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buckiloky · 4 minutes ago
What if Loki wanted to take over the TVA so he can let Mobius be free of all the paper works and let him have his vacation 🥺🥺🥺
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superdogbiter · 13 minutes ago
Mobius:”I’m just saying, if Loki ever dies we know who did it”
Hunter B-15:      >:3
Mobius:”I’m watching you”
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free-the-fandom · 14 minutes ago
I love that all my fellow Lokius shippers originally shipped it ironically and then, 2 episodes in, collectively went "oh".
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skiplo-wave · 16 minutes ago
Loki: see that stop sign?
Mobius: yeah?
Loki: give me a question mark sticker
Mobius: No!
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imwritesometimes · 17 minutes ago
scrambled eggs brain all day like: what if they shared candy? more small table small table long legs small table! what if they tricked eachother into divulging information via the exchange of candy and flirtatious banter? what if accidentally friends to more?
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ladyblogger-margie · 24 minutes ago
Wherever we go, what glitters is gold
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Mobius M Mobius (MCU)
Summary: At Sam and Bucky’s wedding, Loki must confront his feelings for Mobius. 
Word Count: 3251
Warnings: There’s some making out and tooth rotting fluff and yearning. 
a/n: I write MCU fanfiction like the Avengers are actually all friends with each other and I’m OBSESSED with lokius right now. This is based on this prompt post from @screnwriter about characters dancing together who won’t admit their feelings. 
Tumblr media
Loki rolled his eyes as he watched the DJ announce Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as husbands, welcoming them to their own wedding reception. How he even ended up invited to this Midgardian wedding in the first place he’d never fully understand. But being here with Thor and Valkyrie was the closest he’s felt to Asgard since he joined the TVA so he figured it would have to do.  
“What happens now?” Loki asked Thor, not bothering to whisper. This earned him a stink eye from Hope. 
“We celebrate,” Thor said simply before he headed to the bar, not even bothering to wait for Loki to follow him. 
Loki looked around, bored. He really couldn’t understand why he was invited, certainly there didn’t seem to be many other guests enthused to see him. He considered following Thor to the bar, but realized his brother was caught in conversation with Hope and Scott and Loki was not interested in facing down another death glare; he didn’t trust himself to rise above it and had promised Thor he’d try not to make a scene. 
Suddenly he looked up and saw another guest who looked lost and out of place. He could feel the shock and confusion crawl across his own face as he watched Mobius look around the party with his hands stuffed in his pockets.
Loki froze in place, Mobius hadn’t mentioned he’d be coming. Though to be fair, Loki remembered he hadn’t mentioned it either. He debated going over to talk to his partner; he internally flinched at the word - his work associate from the TVA. 
Mobius looked up suddenly and cocked his head to the side when he saw Loki. Loki ducked his head immediately and turned away. He bumped straight into Natasha, someone he hadn’t seen since his rather impolite visit to New York. 
“Loki,” she said, her tone and expression unreadable, but she had a sly smile on her face which lowered Loki’s defenses. 
“Miss. Romanov,” Loki purred in return.
“Vodka,” Nat said, as she passed Loki a shot glass. She tipped her own in his direction, “To new beginnings.”
Loki nodded and tapped his glass to hers and followed her lead in shooting it back. Midgardian alcohol had no effect on him, but he accepted the gesture for the olive branch it was. 
When Nat slipped away, Loki was left alone again, deliberately trying not to turn back to see if Mobius was still looking at him. 
Loki wasn’t sure if he was ready to talk to Mobius after what happened on their last TVA mission. They were out in the field and they had an extended period near a Nexus that forced them to stay in a hotel together overnight. Normally that would be fine, as stunning as it was at the TVA, Loki always enjoyed the chance to get out into the world. 
But this time, the hotel room only had one bed forcing Loki and Mobius to share, something they had never done before. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, Loki shouldn’t have been so aware of the heat from Mobius radiating against his skin, but yet, it gave him a strange, unfamiliar sensation deep in his chest. 
