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#Sam Wilson
feathersofvibranium · 28 minutes ago
// sam wilson physicality meta/headcanons:
just gonna dump a bunch of stuff i think fits him but especially for my muse because im in far too deep and can’t stop now this is absolutely a sam wilson appreciation post but specifically about his stupidly hot body and how it works
he voluntarily joined the experimental Falcon program (pre-catws) - how many humans (not mutants, iron man suits, etc) that fly on just a set of mechanical wings were there before the program? that’s right, none - ive had a headcanon since catws where tony stark created the program on the side because pararescuemen (what sam did before joining the falcon program) saved him from the desert (1st iron man movie meta) check it out here (tfatws confirmed Falcon wings are stark tech!!) - we know sam wasn’t the only one in the program. we know there were casualties/deaths (re: sam’s wingman riley) - sam is clearly not over riley but he got back on the wings because captain america needed his help regardless. he is well aware of the inherent dangers. went for it anyway.
i don’t think fans give enough credit to how much time and effort it would take for a human to be able to fly around as he did as the Falcon?? - like imagine a bird. they steer with their wings. unless there’s some sorta brain signal reading chip in his falcon googles, im 99.9% sure his wing control isn’t directly done from his brain. which means that shit’s all done from his SHOULDERS/BACK MUSCLES - imagine a bird, part 2. tails. sam’s CORE/ABS/HIPS/LOWER SPINE/LEGS/FEET are the equivalent to bird’s tail when he’s out flying. imagine how much he needs those muscles to be strong enough to do barrel rolls and crazy maneuvers in mid air. strong af. (also good to have those muscles for some more homey activities too amirite *coughs*)
see that ‘voluntarily’ used up there in the first bullet? he signed up for this shit himself - as in he saw the opportunity to be a daredevil and just. went and did the thing. also means he wasn’t drafted.
imagine how many times he fell/crashed/blacked out in the air and fell outta the sky during the falcon training - imagine him having all sorts of wounds and scars on his body from just trying to fly and a lot of the time not being successful at it, until he finally does. probably used to having his own body thrown around so much so that what the winter soldier did to him on the helicarrier wasn’t even that much of a threat (i mean, sure, scary af mf but sam has experience being thrown around and knows how to stay calm and rational even in those situations)
how many (flying) birds do you know has more muscles than being built light-weight for flight? - this may be just me but i hc that before the tfatws training montage, sam wilson’s physcial training focused more on enhancing his cardio/heart (we see him running. a lot)/flexibility/shortening reaction time, ie, ones that are ideal for and benefit flying, NOT beefing up muscles - probably eats like a bird (among other things small bits throughout the day rather than full meals) - tfatws training montage is definitely for beefing up muscles and learning more close quarter combat, which he has knowledge of from the pararescue days (ie, ask rumlow) but not to this extent. because he’s gotta get ready to be Cap. he’s not a super soldier and has no super human powers or super strength but he has a cool new suit that allows for more.....muscles because well, cap can’t disappoint on the muscles front, right? - probably eats a lot more less like a bird.. or a very beefy bird
he went up against the winter soldier and then mindcontrolled bucky and survived all encounters - if you don’t think he’s gonna count that as a (weird) flex, you’re prob wrong
brought a knife to a gun fight and came out of that with a gun
point being, whether he has a danger kink (don’t kink shame) or just happens to find himself in danger, a lot, he’s risen to the challenge every time. mostly by improving what he can do and how he can help others. he’s not weak by any means. he’s taking a lot of hits and gotten back up each time.
tldr; this post only focused on his body and not even on any of his other overqualified skills. sam wilson (and his body) is an underappreciated gift and does not need super powers to be the most fitting person to take over as cap Sam Wilson is absolutely Captain America
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terathegreat · 42 minutes ago
I just want Sam to be allowed to be unreasonable for once. Let him have a tantrum and make things about himself and his feelings. The stoicism he usually portrays is used by fandom to pretend he just doesn't have any feelings or issues and he's available to be a receptacle for whatever pain someone else is feeling. So I need him to be allowed to be angry and hurt. A moment where he doesn't have to be the Calm One who holds it together while the people around him get to hemorrhage their emotions all over the place so Sam can "pick up the pieces". If that happens I need fandom to treat it with the same compassion as they did other characters and not try to make it into something negative and only address how it might affect their fave.
