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#helmut zemo
zaddyzemo · an hour ago
yes, he's daddy. yes, I'd call him daddy". yes, I'd make him a daddy.
come inside me and I'll give you a son you can give a name begining with the letter H and pass your title to.
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crypticwanda · 3 hours ago
Zemo x touchstarved!reader
summary: how zemo would treat a touch starved s/o
pairing(s): helmut zemo x reader
warnings: mention of sexual themes but it's very brief
Tumblr media
zemo is very soft with you
to your surprise, zemo was incredibly soft and kind when he had found out about how deprived you were of physical touch
I feel like at first he wouldn't be very touchy or show a lot of PDA at first, and then slowly becomes more intimate
he first realizes just how touch starved you are one night when you are sitting on the couch together
he had called you over to his side for something, then placed his hands on either side of your face and had complimented your eyes
just the touch on your cheeks had brought tears to your eyes, knowing that you've never felt something like this from someone you truly love
without even knowing, a few tears fell from your eyes as his face turned into confusion and worry
"why are you crying, my love?"
you sniffled a few times and wiped your eyes as you realised that you were crying
"oh I'm fine... just not used to it."
he continued to look you in the eyes while his eyebrows furrowed together, almost in sadness but it wasn't plainly obvious
ever since that moment, zemo had made it a personal goal in his mind to give you the physical touch that you had been deprived of most your life
whether that be sexual or not
even in the smallest ways possible, he would go the extra step to remind you that he loves you
he'd randomly wrap his arm around your waist while you walk, or hold the back of your neck tightly as you hug
the smallest of gestures matter the most in his mind
and you had relished every moment of it
one of your favorite things that he does is that when you are about to fall asleep on his chest, he will hold a book in one of his hands and would softly rub your back with the other
even though it didn't seem like a big act to others, it was reassuring and kind
it also had helped you fall asleep at night and zemo knew he did something right when he heard small snores emit from your mouth as you lie on his chest
I feel like zemo wouldn't mind that much about showing you these small acts of reassurance, actually he'd probably enjoy it knowing that he's helping you feel calm and protected
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incorrectsebastianstan · 3 hours ago
bucky: ARE YOU—
zemo: fucking.
bucky: KIDDING ME?! YOU—
zemo: fucking.
bucky: IDIOT!
sharon: what was that?
zemo: sam banned bucky from swearing, so i'm helping him out.
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baronesszemo · 4 hours ago
I often think about what Zemo would deem to be the best way to protect his S/O, like... does he get them to stay at home away from all the action, or come with him wherever he goes??
Because his family died while he wasn’t there, I think that maybe he’d worry about his S/O if they weren’t with him. Like he’d want to be able to protect them personally??? Idk.
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wakandacoconutoil · 4 hours ago
Would Zemo be able to manipulate, mansplain, or manwhore his way into your life?
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nervousbidisaster · 4 hours ago
so much simps of zemo in the photo i posted like mfs are you all okay?? no??? me neither he lives rent free on my mind ngl
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baronessrosaliezemo · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Baron Zemo’s estate was left in the care of his wife when he found himself in and out of prison. And if Rosalie was being honest; it was one of the only things keeping her sane whilst they were apart. At least this way, she could feel connected to him.
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zaddyzemo · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zemovision · 6 hours ago
Daniel Brühl characters as Eau de Parfum
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baron Zemo as Oud Wood by Tom Ford
Oud wood is one of the most precious and expensive ingredients for any perfumer, and this cologne by Tom Ford nails the woody scent. Combined with cardamom, sandalwood, and vetiver—with hints of tonka bean and amber—a few spritzes of this signature scent is like warming up to a nice cozy fire.
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hiraethmaximoff · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
A/N: English isn't my first language so sorry for any mistake unu. Have a nice day c:
"are you okay? "Zemo made sure that you weren't hurt, why was he so cute? His face showed concern for you
"I'm fine" you said walking away from him, if Bucky saw you two in that position surely he would hit Zemo
" Are you cold?" you let out a sigh for his attention, of course you were cold, he had made you wear a very short dress, but you were too proud to ask for help
"No, now we have to look for the boys" you replied returning to the walk, but Zemo grabbed your arm and before you could replicate his coat was on your shoulders, the warm heat made the chills disappear
He adjusted the coat carefully and smiled when he saw you wear his coat
"It suits you" he murmured with a smile that made you want to kiss him again
The color red covered your face making Zemo giggle "red looks good on you too .."
