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#marvel smut
diaryofabeautyfiend · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
*Found this image on Pinterest. No idea who to give credit to. Let me know if you know so I can properly praise them.
*This is it. This is the finale of “Small Time Witch”. It’s been on AO3 for a while and I sort of forgot to post it here. I hope those of you who have been reading it enjoy the ending. Comments and feedback are always welcome and encouraged.
Small Time Witch (34)
When you were 12 years old, your biological father was back in your life and fighting your mother for custody. It was the height of the “mutants are bad” craze which made a sympathetic judge rule in his favor. You spent a few weekends with him over the school year. Every Friday afternoon you would beg your mother to let you stay home. And every time she would have to force you into the car with him.
The custody agreement stated that you would spend your summers at his parents home in the Hamptons. The week leading up to your trip was horrible. Your mother and Helene fought daily. Helene wanted to hide you. Your mother was afraid if she didn’t comply that the judge would take you away forever. You cried in Bethany’s arms every night.
The day your father picked you up you could sense something was off. He was overly nice to your mother and Helene. He put his arm around you and called you “kiddo”. Helene made you promise you would call every night.
The drive was long. You had never been to the Hamptons before. You were sort of excited to meet new kids. He told you there would be a lot of them. After lunch you put in your earbuds and fell asleep. When you woke it was early evening. You were parked outside of a facility that looked like an old school house. Your father patted you on the head and said, “It’s for your own good.” Dr. Reyes introduced herself and two men forced you inside. You were a resident of The Milbury Hospital for two weeks.
They told you you would be working with the X-men but that was a lie. They experimented on you and pushed you to the point of excruciating pain to understand the source of your abilities. When Logan and Wade finally found you, you were near death and traumatized. You never saw your father again. Charles Xavier promised you that you would never again be used for your powers. He vowed you would never again be harmed or controlled by the government. He intended to keep his promises.
When he and Max arrived in Asgard, he reaffirmed this vow. In the most Charles Xavier way possible he told you to stay out of it.
“Wait, Professor, you can’t be serious.”
“I am serious. Do you think this is the last time we will face this kind of harassment? I assure you, my dear, it isn’t at your expense. You will remain on Asgard. Your family is safe. The Kale’s have been handled. You’ve done all you can.” He held your hand and smiled at you. You were ready to fight him on this when Max stepped in.
“Y/N, we have larger factions than you know who are fighting on our side. Some even within the government and SWORD. You have to trust us. Now show two old coots around the palace will you?”
Was it possible that these two old men staring down the barrel of senility Jedi mind tricked you into walking away? They sure as fuck did. And, what’s more is that you welcomed it. You finally let out the breath that you had been holding for ages and it felt glorious. There would be no more fighting. No more crying and screaming and battling. They effectively took it off your hands and told you to go live your life.
You showed them the palace, the gardens and the plaza. They shared a meal with you and your new family in court and were taken home before Wheel of Fortune. Why did this feel too perfect? Too wrapped up?
Noticeably your husband was quiet the entire time. That’s near impossible for him. He only spoke on occasion to share a bit of history or wax poetic about family traditions. His mouth was zipped shut when the two septuagenarians told you to make like Elsa and let it go.
In bed that evening you were beyond mad. You were indignant. How could he? He just didn’t take up for you at all. With all of your guard down he felt you working yourself up. He slowly turned the page of his book peeking at you from the corner of his eye. Your arms were crossed and you tapped your fingers incessantly against your opposite arm. You muttered something under your breath about how you would stick up for him.
“What was that, wife?” His tone was mocking and his lip drawn up in a smirk. You wanted to slap that stupid look off of his face. Your hand twitched as you flattened it against your thigh. “Something to say, darling?”
“Nope.” You extinguished the light on your side and rolled away from him. Every time he turned the page of his book you could hear the sound of the paper sliding over his finger. The angrier you got the louder it got. “Goodnight” you said through gritted teeth.
“Good night, pet. I love you.”
You snorted into your pillow and did not return his affections. Fuck you were petty. Little did you know you married the literal god of pettiness. He invented this game and he was willing to play until you were waving the white flag.
He raised one elegant eyebrow and chuckled to himself. If you were actually mad he’d be worried. Whatever this was was kind of cute. He continued to read until your chest was softly and rhythmically rising and falling in deep sleep. Your lips parted ever so slightly letting out soft snores. He pressed his lips to yours and situated himself around you. In the morning you wouldn’t be mad. He was sure of it.
When you awoke the next morning Loki was wrapped around you like usual. You were a little embarrassed by how you treated him. You disengaged yourself from his grasp and rolled him onto his back. You slid under the covers and unceremoniously swallowed his cock. He arched his back and sucked in his breath.
“Good morning, Pet.” You didn’t stop. You were a woman possessed. He moaned and called your name as he fucked your face. You moaned back in encouragement. He filled your throat with his spend and collapsed back onto the bed.
“Morning.” you said as you wiped your mouth.
“If that’s your way of apologizing I accept. Would you like to talk about it?”
“Can I say no?” He stared at you waiting for you to continue. “Fine. I was upset that you didn’t take up for me with Max and the Professor.”
“Why would I when I agreed with them?”
Damn it. You agreed with them too. “I thought you’d be worried if I didn’t do what Mobius ordered.”
“About that. I’m going to handle it.”
“What? No!” You scrambled to your knees. “Lok, I’ve got this. He put his hand over your mouth to stop you from rambling.
“I rarely tell you what to do, Y/N but this time I must insist. You need to rest. Please don’t say another word. It will be handled.”
He felt responsible for all that transpired and what you had become. He knew those stones would overtake you one day. He had to make things right. Had to take this burden off of you. Had to get you through this so you could both finally rest.
He explained everything that Mobius told him. He had a lot to fix but assured you you wouldn’t even miss him. He would leave that afternoon and then you could live the rest of your lives. With his half of the Yggdrasil firmly affixed to his finger, he was off.
He was gone and back in less than twenty seconds. His hair looked longer and he was dog tired. But, it was all done. Before he could even kiss you the two of you were sucked down to the TVA. This time you faced upper management.
“Loki and Y/N Odinson. You have fulfilled your requirements to the TVA.” The manager in the middle rubber stamped a few files and dismissed you.
“Ummm, ma’am? Am I allowed to go back to Earth?” you asked sheepishly.
“Of course. I don’t know why you’d want to but yes.” You were downright giddy.
“Yay! That means I can see my mom and aunts. Oh I can’t wait. Maybe we can build our cottage again. She’ll be thrilled to have our babies running around. Why are you looking at me like that?”
He was on the verge of tears. “Y/N. The timeline was set back on course. Back to 2023. Your family is gone. Natasha is gone. Vision is gone. Tony is gone. And Steve….was the one timeline I didn’t fix. They let him go.”
“What do you mean? Who let him go?”
“After he put back the stones, he went back to Peggy. I was tasked with bringing him back but I just couldn’t do it.” Who knew Loki was such a softy? Before you could grieve you thought of your friends who were left behind.
“Wanda and Bucky?!”
“Bucky is ok. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you. Wanda is an entirely other story. I’ll explain along the way. Let’s go home, wife.”
When you got to your cottage it was exactly as you left it. The Avengers had defeated Thanos but left the world in utter chaos. All of the people who were snapped were back. It would take some time to sort out.
Sam was back home visiting his sister. Bucky was in DC. You had him over as soon as he was comfortable traveling. You spent a very drunken weekend crying over Steve and cursing his name. You wanted to make him forget but he was tired of people fucking with his head. Why would he want to forget his best pal? At least he still had you. He and Sam would continue to work. When Captain America called, you would always answer.
When you went to check in with Stephen Strange he filled you in on Wanda and Aunt Agatha. He told you in no uncertain terms that you should not try to wake Agatha. You wanted to go to Wanda but he warned against it. You were heartbroken that she had to grieve alone. What she went through. You couldn’t even fathom it. For now, you would stay out in your cottage where Strange could keep an eye on you. He didn’t trust either you or Loki with the stones.
You took Loki to visit New Asgard. Most of the citizens were happy to see him. Hilde not so much.
“Uh uh. No way. If you think you’re going to….Thor made me…I will send you back to Hel if you think you’re taking my crown.” Her knife was against his throat but he didn’t flinch.
Loki bowed to her, “My king.”
The smile that crossed her face was the most beautiful sunshine smile you’ve ever seen. She pulled you to her and kissed you deeply. You kissed her back despite the anger wafting off of Loki. You couldn’t stop giggling. You knew what she was doing. When she pulled away she pulled her phone out of her pocket and snapped a picture of his face. “That’s better than him bowing to me.”
“God you’re a bitch.” you said as you peppered her neck with kisses. “I missed you, Hilde.”
“And I you, Kærasta.”
“I’m sorry. Did you just call my wife Kærasta?” You and Hilde broke into hysterical laughter.
“Relax, Lok. A lot happened when you were away.” You tried to soothe him but he pulled away.
“Looks like we’ll have to re christen the bed.”
“You’d better do the tub and hall shower while you’re at it. Oh and the kitchen table. Remember that night, Kærasta?”
You tried to change the subject, “Is Thor here?”
“Yeah actually. He heard you might swing by.” She drove you to his little hovel on the hill. He was sitting outside with Korg waiting for you. When you got out of the car he clapped his hands and laughed.
“I told you you were clever, little sister!” He wrapped you in a bear hug and thanked you over and over again.
With tears in his eyes, Loki hugged his brother. “It seems the sun is shining on Asgard once again, Brother.”
“So it seems.” Thor whispered against his hair.
You spent the night in New Asgard telling tales of the timeline you left. They were mightily impressed with your battle skills and how you defeated Thanos. Thor was happy that, in another universe, his parents lived. He was happy you were able to meet them and become so close.
The next morning you woke feeling much too hung over. You crawled back to the car promising you wouldn’t be a stranger. You were ready to go home.
“Come along, darling. I have to catch up on the last two seasons of Game of Thrones.”
“Oh. Honey. This gonna be a long weekend.”
And so you went back to your lives in the the only way you knew how. You spent eternity bickering and laughing. Fighting and fucking and all the while remaining madly and passionately in love. Two souls that would always be entwined no matter the circumstances. Two souls that were never really apart in the first place.
Outside of your little corner of the universe, the world was on fire. Nothing was normal. In between the battles and the bloodshed, your found family had a place to lay their heads and forget about life for a while. In your home there was always a clean bed and a hot meal and all the alcohol. In your little cottage built in the glen where the sun would shine through every morning like a spotlight, there was happiness.
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fuckandfluff · 56 minutes ago
Live Wire
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 300ish
Summary: Inspired by the above GIF
(🥵💦), Bucky decides to show you just how dextrous he is.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Dirty talk, degradation, fingering
You usually occupied yourself for the ninety-ish minutes Buck went to soundcheck each afternoon, whether it was with a leisurely stroll to the mall, equipped with his Black Amex, or a self-indulgent treatment at the hotel spa. But today you had decided to drop in on rehearsal and offer up a little bit of support. Bucky and you weren't official but it didn't hurt to show you cared.
Clad in a barely-there sunshine yellow crop top and curve-hugging mini-skirt, you sat cross-legged in the front row of the amphitheatre eagerly waiting for Bucky to get his turn on the kit.
With a flick of his wrists, he could spin the drumsticks so effortlessly. He almost made it look easy. His double stroke rolls were so precise and yet the sounds he curated were messy, harsh, and iconically rock and roll. His large palms gripped the oak drumsticks, bashfully thumping against the high-hat and snapping against the cymbals.
“Ugh babe, so hot. You’re so good with those hands..” You coyly commented, smiling sweetly at him.
“Yeah? C’mere a minute, doll,” he tutted, placing both sticks on the middle tom. You tramped up the stairs and onto the stage, just as you were told. You spread your feet a few scoots apart, arching your back in eager anticipation. Bucky grunted approvingly, both hands creeping up your flimsy skirt as he yanked your hips to hover over his lithe thighs.
“No panties eh baby? What did I say about acting like a slut in public?” his voice low and gravelly. He spat on his index finger and rammed it inside you. You inhaled sharply, barely registering what just happened. He brutally curled his index finger inside you, no mercy for how abrupt he was.
You became a whimpering mess, your moans emitting at a frantic pitch. You fucked yourself up onto his fingers but were met with scorn.
“Nuh uh, baby takes what I give her. Don't be a greedy whore.” he spits out, shoving a second and then third finger into your tight hole.
"Bucky, oh fuck. Fuck," is all you could whine, your velvet walls clenching onto the calloused digits as you felt yourself come completely undone. You could feel the pressure build in your abdomen, felt the stinging rush of arousal radiate throughout your body - so close to release. You preen and blush as he continued thrusting his fingers inside. You felt a little floaty, a little dazed.
The say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you.
Thank you so much for reading, my angels!
All other parts can be found here
If you like my silly little stories, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
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talatomaz · an hour ago
OMG OMG SMUT PROMT 38(Keep your eyes open for me baby) AND 25(be a good girl for mommy/daddy) BECAUSE IM JUST THINKING ABOUT IT AND I- ITS SOFT LIKE SOFT SMUT IS I- 🥺🥺
(I’m claiming these emojis shazza (you know who I am😌I hope ajdnsjjd))
a/n: this is kinda short but i’m practically falling asleep right now and just wanted to get through a couple more requests. also, of course i know who you are. you’re the only person ever allowed to use that nickname for me /lh. ily bestie. here’s the prompts with wanda as promised :))
(prompts are in bold)
“be a good girl for mommy”
“keep your eyes open for me, baby”
warnings: smut - dubcon, mommy kink, overstimulation, strap on
masterlist | request list | request rules | prompts
Tumblr media
Your body fell back to the bed, a light sheen of sweat on your skin, your arousal dripping down your thighs - all evidence of Wanda’s handiwork.
