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songtoyou · 21 minutes ago
Chapter Nine: Underneath the Tree
Tumblr media
Would You Call That Love
Pairing: Chris Evans x Raina Morrison (OC)
Rating: PG to PG-13 (Might be 18+ for some chapters)
Story Summary: There was always that one person Chris Evans tended to turn to when he was not in a committed relationship, Raina Morrison. He could confide in her about things going on in his life that he did not feel comfortable talking to his family or close friends about. Chris and Raina were able to establish a way to openly communicate with one another, but also being respectful of the other’s time and needs. It was the only constant “relationship” he had, but without all the nonsense of trying to build a life together. A “friends with benefits” situation. However, what happens when Chris starts rethinking his “relationship” with Raina and if either are willing to pursue something more?
Chapter Summary: Raina and Chris are reunited for Christmas. Fluffiness ensues. It is Christmas after all.
Chapter Rating: PG
Warnings: Light swearing. Mostly fluff.
Word Count: 1,782
Author’s Note: I always enjoy writing about Christmas time. I wanted this chapter to be happy, especially since Raina and Chris have been a part of a long while. They both deserve it.
Italics represent flashback conversations.
Sadly, I do not know Chris Evans or anyone in his family, and this is just a fictional take on his life. I do not permit this fic to be reposted on other platforms.  
Tag List: @patzammit​​
Tumblr media
Christmas time in Massachusetts was not like any other place to spend Christmas. It became a winter wonderland—kids playing in the snow, building snowmen, partaking in snow fights, and sledding races. Now with Christmas only three days away, Chris was eager for this year's festivities. Most of all, because he would get to partake in them with Raina by his side. While in the past, the two had celebrated Christmas together with their families, this year was different. Raina was no longer just Chris's friend, but now his girlfriend. He wanted everything to be perfect. He wanted their first Christmas as a couple to be memorable. Chris spent weeks trying to find the ideal gift. Raina was a hard person to buy gifts for since she could pretty get whatever she wanted herself. 
Of course, Chris talked with his mother about it. He needed Lisa's advice and guidance on the matter. "You know Raina likes gifts that are sentimental or useful to her," Lisa mentioned to Chris.
"I know, but what should I get her? Raina's not much of a fan of jewelry unless it, as you said, has some sentiment to it. I'm not artsy-crafty, so I won't even attempt to make her something."
"The perfect gift idea will come to you eventually," reassured Lisa. 
It was not long after talking with his mother that Chris got an idea for a gift. He looked through his photo albums on his phone and found a picture of Raina with her mother and father. It was taken months before her mother passed away. The last family picture they ever took.
He vaguely remembered Carly getting a personalized 3D photo that was etched in a crystal glass frame of the kids for Mother's Day. Chris decided right then and there that would be the gift he would give to Raina, her own personalized 3D photo of her family etched into a crystal glass frame. It was perfect. She would love it. At least, Chris hoped she would.
Chris kept looking out the front window to see when Raina would arrive. He was currently at his mother's house with his brother, sisters, nephews, and niece, making Christmas cookies. That's right, Christmas was just around the corner, and Chris would finally be reunited with Raina. Every five minutes, Chris would check his phone for messages from Raina to see how close she was to the house. He peered out the window again to see snow begin to fall once again. 
"Chris, will you relax man," Scott spoke up as he took pictures of the Christmas tree. "She will be here soon."
"Snow is falling out there again. What if Raina gets held up in traffic or worse," Chris said as he began to panic.
"Stop it!" yelled Scott. "Come sit and pet Dodger."
Sighing, Chris did as he was told. Dodger immediately got up on his owner's lap. Chris began to rub the pup's ears, which did help to calm his nerves. He leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes. He was tired, for it had already been a long day. However, Chris did not want to rest until Raina was back in his arms.
Thankfully, Chris was able to take a quick cat nap until he heard a car door slam shut outside and the faint sounds of Raina's laughter. He gently nudged Dodger off his lap and ran to the front door. Chris was surprised he didn't fall on his ass as he ran to greet his girlfriend. 
Before Raina could even say 'hello,' Chris pulled her into his arms and swung her around. "My girl is home. I've missed you so much, sweetheart," Chris murmured in Raina's ear.
"I've missed you too, Christopher."
He gently put her down and turned towards the Uber driver to get Raina's luggage. "Andy, you and you're family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year," said Raina as she shook the driver's hand.
"You too, Raina. My kids will be stoked that I got the talk to you," responded Andy and waved goodbye.
Chris smiled and turned to look at Raina. "You always have to make friends, don't you," he pointed out.
"Well, I don't want people thinking I'm some asshole. If I can make someone's day better or more enjoyable, then I will."
Wrapping his arms around the woman before him, Chris leaned in for a kiss. It was not long before Raina reciprocated. She could feel herself getting heated from the kiss and how Chris ran his hands over her body.
"Um, we better stop before this gets carried away," said Raina as she pulled back, albeit reluctantly. 
Groaning, Chris eventually pulled back. "We'll do a quick, 'hi,' the kids will fawn over you, Ma will feed you, Scott will be Scott, my sisters will do their sisterly thing, then we are out of here. Got it?"
"So, not a quick 'hi' and 'goodbye.' Gotcha."
"I'm serious," Chris pointed out.
"Being with your family is an event, Chris. Plus, I haven't seen everyone in a long while. Let's bask in the togetherness while we can until the New Year, and we have to go back to reality."
"Okay," Chris smiled and leaned in for one more kiss. "You ready for the barrage of hugging and garnering for your attention?"
"Are you kidding, Evans? That's my favorite part when I come here," she teased and grabbed her luggage, but Chris shooed her away to get them himself. He motioned for Raina to walk ahead of him. 
Before Raina could even open the door, the entire Evans clan was there to greet her.
"Move it, children," Scott said, and he playfully pushed his niece and nephews aside to get to Raina. "My boo is here."
Engulfing Raina in a tight hug, Scott whispered something in her ear. Chris noticed that it made her laugh. He wondered what Scott said to her. After Shanna and Carly got their hugs, Lisa pulled Raina into the kitchen. Of course, it was to fix Raina up a plate since she missed dinner. Lisa plated up her famous spaghetti for Raina, who was ecstatic. 
