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#peggy carter
svmbucky · 4 hours ago
started watching agent carter because i missed peggy which ended up being a poor choice because now i cant stop watching agent carter. its almost three am
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cantstopthinkingcomics · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Peggy Carter by Otto Schmidt
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I am doing a lot of research on maternity care and pregnancy in the 20th century and now all my targeted ads are for birth control
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taylorsrockalbum · 7 hours ago
i rmr sometime in the last couple years someone saying steve doesn’t deserve peggy and i was annoyed but more than that i realized it is in fact the reverse and she doesn’t deserve steve
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This was, without an absolute doubt, a reawakening of some sort in my life. 
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37 people have read the first chapter of my fic today. It took a week and five chapters for that many people to read my Bridgerton fanfiction. AM I DOING SOMETHING RIGHT????
This is going to my head. 
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thatwritererinoriordan · 11 hours ago
I read that Women of Marvel issue with Peggy Carter as Captain America and now I want more Captain America (Peggy).
Tumblr media
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incorrectmarvels · 13 hours ago
Sharon: Steve, will you please tell Nat, Bucky, and Sam why we were kissing?
Steve: An online dating site randomly paired us up, so as a joke I thought it would be funny to pretend you and I were dating. And then you kissed me as a joke to shut me up.
Sharon: But we never had any other romantic contact after that?
Steve: No, that would be like dating your elderly aunt.
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chaoticbutterflyrebel · 14 hours ago
I love the story idea for the series but I just CANNOT understand why the TVA are arresting Loki and not the Avengers who WERE THE ONES THAT FUCKED WITH LOKIS TIMELINE and I ESPECIALLY cannot understand why THEY ARENT ARRESTING STEVE MOTHERFUCKING ROGERS WHO FUCKED UP THE TIMELINE TO BE WITH PEGGY?! like do u rly think Peggy went on to create SHIELD after Steve’s happy ending? No! And that’s FUCKED UP
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pleasesteponmeshmi · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there are times when a pair of characters are just so wonderful together that i decide i don't care whether they end up romantically/sexually involved, but they are each other's person and any love interest that gets in the way of it risks my goddamn wrath
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aurora-australis-tumbles · 15 hours ago
hopefully you haven’t already done this one before but sailboat + peggysous? 💕
You got it, friend!
For #20: sailboat
“They’re getting away.”
“I can see that.”
“Like... really getting away.”
“Yes, Chief, thank you.”
Daniel squinted. “Not, uh, not even sure I can see them anymore.”
Peggy whirled around and glared at him.
“Is there something you’d like to say, Chief Sousa?”
Daniel pulled the most innocent expression he was capable of. “Me? Naw.”
Peggy turned her attention back to the boom. “Good.”
“It’s just…”
She whipped around again. “What? It’s just what?”
“It’s just, I’m wondering, a little, if commandeering a boat to chase our would-be smugglers was the wisest course of action.”
“I fail to see the issue, Chief Sousa. They fled in a boat, we gave chase in a boat.”
“True, true... course they fled in a speedboat.”
“And this is a sailboat.”
“Your point?”
“I think we brought a water pistol to a gunfight, Peg.”
Peggy crossed her arms over her chest petulantly and shot Daniel the most unamused look she could muster, which was, she was a bit proud to note, extremely unamused. But then she turned to look once more towards the craft they were pursuing and, when she couldn’t find it at all, her expression turned disappointed instead.
Peggy sat down on the small side bench and sighed.
She heard Daniel maneuver up from the stern to stand next to her.
“You ok, Peg?” he asked.
She made a vague defeated gesture towards the water and their apparent lack of company. “It appears, Chief Sousa, that my pistol is all out of water.”
He sat down beside her.
“So it does. But you know what?”
“We know where they’re headed, and who they’re meeting, and we’ll catch ‘em in the act tomorrow.”
Peggy shrugged; he wasn’t wrong, but she didn’t like to lose either.
“Additionally,” Daniel continued, holding a small bottle out to her, “I found a whole bunch of very nice champagne in that cooler back there.” He pulled a little knife from his pocket and popped the cork. “A bottle of which I am, as Chief of the LA SSR, commandeering.”
Peggy narrowed her eyes slightly. “For what purpose?” she asked.
“A sunset cruise, Agent Carter, and a drink that is long, long overdue.”
