balls. Your tongue swirling around the thick tip of him and you could see the pained look on his face. The attitude, the swagger - the sheer arrogance of him was gone now. Here- he was desperate and subservient, just how you wanted him.
There was a light sheen of sweat on his body, his eyes were watering and he was begging now. His voice going high as he got closer and closer.
鈥淧lease baby, please please oh god- I鈥檓 gonna cum鈥︹ you pulled away quickly and his hips were moving on their own, his cock pulsing against his stomach.
You were so wet, watching him genuinely try to please you, you wanted him to break though so took the head of his cock into your mouth and sucked as he tried to calm down and he whimpered.
鈥淏aby, baby I鈥檓 gonna cum.鈥 He almost cried the words out and you kept going until he moaned loudly. He painted the inside of your mouth with spurt after spurt, the noises sounding almost pained. The pearly drops of his orgasm dripping onto your chin and around the fingers still stroking. He had tried, really tried to stop himself and it made the arousal drip out of you and onto your thighs.
鈥淵ou came without permission baby.鈥 You continued stroking him lightly despite his hisses and over-sensitivity and he let you.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry baby, forgive me.鈥 It was lovely to see him wrecked like this, knocked down a peg after being under your mercy.
鈥淚 forgive you. Let鈥檚 try again and see if you can last a little longer this time.鈥 You smiled.
Tag list: @frannyzooey @foli-vora @danniburgh @sambucky21 @greeneyedblondie44 @lola4pedro @ezrasbirdie @221bshrlocked @artsymaddie @supernaturalgirl20 @sleep-tight1 @softdindjxrin @wheresarizona @sherala007 @freak-nasty-thick-dick-mando @marydjarin @cannedsoupsucks @thirstworldproblemss @ilikechocolatemilkh @lori-tovar @freeshavocadoooo @hrk-fic-recs @greeneyedblondie44 @maxwell--lord @princessxkenobi @the-feckless-wonder @kirsteng42 @girlimjusttryingtoreadfanfics @thisshipwillsail316 @feministfanboi @dihra-vesa @gaiuswrites @stevie75 @sweet-creature98 @readsalot73 @tobealostwanderer @elegantduckturtle @diogodxlot @alczysz17 @evyiione @absurdthirst @beskarboobs @andruxx @littlemissoblivious @1800-fight-me @goldielocks2004 @maievdenoir @gracie7209 @omlwhatamidoinghere @bellaorisa @hellovanessax @magikfanatic @frankiecatfish @mrs-ghuleh @pedritoispunk @librariantothejedi @studythoreauly @missswriter @prostitute-robot-from-the-future @pintsizemama @mswarriorbabe80 @a-trial-run-on-paper @giizhkens-cedar @la-le-lu @writerdee1701 @dobbyjen @rosiefridayrogersunday @ajeff855 @anaaaispunk @johnsrevelation @the-witty-pen-name @zombiesnips-blog @quica-quica-quica @sarahjkl82-blog
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frankie-catfish-morales11 hours ago
Happy Father鈥檚 Day to my favorite Pedro Pascal character DILFs!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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