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#marvel fanfic
maybepointlessthoughts · an hour ago
(+) please leave requests for any and all fics y’all would be interested! 
whether it’s a song, a prompt, an extremely vague or detailed request - it’s welcome <3 as you probably know im a big swiftie so taylor songs are highly appreciated hehe
Tumblr media
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fuckandfluff · an hour ago
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: Oral (M Receiving), Explicit language/content, 18+.
Word Count: 1000.
Reblogs, likes, and feedback welcomed!
Summary: After playing a show at our local college, Bucky follows you into the bathroom.
First time writing *light* smut - please be nice!
Part 1:
“Oh god..” you muttered to yourself, unsure of what had just happened out there. For the entire 45 minutes of The Winter Soldier’s raucous set, Bucky eye-fucked you with no shame.
You had slipped away to the restroom between the first and second encore in an effort to splash some cool water on your beet red face and hopefully regain a modecum of self-respecting composure after that dizzying, dazzling display of sexual prowess by Bucky out there. What the hell had just happened?
Jenny had texted you to let you know she was in line for the meet-and-greet, as was pretty much every other bar patron and you were grateful for a moment of peace in the fluorescently lit washroom. You cupped your freshly manicured hands under the thrashing stream of tap water and just as you went to lift them to your face, you heard the door latch click closed.
Your breath was punched out of you and you felt a warm, fuzzy feeling diffuse within your chest and through to your fingertips as you saw him in the reflection of the crooked, cracked mirror.
“Wow,” he marvelled, “you’re even fuckin’ prettier up close.” Your brow furrowed in utter confusion.
The corners of his mouth turned upward into a sly smirk as he swaggered toward you. He unabashedly planted both hands firmly on your waist and smiled at you in the mirror. He was so incredibly sweaty from the marathon performance he had just put on but the cool steel from his metal hand was a welcoming contrast.
“’re.. Bucky Barnes…” you stammered embarrassingly.
“Yep, can’t get anything passed you!” He teased, pushing his pulsating cock against your back.
He took a strand of your wavy auburn locks and pushed it gently behind your ear as he looked you up and fucking down. It was so hot - watching him ogle you. His pants were leather and you could literally feel his swollen penis throbbing against you - just one layer of fabric between you and that growing length.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror and inquired, regretting it almost immediately after you said it, “Why me? I mean, what do you see in me?”
Bucky took his left hand off your hip and spun you around to face him - your lips maybe 2 inches from his. It was uncomfortably close but you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. His knuckles dusted the side of your throat and you purred ever so gently at the touch.
“Because doll, you’re the only gal in forever who hasn’t tried to suck me off behind a dumpster,” he chuckled softly, but you knew he was serious. You had just witnessed Tiff from Psych 341 shamelessly throw her bra at him and he clearly had his pick of any woman he wanted - yet here he was with you, on a Wednesday night, in The Cave restroom.
“Are you a good girl?” His right hand migrated down to your plump ass as he took a healthy handful and squeezed mercilessly. The hand stayed transfixed on your ass as he awaited your answer.
You nodded coyly, “…yes, I’m a good girl.”
Within seconds, Bucky pushed his lips up against yours. He fought for space in your mouth as you parted your lips and allowed him in. He tasted of spearmint gum and Export A Golds but you relished the taste. You keened pathetically into his mouth.
His cock was now firmly pressed against your abdomen and you wanted to be able to give him whatever pleasure he was craving. You had literally just told him you were a good girl but you wanted to be so bad with him.
“You see what you do to me, doll? My rock hard cock just for you,” he whispered into your ear as he peppered your neck with kisses. You tossed your head to the side gingerly as if to silently grant permission and encourage the kissing to continue. “Are you going to let me throat fuck that pretty little face?”
So much for coming into the bathroom to avoid anymore awkward, sexually tense situations because as soon as Bucky said these words - your face was prickly and warm with anticipation. You got down on your knees with no hesitation - if the Winter Soldier asks you to suck his cock, you do it.
