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#bucky barnes
wenellyb · 3 minutes ago
this is probably just me but I’m kind of getting annoyed with directors and producers saying in interviews that they didn’t intend for the characters to be read as LGBT at all...i just feel like it’s always been a given that once you create a piece of fiction (like books or movies), the interpretations of the reader/viewer are just as important as the intentions of the author/creator.
even if the intention wasn’t to make sam or bucky bi and in a relationship, i feel like we are allowed to read them like that without the directors and writers saying “no no we didn’t mean for it to be like that!!” it might not have been their intention but it’s still there
and i don’t think it’s wishful thinking that they’re in a relationship either, like the tropes of a romcom are right there...anyway sambucky rights 😭
Hi Anon, I don't think it's just you and I really understand the frustration because I share some of it too but I'm frustrated at the real "culprits"... the executives making the decisions. I'm sorry for replying late to this but I have a lot of thoughts on this topic and I wanted to organize them first😂 First things first... I know we have all been in other fandoms... But we have try to stop applying what happened in other fandoms and what other directors have said in other fandoms to what's happening with Sambucky. For so many reasons, but the main one is: Marvel people cannot say anything.... literally.... They must have a secrecy oath or something but it's not in these interviews that you will find meaningful information.. Remember a while back when Anthony tried to tell us he WASN'T Captain America even though we had all seen Steve hand him the shield in Endgame?? So it was already a scene we had seen? That man was contradicting something that millions of people had seen with their own eyes. Was I frustrated at Anthony ? No. Because that's how anyone involved in marvel projects talks... ( You remember why people make fun of Ruffalo and Holland? Because they are the only 2 unable to follow that one simple rule😂) So my strategy is focus on the content we have and focus on the future content when it's time to focus on the future content... But I really never focus on cast members interviews or directors interview etc...(Only Stackie interviews but you know that already). I think that we are so used to complaining in other fandoms that we complain for the FATWS but the directors did the best they could. Maybe the directors/writers in other shows/movies have a little more freedom in what they said.
I would understand of it were an indie movie or something but it isn't, Kari and Malcom arent making the decisions alone and have some limitations because they aren't allowed to give any hints about the future... and most of the time they don't even know themselves... Directors/ writers change all the time. Besides in Marvel shows the romance is never at the center of the story, I consider myself lucky that we got this much romance in the show... If Sam or Bucky were a woman I don't think we would have had any more romantic moments than what we got (maybe just on little kiss at the end but not much more than that... Sam and Bucky wouldn't have been kissing in every episode I can assure you that). The only difference is that people would have seen the romance right away, and the shippers wouldn't have minded if there had been a kiss or not. Because that's how Marvel projects work... not much focus on the romance itself, it's not even a subplot, more like a sub-subplot.
Sam and Bucky started with only 4 lines in Civil War and then 2 scenes in Endgame... That's it. So what they have now is just amazing.
Another point: If I'm not mistaken, Kari never said that Bucky was never intended to be read as LGBT/ Bi. If she did, let me know and I will read the interview again. What she said was that the Tiger Pictures weren't put there to show that Bucky was bisexual but to show that he was not good with technology. And that there was" no sexuality attached to his character" which makes no sense, by the way, because he went on a date with Leah, so they had to at least think avout his sexuality,... But she didn't say that, she didn't say he was straight or bi. She purposely gave a vague answer...Like all Marvel people do... So I think it's unfair to get frustrated at her for things that are out of her control. She was giving a specific answer related to the Tiger pics, maybe she would have given a different reply to a different question. I know that directors or actors other shows have said what you just mentioned in your ask, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it hasn' t been the case for TFATWS. I don't think any of them said Bucky wasn't bisexual and even less about Sam. They never said anything like that or never said that they never intended them to be read as LGBT. Last point: I don't think that she had no intention of portraying Sam and Bucky in a romantic lighting... I do think it was intentional but I also think that this is the best she can share right now...
