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#my headcanons
aminiatureworld · 4 minutes ago
Characters: Xiao, gn!reader
Word Count: 1,594
Warnings: Swearing
Premise: In which the reader is the brain and Xiao is the brawn
Author’s Note: I wasn’t sure what the general setting should be so I put it in a vaguely college/university setting. Prolly cause that’s around my age and also because I cordially dislike highschool AUs. Hopefully that works out alright!
I had to type out almost 2,000 words on my iphone. I never want to do that again.
Read more will be put in when my wifi goes back up.
Honestly none of your friends are actually sure how you two got together.
After all, if someone were to take a picture of you and your partner side-by-side then show it to people not in the know, well the prevailing emotion would be something along the lines of: “Are they classmates or neighbors or something?”
To be fair, when the two of your first met even the idea that you would ever end up in love was something laughable. Having been pushed together for a project, your knee-jerk reaction had been: Oh I’m totally going to end up doing this all by myself.
Thankfully however you’d been quickly proven wrong. Although Xiao hadn’t necessarily been the best about planning and other such things, his work was organized and he always showed up to every meeting with his parts completed.
By the end of the project you never wanted to work with another person on a group project again.
And, to be completely honest, you’d definitely developed a crush on your slightly aloof group partner.
Xiao’s reaction was much harder to read.
At first he appeared to want nothing to do with you. Work was emailed to you with not so much as a subject line; meetups passed in awkward silence broken by tentative questions on your part. You’d sort of assumed that he saw you as annoying and the group work as useless - which to be fair it sort of was useless.
So when he emailed you a few weeks later asking for your number and if you wanted to do something, well, safe to say you almost fell out of your chair.
Though the start was a little awkward, Xiao’s conversational nature didn’t develop much in general, you two fell into a routine of sorts, a relationship of unspoken boundaries and spontaneous confidences.
During the first few weeks of you odd sort of relationship you’d come to the conclusion that, though not a talker, Xiao was ultimately quite apathetic in nature. Eventually however you realized apathetic wasn’t the right term.
Though he might’ve appeared sullen on the outside, Xiao never actually acted in a way that hinted at any resentment or irritation; he never dragged his feet about something or implied it was stupid that you should ask for help or for a favor.
His assertiveness, which might’ve been mistaken for aloofness, was endearing. Xiao never half-asses anything, even when if wasn’t doing something for another person, like you.
You appreciated this side of his personality, the fact that he was quick to act, admired if even. It certainly stood in stark contrast to your tendency to overthink things, something that could quickly end up kneecapping you depending on what decisions were being debated.
It was an alien concept to you, the sort of philosophy Xiao seemed to live by, and its novelty was refreshing.
As your thoughts slid more and more to focusing on Xiao you became more and more aware of the rumors that abounded about him.
He was a troubled youth, he was prone to fighting, he had been so uncontrollable in secondary school that only one teacher had been able to get him to do anything. The only times he spoke was to wound, and he never had a word to say that wasn’t angry.
Well, obviously that wasn’t the truth, but any attempt to clear up the situation was quickly met with odd stares and responses that all smacked of: “Oh you poor idiot, you just haven’t learned yet.”
You would’ve liked to think that you didn’t let it affect your relationship with him, but evidently the rumors had begun to catch up to you.
“Hey, you’ve been avoiding me.”
“Have I?” You shifted awkwardly in your seat. Xiao sighed, evidently aware of where this was going.
“It’s because of what people say about me, isn’t it?”
“I see.”
That had been the beginning and the end of the conversation for quite some time, almost as if Xiao had yet to decide whether or not you were one of the few in whom he could entrust the truth. Yet despite the rumors and the odd looks you still found yourself gravitating towards Xiao, and soon enough that initial pull turned into something much deeper.
The day that you two became “official” was the day Xiao told you the truth. He had been a delinquent as a teenager.
Born into a family full of troubles Xiao shouldered the circumstances as best he could.
