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#avengers endgame
idkwhygregg · 3 hours ago
Choices (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
(A/N: This chapter took so long to write...It is very angsty, and basically endgame with a few twists so sorry for that one folks. As always I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors in advance.)
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: We Only Go Backwards
Warning: Violence, language, angst
*Five year after the snap*
I dodged his fist, shifting my weight to the left. He retaliated by landing a cross jab, connecting to my jaw. I doubled back a little, I could feel the blood drip a little down my face. He probably broke my nose. 
I brought my guard up and did a low uppercut and cross jab combination. Him swiftly dodging my uppercut only to be met with my cross jab. He smiled as if the punch tickled him. I frowned a little. They weren’t kidding about this guy being indestructible in the ring. 
I shuffled away from him sizing him up. It was round 5 and I wasn’t making a single dent in his morale. While he had landed several punches, and was wearing me out. I wiped my nose a little looking at the blood painted on my hand now.  
He shuffled forward and went to throw a hook followed by a jab, I slipped left and threw a hook, jab, hook combination. He held his face in surprise, revealing a cut on his lip. He went to throw a punch but was stopped by the bell. We went to our respective corners. 
“Doing good y/l/n, you’re in his head now. You gotta keep driving him up the wall.” Danny encouraged. 
I looked over to my opponent Carl Lucus aka the Luke Cage. He looked pissed, but also slightly impressed, the cut on his lip already healed. I looked back at Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, the guy who tricked me into this fight. 
“How the fuck am I going to drive him up a wall?? He’s got me on the ropes. One more body shot and I’m out.” I hissed. 
Danny poured water on my face and shoved my mouth guard into my mouth, and shrugged at me. “Improvise. You’re always good at that. Remember I got money on the line.” 
Before I could say anything he pushed me into the ring and the bell rang, the 6th round starting. I groaned and put my guard up. I had been living between Chicago and Brooklyn off and on for the last 4 years. I was in Brooklyn catching up with my buddy Danny when he wrapped me into this fight. Betting 1k I’d last longer than 10 rounds with Luke fucking Cage. 
You shuffled back every time Luke shuffled forward. Finally He landed a low jab, grabbing your body to his a side hook. You pushed him off and threw an uppercut. Luke grunted at the contact and he rolled his left arm throwing a massive jab, followed by a right uppercut, and left hook. You fell to the ground. The chain on your neck hanging off a little. Wanda’s ring started to swing from the chain. 
You were holding your side, panting for air. The countdown starting. I slowly got up, and resumed fighting. You shuffled forward again, throwing a quick combination. Luke dodged the combo and threw another cross jab followed by a hook. Connecting with my jaw. I fell down and passed out. 
Luke helped me up, slapping my back. “You did good kid. Lasted longer than this fool. And his hands glow.” He said trying to make me feel better. 
I groaned a little and chuckled. “Thanks, they weren’t kidding about you being the power man. Those punches were next level.” You hyped up. 
Luke grinned in response. “Hey, Danny is paying for drink? You comming” 
I shook my head “I’m gonna finish up here, you guys go ahead.” I told them. 
Danny and Luke headed out for drinks. I stayed behind to catch my breath. You started to unwrap your hand wrap, when you sensed a presence behind you. 
“You got your ass handed to you.” A familiar voice teased. 
I sighed knowing that voice anywhere. When Pepper called about Nat, Steve, and Scott, trying to convince Tony to save the universe. She warned they’d try me next. I was mentally preparing for this. I wasn’t expecting so soon. 
“Do you know who that was?” I asked turning to Nat. 
Natasha grinned, her hair in a long braid her red roots overpowering the blonde. 
“Should I?” She asked. 
“That is Luke Cage, he has superhuman strength and stamina,  extremely dense skin and muscle tissue, which means every punch I throw is like a tickle. I lasted longer than anyone in the ring with him, considering you know he doesn’t fucking get hurt.” You explained slightly annoyed. 
She smirked her lips forming an O, she crossed her arms. 
“What are you doing in Brooklyn?” I asked wiping my neck with a towel. 
“You still have the ring?” She motioned to the ring around my neck.
I frowned and tucked the ring inside my tank top, and threw the towel down.
“I see you still avoid my questions.” I scoffed. 
“Force of habit, you started rubbing off on me.” She retorted. 
I shook my head and grinned. I could always count on Nat to trigger bickering.
“Why are you here?” I asked again my tone low. 
Nat paused and gave me a look, before taking a deep breath. “We can bring her back. All of them.” She started. 
I laughed a humorless laugh. “What? The time heist? When Pepper called, about that I was hoping it was a joke. Tony said it was impossible.” 
She gave me a hurt look. “You are still in contact with them?” 
I avoided her eyes, ever since France I left the team and completely went off grid. The only person I confided to was Carol and after dating off and on for a couple months, we finally broke up last year. Me not being able to handle her long ass trips to space. The person I avoided the most though was Nat, she was the only person who could read me better than anyone. 
But that didn’t mean I was completely isolated. When I heard about Tony and Pepper getting married it was months after they’d tied the knot, I spent the week with them. We reconciled and ever since they adopted me as their own. I was Auntie y/n when Morgan was born. I bought a dog, who I hadn’t named, simply because I had no idea what to name him.
 I visited Thor every once and awhile, always bringing him a new thing to play with. Last time I brought him guitar hero. Of course there was also Clint...I hadn’t seen him in months. When we last chatted he bought me drinks, asking me for intel on the drug cartel I was affiliated with back before I was with shield. Every once and awhile he’ll swing by for a drink and more intel. 
I looked back at her and sighed. “Yeah, spend the weekend at their farmhouse every other month.”
An awkward silence hung in the air. 
“That doesn’t change the fact, we can do it.” She insisted.
“Nat stop-” I pleaded. 
“You have to try-”
“Nat-” I warned.