As you said... the romance tropes are right there... it's not a mistake or a coïncidence... they put them there for a reason I have said this before but I will say it again because I think some Sambucky shippers don't come from other MCU fandoms and even the ones that do seem to forget this sometimes... y
These writers, directors, etc always talk in riddles and share as little information as possible...We don't know what will happen and they don't know either... So it's very difficult for them to make impactful comments.
Sorry to bring this a lot but am I the only one who remembers the Peggy Sharon and the Peggy again situations...??? Do you think any of the directors or writer knew where the story was going when they were filming the movies? no. I say we just focus on what we liked and ignore the reat until there is real content, Kari said " they love each other and rhey work great as a couple" and Malcom said they are a family .... If I were in their position I don't know what I would be allowed to say... nothing is ever certain in the Marvel universe. As much as I'd like to hope about what happens with Sam and Bucky in the next movies... I don't even think the decision has been made, so why get frustrated over something that isn't even decided yet...What I can so... is the already great and developed love story, I don't care that there wasn't a kiss.
Would I have appreciate an "official" confirmation? Yes, yes yes. But I'm also happy with the story as it is and know that maybe it isn't their decision to confirm or not. But the content is there and it's a love story. People who say Marvel will never go there are lying because they don't know. And people who pretend Bucky and Sam will be together in the next movies are lying too because they don't know either... It's also a possibility that Seb wouldn't be in the next Cap movie... We really don't know enough to be frustrated about anything😂. Even if Kari and the writers had depicted Sam and Bucky as a romantic item (Which they did, by the way). I believe this is the maximum she would have been able to say... Maybe because they are two men... or maybe because that's just the way Marvel operates.
Please feel free to share your thougts on this if you want too and of course: Sambucky rights!!!
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irondadology · 10 minutes ago
Not all people are enemies to lovers. Sometimes people just hate each other’s guts.
and those people just happen to be Steve and Tony.
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odetolove95 · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- "It's the little things that make a big difference, Steve. I never asked you to do anything huge. I just wanted you to remember what this day means to us. To me."
- "It is important to me."
- "Doesn't look that way. I mean, your work would always take precedence." (leaves)
- "Wait, hold on. Buck.."
Stucky AU - The Little Things (1/2).
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tonguetiedstan · 15 minutes ago
y’all would make a girl v v happy if you sent in some thoughts/concepts/requests for
bucky/winter soldier
lee bodecker
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chaossmagic · 18 minutes ago
As I’m rewatching TFATWS episode 3, “Power Broker”, I’m noticing how palpably anxious, tense, and uncomfortable Bucky is around Zemo despite trying to mask those emotions and convince himself and Sam that breaking him out and using his intel is ‘a means to an end’.
He doesn’t look at him, not directly, not if he can help it, except when he first goes to see him in his cell and deliberately stares him in his face when Zemo is trying to provoke him with the old Winter Soldier code words. Like he’s trying to stand his ground in front of his tormentor and torturer while he has the initial confidence and adrenaline for it. 
After that? He goes quiet. He says the bare minimum he has to and doesn’t look Zemo in the eye. He’s subdued and nervous and becomes clipped, abrupt - scared, even, maybe, because of the things that Zemo represents and his physical presence is a trigger for him. 
Even Sam expresses concern when Bucky goes to meet Zemo in his cell by himself. He doesn’t want him to face him alone because he knows what it means for Bucky and that it would be re-entering a deeply triggering situation for him. Hence his initial sort of ‘stare down’ of Zemo at first because he’s trying to prove to him that he’s bolder and more confident than he feels.
And then Zemo tells him he’ll have to pretend to be the Winter Soldier again.
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 21 minutes ago
Our Doll 14// Here we Go Again
B.Barnes x S.Rogers, B.Barnes x Stark!Reader, S.Rogers x Stark!Reader
Series Synopsis | After the events of the horrific past, y/n Stark, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have finally admitted their feelings for each other. But is life as an avenger whilst dating two super soldiers any easier than anything y/n’s experienced in the past?
sequel Series to Their Doll
Series Warnings | smut, violence, torture, swearing, threesomes, drug usage/substance abuse
Chapter Summary | y/n and Bucky get closer again
Warnings | blood, implied violence
A/n | This is a sequel book/series to my fic Their Doll! This book loosely follows the mcu timeline, starting in CAWS in book one and starting just before AOU in this book. Bucky had been recovered and is safe, and Peter was taken under Tony's wing when he was much younger.