"Yes! Oh my God, I have been craving your spaghetti, Lisa, for so long. Nothing compares to it," Raina gushed, and she stuffed a forkful into her mouth. She let out a moan and basked in the greatness of Lisa Evan's spaghetti. "It's so fucking good, Lisa. Sorry for my language, but it is the truth."
Lisa laughed. "I always gotta feed my kids."
"Ma, you could at least let Raina use the bathroom and get cleaned up before forcing food on her," Chris pointed out to his mother. 
"No bathroom, only spaghetti," Raina interjected with her mouthful and sat down at the kitchen table. "Hon, can you get me a glass of wine?"
"Yes, dear. Red or white?" Chris asked, holding up a bottle of each.
"Red, please."
Sitting down next to Raina at the table, Chris watched while she ate and drank her wine. They began to share the things they have done while away. Raina congratulated Chris on the success of Knives Out and that she had yet to see it. "I plan to, of course. Just been rather busy as of late. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever do a Broadway show ever again," Raina claimed. "It's a lot of work. More work than I thought it was ever going to be."
"When will you finally be done? I'm mean, you contract for the show, when will it be up," inquired Chris.
"It's a six-month contract, so the end of February is when I'll be done. I already told Jerry that I'm not going to renew the contract."
"Well, the experience will be another feather in your cap. Are you done with your plate?" Chris asked.
"Yeah, I'm done. Now, I'm full…oh, cookies." Raina perked up when she saw a platter of what looked like homemade Christmas cookies. She took two and walked with Chris to the living room. "The tree looks pretty. Real tree?"
Chris scoffed, "Of course, it's a real tree. None of that fake shit in the Evans household." He sat down on the couch and pulled Raina onto his lap, with Dodger joining in the mix. Chris snuck a bite of one of her cookies. He loved this, having her close and here with him. 
The two stayed that way and watched the family flutter around the house. Raina leaned her head against Chris and curled closer into him. 
"Raina," spoke Chris's niece, Stella. 
"Yes, sweetie?"
"Did you get us presents?" Stella asked somewhat sheepishly. 
Raina chuckled and got up from Chris's lap. "Of course I did. Here, come help me put them under the tree."
Stella followed Raina to the older woman's luggage. Raina set one of the smaller pieces of luggage on the floor and opened it. She handed Stella the wrapped presents to put under the tree. 
"My presents the biggest!" Stella cheered as she proceeded to shake the present Raina gave her. "I wonder what's inside?"
"Well, you'll find out in a couple of days," Raina commented and helped the little girl arrange the presents under the tree. "Oh, this one can go back in my luggage."
"But it's for Uncle Chris," Stella pointed out.
"Oh, I know, but I want to give it to him at his house."
"Why?" the little girl asked, confused.
Raina smiled. Stella was so young and innocent. "It's just a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. You'll understand when you get older. But, for the time being, enjoy being young and carefree for a long as you can, my dear."
"Okay," replied Stella, who had no real idea what Raina was talking about. Raina watched as Stella got up and ran to her Uncle Scott to begin climbing all over him. 
Raina looked at the tree with its glowing lights and mix of homemade and store-bought Christmas ornaments. Soon, she felt strong hands wrap around her waist and a scruffy beard nuzzling her neck. Raina leaned back to kiss Chris on the lips. "This is nice."
"Yeah, it is nice," Chris affirmed and rested his head on top of Raina's. 
With the lights dimmed to showcase the Christmas tree and festive music in the background, Chris and Rain slowly began to sway along with the music. Both were utterly oblivious to Scott taking pictures of them on his phone. He sent them to the family group text chat, which Raina was on, of course. 
For Raina and Chris, home and in each other's arms is where they wanted to be. Because for them, they were each other's home.
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louisetheblue · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just wanna suffocated by those tiddies.
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this-is-a-job-for-vesemir · 56 minutes ago
“An orgy of sadness”
lakjslfsksdjf How have I never seen this before
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li-mini · 2 hours ago
when machine gun kelly said,
eyes closed while you scream out
and you keep me in with those hips
while my teeth sink in those lips
while your body's giving me life
and you suffocate in my kiss
i did not feel that but @ sebastian stan, if you do this to me, i’d feel it.
this one is for you ☝️
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princess-of-thebes · 2 hours ago
Heartless Whore being loved by Ransom would include....
he bullies you for your attention and anger. he thinks you are trying to be harlan's favorite grandchild. jealousy too.
you would call him hugh because you hate him.
you tried to avoid him and he gets upset over your absense.
he goes mad when you ignore him.
you would catch him staring at you.
someone asked you if you were part of ''the help''. you replied ''yes''.
might as well be part of the help.
meg,nana, and harlan are the only kind ones.
your mom died and somehow the drysdales had to do with it.
you want revenge but how?
ransom got mad by overhearing you when you said to fran you do not have a green card.
you wanted to go back to afghanistan despite the danger.
ransom refused to let you go and locked you in a room.
you tried to escape.
ransom forced himself on you and now, you made a plan.
seduce him, break his heart and leave as revenge
Tumblr media
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lyrachloezhang · 2 hours ago
Steve & Bucky | They Throw Your World Away
I tried my best to translate these beautiful lyrics so I hope you guys enjoy so please remember to turn on the subtitles
I have like 3 mental breakdown while editing this because the lyrics of these are just....totally sgr & jbb so basically this is my way of saying fuck you forever to homophobic marvel and tfatws's directors and writers for saying all the shits they said which to be honest I don't give a fuck anymore
thank you 八十八星引 for all your love and support for me this vid is for you.
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wintersoilder · 4 hours ago
I was today years old when I figured out this is Chris Evans
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spookyspiderboiii · 4 hours ago
I saw that Chris Evans interview where he said he makes pesto eggs and I just... WHAT ARE PESTO EGGS CHRIS????? I have not stopped thinking about them.