It was the fourth time you had come tonight.
Wanda was in a particularly giving mood after you had pleasured her, having made you come whilst you rode her face, around her fingers, mouth and vibrator.
The only thing you can’t come around was her strap. Something which Wanda was looking to rectify.
She nudged the tip of the strap between your folds, making you gasp at how sensitive you were.
“Mommy, I’m tired.” You whined, dragging out your words as Wanda rubbed your pussy with her cock.
“Come on, baby. Be a good girl for mommy. Just one more.”
“I’m too sensitive, mommy.” You said, looking up at Wanda as she hovered above you, her red hair falling over her shoulders.
Wanda gently pushed the strap into your entrance, stretching you. The action made you wince, both at the intrusion but mainly because of how sensitive you were.
“Then it should be really easy for you to come one more time. Let mommy make you feel good. If you really don’t want this, just say the magic word and we’ll stop.”
Reluctantly, you shook your head ‘no’, not wanting to use your safe word, instead wanting to be a good girl for Wanda.
“No, mommy. One more, I can do it.”
“Good girl.” She rewarded you with a soft kiss and then gradually started to move her hips, pulling the strap out a bit before pushing back in. With each thrust, her patience diminished and soon, she was pounding into you.
Your hands were gripping the sheets so tightly that your knuckles were turning white. Your eyes fluttered closed as you focused on the feeling of Wanda’s strap driving into you deeper and deeper.
But when you felt a harsh smack on your thigh, your eyes flew open as you stared up at the redhead.
“Keep your eyes open for me, baby.”
You nodded your head in acknowledgement, not wanting to disobey Wanda. That would result in a punishment which was something you couldn’t handle right now.
Wanda gripped your hips, relentlessly thrusting into you, her hold tight enough to likely form bruises the next morning.
“You’re being such a good girl for me. You can do it. Come one more time for mommy.”
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diaryofabeautyfiend · an hour ago
⛔️ This Chapter is pretty violent. *Torture/Canon Typical Violence/ Big Battle
Tumblr media
Small Time Witch (30)
Battle preparations were in full swing. Most of the realms armies were to be positioned on the battlefield as frontline forces. Skrýmir the giant from Utgard would lead his armies along with Aesir forces. You warned them of the dog like creatures that came in hoards. At times they were absolutely overwhelming. For that, Thor and Ororo would flank the battlefield to take out as many as possible. You were able to reach Carol Danvers who will be accompanied by the Skrull. On the back end, the Vanir and your coven would maintain a protection spell that would debilitate some of the more simple minded soldiers in Thanos’ army and to shield from air strikes. The Avengers would be on the field as promised to help with the Black Order. The plan was falling in to place. You had the numbers. The problem was radio silence from Thanos.
You exhausted all avenues in the universe to find out his plan. Even Mobius hadn’t heard so much as a rumble from him. No one had disappeared mysteriously from Vanaheim. Nothing really changed except for one thing. Loki’s memories of his time with you were restored. He was a hybrid version of your Loki. Mobius told you he wasn’t the leak. You wanted to believe him but now you were deeply doubtful. You decided to confront him but you had to be as gentle as possible.
You took dinner in your chambers that night. You were noticeably quiet. “Pet, something on your mind?”
“If I say no will you believe me?” He shot you a look that told you he did not in fact believe you. “I have to ask you something. You’re going to be angry with me. We’ll fight about it.”
“Now I’m nervous.”
You sighed heavily, “You should be. Loki, before I healed you, were you still informing to Thanos?”
He looked away from you ashamed, “Yes. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He cowered at your touch. Did he think you would hurt him? He was afraid of you.
“Loki, look at me. I’m not mad. Loki, look at me.” You could see he was shaking. You stood up from the table and knelt in front of him, “Can he still hear you?” He nodded yes. “Can he hear me?” He nodded no. “Good. I’m going to free you, my love. But first I need you to do something for me. Go get him. Bring him to me.” You kissed his hands and didn’t say anything else. You finished your meal in silence. He could feel how angry you were.
You didn’t believe that Thanos couldn’t hear you or see you when you were in Loki’s presence so you opted not to speak about your plans any longer. Before you went to sleep you rested on his chest and held him tight. He was asleep. You stroked the fine dusting of hair on his belly and said aloud, “I’m going to rip you apart for this.”
The next morning you were minding your p’s and q’s around Loki. When you had a strategy meeting with the Avengers and X-men you didn’t tell him. When you met with the coven you didn’t say a word. You made Thor promise to watch his mouth and not argue because obviously the man was in pain. You were the general of this army today. Anything that needed to be said to Loki needed to cross your ears first.
Your Avengers meeting was interesting. You knew so much about them and it made you giggle to yourself. Steve was not as soft as when you met him. He mostly looked lost. You wanted to just hug him tight but you knew that would be wildly inappropriate. You decided, to hasten your actual mission, to split up the team. You had a feeling Thanos would split the Black Order to do as much damage as possible. Steve and Nat would join the Warriors, Lady Sif and Heimdall on the Bifrost. Odin would command the rest of his troops from Asgard.
That evening everyone gathered for a feast. One of many feasts before battle. You found your way over to the Avengers table to hang with Thor.
“Princess, have a seat.” Steve pulled out a chair for you and you laughed out loud. You couldn’t tell him why.
“Why thank you, kind sir. I’m sure you’re accommodations are much nicer than an army encampment.”
He laughed, “Oh by far. So you’re from Earth? How did you get involved with and marry a Prince from Asgard?”
“Oh, honey. It is a long story. Another time maybe.”
“Of course. You wear the title well, Princess.”
“Thank you, Captain.” You winked at him and freshened his drink. “Enjoy your evening.”
You made your rounds saying good night. Promising to make good on invitations to visit realms. You finally made it over to the table with Odin, Frigga, your mother and aunts. “I’m going to get Loki prepared.” Frigga looked worried.
“Oh please don’t make that face, Allmother. I feel guilty enough as it is.”
“I just want him to come home safely.” she wiped tears from her cheeks.
“It’s what we all want.” You kissed them all goodnight and asked your mother to sit with Frigga for a while. Odin asked to walk you to your chambers.
“I’m sure I’m quite capable of walking myself, sire.”
“Give an old man the pleasure of seeing his daughter off to bed. Y/N, I’m curious. Has anyone asked why Thanos is trying to destroy the universe?”
You snorted (such a princess), “Does it matter?”
“It’s always good to know what drives an opponent. For instance, love can make people do irrational things. Your meticulous plans are laid before you and something can make any seasoned general snap and the whole thing goes up in flames.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Thanos is known as the Mad Titan not the Kind Titan. I’ll be shocked if Loki comes back alive. Whatever you see, what ever he does to Loki, you mustn’t waiver. You must stay composed and trust your plan. Do you understand? There will be time enough to mourn our losses.”
“I hope I have half the nerve that you do in the face of such evil.”
“I have to tell myself the same speech. He’s my son. I would move mountains to protect him. We have to hold steady. Sleep well.” He kissed you on the cheek and went to rejoin the party.
When you entered your chambers Loki was sitting in front of the fire. “Did you have a nice time?”
“I did. I missed you.”
“And I you. I’m ready to go.”
“Lok, why is he doing this? Why does he want to destroy so many lives?”
He smiled to himself, “For love. His mother and father were Eternals. They were terribly beautiful. When Thanos was born, he was not beautiful like his parents so his mother tried to kill him. She failed but ultimately treated him as though he were a ghost. He tortured her until she perished. He just wanted to be loved and accepted. Sound familiar? And then he fell in love with actual Death. Not Hela. This being is death and one of the creators of the stones. She has rebuked him. Denied his advances. So, this is his love letter to her.”
The parallels were obvious. The two of them understand each other on a very deep level. “But you see, darling, Thanos is jealous of me because I have my goddess. He will see our union destroyed.”
“Not a chance.” You pressed your forehead to his and slipped your bracelet on his wrist. With the tiny golden screwdriver you closed it tight. “For luck.”
He kissed you deeply and deeper than any kiss you’ve ever shared. “I love you.” Before you had a chance to say it back he slipped through the portal you opened.
Thanos sat on his throne watching his daughters argue when Loki returned.
“Ah Loki. I thought you scurried away to the far reaches of the galaxy like the rat you are. What have you brought me?”
“She is alone on Vanaheim. Waiting for you.”
He laughed and looked at Nebula, “Tell me , daughter, do I look stupid?”
“No, father.”
“Do we believe the god of lies?”
“No, father.”
“Should we kill him?”
“No, father. We should torture him and drop him at his wife’s feet.”
Thanos laughed again as he rose from his throne. He grabbed Loki by the neck and brought him close, “You are lucky my daughter is merciful. Gamora!”
“Yes, father!” Gamora rushed to his side.
“Take the god to the dungeons. You and Nebula play nice.”
She cuffed him and stabbed in the side then dragged him behind her. “Please listen to me. He’s going to wipe out half the universe.” Loki croaked and groaned.
“Shut up! You lie!”
“No, I don’t. I can prove it.”
She dropped him on the ground at her feet, “Can you?”
“Sister, don’t listen to him. He is the god of lies.” Nebula grabbed his bonds to continue to the dungeon.
Gamora knelt down in front of him, “Prove it.”
Loki touched her forehead and shared with her the vision of the reality you escaped. He destroyed everything just like her own planet. She could not let that happen again. She also couldn’t betray her father. “It doesn’t matter. No one will ever beat him.” She grabbed him by the hair and took him to the dungeon where Corvus Glaive was waiting.
Gamora hung him to the wall using his bonds. Corvus pulled out his knife and dragged it up Loki’s chest. He used the blade to cut the straps of his armor. He stuck him between his ribs. Loki’s lung collapsed. He was unable to take deep breaths with his hands above his head. He would pass out soon.
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onlyjamesbarnes · an hour ago
Taking requests... NOW!!
Hey y’all! I’m officially back after a long hiatus, and I think I want to start writing again. :) Send me your requests, either in the comments or in my inbox, and I’d be more than happy to fulfill it. Any requests are welcome, inclining some that are outside Marvel.
Don’t hold back, y’all — I expect GREATNESS.
Have a great week <3
Tumblr media
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vivid4am · 2 hours ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 5)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky and Y/N go get breakfast
Warnings: TFATWS!bucky, fluff, threats, small fight?, small discussions of racism
A/N: thank you guys for reading this fic! this will now follow the TFATWS timeline. i feel like i set up as much as i could. still going to be a slowburn tho :)
Chapter 4
Bucky slept through the night, undisturbed, with Y/N laying on his chest. He woke up to golden light streaming into Y/N’s living room. As he slowly gained consciousness, he felt the weight of a body on his chest. His tired eyes glanced down to the girl laying on top of him. Realizing it was Y/N, he let out a relieved sigh before running his fingers through her hair again.
It had been years since Bucky shared a bed with a girl. Decades, actually. It felt nice to have affectionate human touch, even if they were just friends. Because that’s what they were. Just friends. But, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hold Y/N closer. In fact, he wanted to hold her all the time. She was so soft. Sure, she snotted all over his sweatshirt a few hours ago, but he was there to comfort her, hold her close, tell her everything would be okay. His heart ached when he saw her burst into tears about her uncle. This girl was so sweet, she deserved the world.
Okay, well, maybe Bucky did see her more than a friend.
But he refused to take the thought further.
Which was a good thing because Y/N slowly started to stir. She shifted a bit before burying her face even further into Bucky’s chest. A vibration filled Bucky’s soul, as she spoke. He couldn’t hear anything, just her muffled voice.
“What’s up, sweetheart?” He asked, fingers playing with the ends of her hair. She lifted her head slightly from Bucky’s chest so he could hear her. “Let’s get breakfast.” She then laid back down on the burly man. Bucky chuckled. “If you want breakfast, you’re going to have to get up.” He said, trying to sit up from his position.
“But you’re so comfy.” Y/N groaned into his shoulder. Bucky managed to sit up, while Y/N was still attached to him like a koala hugging a tree. He scratched his chin. His facial hair was growing in. He needed a shave. “Maybe we can come back to this after breakfast. I’m not doing anything today.” He suggested. Bucky didn’t want to leave their friendly cuddle session either, but Y/N said she was hungry. And honestly, so was he.
Y/N huffed, pulling away from Bucky. She then covered her face, the tips of her ears turning bright red. “I probably look a mess right now.” Embarrassment covered her voice. “You don’t,” Bucky reassured her. “If you want, we can meet in the hall in thirty minutes. You can go shower, do whatever you need to do, and we can go to the diner down the street. Sound good?” Bucky couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth right now. He tried to think over his proposal, but Y/N already nodded her head before marching to her bathroom to get ready for the day.
Bucky and Y/N were sitting in a booth at Diner on 5th, their eyes scanning the breakfast menu. Well, Y/N was reading the menu. Bucky had his cup of coffee in hand and was trying not to break it. He was watching the T.V. that sat behind Y/N’s head. The news headline read,
Sam Wilson, the Falcon, donates Captain America’s Shield to The Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
Y/N wasn’t too engrossed in her menu because she noticed Bucky’s tensed hand around his cup. “Are you okay?” She asked. Bucky snapped his attention from the T.V. to her before giving her a half smile. “Yeah, I’m alright.” He nodded his head. His eyes went back to the T.V. Y/N turned around to the T.V. that Bucky was entranced by. She sighed.
