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buckysamtagteam · 18 minutes ago
Where did you want to leave the relationship between Bucky and Sam?
I feel very satisfied that once they got over all their issues, they are family in a way that it feels like will last forever in the MCU. You could imagine in any given Marvel project Sam's coming home after a hard weekend of work and Bucky's at his house eating dinner with his sister. Malcolm Spellman
Sam and Bucky are family
Ambigious words are following. lol
He says, Bucky is at his house, Sam’s house
Bucky is having dinner with his sister. Bucky hangs out with Sarah in Sam’s house, when Sam is not here...
This could mean several things, so just so spontaneous head canoning
Bucky lives at Sam’s house
Bucky visits Sam, but Sam isn’t here so he hangs out with Sarah
Does Sarah live in Sam’s house? It looked like that in the show, or is it their parents house and the siblings live both there?
Sam lives there, when he isn’t working for the Army. Sarah lived there when Sam was snapped and gone for 5 years.
Did Bucky move in, or is he the kind of friend who visits and stays for weeks?
Bucky doesn’t seem to need to work. 
He has probably his army pension and backpay from being a POW. A job was never mentioned and Bucky can afford things. Nice clothes, going out eating sushi in Brooklyn every week. Buy airplane tickets and travel around the world with Sam in tow.
His army status was renewed, since he is called Sergeant Barnes respectfully. He fought in the battle against Thanos twice, who wanted to destroy all earth. He gained Hero status by this.
If you put your shipping goggles  :-)
It could mean 
Bucky is visiting Sarah
Bucky is living with Sarah
Bucky is visiting Sam, but hangs out with Sarah instead, because they are friends
Bucky is living with Sam (and Sarah and her kids)
They are just all friends-family, or they are not. lol
and for the more adventurous shippers: Bucky is living with Sam and Sarah <sabusa?>
it’s nice of Spellman to just let that open and a chance for the fans to play around with it to their hearts contend! lol
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patroclusdefencesquad · 49 minutes ago
bucky : I guess you could say we're...friends with benefits?
sam : once again, that is not what that means
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misfitscreens · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tfatws finale lockscreens
please like or reblog if you save !
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anarcoqueer1994 · an hour ago
Okay, but like since I don't acknowledge that stupid ending of endgame that destroyed 10 years of storytelling, in my head Steve still retired but is Bucky's cute stay at home partner. And Sam and Bucky still go on missions. And of course Steve thinks Bucky can hold his own, but stil He would secretly text Sam to check in on Bucky. It got to the point where now Sam just sends Steve a text unprompted every night they are gone saying Bucky is alright.
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backdraft-bimbo · an hour ago
I started crying contemplating how perfect Anthony Mackie is, like I saw One gifset on my dash and it just broke me down
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sambucky-stupidity · an hour ago
Tumblr media
there were so many sambucky moments to choose from making this was kinda hard
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neverlandsky · an hour ago
things i have in common with bucky barnes
say no to socializing
say no to meeting people-
has barely any contacts in our phones
eats sushi. likes sushi
sarcasm as defense
in love with sam wilson
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samwontshare · an hour ago
Oh Lord their reunion in episode 2:
Sam: HEY DONT COME HERE AND TELL ME ABOUT MY RIGHTS. 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬 I don’t wanna talk about the thing I’m sensitive about!
Also Sam: Now I’m gonna strategically tell you about this mission I know you won’t be able to resist but I DONT WANT YOU TO COME. ...unless?
Also Sam two seconds later: I am so impressed you did a pop culture.
Still Sam: *dad jokes he laughs at himself*
Bucky: I’m coming with you.
Sam: NO DONT imsohappyheshere
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neverlandsky · an hour ago
thinking about bucky barnes constantly staring at sam wilson until sam calls him out and bucky being embarrassed but hes trained to keep a straight face so he tries to stare at other people (like john walker) to make it seem normal but when someone other than sam calls him out, sam replies with "you'll get used to it" because he's jealous that bucky isnt only staring at him even tho bucky actually is-
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Sam: hugging Bucky
Bucky: "What was that?"
Sam: "It's called affection."
Bucky: "Disgusting."