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
"My scar." Y/n mumbled, looking up at Bucky suddenly. The man hummed, placing his book on his lap to look back at his girl.
"What about it?" Bucky mumbled back with curiosity.
"You said those...dreams were what you would've done if we'd been together before the war, but I still had my scar. You could've gotten rid of it, but you didn't." Y/n explained, a confused frown dancing over her brow when he smiled.
"It's because I love you, all of you. That scar, it tells a story that you shouldn't have to tell, but shouldn't ever forget. It's part of you, like this," Bucky lifted his metal arm, waving the plated hand slightly, "is part of me."
Y/n smiled light from where she sat across the couch; she still didn't feel comfortable being too close to Bucky after the whole locking her up thing, but she was getting closer.
"I'm sorry." He abruptly blurted and y/n frowned. Bucky took a deep sigh before continuing. "I really can't tell you how sorry I am about...about, well, everything?" Bucky proposed and y/n shifted in her seat slightly.
"Oh." Was all she managed, placing her own book on the flimsy coffee table that sat parallel to the torn up sofa in the motel room they were staying in. "Thanks, I guess?" She supplied and Bucky blinked at her. "I'm sorry, I'm just not good at this stuff, I guess. I'm so confused as to how I should feel right now." Y/n vented and Bucky smiled.
"You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm just happy you can bare me enough to talk to me, I was terrified that I may have lost your trust forever." He mumbled, tentatively reaching to take y/n's hand. When she didn't flinch or pull away, he held it in his own.
"I just don't know what to feel; on the one hand, you let them lock me up, but on the other, well, you did everything you could to keep me comfortable and you got me out." Y/n admitted and Bucky nodded, understanding. "And I still love you." She added quietly and Bucky grinned, before wiping the expression from his face.
They'd been on the run for a couple of weeks now, skipping between dingy motels and safe houses that had been long forgotten. Using a code, Bucky and Peter had kept in contact. Apparently, Tony and Sharon were furious.
"I love you too. Do you want some food yet?" Bucky asked and y/n nodded. He got up and crossed the room to gather some money and the room key. "I'll be back in half an hour tops, okay?" Bucky checked and y/n nodded.
"See you later." She murmured as the door slammed shut.
Alone with her thoughts again.
Y/n would rather be in Bucky's company than alone still. Even after the stuff he'd done, she couldn't stop herself from loving him. And it's not like she hadn't done her own fair share of bad things, too.
The girl sighed, rubbing her eyes as she felt the drowsiness of sleep overcome her. Maybe she could get a nap in before Bucky got back.
Bucky kept his head down. His hair had grown longer; he hadn't bothered cutting it since they left. His hood was drawn tightly over his face and his steps were quick as he paced to the closest store that sold food.
Once he reached the shop, Bucky rigged a hand - the flesh one - from his pocket and pulled open the door. When inside, he hastily went in search of some decent food.
Although, he instantaneously discovered one of the down sides to shopping at night - drunk people. The boisterous laughed filled his ears like water as Bucky hunted through the shelves, slurred insults thrown back and forth within the group of men.
"Hey, you!" Shit. Bucky looked up. "Yeah, you with the long hair!" One of them boomed and Bucky scoffed, shaking his head as he turned back to the section of ready-made sandwiches.
"Hey, look at me." The man persisted and Bucky rolled his eyes. They boy looked back to his friends, all clearly amused with the situation before the guy was swinging a punch in Bucky's direction.
On instinct, the super soldier caught the guy's fist in his hand. His metal hand. The guy looked so aghast that Bucky had to stop himself from laughing.
"This may hurt a little." Y/n sighs, eyes squinted as she threads the needle in front of her. Bucky swallows his groan of pain, giving her a stiff nod before letting his head knock back into the wall behind him. Y/n steps between her boyfriend's legs, pulling his arm forwards and letting a small apology slip from her lips when he hissed.