“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think that he should be giving it up.” She stated, turning back around to Bucky. His heart dropped to his stomach. Has he been found out? “What do you mean?” Bucky’s face paled a bit. This was it. The end of his friendship. He’s been found out.
“I mean that Sam or the Winter Soldier should have it. It should’ve been passed on, not given away. Who’s going to protect everyone now? The fucking police?” Y/N explained. “Don’t you want to be the police?” Bucky asked, confused by her statement. “Fuck no. I want to actually help people, Buck.” She sassed before sipping on her chocolate milk.
“So you think that Sam should’ve kept it?” Bucky wasn’t as tense as he was before. Someone agreed with him. Even though she didn’t know who he actually was. She knew what he wasn’t. Y/N nodded her head. “Yeah, and used it. He would’ve done a pretty damn good job, but I also see why he didn’t want to.” Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed.
“He’s a black man living in America, Buck. Yeah, it may not be the ‘60s, but shit still happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if some white politician asked him to turn it in. He’s not blonde and blue eyed like the old Cap was. And sadly, that will piss people off. But I say, fuck those people. He should've kept it. Should’ve become the new symbol for America. Would’ve inspired a fuck ton of people.” Y/N took another sip of her chocolate milk. “‘M sorry, got carried away a little bit.”
Bucky didn’t realize that. But he still thought that Sam should’ve kept it. Maybe he could talk to him about it.
But what does Sam care about at this point? He hasn’t talked to him in a while. Bucky was too busy ignoring his calls.
“I’m- uh, going to go to the bathroom,” Y/N said, sliding out of the booth. She walked away from their table to the women’s restroom. She had on another sweater with leggings and tennis shoes. A comfortable casual outfit.
“Nice lady you got there.” A voice said, causing Bucky to turn his head. It was some random guy that he didn’t even bother to describe. The only words he could come up with were “sleazy scumbag”. “She’s not my lady. Just a friend.” Bucky replied, taking an annoyed drink of his coffee. God, he wanted to roll his eyes into the back of his head.
“What a shame. That broad would be a pretty good fuck.”
The man didn’t have time to react. Bucky lunged across the diner, his glove coming off of his left hand. He pressed the man onto the bar of the diner. His metallic fingers wrapped around the man’s neck. “What the fuck did you say?” He growled, his fingers starting to tighten around the guy’s throat.
This guy’s eyes could have popped out of his head.
Bucky released him, giving him a final shove for good measure. The man choked on air. “You- you’re the-” Bucky didn’t even give him time to finish. “No, I’m not. I’m James Buchanan Barnes. That other guy is long gone.” Just as Bucky finished his sentence, Y/N walked out of the bathroom, shaking the water off of her hands. When she saw the horrid looks of other customers, she paused.
“Bucky?” She asked, a very confused look on her face. “What’s going on?” Bucky gave the man one last look up and down. “Nothing, sweetheart. We were just leaving.”
“But we didn’t even order anything.” She said, rubbing her hands on her arms. Everyone was looking at her. A spotlight that she didn’t want. Bucky didn’t answer her, just handed the closest waitress a few dollar bills before grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the diner.
Bucky made it up to her by grabbing Dunkin Donuts on the way home.
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Tumblr media
I Walk My Days On A Wire
Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Steve had been your closest friend when you were growing up, always riding bikes to the river with you, defending you from bullies… Until you turned 20. When you met Dean, that all changed. What happens when you go back to your home town and run into your old best friend?
Word Count: 1.6k
Warnings: mentions of abuse, verbal abuse, minor violence, angst, offensive language
A/N: it is not my intention to glorify abuse, being a victim of domestic abuse myself. i also in no way want to make out like the reader is not a strong woman! if you’ve ever suffered from domestic abuse or are suffering now, please, please get help. you are so strong <3
“You can stay in the guest room, you know where it is,” Steve says, dropping his keys on the coffee table. The car ride home was silent, neither one sure what to say.
Your heart was broken over what took place, even though you should be thankful. You no longer have to deal with the possessiveness and anger that Dean always showed you.
But you were with him for 3 years, he’s the only person you had.
You look around the house, flashbacks running through your mind. You remember coming over for movie nights, cuddling under a blanket with Steve, falling asleep before you could go home.
“Steve, I’m sorry. I should’ve—“
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Steve interrupts, taking his shoes off. He stands back up, walking over to you. “I just want to make sure you’re okay,”
You swallow the lump in your throat, nodding slowly. “I’m okay,” You answer, your voice quiet.
You’re okay with what happened, you’re okay that 3 years of your life was wasted. But you’re not okay with being in this house again. You know that couch was the very couch Steve slept with your mortal enemy on.
You’re reminded of the days you’d spend here, completely enamored by Steve, while he never even knew.
Steve smiles softly. “We’ll figure out what to do about your clothes, but until then, you can wear some of mine,” He says, walking into his bedroom.
He stands in his closet, his eyes searching for anything you can wear. He’d love if you stayed in your dress forever, but he also can’t help but wonder how you’d look in one of his shirts, thighs on display for him to drool over.
You’ve always been beautiful, you’ve always made him weak in the knees, but now is not the time. You’ve just gotten out of a traumatic situation, you’ve just come home for the first time in 3 years.
He has so many questions he wants to ask you, so many things he wants to tell you.
He wants to tell you that he loves you, that he always has.
Steve settles on one of his smaller t-shirts and some of his boxers, walking back out into the main room. You’re sitting on the couch, taking off your heels. Steve leans against the wall, tucking the clothes under his arm.
“Come here, let’s get you ready for bed,” He mutters, a small smile on his lips. A grin spreads out over your face, playfully rolling your eyes. “You know I’m not drunk,” You say, standing up.
Ever since you and Steve started experimenting with alcohol, he was always the one to take care of you when you couldn’t take care of yourself. This included taking your makeup off for you, keeping his eyes closed as he changed you into pajamas, and making sure you had a nightstand full of Ibuprofen and water for the next morning.
You make your way to him, tugging the clothes from under his arm. He reaches out, a gentle hand grasping your jaw. He looks deeply into your eyes, any trace of a playful tone long gone. “You don’t have to be drunk for me to take care of you,” He says, rubbing his thumb against your jaw.
You stare into his eyes, seemingly paralyzed by his grasp on you. You can’t explain it, but something looks different about Steve. He lowers his hand, clearing his throat. He can barely look at you, ashamed of himself.
He’s supposed to be your best friend, not another man who’s hopelessly in love with you. He’s supposed to be your safe place right now, not another man who wants to get in your pants.
Steve turns around, making his way to the bathroom. You quickly follow him, ready to get in bed. It’s been a long day, you know tomorrow will be even longer. You lift yourself up onto the bathroom counter, watching as Steve laughs and shakes his head.
“You’re just like you were before you left, you know that?” He asks, reaching behind you to open up a new pack of makeup wipes. Your heart sinks when you see the package.
They’re the same ones you used to use when you were younger. Steve made it a habit to keep some on him all the time, just in case you ever needed them.
Has he been keeping an unopened pack of your makeup wipes in his bathroom for 3 years?
You lift your eyes to look at him, the cold wipe making contact with your cheek. “You’ve changed,” You mutter, listening as Steve hums, completely focused on you.
Your dress has ridden up your thighs, exposing more of your skin. Steve leans forward slightly, gripping your knee to keep his balance. You take a shaky breath, your eyes locked onto his as he rids your face of his makeup.
“Yeah, you’ve uh... You’ve grown up,” You say. You couldn’t help but notice the insane muscles, the way his hands have grown bigger, and even how his voice is deeper. You also can’t help but notice how he’s no longer the giggly, lanky boy who was addicted to jell-o shots.
Steve reaches for another wipe, wiping under your eye. “You kind of have to— close your eyes,” He instructs. “In order for the police to take you seriously,”
You furrow your eyebrows, keeping your eyes closed. “Police?”
Steve chuckles, gently wiping your eyeshadow and mascara off. “Yeah. When your parents told me what you said, I didn’t believe it. The girl I thought I knew would’ve never left town without saying goodbye. I thought someone hurt you,” He explains, his smile completely erased from his face.
You reach out to grab his wrist, lowering it from your face. You open your eyes, your heart breaking in your chest. You can’t believe that you actually put him through that.
You feel yourself getting sick over the thought of Steve at the police station, begging them to find you, begging them to make sure you were safe.
The feeling is enough to break you, bring you back home. “Steve, I left because of you,”
Steve takes a couple steps back, his eyebrows furrowing. He drops the wipe on the floor, slowly shaking his head. “What?” He asks. He couldn’t have heard you right.
He couldn’t be the reason you left.
You lick your lips, keeping your eyes on his. You can see the hurt on his face, but you decide to push through. “The day of my 20th, I came over. I saw you with Monica, you were kissing her,” You explain.
Steve rolls his eyes, storming out of the bathroom. Rage fills his chest, threatening to slip out of his mouth. He has to calm down, he can’t lose it in front of you.
Not after what you just went through.
But Monica? That’s why you left? It doesn’t make any sense, why couldn’t you have just talked to him about it? Steve knows you and Monica never liked each other, but did you really have to leave?
He storms into his bedroom, reaching down and taking his sweater off. It’s too hot in this house, it’s too hot for him to be this mad. He sits on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands.
You come into his room, having followed him down the hall. “Steve,” You start, but you’re quickly interrupted.
His head snaps up, his eyes wild. “Why? Why did you have to leave over that, Y/N?”
You swallow, not sure what to say. You can’t tell him that you loved him, that would make everything awkward!
“Because! You know she made my life hell. Why would you hook up with someone that bullied me?” You ask, crossing your arms.
Steve chuckles humorlessly, shaking his head. “You think I hooked up with her?”
“I saw you, Steve!” You defend. Steve cuts you off, standing up. “She came to my house to convince me that I shouldn’t be friends with you. I was trying to get her to leave, she kissed me. I pushed her off as soon as she did. If you would’ve just talked to me, I could’ve explained,”
Your face softens, the tears falling on your cheeks. You left for nothing. You ran away and spent 3 years away from everyone for nothing.
Steve steps closer, cocking his head to the side. “But you wouldn’t leave town over that. You wouldn’t do that over me hooking up with someone you didn’t like,” He says, trying to understand what happened. He looks you up and down, as if that would help him understand.
You back up, your heart rate quickening. Does he know? Does he know that you loved him?
He keeps walking forward, his eyebrows furrowed. “What was it, Y/N? Why did you really leave?” He asks. You keep walking backward, your back finally hitting the wall.
Steve placed his hands on the wall, beside your head. You gulp, staring in front of you. You’ve got a good view of his bare chest, the various hairs snaking their way across.
Steve lowers his head, looking you in your eyes. He licks his lips, keeping you trapped against the wall.
He’d always suspected why you’d really left, but he never allowed himself to believe it. You were friends, just friends.
But still— The rumors flew. Rumors about how you loved Steve, running away when you realized you couldn’t hide it. Running away when you realized he’d never want you.
But now, by the way you’re looking at him and nervously biting your lip, he knows it’s true.
But still, he wants to hear you say it.
“Because,” You breathe out, your voice small.
Steve cocks his head, pouting his lower lip. “Because what, baby?” He mocks you.
You suck in a sharp breath, thrown off guard by this new-found confidence.
“I was in love with you,”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drummer Boy
sebastian stan x reader
Summary; To say you are intrigued when Seb returns home from set with more than faux tattoos is certainly a surprise, but not an unwelcome one
Warnings; smut, implied smut, object insertion, oral, squirting, choking, swearing
divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
This was his job, and that was one thing that you understood, from the moment that you two had hit it off, you knew what you were getting into. Dating an actor came with a lot of sacrifices, and one of those was that you’d have to cherish the time that you had with them, considering the ladder of schedules that just kept jumping about with every job that they took.
This was his job, and that was one thing that you understood, from the moment that you two had hit it off, you knew what you were getting into. Dating an actor came with a lot of sacrifices, and one of those was that you’d have to cherish the time that you had with them, considering the ladder of schedules that just kept jumping about with every job that they took.
To say you were proud of Sebastian was an understatement; you were beyond ecstatic for the way that his career only kept rising in the sky lines of recognition. Directors thirsted over the prospect of working with him, he was truly a gift to the cinematic platform, and it was a dream come vividly to life to see him thrive and excel in his career.
There were many things that you expected, having been in a relationship with the renowned marvel figure for years now; just over two to be precise. Such as seeing him donning a new hairstyle or facial hair, and you had to admit, seeing him with longer hair and a small patch of dark hair in the crest of his chin was a blessing of a sight.
But you expected that, he had adorned that change to his appearance for the last couple of months now. You did not predict however, that he would enter the living space, the dark charcoal grey walls being a perfect gradient of background for his entry, for the pitch artwork that stained his skin, more specifically, the usually blank canvas of his arms.
To aid the exterior he was exhibiting, there was a drumstick being twirled in the keyboard of his talented fingers, as though he were showing off his latest trick. It was clear he idly thought nothing of it as he walked towards you, and leant down, pressing a sweet and tender kiss upon your partially agape lips, trapping the escaping air into your mouth, instead of allowing it to run free out of shock.
“I- fuck, you look good.” Biting your lip, you nudged his nose with your own, as your heavy lidded eyes gazed adoringly up at him, gouging his reaction of suddenly widened eyes. Once more he kissed you, pausing your drooling over him for a second. It was almost impossible to not clamber over the back of the sofa, and crawl up into his arms. There was a lot of restraint involved not to.