He posited your head in front of his metal-studded belt buckle and with one fluid motion his belt was undone and the zipped unzipped. His cock sprung out because, of course, a rockstar wouldn’t be wearing underwear in such taut leather pants. With one glance, you were entirely sure this cock wouldn’t be able to fit in your tiny throat. You were enamoured with it - the length had to be at least 7 inches - maybe 8, and it was thick and just beautiful.
As you grasped his throbbing member and led it to your lips, Bucky let out a feral growl. You weren’t sure if he said something to you quietly or if it was just gibberish but you knew he was in a state of bliss, having you on your knees for him.
You eagerly licked the one singular drop of glistening pre-cum from the tip of his glistening cock. Your mouth enveloped his length, inch by inch, somehow surprised that it was even thicker than it looked and it was stretching the shit out of your mouth already.
And just like that - it was over before it began.
“Bucky let’s fucking go!” his manager snarled, banging on the bathroom door. “You shoulda been out here 15 minutes ago what the fuck!”
Well, shit.
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thefanficmonster · an hour ago
NEW FANDOM: Jessica Jones
I got obsessed, what can I do 😅😅😅
Anyway, I’ve only seen season one so far so I’d appreciate it if you kept your request spoiler free for the rest of the seasons (Season 2 & 3). I have characters from other shows in there (Daredevil, The Defenders) so if you could keep those requests spoiler free as well cause haven’t watched the shows yet, that would be great!
I do ships (Jess x Luke for the win!!!) and ‘x reader’ fics!
Only rule: NO SMUT!
Here are the characters I write for (some are not from the show but I still would like to write for them because I’ve fallen in love with them 😅):
- Jessica Jones
- Trish Walker
- Malcolm Ducasse (crushing on him hardcore ngl)
- Luke Cage
- Will Simpson
- Matt Murdock
- Elektra Natchios
- Benjamin Poindexter 
- Danny Rand
And probably more I can’t think of right now 😅
~ XOXO, Vy 💜
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officialcharactersimp · 3 hours ago
A Quick Turnaround
mladenec: baby
dorogoj: dear
moja ljubov': my love
ljubov’: love
Nat comforting you after you get dumped but she also has a crush on you
Mostly fluff, bit of angst (mention of breakup). Also no I use petnames so much shhh
Just shy of 800 words
“Y/n? What are you doing here? It’s late,” Natasha answers the door, thankfully.
“I… I’m sorry,” you say quietly, looking up at her. She sees your eyes, red-rimmed, and the marks of tears left on your cheek.
“Oh no, come on, my dorogoj,” she says gently, putting a hand on your shoulder and guiding you inside. “Let’s get you some water, then maybe we can go on a drive, hm?” She says, knowing that it always calms you down. You nod and let her lead you to the kitchen and sit you down in a barstool. She pushes a cup of water into your hands, and you automatically drink from it.
“I got dumped,” you say bluntly after taking a long sip.
“What? Oh my god, y/n, I’m so sorry!” She exclaims, and she truly is, but not because you had broken up. She’s sorry because you’re hurting, but she’s overjoyed that you’re single. Besides, she had never liked your partner. A total shlump who wasn’t good enough for you, in her opinion. But you were in love, and ruining your happiness is something Natasha never wants to do.
“I don’t understand, Nat, it was going so well… and then BAM!” You smack your hand on the counter. “It’s over.”
“Oh, mladenec, it’s not your fault. It’s gonna be okay, I promise,” she hugs you. “Drink your water, and we’ll go get in the car, okay?” You nod again and drink more of your water. “Do you have a jacket?”
“No,” you say between sips as you shake your head.
“Well you can borrow one of mine. It’ll be cold at night with the windows down,” she says.
“It’ll be too (big/small),” you say.
“I’ll get you one of my (smaller/bigger) ones. I won’t have you getting sick, mladenec,” she says firmly, going to get the jacket.
When she returns, you’ve finished your water. She hands you a jacket which, to your surprise, fits, and you both walk out to the car.
As soon as you get going, you start to feel better. The motion and sound has always soothed you, and you can’t help but relax a little.
“Do you wanna talk about it?” Nat asks over the wind.