"Fuck!" Bucky cursed, metal fist slamming into the counter that he was sat on, the dent large and lined with splintered wood. Y/n winced a little but continued, her voice twisting around whisper sweet nothings to calm him down.
Bucky's breathing was heavy, laboured, as y/n continued to sew up the gash, lip pulled between her teeth in concentration.
"Almost there...just a little more..." Her small voice mumbled as Bucky's metal a whirred.
"Fuck me, please remind to never piss off a group of drunk guys again." Bucky groans, but y/n could only find herself biting her lip harder at the thought of fucking him again.
Clearly, this intimate moment had helped her see past his mistakes.
"I'm so sorry, y/n. I'll be more careful next time." Bucky promises, flesh hand reaching to cup her cheek when he pulls back - remembering her hesitance.
"It's not your fault. I'll still patch you up each and every time it happens." Y/n smiled tightly, almost with pity when she eyes his retracted hand.
Bucky nods solemnly before moving to hop off the crappy bathroom counter in their motel room, only to cut himself short with a groan.
"Easy, soldier." Y/n jokes, placing her hands onto her boyfriend's hips to help him down.
"Thanks." He mumbled low before hobbling off, eyes biting back tears as he limped through the room to flop on the creaky bed.
Y/n sighs heavily, watching him go with a sad expression. Bucky flicked the TV on - blue light sliding over his features in a haunting highlight; the structure of his bones protruding with the flashing colour of people moving across the screen.
"Y/n." Bucky hissed as she wrung out the little towel - now full of blood and stained a deep crimson.
Her her snapped up, the wet fabric falling into the sink with a soggy slap before she was stumbling across the room to perch on the edge of the bed.
"Oh my god." She exclaimed, hand tight over her mouth I shock at the screen.
"Suspect in the bombing is none other than James Buchan Barnes and Y/n Stark. We'll be back with more information when we have it." The presenter finished, accompanied by pictures of both y/n and Bucky stealthily away from the building, which was now laying in ruins.
"Oh my god." She repeated, horrified at the sight of King T'Chaka and all the victims.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes Series/mini Series | @buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @Zaphdekota @theoldermanswhore @addriaenne @thegirlwiththeimpala @turkish276 @lilpopizzle @gooseyhouse @ohmy-fandoms @harrysthiccthighss @partiesandblurrypolaroids @prettysbliss @the-surviving-revolutionist @white-wolf1940 @dpaccione @tenaciousperfectionunknown @loveyou5everr @vallerydevora @multihoee @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @sunflowerbunny2 @spookyparadisesheep
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deans-ch-ch-cherrypie · 26 minutes ago
Hvitty or Bucky.
...whaaaat?! You said you wanted to suffer!! 🤷‍♀️
Sorry, my inbox is closed. I’m not answering questions at the moment. 😘
Ok sooooo. They’re both messy, broken, and damaged lost puppies who deserve way better. They both go from 0 to 100 in .5 seconds. They could kill you in their sleep but are actual softies with golden hearts and a wonderful sense of humor.
But I feel like (ironically) Hvitserk is the most stable out of both of them. There’s no 70+ years as a brainwashed killing machine to account for 😅 And he is boyfriend material. He’s loyal, kind, upbeat and very patient💘. Would make a great cuddler 🤔
And idk I feel like his mellow personality would go well with mine bc I’m the exact opposite. I’m a neurotic control freak with way too many insecurities so I need someone chill to balance me out 😂
And not that I don’t love a good daddy!kink but he’s closer in age to me lmao and his whole family is hot af so I’d have really attractive brothers-in-law
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rainbowkisses31 · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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overwhelmedsupernova · 36 minutes ago
Hey! Just wanted to tell ya about a new Dark Bucky’s serie incoming. I still have to figure out the whole story, but again I was too excited lol. Also, I’m working on a main masterlist so I will add all the stuff I write. Hope you will enjoy! Stay safe and have a nice day. <3 
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redwingsupportgroup · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I'm gonna go in alone.”
“'Cause you're an Avenger. You know how he feels about that.”