“How can you stop trying? You know she’d try anything if it was reversed. How can you say you love her-”
“NATALIA” I yelled tears threatening to fall down my face. 
Nat’s eyes widened, and she stopped dead in her tracks. 
“Don’t.” I croaked. “Don’t make empty promises.” 
She walked over to me and wiped my the tears falling down my face. And gently cupped my face to look at her
“This isn’t an empty promise. This is going to work. me.” She pleaded in a soft voice. “семья доверяет друг другу“ She added in a low voice.  
Family always trusts each other.
I looked away from her, we felt anything but a family. We were so broken and detached from the unit we once were. is still family even if it was dysfunctional. I looked at her, and sighed...If there was even a chance, a small percentage to see Wanda again, I had to take it. I nodded and held her hands. 
That’s how i found myself back in the avengers compound hangar, watching Scott Lang standing in front of a van quantum machine portal waiting to be pushed through time. 
“You’re sure these modifications are safe?” He looks over to...Banner who is hulk. 
I tried really hard not to let it freak me out, Smart hulk wearing reading glasses, making adjustments to a new control panel.
“I reran my calculations three times- “
“Because the guy who invented this thing is pretty much a genius-” Scott casually dropped.
“I have seven PhD’s, an MD, the Hans Bethe Award for Physics, and I’m personal friends with Bill Nye the Science Guy. We’re good.” Smart hulk assures. 
“Yeah. And you look like that on purpose.” Scott says nonchalantly, looking at me slightly. 
Steve and Nat walk up from behind me. 
“Breakers are set, emergency generator’s on stand-by.” Steve announces.
“Good. If we blow the grid, I don’t want to lose Tiny back in the ‘50’s.” Smart Hulks sighed in relief. 
I widen my eyes and look at Nat giving her a What the fuck did this man just say? look. 
“Excuse me?” Scott croaked.
“He was kidding.” Nat chuckled out unconvincingly.
 “I was kidding.” Smart hulk assured loudly with a big smile. 
“You were kidding, right?” Nat whispered to smart Hulk
“Honestly, I have no idea. We’re attempting time travel. Either it’s all a joke, or none of it is.” He mumbled to us. 
“I’m sorry what?” I say my eyes filled with concern looking between Hulk and Nat.
“We’re good! Helmet on.” Smart Hulk yelled out to Scott. 
Scott puts on his helmet, slightly dubious. 
“Okay. I’m going to send you back one week, give you an hour to look around, then bring you back in ten seconds. Make sense?” Hulk continued. 
“Perfectly not confusing.” Scott murmured. 
“Good luck, Scott. You’ve got this.” Steve affirmed with a head nod. 
“Yes, I do, Captain America. Yes, I-” Scott started with more confidence. Smart Hulk pulls the lever before Scott could finish his sentence. Scott shrinks to nothing. Causing me to jump a little. 
“Counting down from three, two, one...” Right on cue Scott reappears but he was 12-FUCKING YEARS OLD. 
“What the fuck...” I whispered pointing to Scott.  
“Uh, guys? This doesn’t feel right.” Scott groaned. 
“Is that Scott?” Nat asked looking at Hulk. 
“Probably...? “ He said scrambling, hitting buttons. 
Scott shrinks back into nothing. 
“Get him back!” Steve urged slightly panicking.
Smart Hulk flips a switch. Scott reappears again...BUT now he was 93. 
“Oh, my back!” Scott whimpered holding his back hunching over slightly.
No words could describe the levels of fear I was feeling. My mouth agape, arms crossed.
“Bruce! Get it under control. What the hell is going on?” Nat said clearly panicked. 
“I got it, I know exactly what’s going on. Pretty much.” Hulk insisted.
Scott shrinks to nothing once again. Hulk types frantically with a pencil, fingers too big for the keys. 2-year old Scott popped out. 
“Oh, my God.” Nat let out in shock. 
“It’s a baby.” Steve mumbled out.
“It’s Scott.” Hulk said with a shrug. 
“As a baby!” I retaliated pointing at the baby in the oversized suit. 
“He’ll grow.” He offered. 
“Banner!” Steve firmly stopped.
Smart Hulk hits a button. Baby Scott disappears. “When I tell you, kill the power!” He throws a switch. “Now!” 
Nat killed the power. Normal Scott stumbles off the pad. 
“Somebody peed my pants. I don’t know if it was baby-me or old-me. Or just me-me.” Scott whimpered hands out in fear. 
You decided two things in that moment. 1.You weren’t going into that machine. 2. You needed an excuse to leave the Hangar. You mumbled an excuse of having to walk your dog. You grabbed him from your room and jogged around the compound. Trying to clear the image of Scott turning into a baby from your brain. You made it back to the front of the compound seeing Steve talking to Tony in his Audi. 
Your dog wagged his tail in excitement of new humans. I walked up smiling and thanking God for the gift of Tony. You were close to asking for a ride home. 
“It’s called the EPR Paradox. Instead of pushing Lang through time, you were pushing time through Lang. It’s dangerous. I probably should’ve cautioned you against it.” Tony elaborated with a pointed look.
“You did.” Steve admitted.
“Thank god, I’m here. Regardless, I fixed it.” Tony said with a smug grin. He holds up...a watch. “That is a fully-functioning, time- space GPS. I just want peace. Resentment is corrosive. I hate it.” Tony says throwing up a peace sign.  
“Me, too.” Steve agreed with a nod. 
I could see something ease between them, for the first time in years. Tony looked over to you in surprise. 
“Oh so how did they wrap you into this train wreck?” Tony asked. Before I could answer, he continued on “Well regardless I’m here now.”
“Which I’m thankful for. I was about to call you to pick me up.” I said truthfully.
“Oh, also on behalf of both me and Pepper, please stop teaching our daughter boxing combinations. All she wants to is beat up the furniture.” Tony begged.