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uhlxis · 4 hours ago
His arms... they compensate for the mustache
In these photos.................... the mustache isn't that bad lol
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nix-akimbo · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ransom x F!Reader inspiration
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uhlxis · 4 hours ago
Anyways...........can’t wait for the day chris graces us with his tiddies again. Summer around the corner 🥵
Ooohh summer's gonna be so fun! lmaooo
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sebstan-simp · 5 hours ago
office hours, c.e
A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who waited so patiently for this! This fic was the biggest bitch to finish, so please don't let it flop :) i personally like this better than "worst behavior", so i hope you like it too!
reblogs/likes/feedback is greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! However, do NOT steal/repost ANY of my fics! 18+ Warning
Warnings: 18+, language, ceo!chris, dom!chris, heavy daddy kink, spanking, light hair pulling, orgasm denial, breeding kink, light fingering, oral (m), masturbation (f & m), sending of nudes, dirty talk, praise/degrading kink, this is basically just porn, sorry for any missed typos!
Word Count: 3.7 k
Tumblr media
Late nights spent at the office were becoming more and more frequent the closer it got to the end of the quarter. Financial reports, budgeting, end of the year goals, sales reports- the office is more chaotic than normal. When one task was completed, five more would pop up in its place.
Chris’s eyes are strained from hours of looking at excel spreadsheets. He looks for any errors in the numbers, doing mental math, writing notes on the legal pad next to the keyboard. A notification pops up on his screen, reminding him that it is well past eight o’clock- and you were expecting him home.
Where are you? (sent)
He is the only one left in the building- except for the custodians that were almost finished and getting ready to leave.
Another late night, be home soon x (delivered)
The text stares back at you, your face filling with disappointment. This is the fourth time this week.
You miss his fingers around your throat, the foul comments that slip past his teeth. You miss taunting him, prolonging your punishment.
You miss the feeling of his palms slipping up inside your shirt and them aggressively branding your ass.
Your cunt aches for his cock.
The aching hasn’t gone away in days, nothing relieving the throbs- there is only so much that a vibrator could do, how you yearned for him.
but i need you, daddy… (sent)
Chris's eyes fixate on the white bubble. His cock twitching in his pants. The last couple of weeks he hasn’t been able to please his princess as much as he wished. He is just as frustrated as you were.
By the time he gets home, you’re fast asleep- tangled up in the white comforter, practically wearing nothing, the only sounds being your light snores.
There are nights he contemplates waking you up- or even sneaking a taste of your sweet cunt, but he stops himself- it’s just not the same as when you’re begging for it.
He ignores his hardening cock as he refocuses on the screen in front of him. You pout watching the three dots appear and disappear- taunting you.
I need you too, princess… but I’m stuck here for another couple hours (delivered)
Now more aggravated than before, you throw the comforter off your body- shoving it to his side of the bed.
You storm into your closet, opening all the drawers frantically in search of your new lingerie set. It has been hidden for weeks as a surprise for Chris, a little celebration gift for the end of the quarter, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
The sheer black cups with thin straps highlight the sides of your breasts, making them look irresistible. A thick lace flower pattern sat above your hip bone, enhancing the natural curve.
The set is a dream- you could just imagine Chris’s eyes popping from his head when he sees you in it for the first time.
You stand in front of the full-body mirror that lays in front of your bed; this is the least x rated thing this mirror has witnessed.
Strands of hair lay perfectly on the sides of your face. The phone covers your face but captures every curve of your body.
The flash reflects off the sheer material making it sparkle and shine. You smirk as you review the pictures before hitting send. Once they read delivered, you sit- legs spread- in front of the mirror, switching the photo setting to video.
are you sure you can’t come home sooner? *2 attachments* (sent)
Chris’s phone lights up with the scandalous photos of you. He swallows hard, clenching his jaw. Your prediction rang true, his eyes bulge from their sockets.
The full-body picture comes in first. His cock is fully erect with a faint heartbeat. The picture is soon topped by the photo of your ass that hangs perfect and rounded with little material covering it.
Chris leans back in his chair, he sucks hard on his bottom lip. He heavily considers saying fuck it and going home and dealing with the consequences of not finishing these reports in the morning.
That was until another ding from his phone sounds.
This time, a video. Your perfect body propped up against the base of your bed. You’re sitting on the hardwood floor with your legs spread. The camera gives a clear view of your glistening cunt with the new panties shoved to the side.
Your fingers gliding over your cunt, teasing yourself before dipping between your folds. Spreading them- showing off your perfect pussy. You begin to rub small slow circles around your clit, while your hand holds the phone as still as you could.
After warming yourself up, you slip your fingers inside yourself. Whimpering at the relief of having your fingers inside you. Your hips roll into your hand- you can hear the arousal surrounding your fingers.
Chris stiffens and anger building within him. The sound of your wet cunt mixed with your sweet whimpers made his cock pulsate, wanting nothing more than to ram into your tight pussy with your face against the mattress.
The sight of the new set only adding to the desire to rush home to punish your cunt- but you broke the rules. Chris isn’t going to reward you by coming home- giving you what you desperately need.
You shouldn’t be playing with yourself without his permission, but little did he know that you’ve been getting yourself off without him knowing for weeks.
Being the stubborn man he is, now he was for sure isn’t coming home.
You flip the camera so that it’s teasing a close-up view of the material caging your breasts. The camera shows your lips closing around your fingers- sucking off your arousal. A soft moan escapes your lips at the taste of yourself.
now i know my princess has been taken care of, i can stay longer (delivered)
What a sarcastic asshole.
You weigh the options of waiting for Chris to come home or taking matters into your own hands and driving to Chris’s office building.
It is late and surely, he couldn’t resist you once you’re standing in front of him, soaking and needy.
Chris’s cock is begging to be freed. He undoes his belt, eyes not breaking contact with his phone that is now propped up on his desk. The video of your prohibited act plays on a continuous loop. Chris shimmy’s his pants down just enough to free himself. His cock is red and angry- ready to burst any moment.
He wants you, but he’s too arrogant- too stubborn to even think about giving into you. It’s killing him knowing you’re at home pleasing yourself. That your fingers are buried inside you with no one to hear your intoxicating moans.
Chris’s hand begins to move up and down his sensitive cock at a steady pace. He thinks of how pretty your mouth looks around him- the way it feels when the tip hits the back of your throat or the sounds of your whimpers filling the room once he allows you to finally ride him.
“Fuck,” He hisses through his teeth,
Chris picks up the pace of his strokes- spending extra time at his tip and collecting the precum dripping down the sides. It’s only been a couple of minutes and he is ready to burst.