Sam: ...
Bucky: "... Do it again."
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Since The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended, has there been any good SamBucky fics? Preferably ones that don't have Sam as Bucky's therapist? I Know I could browse AO3 but it's not something I wanna do at the moment. Fic recs please!
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rebelforthebadtimes · an hour ago
Imagine the teasing that goes on during missions between you, Sam, and Bucky.
*Platonic! Gender Neutral Reader*
Tumblr media
“On your left!” You shout to Sam, as you fly past him towards the enemy. He groans, and you laugh to yourself, knowing that line irked him at least a little bit.
“Sometimes I wonder why we bring you in the first place.” He says, and you can feel the eye roll as you start going after the enemies flying towards you.
“I don’t know what you mean Sam, I think they’re funny.” Chimed in Bucky from down on the ground. At least the earpieces were working nicely.
“Yeah Sam, get a sense of humor, why don’t you?” You laugh breathlessly, as the fight took some wind out of you.
“Yeah yeah, all funny when you’re teasing me. Don’t forget (Y/N), I have that video of you tripping over nothing but air at three in the morning while we stayed at Sharon’s place in Madripoor.” Sam says, and you glance over to see the shit eating grin he has as you guys start flying closer to the ground to help Bucky with the enemies down there. 
“That I’ve got to see.” Bucky laughs, and you groan.
“I don’t even know how you got that video, I thought I was the only person up. I can’t help exhaustion.” But you laugh as well, thinking of how to get back at Sam for that.
“I have my ways. But don’t think for a second Bucky that you’re off the hook either. I have the video still of when you fell straight through the trees after jumping off the plane.”
“The amount of blackmail that goes on is unbelievable. Can we get back to the mission at hand?” Bucky’s voice was light, meaning he thought it was still funny.
“All because I said ‘on your left’, and Sam took it this far. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing too.” You call over your shoulder to Sam as you roll onto the ground at last, near Bucky and helped him fight.
“I’m sure you will.” He responds with a laugh, also rolling in to help with the fight.
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samwontshare · 2 hours ago
Sam seeing John announced as Captain America while Sarah watches on in worry breaks my heart. Sarah is fidgeting, she can’t take her eyes off Sam. She knows this will crush him, even though Sam will say nothing. And Sam just closes his eyes like a 50 pound weight fell on him. He realizes how naive he was to think that shield would stay in the museum. Because of course. Of course. The journey on his face of “Did I do the right thing?” is just brb crying 😭
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executivenerd · 2 hours ago
Watch "Sam Wilson - Captain America" on YouTube
Everybody go watch this beautiful Sam video I found on youtube!!
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samwontshare · 2 hours ago
I just realized that moment in episode 5 where Bucky quietly slips onto the boat in the early morning and helps Sam with the engine while they share meaningful glances....
Is a direct callback to Sam in episode 1 trying to fix the engine alone. 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
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gingyboo · 2 hours ago
Mirror Mirror
A/N: Again many thanks to @booglebug
Description- Soulmates existed. People knew that much. Soulmates were rare, a handful in each generation, an unexplainable phenomenon that formed a bond closer than blood and more sacred than marriage.
Bucky finds his soulmate when he needs her most. Little does he know how much she needs him too.
(Soulmate au that slots pretty much in to the MCU but with soulmates. Set after TFATWS.)
Pairing- Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings- Mentions of violence and guns, but its mostly fluff, drama and angst.
This is a multi chaptered fic.
Please like, comment, reblog!
prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Shuri agreed to keep the prison safe whilst Sam, Bucky and Nancy headed for the raft. The US Marshalls could hardly say no to Captain America although they weren’t very happy about a British civilian going along as well. Torres had been sent back to America, no more unsanctioned missions for him. Shuri lent them a jet and a pilot. Before the left the princess had pulled Nancy to one side.
“I know he is your cousin, but he is a bad man. You should know it is only because of his excellent service and separation from your mother that has kept the Wakandan people happy for your father to remain here. You cannot trust this man.”
“Believe me I know, I know what he did to your father. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, it’s something my family has tried very hard to forget.” Nancy responded. Shuri had nodded to her in understanding, pressing a wrapped bundle of cloth into her arms.