I laughed “No chance, she’s the one who begged me to show her. I can’t say no to her- besides every young girl should learn to throw a good punch.” I defended. 
Tony smiled and then turned to Steve. “Now that I got a witness. We’ve got a shot at the Stones. I just need you to know my priorities. Bring back everyone we lost, hopefully. Keep what I found, definitely. And, let’s not die trying.”
Steve looks at Tony. He offers his hand. 
“Sounds like a deal.” They shake. This is a long time coming. 
“You heard that kid? You as my witness.” Tony says hand still in Steve’s.
“-But wait, there’s more. Act now, and it comes with a bonus offer.” Tony pops the trunk. Steve stares, moved, at...his shield. 
“Tony, I don’t know-” 
“What’s to know? He made it for you. Plus, I gotta get it out of the garage before Morgan takes it sledding.” He said casually. “Which is another thing stop giving her obscure knives.” Tony says sternly pointing at me.
I chuckle a little knowing that I wasn’t going to stop giving his daughter pink knives. Steve finally picks up the shield, sliding it onto his arm. “Thank you, Tony.” Steve thanks earnestly. 
I see Tony chokes up, trying to cover it up by slamming the trunk. I smile at the sight. “Just don’t flaunt it. I didn’t bring enough for the whole team. We are getting the whole team, right?” Tony asks looking at the both of us.
Steve looks at me and I offer an uncertain smile.
“We’re trying.” I say. 
I waited outside with Scott, watching the Bentar land down. I waited in nervous anticipation waiting to see if Carol would come out. I bit back my slight disappointment but also my relief when it was Nebula and Rocket.   
“Hey Y/l/n where’s Big green?” Rocket asked. 
I motioned behind to the building. “He’s inside.” 
“Um, kitchen, I think.” Scott said more specifically.
I nod at Nebula, who give me a nod in greeting. Scott tries a smile at Nebula. She just hits her com “Rhodey, careful on re-entry. There’s an idiot in the landing zone.”
She goes inside and Rhodey lands in dramatic fully giving Scott an heart attack. 
“Oh, my God!” Scott gasped out. 
“What’s up, Regular-Sized Man?” Rhodey snickered.
“Drama queen.” I greeted teasingly.
“Philly cheese steak.” He greeted back with an eye roll.
Which was referencing when I dropped my philly cheese steak sandwich on the ground, a year ago at this point. I knew I was never living that one down.
Rhodey goes inside as smart Hulk walks out, carrying an overnight bag. He hands Scott some tacos with a smile. 
“Finally. I ain’t got all day.” Rocket exclaimed dramatically. 
“I call shotgun!” smart Hulk called walking up to the Benatar’s gangway, 
After a day I watched Thor stand with a beer in a cozy, staring at a new quantum tunnel affixed with Tony’s capacitor. 
Clint offered himself to test the machine out first. After our first attempt with Scott, I told the team I was skipping out. Agreeing to be the one to watch the machine if anything were to go wary. 
Clint waits alone on the platform wearing the time suit. Smart Hulk readies the quantum console as we all watch. 
“Okay, Clint. Starting in three, two, one...” Hulk trails off
Clint nods over at them, determined. Suddenly he stretches, shrinks and vanishes. 
After a few minutes Clint appears on the pad, shaken. Tony and Nat approach him. 
“Are you all right? Hey, look at me. You okay?” Nat gently asks.
“Tell me something good...” Tony watched him carefully
Clint looks up, tearful. He holds out a baseball mitt. 
“It worked. It worked.” Clint mumbled in awe.
I could feel myself allow hope to sink into my soul. Holding onto Wanda’s ring hanging on a chain around my neck. 
“Holy crap. We’re freaking time travelers.” Rocket said astonished. 
So thats when we worked into the next phase of the plan trying to find out where all the stones were in the past. 
Tony, Natasha, Smart Hulk, and I hash it out.
“So this ‘Time Stone’ guy...what kind of doctor was he?” Nat asked
“Strange?” Hulk looked at Nat.
“Like he was a strange one?” I questioned.
“His name is Strange.” Hulk corrected. 
I gave him a side look nodding “Oh.” 
“He’s a cross between ear-nose-and-throat and rabbit-from-hat.” Tony started.
“Had a nice place in the Village.” Hulk offered
“Yeah. Sullivan Street.” Tony agreed.
“Wait, he lived in New York?” I questioned. I was starting to wonder why all these weirdos live in New York. 
“Guys, pick the right year and there were three stones in New York.” Nat exclaimed in revelation. 
“Shut the front door...” Hulk said sitting up to look back at us.
After three days of us planning and strategizing it was finally time for us to make the mission. I stood with my wearing a hoodie, jeans, and black converse high tops. My dog on his leash chewing on a bone. Everyone was in their suits. I had some lab googles on. The agreement being I stay to make sure everyone would get back safely. Steve stood near the control panel. 
“Okay, we have a plan. Six stones, three teams, one shot.” Steve begin his talk.
He steps away, revealing the board...
Everyone eyes the tangle of lines connecting six stones to four locations to 2 years to 10 heroes. It was insane. It was early dawn
“Five years ago, we lost. All of us.” I bit my lip my hand instinctively holding onto Wanda’s ring. 
“We lost friends. We lost family. We lost a part of ourselves. But today we have a chance to take it all back. “ Steve pauses to look at us all.
“You have your teams and you have assignments. Get your stone, and get back here. One round trip each. No mistakes. No do-overs.” He grips his shield. “Most of us are going back to places we know. That doesn’t mean we know what to expect. Be careful. Look out for each other. Improvise, if you have to.” Steve looks at us his gaze landing to Tony. “This is the fight of our lives. And we’re going to win. Whatever it takes.” Steve finished
The platform stays quiet. 
Rocket whispers to Scott “He’s pretty good at that...” Scott nods enthusiastically.
“All right, you heard the man. Stroke those keys, kid.” Tony said to me.