And, with that, Daniel handed her the bottle, grinning as he did.
And, despite her recent disappointment, Peggy found herself smiling back.
Because, smugglers and their ludicrously fast getaway vehicles aside, the view really was rather lovely, and the slight bobbing of the sailboat really was rather relaxing, and Daniel’s proximity really was rather nice.
She took a swig of the champagne and handed it back to Daniel, slipping her free hand into his as she did.
It’s true, Peggy didn’t like to lose.
Luckily, today, she hadn’t.
June Prompt List
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accidental-spice · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, here’s my first art post on Tumblr! First picture is of Agent Peggy Carter from the Marvel TV show, Agent Carter. Go watch it, it’s amazing!
The second one is my contribution to Kanej week 2021. It’s based on the prompt for day 1: Mythology. Or, more specifically, Soulmates. See, the picture is supposed to be that soulmate AU where you can’t see color until you meet your soulmate. 
 For more clarification, go read @kanerallels Kanej week fanfiction. It’s CRAZY good. And it’s what I based this off of. Mostly.
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aestheticallyholland · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marvel Cinematic Universe Cast ⁵
edited by aestheticallyholland; apps used are picsart, vsco, canva, remini
avoid removing watermarks, just share!
See other sets are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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ficsxreaderr · 18 hours ago
Music to my eyes [8]
Pairing: Single dad!Bucky Barnes x reader. (Modern day AU)
Summary:  As a simple worker at a record store, there’s so much  you want to do  in life yet, which doesn’t involve a serious relationship  and much less  a relationship with a guy who’s a father. Once you meet  Bucky Barnes  you’re not sure you can live up to that anymore.
Requests are open. Tagging for a permanent list and this fic are open.
Reblogging and feedback are welcome and appreciated!
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Tumblr media
Dead silence filled the room as he stared at her with eyes that glistened with tears that threatened to roll down his cheek; he could only think of the tiny creature that slept on the crib in the other room and how scary the thought of being alone with her was.
“James, it will only be two months, in two months, I’ll be right here, holding her again.” She explained, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.
“But she’s still so young, how am I going to manage on my own, Ally? Are you sure it’s only going to be two months?” He frowned and pursed his lips as he managed to swallow his tears.
“I swear, I’ll be back before you know it, you’re a great dad, you were great since the pregnancy, okay? I’ll be checking in on you, making sure you’re doing alright. And you can call me anytime as well, even if there’s a time difference.” She caressed his arm as she gave him a small smile, and that softened his expression, too.
“Alright, I’ll do my best.” He sniffed and nodded, and she hugged him tightly as she stood up to start packing.
Ally had gotten a job in Germany, only across the ocean from her newborn baby and the father of her child. Bucky was too scared to be left alone with the baby, even if two months didn’t sound as terrible. He didn’t know the first thing about being a father, he had to stay at his job in the hospital and look for a temporary babysitter, at least. The thought of a stranger taking care of his baby girl was horrifying but he really had no choice, since Ally had already made hers.
Bucky even helped Ally pack her things and be ready for her trip, and he even let her take Sarah’s favorite stuffed animal for Ally to remember her by.
Two days later, Bucky was dropping Ally off at the airport, holding Sarah in his arms as she reached out her little arm to grab her mom’s hair one last time. Ally kissed her cheek as a tear rolled down hers, and then she locked gazes with Bucky as he stared with saddened eyes at her, hoping that two months went by fast.
“We’ll be alright.” He said in, lowly, with a slight nod. Ally had nothing else to say and she walked into the airport, leaving Bucky and Sarah behind. It’s only going to be two months, Bucky thought, she’ll be back in no time.
Bucky’s heart slowly broke as he realized that Ally stopped calling after three weeks, as well as picking up his calls. He knew none of them were ready to have a baby but he always thought that it was men who usually walked away from their responsibility, not the other way around. He knew how freaked out Ally had been during the pregnancy, because he’d felt like that, too, but the second he laid eyes on Sarah’s eyes, blue as his, he knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He wished that had happened to Ally, too, but he guessed the “parent” thing is not for everyone.
The only thing that made Bucky feel good about Ally basically ditching them was that Sarah was so young that she wouldn’t remember who her mother had been or what she looked like, and he knew he would tell her some story when she was old enough. He didn’t want to lie to her, but the truth was so painful, how her mother walked away from her as if she meant nothing.