“Look, it's not like you two were known for frolickin' in the sun together.”
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heinzrat · an hour ago
sam and bucky like to coach eachother when they train, because they want help eachother progress or something and definitely not because theyre both using it as an excuse to stare at the other whilst they workout
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prettymalfoy · an hour ago
we lay here for years or for hours, so long we become the flowers; chapter five
The avengers babysit, part two
part seven of single parent peter parker
read on ao3 here
“You know we can’t keep doing this.”
“I know. We’ll tell them soon.”
“Yeah. Just one more date before we do?”
“Okay. Yeah, of course,”
“Thank you. I’ll call you later?”
He doesn’t really remember when it happened, but at some point, May and Tony came to the agreement that Peter would spend one week in Queens and the next at the tower, instead of him staying at the tower every other weekend. He loves it, he loves spending time with Tony and the other avengers, and he knows Leia enjoys getting to see them for longer periods of time more often. He calls May every night that he’s at the tower, and it means that May can spend a week doing longer shifts without worrying about coming home to look after Leia so Peter can go patrolling, which means that the weeks where Peter and Leia are in Queens, she can spend most of her time with them.
This arrangement is how he finds himself in the living area of Sam’s floor at the tower at four in the afternoon. It’s a Wednesday, and he’s spent most of the day in the same position: sprawled over the couch with a history textbook and notebook in front of him. Most of the team have just come back from a mission early in the morning, meaning Sam has spent most of the day baking to relax. Leia is helping him (although Peter’s not sure how much she’s actually helping and how much she’s really just eating what he’s making out of the bowl) and every so often she toddles over to him and hands him something fresh out the oven.
He’s like this, pretending to focus on his work while he’s really listening to Sam and Leia bicker lovingly, when his phone rings.
“Hey, sweetheart,” He breathes down the line, soft smile on his face. He is vaguely aware that Sam lifts his head to look at him. “We’re with Sam. They’re baking…Yeah, there’s flour everywhere. It’s pretty funny,”
“Hey,” Sam whispers, nudging Leia with his elbow. “You know who Daddy’s talking to?” He asks, voice still low. He frowns when Leia shakes her head.
“Number twenty five?” Peter asks, flipping a few pages of his notes. “I got…I wasn’t sure between December 7th and December 10th1941…Oh, I didn’t find it in the textbook, I just asked Steve…Yeah, I’ve done most of it, but I’ve asked him for help with some of them,”
“Do you think Daddy’s got a girlfriend?” Sam’s voice is still low as he speaks to Leia, glancing over at Peter from the bowl he’s stirring. Leia just shrugs. “He’s not told you about anyone?”
“No, Sammy,”
“I don’t know,” Peter sighs, sounding apologetic. “Dad looked pretty tired this morning; I don’t really think he’d be up for babysitting. Unless there’s something Leia could watch with us?”
“Hey, kid?” Sam raises his voice.
“Hey, hang on a sec,” Peter says into his phone before turning his head towards Sam. “Yeah?”
“If you wanna go out, I can keep Leia for a bit longer,”
“Sam, you’ve just got back from a mission. Do you have the energy to watch a toddler?”
“Yeah,” Sam shrugs glancing over at Leia. “I mean, I might conk out when she does, but it’ll be fine,” He smiles when Peter frowns at him. “Really, Pete.”
“Are you sure? I don’t mind taking her with us,”
“Of course I’m sure. You go on your date, have fun,” He smirks when Peter’s cheeks flush.
“Thank you,” He smiles before turning back to his phone. “Babe? Okay, Sam offered to watch Leia for me,” Sam smiles when he sees the soft look on Peter’s face. “Yeah. I’ll meet you there in an hour? Alright, I love you…Oh, my God. Shut up! I can just go to bed instead- that is blackmail! I’m going. Goodbye. Bye bye bye bye-” He ends the call and turns straight back to his work. He writes for thirty seconds before he scowls up at Sam. “Why are you staring at me?”
“I’m not staring,” Sam defends, handing the spoon in his hand to Leia and holding the bowl steady as she stirs. “So…you got a girlfriend?” He smirks when Peter blushes again.