Smart Hulk smiles at me and helps me tap in the commands with his pencil. Lights illuminate each pad.
“Tracking beacons engaged.” I informed everyone.
Natasha looks at me a playful smile on her face. I give her a nervous look. Natasha was all I had left as true family went. I don’t know what I would do if I lost her. I can tell she knew what I was thinking. She pulled me into a hug. 
“I’m going to bring her back.” She promised in my ear quietly. “Build that dream house, and live in it with her.” She said pulling back. 
I bit my lip, I confessed the week after the snap to Natasha I had bought land in a small town in new jersey. I always knew I wanted settle down in a quiet small town. It wasn’t until London I knew I wanted that with Wanda. I wrote a will in the unfortunate event I die in field. I put Nat down as my sole inheritor of all my belongings. She handed me, my revised will with Wanda as my new sole inheritor. I could feel tears pool in my eyes. 
I cleared my throat. “Make sure to bring yourself back to me.” I sternly told her. 
She smiled and patted my shoulder. “I would be more worried for mohawk over there, than me.” she said motioning to Clint.
Clint flicked her off, I let go of Nat and she gave me a thumbs up as she stood in the line up. The last being Smart Hulk stepping onto the platform.
Natasha looks around a smile on her face. 
“See you in a minute.” She told everyone excitedly, giving me a wink.
I gave her a smile back.
“Actually, it’ll be closer to seven or eight microseconds, give or-” Hulk explanation was cut off. As they suddenly, stretched and vanished, shrinking away. 
The Quantum console stops vibrating. Hulk’s pencil slowly rolls toward the edge and drops. My dog stops to look at where once were people, suspiciously, then goes back to his bone. I smiled and petted him a little. 
It’s all up to them now. 
After 4 minutes, the machine starts beeping. I look to see Nebula missed her signal to leave. I furrow my eyebrow and start checking the stats. Suddenly after a seconds the machine starts to whirr, my dog shoots up and starts barking. I look expectantly at the group as they all pop back into this reality. 
Hulk holds the eye of agamotto, scott has the scepter. rhodey the orb, Rocket and Thor the extraction device, and Tony and Steve the tesseract. Nebual retracts her time suit. Everyone looks around, exhausted. Amazed.
“Are you telling me that actually worked?” Rhodey chuckled in disbelief.
“Did we get them all?” Hulk asked. 
I look at Clint, realizing the missing face. We lock eyes and in an instant I knew. Tears started to well up in my eyes, Clint drops to his knees. Steve turns, concerned.
“Clint? Are you okay?” Steve asked, eyebrows raised in concern.
Clint stares, haunted. 
“Where’s Nat?” Hulk asked. 
“WHERE’S NAT?!” Clint looks up at them, and then at me. 
Natasha didn’t make it.
“No.” I choke out, and cover my mouth and run out the room, not being able to face anyone.
My best friend, the person that I considered my family, my sister, she was gone. I grabbed Wanda’s ring, I looked at it, as if it was going to bring me comfort. God I’ve lost so many people. She knew that. They knew that. I felt more alone than ever. I sat staring at the lake. Tears freely falling down my face. 
I considered slipping the ring on my finger. There wasn’t much scarlet energy left. Yet today I wanted to feel the ghost of Wanda. Even if it was only a shadow. I could feel a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. I heard tiny treading behind me. I looked behind to see Steve hand on my shoulder with my dog by his side.
I gave a weak smile as my dog began licking my face. 
“Hey.” Steve greeted softly his own eyes glassy.
I looked into his eyes filled with grief, and completely broke down. He sat down beside me and held onto me quietly, letting me cry. 
After awhile what was left of the team all found themselves here, overlooking the lake.
“Do we know if she had family?” Tony asks.
“Yeah. Us.” Steve mumbles.
Clint wouldn’t look at me. I sat watching holding onto my dog. Thor turns, thrown by this conversation.
“Why are you doing that?” Thor demands. 
“I’m just asking a question-” Tony defends throwing his hands up in surrender. 
Thor shook his head annoyed. “Why are we talking as if she’s dead? We have the stones. Bring her back. C’mon, stop this shit.” He yelled at us, in complete denial.
Clint squeezes away tears.
“We can’t get her back.” Clint croaked. 
Thor looks around us confused. “What’s he talking about? Of course, we can.” Thor waved off Barton with a smile.
“It can’t be undone. That’s why.” Clint says more confidently. Looking Thor in his eyes. 
“No offense, but you’re...a very earthly being. We’re talking about space magic, here. “Can’t” seems a little definitive, don’t you think?” Thor retorts.
“Well, I know I’m a little outside my pay grade here, but, she still isn’t here, is she?” 
“That’s my point-”
“It can’t be undone. At least that’s what the red, floating guy said. But why don’t you go talk to him, okay? Why don’t you grab your hammer and fly to that place and talk to him. IT CAN’T BE UNDONE.” Clint cuts Thor off lashing out. He pauses looking at me teary eyed. 
“It was supposed to be me. She sacrificed her life for that goddamn stone. She bet her life on it.” He finishes. 
That lands heavily on us. I turn not being able to hold Clint’s gaze. She believed in this. A moment passes.
Then hulk hurls the bench into the water. It skips across the surface like a stone. 
“She’s not coming back.” Hulk says turning to look at us. 
“We have to make it worth it. We have to.” I finally say. Everyone looks at me for the first time. 
“We will.” Steve assures.
Hulk, Tony, and Rocket create a new gauntlet with the infinity stones embedded in the back. We all watch Tony and Rocket fine tune the glove. 
“All right. The glove’s ready.” Rocket announced.
“Who’s gonna snap their fucking fingers?” I asked looking around. 
Everyone stares at the gauntlet. Then, Thor reaches for the gauntlet.
“I’ll do it.” He says on cue.
“Whoa, whoa, what are you doing-” Tony stops
“Thor, we haven’t decided who’s putting that on.” Steve argues.