You lightly hit his chest with your hand "please stop " you asked timidly by his comments, the baron nodded satisfied with what he was making you.
"My apologies, but I think you're enjoying it too, you were the one who kissed me at the bar, remember?" You closed your eyes shyly
"Don't be embarrassed Schatz, the kiss was my favorite part" he whispered against your ear
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syven-siren · 6 hours ago
Error of Your Ways
Tumblr media
Summary: Zemo is bewildered at your unusual act of selfishness when you ask Sharon to help with a “mistake”. It’s no mistake though, not to Zemo and he plans to correct your error.
Warnings: 18+ / dub-con / emotional manipulation / implicit verbal manipulation / breeding kink / obsessive thoughts / oral sex (female receiving) / fingering / creampie / hyperspermia / slight inflation / (dark!Zemo)
Requested by Anon: “This is a very specific prompt but maybe something where zemo is upset over reader asking Sharon for plan b and manipulates her into more unprotected sex featuring breeding kink?”
Avengers Masterlist | Zemo Masterlist
Word Count: 1,847k
Tumblr media
A cauldron of molten lava, stirred and stoked by the conversation he had overheard, had boiled and bubbled in the pit of Zemo’s stomach. The embers of his passion are never truly extinguished. Constantly wavering in strength, they are usually only fanned by the need to rectify the world’s injustices. But now for the first time, those glowing cinders have been fanned by the sting of your betrayal.
“Sharon, I need your help. Had an accident. Can you get me the pill?”
One unceremonious question was put forth and upended his even-tempered mind, spinning a dark web of his thoughts. Had you not thought of what could have been? Of the future? He has only ever known you to be like the vibrant lotus blossom growing amongst the muck and mud of the world’s bleak obsidian waters. You possess the righteousness others lack and a moral compass that keeps you pointed north and truth to the better ways of humanity. He has since come to realize though, that just like all the others you have your vices too, your moments of selfishness.
He doesn’t fault you for it. If anyone has witnessed how easily humans fall, it is him. If anyone knows of the foolish beliefs individuals take on in the name of false virtue, he does. It’s all a farce. And though some repent, turn a new leaf, most are beyond saving. But not you, not his one true love. You can be forgiven. He will show you the error of your ways and offer you reconciliation.
Zemo has waited all week, biding his time to approach the situation with calculated caution rather than the heated fury he first felt. That frustration had raged in his chest for days. The animal within him had roared and rampaged, beating against his ribcage to be let out. It paced and salivated at the idea of pounding into the deepest reaches of your pussy, planting his seed there, and correcting the mistake you had made. But then he had remembered who he was to you, the cunning and calculated baron. The man of refined taste with a wicked quick intellect and skillful physicality.
On this night of penance, he finds you padding across the bedroom, preparing for bed. Clothes slip from your body to the floor creating trailing pools behind you. Head to toe, you are a portrait meant only for him to peruse at his own leisure. His eyes linger on the shape of your bare body, viewing your form through the lens of what could have been. Your face rounded, glowing with an ethereal aura, the outline of your breasts fuller, weighted by the nourishment of their supply, and the curve of your hips widening in acceptance of your new role. That is how he sees you, the goddess, the mother, the soon-to-be.
“Helmut, what’s wrong?” Your words lure him back from the lust-induced mirage that has distorted his mind. Eyebrows furrowed and mouth sinking into a frown, you search for any outward signs of the subject under his inner contemplation but as always, his heart and thoughts are safely tucked away. He has always been so guarded. Though he has no problem with expression, he holds most information under secret and waits for the opportune time to use it to his advantage.
Zemo stalks towards you, steps swift and straight, “My dove, do I satisfy you?”
“Of course. You shouldn’t have to ask that.”
His hands grip your hips, tugging you close to him. The fabric of his robe brushes against your exposed chest, causing your nipples to harden beneath the silky friction. You stifle a moan when he presses himself against you. The throb of his cock can not be contained by the thin material of his covering. He is certain you can feel the heat of his desire just as he can feel the way you lay your trembling fingers on his biceps in hopes of hiding your excited anticipation.
“Do I love you?”
“I would hope so.” Your chuckle dies off quickly at the fierceness shrouded in his eyes, “Yes. You love me, just as I love you.”