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black-is-beautiful18 · 51 minutes ago
The Deep’s Revenge- Prologue
Sam Wilson x Malika(OC)
A/N: This is the result of a mixture of insomnia and listening to clipping. It’s also inspired by The Deep by Rivers Solomon as well as Black lore and folktales. I hope you enjoy.
Italics= lyrics
Malika and Sam had been together for only a few months but during that short time they’d gotten very close. So close that Sarah thought her brother would jump the gun and ask her to marry him.
They had met one fateful day when the Avengers team had a day off and decided to go to the beach. Malika was just relaxing in her chair enjoying the warmth of the sun. She looked ethereal in her yellow bikini and cover-up. With a book in hand and her twists covered by a hat she was completely unbothered by the world around her.
....Until Sam decided to go over and talk to her that is.
“Hey beautiful. You want some company?”
“Not from you Falcon.” She turns the page in her book.
Sam is shook.
Of course it’s not because she said no, she has every right to, but she clearly knows who he is and usually that gives him an advantage.
So he tries again.
“You an Avengers fan?”
Malika looks up at him revealing dark brown eyes. They’re mysterious and almost black. It’s as if she’s starting into his soul.
Narrowing her eyes slightly she stares at him in silence for a moment before closing her book and smiling softly.
“Ok. I’ll bite. How are you today Mr. Wilson?”
And the rest was cliche as that is.
Malika woke with a start gasping for air. Thunder rolls in the distance and lightning follows soon after. Malika groans running her hands over her scarf. For the past month she’s been having the same dream. A dark skinned woman stands at the foot of her bed dressed in what looks to be a dress fashioned from nets. It’s actually pretty stylish but that’s besides the point. Her hair is decorated by what looks like cowrie shells and gold clips. She’s beautiful but her blue eyes make her intimidating. Around her neck is a necklace with a gold shell and a pearl. It’s just like the one her mother has.
“What’s wrong?” Sam’s sleepy voice breaks her from her thoughts and she turns to him letting out a sigh.
“Nothing...Just that same ol’ stupid dream.” She whispers laying back down allowing Sam to wrap his arms around her and pull her closer.
“Wanna talk about it?”
Malika shakes her head sighing as she snuggles into him taking in the scent of his cologne.” No. It’s all the same. The same woman. The same place,” She glances back at the clock on her nightstand and groans as she sees it’s 4 in the morning.” And it’s the same time.”
Sam chuckles kissing her temple.” Go back to sleep.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice.” She mumbles already falling back to sleep.
But then a knock came startling the couple.
“I’ll be back. It’s probably Bucky.” Sam gets of bed and Malika pouts already missing the him and his warmth.
“Hurry back!” She calls after him and smiles as she hears him laugh.
Laying back down she closes her eyes but they soon open again when she hears her name being called. Groaning, Malika gets out of bed putting on her robe and slipping on her slippers.
“Bucky, I’m gonna kick your ass. Do you know-“
Malika stops her eyes widening as she sees the woman in the doorway. That is not Bucky.
Moving closer, Malika let’s out a shaker breath. Sam notices and comes to her side wrapping his arms around her.
“You ok baby?”
She nods not taking her eyes off the woman.
The woman from her dreams. She looks exactly the same but her hair is held away from her face by a teal scarf.
Tumblr media
“.....Mama? What are you doing here?”
The woman smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes.” We have a problem...It’s your aunt.”
A/N: I DID IT! I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so here we go.
@prettyvintageafternoon @stars8melanin
If you wanna be tagged just let me know. I’d be happy to do so.
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onlyjamesbarnes · 53 minutes ago
Taking requests... NOW!!