Loki had asked him when the lights were off and the rain pounded on the windows, “Why did you bother working so hard to keep me on as part of this team?” The question had plagued him for ages now, the answers Mobius always gave never seemed to provide the whole picture. 
Mobius paused for quite some time, his hands folded across his chest in the dark. He paused for so long that Loki wondered if he had fallen asleep and missed Loki’s question entirely. 
“Because I think you’re worth the effort,” Mobius replied with barely a whisper, so much softer than his usual voice; within the words was something Loki couldn’t quite name. 
Loki’s breath caught in his throat. 
“Anyway,” Mobius said, in his normal tone this time, “Big day tomorrow, good night.”
Loki felt Mobius roll over and tug most of the blanket with him as he did. Loki didn’t protest the pull despite the fact it left his leg fully exposed as he lay there lost in his own thoughts. 
“Why do I care what his answer is anyway?” Loki asked himself, furrowing his brow. It was a question he’d asked himself repeatedly in the past, yet refused himself the indulgence of the truth. 
Until that night, laying next to Mobius when Loki finally allowed himself that indulgence. 
“Oh,” he breathed out, relieved at the revelation, and mortified at the reality. 
“This isn’t good,” he thought to himself as he lay awake all night, desperately trying to ignore the gentle sound of Mobius’ sleepy breaths and the feeling of Mobius’ leg pressed against his own. 
The next morning Loki solved the Nexus without Mobius and hadn’t spoken to him since. 
So, seeing him today at this Migardian wedding was the last thing he wanted, or expected. Yet he found himself unable to resist checking if Mobius was looking at him too. 
He looked up as saw Mobius in conversation with Doctor Strange and took the opportunity just to watch. Mobius didn’t look that much different than he normally did at the TVA. He wore a suit and a tie, his grey hair neat and orderly. The biggest difference was the general sense of unease in his shoulders and the pocket square sticking out of his breast pocket. 
Loki was constantly amazed with how Mobius always seemed so genuinely interested in other people. He tried to push down the jealousy that came with that to properly give the other man his due. Loki would never admit that he wished that level of compassion and interest was reserved only for him, but rationally he knew the only reason he was not incinerated and even part of the TVA in the first place was precisely thanks to Mobius’ tendency towards compassion. 
Mobius had started to talk with his hands and shoulders now proving he was fully engaged in the conversation, and Loki couldn’t care less what it was about or what Doctor Strange was contributing, he just wanted to be part of whatever Mobius was doing. 
Suddenly the music changed and all of a sudden Thor was dragging Loki to the dancefloor to dance along to a high tempo number that had seemingly the entire reception grooving along together. Despite himself, Loki found he was actually starting to have fun, also relieved to have the distraction from his own inner turmoil. Nothing cleared the mind like a good dance.
The music was unfamiliar to him, but he was going to have to look it up later because dancing to it was addictive and delightful. The whole crowd was full of energy and the party was in full swing and Loki was just starting to think that maybe it wasn’t a mistake to come to this little swaray afterall. 
Suddenly he got knocked in the back and he was ready to be snarky about it, but he was stopped in his tracks when he turned to discover it was Morbius who had bumped him. 
“Sorry,” Mobius yelled, not sounding sorry at all as he tried to be heard over the music. 
Loki grinned at him, “I always figured you’d be a clumsy dancer.”
“You haven’t seen my moves yet,” Mobius countered. 
Loki, before he could stop himself, reached over to fix Mobius’ tie which had become askew in the excitement. He did his best to ignore the snap of electricity through his fingers as he brushed across Mobius’ chest and then to his collar to straighten that as well. 
Mobius had a softness in his eyes that Loki had seen before but dared not speculate about. Loki let his fingers linger a little longer than was necessary as the crowd danced around them. 
Then the music changed and it slowed way down without so much as a warning. “This Is How You Fall In Love” by Jeremy Zucker and Chelse Cutler rang out over the speakers with Loki’s hands still on Mobius’ lapels. All around them couples were pairing off to dance to the incredibly romantic song. Surprisingly, it seemed no one was actually leaving the dance floor. 