“Not really, no,” you answer. She nods and reaches out to give your hand a squeeze, the other still driving easily. You squeeze back, and she doesn’t let go. You’re glad. You let your tears fall, uncaring of Natasha being right there, and eventually, when you’re far out in the country, she parks, leans over, and wipes them away.
“Oh, moja ljubov',” she sighs, holding your face in her hands. “What am I gonna do with you?”
“I don’t know,” you crack a small smile and she leans to press her forehead against yours. You lean into the touch, soft and comforting.
“You’re the best, Nat,” you say softly.
“Me? No,” she refutes. “But I’m alright, I guess,” she chuckles. “You, however, are the best.”
“If I was the best I wouldn’t be dumped,” you say heavily.
“No no no, mladenec, that was not you,” she says firmly. “You deserve so much more than that schmuck. You are so precious, (y/n),” she says. “So, so precious.”
Before you can say anything, you feel her soft lips on yours. Just as the shock fades away and you begin to close your eyes and lean into it, she pulls back.
“Oh, my god, (y/n), I’m so sorry. Fuck. Shit. I’m so sorry,” she says, putting her head in her hands.
“N-no, don’t be!” You say quickly. “I—I think—That was nice,” you stammer.
“Really?” She looks up. You nod slowly. “Do you… can I…?” You nod once more, and she’s leaning in again, one hand on the back of your head, threading her fingers in your hair as she kisses you with a gentleness that surprises even you, bordering on hesitation. Your hands make their way up to her shoulders and hold onto her as you kiss her back.
When you finally pull away, you feel so much better already. Safe and loved by your best friend, now maybe more than that.
“Does this mean…?”
“If you want. I know you might need time and space before you jump back into a relationship, but…”
“No, I don’t think I do. Not if that relationship is with you,” you interlock your fingers and squeeze.
“Good. It was gonna be awkward if you said no, huh?” She laughs a little.
“Yes, it would,” you laugh too. “Thank you, Natasha. For everything tonight,” you say.
“Of course, moja ljubov',” she says. “Shall we head back now?”
“Mhm,” you nod. Natasha starts the car again, and you and your girlfriend are driving back home.
A/N: First fic/drabble!! Hope you like it!! I got dumped recently so there’s the inspiration.
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dylkntz · 3 hours ago
oh god....i gotta see.. i GOTTA see sambucky with “I can’t believe you told them you were my fiancé.” like. i have a CARNAL NEED to see a fake dating sambucky fic. bonus points if u have cat owner sam bc i think he deserves it (and also i think it's funny bc he's called the falcon)
YES okokokok also alpine rights bc i said so 
Warnings: None, except light cursing
(Also might do a part two) 
“I can’t believe you told them you were my fiancé.” Sam laughed as he and Bucky got into the car. Bucky ignored him, staring out the window, blushing furiously. “I mean really Buck, that’s the best you could come up with?” 
“I panicked ok!” Bucky squawked indignantly, sinking further down into the seat out of embarrassment. 
Sam looked over at him in disbelief, “They just asked how you knew me!” 
“Yeah,” Bucky said, “and I panicked!” Sam laughed, muttering an ‘oh my god’ under his breath, “Can we just drop it, ok, it never happened.” 
“Yeah ok Buck,” Sam said, leaving Bucky to awkwardly brood in the passenger seat. See this whole situation started because Sam ran into an old college friend at the grocery store, and Bucky was not a people person. 
“Sam Wilson?” 
Sam turned around at the sound of his name, his face broke out into a confused smile when he saw who called it, “Matthew Jones?” 
Matthew smiled, giving Sam a hug, “God man it’s been forever since I’ve seen you, how have you been holding up? You know except for the whole Captain America thing!” 
Sam laughed, “Man, keep your voice down, I’m trying to avoid being recognized.”  
Sam and Matthew talked for way longer than Sam thought. They had a lot to catch up on, Sam hadn’t seen Matt since senior year of college, and if he was being honest hadn’t thought of him since that time either. Apparently, Matt’s married, with a baby girl, and two baby boys on the way. 
“Jeez man,” Sam said, “Last time I saw you, you could barely get a date, and now look at you, all married and shit.” 