“That was an unexpected greeting, though I’m glad you like the temporary change babydoll.” He brushed his knuckles over your temple, as he began to toy with the drumstick with the opposing. The way he found a perfect balance between that and his digits was beautiful, it was practically art in motion. It drew out an oil slick in your panties, as you hummed to yourself, earning a tilt of his puppy dog head.
“Umm.” Coughing, you shook your head, flabbergasted at how shining clear you were making your attraction to this version of Seb was. No matter how he appeared, he was perfect in your eyes, but the vibrancy of his soul was the thing that pulled you in like a magnet to a pole the most. And with this vibe going on, well there was certainly a new demeanour to him as he delved into the angles of the role. “Dinner’s in the fridge.”
In thought, Sebastian tapped the tip of the nude wood drumstick against his lips, the veins in his arms slightly straining against the faux ink work, as he trained his cerulean eyes down on you. He was making you feel meek under his clouding eyes, and if you had been standing, you were almost sure that your knees would have crumbled on the spot. “Something else has shaken my appetite.”
His voice ran through your body deep, vibrating with a predatory glazing, that had you running the opposite of ice cold. You knew what he wanted, more so as he rounded the corner of the sofa, and tapped your leg with that damned musician’s tool, silently prompting you to widen your leg in a sustainable split. Without any hesitancy, you complied, placing your hands on your knees, watching as he digressed his whole form to be knelt on the fluffy white rug that filled the crooked rectangle to and from where you sat and the TV set.
“Are you sure you don’t want your salad honey, it’s waiting for you?” He practically snarled in reply to your enquiry, and to say that it didn’t make you wetter would be the biggest fib of your life. Sebastian was aware that you were pushing his buttons, metaphorically flipping the bird to him to piss him off, and well, it only ran as fuel for his mission. And that was to devour you, and for your juices to wash off the tattoos that had been printed on his skin at his workplace.
“Shut your fucking mouth, and open your cunt up, I won’t ask twice.” He eagerly, not caring if he split the material, ripped off your shorts, discovering that you had forgone any fabric underneath. It was all naked flesh, if your breaths weren’t as laboured, he was sure he’d have heard his stomach growl. The view he was on the receiving end of was one of tranquil beauty, provided by nature and the balls that he had those years ago to ask you out on a single date.
And now here he was, between your stretched legs, whiffing in the fragrance of your sweet cunt, eyeing your folds as he watched them twitch from overall anticipation. He allowed the drumstick to clatter onto the coffee table behind his back, as he ran his sensually adept palms along the crevices of your thighs, plucking at the skin, dragging his nails across the layer, and pressing a delicate message of his pecking lips to either of your knee caps.
His thumbs trailed a bridge down the insides of your parting, succumbing the to teasing each side of your labia, stirring the sensitive folds and prying them gently apart so that he could see your gathering honey build a lather beneath your moist clit. “Such a pretty pussy, the prettiest I’ve ever seen.” From the showering of compliments, you keener, whining lightly as you attempted to thrust your hips closer to his face, where he licked the middle of his top lip.
“Please do something Sebby. I’ve been waiting for you to come home all day, and you show up all dressed like this with that fucking stick, expecting the sight of you twirling the wood in your cursed hand not to drive me mad. Not to mention the hair, fuck the hair.” Combing your fingers through his brown locks, you brushed through the thin strands, hollowing your cheeks as you contained yourself whilst looking down at him.
“Sounds like you’ve had quite a day sweetness.” He spoke, slowly, his pace of everything making you maddened, and closer to falling off an edge without any relief. “And you, my lovely lovely lady, treat me so well. You’ve cleaned the hallway, got rid of all that crap we sorted through and took it to the charity shop, and you make me a healthy dinner that fits perfectly with my diet. I’m so lucky to have you, and have you by my side as I travel for work, and you not only give me the best type of company, but she does as well.”
She. He used that term in reference to your pussy, he once more swiped his fixating tongue over his lip, as he drifted his gaze through your opening, petting his knuckles over your bud with the slightest of pressures. “Think it’s my time to treat her real good, especially if I’ve been so cruel to the both of you returning home like this. Have to find a way for her to forgive me for my travesty of sin.” There was no question concerning the matter, even if you were insistent on praising him with the favour instead, he would still pay ample love to your cunt.
It all began as he lowered his skull into the display of your treasure chest, running his bottom lip across the expanse of your aroused lands, before flickering his tongue out, grasping every succulent drop of your current wetness, though his efforts were unjustified, for his actions only caused more to pool out. A smirk riddled his mouth, as he cupped your ankle with his left hand, stroking lightly over the ridges of the covered bone, his tongue delicately teasing your entrance, prodding at every wall that layered the outside.
Once the long and skilful appendage entered you, you found yourself throwing your head back against the mountain on cushions that lined the skeleton of the couch. He knew what he was doing, and that was a blessing, he worked some dark magic that had you verbalising words that your mother would disapprove of, but would please the devil himself. Your eyes squeezed closed in a tight clamp as he thrust his tongue in and out.
Perhaps you were spoilt as a child, because you found yourself calling out for an amplification of the torture of pleasure that you were currently being gifted with by the otherworldly overlords. “More, fuck! Please Sebs, no’ enough, need mo’e.” He rubbed his scruffy chin against the adjoining of your ass cheeks, as he shook his head, causing a squeal to rip from your chest, crafting him into a very proud man. Without you noticing, for your sight was shut out by your stubborn lids, he located the drumstick with his right hand, moving it across to be resting on his thigh whilst remaining in his grip.
It took much resilience from him also, but he extracted his tongue, averting a crisis of your tormented whines. As he pulled out, he felt your walls hugging his tongue, and he gunned, causing a spiral of vibrations to rivet through your half clothed body. You were left empty, still, even as something fondled your clit with firm taps. The sensation was a cooling one, brushing your skin with a crawling sensation of pleasure on pause and play, and it encouraged you to open your y/e/c eyes, and glance down at the tool that was within your partner’s use.
From seeing it alone, it made you insufferably needier. Sebastian was fondling your clit with that blood drum stick, but you couldn’t find yourself preaching against the usage of it. Instead it turned you on that much more, as you wound your hands through your own hair, wiggling your hips against his playful administrations. “Want more?” He asked, almost begging you to say an affirmed ‘yes’. The idea alone had you bashfully nodding your head, and that was enough content for your man to continue to what he was to do next.
Seb moved the drumstick down towards your clenching slit, running it through your liquid arousal, lubing up the wood and lathering the tip in your juices, before he began to penetrate you with one end of the tool. If the prop managers could see what he was doing now, they would be disappointed. He had said that he wanted to take them home for practice, and well, this was not the kind of such that they would picture. Hell, he didn’t even own a drumstick! It was an investment he was thinking of pursuing to aid him in his role, and this had him thinking that it indeed would be a damned good one.
Imagine that, drumsticks littered around every corner of the house; he could have you anywhere he liked. There was no objection to the tip of the one he currently was controlling as it swept through your entrance easily. It’s easy pass made sense, considering that it was much thinner that Seb’s fingers, and his coco that was raging from the sight that he was fixating himself with. It truly was a unique thing for him to try, but you liked him with a drumstick, and thus he had wanted to perform a show with it for you, involving her, as tried to thrust back onto its length.
“Holy shit.” Your face was all scrunched up in the hottest way as you gritted your teeth and forced your eyes open as you looked down at him. Your boyfriend sent you a sharp wink, of time for him decreasing the height that his jaw was in the air, as he latched his lips around your clit, suckling away at the swelled nub, as he swirled it around his mouth, as though it were simply a candy and he was trying to confiscate all the flavour from it. “‘M gonna cum baby, fuck, fuck, fucking hell!”
Using more elbow grease, and your words as encouragement, Sebastian angled his elbow at a different angle as he practically used his whole arm to quickly and harshly thrust the prop at his disposal in and out of you, as though he were human piston. A scream echoed from your mouth as tears swarmed in the corners of your eyes; you were extremely close. It wouldn’t be long until he pushed you over the euphoric edge, and stimulated you through an orgasm. He sucked harder on your clit, biting lightly on it, preening another shriek of pleasure out of your lips, as he felt a small gush wallow over his arm, more specifically, that what was revealed of the tattoo.
“Shit.” He spoke to himself as he watched the clear liquid spurt out of your tight cunt, which was trying to trap the stick inside. Sebastian slowly pulled the length of it out, revealing it to be soaked with your gush. “So fucking sexy baby.” The actor kissed up your body, planting a sloppy kiss upon your cheek, before he transitioned his touch to be on your lips, as his tongue delved inside of your mouth, spreading the taste of your pussy around for your to taste.
“That was, definitely not what I expected.” You admitted with a breathy laugh, gasping as Seb wrapped his hand around your throat, and presented you with a light squeeze. He watched your reaction, as he grasped the drumstick, and tapped and rolled it against your lips, spreading your juices around, so that he could lean forwards once more and clean off your essence. A slap sounded from your behind, as you jumped from both the sensation and sound, awaiting his next instructions.
“Go get my salad ready for me baby girl, and whilst you do so, bend over the countertop, and lose the hoodie. I want you as bare as the hallway now is, okay?” Shakily, he allowed you out of his grip, watching as you earnestly strutted, albeit a little lightheadedly, towards the attached kitchen, trusting the door to the fridge open, the green leaves of the sea constructed salad staring you in the face.
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loganslover · 3 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Wolverine - Fandom, X-Men, movieverse - Fandom Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: OC - Relationship, FOC - Relationship Characters: Wolverine, OC - Character, FOC Additional Tags: Wolverine - Freeform, Original Character - Freeform, erotic romance, One Shot, Oral Sex, Graphic Sex, M/F, One Night Stand, James Howlett - Freeform, Logan - Freeform, FOC - Freeform, Complete Summary: A rich, neglected wife takes a wrong turn on a road trip to Canada, and finds herself in the bed of a raven haired, whiskey drinking cage fighter who has some unusual characteristics. One shot. Smut. 

Tumblr media
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hpotterwhore · 4 hours ago
honey, honey
summary: peter has plans for your 1 year anniversary.
warnings: none
a/n: had an idea and peter parker fit it 100%, im also not entirely sure if peter can drive (going off the fact i’ve never seen the man touch a steering wheel once in the movies), but for the sake of this fic, let’s say he can drive. (sorry happy!)
word count: 648
pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
Tumblr media
it was a beautiful afternoon and your boyfriend had a surprise waiting for you. being said, he also told you to get ready. dress nicely but not formally. you settled on a white cami, a floral green mini skirt and a pair of white tennis flats. summer casual, some would say.
as soon as you were about to pick up your phone to text peter, you heard a knock at your window. turning, you saw a very charming smile from a boy in a spider-man suit. hair ruffled from the wind, assuming he swung to your room.
you smile, walking over to your window. “hey pete” you say, as you let your boyfriend in. “hi baby, happy anniversary!” he hugs you warmly, before taking in your beauty. “you look amazing.” he says, looking you up and down. “and you, my love, look like your spider-man. am i the only one dressed to occasion?” you smirk. peter looks down, laughing again.
“swinging was quicker” he states. earning a light slap to the shoulder. “besides, i have clothes here!” he points out. you beckon him to sit down on your bed. he walks over to take a seat next to you. “so, what’re the plans for today?” you ask. peter wanted this to be a complete surprise. he even managed to get your dad in on it, and with the help of a stark anything is possible. “you’ll see,” he winks. “i’ll meet you downstairs in the garage, mr.stark has a few things he wants to say” peter walks out, brushing his hands through his hair. “good luck!” you shout.
within 45 minutes you both arrived at a secluded park, with the most beautiful trees and flowers you’ve ever seen. you could spot a small area with a picnic blanket laid down. “pete-” you cut yourself off, looking to the drivers side and realizing your boyfriend is no longer in the car, but rather pulling a basket out of the trunk. coming to your side, he opens the door with a warm smile. “you coming?” he asks charmingly.
sitting with your boyfriend, talking for hours and eating everything he set up for you both. being with him today has only made your love for him grow stronger. a shame you’ve never told him those three words. being with him truly made your world, you almost felt a bit bad you had no part in this little picnic.
“love, i’ve prepared a speech” peter says, his hands fidgety. “oh, you are so cliche. but i love it. speech me.” you laugh, eyes filled with trust and admiration. “okay. okay.” he prepares himself.
“y/n stark, you have been one of the brightest lights in my life. you make being spider-man ten times more amazing. my aunt may loves you, and you are the reason i wake up with a smile everyday.” he pauses, scooting up closer to hold your hands in his. “you’re smart, funny, even a bit snarky sometimes-” he trails off. “but i suppose that comes with being a stark, hm? the point is, this year has been incredible with you in it, and i know- i hope that i get to spend so many more exactly like this one. i love you, y/n stark. and i’d give you the world if i ever had the chance.” he kisses you, and it’s slow, and passionate, and everything that peter parker is. as sweet as honey.
you rest your foreheads against each other for a moment. you lock eyes, before you pull him into a hug. “i love you too, peter parker. although i’m a bit jealous you beat me to it.” you giggle, before kissing him again. “i’ll give you a thousand more years with me, promise.” you say, before starting to clean up. “wait, we aren’t gonna live that long.” he points out, joining you. “i can dream, can’t i?”
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I haven’t decided which NSFW ABCS to do next, I have three in my drafts and I will have one out anyone have any preference. The choices are : Loki, Steve, or Nat. I might be willing to do other characters if y’all suggest them.