Loki looked around and saw that Thor and Jane were dancing next to Sam and Bucky and Scott and Hope. As his head was turned, Mobius cleared his throat and reached his hand out. 
Loki smiled and gave a slight nod as he took Mobius’ hand in his and wrapped his other hand tightly around the shorter man’s waist. Mobius’ other hand slipped neatly to Loki’s lower back. Then they stood frozen in place, unsure of who would take the lead, but neither quite sure how to ask. 
The lyrics ran through Loki’s ears:
This is how you fall in love 
Let go and I'll hold you up 
So pull me tight and close your eyes 
Oh, my love, side to side
At some point the pair just starts to sway. Not the stylish, flooring clearing style Loki was used to, this was a clumsy, simple shuffling of feet, and despite the simple movement Loki found his heart racing. He kept his eyes firmly away from Mobius’ face and maintained a distance between their chests ensuring there was no way Mobius could feel his racing heart beat. 
In avoiding Mobius, Loki instead locked eyes with Thor accidentally. His brother tilted his head towards Loki’s partner and gave an enthusiastic nod. So enthusiastic, Jane noticed his reaction and turned to see what he was looking at. When she saw Loki and Mobius dancing, she smiled wide and gave him a thumbs up. 
Loki thought he liked her better when she was slapping him in the face. 
The music continued back to the chorus for a final time:
This is how you fall in love 
Let go and I'll hold you up 
So pull me tight and close your eyes 
Oh, my love, side to side
Loki felt Mobius’ hand brush across his lower back in time with the song and he looked hard up to the ceiling, unsubtle and clumsy attempting to hide the flush in his cheeks. The song wrapped up and the DJ came on the microphone and announced that dinner was about to be served and that everyone should take their seats as the toasts would take place during dinner. 
Loki dropped his hands from Mobius and darted away towards Thor, ripping his brother away from Jane and marched him over to their table. 
“You didn’t tell me you were courting anyone from work,” Thor said as Loki shoved him into a chair, “He’s sitting next to you, why didn’t you lead him to his seat?”
Loki looked panicked and the name cards at the table and realized Thor was right. He looked up and saw Mobius walking to the table, arm in arm with Jane, his head thrown back in laughter. Loki was temporarily distracted by the exposure of Mobius’ throat and he desperately tried to ignore the flash of an image of his lips on that exposed flesh that ran uninvited through his brain. 
He shook his head, “We just work together.”
Thor raised an eyebrow, “And you haven’t run out on him yet?”
Loki laughed, “Oh no, I’ve run out many times.”
“And yet he remains your loyal friend,” Thor said simply, a smug look on his face that inspired an eye roll from Loki, but left him without a response. 
Jane and Mobius reached the table and Loki pulled out Mobius’ chair for him and earned a sweet smile for his effort. 
Loki didn’t break eye contact this time, instead he kept his eyes on Mobius’ face, studying it, looking for a hint of annoyance, frustration, but instead, all he found was that same softness. He also saw an eyelash stuck to his crooked nose. 
“Hold still,” Loki barely whispered, grasping Mobius’ wrist to hold him in place. He tried not to overthink the rapid rate of Mobius’ pulse beneath his fingertips. He, just for a moment, imagined that Mobius’ heart was racing for the same reason Loki’s was doing the same, but he knew better than to delude himself. 
Loki reached up with his free hand and delicately plucked the stray eyelash free from the bump of Mobius’ nose and held it on his long finger in front of Mobius’ pouting lips. 
“Blow,” Loki’s voice was raspy as the rest of the reception guests melted away. 
Mobius smiled, their blue eyes locked on eachother. He only looked away to blow gently across Loki’s finger, sending the eyelash away. 
“What did you wish for?” Loki asked. 
“If I tell you, it won’t come true,” Mobius said and he looked down to where Loki still had his wrist firmly in his grip. 
“Right, sorry,” Loki said, dropping his hand. 
Mobius took his seat and Loki stood awkwardly behind his chair, debating if he should just bolt rather than continue to make a complete and utter fool of himself. 