The effect you had over him is like no other. Your body fits perfectly against his- you knew his body better than anyone and you could have him cumming within seconds.
Some nights, his thrust are deep and aggressive- almost forgetting that you’re underneath him, using you as a stress toy.
Each thrust would have your eyes rolling back, the only thing you’d see are stars and blurry snapshots of Chris’s primal expressions.
Chris growls at the overwhelming feeling of pleasure soaring through him. His hips bucking into his hand. Cum oozes out of his tip, causing a mess on his hands. His heavy breathing is the only sound audible once he pauses the video.
He reaches over his desk, grabbing a handful of tissues. Chris cleans as much as he could off of himself, before throwing the crumpled-up wad away.
You tug at the ends of the dress, smoothing out the wrinkles. The new bra hidden underneath- the panties lay at the base of the bed.
You grab the small brown paper bag that sat on the kitchen counter. You scramble to find something worth having to bring over to him- an excuse to come see him. You fill the bag with leftover Chinese food, a half-empty bottle of bourbon, and two glasses.
The car ride has you squirming in your seat, pressing your thighs together. In efforts to calm the ache. You knew your punishment is at the other end, making it harder for you to keep still.
You walk through the empty office building, feeling the wetness travel around your inner thighs. You are soaked before you even see him.
The hallway seems longer than the previous times. You feel like you’re walking to the principal’s office, bracing yourself for the punishment ahead of you.
You knock on the doorway catching his attention.
Chris’s eyes flooded with lust and anger. You saw his eyes darken even with the limited light from the lamp on his desk.
“Looks like someone couldn’t wait till I got home.” Chris pushes back from the desk.
Your heart is racing, knowing that your punishment is going to get significantly worse once he finds out you’re not wearing panties- but you couldn’t wait.
“I’m so so sorry, daddy… I just missed you so much.” You pout walking inside his office, closing and locking the door behind you- just in case one of the custodians does a second walk-through.
Chris keeps his anger on low- in hopes you’ll apologize on your own, but he isn’t holding his breath.
“What did you bring me, princess?” Chris pats his lap.
You set the bag down, dragging it across the desk as you walk over to him. Your pace is slower than normal, you’re on edge- not know knowing what he will do.
You bite back a moan once you sit on his lap.
It is the first intimate action exchanged between the two of you in what felt like forever. Your legs cross, keeping your arousal from leaking on his thighs- exposing your secret.
Chris’s body tenses as you wiggle your ass against his crotch trying to get comfortable.
God, he missed your ass.
“I brought you some dinner.” You bring to pull out the items one by one.
Your voice is sweet and innocent, Chris’s hands planted on your hips, watching you as you reach inside the bag.
“I also brought some bourbon, because I knew Daddy could use some to help him relax.” Chris’s hands go over the sides of your hips and up to your waist, feeling no seams.
You smirk to yourself; you’ve been caught.
“Princess, are you wearing any panties?” You bite your lip, focusing on the items sprawled out on the desk.
“Of course, Daddy! Why would you ask such a thing?” If Daddy hated one thing more than playing with yourself without his permission- it is his little princess lying to him
“I’m going to give you one more chance because I know my princess wouldn’t lie to me. Are you wearing panties?”
“Yes.” You wiggle again, digging yourself into a much bigger hole.
He is throbbing underneath you, and you knew he couldn’t resist you much longer. Any moment he would crack.
His fingers trail down the sides of your dress, yanking up the sides. Your bare ass is exposed in front of him. Your eyes are forward, not daring to look at him.
The anger Chris kept on low quickly boils over and he grits his teeth. Chris can’t control his anger anymore, not when you have been lying to him.
“I get home late a couple times and you’ve started playing with yourself- and you’re lying to daddy- Do you need to be punished for being disobedient?” You yelp as he shoves you off his lap and into the desk.
You catch yourself before you hit your stomach. The bottle of bourbon knocks over and the container of food falls to the floor in front of the desk.
Chris stands to his feet, pulling your dress up to your waist. Just as he suspected. Your ass is in the air with your chest pressed against the cold wood of the desk.
“I asked you a question.” Your eyes swell with tears as you receive the first of many smacks to your ass.
“Do you need to be punished?”
You shake your head. Your arms are in front of you, gripping the edge of the desk, bracing yourself for another smack. Two harsh palms come in contact with your ass- that’s now beaming red. The sensation of the cool metal of the wedding ring against your hot raw skin causes your arousal to drip down your folds.
Chris notices how much you are enjoying your punishment. He uses his middle finger to feel just how turned on you are. He hums at the feeling of your juices coating his fingers.
You squeeze your thighs together from the unexpected pleasure. Chris spreads your folds open; he hums finally coming eye to eye with her. He could see your hole desperately pulsing around nothing.
Your legs feel weak, he sinks a finger inside- twisting and pumping create a blissful sensation that is ripped from you within seconds of your inability to keep back your moans.
“God, you’re soaked- You’re like a bitch in heat, aren’t you?” Chris stares at the arousal coating his fingers.
Another smack.
All Chris sees is red. The betrayal of knowing he hasn’t been the one pleasing your warm cunt is too much for him. Without warning, two fingers ram into you. You moan as they curl inside grazing your g-spot. Chris teases your hole, thrusting his fingers in- only for a moment before tearing the pleasure away.
“You already had your fun- cumming all over yourself in front of the mirror at home like a slut- it’s mine turn, sweetheart.”
He says as you are mumbling incoherently against the desk. Chris smacks your ass one last time before he yanks your hips up. You barely standing- you’re using the desk for stability. Chris slides off the rest of your dress, leaving you only in the new bra.
The cool air sends shivers through your body- goosebumps covering your arms, hardening your nipples. They peek through the thin material. Chris’s palms slide down your sides, admiring the article of clothing up close. Your chest rises and falls as the anxiety builds in your stomach- not knowing what he will do to you next.
His hands move up the side of your neck, wrapping around your throat. Your mouth falls open as your breathing becomes restricted. Chris pulls you toward him, his breath his hot on your cheek. Your arms are to your side, not daring to move without his permission.
“You’re gonna suck Daddy’s cock, Princess,” Your eyes light up.