“And I would do anything for you, correct?” His voice is low and accent thick with desire. Honey dipped words coax you into state acquiescence. You nod, head tilting when his line of questioning abruptly ends. A sharp exhale is pulled from your lungs as his fingers press into the back of your neck and draw your face closer to his own. Noses touching and lips temptingly close, Zemo stares into your eyes.
“I would...” His kiss tastes of sweet wine, intoxicating and numbing your brain. His lips work along your jaw but it’s only when he nibbles on your ear that you release a sigh of contentment. His next words come out as a whisper, breathed against your ear, “...get on my knees for you. Bend and bow to your every whim, yes?”
His body slips away from yours, sinking to the floor before you in a physical declaration of sinful reverence. Never had he been a man of worship but since basking in your garden of Eden, he finds a reason to pray, if only to get one more taste of the forbidden fruit before he leaves this earth.
Zemo guides your left leg over his shoulder. His breath fans against the inside of your thigh as he waits for you to steady yourself. Your right knee nearly buckles at the first swipe of his tongue through your glistening folds but he bears the weight of your pleasure. Your hips buck forward, grinding your cunt against his face with urgent need but his ministrations take on no urgency. He takes his time feasting upon your offering, lapping at your pussy with a languid pace. Zemo’s tongue swirls around your entrance before his index and middle fingers slip into you. They pet along your walls, curling into the spongy center that makes your spine curl with sharp electricity. Your juices flow steadily, moistening his pink lips and dribbling over his chin.
“Yeeesss.” Neither of you is sure whether your cry is made out of ecstasy or regarding his previous question. Perhaps it’s both. He can certainly feel the way your core quivers around his fingers. His cock stiffens further, almost to the point of pain as your walls unsuccessfully milk at his fingers. Your body knows, even if you consciously don’t, that you crave what only he can supply. Shakily, your fingers tangle in his tousled hair, “Helmut! I’m going to— Oh!” The words are swallowed back down and instead, a lewd and elongated howl floats through the air.
He’s slow to remove his digits, still pumping them into you as you recover from the aftershocks of your orgasm. Though he’s the one kneeling before you, adoration flickers in your orbs. It’s twisted along your ecstasy-blown pupils and it looks perfect. With a soft smile gracing your face, giggling with lust-drunk happiness, and mewling for him to fill you, you are perfection personified. He can already envision how immaculate you’ll look stuffed with cum and how well you’ll grow into your new role as the next few months go by.
Like a newborn fawn, you stumble backward as he walks you to the bed. You both fall amongst the plush blankets and become a tangled mess of limbs. His mouth attaches to your nipple, suckling and flicking his tongue over the perky bud.
“You’re too good to me, my love.” Your words send his heart fluttering but also make his gut twist in knots. It’s just like you not to know, not to understand that you deserve the world and more. He’ll give that to you: a better world. Tonight would be the first step in that process. The beginning of new life; the perfect life to help usher in a better more just society.
His hands go in opposite directions. One palms your unattended breast, giving it the attention it deserves while his right-hand strokes his thick member. Your back arches off the bed as the tip of his cock slips through your folds, circling your clit, and then down again to prod at your hole. Though you had taken his fingers earlier and cum on his tongue, you are still so tight. Your velvet walls still squeeze him in a vice grip, eagerly welcoming the intrusion of his cock and unwilling to relinquish your hold on him.  
Zemo’s lips release your nipple with a satisfying pop, “Would you do anything for me?”
His thrusts are still slow and measured. The push and pull of his hips still smash into your own as he bottoms out each time. His cock leaves your moist cavern fully and you whine pitifully as you provide him an answer.
The reentry of his cock is sharp and stinging, spearing into the depths of your core.
Out again. “Would you kill for me?”
In. And Out. “Would you die for me?”
In and then out.
“Would you give a life for me?”
“Yes. Yes. Yes! I would do it all for you. Anything and everything.”
That’s all he needs. His thrusts, once sluggish, now torpedo into you. His hands anchor on the back of your thighs, resting in the crook of your bent knees. He presses forward, pinning your legs against your chest, nearly folding you in half as he chases after the sensation of his cockhead hitting your cervix.
You cry out as tears pool along your lower lids and spill over. Your nails bite into the skin of his shoulders. No doubt there will be crescent-shaped reminders of this blissful night left on him. While the marks on him will fade in the days to come, the one he plans to pump into you will last for the remainder of your lives. The perfect union that will be his legacy.