However things cannot stay untouched forever; the distress that Xiao experienced only grew, the pressure ratcheting up with every incident, every item thrown to the ground, every fight that ended in humiliating pain.
Eventually it became too much, and when it did Xiao took his anger out not on his family, not on the people who had failed him, but on any classmate who antagonized the vulnerable child.
Fights became a regular part of Xiao’s life until university, and it was only in meeting his mentor, Zhongli, that the lost young man had managed to pull his life together.
Things made more sense after that, though one couldn’t say that everything was right with the world. Students, coworkers, the particularly idiotic TA, all of them still carried the sense that Xiao was not to be trusted. You could see how it upset your partner sometimes, when he was ignored at the coffeeshop or excluded from class group chars in the like.
Whenever he did that Xiao tended to retreat into himself, as if worried he might explode again. It took a lot of coaxing to get him out of such situations but it was always worth it to see your partner’s expression soften, to see his small smile once more.
What you didn’t tell him was that you were just as angry as he was, just as resentful at the people within your major which were hellbent on acting like they were still in high school.
Eventually however the trials of your early were utterly forgotten, the questions and the secrets replaced by a sense of slightly hilarious domestic bliss.
You were definitely the brains of the group, something Xiao didn’t seem to mind - though he probably would find that actual statement somewhat silly.
Xiao, on the other hand, held the esteemed position of Person Who Actually Got Stuff Done. You relied on him to get you out of your mental spirals, to pull you out of your room and out of your brain fog and to get you to do something; even if it wasn’t the thing you were thinking about.
In return it was your job to make sure Xiao didn’t get himself killed doing something stupid.
Xiao’s reticence masked an almost supernatural recklessness. Though your partner didn’t own a motorbike, if he had you were completely convinced he’d ride one without a helmet. His almost total disinterest in his own safety was something that you brain shrunk from, and more often than not a crazy plan of his would end with you listing the terrible things that might happen if something were to go wrong, even if those things weren’t always the most realistic.
There was a storm in twenty minutes? It was the perfect time for a walk! There was cavern nearby with tunnels were so tight you had to walk single file? Sure why not!
He would talk about such things as if there was nothing to it, as if it didn’t send your heart rate spiking. There wasn’t the slightest acknowledgment of danger. Even his tone was as gruff as usual, as if it was the most natural thing to want to go mountain climbing, not interesting enough to get even a little excited about.
It was probably good he did martial arts. You didn’t even want to think about where all that energy would go otherwise.
Xiao’s straightforward nature came out in softer ways too, ways that you envied much more than his full-steam-ahead recklessness.
He was never afraid to state what was on his mind. Whether it was correcting a waiter who got his order wrong or telling a rude doormats to fuck off, all these things were natural to him.
To be honest you completely envied that aspect of him, unable go replicate such a mindset in yourself.
When you’d commented on it once Xiao had stared oddly at you. After a moment he told you that he figured it came from his background. Sometimes you had to learn how to say “no” or “that’s wrong” or “you’re a shitty person.”
Just as you tried to curb the most extreme parts of Xiao’s recklessness, so too did Xiao work to bring you out of the spirals your mind went down sometimes, and so did he try to coax you out of the overthinking that kept you from asserting yourself in your life.
Saying you two were complete opposites wouldn’t really be accurate. You shared similar views, similar passions, similar opinions on what mattered. Yet it was true that, in some ways, you complemented one another. And when it came to those traits in which you differed, well you would like to think that your differences just made you stronger as a couple.
Maybe your friends couldn’t understand how you two got together, or why you were so deeply in love with the person you’d chosen to be your partner. But you didn’t care.
You loved Xiao with all your soul, and, at the end of the day, that was all that mattered.
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preraphaedyke · 17 minutes ago
Silent Orders
Summary: Obi-Wan hangs in his mind, disapproving. The Chancellor waves his hand like the conductor in an orchestral pit during an opera and they move on his command. Surely if Obi-Wan were to enforce his preferences this would not be happening.