Hey y’all! I’m officially back after a long hiatus, and I think I want to start writing again. :) Send me your requests, either in the comments or in my inbox, and I’d be more than happy to fulfill it. Any requests are welcome, inclining some that are outside Marvel.
Don’t hold back, y’all — I expect GREATNESS.
Have a great week <3
Tumblr media
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whostolemyfuckingdick · an hour ago
might actually get myself to finish the sam x bucky fic that’s been sitting on my computer forever
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jbsforever · an hour ago
Chapter 2 summary: “I don’t get it,” Peter says. “Why are you only annoying when it affects me?” and Tony just shrugs, all innocently complacent, and says, “The universe is cruel, kid, but not cruel enough to taunt me with burgers I can't eat. There's a line.”
- - -
(In which Peter steals someone's puppy, drinks too much Redbull, and somehow accidentally reunites the Avengers.)
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xxlittle0birdxx · an hour ago
The Nightmares Find You: The Loneliness of a Lie
Sam's eyes snapped open, half expecting to see the metal hand from his nightmare hovering just above his nose. He blinked at the dim lamp next to his bed. When was the last time he'd had to sleep with a light on? That first year out of the Air Force, maybe, when all his nightmares featured Riley getting blown to pieces. Sam glanced out the windows at the snow falling in fat, fluffy flakes, and burrowed further into the warmth of his duvet. Five things that are real, Sam. One, you're named after your grandfathers, Samuel Rochon and Thomas Wilson… Two, you have a sister named Sarah, and her husband's name is Alan. They just had a baby. Alan Junior, but call him AJ. Sam felt his heart rate begin to slow. Three, your hometown is Delacroix, Louisiana. Four, your favorite album is Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye. Five, you make étouffée almost as good as Granny's… He repeated the litany until his pulse stopped pounding in his ears.
His head swiveled on the pillow toward the framed photo on the nightstand. He lifted a shaking hand and swiped it over his face, then reached for the frame that held a photo of him and Riley on a beach far from any military installation where they could be themselves for a few days. Riley would lose his shit if he could see me now, Sam thought. Working with Tony fucking Stark. Living in this compound with Captain America. Not too shabby for a kid from a place nobody could find on a map. One forefinger traced over Riley's face, as though he could smooth back the lock of hair that fell across his forehead. He lowered the frame facedown on his chest and looked to his right. They didn't share a bed very often, but Riley always slept on the right. And Sam couldn't bring himself to sleep on that side of the bed yet.
He wasn't going back to sleep, though. Not now.
Sam sighed and replaced the photograph, then swung his feet to the floor, pulling on an old and faded LSU t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He automatically turned and made his bed, tugging the crumpled sheet back into place before straightening the duvet. Old habits died hard, although he was less precise about it these days. He stepped into a pair of worn slides, and went into the kitchen, too keyed up to do nothing. If anyone asked why he was up at this godforsaken hour of the morning, he could blame jet lag. He'd spent the last several weeks hopscotching across Europe following a few leads about Bucky's location. He'd come back to New York yesterday and managed to evade Steve's attempts to pull him aside, pleading exhaustion.
Sam's hands moved of their own accord, pulling milk and eggs from the refrigerator, rummaging through the pantry until he found a couple of loaves of the crusty bread Natasha liked to use for toast. He selected a knife from the block on the counter and proceeded to slice the bread into cubes that he spread on a baking tray, and then slid it into the oven. He whisked the eggs and milk together with vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon. With nothing to do for the next half hour until the bread dried, Sam rummaged through one of the drawers that held the odds and ends one often found in a house full of people with different tastes and schedules. Random rubber bands. A ball of string. A jumble of pens, half of which were dried out, never thrown out. Ketchup packets from Wanda's late night forays into town for fries. A collection of loose coins from multiple countries. And, a well-used pack of standard playing cards.
Sam shuffled the cards with a careless ease come by years of playing anything from Go Fish to pinochle. Riley often laughed at him for keeping a pack of playing cards with his gear, but a childhood spent working on his parents' boat meant Sam didn't handle idleness well. So he played solitaire, or patience as his grandmother called it, during periods of forced inactivity. She was right. It took patience.