“Is it scary MJ?” He asks, laughing as Peter’s face flushes deeper.
“I don’t have a girlfriend,” He mutters, turning back to his work.
“What about…Cindy. You went to her place the other week, didn’t you? After that competition?”
“I don’t have a girlfriend. Plus, the whole team went to Cindy’s. We were celebrating.”
“Betty?” This time Peter looks up at him, an eyebrow raised.
“You think I’m going on a date with…Ned’s girlfriend?” Sam shrugs one of his shoulders.
“No judgement here, man. I don’t know how Betty feels about all that stuff.” Pete smiles lightly. “Is it Betty?”
“No, it’s not Betty,” Peter shakes his head, and then groans as Sam laughs.
“So, there is someone?”
“You know what, Sam? I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve gotta get ready,” He says quickly, gathering all his books up. “Such a shame,”
“Uh huh,” Sam laughs as Peter comes over to them, kissing Leia on the head.
“Love you, sweetie. Be good,” Peter turns to Sam again. “Thank you for this. I’ll be back-”
“Don’t worry about it, kid. Just get back when you do.” He smirks as Peter steps into the lift. “Go have a good night with your girl, man.” He laughs loudly when he sees Peter scowling before the doors shut.
“Peter was right, you are covered in flour,” Sam muses once he’s put the tray of brownies into the oven, wiping his hands on a towel. “You gonna get messy again if I give you a bath now?” Leia looks up at him where she’s licking the wooden spoon, brownie mixture getting on her nose. Sam laughs softly. “Yeah, okay. We’ll save a bath for later, yeah?”
“When will they be ready?” Leia asks when she’s finished cleaning the mixture off the spoon.
“About thirty minutes. But the others will be cool soon. Was the batter good?” He takes the spoon off her and uses it to scrape the bowl, handing it back over when the sides of the bowl are clear.
“Uh huh,”
“Good,” He smiles as he starts to wash the bowl. “It’s a new recipe. Wanted you to be the first to try it,”
“Me?” Leia looks up at him, grinning around the spoon.
“Yeah. I trust you to be honest, Bug,” He dries his hand on the towel before he pinches her cheek softly. “I would have asked your Daddy, but he’s too polite to tell me if they’re not nice. And Steve and Bucky will eat anything I give them. Plus,” He lowers his voice, and looks around as if checking there was no one listening. “You’re my favourite,” Leia grins up at him again, holding out the spoon. Sam smiles as he takes it off her. “Finished?” When she nods, he smiles at her, licking the last of the mixture off before putting the spoon into the sink.
“Mr Wilson,” FRIDAY’s voice makes Leia jump slightly, which causes her to giggle. “Sergeant Barnes and Captain Rogers are requesting access to your floor.” Sam glances at Leia for a second before replying to the AI.
“How is Barnes doing after this morning. Has he…calmed down?”
“I will check, Mr Wilson.” The AI is silent for a few moments before she replies. “Sergeant Barnes is in peak condition. He says he could smell your baking.”
“Alright. Let them up then,” Sam laughs. One of the timers he set goes off at the same time as he hears the lift doors open.
“Oi, Wilson!” Leia grins when she hears Bucky’s voice. “What’s with asking FRIDAY how I’m doin’? I just wanted brownies and I’m getting interrogated? Jerk.” Sam doesn’t turn around when the two super soldiers come into the kitchen. “Oh. Hey, ptichka. Wilson, you’re forgiven.”
“Oh, thank you, Barnes. Not sure how I would have coped without your forgiveness.” Sam rolls his eyes as he turns around just in time to see each of them kiss one of Leia’s cheeks at the same time. He smiles when Leia giggles.
“Where’s Peter?” Steve asks as he takes a seat, reaching out to take one of the brownies that Sam places on a tray in the middle of the table. He frowns, pulling his hand back when Sam slaps him. “Ow.”
“Nu uh, Leia gets the first taste.”
“Why?” Steve whines, reaching out again. Leia laughs when Sam hits him again. When Sam is distracted, Bucky manages to take two of the brownie squares, handing one of them to Leia.