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On the Run
Super heroes were made away with. Anybody caught trying to help those in need was instantly arrested. Always a kind hearted boy Peter couldn’t sit by and watched people suffer. It got him thrown away, where the rest of the heroes were kept, locked away from the rest of the world. At his first chance to escape he gets out and runs home for one last night with his girl
I’m so close to 700 oh my god 🥺
Period cramps do be hitting though (which explains all the crying, if I’m honest)
Send requests, come chat, flirt a little (pls I want mutuals to bad flirt with)
Tumblr media
A fucked up childhood led to a fucked up mind. At least, that was how Peter justified things. When heroes were made away with, when the law was passed with the power to arrest those with the powers and tech, he kept trying to help people. Stayed in the Spider suit as he swung around Queens.
When the government caught up with him, he was thrown in a special facility, built to hold people like him.
Long story short, it couldn’t hold him.
At nineteen years old, Peter escaped. He used the cover of day and the lazy guardsmen to climb over the walls and to freedom. Yes, the facility was built to hold ex-heroes, people like him, but it couldn’t hold him. Whoever built the place didn’t couldn’t for Peter being able to climb walls with nothing but his sticky hands and feet.
He had a lady on the outside, one who missed him dearly. She tried to put a case together, to try and get her Pete back, but everything we was doing was illegal. There was no way for her to get her boy back.
Even when they were together he was fucked up. He was just better at hiding it. He controlled his thoughts, didn’t let them get too wild. In the facility Y/N was all he thought about. She was the only thing keeping him going. Whatever he did in there, he was doing it for her, he told himeself.
He was a model inmate in the facility. From the moment they brought him in he was calm, courteous and polite. At first the guards prodded and teased him, but he weaselled his way over to their good sides until they stopped paying attention to him.
That was when he slipped over the wall and to freedom.
Immediately Peter made his way back to the city. Even as a fugitive he was mostly unknown. They mustn’t have realised he had escaped just yet. He hitchhiked his way back, having no money of his own.
This apartment was on the outskirts of the bustling city, away from all of the chaos and the noise. That was how his lady liked it.
Peter pushed open the bedroom window, the bedroom he slept in before everything turned to shit. It was different now.
He was different.
The window creaked slightly as Peter pushed it open but the girl on the bed, holding his pillow close to her chest, remained sleeping. It had long since lost its memorable scent, but she still held it anyway.
Peter climbed his way into the room and pushed the window shut. He shrugged his jacket off and climbed into the bed.
Snaking his arm around Y/N’s waist, he could feel the panic rising within her as she began to wake up. She was too tired and disoriented to do anything, but her body tended up against him. “Relax, Angel,” he whispered against her ear, his hand coming around to cover her mouth.
She muffled something against him, eyes going wide. When Peter pulled his hand away she turned around and just stared at him. His hair had gotten longer, curlier. He had no facial hair and his eyes looked exhausted. “Peter?” She gasped, a shaky hand reaching towards his face. “Is that really you?”
He pressed her hand to his cheek and nodded, his eyes closing. He’d missed her touch so much. The feeling of her delicate fingers rubbing over his skin. “I missed you,” he whispered and kissed the her fingers. “I dreamed of this moment every night until I couldn’t take it anymore.”
Y/N’s face fell. “You escaped? Peter, what if they’ll looking for you? What if they come here? This is the first place they’ll look and they’ll find you and arrest you again. You need to get out of here.”
“I know,” he answered, looking at the cream bedsheets. “I just need you one last time, Angel. And then I’m gone.”
He pressed his lips to hers, pushing her back down. Her head touched the pillow, hands tangling through his longer locks. She pulled and tugged as Peters mouth travelled down to her neck. His hands had slipped below the nightgown she wore, resting on her stomach.
He kissed his way down her body, pulling her nightgown down when he got to her breasts. She closed her eyes and pulled her lip between her teeth as Peter kissed each breast and nuzzled his nose against her nipple. “Thought about these every night,” he whispered and pushed the lower half of her nightgown up around her thighs. “Dreamt I had my cock between them, fucking them. Dreamt of them bouncing while you rode me.”
Peter pushed the nightgown up further, until it was over her head. He threw it to the floor and instantly moved to her cunt. The cunt he had missed to much. It was as pretty as he remembered it, open for him as Y/M spread her legs.
He settled between them, sucking and kissing her thighs as he freed himself from the confines of his trousers. With his cock free he reached up, stroked his fingers through her folds and gathered her wetness on his fingers. “I missed you too,” he said and chuckled to himself, spreading her wetnes over his cock.
With little time, Peter eased himself into her tight hole. He held her body close to his, nails digging into his bicep. In a matter of seconds he was moving, slow thrusts to build them both up. He sped up with each passing second, listening to her moans and cries of pleasure. Skin slapped against skin and the smell of sex was in the air. Peters eyes were wide, full of lust as he rammed into her.
He held her legs up, pushing her into a position that was comfortable for both of them. “Peter,” she moaned as the headboard creaked. Her eyes rolled back into her skull as Peter pressed his fingers to her clit. Just the pressure was enough to have her cumming all over his cock.
He wasn’t very far behind. He could feel himself getting closer and closer. Every time he pulled back some of her slick dripped from her hole: that sight alone was enough to make him feral. Her walls were squeezing him, pulling his release from him. His thrusts were becoming slow sloppybas he chased his own high.
When Peter finally came he slumped over, pressing his forehead to hers, keeping his cock sheathed inside of her. “I’ll come back for you,” he said and kissed her lips. “I’ll get my name cleared and I’ll come back.”
“I don’t want to lose you again, Peter,” Y/N whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck to keep him in place.
“I won’t be gone forever, Angel. I’ll always come back for you.”
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Man Out of Time: Chap. 13, July 4, 2017
Steve's POV:
I wake to Charlie fast asleep on my chest.  Things have been quiet for some time now.  We're all growing restless.  We try not to stay in one place for too long but we've enjoyed this location.  We're staying long enough to celebrate my birthday that I've asked Charlie and Nat not to do.  They don't care, and it warms me that they want to make a day special for me.  Last night was a successful night for Charlie's nightmares.  Very rarely does she get a full night's sleep.  The darkness under her eyes have deepened and her eyes aren't as full of light as they once were, but she tries her best to feel as ease.  
My phone vibrates and lights on the bedside table, I ignore it for now.  She's sleeping and I don't want to move and wake her.  A few minutes pass before another message comes through.  I lift my arm over and clumsily hunt my phone.  This better be important.  I pause once I locate my phone to ensure that Charlie doesn't stir.  Her breathing is still steady and I hear her soft humming snores.  I look at my phone.  He is awake...He is going to be spending time in a nearby village.  
I breathe.  Bucky.  He's awake.  I look down at my sleeping princess.  What does this mean for us?  As long as she is in my life, I don't care what she chooses to do.  I don't foresee her being able to take me out of her life and only be with Bucky.  And I am okay with sharing, if that's what they would want.  I get a sneaking suspicion that Bucky wouldn't be ok with that type of relationship.  He desires to have a life that was stolen from him.  I can't bring this up to her now.  She and Nat have been busy planning our small party to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you.  Let me know if anything changes, or if he needs us to be there.
I watch Charlie sleep peacefully for another thirty minutes, her deep brunette hair falls across her face.  With every breath a whisp of it blows out.  I smile to myself.  I hear the door begin to open.  I drape the blanket more on our bodies making sure whoever comes in doesn't see anything.  
"Steve, we've got a problem."  Sam pokes his head inside.  I nod, and he leaves so I can hopefully unravel myself from Charlie.  Thankfully her last few weeks of not sleeping have exhausted her and she doesn't stir.  I put on some sweatpants and shirt and walk out to the living room.
Sam's standing with his arms crossed while Nat is sitting on the sofa chair.  "We've got intel that there's a group that may be after Charlie."
"After Charlie?  Why?"  My body tenses up as I look between the two.
"You two were spotted out together in Detroit, not to mention a year ago she was spotted with Bucky.  They believe she's a threat and a weakness to both you and the Winter Soldier."
"And she is."  Nat looks at me.  "I got this news from Clint.  He said currently it's just talk.  But people want to know who she is, and what exactly she's capable of to be able to align herself with the both of you."  
I stand silently thinking.  It's just noise.  It's not a true threat right now.  "We'll stay alert.  We shouldn't mention this to her."  Nat gives me a shocked expression.  "I heard from Wakanda.  He's awake.  When I tell her, and this news, it will be too much for her."
"Steve, she wants you to trust her.  She's stronger than you think.  Wanda even thinks she's capable of more than just her empathy."  Sam wants me to tell her.
"When are you going to tell her about Bucky?"  Nat asks, apparent anger on her face.
"I haven't decided."
"You don't think she should know?"  
" time.  It's a delicate situation.  They didn't say he was ready to see anyone.  If she knew she would want to see him right away."
"You don't know that.  She's been with you a year, and you two are closer than ever.  What are you afraid of?"  Nat and I usually don't talk about things that happened between Bucky, Charlie, and myself.  She wasn't there.
"Nothing.  Her emotions are delicate.  She barely sleeps as it is."
"Because she misses him.  She misses her family, and Tony as well.  She feels guilty for how things ended.  You're partially to blame for her longing for Bucky."  Sam walks towards the kitchen, probably to start breakfast.  He knows this conversation isn't going anywhere else.  They both will support my decisions concerning Charlie, even if they don't like it.
"What happened between the two of them?  He didn't just yank her out of your hands and hold her hostage.  She was an accomplice to him.  But there were days not accounted for with you guys.  So, what exactly happened?"  Sam scoffs while opening the fridge.
"It's complicated."
"And I'm smart.  Put it together for me."
"It's too sensitive a subject, and if Charlie wanted you to know she would say something."  I turn to head back to our room.  We're not going further down this road.  
Before I make it down the hallway, I see Charlie's small body emerge from our room.  She has one of my shirts on that droops off her shoulder, exposing her lack of a bra.  Socks have been placed on her feet, she pops her neck and stretches before turning at me and smiling.  "Good morning Captain."  The darkness under her eyes is a bit more faded.  I wrap my arms around her and hold her in a tight embrace.  "Morning princess.  You slept well."  I kiss her temple.
Tumblr media
She nods her head on my chest and hums.  "Where were you?  You normally wait until I wake.  You're all dressed now."  I push her into our room and close the door behind us.
"I just needed to discuss something with Sam and Nat."  Her hands work their way under my shirt as she tickles my stomach with her fingers.
"About what?"  She stands on her tip toes to kiss my neck.
"It's about time to find another location."  I reach down and pick her up, her legs immediately wrap around my waist.  It is at this moment I realize she only has on my shirt.  Her wetness presses against me and I let out a growl.  This woman.
"Not until after your birthday.  We have guests coming."  Her fingers play with my beard.  I know she's referring to Vision and Wanda, no one else would be visiting us.  Her other hand comes up and around my neck pulling me closer to her.  "Not too loud this morning Captain.  I don't want an audience today."  She smiles before pulling me into her and kissing my lips.  I walk us over to the bed, and lean over to drop Charlie down.
She scoots back on the bed and sits up.  She leans up placing her hands behind her, bending her knees and sliding her legs back.  She's trying to act like she's innocently sitting there, but my shirt moves over to where I can see in between her legs.  I slowly take off my shirt and throw it at her.  She catches it clumsily moving my shirt even more, showing more of herself off.  She giggles when she catches me looking.  I pull my pants and boxer briefs off, letting them fall to the floor before stepping out and stalk to her.  "Lay on the bed Captain."  Charlie's eyes darken looking at my body.  
I lay on the bed and she leans to crawl over to me.  She slings a leg over my body and teasingly straddles me sitting on my stomach.  She's making sure I feel how wet she is.  Prolonging our foreplay.  Leaning down she begins peppering kisses along my neck and nibbles on my ear.  My hands roam from her thighs, to her hips, and I feel my stupid shirt still hanging off her body and go to pull it off.  She pushes my hands off her and sits up, taking the shirt off herself.  I smile up at her when I see her perky breasts jostle around at her movements.
"I want you to sit on my face."  I use my hands to push her body forward.  She stubbornly sits there smiling at me, "You're such a brat and tomorrow's my birthday, so listen to your Captain and sit on my damn face."  
She traces her finger nails up my chest as she moves up, placing her knees on either side of my head she hovers over my face, before I forcefully pull her down and she settles on my face, as I bury my mouth on her succulent and juicy pussy.  I hear her whisper out a moan.  I lap my tongue on her clit, relishing her sweet and tangy taste.  She really is intoxicating.  I wrap my arms up and hold onto her thighs, gently massaging them.
Her hands brush around at my hair, and I let out a growl on her, causing her to whimper.  I give her nub a little nibble causing a hiss to come out of her mouth.  This is what she gets for being such a brat.  A brat that I enjoy taking care of.    I blow a cool breath on her causing a shiver to rise up her entire body.  I move a hand back, giving her ass a little smack.  She lets out a little yelp as I loosen my grasp on her.  She scoots her body back and I wipe her glaze off my beard.  She lets out a sigh and she slinks back, allowing my reddened and stiff cock to penetrate her.
I hum at the sensation as she begins grinding on me.  My hands grab her hips as I watch her.  Her tits rock with her movements.  Pure elation is on her face as she rocks on me.  "You're perfect princess."  She hums at my praises.  I can't tear my eyes off of her.  I enjoy watching her being the one to use my body to pleasure herself.  She reaches for my hands and places them on her breasts, wanting me to grope her.  Her hand slips behind her ass as she fondles my testicles.  My breathing speeds up.
The door knocks, "Charlie, we need to get started on preparing Steve's birthday for tomorrow."  Nat calls through the door.  Those two are always interrupting us.
"Give me a minute."  Charlie pants out, and I hear Nat stifle a laughter.  She's not dumb.
