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ask-swap-gf-and-bf · 4 hours ago
hey! reblog this post if you want a starter from BF/Indigo! (you can do both-)
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ambassadorquark · 4 hours ago
one of my stupid comedy trope weaknesses is that i love when there are two funny guys who just hang out being useless
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ambassadorquark · 4 hours ago
i think the character designs in the mitchells vs the machines are incredible and those sony films sure look great but writing wise i do Have To Laugh about their whole thing being how crazy & weird and dysfunctional they are and they just like have realistically complicated relationships and some charming idiosyncrasies and the daughter is gay or whatever. like Ok
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asfdhgsdkjhgb · 6 hours ago
feel like its an area 51 raid?? idk man vibes are inexplicable
im proud to have area 51 vibes thank <3
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ambassadorquark · 7 hours ago
i think about “radiohead ceep lyrics i know it” every day of my life
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ambassadorquark · 8 hours ago
anyway speaking of music i came across this album today and it’s literally unbelievable. i had to listen to the whole thing before posting about it so i could confirm that it was a winner all the way through but it really is. so dark and hardcore and beautiful cannot recommend enough, look it up on your music listening method of choice
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seesgood · 8 hours ago
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princeboop · 9 hours ago
"describe your gender in a song that's not from MCR or mother mother"
Okay well neither of those bands are trans artists sooooooooooo how are they considered gender songs really????
Ignore me I'm just ???????? Why them???? Don't reblogg and also don't answer these questions I know the answer okay
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ambassadorquark · 10 hours ago
i love seeing people be like “i don’t listen to lame tumblr white people bands” and then they list music they do listen to and it’s absolute silly nerd music. like i know you value having fun so what’s with this cool guy posturing
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corruptedbunny-multimuse · 10 hours ago
A little bomb was walking around, whimpering in confusion. He didn’t know who he was. He didn’t know why he was here. He just knew that he was lost and very scared.
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3frogperson3 · 12 hours ago
I was at my local thrift shop and saw this, I guess it was like a knock off betty boop soda pop or something of the sort. I'm just wondering if it's being sold to drink(if so,that would be some w a r m soda) or the more likely solution which would be that it was a collectable. Although that brings me to the qeustion:was this popular enough to have a whole dedicated collecting community?or is it just certain soda pops from the time? I'm not judging, I'm just genuinely curious about the lore of this liquid.
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atsumuscumslut · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
What would u like to have for deserts ?
PS: kenma
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catzgam3rz · 12 hours ago
Today I learned that there's a worm/caterpillar named the velvet worm and it has s glue gun :D
I also learned that pulling teeth is weird
VELVET WORM MY BELOVED!! They’re funky little guys yeah :D!
Also are you like... going into dentistry or did you get YOUR OWN teeth pulled?? (or some horrifying third option where you are not a dentist but just decided someones teeth should be yours)
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melancholicpareidolia · 12 hours ago
Stellar Firma 74 Stuff - The found family thing just got a bit weird.
- I was worried there might be a whole thing, but here's David 7 still caring about work and by extension Trexel. Maybe the room was actually just letting David 7 have nice things after all, and isn't suspicious. That would be nice.
- I feel sorry for broken, confused, and tentatively friendly Trexel, but I do love him a little bit. Apparently he’s been having empathy fugues.
- "You are the universe's only hope!" Gee, no pressure there, IMOGEN. I'm a little worried about what that means for David 7, given that he's just a clone and the universe is quite large. Is Stellar Firma doing something really stupid and irreversible to the fabric of the universe when it comes to making planets? I feel like it might be a little late to bring in resource depletion social commentary, but I'm here for it.
- I love David 7's new power to make Trexel keel over like a fainting goat, but with feelings.
- "I think I have to kill you." As a response to friendship, this is the most Hannibal conclusion ever and I love it. There's at the very least a handshake meme in there somewhere. Maybe the series will end with David 7 and Trexel doing a murder, then airlocking out into space while covered in someone else's blood.
- I feel like empathy as a reaction isn't the same as empathy as a carefully-learned set of routines in one's brain, and neither is vital to being a good person (because a sociopath knows instinctively how others feel and just finds it hilarious to hurt regardless, while someone can call themselves "an empath" and be incredibly selfish because they're just projecting their own feelings onto others). That said, this feels a little like I'm going off on one, and this isn't an episode of The Good Place.
- "All kneel before Trexel, Lord of Feelings!" There we go. One step forward, several steps back.
- "Hobbes would be pleased for you, but probably only for selfish reasons!" On second thoughts, maybe this is an episode of The Good Place. At which point I got distracted by the thought of Trexel as played by Kristen Bell.
- "You may want to be careful with this line of thought." Love Imogen's delivery here, it's just the right side of threatening but still customer service voice.
- Trexel just not stopping until the wall turned into one massive gun. Meanwhile David 7 has such a good sense of self-preservation, I’m so proud. Selfish or not, it’s sensible.
- A critical RAM shortage. Is Stellar Firma not able to just buy more? Or reboot the system? Hm. Maybe the board is space crypto mining or something.
- I love these terrible aphorisms so much.
- Coating Stellar Firma in honey, that's not going to be trouble. Are these plans even enacted, though?
- "We will have to milk the big bee around the clock." Someone please ask Tim how bees produce honey. I am aware that it’s a giant space bee, but I’m still delighted.
- I'm glad IMOGEN stepped in there before that became a fetish th-- ah, spoke too soon. I suppose it could have been much worse.
- Oh, there's a Shareholders meeting. I'd maybe forgotten about that bit. Curious to see who the shareholders are.
- Awkward shoulder pats, another common thread between RQ podcasts.
- "If I can do it, literally anything is possible." Actually kind of inspiring!
- Hartro! Another review! Standards! Sounds like there's so much due to happen still.
- Love David 7 just casually weaponising empathy like it's a spray bottle.
- So, basically they're going to wing it and not plan much, if at all. Sounds about right, in a good way.
- There’s only two episodes left and I have no sincere predictions. This is going to be interesting.
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ambassadorquark · 13 hours ago
i think i have good music taste or at least interesting taste but it is like. you don’t need to know what kind of music i listen to for fun. i have curated playlists to show you that actually make me look cool
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ambassadorquark · 14 hours ago
gender of the day is guy who wears t-shirts over thermals to signify that he likes music
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