He only paused long enough to remove the bread cubes from the oven and transfer them into a baking dish, then pour the milk mixture over it. He slid the dish into the refrigerator and resumed his game, starting a one-sided conversation with Riley in his head.
I haven't dreamed about the Winter Soldier in almost a year. Dreamed about him all the damn time after Hydra took down S.H.I.E.L.D. Didn't matter what I was dreaming about, it would always shift into that damn metal hand smashing through my windshield and ripping the steering wheel out. I was sure that was it, and my number was up. I've never felt more helpless. Not even when I watched the RPG come straight at you.
So what do I have to feel helpless about? I've got a job I enjoy. Using the EXO-7 Falcon again. Although this time, it's better. I've got Redwing as my wingman again. Or will soon. He should be ready in a week or two. Sarah and Alan are in a good place.
A flicker of movement through one of the floor-to-ceiling windows caught his attention Steve walked past, slipping in his earbuds, dressed for a run through the snowy upstate New York countryside.
Sam looked down at the cards, straightening and aligning them just so. I don't like lying to Steve, but right now it's the best thing for Bucky. I get it. Steve wants his friend back. But I'm not sure he understands that the guy who pulled him out of the river isn't the same guy he knew back in 1944. I understand why… Nobody here knows who he was before he Captain America. I can't imagine how lonely he feels sometimes, but I can't shake the feeling that… No, he did not want to go there. Was it selfish of Steve to want his friend back? Sam supposed that depended on whether or not Steve expected Bucky to just pick up where they left off in 1944. He swept the cards into a pile, then tapped the edges sharply against the counter. He didn't feel very patient at the moment.
Sam twisted his wrist so he could study his watch. It was late enough that nobody would question why he was awake. The pool would be deserted this early. No one else used it regularly, except Sam. He headed into a changing room, stripping off his shirt as he walked. Once he'd pulled on his swimsuit, he dove into the water and began swimming laps. One-two-thee-breathe… One-two-three-breathe… Tuck, roll, push off the wall… As he settled into the rhythm, he let his mind wander once more.
He'd found Bucky.
In Bucharest. Sam didn't know how long he'd been there. He'd last tracked him down in New York City about a year ago, then the trail went cold. But there he was. Tramping through the snow, the collar of his coat turned up, a black watch cap pulled down low over his ears, eyes darting everywhere, jumping at the distant wail of police sirens. He'd cut his hair in New York, but now wisps of it fluttered from under the edge of the cap. He ducked into a stationery shop, and emerged a few minutes later, clutching a carrier bag with black notebook and pack of common ball point pens.
I ought to say something, Sam continued, speaking to the Riley of his memories. I ought to tell Steve where Bucky is. But I'll be honest with you, Riley… He scares me. If a bird shits on his head, is he gonna go off on a murder spree? Where does the Winter Soldier end, and James Buchanan Barnes begin? I don't even know if we can repair whatever it is that Hydra did to him. I don't know what to do, or if there's anything I can do, and it's eating me up inside.
Sam's fingertips touched the wall, and he surfaced with a gasp. He threw his arms over the lane rope, using it to anchor himself in place, sucking in greedy lungfuls of air. That was it. Following Bucky around was like watching an RPG approach in slow motion, and knowing there wasn't a goddamn thing they could do.
'You all right?'
Sam's head reared back, and he lifted the goggles from his eyes, letting them rest on his forehead. Steve sat on a bench on the pool deck, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. Even though he wasn't frowning, a line deepened between his brows. 'Fine.'
'You were up pretty early,' Steve remarked, as Sam swam to the ladder and hauled himself out of the water. 'Saw you in the kitchen playing solitaire.' He let a grin soften his features. 'That yellow shirt of yours is hard to miss.'
Sam chuckled. That shirt did make hims easy to pick out. ‘Jet lag.’ Sam grabbed a snorkel and mask from a shelf and tossed them into the deep end of the pool, intending to run through some pararescue exercises.