Balls lifting and cock twitching, he gives you everything. Thick hot ribbons of his essence spurt into your defiled hole. It seems endless and a satisfying pressure expands along your abdomen. Even as he is finishing, the last strings of him coating your walls white, he continues his rutting, pushing and nudging the milky mix against the doorway of your womb.
The combined releases leave you shuddering and gasping. Your pussy pulsates around his rod, wanting more of him, needing more of him.
The joints of your knees and hips ache fully as he moves you into a new position to not only ensure your comfort but to achieve his goal as well. His cock stays firmly planted within your canal even as some of his cum leaks past your plugged hole. Zemo swallows thickly, burrowing his face in your neck as his hand comes to caress the slight bulge of your tummy. Words of love and endearment are murmured in his native tongue, lulling you into slumber.
Now that he has sunk his seed into the source of life, his dream, his vision, and hope for the future are closer than ever.
Tumblr media
Please comment & reblog if you enjoyed and feel comfortable doing so. It really helps when you do. 
Feedback in any form is very much appreciated! Thank you.
Avengers Masterlist | Zemo Masterlist
A/N: I won’t be tagging anyone since this is a dark fic and I don’t want to assume anyone would want to be tagged on it. 
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libraryofivy · 6 hours ago
Stay - H.Z
Pairing - Zemo x gn!reader
Word Count - 779
Warnings - subtle references to sex.
A/N - So I wrote this to try to get back into writing, but I'm actually quite proud of how it turned out! If you'd like to see a second part or for me to write for him again, let me know! (I used Serbian for Sokovian, but I did have to use google translate, so things may not be necessarily accurate. Plus I used the Latin alphabet to make it more accessible, but I will provide the original Cyrillic below)
Translations - draga (драга - dear/darling), dušica (Душица - sweetheart)
Tumblr media
Sunshine was pouring in through the curtains, illuminating the lavish room in which you lay. The cacophony of birds chirping with the daily bustle of Riga’s streets, waking you from your slumber. The feel of silk sheets beneath you, as you stretch towards the warmth of the sun as it fills the room. The feeling of a person stirring behind you alerts you, snapping you firmly awake from the brink of peaceful sleep. Turning over, you see the last person you expected, a halo of sunlight surrounding his head as if he were an angel, but he was far from that.
If Sam and Bucky knew where you were right now, you’d be in some deep shit, but it didn’t matter. Memories of the previous night dance across your memory, as you gaze at him from your side of the bed. He looked almost peaceful, if that was possible. His eyes gently flutter open and for a moment you panic, wondering if you should get up and leave, or stay here and know that there was no escaping this now. What had happened was irreversible.
A smirk appears on his lips as he wakes properly, propping himself up next to you. ‘Good morning, draga’ he whispers, placing a hand upon your cheek and stroking it lightly with his thumb. A blush creeps up your neck and onto your face, turning your cheeks pink under his touch. Satisfied with his affect upon you, his hand slides down to your waist, pulling you to his chest, allowing him to place a tender kiss upon your hairline. The kiss sends a shudder down your spine, as you lay content in his arms, enjoying the moment between the two of you, but you knew it couldn’t last forever.
‘I think I should go’ you mutter, pulling yourself from his grip. The loss of his touch is a disappointment and you’re wanting nothing more than to crawl back into his arms. But you don’t.
You get up to gather your things, scattered across the room from the previous night’s events, trying your best not to look at him. A look of sadness appears upon his features, but he understands. He meets you at the doorway before you can slip away, grabbing your wrist and guiding you to him gently so he can place a kiss on your lips, an unspoken promise between the two of you that you would see each other again.
A few days pass before you find yourself in his bed again. The guilt of hiding whatever this was from Sam and Bucky was growing every day. It was clear the two of you had feelings for each other, you had been staring at each other since he appeared in that warehouse in Germany shortly after breaking out of prison. You knew what you were doing was wrong, this was the man that tore your life apart, and yet there was something so intoxicating about him, something that kept you coming back for more.
‘Zemo, we shouldn’t be doing this’ The words had left your mouth before you could even think of the consequences.
‘Why is that dušica? Is this because of Samuel and James? Or because I’m an escaped convict?’ he responds, frustration evident in his voice.
‘I guess both?’ You confess, sighing deeply. ‘If they find out about this, about us, I don’t know what they’ll do. They’ll probably send you back to prison as soon as they can, you know how fiercely protective they can be, they see me as their little sister’
He doesn’t respond, but instead places his hand underneath your chin, tipping your head up as he leans in for your lips, kissing you softly. Your lips tangle together, but you pull away before the kiss can get too heated and lead anywhere.