"Alright Captain, looks like we're going to have to speed this up."  She begins riding my dick quicker.  I bite my lip looking at her.  And I feel her tighten around my cock and we both orgasm together.  She allows me to slip out of her, laying on the bed beside me.  Tracing circles on my chest she hums.  How could anyone view this perfect angel as a threat?  She's got so much love to give.  I roll over to look at her and caress her cheek.  She brings her face to mine and kisses me.  I pull her closer as our kissing becomes heated.  She pulls back, "Save that for later.  I got a lot of work to do.  And we need some breakfast."
"Make sure you actually put clothes on.  I can't believe you left the room in just my shirt."
"I did that because I was just coming to find you.  I wanted to give you easier access."  She giggles.  This woman.
Charlie's POV:
Sam and Steve were sent out to get some things for our small family dinner celebrating Steve's birthday.  Nat and I made Steve's cake and begin cleaning up the apartment.  Sam volunteered to sleep on the couch to allow Vision and Wanda to take his room.  The apartment isn't much to look at but it's been our home for nearly a month.  Steve said it's time to relocate soon.  It's exhausting.  Just when you get good and comfortable it's time to leave.  This apartment, while small, has given us all our own space, much to Sam's delight.
"Do you think Steve and I really have sex too much?"  I laugh at Nat.
She giggles, "You two should have sex though, right?" I nod.  "I think Sam is a bit jealous he doesn't have someone to have here.  I get that."  Nat grimaces and busies herself with sweeping.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."
"No, Steve's a good man.  He deserves to have happiness.  And look at you going from a crush on Captain America to being his girlfriend."  I don't respond.  She knows we haven't labeled ourselves, although it confuses her.  "So, what exactly happened between you and Bucky?"  She changes the subject, and I feel her mind searching for answers she's wanted for a year.
I look at her with a shocked expression.  "What makes you think something happened?  What even would happen?"
"Your face proves something happened.  Sam doesn't talk about it, and Steve is so delicate around you when it comes to Bucky."  My face is a tattle tale.  
Nat places herself on the couch patting the seat beside it.  "Let's girl talk.  I feel like we haven't really done that lately.  So, let me try to help out.  You and Steve were together the whole time you were with Bucky.  Minus the whole chasing around Bucharest, but there wasn't time for anything but rushing through traffic."  I nod.  "Did you kiss?"  Again, I nod.  "Steve knows?"  Nod.  "Did you...did you have sex with him?"  I nod, Nat gasps animatedly grasping at her mouth.  "I'm assuming Steve knows....wait, did you have sex with both of them?"  I cover my eyes with my hands.  "Charlotte Allen!!  Two super soldiers?  Is that why you were off at the airport?"
"What do you mean I was off?"
"Well, your movements weren't as smooth.  You weren't running as fast.  You dog!  Was it at least good?"
I laugh.  "It was amazing."
"Where was Sam?"  She turns looking at me.
"He went to get food."  She laughs remembering Sam's comment the other day.
"So that's why Steve feels the need to tiptoe around you when we discuss Bucky?  But if it was just many times did you sleep with Bucky?"
"So, you had a three-way twice?"
"No, once."  I look off in the distance.  The second time with Bucky and only him I've never discussed with anyone, not even Steve.  Nat gives me a knowing gaze that I see out of the corner of my eyes.
"Where was Steve?"
"Flying the jet."
"And he was ok with that?"
"He's the one that asked Bucky.  It was on the way to Siberia.  It was then that I discovered what Steve meant when he would tell me he needed me.  I wasn't well after, I needed and wanted something real, to ground me, I guess."
"How do you feel about Bucky?"
"It's...complicated.  I feel this pull to protect him.  Our first meeting was, quick.  Everything just happened so fast.  He kept pulling me away from Steve.  I think he saw I was his weakness, and if I was with him Steve would do anything to get me back and to make sure he doesn't get hurt.  But somehow within that time I was able to trust him."  I pause and Nat sits there taking in what I told her.  "I just, I feel a need, no a want to be around him.  I love him."
She looks at me shocked.  "Steve knows."  It wasn't a question.  "Do you want to be with Bucky instead of Steve."
"No.  Steve, he's perfect.  He's steady.  I can't imagine not being with him."
"There isn't but."
"What about Bucky?"  She moves closer to me feeling my anxiety rise.
"I have no desire to lose him either."
"So, you want both?"
"I need Steve, I want Bucky.  They are both two very different feelings honestly."
"Have you...have you ever thought about a real life with Steve?  A house, white picket fence, two and a half kids, a dog."
"No, but we don't have the life that allows those luxuries."  I look off in the distance.
"Once upon a time you wanted that."
"Life is complicated.  Honestly, I am happy right now.  Yes, it's messed up.  Life isn't perfect.  But Steve makes me happy.  I wish I knew more about how Bucky was, when they planned on waking him up.  If they've figure out a way to get that shit out of his head."
"Listen, Steve doesn't...."  the door opens and Steve and Sam walk in.  It's been a while since the two men were out with just them.  Steve smiles over at me and I forget whatever it was that Nat was going to tell me.
"The cake smells amazing!"  I walk over to him and help him and Sam with the bags, placing things up.  Steve comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, kissing my temple like he normally does, the feeling of his beard tickling me.  He's so sexy.  His flannel is tight on his large biceps, the sleeves rolled up exposing his forearms, I tickle them with my fingernails and he smiles on my neck.  Steve is perfect.
Charlie's POV:
My body is buzzing with anxiety, it's been a few months since we last saw Vision and Wanda.  They're the only two former Avengers that we've seen since Siberia.  I busy myself trying to do any finishing touches around the apartment.  I even wore a bit of a makeup, just concealer, to hide the dark under my eyes, mascara, and blush.  But looking in the mirror I felt more like myself.  My normal anxiety isn't a good feeling, this anxiety is an excitement of seeing more than my normal three people.  
Steve senses my unrest and puts his hand in mine, "We have a bit of time before they actually get here.  Want to head to the bedroom?"
"Maybe later, there's too much to do."  I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him.
"I can make it quick."  He smiles.  
"Stop, you're tempting, but let's finish around here first.  And you can't mess up my makeup."  He smiles and drops the subject but humors me as I just move random things around.
After thirty minutes of doing something and nothing all at once he's had enough.  "Come on."  He pulls at my hand.
"Don't you dare!  Stop it!  We have an hour before they arrive.  Don't you fucking take her in that room so you two can get it on!"  Sam calls out sitting on the couch and grabbing the remote.
I laugh.  "I'm not.  I just want her to sit down.  If she stays in the 'common room' everything is going to be rearranged."  Steve doesn't say anymore just jumps on the bed and beckons me over.  I crawl over to him, laying my head on his chest.  I pull my arm up to his chest and he wraps his own hand in mine.  "I'm serious.  We're just going to lay here like this until they get here, okay?"
"Okay, Cap..."
"No!  Don't start that or we won't be laying here."  I feel him huff out a laugh through his chest.  "Just let me hold you.  Relax.  Rest, sleep if you need too."
We lay there for a while.  Steve just gently brushing his fingers against my hand.  His chest rising and falling is very calming to me.  Being close to him is calming.  "You had a nightmare last night.  Do you want to talk about it?"
"There's not much to talk about."
"What exactly happens in your nightmares?  Is it a reoccurring nightmare?"
"Usually yeah.  It's just Siberia...over and over again.  Everything leading up to that point pushed me and Tony further apart.  He blames Bucky for killing his parents, even though he was being controlled and used as a weapon."
"We don't have to talk about Bucky."
"You asked about my nightmare, so I'm telling you.  Bucky is a part of it.  He blames you for breaking up the Avengers, when really it was the stupid Accords.  He hates me.  And he's...replaced me.  Peter's a good kid though, and obviously more like Tony."
"Tony didn't replace you."
"It just feels like everything could have been avoided.  But if it didn't happen Bucky wouldn't be getting the help he needs."  Steve kisses my temple.  "Have you heard from T'Challa on his state?  If they've even woke him up."  
"They would let you know, wouldn't they?"
"Yeah, T'Challa was told that I would be the first they contacted when they wake him up.  You don't need to worry.  He's safe in Wakanda."
Silence.  Steve turns his face to my temple, resting his lips there.  His breathing moves my hair and I feel his body relax and his breathing becomes heavier.  Daily I check my phone that T'Challa gave me as a direct link to me.  Nothing.  I shouldn't worry about Bucky, I know he's in good hands, but hearing nothing worries me.
I must have drifted to sleep because I hear a soft knocking on our door.  "Be careful, they're usually naked."  Sam's voice booms behind the door.  The sound is so muffled I feel as if I must be asleep and close my eyes again.
"Charlie.  Are you dressed?"  Wanda's voice drifts in my head.
"Wanda?  Yes.  Wait, how are you doing this?"
"You're doing it too.  Can I come in?"
Wanda gently turns the handle and walks in.  She looks over at Steve and I begin to move, "Don't.  He looks peaceful.  We got here earlier than expected.  How have you been?"  She smiles at me.
"Can I only do this with you?"  I ask her.  This silent communication is cool.
"I think with time you could do it with anyone.  It's easier with me since our powers are similar.  That's something I wanted to talk about, you need to strengthen your powers.  In doing so you may discover new ones?"
"Like what?"
"Maybe not magic like mine, but maybe using your empathy without touching someone.  I can tell your mind is an incredible thing.  Not now, but when he wakes you should try with Steve.  You two are close, it will be easier to open yourself up to him.  I'm going to go back out with the others.  Sleep."  She waves her magic at me and a calmness washes over at me and I drift off.
"Steve....Steve!  Steve, wake up!"
"Why are you yelling at me?"
My body tenses up.  "You hear me?"
"Of course, and you're yelling at me.  Why?"
"Look at my face."  He leans back as I look up at him, still intwined with one another.  "I'm not screaming at all."
"How the hell are you doing that?"
"Wanda, they got here earlier and she did it with me, she told me to try with you since we're connected.  You try to talk to me now."  Steve's face scrunches up as he tries to focus on me.  Nothing.  "You just woke up.  And it's new.  Come on let's join everyone."  I smile pulling on his arm.
He gets up pulling me into him and guides me out of the room, holding onto my hand.  We walk into the living room and the atmosphere is so light hearted and fun.  "Nice of you to join us Captain Rogers, Charlie."  Vision nods to us.
"Were you actually sleeping?  I believe that's a first."  Sam scoffs.
I pull Steve's hand as I go to Wanda and give her the biggest hug.  "You can't leave that man be, can you?"
"We're usually inseparable."
"I've heard, princess.  Glad you're making the Captain behave."  Wanda smirks at me.  
We let out a giggle and hug again.  "I don't think I'm going to like this."  Steve glares at us.
"I'm assuming you told him?"  Wanda asks.
"She did, and she was able to talk to me like that, I couldn't talk to her though."
"In time, Steve.  Sam's been cooking.  He's made shrimp po'boys."
"I love when Sam cooks."  My mouth is already watering.  Steve looks down at me mocking offense to my comment.  We scatter around in the living room and begin eating.  Talking as a group begins, along with mini conversations between two or three people.  
I forget everything that's been going on lately, and smile.  This is nice, and it's one of the many reasons Nat and I try to celebrate any holiday and birthday.  I smile up at Steve, he returns my gaze.  His eyes are shining, the crinkling around his eyes is prominent as his smiles and laughter affects his whole face.  He brings a hand up to face, caressing my cheek and kisses my temple.  
Wanda looks over at as smiling.  "We should play a game."  She states.
"Oh! What do you got in mind?  Drinking game, right?"  Sam jumps up and walks into the kitchen grabbing beer and a bottle of tequila.
"Are there other games?"  Nat stands and helps him out.
"So, Vis and I have been watching some Game of Thrones, and there's a game."
"Doesn't everyone die on that show?"  I ask looking at her.  "So are we murdering each other."
Wanda laughs, "No.  Someone is going to make an assumption about another person.  And if they're right about that assumption you have to take a drink."  Sam begins pouring everyone a shot and Nat passes out beer.  "For example, Charlie, you're ready to sleep with your Captain right now."  
I glare over at her.  Sam turns and looks at me, eyes squinting.  I reach for the shot glass and throw it back, groaning at the burn of the tequila traveling down my throat.  Sam, the drama queen, rolls his eyes.  "That's all they ever do."
"Charlie it's your turn now.  Tell someone an assumption."
"Sam, you at times enjoy hearing me and Steve, and even get off on it."  He glowers over at me, and takes his shot.  Refilling both mine and his shot glass.
"Charlie, you can't wait to see Bucky in Wakanda so you can wrap your legs around him, and Steve."  He smiles over at me.  I take a moment to think about this.  And pick up my shot glass and swallow.  Nat smiles over at me while Vision and Wanda sit in shock.
Steve shifts around, "Maybe you two should make assumptions about someone else."
"Fine, Nat, you've thought about having sex with Sam."  Nat quickly takes a shot.
"Wait, what?  Why wouldn't you tell me this.  We can make this happen!"  Sam smiles over at Nat.
"Sam, you're not sleeping on the couch tonight."  Sam takes a shot.
Sam turns his attention to Steve, "Steve, you enjoy thinking about Charlie on top of Bucky."  Steve takes his shot and refills his glass.  My cheeks heat up and I bury my face in his arm.  I could tell he enjoyed watching me and Bucky, but to have it confirmed in front of everyone, two of which don't know everything that happened, makes it almost too much.  This won't be as fun with Steve since he can't get drunk.