‘Did you find him?’ Steve asked. Sam could hear the hidden desperation under the studied casualness.
Sam peered at his rippling reflection on the surface of the water, and let the lie come to his lips. ‘No.’
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cyberdelph · an hour ago
 good morning sleepy head - bruh.... this shit took me forever???????? um??????? i love it tho. tagging my boyfriend bc what he said to me…)
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Sam:”Okay Buck,we have to start thinking straight”
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xxlittle0birdxx · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes Additional Tags: Past Riley/Sam Wilson, Minor Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, Nightmares, Sam Wilson Has Nightmares, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Series: Part 10 of Dream a Little Dream Summary:
He'd found Bucky.
In Bucharest. Sam didn't know how long he'd been there. He'd last tracked him down in New York City about a year ago, then the trail went cold. But there he was. Tramping through the snow, the collar of his coat turned up, a black watch cap pulled down low over his ears, eyes darting everywhere, jumping at the distant wail of police sirens. He'd cut his hair in New York, but now wisps of it fluttered from under the edge of the cap. He ducked into a stationery shop, and emerged a few minutes later, clutching a carrier bag with black notebook and pack of common ball point pens.
I ought to say something, Sam continued, speaking to the Riley of his memories. I ought to tell Steve where Bucky is. But I'll be honest with you, Riley… He scares me. If a bird shits on his head, is he gonna go off on a murder spree? Where does the Winter Soldier end, and James Buchanan Barnes begin? I don't even know if we can repair whatever it is that Hydra did to him. I don't know what to do, or if there's anything I can do, and it's eating me up inside.
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vivid4am · an hour ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 5)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky and Y/N go get breakfast
Warnings: TFATWS!bucky, fluff, threats, small fight?, small discussions of racism
A/N: thank you guys for reading this fic! this will now follow the TFATWS timeline. i feel like i set up as much as i could. still going to be a slowburn tho :)
Chapter 4
Bucky slept through the night, undisturbed, with Y/N laying on his chest. He woke up to golden light streaming into Y/N’s living room. As he slowly gained consciousness, he felt the weight of a body on his chest. His tired eyes glanced down to the girl laying on top of him. Realizing it was Y/N, he let out a relieved sigh before running his fingers through her hair again.
It had been years since Bucky shared a bed with a girl. Decades, actually. It felt nice to have affectionate human touch, even if they were just friends. Because that’s what they were. Just friends. But, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hold Y/N closer. In fact, he wanted to hold her all the time. She was so soft. Sure, she snotted all over his sweatshirt a few hours ago, but he was there to comfort her, hold her close, tell her everything would be okay. His heart ached when he saw her burst into tears about her uncle. This girl was so sweet, she deserved the world.
Okay, well, maybe Bucky did see her more than a friend.
But he refused to take the thought further.
Which was a good thing because Y/N slowly started to stir. She shifted a bit before burying her face even further into Bucky’s chest. A vibration filled Bucky’s soul, as she spoke. He couldn’t hear anything, just her muffled voice.
“What’s up, sweetheart?” He asked, fingers playing with the ends of her hair. She lifted her head slightly from Bucky’s chest so he could hear her. “Let’s get breakfast.” She then laid back down on the burly man. Bucky chuckled. “If you want breakfast, you’re going to have to get up.” He said, trying to sit up from his position.
“But you’re so comfy.” Y/N groaned into his shoulder. Bucky managed to sit up, while Y/N was still attached to him like a koala hugging a tree. He scratched his chin. His facial hair was growing in. He needed a shave. “Maybe we can come back to this after breakfast. I’m not doing anything today.” He suggested. Bucky didn’t want to leave their friendly cuddle session either, but Y/N said she was hungry. And honestly, so was he.
Y/N huffed, pulling away from Bucky. She then covered her face, the tips of her ears turning bright red. “I probably look a mess right now.” Embarrassment covered her voice. “You don’t,” Bucky reassured her. “If you want, we can meet in the hall in thirty minutes. You can go shower, do whatever you need to do, and we can go to the diner down the street. Sound good?” Bucky couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth right now. He tried to think over his proposal, but Y/N already nodded her head before marching to her bathroom to get ready for the day.