Since then, Bucky’s been protecting his heart, and most importantly, Sarah’s. No girl he’s ever tried to date has met Sarah, at least not as his date. He’s been alright with Sarah, at least financially he’s had no problem, but every time he has to leave her with a babysitter, his heart tightens in his chest thinking how nobody will ever love her as he does. He’s tried really hard not to attach too much to a woman, he’s been too scared to get hurt or to get Sarah hurt.
So, when he met you, he was trying to do the same, he was trying to take things slow and think about all the “pros and cons” of his relationship with you, but when he saw how you treated his kid, when you weren’t even starting a relationship, he knew there was something about you that he couldn’t let go off. The rocky start that you had, the insecurity of letting you into his life and how overwhelmed you felt by knowing that being a part of his was a lot to take in; it was all worth it when you had that magical night at Steve’s wedding, and it all seemed to fall into place.
Since the wedding you’ve been living in a reality that seems so foreign. The morning after the wedding Bucky and you went to have breakfast at a small café near the hotel, trying to avoid seeing anyone else until you both decided that what happened the night before was something real. You took a shower and you both wore the spare clothes you’d brought the night before.
As you walked out of the hotel, Bucky was quick to take your hand in his, gently tangling his fingers with yours. You looked up at him and your smiles widened in synch as you walked slowly to the café. It’s like time had stopped, or as if you had all the time in the world that day. Bucky made it really hard for you to even eat your food and drink your coffee, as he peppered you with kisses, some quick pecks on your lips and some on your cheeks as you smiled at him. You were on the clouds.
“Didn’t know you were so fond of PDA’s.” You teased him with a smirk, making him chuckle.
“I didn’t think I was but you and I have missed so much time together, I wanna make up for it.” He said with resting his chin on his fist over the table.
“So, we’re really gonna do this, right? The whole…dating thing.” You narrowed your eyes, afraid you’d pushed him too hard into giving you an answer.
He chuckled and a wider smile adorned his face, “There’s nothing I want more, doll.” He put his hand over yours and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“I never understood what the problem was, you fell for him the second you laid eyes on him.” Sam shrugs as you’re talking about how you and Bucky finally worked things out.
“It wasn’t that easy, you know, he’s got Sarah.” You replied as you did the awfully boring paperwork for the store. “I just…I just couldn’t lose him because I was too scared.”  
“Yeah, the sparks in your eyes say as much.” He teases you, making you hit his arm playfully. “Don’t be so aggressive, just stating the facts here.” He holds up his hands in defense. “So was the wedding night everything you hoped for?” He quirks up an eyebrow, as if you didn’t know what he was talking about.
You chuckle and bite your cheek as you try to find a rather decent answer. “It was more than that, you know.” He immediately widens his eyes, faking surprise. “You idiot.” You shake your head in disbelief and both of you are distracted by the store’s bell ringing, and your face lights up at the sight of Bucky wearing his black scrubs, probably your favorite view.
“Speaking of the devil!” Sam exclaims, loud as usual, making both you and Bucky throw death stares at him.
“You were talking about me, huh?” Bucky says as he approaches the counter and leans over to kiss your lips briefly.
“Well, you know how Sam’s gotten a bit jealous since now I’m taking all your attention.” You reply as Bucky lets himself in to your side of the counter. Sam laughs at that as he continues organizing the records that just came in, and Bucky is quick to give his input,
“Sam, you should’ve known that it would happen someday.” He says as he puts his arm around you, resting his hand on your waist, pulling you closer to him.
“Buck, this has just arrived, thought you’d want it.” You say as you show him The Man who sold the world, with the British cover, in perfect condition.
“Oh my God!” He says as his eyes widen, and he takes it with no hesitation. “Of course I want it! Thanks!” He says, and he gives you a long kiss on the cheek, making your heart flip twice in your chest.
“Yeah, good selling strategy, Y/N! Offer every single record to your boyfriend and we’ll be millionaires in no time!” Sam adds, making you and Bucky laugh, and he enters the office at the back of the store.
“He’s got a point.” Bucky shrugs. “Hey, wanna have lunch together?” He says, turning to see you.
“Sure, do you want Sam to come along or is it just the two of us?” You murmur so Sam doesn’t overhear you and feels uncomfortable.
“Nah, he can come.” Bucky shrugs. “But he can’t come on dinner dates, that’s like a rule.” He jokes, making you chuckle.