Then Sarah Wilson stood up with a microphone to give her speech and Mobius pulled on the sleeve of Loki’s suit and tugged him into his seat. Loki took his lead and sat down and listened to Sarah tell an anecdote about when Sam was a small child. 
Her words didn’t resonate with Loki though, he was lost in the fact that Mobius hand was now sitting on the table so close to his own that he could feel the electricity flowing between them. Every single one of his senses are lit up and absorbing only Mobius, oblivious to all else. 
After Sarah finished her speech and got a hug from her brother, she passed the microphone to Scott Lang who was clearly holding back tears. 
“Sam asked me to be his groomsman after I beat him up that one time at the Avengers base, and frankly I’ve never been more honored to be friends with someone I’ve been in a fight with,” Scott began, sending a ripple of affectionate laughter through the room. 
Loki allowed himself a glance in Mobius’ direction and was surprised to find Mobius was looking at him with that same soft smile. Mobius turned back towards Scott as Loki’s eyes lingered on Mobius’ face a moment longer. 
Loki turned his attention back to Scott’s speech having missed most of what he said. 
“But that’s just it isn’t it?” Scott said, clearly reaching the end of his speech, “Love is just finding home in another person, it’s as simple as that.”
Loki felt a lump in his throat rise at Scott’s words. He’d spent most of his existence alienated in his own house, and then Mobius showed up and gave him a home. Mobius felt like home to him, and apparently that’s all that love is, and if Mobius built Loki a home, did that mean that he loved him back?
Loki looked over at Mobius whose hand was still on the table and eyes had turned back to Loki. Loki took a deep breath and reached out, metaphorically and literally to Mobius. He intertwined his long fingers with Mobius’ on the top of the table, and gave it a gentle squeeze. 
Mobius' face lit up as he squeezed Loki’s hand back with a smile and nod. Loki felt an overwhelming wave of joy and relief, hand in hand with the man he loved. 
Scott gave up the microphone and people were instructed to head towards the buffet. Thor and Jane walked to the line without hesitation, joining Valkyrie already there. Mobius got up without releasing Loki’s hand. He tried to lead Loki towards the buffet, but Loki pulled him back, nearly pulling him over in the effort. 
“Don’t you want to eat?” Mobius asked. 
“Let’s get out of here,” Loki suggested with a devilishly charming smile. 
Mobius nodded and allowed Loki to lead him out of the reception hall to the garden out back. 
Loki pulled Mobius close to him underneath a leafy tree, soaking in the soft look in Mobius’ eyes now that he knows what it means and relishing in the reality that he is about to get everything he’s ever wanted, ever secret yearning about to pay off. 
He traced his thumb across Mobius cheekbone before he delicately gripped behind his head and tipped Mobius face up towards his. Mobius licked his lips and collected Loki’s jacket in his fists to pull them closer together. Finally, Loki pressed his lips gently against Mobius’, the pout of his lips as soft as Loki had imagined, the taste of them intoxicating and inviting. 
Loki pulled back, blinking, and searching Mobius' face for a reaction. 
“Finally,” Mobius breathed, refusing to let go of Loki’s jacket. 
With a guttural moan Loki pushed Mobius’ back against the tree trunk and pressed their lips together far rougher this time and Mobius kissed him back with a similar enthusiasm. 
Loki’s brain stopped overthinking everything and finally just let himself go, let him feel and think nothing but Mobius against him, the brush of his lips, the feel of his hands sneaking under his jacket and groping around the fabric. Their breath was hot and intertwined with the cool night air that smelled of fresh flowers and summer breeze. 
Loki pulled Mobius’ head to the side and exposed the side of his neck. Loki only hesitated long enough to acknowledge his good fortune to be in this moment before his teeth were rough against the tender flesh. He sucked, nipped, and pulled leaving a deliberate mark there. Now that he had Mobius, he wanted everyone to know. 
After he was content with the mark he left behind, Loki kissed Mobius’ jawline gently until their lips came back together, raw and well worked. Loki felt Mobius’ moustache tickle against the skin of his upper lip and never wanted the sensation to stop. 