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sheev Palpatine, Berri (Jedi Quest)
Rating: M
Genre: Character Study/One Shot
Warnings: Dub-Con, Underage, Rape By Proxy
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more-than-a-princess · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
1:45 AM thoughts while I work on drafts...
In the summer, when Sonia’s not fulfilling official royal duties?
She lives in the lightest, airy sundresses, pretty blouses, and skirts of various lengths. If she’s in shorts, they’re likely quite preppy: cuffed and/or nautical themed.
But mostly skirts and dresses in various styles, from fit-and-flares to the popular midi and maxi styles with side slits.
Alongside her designer attire, I headcanon when she’s at home, she’s wearing a lot of Rouje, Sezane, Realisation Par, and Reformation in the summertime. Her style is a lot more kawaii when she’s in Japan and far more classic at home.
...and now back to drafts.
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theartisticpixelbit · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ ᗩᖇT ♡¸.•*
  My redesign and headcanons for Twilight!! Honestly they did Twilight dirty in The Last Problem tbh...
Name: Twilight Star Sparkle
Nicknames: Twilight, Twilly
Gender/Sexuality: Female (Straight)
Parents: Twilight Star Velvet, Night Star Light
Siblings: Shining Star Armor, Spike Star Sparkle
Partner: None (Crushes Hard On Sunburst)
Children: Cozy Glow (Forced Redemption)
Other Relatives: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (Sister-in-law), Starswirl The Bearded (Ancestor), Flurry Amore Heart (Niece)
- Twilight ages normally, she does not have an extended lifespan like natural born Alicorns
- She doesn’t become the ruler of Equestria like in the show. She continues to run the school of friendship and handles a lot of diplomatic missions for Celestia and Luna who continue to rule Equestria
- Twilight’s strength in magic comes from her attachment to her element of harmony and her ancestor Starswirl the Bearded
- Twilight and Spike grew up together like siblings and they have a really close relationship.
- After the events of "Twilight's Kingdom" the mane 6 got those colorful strokes on their hair, Rarity and AJ dye their hair back to their natural colors
- After the events of "Rainbow Rocks" Twilight kept the cyan color in her mane from ponying up during the fight against the Sirens
- After the events of "Ending of the End" Twilight decided to take Cozy under her wing, much to Cozy's disdain, thinking it was unfair the young pegasus was going to get turned into stone.
-Twilight gains permanent sparkles in her hair after the Princesses transfer their powers to her during "Twilight's Kingdom"
Base By
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lilxmcrtes · 40 minutes ago
●°•☆ Headcanons ☆•°●
Muses As A Stage In The Star Life Cycle
Eira - Stellar Nebula
Aeron - Black Hole
Oliver - White Dwarf Star
Lorelei - Neutron Star
Tripp - Red Supergiant
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thespineoftherighteous · 48 minutes ago
Aaron is already hella smart but Andrew really pushes the smarter twin agenda on him and at first it just seems like an Andrew thing to do but really he does it so that he can just use Aaron instead of ever having to look things up himself
sometimes it'll literally be just like asking him for the definition of a word or what the sum of two numbers is even if its completely unnecessary but other times it's like really specific questions. and that's fine when it's related to anything that Aaron is studying (he may even like it) but other times it's:
Andrew, looks up at Aaron from reading a book: when was the first recorded discovery of black holes?
Aaron: *stares*
Aaron: why the hell would i know that?
Andrew: *shrugs* i thought you were the smarter twin
Aaron: one, that wouldn't explain why I'd know that and, two, you literally have an eidetic memory
Andrew: so you're not? does that mean I'm going to have to start knowing things?
Aaron: no
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jellybeanfruit · 54 minutes ago
People don’t talk much about Inej being playful and funny, when she canonically is as mischievous and humorous as the rest of the crows. She’s not doom and gloom like some make her seem, she jokes around, feeds crows, sneaks up on Kaz (but fails everytime.) likes flowers, and teases her friends. She’s a teenager girl who just wants to have fun deep beneath her wraith persona.