Bucky and Y/N were sitting in a booth at Diner on 5th, their eyes scanning the breakfast menu. Well, Y/N was reading the menu. Bucky had his cup of coffee in hand and was trying not to break it. He was watching the T.V. that sat behind Y/N’s head. The news headline read,
Sam Wilson, the Falcon, donates Captain America’s Shield to The Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
Y/N wasn’t too engrossed in her menu because she noticed Bucky’s tensed hand around his cup. “Are you okay?” She asked. Bucky snapped his attention from the T.V. to her before giving her a half smile. “Yeah, I’m alright.” He nodded his head. His eyes went back to the T.V. Y/N turned around to the T.V. that Bucky was entranced by. She sighed.
“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think that he should be giving it up.” She stated, turning back around to Bucky. His heart dropped to his stomach. Has he been found out? “What do you mean?” Bucky’s face paled a bit. This was it. The end of his friendship. He’s been found out.
“I mean that Sam or the Winter Soldier should have it. It should’ve been passed on, not given away. Who’s going to protect everyone now? The fucking police?” Y/N explained. “Don’t you want to be the police?” Bucky asked, confused by her statement. “Fuck no. I want to actually help people, Buck.” She sassed before sipping on her chocolate milk.
“So you think that Sam should’ve kept it?” Bucky wasn’t as tense as he was before. Someone agreed with him. Even though she didn’t know who he actually was. She knew what he wasn’t. Y/N nodded her head. “Yeah, and used it. He would’ve done a pretty damn good job, but I also see why he didn’t want to.” Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed.
“He’s a black man living in America, Buck. Yeah, it may not be the ‘60s, but shit still happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if some white politician asked him to turn it in. He’s not blonde and blue eyed like the old Cap was. And sadly, that will piss people off. But I say, fuck those people. He should've kept it. Should’ve become the new symbol for America. Would’ve inspired a fuck ton of people.” Y/N took another sip of her chocolate milk. “‘M sorry, got carried away a little bit.”
Bucky didn’t realize that. But he still thought that Sam should’ve kept it. Maybe he could talk to him about it.
But what does Sam care about at this point? He hasn’t talked to him in a while. Bucky was too busy ignoring his calls.
“I’m- uh, going to go to the bathroom,” Y/N said, sliding out of the booth. She walked away from their table to the women’s restroom. She had on another sweater with leggings and tennis shoes. A comfortable casual outfit.
“Nice lady you got there.” A voice said, causing Bucky to turn his head. It was some random guy that he didn’t even bother to describe. The only words he could come up with were “sleazy scumbag”. “She’s not my lady. Just a friend.” Bucky replied, taking an annoyed drink of his coffee. God, he wanted to roll his eyes into the back of his head.
“What a shame. That broad would be a pretty good fuck.”
The man didn’t have time to react. Bucky lunged across the diner, his glove coming off of his left hand. He pressed the man onto the bar of the diner. His metallic fingers wrapped around the man’s neck. “What the fuck did you say?” He growled, his fingers starting to tighten around the guy’s throat.
This guy’s eyes could have popped out of his head.
Bucky released him, giving him a final shove for good measure. The man choked on air. “You- you’re the-” Bucky didn’t even give him time to finish. “No, I’m not. I’m James Buchanan Barnes. That other guy is long gone.” Just as Bucky finished his sentence, Y/N walked out of the bathroom, shaking the water off of her hands. When she saw the horrid looks of other customers, she paused.
“Bucky?” She asked, a very confused look on her face. “What’s going on?” Bucky gave the man one last look up and down. “Nothing, sweetheart. We were just leaving.”
“But we didn’t even order anything.” She said, rubbing her hands on her arms. Everyone was looking at her. A spotlight that she didn’t want. Bucky didn’t answer her, just handed the closest waitress a few dollar bills before grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the diner.