Finally Loki tilted his forehead to rest against Mobius’ and they caught their breath, just looking into each other's eyes the sounds of the reception in the background the only signal that they weren’t alone in all of time and space. Loki couldn’t keep the smile from his face, and was so happy to see Mobius’ own kiss-swollen lips pulled back in a matching smile. 
“Wow,” Mobius said, his hands calm against Loki’s lips. 
“What now?” Loki asked. 
Mobius looked around, “We should head back to the party probably, that’s good manners, right?”
Loki chuckled softly, “I suppose.”
Loki stepped back and turned towards the reception, but Mobius tugged his arm and dragged him back into his embrace. 
“Maybe not right away though,” Mobius said with a conspiratorial smile. 
Loki licked his lips and let Mobius back him up against the tree and slip between his legs. 
“Surely no one will begrudge us a few moments longer,” Loki agreed, bracing himself against the trunk of the tree as he slunk down to be eye level with Mobius. 
Mobius pressed his plump lips against Loki’s neck and Loki begged the gods of time and space to never let these few moments end. He felt Mobius tug on his throat with his teeth and hoped a hickey would appear on the skin of a god. He wanted everyone to know who he belonged to. 
But if it didn’t, perhaps that would be as good a reason as any to keep trying, for all time if necessary. 
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unwantedfandomtrash · 25 minutes ago
I had to explain what shipping was to my parents, cuz Marvel India be wildin out and I couldn’t keep that to myself
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mimisempai · 30 minutes ago
Lokius Masterlist
Tumblr media
I can read you like an open book
Do you really care for me or is it just a trick?
You are my favorite serendipity
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cameronbabes · 39 minutes ago
me: marvel cannot keep queerbaiting us and expect us to keep falling for it. it's not okay.
marvel: haha look at these two bestie's, they like to stand right next to eachother like pals
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superdogbiter · 44 minutes ago
Mobius:”I’m just saying,sitting on my lap during group meetings is unprofessional”
Loki:”Why are you so afraid of loving me?”
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free-the-fandom · 45 minutes ago
Damn, Mobius really asked "Is anyone gonna give Loki the appreciation he deserves?" and didn't wait for an answer
Tumblr media
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ladyblogger-margie · an hour ago
Someone tell me to finish this Lokius fic I’m working on. It’s so close to wrapping up
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superwholockian93 · an hour ago
Hey, where’s that wowki post from before series where the OP said Loki would ask Mobius what he’d need to get back into his grace and if so, seduction and then Mobius would say work and Loki would go work???
   Didn’t this exact thing happen but seduction replaced with manipulation?
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Loki,angry:”Fuck you”
Mobius:”Is that an insult or a to-do list?”
Mobius:”You heard me”
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n0obmaster69 · an hour ago
Mobius: we need a distraction
Loki: I can entertain
Mobius: no no no no please no No no
Loki: I just need to get back into practice
Mobius *begging*: no no don't do your magic act please
Loki: *already pulling a coin out of his pocket*
Mobius: please please i'm actually begging you
Loki : *act like he disappeared the coin into the air*
Mobius: you have no idea how demeaning that is please
Loki: *still doing his magic act,drops the coin, picks it up and pulls the coin from Mobius's side*
Mobius: if your finger
Loki: no it was in your ear
Mobius: it was in your pocket and it ..
Loki: it was close your ear
Mobius: never anywhere near my ear
Loki: you're no fun
Mobius: fun?
Loki: yes
Mobius: it's humiliating! you can do proper magic, you can make things disappear!
Loki: it's not as fun
Mobius,mumbling: make you disappear
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oh-so-heavenly · an hour ago
if you haven't seen Loki, stop following me; i'm gonna talk about it from now on until Lokius is the only word that i'm able to say. so it might be too much if you're not as obsessed as i am with it.
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darklingcrow · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just shut up, please!
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
An average day with Loki working in the TVA
Loki:*Bursting through a door and running for the stairs”
Mobius:”What happened?”
Loki,still running,yelling over his shoulder:”Don’t worry,Casey is still alive”
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