Chris releases his grip on your neck as you gasp for a full breath. He untucks his white button-down, unbuttoning the first few buttons. He sits in his leather chair spreading his legs so that you could kneel between them.
Obeying his command, you fall between his legs, undoing his belt and his button. Your hands shake for excitement. It felt like months since you’ve had him felt him last.
His cock twitches as it feels your touch again. You pull his pants down just enough for his cock to spring free. You’re light a kid in a candy store being told they could have anything they wanted.
The member is solid and girthy, making it difficult to wrap your fingers around all of him. You lick your lips collecting all the saliva in your mouth.
Chris looks down at your overly eager demeanor- your eyes locking with his as you let the string of saliva fall on his cock. He swallows hard as your tongue glides along the side of him.
His fingers weaved through your hair, bunching it at the roots. Your pornographic moan sends vibrations through his cock- only adding to the sensation. Chris pushes your head down forcing you to take more of him inside. You gag as your head is being held to his pelvis.
“Oh fuck, princess- that’s it… take all of Daddy’s cock in that stupid filthy mouth of yours.” His words make your stomach flutter and your confidence soar.
Your lips close around his tip, sucking on the sensitive area. One hand is stroking what your mouth was not occupying and the other cupping his balls. Your work your way down, taking in more.
Chris’s eyes are squeezed shut focusing on the intense pleasure he is feeling. You release his tip with a pop and sink down into your knees. Your mouth takes one of his balls into his mouth while pumping his cock vigorously.
A moan escapes his mouth at the action you taking one of his balls in your mouth. You have never done that before, only messaged them with your hands. You suck on the flesh moaning into them. You love the way he responds to your new move.
“I missed your mouth so much- Fuck! Daddy’s not gonna last much longer.” He grunts as you take him in your mouth again, not bothering to acknowledge his warning.
You want to finish in your mouth. Filling you up so much it’s running down the sides of your face. You find a rhythm in sucking on his tip and using both hands around the rest of him.
He doesn’t care about the sounds leaving lips- he hasn’t felt the insides of your mouth in weeks. If he was barely holding on with your mouth- he knew the moment his cock disappears inside your cunt, it’s game over.
“I’m gonna cum, princess- all over that pretty mouth,” Chris’s hips buck against your mouth.
His mouth falls open and a pornographic moan leaves his lips as his body is overwhelmed with pleasure. His eyes roll back momentarily as his cock spills cum onto your tongue. The excitement overtakes your body, swallowing him as if it is your last meal. You’re giddy at the familiar taste.
You suck the last few drops from his over-sensitive cock, savoring every last drop. Humming with the last bit coating your tongue, Chris brings you to your feet.
“Since you were such a good slut while sucking Daddy’s cock- what do you want princess? Wanna have my mouth around your clit, or my cock buried in your warm cunt?” Chris coos, rubbing your cheek with the back of his finger.
“I want you inside me…” Your cheeks flush red and your voice is low, almost embarrassed about how badly you need to feel him inside you.
He pulls your waist to him, gesturing for you to sit on his lap. You slip your legs on each side of his, slowly lowering yourself onto him. You're breathless as you sink into him. His cock stretches your cunt, causing a string of curses from Chris. You can’t speak as you’re completely full. You don’t move to allow your body to stretch and get acclimated to him again.
“oh God,” You whine into his shoulder.
Chris could stay like this for hours, your cunt warming his cock. His hands slowly roll your hips, your sensitive center begins to contract around him. Once the initial discomfort passes- you rock your hips in a fast pace motion.
Chris’s arms hold you flushed with his chest, attacking your neck and chest. You’re a whimpering moaning mess. The ability to rock your hips gets weaker- you feel Chris beginning to thrust upward into you, his cock kissing your cervix.
“Fuck, princess! I can feel my cock poking through your tummy,” He coos impressed with how deep he can get.
You’re nonverbal, you’ve entered a state of nirvana. His cock hits every spot needed to edge you closer to your high. Chris is stunned at how he hasn’t come already. Your walls tightening and relaxing around him as his cock rams into you.
All you can do is moan and allow him to thrust- your legs are like jello and your mind is fogged with the pleasure.
The knot of pleasure rapidly building in the pit of your tummy, you squeeze your legs together as much as you can. Chris feels the attempt and picks up his pace.
The sound of your moans are being drowned out by the sound of the bottom of your thighs and his hips clapping together.
“You gonna cum for me?” You nod frantically and moan in response.
“Cum for me, princess. Make a mess on Daddy’s cock,” Chris feels your cunt tighten around him and your body tense up.
You’re seeing stars as your eyes roll back and your body goes numb with pleasure. Your nails gripping into his shoulder and your moans getting trapped behind your teeth.
“Oh, shit! Such a good girl! Such a good little whore,” His grunts continue as he continues to thrust into you- but this time they’re sloppy and inconsistent.
“I’m gonna make you feel so full- I should make you keep my cum inside you till you get home,” He grits his teeth, slamming his cock into you.
Chris holds your waist steady, feeling the familiar sensation. You’re a whimpering mess on top of him, your cunt sensitive and raw- waiting to be filled.
“Fuck.” Chris bucks his hips recklessly, cum spilling into you.
He holds you still, not daring to pull out just yet. You’re breathless and panting, desperately trying to steady your breathing. You open your eyes looking at Chris.
As you cool down from your highs, you realize just how sweaty and warm your bodies are. His forehead holds small beads of sweat and his face flushed red. You feel your hair sticking to your forehead. Chris’s eyes soften as he sees you’re intense focus on his features.
“I’m sorry for being away so much- I’ll be home before seven tomorrow, so I can properly tell you how much I’ve missed your pretty pussy.” He coos, moving the matted hair away from your face.
His words cause your stomach to flip and a wide grin to appear on your face, imagining all the ways he could make it up to you.
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cool-sepulchre · 5 hours ago
women who write celebrity/reader fic....y'all okay? can't you just fantasize about fucking some random celebrity without writing it out on tumblr for me to stumble across in the tags?
the last thing I wanna do is read y/n fic talking about getting finger blasted by a celebrity who doesn't even know I exist.
