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#the winter soldier
itsflygtig · 41 minutes ago
1. He doesn't show the shield when presenting himself.
2. Can't people see that John sometimes introduces himself as Captain America because he is NOT sure that people will know him by his name because he wasn't a public person before that? It is not so difficult to see.
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neverlandsky · 53 minutes ago
thinking about bucky barnes constantly staring at sam wilson until sam calls him out and bucky being embarrassed but hes trained to keep a straight face so he tries to stare at other people (like john walker) to make it seem normal but when someone other than sam calls him out, sam replies with "you'll get used to it" because he's jealous that bucky isnt only staring at him even tho bucky actually is-
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still-simping-over-sambucky · 58 minutes ago
Sam: hugging Bucky
Bucky: "What was that?"
Sam: "It's called affection."
Bucky: "Disgusting."
Sam: ...
Bucky: "... Do it again."
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rebelforthebadtimes · an hour ago
Imagine the teasing that goes on during missions between you, Sam, and Bucky.
*Platonic! Gender Neutral Reader*
Tumblr media
“On your left!” You shout to Sam, as you fly past him towards the enemy. He groans, and you laugh to yourself, knowing that line irked him at least a little bit.
“Sometimes I wonder why we bring you in the first place.” He says, and you can feel the eye roll as you start going after the enemies flying towards you.
“I don’t know what you mean Sam, I think they’re funny.” Chimed in Bucky from down on the ground. At least the earpieces were working nicely.
“Yeah Sam, get a sense of humor, why don’t you?” You laugh breathlessly, as the fight took some wind out of you.
“Yeah yeah, all funny when you’re teasing me. Don’t forget (Y/N), I have that video of you tripping over nothing but air at three in the morning while we stayed at Sharon’s place in Madripoor.” Sam says, and you glance over to see the shit eating grin he has as you guys start flying closer to the ground to help Bucky with the enemies down there. 
“That I’ve got to see.” Bucky laughs, and you groan.
“I don’t even know how you got that video, I thought I was the only person up. I can’t help exhaustion.” But you laugh as well, thinking of how to get back at Sam for that.
“I have my ways. But don’t think for a second Bucky that you’re off the hook either. I have the video still of when you fell straight through the trees after jumping off the plane.”
“The amount of blackmail that goes on is unbelievable. Can we get back to the mission at hand?” Bucky’s voice was light, meaning he thought it was still funny.
“All because I said ‘on your left’, and Sam took it this far. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing too.” You call over your shoulder to Sam as you roll onto the ground at last, near Bucky and helped him fight.
“I’m sure you will.” He responds with a laugh, also rolling in to help with the fight.
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spareplanets · an hour ago
no bc like i don’t ship sebastian and anthony bc i think they have a really cute friendship. but, imagine if they just... suddenly announced they were dating. do u know how fucking funny that would be? this app would crash, twitter would lose it, and tiktok would be ruled by them. like no, this will not happen bc they’re both straight, but oh my god if it did. we would never recover.
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absolutelyfizzing · 2 hours ago
Luv Note (Bucky x reader)
Based on the song Luv Note by chloe moriondo
Bucky x fem!reader
Description - Bucky recently broke up with y/n. It was because he didn't want her to get hurt but she didn't believe that. Instead she felt that she must have just not been good enough. And in her self doubt, she felt like she understood.
Warning - ANGST! Not even good angst and it has no reason, it is just sad for the sake of being sad. Someone help. Also tw!! Self doubt and bad self talk are in this, don't read if that is triggering for you! If you are struggling with depression reach out to someone! Or me! My messages are always open!
Word count - about 1000
Sleeping has never been so easy Though I'll still toss and twitch my feet You occupy every one of my dreams Makes closing my eyes easier than it seems
She got ready for bed, a frown on her face as she saw Bucky's toothbrush next to the sink. It had been a week but she hadn't had the heart to move it in case he came back. She already knew that wouldn't happen though. Why would he come back when he didn't want her any more. Instead she got into her bed, under her covers and hoped that in her dreams she would see him again and he would love her like she thought he did.
And if it seems you don't feel the same That's alright with me I understand with me isn't quite the best place to be
She made her way to the coffee shop, already correcting herself so she didn't order 2 coffees instead of one. She hadn't been back here since the breakup. It felt like too much of their spot. She froze when she saw him. He was standing waiting for an order and looking at his phone, he didn't look up as she turned and sprinted out of that part of the city. How had he looked so unbothered. So okay. She felt tears well up at the thought but she knew how. He just was over her. She hadn't meant enough to him for him to be upset. She understood, she would have broken up with herself too if she could.
But your smile reminds me of a place that I can't put my finger on so Just say the word and I'm gone
She saw him again on the metro. He was holding on to the stability pole with his gloved hand and she wished she could say hello. It had been almost 2 weeks and while she wished desperately for him to love her, she debated trying to get him to just be her friend. That any contact was better than none. Just as she was thinking it he looked up and saw her. He made she contact and y/n felt herself blush out of embarrassment under his gaze. Before she could look away she saw him smile at her. It was a sad smile but just that look alone reminded her that she would do anything for him. Including not being in his life. That's what he wanted, she thought, as she rushed off the train. Bucky looked after her with regret
I linger on all the things that you've said to me Always wanna be your flower I wanna make you feel real easy I wanna hear you talk for hours
Y/N thought back to all of the time she spent with Bucky when he couldn't sleep. That was when they talked the most. During the day he didn't like to show public affection but at night, in the privacy of their own room, he constantly had his hands on her. She loved how he spoke. It was deliberate and honest. He often talked about their future together. How he would want their wedding to go or how their home would look. She could have listened to talk about that stuff all night long. Sometimes she did. She couldn't help but long to be back in his arms on one of those nights where he could lie to her and tell her he loved her more than life itself. She didn't care how much it would hurt the next day.