“Because I like her more than I like you,”
“The feeling is mutual,” Steve smiles sweetly at him. “So, where’s Peter?”
“Spider boy’s on a date, isn’t he, Bug?” Sam smirks as he sits down. He laughs when Bucky and Steve both turn to him.
“He’s on a date?”
“With who?”
“He wouldn’t tell me,” Sam sighs, smiling as he goes to hand Leia one of the brownies. “Hey, where’d you get that one?”
“Buck gave it to me,” Leia responds happily, taking another bite of the bake in her hand.
“Uh huh,” Sam looks over to Bucky with an unimpressed look on his face. “They good?”
“Yeah,” Leia grins up at him.
“Good.” Sam smiles, taking his own brownie and turning back to Steve. “He wouldn’t tell me who it was. Sounded pretty serious, though. Called her ‘sweetheart’ and everything,”
“Scary MJ?” Bucky asks, taking another brownie.
“What about Betty?”
“What?” Steve asks, frowning. “Ned’s girlfriend?”
“People are into all sorts of things these days, punk. Not everyone is monogamous, you know,” Bucky says with a shrug. “Why are we assuming it’s a girl he’s seeing?”
Leia starts yawning at about half past eight, after she’s helped Sam make a few more batches of brownies and a batch of cupcakes. Steve and Bucky have stayed with them in the kitchen, mostly talking quietly between themselves while Sam and Leia bake. When Leia starts yawning, it sets Sam off as well.
“Steve?” He asks as he puts the last of the dirty dishes into the sink and begins to clean them. “Could you go and grab the wet wipes for me?” Steve stands up and he’s back in the room by the time that Sam’s finished cleaning and put what’s left of the cupcakes into the fridge. He manages a small smile as he takes the packet off Steve, pulling a few of them out and using them to wipe the buttercream where Leia has managed to get it all over her face. “You staying to watch a film?” He turns to the other two men when he picks Leia up. They follow him into the living area, where FRIDAY has already queued up one of Leia’s films on the TV.
He’s not entirely sure when he falls asleep.
It’s quiet when Peter gets back to Sam’s floor at ten to ten, which he was half expecting. He knew Leia would be asleep, would have been for the better part of an hour at least. If he’s being honest, he would not have been surprised to see Sam moments away from sleep himself, but he’s not sure he was expecting this.
There’s one of Leia’s favourite films on the screen, around ten minutes from the end by Peter’s estimate, and four sleeping bodies sprawled out on the seats. Well, three sleeping soldiers and one toddler blinking up at him sleepily from Sam’s chest.
“Hey, tesoro,” Peter whispers and smiles at Leia when she reaches out for him. He picks her up gently, taking care to be quiet with the two super soldiers sleeping only feet away. “Let’s get you into some pyjamas yeah? And then you can come and sleep with us,”
“Per favore,” She yawns, burying her face into Peter’s shoulder. “Stanca, Papà,”
“You’re really sleepy, huh?” Peter asks quietly with a smile when his daughter slips into Italian muttering. “Hang on a second, I’m just going to leave Sam a note.”
Sam wakes up the next morning sprawled out on his couch. He blinks his eyes a few times, smiling when he sees his two best friends cuddled together on a chair too small for them, limbs intertwined and fingers tangled together. He feels a moment of panic when he doesn’t feel the weight of a toddler he is sure fell asleep on top of him. His heart rate picks up as he frantically looks around the room. He notices a sheet of paper on his table, Peter’s scruffy writing on it.
I’ve got Leia upstairs. I didn’t want to wake you up. Thanks for watching her, love you Sammy.
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bucks-bunny · an hour ago
The Popcorn Club - Bucky x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky enjoy a special movie night together
Warnings: pure teeth-rotting fluff; weird choice of movie snacks (don't come at me, I like it)
Word Count: 846
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Tumblr media
One joy of the 21st century was the possibility to have basically everything at the tip of your fingertips, quite literally.
Technology had advanced so much since the 40s, and now you could buy something with a click and have it delivered in the matter of hours, or you could watch an infinite number of movies from the comfort of your house.