"Wanda, you would be content leaving this all behind and just being with Vision."  Steve is being sweet.  Wanda gives a glowing smile and takes a shot.  We continue our game for a bit longer.
I can feel the liquor and beer getting me light headed, I lean over on Steve, "Captain, I'm ready for bed."
"Princess, you haven't even given me my birthday present."  His voice is husky in my ear.  I shiver.
"You're birthday's tomorrow."  My voice feels more whiney coming out of my mouth.
"It's after midnight."  He growls on my neck and gives me a nibble.  I look around at everyone.  They're all stuck in their own conversations, so I stand wobbly and begin leading Steve down the hallway.  There's some whistling and yelling as we walk away.  My head is floating and I trip a bit.  Steve's strong arm wraps around my waist holding me up.  
He hoists me up over his shoulder and finishes taking me to the bedroom.  He throws me down on the bed.  I look up at him.  There's a deep hunger in his eyes.  "You don't know how crazy you drive me do you?"  
Tumblr media
"Well, Captain, why don't you show me."  He stalks over to the bed,leaning over he jerks my shorts off before pulling me to sit up and aggressively pulling off my shirt.  He stares down at me and smirks, before unhooking my bra.  He gives my body a once over and rips off my panties.  Placing his head in between my thighs he blows a cool breath on me causing me to shiver.  A hiss escapes his mouth.  
"You're ready for me aren't you, princess?"  Steve backs away from the bed and stares down at me.  "Play with yourself."  I comply.  My hand goes in between my legs as I create circles on my clit with my fingers.  He stands there watching.  My thighs begin to close as I overstimulate myself, almost orgasming.  He comes back down to the bed, forcing my thighs apart.  "Oh no, I'm watching every moment of this."  He uses his body to lean on one thigh, while pushing my legs further apart with his hand.  
I continue pleasuring myself and I feel Steve place two fingers inside of me, and my body jerks.  He has a devilish smile as he watches our hands become in sync with one another.  A tightness builds up in my stomach and my back arches.  My body begins to react as I attempt to bring my legs together.  The pace of my hands on my clit slows as I sink back down in the bed.  "Not yet, princess."  Steve moves my hand away and uses his thumb to massage my clit.  A slight pleasurable pain builds up in between my legs, but Steve's pressure doesn't change.
"Captain, I need you."
"No, I'm going to push you over the edge tonight, you did say your pussy was my present.  I'm enjoying playing with my toy."  His eyes darken as his face tilts forward.  He looks up at me with his eyes glowing through his lashes.  "Be a good girl, and cum again."
Steve's head leans forward as he begins sucking on my clit, his fingers bend inside of me as he rubs on my g spot.  I feel the pit in my stomach tighten again and an overwhelming high washes over me as I release on Steve's face.  He laps up my juices before leaning back, smiling down at me and wipes his beard.  "Good girl."
He pulls his shirt off and pulls down his pants and boxer briefs in one swoop.  He stalks back to the bed advancing on me with pure hunger in his eyes.  He hovers over me, nuzzling my cheek with his nose, causing a tickling sensation on my cheek.  Simultaneously he crashes his dick into me and his lips on my mouth.  My body is overstimulated but I crave his body, over and over again.  He thrusts into me with such need and authority.  I immediately orgasm again, causing him to lean back and work on my neck, smiling between his nibbles.  "You're so greedy little one."
I push at his shoulders wanting him to lay back, I'm surprised that he follows my instructions.  I spin my body around and straddle him, sinking down and allowing him to fill me up with his large cock.  I lean forward and hear a moan leaves his lips at the sight of my ass facing him.  His hands roam my body before giving me a quick slap.  Steve is an ass man.
I continue riding him, before he pushes me forward.  I bounce on his cock, and I feel him press a finger in my ass.  I hum at the sensation and he continues his motions, and I hasten my motions, his breathing becomes deeper and he removes his hand, completely cupping and squeezing my ass before another slap is placed on there causing me to yelp.  He evilly laughs, "You like that don't you?"
"Yes, I do, Captain."  My hand moves to his abs as I give him a little tickle.
"You're my good little whore, aren't you?"  I hum in agreement.  His hands grab at my waists and he squeezes my hips right before we both release.  My head is leaned back, staring at the ceiling, breathing is deep in fast, Steve rubs on my welted and reddened ass.  I crawl off of him and head to the bathroom, "Care to join me, Captain?"
He smiles and stands making his way to the shower.  I turn on the water on and wait for it to warm up before turning on the shower and Steve joins me.  He looks down at me smiling, "Happy birthday, Captain."  
"I love you so fucking much, princess.
"Love you too, my Captain."  He wraps his arm around me into a tight embrace.  He's perfect.
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rebeccccccaaa · 5 hours ago
im trying to get some fics done but my laptop stopped working and idk what to dooooo 😣 its just a black screen and it wont turn on im gonna cry istg 😭
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fuckedupbutadorable · 6 hours ago
Best Movie Night Ever.
Pairing - Loki x Fem Reader (One Shot)
Warnings - Smut, Unprotected sex, oral sex, swear words, also words some may find degrading.  
Word Count - 1.5k 
A/N - Been toying with this one for days 🙊, hope y'all enjoy this little tale of two horny ass people. I'd love prompts, suggestions, and requests! Lemme know how you found this, enjoy! 
Summary - You've finally got your alone time since starting working with the Avengers, but that alone time ends up being interrupted by an Asgardian God. However, you don't mind in the least.  
You swear under your breath as your phone tells you that your Uber just cancelled. It's been a long day, all the leads you spent your time on turned out to be dead ends, and you're frustrated. You start walking towards the sacred Avengers facility, contemplating who could be behind the threats you are facing. Working with the FBI you've seen such blackmail techniques used before, but there's something more sinister in these. Or maybe that's just my imagination you tell yourself, increasing the volume of your music and muting your thoughts. 
It isn't a long walk back to the building, and you considering maybe stopping at a bar and picking up a cutie for a one night stand. The entire team has gone to a press event which you've happily skipped, and you're glad to have some time for yourself. It's not like you don't like the Avengers, they're great, but as someone who has lived alone their entire adult life  except a couple of serious relationships, you appreciate your privacy. You decide that a random hook-up isn't the best way to deal with a shitty day, and head straight to the facility. 
You enter the building and head straight to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. You've got your favorite playlist blasting in your earphones, and you sway to the music as you go around the platform. You suddenly feel a pair of hands at your waists, and before you can think, years of training kick in and you jerk the hands forward and get a good elbow punch in. As you grab the person by the neck and pull them in front of you, Loki's face comes into view with his hands raised in surrender. You let go and scream, "What the actual fuck Loki, what are you doing here!?" 
"I ahh, I um, I decided not to go to the event, and I heard you come in so I thought I'd say hi" he answers sheepishly. 
You ponder this statement, wondering since when the God of Mischief says hi to people. You nod your head in acknowledgement and say "Uhhkay, I'm sorry bout punching you", then you continue making your coffee. 
"So, you wanna watch a movie with me?", "I'm learning more about the midgardian ways" Loki asks. 
You're a little taken aback, Loki isn't exactly the most social being, but you say yes, partly because you feel a little guilty for shoving your elbow in his stomach. 
You settle down on the sofa and Loki sits right next to you, despite the fact that the sofa is an easy 8 feet or more. Choosing to ignore this you ask "What are we watching?". You grin internally at the movie he mentions, aware that said movie has plenty of explicit scenes. 15 minutes into the movie and there's the first sex scene, both the actors going at it in their car. You can feel rather than hear Loki's breathing get shallower, and you have to admit you're pretty turned on yourself. You mentally chastise yourself, trying to remember the fact that you both WORK together. 
Another 20 minutes into the movie and there you go again, the scene is erotic as fuck as the characters fuck themselves into oblivion, and you can feel yourself getting wetter. You glance at Loki through the corner of your eye, and spot the tent that has risen in his pants. Somewhere in your brain you realize that the God may have planned this and you decide that you ain't going to let the plan fail. 
You grab the remote and shut the movie, and before Loki has a chance to say anything you wind your arms around his neck and kiss him with fervor. Without missing a beat he kisses you back and the God of Mischief may as well have been the God of Kissing. You move one hand down to his dick, and massage it through the clothes. He hardens further in your hand, and moans into your mouth giving you a sense of satisfaction. Getting him to stand for you, you pull down his pants and boxers and are greeted by the sight of his cock. You stand yourself and remove the God's t-shirt, and stop for a moment to revel in the view. Apparently a believer in tit for tat, Loki makes quick work of your clothes, and pulls you in for another kiss. 
As you both stand there naked in the hall, his penis hard against your thigh, your breasts pushed against his chest, you slowly get drunk on the pleasure. Loki pushes you down on the sofa and clambors on top of you, his mouth nibbling on your ear. He trails kisses down the length of your neck and as you moan he says "Like that huh?". Even though the words aren't much the seductive tone that laces his voice turns you on even more and you reply "Fuck yeah, oh fuck fuck yeah". Pleased by your enthusiasm, Loki continues downwards, this time biting and sucking his way to your boobs. You know that you're going to have hickeys tomorrow morning and you somehow find yourself loving the idea. He pleasures you nipples, turning them hard, and making the wetness pool between your legs, leaving you wanting more. 
Once he reaches your core, Loki continues sucking and the feeling can't be described in words. Before you reach the peak of your pleasure, you have an idea and get Loki to lie down below you. You put your pussy in his face and at the same time take his cock in your mouth. Loki takes a moment to catch up, and till then you've begun your assault on his tip, and you can already taste the precum. He moans and all of a sudden slaps your ass, saying "you like sucking my cock, don't you you little slut". The slap and the words make you take him deeper in your throat, and at the same time you start playing with his balls. "Fuck, yes, just like that you whore." Loki screams, slapping your ass once more. The sounds of the slaps, his dirty words, and his dick leaking in your mouth have you on the edge, and you can feel your juices running down your thighs. Loki takes advantage of your wetness and slips two fingers in without warning making your legs waver. You tighten your mouth on him in response, and he continues finger fucking you, hitting the perfect spot. As you whimper and moan against his dick, he starts circling your clit with his tongue, taking you over the edge. At the same time Loki cums in your mouth, and despite being lost in your pleasure you continue sucking on him till he's emptied his entire load. 
You crawl up beside Loki, your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around your waist. You stay like that for a few moments, till without warning Loki picks you up like a bride and carries you out of the room. You're confused for a moment till you reach his room, and he kicks open the door. He lays you down on the bed, and climbs in beside you. You both start making out and after a while Loki let's his hands wander down to your vagina. His fingers run up and down your slit and his thumb applies pressure on your clit. You moan into your kiss, but just a moment later he snatches his hand away. He brings his finger to his mouth and proceeds to suck off your arousal off them, before saying "you're already so wet down there, aren't you an insatiable little girl". You move your hand to his cock, and when you find that it's already hard again, you answer "well, you're one to say". He chuckles at your response, and then suddenly flips you over on your stomach. He gets off the bed, and says "get on all fours, quick you little slut". You move yourself towards the edge of your bed, and position yourself in a way that you know will do wonders for your ass. He smacks you once more, and as you groan in approval he slips his massive length inside you. You yelp with surprise, but the pain is quickly replaced by pleasure. As he creates the perfect rhythm, you find yourself mumbling his name over and over again. He continues smacking your ass, calling you his dirty little slut and all too soon you feel yourself reaching orgasm. "Loki, fuck, I'm gonna cum" you scream. "Wait for me baby" Loki answers, and you do. A minute later Loki leans forward and says "Cum for me love". Your pleasure has been building for ages and these simple words push you over the edge. As your pussy clenches with pleasure you feel Loki spill his seed inside you. 
After he's pulled out, both of you lie on his bed, your naked ass snuggled against his bare self. As you feel yourself getting drowsy from the little workout, Loki mumbles in your ear "I can't fucking wait to do this again with you". You grin in agreement, and drift off to sleep, hoping for round two when you wake up itself. 
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multi-stann · 6 hours ago
Knife at the Throat- B.B.
a/n-Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: You’re an enemy of Bucky’s, and he’s yet to take you in even though he’s had numerous chances. Why? Well.......maybe he kinda, sorta, likes you...
Warnings n stuff: 18+, dirty-ish flirting, mentions of sexual acts, some violence, pet names, couple of mentions of blood, kind of an enemy to lovers but they don’t become lovers; so let’s say enemies to fuck buddies lmao, reader has pyrokenisis kinda ig,
Bucky swings another punch at you, but you dodge. You like to tease him, more so often than not. The only way you two actually ever see each other is when you’re in the middle of pulling off another successful mission or heist, or perhaps a murder of someone who very well is deserving of death, so you both like to take your time with the fighting. And Bucky is always the one who finds you first. Not any of his partners. He knows exactly where you’ll be and when you’ll get there, just to make sure he sees you.
Bucky hisses when your knife slashed open his cheek, and he stumbles back at the force you use. His hand comes up and feels the warm liquid lightly coming from the cut. “Feels great doesn’t it, sweetheart?” You ask him, a tease and taunt in your voice and he snarls. “That’s it, you’re officially coming back with me tonight. I’m done with these games!” Bucky yells as he hurdles towards you. You’re quick to dodge his movements, expecting his each attack as you nearly always do. “Going with you where? Your house? I’d love to!” You add on just to make things worse as he punches and kicks.