“Oh, we’re setting rules now?” You quirk up an eyebrow in amusement, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Hell yeah we are, how are we gonna make this work if we don’t?” He smiles, pecking your lips as he puts his arms around you, too.
“I’m okay with that.” You nod. “Hey, how’s Sarah?”
“She’s okay, a bit reluctant to go to school today but who isn’t?” He makes you chuckle. “Are you ready to go or do you need more time?”
“No, I’m good.” You shrug. “Sam! Are you coming for lunch?” You exclaim so he can hear you to the other side of the store.
“Wait, are you not going to ditch me now that you’re dating?” Sam says, nearly running out of the office and drawing his hand to his chest in surprise. You both laugh at him as he strolls towards you.
“What do you mean ditch you? We just agreed that you’re only banned from dinner dates.” You reply as Bucky lets go of you and you grab your bag and walk to the other side of the counter again.
“Alright, fair enough.” He holds up his hands in surrender.
The three of you make your way to have lunch together, and everything seems to be exactly how it should be. You’ve come to your favorite place in the city, where you can eat right outside the restaurant and it even gives away some Parisian vibes. Bucky sits beside you, and Sam sits across from you, and he can’t hide his amusement as he notices how Bucky can’t take his hands off you. He’s constantly playing with your hair, caressing your neck as you speak, putting his hand over your thigh and squeezing it gently. None of it goes unnoticed by you as you keep glancing at him with a small smile and even a slight blush.
“So, is he always this touchy or is just with me?” You ask Sam, teasing Bucky and staring at him as he hides his face in his hand in embarrassment.
“Oh no, definitely just with you. It’s totally new to me.” Sam jokes, and you both laugh as Bucky takes a sip of his drink, failing at hiding his blushed cheeks.
“Good to know.” You nod and take his hand in yours, giving him a smile to reassure him how much you enjoy his little displays of affection.
You order and enjoy having lunch with your best friend and your boyfriend. It’s been a week since the wedding and Bucky decided three days ago that he didn’t have a problem putting tags on what you were, in fact, he wanted to because he was so sure of his feelings and of what he wanted with you that he had absolutely nothing to think through.
The three of you walked back to the store, Bucky had to get back to work and Sam and you couldn’t leave the store closed any longer. As you stopped to unlock the door, Bucky grabbed your hand, making you turn around to see him.
“What’s wrong?” You frowned, and he waited for Sam to enter the store.
“Nothing,” He shook his head, but the way he played with your fingers made you believe otherwise. “I just…wanted to know if…you wanted to…come over today after work…and stay the night.” He pressed his lips and his gaze softened as you smiled at him, already giving him the answer he wanted.
“I’d love that, Buck.” You reach up to caress his cheek, and then you give him a long, soft kiss, leaving his lips red and swollen, curved up in a crooked smile. He swears his heart stopped with that kiss, it was much more, it reassured him how easy things are with you, and how it’s his turn to trust you, too, and to give you his heart completely.
“See you later, then.” He adds, winking at you.
Back at your apartment, you’re getting ready to head to Bucky’s place as you said you would. You tried to ignore the nerves that threatened to wreck you tonight and managed to think of how great this night could be. After deciding to pack lightly, the obvious choice since it was only for one night, you took your bag and started getting ready. You felt like a teenager before her first sleepover, but it didn’t matter, you wanted to spend as much time as you could with Bucky, and if that meant staying at his place at this rather early point of your relationship, then it would be more than okay for you.
Your phone buzzing distracted you, but you quickly relaxed as you saw Bucky’s name on the screen, with a heart emoji right beside it.
“Hey, you.” You said, already smiling from ear to ear.
“Hey, doll. Are you still at work?”
“No, I came to my place to grab some stuff before heading to yours.”
“What do you mean heading to my place? I’ll pick you up, okay?”
“Buck, you don’t even know where I live.” You joke, chuckling.
“Not a problem, text me the address and I’ll be there.” You can hear his smile through the phone and you agree to do that, and he tells you he’ll be there in 30 minutes. Which gives you plenty of time to take a shower and finish getting ready.
Like clockwork, Bucky buzzes into your apartment within 30 minutes, and you tell him you’ll be right down. Your heartbeat accelerates with every number the elevator counts down, and you bite your lip, risking cutting it with your teeth. The moment you step outside your building, your face lights up as you see Bucky wearing a sweatshirt, his scrubs underneath and he’s holding two cups of coffee.