And Bucky intended to take full advantage of it, wishing to catch up on all the hundreds of movies he had missed during the decades of his imprisonment.
And that's why you agreed on having a movie night whenever it was possible. Of course, his occupation as an Avenger would mean that he was often on a mission, but it only made your dates more special and valuable. It was one of the few moments in which you both could relax and enjoy each other's presence, and you were grateful for it.
You liked movies, and had watched your fair share too, but you were always on the hunt for some good ones to show your boyfriend.
You had already gotten through the classics. When he found out that they had made movies out of The Hobbit he lit up, and you had watched the entire trilogy in a couple of days, on an uneventful weekend.
Then of course it was the turn of the whole Lord of the Rings series, which you had never seen, so it was nice to discover it with him.
You also convinced him to binge-watch basically all Disney movies, and you swear you saw him crying while watching Coco. But of course, he would never admit it, because if Sam found out, well, Bucky would never hear the end of it.
But tonight was a special night. It was your turn to choose what to watch, and you decided to show Bucky one of your all-time favorites: The Breakfast Club.
So, after a long and busy week, you were both home, in your small apartment, takeout already eaten, everything was ready. You only needed one thing.
Movie nights with Bucky also meant loads of movie snacks and junk food. And you absolutely loved it.
While Bucky was setting up the movie in the living room, you were in the kitchen, waiting for the last pop! of the popcorn in the microwave. But no matter how careful you were, you always managed to burn it a little, and this time wasn’t an exception. You discarded some of the burnt popped kernels, but couldn’t get them all while separating them into two bowls.
“Oh well,” you thought, “it adds to the flavor”. And with that, you went into the living room.
You plopped down on the couch next to Bucky, who snatched a handful of popcorn from your bowl.
“Hey! I made two because you begged me to, so you get yours,” you handed him his bowl, “and I get mine.”
“I still can’t understand how you can mix sweet and salty like that. It should be a crime”
In effect, during the years you had refined your culinary-movie-snack taste and had created the perfect concoction: popcorn sprinkled with M&M’s and some peanut butter Reese's. That way the warmth of the kernels would melt the chocolate of the sweets, without melting it. It was perfect.
“Excuse me for having excellent taste, you’re the one wolfing down licorice. It’s basically dirt!” you defend yourself, while getting your cozy blanket and spreading it out to cover both of you.
“Ready?” he asked you, putting one arm around your shoulder and getting the remote.
Too busy stuffing your mouth with popcorn, you murmured a muffled “Mmh-mmh”, watching the movie start on the TV.
You snuggled yourself more next to Bucky, wrapped in his scent. You could never pick out exactly what he smelled like, but to you, he felt like home, in every way possible.
Watching the opening credits of the movie you reveled in your thoughts. You wanted this moment to never end because you felt at peace. Ever since Bucky entered your life, it has only gotten better. He brought a sense of calm and stability, and you cherished every moment with him.
“Hey, you aren’t falling asleep already, are you? He asked, peeking at you. It was a legit question. You were famous for falling asleep in the middle of a movie, but it wasn’t your fault, he was just too comfortable to doze off on.
“Mh? Oh no, no. I was just thinking.” you quickly respond, blushing,
"What's going on in that pretty head of yours, hm?"
"Nothing, I just love you so much" you confess, sweetly smiling at him.
"Oh baby I love you too," he replies getting closer to you "so, so much" he adds murmuring against your lips.
His kiss is soft and sweet, and it inebriates you. You could get drunk on this alone. The movie keeps playing in front of you, but it is long forgotten the moment Bucky lifts you up on his lap.
You wish you could stay like this forever.
A/N: hii hoped you liked this! sorry if the snack choices weirds you out lol; also sorry for any mistakes but English is not my first language, but I'm working on it!
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1200 Followers Celebration Masterlist
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Tumblr media
look at my cute little baby 🥺
I was really tempted to buy Zemo too but the two together would have been too expensive (they didn’t have Sam)
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Finished my truth serum fic if anyone fancies a read 🥺
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