“For the Red Wolf.” She said simply.
Her father had tears in his eyes as he said goodbye, “You find him, you bring back to me.” She had promised to, there was no point hiding her intentions anymore, they had a lead, nothing was going to stand in the way of finding her brother.
On board the plane Nancy sat with Shuri’s package cradled on her lap. Bucky sat beside her, tracing patterns lazily on the back of her hand. Sam sat on the other side of the jet, he kept watching Nancy out of the corner of his eye. Sam hadn’t said much to her since her revelation. Not that there’d been much time for chatting but still there was a chill in his presence that wasn’t there before.
“Stop staring Samuel.” Bucky snapped after a while and Sam’s eyes jumped up to meet his. Bucky’s eyebrows were raised, daring him to say something.
“I don’t like this James.”
“I didn’t choose to be related to him,”
“You didn’t tell us, how do we know we can trust you?” He appeared genuinely hurt by her omission. Nancy thought for a few moments.
“I just want to find my brother, you don’t have to trust me, but can you at least believe that.” Sam looked away from her then, silent acceptance.
“I’ll talk to him.” Bucky whispered kissing her temple.
“I don’t think anyone’s ever had my back so much before.” Nancy remarked
“It’s you and me doll, we stand together.” He winked at her, and Nancy felt warmth spreading through her as she beamed uncontrollably back at him. “You gonna show me what’s in there?” Bucky asked gesturing to the bundle. Nancy looked at it carefully. She’d mention it as a throw away comment, a joke during training, she didn’t think Shuri would actually come through with it. She peeled back the layers of cloth to reveal the garment beneath. Black and deep red panelling made up the trousers, top and jacket. Red gloves and boots were tucked into the bottom of the bundle as well as a brief note.
“Flame retardant, knife resistant and a lightweight breathable material. Or so Shuri says, I’m amazed she got it made so fast.” Nancy said, running her fingers over her suit. The belt boasted two knife holsters and a pouch of metallic ball bearings. After Nancy insisted on not carrying a gun Shuri had got creative, when activated by the device built into the sleeve, the balls would give off an electrical charge. Not enough to kill, but enough to knock someone down. An extra two knives were stowed away in the jacket’s lining and the backs of the gloves had reinforced panels of vibranium.
“I like it.” Bucky said once she’d got back from the tiny cubicle the jet called a toilet, now clad in the ensemble.
“Fits like a glove,” she smithed the material out before a brief jolt of turbulence knocked her back into her seat. Bucky’s arms reached out instinctively to catch her, but she caught herself, sliding back into the seat gently. Turbulence seemed to increase as they neared the raft. Nancy became more agitated which didn’t go unnoticed by her companions. For the first time she had to accept what her brother working with Helmut could mean. Did their views align? If so why had he taken the serum? Had he betrayed his country? Her brother who swore to fight for queen and country. The main question burned through them all though, where was he?
They reached the raft as were led through many security gates to a round room of cells. Zemo stood behind glass, he stared passively as the trio entered the room. No hint of surprise at the presence of Nancy.
“I wondered when I’d be graced with your presence dearest cousin. Family really is everything, wouldn’t you agree?”
“You’re nothing to me.” Nancy responded with narrowed eyes as she stalked round the edge of the room, each step bringing her closer to the glass.
“Don’t think I don’t know why you are here little one.” He smiled at her beckoning her towards him. She complied, briefly looking back to nod at Bucky first.
“Where is Kit?” She asked, staring him down.
“All in good time. I see you found him, I did used to wonder if you ever would.” Bucky made to move forward but Nancy waved him back.
“You knew?” She looked calm, inside she was screaming at him.
“You think your parents didn’t know, you think your mother wouldn’t have talked to mine. My parents were soulmates, your mother wanted to be certain. I heard things, not till later did I find out the metal armed man was him, I mean how many men like him are there.” He wagged his eyebrows in Bucky’s direction.
“Only one.” Nancy’s face turned to marble, she let the music rise up, calming her. “Tell me about Kit, we know he isn’t dead, we know you were working together, we know he took the serum. Where is he?”