Matt laughed, “Yeah, it’s crazy how much has changed. How about you any special someone in your life?” 
Just as Sam was about to say no, the truth, Bucky Barnes, with his perfect timing, dropped a bag of cat food into the cart; startling both Sam and Matt. Sam rolled his eyes, turning his head to face Bucky, he really was going to hurt this man one day.
“I thought you wanted to wait in the car?” Sam said, glaring daggers at Bucky, who just shrugged. 
“You were taking too long,” He said, grabbing the cart from Sam, who made a noise of protest. 
Matt waved awkwardly, holding his hand out to Bucky, “Uh hi, I’m Matt, a friend of Sam’s from college.” Bucky reluctantly shook his hand, shooting Sam a questing look. “So uh, how do you two know each other?” 
Bucky froze, “Um.” Sam started to answer for him, but Bucky stuck once again with his perfect timing, “I’m Sam’s fiancé,” He shook Matt’s hand once more, face slowly turning beet red, he looked between Sam, who’s mouth was agape, and Matt, who look just as confused as Sam did. “Ok, ok uh bye.” 
Matt smiled awkwardly, “Weird guy,” Sam looked after Bucky as he practically sprinted away from them. His brain was still stuck on one word, fiancé, Bucky had called him his fiancé. They weren’t even dating, so fiancé was a pretty new term used to describe their relationship. They were coworkers, friends on good days, fiancé though, that was new. 
“So uh,” Matt said, snapping Sam out of his thoughts, “That’s the special someone huh?” 
“Yup.” Sam said through gritted teeth, he had no clue what he was saying, Bucky was most definitely not that special someone. Before Sam could say anything else that lead him further down the rabbit hole, his phone buzzed. 
‘I’m ready to go when you are’
Sam shot Matt an apologetic look, “Sorry-” 
“You gotta go,” Matt nodded, “That’s cool, hey lemme give you my number in case you want to catch up later.” 
Sam and Bucky sat in awkward silence the rest of the way home, not talking still when they were unpacking groceries in their shared apartment. Now that Sam thought about it he and Bucky did act like a couple. They lived together, when one of them got nightmares they shared a bed, they basically had a kid together, even thought Bucky denies it Alpine is basically their son, and it didn’t help that Sam had been utterly and hopelessly in love with Bucky Barnes for years. Yup, you heard that right. Sam Wilson is utter gone for one James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. 
Sam sighed as he flopped down on the couch, chuckling to himself as Alpine sat himself down on his chest. He rubbed lightly between his ears, watching as Bucky took a seat opposite of him on the couch. 
Sam smirked to himself, “So uh, fiancé huh? I mean if you could’ve just asked-” 
“My god Sam!” Bucky shouted, sitting up before pausing, “Wait what?” 
Sam froze, “What?” 
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adorkwithaplan · 5 hours ago
You Need to Rest, Darling
Tumblr media
Pairing: Agatha Harkness x fem! reader
Summary: When you need to sleep and stop overworking yourself, Agatha is there to coax you to bed but what happens when she isn’t.
This fic includes: fluff in the beginning, we move on to angst, and then bittersweet ending cuz i didn’t know how to end it on a super sad note but also it’s kinda sad cuz eventually y/n is gonna realize there’s nothing she can do until Wanda comes back, speaking of Wanda there’s a bit of Wanda negativity.
a/n: I really really like this! it’s probably out of all the works you’ve seen my absolute favorite! i feel like there’s a few thing i could have writen better but i’m tired so enjoyyy!! ps. i headcanon that literally only people Scratchy want to hear him can hear him so uh interpret what u think he’s saying as you’d like!
it was late that night around four, the moon was full and you and Agatha had been studying since morning and you were honestly kinda tired so you decided you’d go downstairs and see what Agatha was up to.
Marking the pages of the books you were studying you had them all fly back to their spots in your library and just tidied your space up like you always did...most of the time...ok whenever you felt like it but you couldn't blame yourself, you’d usually fall asleep before you could even think about cleaning.