Bucky is a big man, and he’s actually pretty quick on his feet thanks to that assassin work he did years ago, but you’re faster and more agile than he could ever be. “Come on, Bucky......step up your game!” You taunt as you block and dodge his punches and kicks, then he pulls out his knife. It dances along his fingers and he swipes at you several times before slicing through the leather of your suit on your thigh, in which you let out a short hiss. You then block his next slice with the vibranium plate that covers your forearm; may i add that you “stole”; and then you push him back. This gives you enough time to hop off of the roof of the building you’re fighting on and disappear leaving Bucky silently standing still; waiting for your next move.
“Come on, y/n! Can’t keep this up forever! Constant game of cat n mouse. Kinda gets old, doll.” He twirls his knife around his fingers waiting to hear any form of movement from you. You, on the other hand, are sneaking around the small balconies beneath where you dropped off at. Your idea is to sneak up behind Bucky, and pin him to the wall. You’ll finally gain leverage and, if needs be, you’ll burn him a few times to get him at your mercy.
You slip up onto the roof once more and begin to walk stealthy up behind Bucky. Lucky for him, he can hear the small pebbles rub underneath your boots as you walk, and right before you can pin him to the wall: he has you pinned against it. Some reason, he places his hand on the back of your head so you don’t hurt yourself.
Do either of you actually really want to kill or tremendously hurt the other????? Nope.
“Nice try, doll face. Have to do a lot better than that , you know? Former assassin n’ all.” His knife is held close to your throat and your knife? Well, you dropped it when he pinned you against the wall. It’s about four feet away on the roof top. “Damn, i really thought i had you, Barnes. don’t like our little game anymore?” A small pout forms on your lips and Bucky chuckles. “Oh doll, you know i could never get tired of you.” You can feel his breath fan across your face as he talks, and you feel chills roll up your spine. “Good, because I was beginning to worry you actually were tired.” Your tongue darts out and licks your lips, then a smirk appears on your face and Bucky’s face comes even closer to yours. “You like egging me on, don’t you? You really like this type of stuff. And here I thought i was the one that was desperate.” “You like to do it to me too, so why not play fairly? You can’t have all the fun Bucky, and who said you’re not desperate? I see how you look at me and then get easily distracted, sweetheart.” His teeth sink into his bottom lip as he presses the knife up against your throat. “You’re a pain. If you’d stop all this shit with being the bad guy, then maybe you could actually come home with me.” “Well you could always come to mine, if you’re scared for me to know where you live at.” “Me? Scared of you? You’re harmless, kitten.” Bucky’s words fall from his lips in a low tone and it has you pressing your thighs together.
“Let’s not fuck on a rooftop again.” You roll your eyes and his lips curl into a smirk, “Oh? You don’t like the thrill of it?” “I don’t like the uncomfortable hardness of the brick or the floor as you plow into me like i’m a rag doll.” Your hand raises to his vibranium one that’s holding the knife to your neck, and it wraps around his wrist. “So come back to mine.” You purr, your eyes looking into his as your other hand trails up his clothed stomach to his chest. “I hate you.” “Yeah, i hate you too, Barnes. But you’re kinda fucking hot.” You watch him swallow then his jaw clenches, “You always do that, the jaw clench........ What? You like me for real or something?” Your eyes squint at Bucky and he scoffs, “Please, the only thing i like is the way you squirm and beg me for more when i have you underneath me, kitten.” Your breath hitches and a low moan escapes your throat. “ said something about your place? Wanna lead me there? Still gotta put up that fight though, can’t have people thinking we’re suddenly friends now.” “Yeah, i’ll lead you there. Just don’t throw knives at me, only punches.” “Would never dream of hurting you like that, kitten.”
Bucky releases you off of the wall and your hand immediately goes to his throat, applying a light warm sensation to let him know you’re fully watching him, and just to prove you have a bit of control too. “Since it’s my place, i’m on top tonight.” “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, kitten.” “Watch me!” You shout as you walk off away from Bucky, him beginning to walk a little ways behind you.
“Hey! Didn’t know you had a knife kink. Have to try that tonight, huh?” “Knife kink? Says who?” “Says the one i was holding a knife to her throat and she was clenching her thighs the whole time.” You roll your eyes knowing he can’t see, and you keep walking to the edge of the roof. “What can i say? Maybe you threatening me does get me all hot and bothered and that’s why you never take me in?” You send him a wink and then hop off of the rooftop to one of the balconies, waiting for Bucky to follow you down.
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graybabyxx · 7 hours ago
heat. | Bucky Barnes |
summary: in which bucky answers the phone while stuffing you with his cock.
wc 0.5k
warning(s): unprotected sex, dom!bucky slight mainly NSFW, minors DNI
i’m on an avengers kick rn, BUCKY BRAINROT
Tumblr media
You pulled away from bucky, panting slightly. “I-i should really get going, stark is expecting me..”
He nodded in agreement as his hand snaked down your body, pulling your dress above your hips and over your head, leaving you in a baby blue thong, with no bra. The deep sloppy kiss continued when bucky grabbed you thighs, carrying you to the couch.
Your lips reconnected, before he lowered himself between your legs. “No time, just fuck me..” you spoke breathlessly. A smirk grew on his face as he unzipped his pants, sitting back. Bucky’s hand gripped your hips harshly, as you lowered yourself onto him. The moment you bottomed out your eyes met his, letting a sigh leave your lips. feeling this full was addicting to you. Bucky was addicting. He raised your hips, creating a fast, unforgiving rhythm. Your head was spinning, the feeling of his cock hitting all the right places, his vile words in your ear, it was euphoric.
“fuck baby..” Bucky panted, and that coil in your lower body formed, almost snapping. “i’m gonna cum..fuck..” The words leaving your lips with a moan, but it was cut short will the sound of Bucky’s phone ringing. Of course you didn’t expect him to pick it up, that was until he spoke. “Stay quiet princess, go ahead cum around my cock.”
He fucked up into you, lifting your hips causing you to come undone.
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heroicsaviors · 8 hours ago
Open to: F/NB
Suggested Connections: Date, One night stand, Stranger she met at a bar, a heroine, a villain, just give her anyone.
Yara turned to them and smiled just as they reached her front door. “I really enjoyed my time with you tonight.” she said, her thick Portuguese accent rolling off her tongue. “I almost don’t want it to end...” she teasingly leaned back against her door. “Though I suppose that will depend on how you choose to proceed with me in the next few seconds.” 
Tumblr media
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twilight-99-tm · 9 hours ago
rings - Natasha Romanoff
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: smut 18+ only, fingering, praise kink, sneaky PDA, dom!Natasha, slight degradation kink (let me know if I missed anything)
Summary: Natasha should wear rings more often
Request: Congrats on 400!!! Could you do 15 and 26 from the smut prompt list with Nat or R having a thing about the other wearing rings while using their fingers on them?
15. “You take my fingers so well don’t you?”
26. “Suck on my fingers and get them nice and wet for me.”
prompts are in bold
detka - baby
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
You squirmed next to your girlfriend as her fingers rode up and down your thigh, fingertips barely grazing your skin, and riding up your dress. You struggled to focus on what Carol was saying sitting in front of you, your sole focus on Natasha’s fingers.
She knew exactly what she was doing, you had spent the entire week teasing her everywhere you went, and now it was finally her turn to get back at you. It was the perfect setting: Tony was throwing an investor party and invited everyone, you’d easily be able to slip out unnoticed. She put on a mix of rings, on both hands, perfectly balanced with her soft manicure and long fingers, purposefully drawing attention to her hands all night long.
A shiver went down your spine as you thought about her fingers buried deep inside you, rings and all. As if she knew what you were thinking, her hand slid closer to your clothed core. You gripped her arm, leaning your head against her shoulder and turning your head to leave soft kisses on her exposed skin.
Carol excused herself to get another drink and your girlfriend turned her attention to you, smirking as she felt you start playing with her fingers.
“Having fun, sweetheart?” She asked, kissing your cheek. You shuffled closer to her, her hand gripping your inner thigh as you pulled her arm closer to you.
“Can’t wait for your fingers to be buried deep inside me later,” You whispered in her ear, kissing her earlobe and making her tense up. She turned her body towards you, her own mouth moving to your ear. 
“You won’t have to wait long,” She pulled herself away from you and stood up, looking down at you and running the small ring by the first knuckle on her index finger down your jaw, tilting your chin up before reaching out her hand for you to take. “Let’s go.”
You looked at her hand for a second, before coming to your senses and intertwining your fingers together. You let her lead you through the crowd of guests, sneakily slipping into the stairway and starting to make her way down.
Natasha stopped a few steps below you, quickly turning around and wrapping her arms around your waist, pulling you close to her and crashing your lips together. You moaned into her mouth and tangled your fingers in her hair. One of her hands slipped under the hem of your dress, one finger hooking into your underwear and dragging itself through your folds. 
You grunted into Natasha’s mouth and bucked your hips into her hand, desperate for more contact.
“Nat,” You whined her name as she moved down your neck, her finger still teasing your slit. 
“Yes, princess?” She pulled her head away from you, looking up at you as she pushed one finger into you. You moaned out, gripping onto her arm. 
“Please fuck me with your fingers,” You breathed out, sending Natasha into a frenzy. She climbed up the steps so you were on the same level and pushed you against the railing.
She was about to insert another finger into you when someone opened the door to the stairwell, her other hand covering your mouth to muffle your moan. She took her fingers out of you and you whined into her hand.
“Shh,” She cooed. “Not here, baby.”
You whimpered once again before she pushed herself off you and took your hand, leading you down another flight of stairs before entering your floor, quickly leading you to your shared room.
The second the doors closed, you pushed your girlfriend against the nearest surface, crashing your lips together and leading her hand to your clothed core. She cupped your pussy and you pushed your hips into her, moaning into her mouth.
“Take your clothes off and get on the bed,” Natasha said after she pulled away. You complied immediately, moving towards the bed and starting to unzip your dress. Natasha moved to the dresser, reaching to take off her rings.
“No!” You called her attention, she stopped her movements and turned back to you, a smirk making its way across her face. “Leave them on.”
You dropped your dress to the floor, leaving you in the skimpy underwear you had chosen for the night. Natasha’s breath caught in her throat as you moved toward her, you took her hand and traced the rings on her fingers. You dipped your head into the crook of her neck, sucking light marks on her skin. Her hand left yours and gripped onto your waist, pushing you back.
“Knees,” She said and you immediately dropped to your knees, your hands instinctively moving behind you. Natasha tilted your chin up, pushing her fingers past your lips, you moaned around them. “Suck on my fingers and get them nice and wet for me.”
Your tongue moved around her fingers, sucking them further into your mouth. Natasha smirked as she pushed them further down, making you gag on them, drool slipping out the corner of your mouth and dripping onto your chest. She pulled them away from your mouth, a line of spit connecting your lips to her fingers.
“Such a pretty little slut,” She gripped your jaw and ran her thumb over your bottom lip. You wrapped your lips around her thumb, running your tongue over her fingertip. “Get on the bed, princess.”
You stood up and turned your back to your girlfriend, but before you could move towards the bed she gripped your hips. She ran her hands over your ass before she smacked one against your skin, her rings leaving red lines on your ass cheek. You moaned and she brought your back flush against her front, her mouth connecting with the back of your neck, trailing kisses around to the side.
“You’re so pretty, detka, I can’t keep my hands off of you,” She said before giving your ass another light slap and pulling your underwear down. You moved onto the bed, sitting on it and laying against the pillows after removing your bra and tossing it aside.
Natasha removed her clothes and settled herself between your legs, her hand coming down on your pussy before running her thumb over your clit, making your hips buck up and a throaty moan to rip through your body. You could feel her cold rings against your hot skin, sending your body into overdrive. 
“You’re dripping and I haven’t even started touching you yet,” She teased, leaning over you and connecting your lips, her tongue slipping into your mouth as she picked up her pace on your clit. You moaned into her mouth, squirming under her.
She pulled away from you, her face a few inches from yours watching your reaction to her movements. She plunged two fingers into you, pumping them at a slow and steady pace. Your head fell back in pleasure, pushing your breasts up into her chest, your eyes squeezing shut. 
“Look at me, baby,” She said, picking up her pace. A high pitched moan left your lips as Natasha moved down your body, her fingers never faltering. She leaned her head closer to your core, her thumb meeting your clit as she started curling her fingers into you. 
“You take my fingers so well, don’t you?” She asked, spitting over your clit before licking up your slit and wrapping her lips around the sensitive nub. Your hands flew to her hair, pushing her closer to you, your nails lightly scratching her scalp. She moaned into you, the vibrations making you clench around her as she slipped another finger into you. 
“Nat,” You panted between moans, “C-can I cum?”
“Go ahead, honey,” She said as your walls clenched around her fingers, feeling every groove of her rings, only adding to your pleasure. Your body shook as you came all over her hand, Natasha slowing her pace as you rode out your high. She removed her fingers from inside of you, sticking them into your mouth.
You hummed against them, sucking and licking Natasha’s fingers clean. She pulled them away from you, replacing them with her mouth, tasting you on your lips. Her hand moved down to your breast, kneading it and pulling on your nipple, eliciting a moan out of you.
“You did so good, princess,” She said, pecking down your jaw and neck. “Such a good girl.”
“Only for you, Nat,” You whimpered as she sucked on your skin. “Only for you.”
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Hey for love and other desires, will it eventually be Steve x reader x bucky kinda like Stucky x reader? Or will the reader only ever be with Steve or bucky at a time?
So this is something I’ve been contemplating about but I’ve not actually made a decision. I’m kinda just gonna see how it goes for a while and work it from there coz i don’t really have a storyboard or anything, i’m writing it as it comes to me coz that’s the only way I can🤷🏽‍♀️🤧 but I would definitely like everyone’s opinions on this. LEMME KNOW!!!!🌸✨
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