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uhlxis · 5 hours ago
They complain when he’s quiet and then once we start getting new content everyday day they’ll start over analyzing and speculating ish. Let the man work and focus on his job. Fans complain about his lack of roles outside of Marvel but won’t leave him alone to work, make it make sense someone. lol
I'm.... at a loss for words
lmao not really pero like me and friend joked about one ting and now I feel like I'm being lectured and like I get what y'all saying but..... again, it all started as an ongoing joke/running gag.... lol
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buckyfleurs · 6 hours ago
Entangled Affairs
Pairing: Boss!Bucky x Assistant!Reader x Boss!Steve Rogers
Summary: The lines of professionalism and desire between you and your boss have been crossed, but what happens when they become blurred?
Warnings: Smut 18+ only, threesome, rough sex, semi-public sex, oral (m & f receiving), semi-degradation, swallowing, creampie, a dash of fluff, possessive!bucky, bucky’s kind of a douche at times, spanking, choking, it’s just filth honestly
Word Count: 3.8k
A/N: Hi! This is a sequel to Business & Pleasure but it’s also my excuse to live out my Bucky & Steve threesome fantasy, hope you like it & as per always, feedback is appreciated! 😘
Tumblr media
Ever since your encounter after work with Bucky, things between the two of you had changed dramatically. When you weren’t pressed against his desk, hand over your mouth as Bucky fucked you hard and fast, you were in his sheets, screaming his name as loud as possible. It had been the most exciting and eye opening few months of your life, discovering this new side to your boss. He had always been mysterious and elusive to you, but now you knew him inside and out.
You knew where he liked to be touched, what actions could bring him to his knees the fastest. You knew what ticked him off and how to calm him down, especially on days where the work load was especially hard. However, you hadn’t agreed to keep things exclusive, and even though Bucky wasn’t the type to go through a slew of women at a time, that didn’t mean that women wouldn’t throw themselves at him at any given chance. You had always quietly seethed when witnessing how blatantly your female coworkers would flirt with him, but he never gave them the time of day. Bucky only ever dedicated his time to you, he had proven this to you on several occasions.
When he wasn’t swamped with work and hectic business meetings, he’d always look to you to be his stress reliever. Your relationship was based around sex mostly, but sometimes the lines would get blurred and you didn’t know exactly where you stood with him. He had shown up to your apartment on more than one occasion, fully expecting him to just be there for a quickie, but instead Bucky would prefer to cuddle and watch a movie. You’d wake up in his arms, his serene sleeping face beside yours and his strong scent lingering all over you.
It was both bliss and torture, you loved feeling wanted by him but at the same time you knew he’d never truly be yours.
You knew the risks when you began this rendezvous with your boss, you just didn’t expect for the feelings that arose towards Bucky to be as strong as they were. As much as you loved playing his whore, you also craved the moments where he showed you any amount of real affection. He could be kind and sweet, you saw the genuineness in his eyes. At times his touches were gentle, making you feel like you were his entire world. He’d make love to you, or at least that’s what it felt like to you, and he’d stare deeply into you in an almost adoring way. It made you question everything, but you were never brave enough to delve into that territory. You kept Bucky at arms length, where it was safe.
Your teeth were clenched as you sat across from Bucky and him. There he was, in all of his well dressed and apt looking glory, Steve Rogers. Bucky’s longest and dearest friend, who just so happened to also be his business partner. You had seen him in the office before, he worked in a different building and would drop by from time to time. He would always have on his sharpest looking suit and his hair usually gelled back, he had a neatly trimmed beard that accentuated his bone structure perfectly. He was tall, muscular and strong, but most noticeable of all his features were his green eyes, they had hints of blue in them and one glance could be enough to make anyone swoon.
It was pointless to deny that you liked whenever he’d visit. He would always stop by your desk before heading into Bucky’s office, giving you suggestive grins as his eyes would roam appreciatively over your body. You always felt flustered right after, needing to excuse yourself so you could get some air. It was always hard being in a room with both him and Bucky, the air always felt heavy and you couldn’t help the fantasies that would play in your mind where they’d be taking turns bending you over. And now you sat across from both of them, the only difference now being that you were screwing your boss.
The meeting ended and you finally felt like you could breathe again, it had felt like you were sat there for ages, talking in circles about the same mundane things. Bucky shot you a look that you knew by heart, it was the kind of look where you knew he was upset and he needed you in his office yesterday. You gathered your belongings and excused yourself, glancing over at Steve who only smirked in turn. You waited until Bucky had closed the door to his office to make your way over to it, knocking on it twice to not arouse any suspicion. Even though the work day was over, you were never sure who could be watching.
“Come in.” His voice sounded stern and you felt immediately uneasy. For once you weren’t sure what had him so agitated. The meeting had being going well, or so that’s what you could recall when your mind wasn’t so preoccupied thinking of what you’d look like with Bucky and Steve’s cocks filling you up.
You stepped inside Bucky’s office, quietly shutting the door behind you. You were about to comment something sarcastic, but as if Bucky could read your mind, he turned to face you and pinned you down with a hard look. The kind of look he’d give you when you were being a brat in the bedroom and he had to teach you a lesson in obeying orders.
“I know you want to fuck him,” Bucky said in an eerily calm way, you opened your mouth to protest but no words were able to leave your lips. “Darlin’, you must really think that I’m blind, that I can’t see the way you look at Steve. I know what goes through that mind of yours. I’m not just an expert in how you like to be touched, I also know what you want, it’s written all over your face.”
“What?” You let out as you regained your composure, “I don’t want to fuck him, what the hell makes you think that? And even if I did, so what? I’m not allowed to even look at other men anymore?” You inadvertently walked into Bucky’s trap, you admitted to it without even thinking.
“I never said that,” Bucky countered, “I was just pointing out the obvious, I’m not mad about that. I’m more upset about the fact that you want to deny it when we both know it’s true. You’re free to do as you please, you always knew the rules of our arrangement.”
You were pissed off. Sure, Bucky wasn’t wrong. You knew deep down if the occasion arose that you wouldn’t hesitate to fuck Steve, he was attractive and probably amazing in bed. You just hated the condescending tone in Bucky’s voice, it made you feel like he was belittling you.