‘I think I should go’ You state, just as you did all those days before. Getting up to leave once again, he grasps your arm, instead forcing you to turn around and look at him.
‘Stay, please’ He requests, and for once you listen. You forget all thoughts of running away from him again, and sit back onto the bed next to him.
‘I suppose I can stay for a bit longer’
‘No, stay forever’ he whispers into your ear, as he places his arm around your waist, holding you tightly against him, his arms a safe haven from the world around you. While life may be uncertain, the only certain thing in the world is the connection the two of you share and despite all the terrible things he had done in his past, nothing matters more than the present.
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turkish-d3light · 7 hours ago
Zemo headcanon fluff
I really like Zemo and have had this headcanon about him for a while!!
Okay so we know that Zemo is very much a gentleman
So it isn’t a surprise that if his partner was cold, he would wrap his coat around them, right?
Now it wouldn’t be too far off to assume that deep down he really enjoys the sight of his partner with his coat
And whose to say that Zemo also wouldn’t like the idea of wearing or carrying a piece of fabric that belonged to his partner or partners’ creation?
So maybe one day, he would take his partner to a tailor shop and gives his partner complete and full creative liberty to be able to design him a new coat
A new coat that would soon be completely priceless in his eyes
Whenever he got the chance to wear the coat? He’d gladly take the opportunity
Added bonuses if you carry use a perfume or a cologne
Because there is no doubt that he would make sure the coat has the smell. That way if for reasons, you and Zemo had to be apart, the coat and the scent the coat would have, would give him some comfort until you two met again
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lazypeachsoul · 7 hours ago
i chased you all the way to Riga - h.z.
Tumblr media
Request: by @alekssmorozova “Could i request Daddy!Zemo + spanking pretty please ? Have a good day/evening. 🎇❤️”
Warnings: +18. Minors DNI. daddy kink, spanking.
Word count: 2k.
A/N: i'm so incredibly sorry I'm posting this at 2 am. my computer in playing dumb with me. hope you enjoy it 🌼 Gif by @h-zemo
Translations: "Gutes Mädchen" means "good girl"; "gelb" means "yellow"; "rot" means "red"; "Schatz" means "treasure (pet name)".
To be added to my taglist use this forms or write me an ask!
Waving goodbye to the security man you finally got out of the office building after an exhausting day at work. Meetings seemed to be a constant nowadays. Working for one of the biggest law firms in times when tensions are high and disputes seem to be more common, work was never scarce. But that meant free time was.
Normally you would have paid more attention to your surroundings, but the ache in your head and your heeled feet prevented you from really observing the environment. It wasn’t until you were unlocking your car that you felt someone behind you.
Turning around ready to disarm any potential attacker, you were stopped by a hand grabbing your arm. Expecting an attack you tried to free your arm to be able to defend yourself, but the attack never came. Looking up you found a man not much taller than yourself, covered with a long coat and a purple balaclava. It wasn’t until you found a pair of deep brown eyes looking at you that you understood who your “attacker” was.
Shaking off his hand you took a step back, trying to understand what was going on. He couldn’t be here in Riga. Last thing you knew about him he was in a high security prison in Germany, locked in solitary confinement. “Zemo?” Was the first thing that came out of your lips. It wasn’t loud but you knew he heard you when he moved to take the covering off.
"Schatz.” He spoke, accent heavier than you remembered. Probably the result of only using german to communicate during his years in prison.
His hair was still fairly intact for having been covered and his face, although sunken in from lack of normal nutrition, was still as handsome and mysterious as ever.
“You haven’t called me that in a long time Helmut.”
“I would’ve, if you had called or visited me in my imprisonment.”
His voice sounded strained and you then realized he must have not been allowed many visitors during that time. And even if he was, nobody would visit him after what he had done. Well, nobody except old Oeznik maybe.
“You know I couldn’t do it, if they had known we were involved in any way my life would have become hell.” You tried to excuse yourself, even if it was the truth. “how are you here anyways? Not that the visit is not a nice surprise but-”
“I escaped.” He answered but you know that was not the entire truth. Zemo was intelligent enough to know escaping would not grant him the kind of freedom he wanted. “Well, somebody got me out because I was needed in a mission, and now we are here following a lead. It’s a long story and one I don’t think we should have out in the open.”