“Is that all you want to know, don’t you want to know why? What if your precious brother doesn’t deserve to be found?”
“You want to tell me a story Helmut? Tell me a story, but it better end with where he is, or so help me god.”
“Your soldier won’t kill me, it’s not who he is anymore.” He smiled. Nancy Brought her face up to meet his against the glass.
“But I will.” She said it with a confidence she didn’t possess.
“Christopher worked for me, I knew about the British programme, I knew he’d be an ideal candidate, so I approached him, he wasn’t hard to convince, his weakness was glaringly obvious.”
“What weakness?” Nancy hated to ask.
“You my dear. His precious baby sister who he wanted to protect from the world. Little did he know the one he needed to protect you from was waiting in a mirror. Telling him that got him on side pretty quick. Who would want a monster dating their little sister?” Anger began to boil up inside Nancy’s head, drowning out her music.
“You Bastard!”
“Now come on, language, you were raised better than that.” he scolded with a frown before continuing “So, I told him, to protect you from the infamous winter solider he’d need to level the playing field. Then it was a simple task of tracking him to the classified location and shutting the place down. Him taking the serum was an unfortunate side effect, I underestimated their progress, but I’ve set the programme back many years now.”
“So, Kit didn’t betray them?”
“Well, no technically not, my people had him removed, sadly he escaped my custody, and by that point I had bigger fish to fry.” he nodded at Sam and Bucky. “I made my peace with that. He knows you’re looking for him though, sent me a letter some weeks ago, instructions on where you could find him.”
“What instructions were they?” she demanded, her fingers lightly grazed the blade at her waist.
“I’ll tell you, if you promise me a favour in return.” He whispered to her. There was a rush of movement and Bucky was behind her, gun drawn, pointing it at the glass. Sam stood behind him, hand on his shoulder, as if to hold him back.
“No!” Nancy whipped round, brandishing her blade at Bucky her eyes pleading for him to back down, one wrong move and Kit could be lost to her.
“You can’t trust him.”
“He’s the only chance.” She insisted. Bucky smiled sadly.
“You won’t hurt me doll.”
“No, I won’t.” She realised, she turned the knife in her hand before bringing it to her throat. “And you won’t hurt me.” Bucky dropped the gun instantaneously. His face filled with pain and Nancy lowered the blade, her own face painted with regret.
“Alright calm down.” Sam said standing between the two of them, Zemo had moved to sit on the edge of his bunk.
“Really very touching.” He looked at the three of them.
“What’s the favour?” She spat back at him. Something softened behind his eyes as he looked at her. He took a deep breath.
“Lay some flowers for me, at the memorial, In Sokovia.” Nancy, taken aback, nodded slowly. “Does the name Thomas Gregory mean anything to you?” His eyes darted to the cameras above them and then back again. Understanding Nancy nodded.
“That’ll be a place to start.” He picked a book off his pillow waving it at her. She saw the title, Moby Dick. “You know, some people think the ending is the best part, I tend to prefer beginnings.”
Sam and Bucky both looked confused, but Nancy understood.
“Thank you, Helmut, I won’t forget this.” She turned her back and made to walk back to the door.
“Nancy,” he called out to her. She turned her head quickly. “White roses were her favourite, she might not have been my soulmate, but at the same time she was.”
They received many odd looks from the raft’s personnel as they made their way back to the jet. Bucky seemed to be constantly staring at her and for the first time she felt discomfort under his gaze.
“Buck…” was all she managed to get out once they were seated once more in the plane, before Sam started asking questions.
“Who is Thomas Gregory?” he started.
“He’s no one, it was a code, one he knew only I would be able to decipher. He wants it to be me that finds him. If Helmut knows where he is, he doesn’t want those watching him to know that. Which means Duncan Everett is the only one trying to find him.”
“Do you know where he is?”
“I’ve got an idea. Thomas Gregory was a friend of his, the first boy I ever thought I loved actually,” Nancy noticed Bucky tense up by her side, but she ignored it. “Kit knew I’d remember him. Really a cruel joke. They had been friends for ages, but his family was actually from Cornwall originally.”