Bucky made it up to her by grabbing Dunkin Donuts on the way home.
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lriswestallens · an hour ago
im just OBSESSED with the concept of sam/bucky/sharon constantly visiting zemo at the raft to, like, get information and help from him when they’re dealing with problems that he would know to deal with, like in a Silence of the Lambs type of way. and everyone around them is constantly like 👀 because they know zemo as the guy who manipulated the avengers into destroying themselves so obviously rumors start flying about how Captain America and his friends’ interrogation tactics must be real intense for them to be able to get info out of zemo so easily. the reality is that zemo eventually gave up on trying his little “master manipulator” act on them because sambuckysharon pestered him often enough that they wore him down without him even realizing it
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wenellyb · an hour ago
can we talk about the police scene? yes Bucky didn't recognize his privilege. but a lot of people wrote he was awful and while he does need to educate himself and do better, he knew that Sam talking back to the cops could end up badly, and he was focusing on anything that would get Sam out of that situation "Give him your ID so we can get out of here" and I don't see any of them being the kind of people who say do you know who I am to get anything and he literally says "Do you know who this is?"
Hi Anon, 
Of course, we can talk about the police scene but you may not like what I have to say. I hope you will read this though and think about it and let me know how you see things now that you've heard/seen my perspective.
For the first part, I have been through most of the Sambucky tags since the show aired and I haven't seen anyone call Bucky "awful" for that police scene but I have seen people rightfully calling him out for his behavior during the police scene. Bucky not only did not realize his privilege yes, but also sided with the police.... You say that you "don't see any of them being the kind of people who say do you know who I am to get anything" but this is just finding excuses for Bucky.  You make it sound like he didn't have any other option but he did. He did. He could have pulled out his phone and started recording the scene...He could have put himself between Sam and the police and asked them why they wanted to see his ID. There are so many things he could have done and he chose another option, he sided with the police and implicitly made their request valid... "It's just an ID Sam... give it to them..." "Who cares if they want to see it only because you were raising your voice?" Did you stop a minute to think about how hurtful/humiliating it could be for Sam? Or how he felt? The police wrongfully ask him for his ID because he was "raising his voice at a White man". I'm not American but I don't think it's illegal  to raise your voice there.
But his "friend/partner" thinks that just giving them the ID is ok... Like...'let it slide Sam" ... "It's ok that these man are humiliating you"... "let it slide so we can get out of here." What's next ..."It's ok Sam let them search drugs on you, we both know that you don't have any on you anyway?"
The police had no right to ask that... but Bucky thought it would be much easier if Sam just complied. You cannot "comply" when faced with an injustice, but somehow that's what Bucky wanted him to do. Also, I don't think you are realizing it here... but by saying "Bucky knew that Sam talking back to the cops could end up badly, and he was focusing on anything that would get Sam out of that situation" you are implying that Bucky was right and was trying to solve the situation, and Sam was wrong because he was the one escalating the situation... And Sam wasn't "talking back" to the police, he's not a child being punished by his parents. He was a man defending his rights. Bucky is not the victim here, being called out for his behavior does not make him a victim... Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are trying to make it sound like he is, and that he had no choice but to behave the way he did but he did have other options. Bucky is not a baby but a grown man who is responsible for his actions.... We have seen that the man owns a TV and watches the news so it is safe to assume that Bucky is aware of how dangerous it can be for a Black man when confronting the police... He also knows Black men get in trouble for the smallest stuff... And you want me to pretend it was ok for him to behave like this? Yes, he wasn't aware of his privilege and he was clueless... which doesn't mean he's a bad guy but that he has a lot of work to do on himself. I love Bucky Barnes so much and I feel for him, and I want him to be safe and protected, but it is takes like these that make me want to shove him aside and never think about him again. The show did a great job of trying to show how Bucky made some realizations and tried to learn from his mistakes. Episode 5&6 Bucky would probably say that his behavior in episode 2 was sh*tty, but the fandom is still to find excuses for him and act like he was the victim... Ep 5&6 Bucky would have had Sam's back if the situation had happened again. (It's the same for his behavior with Sam... Episode 5&6 Bucky is the one taking care of Sam.... But the fandom is still stuck in the episode 2,3,4 dynamic where Sam is concerned about Bucky and nobody is taking care of Sam...Please stop babying Bucky... They both need to be taken care of) We are taught to forgive White Men for literally anything and condemn Black men for even the tiniest fault.  You don't believe me? I was there when some people tried to "cancel" Anthony because of an old interview where he made a joke about women and sandwiches, but they didn't have the same energy when Renner and Cevans were openly talking about Black Widow being a wh*re for having had several boyfriends and Sebastian Stan making a problematic instagram post when Colin Kaepernick was kneeling before his games.