He was looking around now, confirming his runaway status. He probably shouldn’t even be in the parking lot of one of the biggest office buildings in the city. You unlocked your car and moved to get inside of the car. Helmut stayed still, probably expecting you to run away, but you just pointed to the passenger seat with your head.
Once he was inside you started the car and tried to exit the parking lot as if a wanted criminal wasn’t sitting next to you. Once you were crossing the gates you took a deep breath and you felt your muscles relax. You could feel Zemo’s gaze on the side of your face, clearly not expecting this turn in the night.
“If I hadn’t left the lot Arnis would have come looking for me, he worries.” You tried to explain while keeping your eyes on the road. “And I imagine you don’t want to be seen.”
He nodded and moved his gaze from your figure and looked outside the window. From the small peeks you took, he looked to be deep in thought. You didn’t really understand what possessed you to make him get in your car, or to take him to your house. Maybe it was the past you shared or the remorse of not seeing him in the last years. Maybe even the remorse of not being there to stop him from committing those atrocities.
You parked your car on the street right in front of your apartment building. The less distance you had to travel the less of a chance of being caught. And even with all the precautions you didn’t feel completely safe until you closed the front door of your apartment and locked the door.
Seeing Baron Helmut Zemo standing in your tiny rented apartment felt silly. This man who had grown up close to royalty, who had lived in the best houses and schools in Europe, now stood next to cheap Ikea furniture and bad room decorations.
“Nice house.” He tried to break the ice but it only made you want to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.
“Not all of us are born into nobility Baron. Now, are you going to tell me what is going on? I have the feeling that whoever broke you out might have no idea where you are right now.”
“Always so intelligent, schatz.” He smirked taking off his characteristing long coat and elegantly draping it over the sofa.
The scene reminded you of the last time you two were alone together, and how the night ended. He started rolling the sleeves of his red shirt and you started to see the old Helmut Zemo. The one who didn’t have to be worried about the world trying to catch him and could be his enchanting self. The Helmut Zemo who knew how to get the attention, born to be a leader.
“I’m not supposed to be here. I suppose James and Samuel are running around the city looking for me. But I’m in the best company I could imagine.”
“And I suppose what your entire mission is, right?”
“Again, so intelligent. You know what would happen if you were to be associated with me. You said so yourself.” He was looking at every detail of the room, but you especially you. “I did not come as a runaway looking for shelter. I came as a...friend.”
The tone he used to describe your relationship hurt but told you more than the rest of the conversation. It was true that you never used another label other than friends, always good friends and friends with benefits sometimes.
“Is that all we are, friend?” You couldn’t hold your tongue, the situation bringing you back to the dynamic you had before everything went to shit.
“Well, a few years ago you used to call me a different name, didn’t you?”
You were too worried about the situation to realize how close Zemo had gotten, making you jump slightly when you felt his hand in your shoulder. Softly moving it up and caressing your skin the hand found a home pressed against the side of your neck, lovingly but with authority.
“I spoke to you, my love. Don’t tell me you have forgotten.”
“I haven’t.” You spoke quickly almost as if your entire body knew what to do without needing orders from your brain. “Daddy.”
The smirk that spread through his face ignited every memory in your brain that included Zemo. From the first time you met back in Sokovia to the many nights spent together as young adults, including the years spent apart when he married and the reunion after disaster struck.
Without realizing you moved your entire body forward, pressing yourself against the man and your lips to his. The moment your lips touched it felt electric, like a current that had been dormant came alive again.
The kiss became ravenous, teeth clashing and hands pawing at each other's clothes. The small apartment felt immense when thinking of moving to the bedroom staying as close together as possible.
Breaking the kiss you looked at him and saw his usually expressive eyes were clouded with determination. You knew Zemo enjoyed the chase, and you were going to give it to him. Moving your face closer to him as if to kiss him again gave you the best distraction you could imagine.
Pushing Helmut back you started running towards the bedroom, moving furniture on your way to make the chase more thrilling. You tried to close the door behind you but he had reached you easier than you believed, as if he had never lost his military training.
“Why are you running away? Is it because you know you were bad?” His sweet voice a contrast to his authoritative figure.
Helmut Zemo was not the tallest or strongest man, but he had an air of power around him that the strongest men on the planet would want to have for themselves. And you would relegate all your power to this man, trusting him blindly.
“No daddy. I know you enjoy chasing me.”