And baby love, if it's bad If it's not what you'd hoped for You can always take it back
She wished he would call. She would have picked up in a second. She wished he would show up at her door and have flowers and then confess that he made a mistake. That he wanted her back. She knew better though. Bucky was never one to make rash decisions. Not when it came to her. She knew he had to have thought about it for a while before he broke up with her. She still wished he knew that she would take him back in an instant.
I'd give you what I can afford 'Cause everything you do I adore So maybe you could let me hold your hand real tight And tell you why the sea reminds me of you
Bucky sat in his bed in his room. He had locked himself in there days ago. It had been 3 weeks, almost a month, since it happened. And then just a week ago he saw you on the train. He almost called out to you. He hated riding the train by himself. He felt like he was being watched. Instead he just looked at you and he smiled. You turned and ran. That's what he had done to you. He felt another wave of pain rush over him as he thought of all of things that she did that he loved and how he had to protect those things. He had to protect her. Even if it killed him to never talk to you again.
And then sleeping has never been so easy Though I wish that you could be near It feels like I've fallen for you completely Maybe it's best that you can't be here
They both fell asleep that night thinking of the other person. Wondering why he had done what he did. Still, he knew if he saw her again he would probably break down and beg her to take him back. But he couldn't. He had to stay away, even though it hurt. He fell asleep without nightmares that night, he felt like he was already living one.
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auroracalisto · 3 hours ago
forever too late
summary: a fight goes wrong, and the reader is there for bucky. 
pairing: bucky x reader
word count: 517 words
warnings: major character death, blood, cussing, everything is lowercase
a/n: ;) @hellotvshowtrash​ this is what i was talking about
Tumblr media
blood dribbled down his chin.  it had stained his white teeth pink as he smiled up at you.  “[your name]...”
you got to your knees beside of him, pressing a hand to the wound on his stomach.  you looked up at him, disbelief written on your face.  “what the fuck, bucky?  what the hell?  why didn’t you wait for someone?  why didn’t—”
“—just listen to me,” he coughed, attempting to move to a more comfortable position.  “i don’t... i don’t know if i’m gonna make it.”
“stop it,” you frowned.  “you will.  don’t talk like that.”
“yeah, yeah, doll, but if i don’t,” he groaned as you pressed harder on his bloody wound.  it seemed like the blood just wouldn’t stop.  worry creased your forehead as you looked back up at the super soldier.  
“please don’t say that,” you looked up at him, biting your lip.  “please.”
he chuckled softly, wincing as he did so.  “just listen to me, doll.  i just needed to tell you this.  i’ve... i’ve been meaning to say something for a while now.”
you looked around as you listened to him, hoping that someone would come and help you.  but it seemed as if everyone was in their own little battle, completely ignoring those around them.  even those who were bleeding out from a wound that seemed superficial until you got up close.  
“look at me, please,” bucky said, frowning.  you quickly turned your gaze back to his.  “it’s you.”
“it’s always been you, doll,” he weakly smiled up at you.  “you were the girl i always talked about.  the one i wanted to ask out, the one i wanted to... well, spend my life with...”
“bucky,” you started.  “what are you talking about?”
“i love you, [your name]...”
“bucky,” you said, a warning tone in your voice.  you couldn’t believe what he was saying.  you loved him back.  but he was going to make it.  he had to make it.  
“i just needed you to know, doll.”
“you’re being ridiculous.  you’re going to be fine,” you said, looking towards some of the others.  steve had finally gotten away from his fight and took off in your direction.  you kept your hand over his wound, and for a moment, you believed that he was fine.  
bucky took in a sharp breath, and then he was silent.  
your heart fell to your stomach.  turning to look at the man, you could feel your body growing cold.
“bucky?” your voice shook.  “bucky, oh my god,” you moved your hands.  despite the blood that covered them, you cupped his cheeks and gently shook him.  you knew it wouldn’t do anything—but you could hope.  “oh my god, no, bucky, please!”
steve came to your side, anger and sadness overtaking his features.  he bent down beside of you, placing a hand on your shoulder.  you didn’t push him away, tears beginning to roll down your cheeks.  this wasn’t fair—he was supposed to be okay.  he was going to be fine.  
letting out a sob, you pressed a kiss to his lips.  the words left your mouth far too late.  he would never hear them, now.  “i love you, too, bucky...”
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silverwing2522 · 3 hours ago
Watch "Paranoid●The Winter Soldier" on YouTube
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yaksomins · 4 hours ago
ok yes, sam and bucky are snarky as all hell and love getting on each other’s nerves but they also caress each other’s shoulders, necks, and waists; constantly give each other heart eyes; kiss each other’s foreheads first thing in the morning and before they go to bed at night (their daily ritual); fuss over each other’s safety during every single mission; wash and fold each other’s clothes while one of them is still asleep; buy random snacks they think the other will enjoy;
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