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azt3r · 54 minutes ago
More Terukane hcs uhhh:
hey i uhh made more yeah lolz this goes out to my twt oomfies hey lolz
Terukane raising tiara. Terukane raising Tiara? Terukanr raising Tiara.
Ive said this on twitter but uhh Terukane wedding where Kou films everything and Tiara calls Akane a prince lolz
Yeah so I lied about my dusk and dawn propaganda these fuckers are the Sun and Moon
Long random car drives but its on a motorcycle and Akanes the driver
Long random car drives where its a car this time and Akanes the driver and they just go and dont look back
Teru tries to raise plants but fails miserably
Dw Akane pulls through for them and everythings ok ^^
They probably own a recorder or smth
Slow dances... in the kitchen......
They have a cat but like it wasn’t intentional
They danced in the rain once
Teru knows flower language because I said so
They love going to the carnival they just do
Sneaks out to the roof a lot just to hangout or smth
Probably learned how to fight together
Movie marathons because I said so
Teru likes to sleep on Akane’s lap or whenever he’s around because that’s when Teru can finally drop his guard down
Akane knows how to play chess and Teru can never understand how the dumb board game is played and Akane is highly amused by this
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cozycornerwritings · an hour ago
Chapter 1
You sat back in the uncomfortable train seat, taking a heavy breath of the crowded air. After a long flight over from America, the movement of the train car threatens to put you to sleep. Everyone is relatively silent, not like back home where most people enjoy doing all kinds of bizarre things on the metro. A chuckle escaped your lips as you thought back to some of the crazy people you’ve seen in New York.
Although New York was certainly…. Interesting.. a hero institute in Japan had offered you a job. Life was getting hard being a hero in NYC, and the big city never really fit your quirk in the first place. Things were getting too out of hand there. Available guns and unregulated quirks and crazy people really didn’t combine well.
The train slowed to your stop and you lifted yourself with an exhausted huff. You watched as people shuffle out of the doors and you quickly followed, holding the strap on your bag tightly. Some strange looks were thrown your way, but none more than a second. No one really recognized you as a pro here, so you could move about freely. Whenever you walked around back home it was either people asking for pictures or villains starting trouble.
Although that was fun, it started to become routine, and you had needed a change.
You figured that the school shouldn’t be too far from the train station, and they even offered to let you stay in one of their new teacher dorm rooms (for a deduction in your pay of course). Honestly it’s worth it, living in Japan can be super expensive. The person over the phone said you couldn’t miss it, after all the hero academy was one of the best in the world.
You had walked steadily to the campus, observing the surrounding town, looking at shops and the bustling people. Right behind the campus was a beautiful forest. The gates were big and uninviting, but you guessed that if they looked inviting people would try and break in. You looked around a little more, taking in your surroundings.
“Hey.” A voice broke your intrigue and you looked over to see a very scruffy looking man opening the gate to you.
You looked him over and he stares back with an unimpressed look, “we talked on the phone correct?”
With a nod you walked over to him and the gate, eager to get to work before the school day starts. You looked at him more closely, observing his tired eyes and a scar. Not to mention attractive in an odd way. His voice definitely matched one of the people you spoke to on the phone. You thought back and remembered he spoke to you about helping his class and another with wildness training, as well as undercover work.
You smiled at him, “sorry, just trying to take everything in. Yes we spoke on the phone, I’m very excited to get started.”
His look didn’t soften toward you and he moved to let you into the gate, “Keep that optimism as you work. After I introduce you to the class, you will explain your curriculum.”
You began to interject, feeling your backpack strap digging into your shoulder, “um what about my-“
“I will have someone come get your bag and place it in one of the teacher dorms… It doesn’t look like you have much on you,” he took a sigh and an annoyed look crossed his face. “They’ve placed you in my care because of your past grievances with the law, so looks like I will have to take you shopping.”
You blushed at that. Looks like they were very thorough with their background check. Yes you had some run-ins with the American police when you were younger, but in this day and age who hasn’t. Eventually you learned that climbing the hero latter could do more than some vigilantes on the street, and soon you were one of the best.