“Prefers the beginning.” Bucky muttered, Nancy nodded up at him with a grateful smile. He, at least, was following.
“Moby Dick was a clue too I think. Kit loved the sea, he read that book for school once, he was obsessed with it. He’s got to be working the coast.” She pieced it together in her mind. He knew how to crew the greatest naval vessels, it makes sense for his cover to be working on the boats.
“In Cornwall.” Sam clarified.
“yes, I believe so.”
“Then we’ll head there, we’ll find him.” Bucky said, looking to Sam for any hint of protest.
“We’ve come this far.” Sam decided, rising up to let their pilot know the new course. he looked back briefly at Bucky who nodded. Then it was just Nancy and Bucky sat side by side, yet miles apart.
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spareplanets · 2 hours ago
no bc like i don’t ship sebastian and anthony bc i think they have a really cute friendship. but, imagine if they just... suddenly announced they were dating. do u know how fucking funny that would be? this app would crash, twitter would lose it, and tiktok would be ruled by them. like no, this will not happen bc they’re both straight, but oh my god if it did. we would never recover.
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thatonegreyghost · 2 hours ago
I'm bored. So have a mini fic because I've been meaning to do that.
Sam was 80% sure Steve was doing it on purpose.
He had to be, at this point. The way he would pick Sam up from behind or deadlift him in the gym or even now, when he threw Sam over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and whistled his way out of the room.
And Sam... well, Sam wasn't ok. Sam was so gone for Steve that at this point that he honestly could only squeak and sit there hoping his boner wasn't obvious. And the worst part was his dick was always ready. When Steve picked him up, he got hard in two seconds flat. When Steve deadlifted him, it took him half an hour to calm down. And even now, his midsection pressed into Steve's shoulder, he could only hope it wasn't obvious that he would fuck Steve right this minute if he asked.
God, he probably shouldn't be thinking about that.
Steve plays nice, thankfully. Doesn't say anything if he noticed, but also doesn't seem to notice that Sam might legitimately pass out if he's held up like this any longer.
And then Steve's lowering him and slamming him against the wall.
"Like that, do ya?" Steve murmurs, all husky voice and sweet tongue. But Sam knows that tongue has a wicked bite when Steve wants it to, so he just kind of sits there hoping he didn't do anything wrong, while also trying not to melt. "Doll, I can't kiss you if you don't say ok".
Oh. OH. Sam was not prepared for that sentence at all, and his knees almost give out when he croaks out "okay" and then Steve is kissing him, hard, grinding on him and pushing him against the wall and- oh God his hand. His hand is on Sam's thigh, oh God oh God oh God-
"God, Steve!!!" Sam whines sharply when Steve nips his collarbone, and like that, his words come loose. "God, harder! Please, baby, please, I want- I've wanted, for so long, Steve, God, please!!"
Sam's not even sure how they make it to the bedroom, all fumbling limbs and desperate kisses, but oh sweet Jesus, whatever virgin act Steve puts on for the press is gone, shredded to pieces as he rails Sam into next week. And honestly, the high from that alone would be enough to carry him for the next three years but some of the things Steve says? The way his seductive murmurs are laced with filthy thoughts but also tender whispers? The way he say "come inside, baby doll, wanna mark you, wanna make you mine"?
Sam might like that better than the sex alone.
It's as he's lying there, coming down from his orgasm high, that he actually realizes he fucked his crush. That his crush liked him back. That he's in said crush's bedroom and that-
"Did I just take Captain America's virginity?" Sam laughs, a nervous titter that betrays how tired he is.
"Oh, you wish." Steve murmurs drowsily. "No, you're not the first. Though given that show you just gave me, I wish you were".
Sam decides to leave it at that before his brain explodes. And that's the story Sam Wilson tells everyone when they ask how he got together with his boyfriend.
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ritesofreverie · 3 hours ago
hiya lovies!!
i would like to cry tonight so, could you please recommend me your favourite mcu fics? it doesn’t matter the pairing, setting (i love au’s), or genre. but i’m feeling v emotional and would like to escape lol
i’ll reblog them once i’ve read them also, pls feel free to recommend me your own fics!!
thank you in advance 💗
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