You’d made the space look as good as you could with your current state and with the flick of your hand the lights were out and you were down the stairs.
the house part of your home was dimly lit and it felt calm something you hadn’t felt in a while
“Someone’s up late,” you heard from the kitchen.
rolling your eyes you made your way to the to the source of the mesmerizing voice to see Agatha leaning against the countertop, a cup of tea floating beside her, whatever book she was reading had been placed aside and she was now staring at you, with the dim light it was harder to see the bags under her eyes but they were there…they’ve been there for a long time.
“you really should go to bed, hun, rest is important.” the witch said, pulling away to look at you, caressing your cheek with her slender and beautiful hands. (you didn’t mention how that was a bit hypocritical coming from her but it was not to ruin the moment.)
“I know, I just- i’ve got a lot of work to do and-“ before you could finish, Agatha had pressed her lips against yours. You’ve always thought her kisses were more powerful than any magic you’ve ever known or will now.
Once the two of you parted,“just shut up and go to sleep.” she said smacking your butt and pushing you off towards your shared bedroom.
“fine but you have to come to bed with me,”
looking at you with nothing but love in her eyes “of course, darling.”
and to bed you went, a feeling nothing but peace and love while your wife lay in your arms
Of course that was months ago.
You’re sitting in the library, you’re hair a mess. It’s been…2 weeks since it happened, since you ‘she’ came,
…since you lost her.
Of course physically Agatha it felt like was with you but you might as well have lost her now it’s just, Agnes.
You were there, you saw her loose, beat by her own witty lesson. It pained you to see it happen, you saw how Wanda smiled looking at what she’d done…as if it was good for everyone.
You were lucky you were still wives in whatever plot she’d placed Agatha in but it wasn’t the same. It lacked the passion, the butterflies, the magic.
Over this time you’d tried as many spells as you could find in the books Wanda had taken the darkhold so you couldn’t go to that.
You’ve been staring off into space for who knows how long, only breaking from trance when you felt a wet nose on your ankle.
He’s been with you through it all, he’s also taking this whole thing pretty rough, sure he’s in his rabbit form but he has feelings and has only left Agatha…or Agnes’ side to check on you.
“Hi there.” you greeted, god your voice was hoarse.
“How ya doin’ you little bastard?”
“yeah…me too,” giving him a kiss between the ears and placing him on the table, “ok well i’m gonna get back to reading, if you want to you can…you can go back to her.” You suggested, forcing a smile.
Scratchy said nothing this time, just resting against your arm.
you started dozing off, you checked the time on your watch and realized that it was around four am, you’ve been up for 30 hours but at this point you could have cared less. Time hasn't meant much to you these days. Hell you were 349! Time hasn’t meant anything to you since you stopped aging! All you knew was what time Aga- Agnes woke up and went to bed and when you could go down and put all of yourself into finding a way to get her back.
You just needed to find a way to bring her back. That’s all that mattered.
“I don’t need sleep, Señor.” you said bluntly, trying to focus back on the book you’re reading.
“NO I DON’T!” You snapped, slamming your fist on the table and standing up.
“THE ONLY THING I NEED TO DO IS FIND A WAY TO BRING HER BACK!” Your sobbed, your hands were shaking and all these feelings you had been holding back had come bubbling back up.
Instantly you were filled with regret, you didn’t mean to yell at him, he’s like- no he ‘is’ your son and you didn’t want to make him even more upset than he already was because if you know one thing for sure it’s to never get into an argument with a demon.
sitting back down you closed your books and had them fly back on the shelves they belonged to.
“I’m sorry.” You said not moving from your seat.
Scratchy, said nothing just faced away from you.
“i’m really really sorry, Bud, I know you hate being yelled at when you’re like this, I just- i’ve been holding everything in and I…I let some of it slip out and on to you.” Remote and exhaustion could clearly be heard in your voice
His ears started to perk but nothing more.
“She kept me sane and I did the same for her, I guess without her here i’m just losing it.” You placed your head in your hands rubbing your eyes to try and clear some of the sleepiness away, when you opened them you didn’t see Scratchy in the corner and instead felt his little wet nose against your elbow.
“Fine i’ll go to bed mister Itchy” you said, picking him up and placing another kiss in between his ears.