“Oh. Were all of you just waiting for the right opportunity?” Thor asks annoyed.
“We should at least discuss it-” Scott offers with a shrug.
“Staring at the thing isn’t going to bring everybody back, is it? Look, I’m the strongest Avenger. It’s my responsibility. Fate wills it so.” Thor shouts irritated. 
“Hold on, hold on-” I urge Thor stepping to help Tony.
“Stop it! Let me do this. Let me do something good. Something right-” Thor begs me tears in his eyes.
My heart breaks a little, I take a deep breathe.
“That thing is channeling enough energy to light up a continent. You’re in no condition-” Tony speaks before I could. 
“-What do you think is coursing through my veins right now?” Thor pushes me away facing Tony. 
“Cheez Whiz?” Rhodey guessed arms crossed. 
Hulk steps toward the Gauntlet.
“Lightning won’t help you, pal. It’s gotta be me.” He said approaching the gauntlet. “You saw what those stones did to Thanos. They almost killed him. None of you could survive.” Hulk reasoned. 
“And how do we know you can?” I asked tired of losing people. 
“We don’t. But the radiation’s mostly gamma. It’s like I was made for this...” Hulk offered with a shrug and smile. 
We watched Hulk approach the gauntlet. Hulk studies for a moment. I take a deep breathe. I took off Wanda’s ring, looking down at it. My heart racing in anticipation. I slip it on my finger. The faint scarlet energy bouncing within. I wore my old combat suit, Tony modified of course. 
“The moment of truth.” Hulk says looking at Tony. 
“Good to go?” Tony asks. 
“Let’s do it.” Hulk confirms with a nod. 
“Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago, you’re just bringing them today. Don’t change anything from the last five years. Got it?” Tony instructs.  
“Got it.” Hulk says. 
We all prepare ourselves. Steve steps forward, shield on his arm. Scott deploys his helmet. Rhodey readies his repulsors.
Rocket covers his raccoon junk and hides behind Thor. Tony armors up, then nanos a shield to protect me and Clint beside him. I hold Clint’s hand. My first time acknowledging him since Nat being gone. He looks at our hands and gives a nod. 
“Friday, why don’t you go ahead and activate Barn Door Protocol?”
Steel doors slide shut all around the workshop. Finally, Hulk holds up the gauntlet.
“Everybody’s coming home...” He says under his breath
He slowly slips his hand in the glove. Suddenly he spasms, taking in the power. 
“What’s happening? Take it off, take if off!” Thor yells in concern.
“Bruce, you okay?” Steve asks in a shout.
“Talk to me, Banner.” Tony aks.
“I’m...okay...” Hulk groans.
Hulk reaches out his hand and snaps his fingers. 
CRAAAACK! The stones flare. A bright surge of energy races up Hulk’s arm. He roars as his eyes blaze green. The ring started to burn on my finger. My eyes widened as i watched it start glowing scarlet. The energy racing around me slowly turning orange, then to yellow. Clint looked at me in confusion. 
The gauntlet falls off, rolling across the floor. We both whip our heads around. Hulk collapses, arm withered, side burnt black. We all rush to him. Steve checking his pulse. 
“Don’t move him!” Tony warned. 
Then the blast doors open, revealing the sound of...chirping. I walk outside toward the courtyard, Scott following. Smart Hulk’s eyes clear. He grasps Steve’s arm. 
“Did it work?” Hulk asked.
We pause, as if it only just now occurred to them. Just then a cell phone starts to ring. A stunned Clint turns and approaches his phone. On the home screen, we see a photo of his wife; “Laura Calling”. Eyes wide he answers the phone hesitantly. 
“Guys, I think it-” Scott never finished as the building around us explodes. Debris flying everywhere. I blacked out, on impact. 
I opened my eyes, to the faint ringing in my ears and yelling. 
“Mayday! Mayday! We are taking on water!” a static laced voice yelled in my ear. 
I groaned sitting up, my head was spinning. Once my line of vision began to clear I looked around and my heart dropped at the sight of destruction. I gasped my dog. I started to whistle calling him out. That little guy was everything to me when I lost Wanda. I started to look through the rubble panicking. 
I stopped and struggled to catch my breathe, I slowly pulled myself together. 
“Tell ‘em to...hurry...asses up-” Rocket panted into the coms.
“ time...” Rhodey gasped.
I rubbed my face, my friends are dying, I had to get my shit together “Shit...I’m on my way-”
“No! Wait, I’m here!” Scott yelled in the comms.
I shift my gaze to the edge of the crater, I looked down to see Thanos. Sitting on a rock. Waiting. Thor stumbles next to me we both say nothing, watching.
“What’s he been doing?” Tony asks, Steve at his side. 
“Absolutely nothing.” Thor tells them.
All four of us stare a long moment. Then, as if sensing us, Thanos turns his head...and looks our way.
“Son of a bitch.” I muttered.
“Yeah.” Tony agreed.
Steve turns to look at me and Tony “Where are the stones?”
Tony shrugged “Somewhere under all of this. All I know is...he doesn’t have ‘em.”
“So we keep it that way.” Steve says tightening his grip on the shield. 
That lands. This is our chance.
“You know it’s a trap.” I say my eyes never leaving Thanos. Tony deploys his armor. “ Don’t think I care.” Tony hissed. Tony looks at me and hands me a baton. It’s Nat’s dual batons. I frowned, and gave him a nod.
“Just so we’re all in agreement.” Thor says with a shrug and holds out his hand. Mjonlir flies into it, and he holds out his other, Stormbreaker slaps into his palm. Lightning strikes and he’s covered in cape and armor, his beard braided, and hair pulled back. “Let’s kill him properly this time.” He finishes. 
I sigh and shake my head. I expanded the Batons and tightened my grip. I look at Steve and he starts leading us into the crater. Thanos sits on his rock, contemplative.