“So you wouldn’t care if I fucked your best friend?” You sneered, watching the way Bucky’s eyes flickered with rage, “You wouldn’t be angry if I sucked his cock the way I suck yours? If I let him fill up my tight little pussy the way I let you?”
“Watch the next words that come out of your mouth.” Bucky hissed, giving you a warning glare.
“Or what?”
Before you knew it, Bucky’s hands were on you, roughly grabbing you by your hair as he crashed his lips onto yours, biting down hard on your bottom lip. You tasted the metallic tang of blood on your tongue as he kissed you. You gasped at the sensation of Bucky ripping your shirt and bra off your body, not giving you enough time to think as he pinched your nipples hard, making you cry out. He wrapped his prosthetic hand around your throat, choking you as tears welled up in your eyes from the lack of oxygen. You wanted to be furious, to push Bucky away and slap the shit out of his smug face, but you liked the way he was man handling you. Your pussy was already soaked and you were eager for him to fuck you roughly, like he hated you.
But instead, Bucky pushed you down harshly to your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock from the confines of his trousers. He was rock hard and already dripping precum.
“Put that mouth of yours to better use than pissing me off.” Bucky spat out as he shoved his erection past your lips, you gagged initially as his cock hit the back of your throat, but you were used to his size now so you relaxed your muscles and let him face fuck you as he had done many times in the past. Tears and saliva ran down your face making you look utterly ravished. You loved every second of being used by Bucky, loved the depraved sounds coming from his mouth and the crazed look in his eyes as he continuously forced his throbbing cock in your mouth.
You were lost in a daze, completely out of your mind and enjoying yourself a little too much when you heard the door knob turning and the door to Bucky’s office opening. You felt a rush of panic going down your spine as you turned your face only to be met with Steve’s shocked expression. He stood by the door, not knowing what to do as he watched Bucky face fuck you as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
“Shit, man my bad, I didn’t know you were busy,” Steve stammered, a slight blush creeping up his neck. “I was just heading out, but I had forgotten to grab something from your office. I can leave-“
“No,” Bucky smirked, grabbing a handful of your hair and pushing your face back onto his cock, you were caught off guard as you gagged around his length again, pulling away slightly so you could breathe. “Stay, this is exactly what this little slut wanted, isn’t it?” He grabbed you abruptly by your cheeks and made you look at him, his eyes were wide with rage and lust.
“Isn’t it?” He demanded.
“Y-Yes…” You let out sheepishly.
“You wanted Steve to see what a good little whore you are,” Bucky taunted, “Tell him how badly you want his cock.” He yanked you up by your hair, your tits bouncing in the air, making Steve swallow thickly. He was completely confused by the whole ordeal, but he couldn’t deny he was also incredibly turned on. Steve’s cock was hard in his pants and he was more than willing to participate in whatever little game you and Bucky had going on. He and Bucky had done crazier things in the past, sharing a girl wasn’t anything new.
Steve shut the door behind him and walked over to you, already removing his shirt as he took in your debauched appearance. You couldn’t believe what was happening, yet you knew how desperately you wanted it.
“Please…” Your voice was shaky as you felt Steve’s calloused hands on your heated skin.
“Please, what?” Bucky spat.
“Please, I want his cock.” It was nearly a whisper, but it was enough as Bucky pushed you back down on your knees and your fingers started undoing Steve’s belt. You looked up at Steve, he had a hungry look in his eyes as he watched you, your mascara coated eyelashes fluttered as you pulled down his pants, hand instinctively wrapping itself around the base of his cock. He was perhaps a little bigger than Bucky, but not nearly as thick. Still, your mouth watered at the sight of Steve hard and ready for you. He hissed as your lips parted open and you sucked on the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around it and making all sorts of vulgar sounds.
Expertly, you took him down your throat, only gagging a little bit as he thrusted his hips forward, getting accustomed to the warm wetness of your mouth. You made a show of sucking him off, it turned you on knowing that Bucky was watching as you pleasured his best friend. You knew without glancing at him that he was quietly fuming, and though you were still angry with him, you weren’t completely heartless. Without disconnecting your mouth from Steve’s cock, you reached out to grab Bucky’s painfully hard length, pleasantly surprised when he let you. A low growl escaped his lips as you stroked him languidly, he quickly took the reins back, fingers tangling in your hair as he shoved his cock inside of your mouth, replacing Steve’s.
You moaned wantonly around his length, hand kneading Steve’s erection as Bucky resumed his place inside of your mouth. One of your wildest fantasies was coming to life and it felt too good to be real. As your mind slipped away, the only thing grounding you back to reality was the realization that two gorgeous men were currently coming undone in the palm of your hand. You took turns sucking on both Steve and Bucky’s cocks, eyes fixated on both of them as they watched you like a predator stalking its prey.
Once your jaw began getting tired, you stood up, letting both men caress your breasts and whatever exposed skin they could touch and fondle. Steve suddenly turned your face towards his so he could kiss you, teasingly sliding his tongue inside of your mouth and making you moan against him. Bucky’s nostrils flared as he watched Steve kissing you, he pulled you away from him and kissed you messily, the kind of sloppy wet kisses you loved.
“I really need one of you to fuck me right now.” You breathed out, feeling the way Steve smirked against your neck and the way Bucky squeezed your thigh hard enough to leave a bruise.
“You’re a needy little slut, aren’t you?” He chuckled against your ear, without hesitation Bucky threw you down into the large leather couch in his office. You were on all fours, your ass still covered by your tight pencil skirt, Bucky’s favorite. He pulled your skirt down, sliding it off your legs and fully off you. Smirking, he slapped your ass hard, surely leaving a bright red handprint.
Bucky peeled off your panties, eyes devouring your glistening cunt. Steve’s cock twitched at the sight, stroking his cock as he watched Bucky spread your ass cheeks, revealing your tight wet pussy. He dove right in with his tongue, licking a long stripe from your asshole to your clit. You moaned out loudly, biting down on your bottom lip as your body shivered with pleasure. He licked your pussy just how he knew you liked it, he had all of your sensitive spots memorized, Bucky was an expert on your body.