You all walked through the front doors and worked your way through the halls. The school was beautiful, but a little intimidating. You couldn’t help but feel proud that you had gotten the opportunity to teach here.
His voice broke through your thoughts once again, “Did you at least bring your hero costume?”
“Yes, I got that much at least.”
“Great, let’s meet the class.”
This will be multiple parts. A bit of a slowburn.
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jingerhead · an hour ago
Alright so I'm writing even more soft andreil headcanons
This time feat. the cats
King and Sir are the most spoiled cats in existence. Neither Andrew or Neil make any attempt to hide this. These cats get extra treats, attention whenever they want, high quality food and a huge tower amongst other things. Once Sir was sick and both of these men were losing their minds (she was okay, it turned out it was some sort of stomach bug)
Andrew took over laundry duty after he caught Neil washing his clothes with dish soap in the dorms. Neil's excuse was that all the other laundry machines in Fox Tower were being used and he really needed to wash his shirts. ("It smells good, I promise - " "That's not the issue, Neil...")
Sometimes, when things get bad, these two will look for something to focus on. One day, Andrew hands Neil some headphones so he could listen to some music. And while he would usually never wear them because he needs to be alert and aware of his surroundings at all times, Neil accepts them so long as Andrew holds his hand and can be on the lookout for him. In the future, in their own apartment, he gets to return the favor.
These two rarely get sick but if they do, it's awful. Neil knows when he gets sick and he'll admit it, but he'll also complain the entire time. On the other hand, Andrew does everything in his power to convince everyone he isn't sick, even though he has a fever and can't stop sniffing. Whenever there's the slightest sign of Andrew being ill, Neil starts giving him more water to drink immediately until he can assess the symptoms.
The cats aren't technically allowed on the bed, but they climb in anyways. For the first few times they hopped onto the mattress, Andrew and Neil would push them off, but eventually they just let them do whatever they wanted. The cats enjoy cuddle piles if they're in the mood for it.
No matter what, these two will try to have dinner together every night after they move into their apartment. It doesn't always happen, but they'll call each other if they can while away. There's no rule or meaning to it, it just becomes tradition.
They're not sure what to celebrate for the holidays. Neil never got a chance to celebrate anything, and the homes Andrew had stayed in never gave him a chance to, either. Therefore, they start getting each other things throughout December, and that flows to other holidays, too. They never go out for Valentine's day, but hey, they do go out in public more throughout the month. Why celebrate Halloween for one day when you could do it for the whole month? Why reserve one day to give each other gifts when you could surprise your partner any day of the year? For them, it's more fun this way.
Neil asks for every kiss he wants. It doesn't matter if they just pressed a quick touch to each other's lips or if they were making out a second ago, he'll ask if he wants another. And every time that happens, it makes Andrew's heart beat a little faster.
Neil wants a duck. He wants a duck so badly, but Andrew won't budge on that never becoming a thing. To make up for it, they go to a lake nearby and toss breadcrumbs to the ducks there. Neil names them all.
Andrew doesn't like hiking, but Neil manages to convince him to go on trails all the time. They hike up mountains, they hike along boardwalks, they hike through forests, and every time they get to whatever destination they wanted to, Andrew maybe - just a little bit - thinks hiking was worth it if it makes Neil smile like that.
Sorry for some shorter ones today lovelies, take care of yourselves! I hope you enjoyed!
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maddiebuckettebuckley · an hour ago
hey what are y’all’s wishlist episodes? I’ll go first:
- I would sell my soul for a vacation episode!! obviously there would be some sort of disaster because it is a first responders show BUT they deserve a day or two of just having fun and chilling together as a family!! it would be especially cute if they all rented a vacation house together
- an episode where the 118 are all trapped in a small space together for the whole episode and Maddie and Athena have to help figure out where they’re trapped and get them out. bonus points if some of them are fighting because I love drama
- an episode from the POV of the kids and non-first responders!! Karen, Michael and David, Carla, maybe Taylor (although she’s kinda a first responder being part of the press). mostly I just want more Harry, Denny, and Christopher
- a musical episode. I don’t care what the context is, I don’t care what the songs are, I just need it. honestly if this doesn’t happen I’m suing for emotional distress.