“You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Right back to me.” Thanos Narrates. 
Tony approaches, stealthily. Me, Steve, and Thor fan out on either side. 
“I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But you’ve shown me that’s impossible.” He pauses, looking up at the sky. “Life clings to the past with bloody fingernails. As long as there are those who remember what was, there will be those unable to accept what can be. They will resist.” 
Tony steps out, “Yep. We’re all kinds of stubborn.”
Thanos turns to him with a grim nod “I’m thankful. Because now I know what I must do.” Thanos reaches for his helmet. “I will shred this universe down to ts last atom. And then, with the stones you’ve collected for me, create a new one, teeming with life that knows not what it has lost, but only what it has been given. A grateful universe.” 
“Born out of blood.” I spit out, feeling anger surge in me
Thanos studies me as if seeing me for the first time.
“They’ll never know it.” He retorts with a shrug.
Thanos draw a blade off his back, towering over us. “Because you won’t be alive to tell them.”
Tony glances over at Steve. “Ready?” Steve nods.
Just as Thor charges Thanos we all attack, using our skills in harmony. Thanos stumbles, on his heels. We attack him relentless, exerting every last ounce of fury. A last stand. 
Thor smashes his hammers together, hurling lightning into the back of the iron man suit. Tony sends the resulting overload at Thanos, but thanos propellers his blades holding back the blast.
“How the hell are we not making a dent.” I mumble. 
Thor uses Stormbreaker to bat Mjolnir at Thanos. Thanos snatches Tony by the Ankle and uses him as a shield against the hammer. Batting it at me instead. I brace the incoming hammer, with the Batons. Instead a scarlet energy surrounded me, I smile. The ring. Suddenly the scarlet turns into golden energy and creates a force around me, the ring explodes on my finger. I widen my eyes in shock, Thor gives me a look of confusion. The yellow energy still is surrounding me. I gasp and drop my hands, Mjolnir breaks through hitting me in my chest and I tumble and black out.
When I slowly regain consciousness I see portals people pouring out of them. My heart fluttered...oh my worked. I saw T’challa, Okoye, Shuri, Bucky, Groot, the entirety of the Wakandan army, and Wanda. Tears threatened to break out at the sight of her.
Steve takes us all in, helping me up. He turns his gaze to thanos, and calls Mjolnir to his hand. I gasp and watch him catch the hammer in awe. 
“Avengers...assemble.” He called out
Thor lets out a battle roar as he charges and we all follow everyone pouring out onto the battle field. Across the way, Thanos smiles and points his blade at us, His own army racing towards us. Ant man slugs a levianthan in the jaw. I launch myself onto an alien currently choking the life of Korg, stabbing my batons onto him and clicking the button electricity pulsing through and frying the alien. 
Tony blasts overhead. Pepper joins him, in her rescue suit. Together, they strafe the field. Suddenly an alien caught me off guard grabbing me from behind, I throw it over my shoulder and slam it down. We wrestle, kicking my batons from my reach, it suddenly is choking me. My eyes widened, as scarlet energy lifts the alien out of my reach, tossing it across the field. 
I choked out, gasping for air. I looked up to see Wanda who is at my side, my eyes tear up at the sight of her.  Her hair was messily over her face as she reached out to grab me. She had my face cupped in her hands scanning to see if I was okay. I didn’t even say anything I just pulled her into a hug, squeezing her as if she was going to slip away. She hugged me back, noticing my distress. 
She sighed into my neck. “Y/n? Are you okay?” 
I let the tears fall from my eyes and looked up to the sky silently thanking Natalia for her sacrifice. “I am now.” I said pulling away to meet her eyes. 
She looked so confused and worried. She was holding my Maccuahitl in her left hand. “You left this in the ground where I was. Back in Wakanda. Where you weren’t...” She said studying my face.
“Oh..I-uh... I left that there, in memory...” I trailed off. Her eyebrows furrowed and she frowned a little. It was as if she was beginning to realize time has passed. 
You’re look different. She echoed in my head.
I feel different. I answered back. 
She gave me a sad smiled as her eyes no longer scarlet and gave me a kiss. “Different is good.” 
I smiled and we parted, an alien came to rush at us. Wanda flicked her wrist and it was smacked away like a bug. I smiled and shook my head. “God I missed that.” 
I gave her one last kiss before she flew off with a smug smirk, and I ran the opposite direction starting to attack. Across the field- Clint runs with the gauntlet, being chased by an ape looking alien. Just before the ape tramples Clint...Sam swoops in cutting the creature down. Clint runs on. Sparking the conversation of what to do over coms.
“What do you want to do with this thing?” Clint pants.
“Get those stones as far away as possible!” Steve answers.
“No! We need to send them back where they came from.” Hulk interjects.
“There’s no way to send them back. Thanos destroyed our time machine.” Tony shut down. 
“Hold on!” Scott said “That wasn’t our only time machine.”
From a distance, we hear, “LA CUCARACHA.” I smile immediately get it.
“Does anyone see an ugly, brown van out there?” I ask in the coms.
“Yeah. But you’re not going to like where it’s parked.” Valkyrie answered above head on her pegasus. 
I looked up to where she was pointing and the van sat surrounded by thousands of alien, deep behind enemy lines. I laughed a deep laugh, this would happen. 
“Scott, how long do you need to get that thing working?” Tony asked into the coms.
“Uh, maybe ten minutes.” Scott guessed.
“Get it started. We’ll get the stones to you.” Steve assured. 
I scan to find Clint handing the gauntlet to T’challa. I saw Thanos make his way towards him. I rushed and blocked Thanos’s blades from digging into T’challa with my Maccuahitl. His strength causing beginning to push me down. I started to shout, as a wave of strength deep within me allowed me to over power him. Golden energy shooting around me. I was starting to realize something was different about me.