“I do. I chased you all the way to a parking lot here in Letonia, didn’t I?” He was walking towards you until you hit the back of your knees against the mattress making you fall. “But I do think you need a punishment. You did forget about me.”
Your heart was beating loudly inside your chest and your entire body felt hot, the situation was familiar to you but that didn’t make it less exciting. He lowered his face to your now lower position and kissed your forehead softly, a silent question about what was going to happen next.
You grabbed his dominant hand and kissed the palm softly, granting him permission to carry out the punishment. You could tell what he was about to ask and responded before he could even get the question out.
“Gelb means uncomfortable. Rot is stop.”
“Gutes Mädchen”
His hand snaked its way to the back of your head, intertwining with your hair. Pulling softly he moved your head back, giving him access to your entire neck. His kisses were soft and almost ticklish. But you knew the softness would be gone soon.
He sat down on the bed, making himself comfortable before parting his legs and gesturing with his hand between them. Quickly standing up you stood in between them, allowing his hands to run through your hips until they found the belt of your work dress pants. He worked the fabric with confidence until you felt it slip from your frame.
His hands directly against your skin seemed to ignite every nerve in your body and when they moved to work the buttons of your shirt your breath caught in your chest.
“My sweet girl. I have missed you.” He whispered before kissing the skin of your hip that was revealed by the lack of clothing. “You are just as soft and warm as I remember you. I almost feel sorry for having to punish you.”
You had to suppress a whine at his words but he seemed to hear anyway. He was a natural speaker and hearing him speak that way too you made you warm and the heat seemed to pool in your lower belly.
“Please, daddy. I can’t wait.”
He chuckled softly, chucking the clothes far away and moving back to allow you to drape yourself over his lap. And that’s exactly what you did. You found your position so quickly that it almost felt like no time had passed since the last time.
His calloused hand caressed the back of your thighs moving closer and closer to the sensitive skin of your butt,causing goosebumps to raise on your skin. You rested your cheek against the comforter, humming as a sign that you were ready.
And suddenly the hum became a surprised moan when you felt the crash of Zemo’s hand against your skin. He soothed the skin and started muttering in german. “Let’s count to 6 and see if you learned, okay?” You nodded and another spank resounded around the room. “I need you to speak, beautiful.”
“Yes daddy, 6.”
He started soothing the skin again before you felt another shocking spank against your bottom. Every single strike made you moan and groan louder, and you weren’t the only one. Helmut was groaning not only because of the effort but at seeing your reactions and the probably very went patch on your panties.
You could feel how excited Helmut was getting against your belly that was carefully pressed against his groin. Even through the thick trousers the erection was more than obvious and only made you more excited for what was about to come.
Any thought of crimes, sentences, escapes from prison or other people were buried deeper in your mind with every moment that passed.
“Six.” You moaned when the palm crashed against your now sore bottom for the last time.
The entire room was buzzing with excitement, you bottom sore in the best way you could imagine and the hands of your past lover caressing the reddened skin.
“You did so good, beautiful. But I’m not letting you go now.”
“Please daddy...don’t stop now.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @teenwonder @sky-writes-stuff @kyli314
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nbmonsterkisser · 7 hours ago
y’all, I’ve been working for two days on a fake married!Zemo/Reader for a fic challenge I liked. we’re almost 6k in and still no smut quite yet but omfg, I think if I can pull this off this might become the new favorite thing I’ve written
good lord, I can’t wait to post it
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What sort of pajamas would Zemo wear? A robe of course... but what about when the robe comes off? Deep thoughts. Right answers only, wrong answers welcome 🖤
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ireblogstuffandcry · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Zemo/Male Reader
Rating: Teen And Up
Chapter: 1/5
Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Romantic Soulmates, Falling In Love, Slow Romance, Slow Burn, First Kiss, POV Second Person
Summary: "Some people have soulmates, some don't. Those who do can't see colors until they kiss theirs. What you never thought was to find yours during a life or death situation, on a mission with Sam, Bucky, and regrettably, Zemo."
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nervousbidisaster · 8 hours ago
John: How did none of you hear what I just said?!
Bucky: I've been zoned out for the last two and half hours.
Sam: I got bored and distracted about the halfway through.
Zemo: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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milkrats · 8 hours ago
*Sam and bucky making high pitched whistles kind of like a bird tweet at eachother suspiciously*
Sharon walking in: what are they doing????
Zemo, without looking up from his book: they're tweeting shit about me again.
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