I'm not defending Anthony's joke or saying Chris and Seb should be cancelled... I'm asking why you would ignore the problematic behavior for some and then call it out for others? I've seen so many people crying "poor Bucky" and I agree with that, I love that character... But  Sam went through so much painful moments, not only the police scene... but Sam's feelings are always ignored by a big part of the fandom. When it comes to defending Bucky, however, or talking about Bucky's feelings, the whole squad is there... Even when he doesn't need defending. White men and Black men are held to a different standard, in real life and also in fandoms.
I'm on my phone so my links might not work properly but I made a post about episode 2 and about how the fandom focuses too much on Bucky and has a tendency to ignore Sam.... I'm not saying that you are ignoring Sam but you seem like you have a tendecy to over protect Bucky even when it's not needed. In this case it was not needed.
You are talking about the police scene, which was awful for Sam and your concern is that some people said that Bucky was awful? Maybe ask yourself why and we can discuss this... 
I hope you don't get defensive reading this and sit on it a little and think about it and then I'll be more than happy to have a conversation about it again (even on anon). You are not the only one to do this, it's just that you sent me this ask so I replied to it the best way I could.
If anybody wants to jump on this and share their thoughts... even if they don't agree with me... Please do it... Just stay polite and we'll make it work.
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glowing-sand · an hour ago
Ok but get this:
♥️ Sam Wilson ♥️
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multihcs · 2 hours ago
Headcanon #4 - Therapy Groups
Tumblr media
When Sam first got back from his service, he settled into a quiet life.  He just wanted to find his place again, and find his footing.  He wanted to reconnect with his family and make amends for leaving in the first place.  He knew that his sister was upset, and he wanted to find a way to fix their relationship.
When he had been home for about six months, one of the men from his Air Force squadron came to visit Sam.  He spent a few days with Sam, reminiscing and telling stories.  He shared stories and pictures with Sam, of his wife and kids.  The visit was one that served them both well.
A couple of weeks after his friend went home, Sam got a phone call from his wife.  His friend had committed suicide.  And Sam broke.
He spent days drinking.  Wallowing in his fears.  In his demons.  He thought he was alright, but if someone with a wife and beautiful children could do this, not surviving his demons, what chance did Sam have?  He suffered from the same demons.  What would those demons do to him?
After days of a drunken stupor, he picked himself up off the floor, and decided he needed to do something.  He needed to help the vets.  The ones like him, and his friend.  The ones that came home.  And the ones that didn't.  So he went to the VA and put his degree to work.  And started his therapy group.
It was the best decision he made.  Until he met Steve and decided to help him.
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multihcs · 2 hours ago
Headcanon #3 - Riley
Tumblr media
When he lost his wingman Riley, Sam hated the war.  Hated everything.  He felt a loss for the mission he signed up for.  He had enlisted for a reason - to serve his country.  But as he watched his friend die, he felt lost in that moment.  What were they fighting for?  What were they doing there anymore?  He lost his direction and his drive.  
Sam felt guilty over Riley.  He couldn't save him.  He was too late.  And it weighed on him.  It still does.  The feeling he has over Riley's loss, is something that he knows he will never get over.  He's careful not to go through that again, but he knows that he can't deny death.  As much as he may want to.
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