T’challa was able to slip passed him. Thanos eyes furrowed, pulling a blade back to stab my stomach. I grabbed my it with my left hand, the blade cutting the skin on my hand. The golden energy slowing his movement down. He used this distraction to use the other blade in his hand to knock me down. I felt the blade stab the familiar spot on my abdomen. A rush of yellow energy expanded from out of me, throwing Thanos and the surrounding enemies back. 
I realized I was bleeding out. I gasped for air. This felt familiar. I fell to my knees and tried to apply pressure to my wound. I was losing blood quick and I collapsed on my back. 
I felt someone lift my head up. It was Clint, his eyes teary, and he was mumbling something. I couldn’t make out his words. The world seemed to drown out, only a faint ringing. I saw Wanda’s face come into view. 
“Y/n! No no no no! Not you, please.” She begged her tears falling down my cheek. 
I gave her a weak smile. “W-wanda...” I started finding it hard to string words together.
“Save your energy. You are not dying here. You WILL NOT die here. Do you hear me! You aren’t allowed to die-” She started rambling her accent getting stronger.
“heh...noted..I was...just...gonna you.” I said slowly the words taking every last bit of my energy. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Tiredness getting the better of me. I could feel myself slip out of consciousness. I felt Wanda’s lips on my forehead begging me to keep my eyes open. I tried to keep my eyes open. I took a deep breath, the world going black as I exhaled. 
Few Days Later
We won. But at what cost. Vision, Tony, Natasha...Y/n...gone. Wanda watched silently at Tony’s funeral. She felt numb. So many people were here, at her side yet their comfort could never be the same as hers. The image of her lifeless body flashed in Wanda’s brain and she frowned. Clint pulled Wanda aside and handed her an envelope. 
“It’s her will. She left everything to you. She also added a note.” He said softly. 
She ripped the envelope open, there was a ring, and a letter. Wanda froze...y/n was going to propose. She looked at the ring and opened the folded paper. She didn’t even read the first sentence before folding back up again. Wanda told herself she wouldn’t cry. But she couldn’t help it. Tears were already rebelling as they raced down her cheek. 
Wanda couldn’t do this. Bear the burden of this loss. It was like her heart was being shattered and burned. It felt worse than the loss of her parents, her best friend, even her brother. 
“She deserves closure.” Wanda said quietly. “I deserve to see her body. Give her a burial.”
“She isn’t dead.” T’challa said. 
“But she also isn’t alive.” Shuri interjected.
Wanda and Clint spun around to see T’challa, Okoye, and Shuri. All wearing black in honor of the funeral. His eyes were on Wanda.
“They said she was dead. We watched her die.” Clint said in disbelief.
Wanda eyes narrowed, her lip quivering. “Where is she?” 
“In Wakanda, under cryosleep, when we found her body...well her body was dead but her mind was wide awake, as if it was mimicking death as a survival tactic. We put her in cryosleep so we can fully understand how she is in this state and how to reverse it.” Shuri elaborated. 
“Y/n is a friend, she deserved as much. With all she has done for Wakanda...the world.” Okoye added solemnly. 
“I want to see her.” Wanda heart began to race, there was hope. “I want to see her now.”
(A/N: Literally this took so long to write omg... ngl i hurt my own feelings writing this chapter RIP anyways part 5 coming soon)
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mimsyisgianna · 7 hours ago
Loki-Character Analysis (and Rant lol)
Idk if anyone will see this and I frankly don't care too much, just kind of ranting and venting. (for context I am not necessarily in the healthiest head space as of now so my emotions could be more extreme than they normally would be)
Loki's death is really hitting hard for me again. The fact he went from a mischievous kid who just wanted his father's recognition, to sabotaging his brother's coronation to lead up to defeating the Jotuns for his father and proving himself worthy as Thor, in the process finding out his life was a lie and that he himself was a Jotun who was abandoned, to giving up his life only to be found by Thanos to be threatened and manipulated (idc what anyone says, Loki was definitely tortured during his time with Thanos. How else could you explain how sickly and gaunt he looked when he first showed up in Avengers?) to losing his mother and protecting a mere mortal just because his brother cared for her, also willing to sacrifice himself for her and his brother, to finally having a period of success, only to witness his father die, see his home destroyed, and then ultimately get killed by Thanos as he tried to kill him to protect Thor.
He had an arc. He grew. And then he died. While we will get Loki in the new Disney+ series, he will never be the same Loki unless they find a way to implant the experiences of the prime Loki into this one. While I have no doubt he will be shown key points of his alter variant self's life, seeing them from an outer perspective cannot substitute for the experiences themselves.
Loki was such a complicated character who, while sometimes seeming inconsistent, was consistently inconsistent within the nature of his chaotic and mischievous character. He cared. He wanted recognition and to be viewed as equal to his brother. Along the way he got lost and found and twisted even more. Notice how in Thor 1, he never killed anyone other than Jotuns. While he did endanger other humans, he never killed them despite being easily able to do so with the destroyer automaton. And when it came to his brother, he had the perfect chance to blast him, but resorted to a backhand; and while that could have proven to be fatal, when it came down to it, Loki couldn't bring himself to do it the easy way. Deep down he still wanted to be on equal terms. That's why when Thor returned to Asgard, Loki kept instigating Thor, trying to rile him up so he would fight him. He ended up resorting to threatening harm upon Jane just to get his brother to treat him as equal and a worthy opponent. He denied familial connection to Odin and Thor, trying to convince himself that the reason he will never be viewed as equal with Thor is that he is a Jotun, the "monster parents tell their children about". In the end, when Odin still wouldn't show any more sympathy to Loki or try to reason with him, instead just telling him "no", Loki gave up. He was willing to accept whatever happened to him when he let go and he fell into the collapsing portal of the bifrost.