As Bucky took his time eating you out, you reached out and grabbed Steve’s cock, stroking it for him and taking him back in your mouth. You needed a distraction as you eventually felt the warmth of Bucky’s mouth leaving your cunt only for it to be replaced by his thick cock sliding past your lips, stuffing you to the brim. You gasped around Steve’s erection, pushing back into Bucky’s thrusts as he snapped his hips forward, you loved the way his balls hit your ass as he fucked you relentlessly.
“S’fucking good, fuck…” You whined as Bucky slapped your ass again, continuing to drive his length deep inside of you making you see stars each time it brushed over your sensitive spongey tissue.
“You want Steve to fuck you too? hm?” He asked in a harsh whisper, hand wrapping itself around your hair, pulling you away from him. “Use your words, baby.”
“Please, Steve, I want your cock inside me.”
“Been waiting for you to say that.” Steve kissed you fervently as he pulled you towards him, pushing you down onto the couch so you were laying down, legs spread as he nestled between them, nudging his cock past your folds. Your nails raked down his toned arms as the initial sting of him stretching you out overwhelmed your senses. Steve thrusted hard into you, picking up the pace causing your sweaty body to slip around the leather couch. He grabbed you with his big hands and switched up the position so you were on top of him, gasping as his cock slipped out of you momentarily. You lifted yourself up and slowly sank back onto his shaft, undulating your hips as you took every inch of him deep inside your pussy.
The noises leaving Steve’s mouth as you rode him were sinful, you loved the look on his face, his emerald eyes glazed with lust. As much as you enjoyed fucking him, your mind could only think about Bucky. You peered over at him, he grimaced as he watched Steve’s hands roaming up and down your body, touching you in ways that only Bucky was allowed to.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon…” You let out with a choked moan as Steve pinched your nipples, your walls clenched tightly around him, the beginning spasms of your orgasm coiling in your stomach. Bucky pulled your face towards his, kissing you hard as his cold prosthetic hand wrapped itself around your neck. He wanted to be the one to make you cum, he wanted you to remember who could truly set your skin on fire.
Bucky lifted you away from Steve, pushing you down onto the couch so he could wrap his arms around your thighs, burying his tongue in your aching pussy. Your fingers threaded through his soft hair as you whimpered, pulling on it harder the more he lapped at your clit. The cooling sensation of his fingers sliding past your folds had you on the edge, your back arched off the sofa as the pleasure between your legs built.
“That’s it,” Bucky rasped, “Cum for me baby…”
The coil inside of you snapped as you came all over his fingers, shockwaves of ecstasy rippled throughout your body making your eyes water from the intensity of your orgasm. Bucky caught you off guard as he slid inside of you again, not giving you a chance to catch your breath as he fucked you roughly, chasing his own release. “S’good baby, feels incredible.” You knew he was close as his cock twitched inside of you, with a few more thrusts he coated your inner walls with his release. Panting heavily as the last bit of his orgasm washed over him.
With Bucky’s cum leaking out of you, you reached over to take Steve’s cock back in your mouth. He growled low, hand burying itself in your mussed hair as he thrusted his hips forward. You tasted precum on your tongue and you readied yourself for his release.
Your skilled tongue swirled over the head of his cock, sucking him off in fast successions as his grip on your hair tightened. Steve threw his head back in bliss as he came hard inside of your mouth, you swallowed every last drop, a satisfied smile spreading across your face as you wiped your lips with the back of your hand.
“Holy shit…” Steve let out as he sat on the couch, his bare chest heaving up and down, completely blown away by what had just transpired. “I need to find me an assistant like you, doll.” He ran his thumb over your swollen lips, leaning in to catch you in a messy open mouthed kiss. You moaned into the kiss, caressing Steve’s scruffy beard.
“Mm, maybe we can make this happen more often,” You purred, adding more fuel to the fire, “I can assist you both whenever you’d like.”
Bucky laughed, it wasn’t his usual playful laugh but rather a bitter one. “Not a chance in hell.” He slipped his pants back on, his demeanor completely changed as he disregarded both you and Steve.
“Hm, I guess not.” Steve chuckled, not thinking much of it as he began getting dressed. Your eyes remained on Bucky who looked disgruntled and on the verge of murder with his jaw clenched tightly and lips pressed into a thin line.
You were confused yet again, he had been the one to ask Steve to join in on the fun, but now it looked like he regretted it by how standoffish he acted. You didn’t understand why he had even agreed to it if he had such an issue with it, you wanted to confront him. Your anger had dissipated some, but you could feel it rising deep within you again.
Steve got himself together and gathered his things, he could tell there was tension in the air and didn’t say anything as he left Bucky’s office. You were alone with him now, the office building was completely empty and for that, you were grateful. You felt ready to explode as Bucky just ignored you, too preoccupied sorting through files on his desk.
You slipped on your clothes in complete silence, waiting for Bucky to say something, anything.
“Let me get this straight,” You began, rather calmly despite the way your blood boiled in your veins, “You let your friend fuck me and now you’re the one that’s pissed? You didn’t even bother asking me if I was okay with it.”
“I didn’t see you complaining,” Bucky said nonchalantly, finally meeting your gaze, “Clearly you enjoyed it.”
You bit the inside of your cheek, rolling your eyes at his cavalier response. “Clearly you enjoyed it too,” You hissed, “I guess I’ve just gotten really good at being your personal whore.”
Bucky slammed his fists on the wooden desk, making you jump slightly, “Don’t fucking say that, that’s not what you are.”
“That’s all I am to you, you had no issue reminding me.”
Bucky sighed in exasperation, standing up and walking over to you, “You’re wrong. That’s not what you are to me at all.”
“Then what am I?” You demanded.
“You’re my everything,” His answer caught you completely off guard and your body immediately stiffened, “Fuck, it was physically painful to watch him touch you, I wanted to rip his fucking hands off!”
“I thought it was what you wanted, but I can’t pretend that I’m okay with it,” Bucky looked defeated, “I can’t pretend anymore, I can’t fathom the thought of someone else touching you…”
You gasped as he closed the gap between you and held your face in his hands, he pressed his lips against yours, his eyes laced with adoration as he kissed you.
“Never again,” You breathed out against his mouth, feeling like you shed the last bit of doubt from your heart, “Never again will I let anyone but you touch me.”
“You’re mine.”
“I’m yours, Bucky, I’ve always been yours.”
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