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rainbowacrosstime · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ayame is normally pretty good about keeping a level head, her years of training having molded her into being rather mature and knowing how to handle situations well. It’s why she and Koga together are good leaders when they work together, both of them balancing each other out and making up for what the other lacks. 
However, when she reaches her limit (Such as with her patience) and her temper comes out, she shows a rage that burns as intensely as the sun as she comes lose and it can be a bit hard to reel her back in unless she gets all of it out. 
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ruetaro · an hour ago
i have a headcanon that megumi absolutely HATES zoos. he doesn’t like seeing all of the animals caged up and is on edge the entire time that they’re there. yuji and nobara are out there, enjoying penguin-watching or some shit. meanwhile, megumi is slowly making his way to the elephant exhibit to plan a prison break.
if gojo is there, he won't notice that megumi is gone until it's too late. (because obviously he's too busy watching the penguins with yuji and nobara)
if nanami is there, he'll grab hold of megumi's collar and refuse to let him go until he promises to behave for the rest of the trip. megumi's just stuck there, swinging around and failing trying to break free.
nanami can't pin megumi's hands behind his back without looking sus, so he gets one of those little finger trap thingies from a nearby gift shop and sticks them on each of megumi's fingers. it’s surprisingly effective and he’s stuck with them until they get back to the school
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cosmohause · an hour ago
does anyone wanna hear what i have a Iceberg backstory ? ? :pleading:
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ophidae · an hour ago
Tumblr media
。   Wanted to ask, Orochimaru does things differently than most people and his version of helping someone is just as different as well. He's far from the cold power hungry villain that most people see. His kind of help isn't as morally good but it still gets the job done and done with good intentions.
Example, with Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan. He didn't mean to offer to kill them for the lulz, its because perhaps the trio had seen too many unfortunate cases of what happens to orphans in war. Especially when the next time, they meet another shinobi, said shinobi tried to kidnap them if it weren't for Nagato's power and Jiraiya watching over them. I think even if Nagato couldn't do anything, Jiraiya would definitely use his powers to find them.
Aside from that, while one sees him giving cursemarks as a way of him having certain control over the person. There are cases where the cursemarks are used for good and perhaps even saved some people from imbalanced chakra levels or health reasons. Like that smoke clan with their unfortunate jutsu.
Though of course he did actually do other cruel experiments which I'm not excusing, but I'm just pointing out that going to him for help is like the many fairy tales where the witch or ancient spirit helps the victim or hero but not the help that solves everything nor is considered good.   ━━   @thatsneakymedic​​​   .  
Tumblr media
Not only does he do things differently, but Orochimaru's whole way of thinking is different from people, and this is something I can relate to a little bit ━━━━━ my mother tells me stories of my childhood in which she'd teach me things like "oh don't do that, that's bad" or "you have to be nice,  because you're a good girl" and she tells me that I would always ask why. Why? Why is it bad? Why do I have to be nice? And while I am not sure if questioning that is right or common, I do know that parents shaping their children's views of what is right and wrong, good and bad is common, if not, an innate responsibility of being a parent ━━━━━━━━━ and that is where Orochimaru differs from regular people, at least in my portrayal.
Even canon Orochimaru might have had something different in his upbringing  ;  as for my portrayal of him, Orochimaru lost his parents at three in a very traumatic situation ━━━━━━━━ and immediately after that, he was forced to leave the only home he knew and carry himself to safety  ;  as a deeply traumatized three year old, Orochimaru couldn't really rely on anything or anyone, and as the months passed by the snakes came to aid and there is where things change. Animals have no concept of good or bad, and the snakes that basically raised him for a whole year instilled that mentality on him ━━━━━━━━ the concept of good and evil was created by human society, in the animal kingdom you have predator and prey, but those roles aren't a one-way street either.