Cut to the first avengers, he is clearly very changed. He's sickly, gaunt, and weakened, needing support just getting onto the back of the truck for Clint Barton to drive him away on. His eyes are sunken in, he's greasy and slow, and borderline sociopathic. He clearly experienced something that turned him into this. We already know the scepter influenced his mind and that Thanos threatened him eternal suffering that would make pain look sweet if he didn't get the tesseract. But I steadfast refuse any statement someone could give me saying he wasn't tortured or manipulated by Thanos or his followers. Loki quickly goes in for the attack when he arrives on Earth, killing without hesitation or regret. When Thor confronts him on Stark tower, for even just the most fleeting second, he pauses. He knows what he's done and that he's gone too far. Even when he doesn't back down, he doesn't try to kill Thor. He simply, or, well, "simply" stabs him and runs off knowing very well it would take much more than that to kill his brother.
When he is brought to Asgard for imprisonment, his pride and guilt eat away at him. He refuses to acknowledge what he did as wrong to anyone, but he is very well aware of his actions the weight of them. The person who affects him the most being his mother, the one who always showed love for him and Thor equally. He tries to hide this knowledge, denying her being his mother as well since he is of Jotun blood, but he cares for her greatly still and can't help but feel guilty for how she sees him now. He still strives for chaos and when the Dark Elves invade, he mischievously points them in the direction of the throne room, not knowing their full capabilities, but living for the potential chaos to ensue. Of course this leads to his dear mother being killed. Loki is furious, broken, and lost. His actions have gone too far, causing the woman he loved the most and felt loved him more than anyone else to die. Thor can easily see through his illusions proving that Loki has shown his adoration for Frigga enough that even Thor knows of it. When they finally get to the Dark World, Loki tries getting under Thor's skin again, but also in an attempt to understand him. He prods at Thor's feelings for Jane and reminds him that her life is but a brief moment in their own lifetimes. They bicker and scuffle on the ride to their destination, but it is ultimately resolved by Loki's declaration that Thor can trust his rage, his rage at Frigga's death. When there, we see Jane in direct danger twice. Both times, Loki throws himself in harms way to protect her, seeing her both as vulnerable but also something that Thor cares for. Loki then proceeds to save his brother's life, being willing to sacrifice his own for him as well. Knowing his wound is not fatal, but also being fully aware of his skills in trickery and illusions, not only does Loki trick Thor into believing he is dead, but he also takes the opportunity to try to relieve his conscience; he apologizes. He then follows it up by saying that he didn't do what he did to make Odin proud or acknowledge him, not this time. He did it for the one who truly cared for him and showed it, Frigga. This gave Loki the opportunity to discreetly get back to Asgard and exile Odin and take his place. Now, Loki got the respect and adoration he felt he deserved. But it would only last for so long.
When Thor gets wind of Loki's antics, they both find themselves eventually facing down Odin and him passing away, but not before telling them that he's proud of them and loves them. Even Loki tears up here. He feels somewhat that it's his fault for Odin's passing, but he also feels empty after finally hearing Odin give him what he thought he always wanted. Hela arrives and Loki tries to reason with her; perhaps thinking he can relate to her and handle the situation. Unfortunately, Loki and Thor get separated for a while, eventually reuniting, but on opposite ends of the social class on Sakaar. Loki could easily continue to bask in his new status over Thor, but still decides to help him when h found him in the waiting area for the fighters (even though he eventually tried to betray him later when he realized he could regain what status he had and that he viewed escape futile and pointless with Hela still around). In the end, despite him having the chance to escape and run off, he returns to Asgard to help fight. He even proves key in defeating Hela as he revives Surtur, also grabbing the tesseract on the way. He doesn't hide. He doesn't show bitterness. He returns to the ship alongside his brother. (despite how much Waititi gave a middle finger to the writing and characterization of the characters, I am still trying my best to piece good Loki moments from Thor Ragnarok and fit it into Loki’s personality given that Ragnarok is considered MCU canon).
Thanos attacks. He has Thor in a precarious situation, threatening to kill him if Loki doesn't give him the tesseract. Loki tries to hold out as long as possible, knowing the consequences of giving it to the mad titan, but eventually yields when he sees no other way to save his brother; after giving it to Thanos, he immediately goes to Thor's side to protect him. When Thanos took down Hulk, Loki realizes the only chance they have to get out of there alive is to use his trickery. He proclaims himself Loki, prince of Asgard and, most impressively, Odinson. He accepts who he is. He acknowledges he is the rightful heir to Jotunheim, but he also knows that, even if not by blood, he is Thor's brother, and Odin and Frigga's son. Unfortunately, he rushes to action quite recklessly, potentially undermining the power Thanos has already with even just the two infinity stones he as acquired. Loki is killed. Neck snapped from the pressure of Thanos choking him. He died trying to protect his brother. Trying to fight for the good fight. Died at the hands of the man who twisted him in the first place and promised him suffering if he didn't deliver the tesseract.
Loki may have started out as a dark antagonist, then to a twisted villain, and eventually progressing to an Anti-Hero, but he died a hero.
This just breaks me. He was such a loveable and complicated character. He had many faults, faults he battled with every day. When it came down to it, he threw his own life down for his brother.
It upsets me he died so quickly and seemingly so pointlessly within the first ten minutes of Infinity War. But he also served a great, if I may, glorious purpose. He brought the Avengers together in the first place, and died trying to make sure another one of them, and his own brother, could live on to fight and stop Thanos.
Loki will always be my favorite character and hero and villain simultaneously in the MCU. And I couldn't thank Tom Hiddleston enough if I got the chance for his stellar performance of this fantastic and complicated character who helped bring the Avengers together, even if unintentionally.
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I was not fucking prepared for sebs new insta post...
I feel like the internet is gonna have a field day
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Honestly, I'm Not Mad by Halsey is basically exactly what Tony said when he went off at Steve in Endgame
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Fuck it’s been two years since endgame how am i just as devastated about stevebucky’s ending as i was at that time?
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first friday with nothing in a while... much to think about
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