You used your magic to make the candles go out and make your way downstairs to go to bed.
You’d placed, Señor Scratchy, down to roam as he pleases. He deserves a night to just roam around the house and let his legs move.
You were on your way to the stairs and as you passed the kitchen you heard her.
This felt like deja vu.
“Hi.” you responded, making your way to see her.
The moon was full and it illuminated her beautiful blue eyes.
Her eyes.
If you had to describe them without using color you’d say that they told a story and were like the sky during the day, not a cloud in sight almost as if you could drown in them like a pool. The bags under them seemed worse but also better in a way as if being Agnes had finally fixed the woman’s sleep schedule. Every time you’d look at her you’d seen how hurt she looked; the forced smile, the way they glistened showing the pain Wanda was putting her through, you wanted nothing more than to take that pain away. She’s been through so much already…she didn’t deserve to go through more.
But it’s as if when she looked at you, it all seemed to fade for just a moment, as if Agatha was there with you for even just a moment.
“You know some say it’s rude to stare, Dear.” Agnes said, bringing you out of your own head. You hadn’t even realized you were staring until she said something
“Well with a sight like you it’s hard not to.” You giggled pulling her in for a kiss. But this one…this one had it’s magic. You could feel Agatha coming through but you could also feel her being stopped as if a field had been put between the two of you.
But in that quick moment.
You felt as though, just for a second everything was right in the world.
You pulled away and looked into those telling eyes, and what they told you was to take time to rest, she’d be here when you woke up.
That’s all you really needed to do.
And so you will.
“Let’s go to bed, love” you said pulling her close as if to get just one last feeling of Agatha.
“Of course Darling.”
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darke-15 · 5 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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Red Room Terrors-002
Tumblr media
Fury left Lev alone again and she pulled out her knives and a cleaning cloth, she threw her legs up on the table and then started to clean her knives that she had in her bag. When the door opened again Tony Stark came into the room along with Natasha and Fury. Lev still had her legs up on the table and a knife in her hand, or course she had already cleaned it but she was bored and she didn’t want to bring out a gun when she could feel the cameras on her.
“Nice to see you again, Stark.” she said zipping up the bag as she put away her knives, Stark scoffed and sat down in the chair across from Lev.
“I didn’t know that you were a Red Room agent,” He said leaning across the table trying to grab the file, but Lev was too quick she grabbed the knife she kept in her pocket stabbing the table a few inches away from Tony’s hand and he jumped back. “That was rude, what happened to you since the last time we met?” The other two were confused on how Tony and Lev knew each other but they were sure that they could figure it out later. But what really happened was that two years ago Lev was on a mission to try to kill a wealthy CEO in Belgium but she was stopped by a man with oddly shaped facial hair, yellow tinted sunglasses and a crooked tie, better known as Tony Stark.
“Lots of stuff, Stark, after getting shot at by a few hundred people and not sleeping for over a hundred hours one too many times I think I deserve to turn a new leaf to help you guys. I’m tired of running and all I wanted as a normal life and I never got that due to working with the fucking KGB. Now, if you agree with my deal, I will take the knife out of the table, give you the file, and will help you with any mission you want me on. So, what do you think, Tony?” Lev fired off rapidly while tapping her fingers on the cold table. Tony snatched up the file while she was distracted and nodded his head.
“I’ll move you in between Romanoff and Maximoff, you should be able to talk to them if you ever need to. Ask FRIDAY if you need something, You’ll have free reign of the entire tower except the bottom 30 floors because those floors are offices.” Tony called out while leaving, Lev stood up and was ready to follow Natasha out.
“Can I have a shower, I haven’t showered in like three days and I’m covered in sweat and...blood.” Lev said nervously while picking up her bag that was sitting next to the chair that she was previously sitting in. The redhead jerked her head to the side, silently telling her to follow her, which Lev did. They came to a door that was pretty bland, on her right side there was a door that had a plaque that read “W.Maximoff” and on her left side there was a door that had a plaque that had Natasha’s initials on it.