And that is how Orochimaru learns that very basic concept for the first time  ;  because of his deeply onset trauma, he never unlearns that ━━━━━━━━━ being thrown into an orphanage and them sent to live on his own at the age of 5 also didn't help to instill another view on him. Orochimaru never really had time to process his trauma   ;  he didn't have time, resources nor the guidance to do so properly ━━━━━━ the only sort of mentorship or caretaker he ever had after his parents were killed, were the snakes that would naturally flock to him  ;  he was essentially raised by snakes through his whole early childhood, that is his most formative years were spend learning not the way of human society, but what the snakes would teach him. That was why he was such a strange child, he was barely raised by humans.
This gap between Orochimaru and the normal society only started to close slightly when he was put on Team Hiruzen. But by then he was 6 and things couldn't really change much  ;  he grows up and becomes the adult everyone knows. Talking about Orochimaru in his adulthood, I honestly think the words good & evil have to be scrapped from the vernacular all together ━━━━━━━━ he's been to so many wars, he's seen so many things, so many sides of different stories that his mind doesn't know what to make of those two words. And when he is faced with someone asking him for help, Orochimaru doesn't even consider those words, because they don't apply to him and how he lives ━━━━━━ he can be merciful, he can be vindictive, he can be treacherous, he can be gentle but none of those adjectives have anything to do with good or evil, at least not exclusively.
When he met the Ame orphans, Orochimaru was thinking not only with his "shinobi brain" but also with his most primitive self  ━━━━━━ he offered to kill them, because cubs don't last very long in the wild without a mother. He was being merciful, offering to kill them quickly and painlessly  ;  but to someone not raised like him, that was cruel and inhumane ━━━━ evil. His experiments with the cursemark, while mostly done selfishly for his own benefit, were able to help a few people ( as you mentioned that clan ), and to others it was offered as sort of help ━━━━━━ to those who came to him seeking power, well that is what it does essentially, I suppose here we can mention that the surviving rate was not very big in the beginning, but as he continued his experiments it became very close to 100%.
Exactly, that is a point I have been wanting to raise for a while ━━━━━━━━━ on most cases, people went to him, he didn't go out of his way to find anyone, to kidnap anyone. People actively sought him out for his assistance and for what he could possibly provide him with. The only person that he canonically sought out was Sasuke, and even if he gave Sasuke the mark without his consent, Orochimaru did not take Sasuke with him without consent. He gave Sasuke the choice to stay in Konoha, or to go with The Sound Four ━━━━━━━━ Sasuke made the final and most important choice. Aside from that, he met people on occasion, spoke to them and most people wanted to go with him.
He is always honest with whomever approaches him ( the only person he lied to was Anko ), he makes sure to tell them that he'll help them but they have to be useful to him too ━━━━━━ it is always a quid pro quo with him, like the symbiosis that happen with many creatures in nature, Orochimaru thinks like that too. All in all, he is not good nor evil, he simply is. I often like to compare him to the natural disasters that happen on Earth ━━━━━━ they are called disasters because they have an effect on human life, but they aren't good nor evil, the simply exist and happen. You wouldn't call the Earth evil for experiencing an earthquake, or a landslide ━━━━━━━━ because those aren't concepts you apply to nature. In that way, they shouldn't be applied to Orochimaru, who lives his life with the teachings bestowed upon him by snakes.
That does not mean that we, as people who are able of discerning right from wrong, good from evil and who were raised with these societal concepts should excuse what he did. We should not ━━━━━━ and most people don't. Orochimaru is the genies of old, he is the faery of fairy tales, you have to be careful what you say or ask of him, because he will either take it very literally and do anything in his power to get that for you, or he will twist your words to his own benefit. People don't say fairies are good or bad, because they are not people like us, and that is how I think people should approach Orochimaru. 
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eddie soaking in the bath... peeling an orange for him and buck while buck sits outside the tub but facing eddie ..... reading to him about this new thing he’s into ... the conversation just turns into them talking about their day as buck trails his fingers up and down eddie’s legs in the water ....
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