“Hey.” You say as you step closer to him and reach up to kiss him.
“Hi, sweetheart.” He kisses you again. “Thought you’d want some coffee.” He adds, holding up the cup in the space between the two of you.
“And aren’t you always right about what I want.” You shake your head in disbelief, taking the cup. “Thanks.” You kiss his cheek and you make your way to his car. He’s quick to take your bag and put it in the trunk after opening the door for you, and as cheesy as it all feels, it makes your stomach twist in excitement. It’s been a while since you last had a relationship that made you feel so safe and comfortable around someone.
You climb into Bucky’s car, remembering that night some months ago where he wanted to give you a ride home and you didn’t let him, for both of your sakes, and it makes you wonder what things would have been like if you’d just say yes that time. You were so focused on pushing him away that you missed so much.
“Hey.” He says, making you look at him since you were distracted looking through the window. “Everything okay? Do you not want to go tonight?” He says, placing his hand over your thigh.
“Oh! No! I’m good,” You chuckle. “I just remembered something.” You give him a reassuring smile. “I—there’s nothing else I’d rather do tonight.” You put your hand over his and he gives you a crooked smile before turning his eyes back on the road.
You get to his loft and everything feels just like home, like you’ve been here a thousand times before; he lets you in first, and you wait for him as he closes the door and leaves his coat on the hanger. As familiar as this feels, you’re still hesitant about whether you should really make yourself at home or just wait for Bucky to give you a green light about everything.
“Hey, um…” You clear your throat and he puts his hand at the small of your back, giving you a puzzled look. “Where’s….Sarah?”
“She’s at Steve’s, I…asked him and Peggy if they could look after her tonight….” He offers you a lopsided grin, as if he felt insecure about what he’s saying. You chuckle and when he sees your relaxed expression, he chuckles, too.
“You had this all planned out.” You bite your lip in amusement.
“Of course I did, we’ve been waiting for this long enough.” You simply nod and he gestures for you to head to the living room, where you see he’s prepared some blankets, extra pillows, and he’s cleared the coffee table for whatever food you’ll be having.
“Look at this! It’s like the perfect movie night!”
“I was going for that, actually.” You glance at him with a smile. “What are you in the mood for? Chinese? Pizza?”
“Pizza will do, and some popcorn, too!” You exclaim as a kid, and he chuckles with his blushed cheeks as he nods.
“Your wish is my command.” He shakes his head in disbelief.  He takes your hand, making you turn to see him. “Make yourself at home, okay? He draws his hand to your neck, and leans over to kiss you softly, making you smile at him.
“I will.” You nod and he walks to the kitchen to grab some drinks as you make yourself comfortable on his living room. You smile as you notice how well prepared all this evening was, he had placed your favorite blanket on the couch, on the side of the couch that you usually prefer. You sit there, and send Sam a quick text telling him how excited you are for tonight and that you’ll tell him everything as soon as possible. He replies with some emojis, teasing you obviously and you laugh. Bucky walks in and asks what you’re laughing about and you tell him how Sam is responsible, as usual. You lock your phone and put it in your purse, as Bucky sits beside you, handing you a glass of wine.
“Fancy, aren’t we?” You tell him with a smile on your face.
“Just trying to rise to the occasion.” He nods, clinking his glass with yours. You smile at him and for a moment, and then for the rest of the night, you forget about the world and whatever made you insecure around him at all. And as excited as you were about the turn out of tonight, you decide to relish in every little moment and every second you can share with him, without worrying about later, or tomorrow, or the future.
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'Eat shit, Howard.' Peggy answered
notanotherpeggycarterblog “Isn’t it Perfect?” draft
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First Chapter, leak? idk read it if you want. I am still far from finished with it.
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kimorrow · a day ago
Loki spoilers/theories under cut
You know how Peggy Carter supposedly made a cameo in Loki? I have a theory that the Peggy seen is actually the one from Agent Carter.
The theory is, since Steve was supposedly supposed to go back and stay with Peggy, that would mean Agent Carter never happened. It’s not canon. And neither is Agents of Shield. And since Agents of Shield was almost like a sequel to Agent Carter, it would make sense for the Peggy variant seen in Loki to be the Peggy of Agent Carter.
That‘s my theory. What do you think?
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