“This is your room, if you need anything my room is there, and Wanda lives there. She’ll probably come meet you later because she’s out on a trip with her boyfriend. I’ll have Pepper order you clothes since you’re going to be here for a while. See you later, dinner will be at 7:00.” Natasha announced as she opened the door and showed Lev her new room. Lev glided inside and placed her bag on the bed, she knew that sooner or later she would be kicked out, it would be coming sooner or later. She could feel it in her soul and in the air around her. The young girl bid goodbye to Natasha and then closed the door behind her.
Lev walked into the large bathroom, there was a large walk in shower on the left side of the room and then there was a stand alone bathtub that faced a large window. She got undressed feeling exposed with being so close to the window, but she knew that no one could see into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and felt the hot water hit her back relaxing her muscles, she turned and saw that there was a small selection of body washes and other shower products. She scrubbed down her entire body, wanting to be able to be free of the suffering that she had gone through most of her life. She never did get the chance to know her parents, since they left her on the doorstep of the Red Room thinking that it was a ballet academy. Sadly they were mistaken, and she never got to see them again. When Lev finally got out of the shower there was a knock on the door ofLev’s new room. She quickly threw on a pair of pants and one of her only hoodies over her body. She pulled one of her guns out of her bag and pulled the door open and aimed the gun.
“Woah, no need for the gun, I’m Wanda, I’m in the room next to you.” A kind young girl that was close to Lev’s age said holding her hands up in surrender. Lev lowered the gun and analysed the girl in front of her, she had long reddish hair that had a slight wave to it, she was wearing a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt with a b;ack cardigan over it. She was pretty and she seemed to be kind, Lev put her gun on the table that was next to the door.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know who it was.” Wanda smiled and held her hand out for Lev to take, but the latter just stared at it.
“I was going to take you to the kitchen, it’s almost dinner.” Lev looked at Wanda, then back at her hand, hesitantly she took ahold of it and let Wanda take her to the kitchen. The kitchen was full of people that Lev didn’t know, except Natasha, Steve, and Tony. When Lev looked closer she saw a man that was standing next to Steve that she knew, well that she knew in her past life.
“Soldat?” The man tensed at Lev’s voice and turned towards it. When he saw, he dropped the glass in his hand in shock. The man she used to know stayed still while he watched Lev come closer to him, she nervously approached the man and wrapped her arms around him. Tears once again coming close to falling down her cheeks.
“I missed you, I thought that you died when you left, and then we were told that you managed to get away. They all went on lock down. No one was allowed out without a handler and then they started pulling meals trying to make it seem like only they could feed us. And I don’t want you to think that it’s your fault because it’s not.”Lev said hugging the Soldat tightly, his arms were wrapped around her just as tight. Lev slowly let go and back away from him, he wiped a tear from her eye and playfully punched her. She dodged and then playfully punched him in the gut, groaning dramatically he started to laugh.
“Getting slow on me, old man?” She joked, when she was younger and the man was around to train her she snuck into the office of Madame B and read the file that they had on the man. James Buchanan Barnes, known to HYDRA and the world as The Winter Soldier, but Lev just knew him as the man that was almost like a father figure to her while she was an agent.
“How do you two know each other?” The large blonde man that Lev met earlier, Steve, asked. The brunette man chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.
“It’s a long story, Stevie.” He said stepping over the glass of the cup he dropped moments ago, he grabbed a plate and loaded it up with food and then pushed it into Lev’s hands.
“Eat, you’re skinnier than Steve was when he was younger.” Steve scoffed and slapped Bucky in the back, Lev let out a laugh and glanced at Steve.
“I’ve seen the pictures, Captain, you were a pretty small man, if you don’t mind me saying.” Lev said, going to sit down at a large dining table, Bucky sitting right next to her and Steve sitting across from her. Lev waited for everyone to sit down before she started to eat, but it seemed like as soon as someone sat down they immediately started to eat. When a young boy that was younger then Lev finally sat down she began to eat. She didn’t eat very much, she didn’t know if she'd seen this much food in her life. She took a few bites and then a drink and then the cycle continued, until she felt like she was going to puke, but it turned out that she barely ate half of the plate. Lev looked down at the food that was barely touched compared to the plates that the others had in front of them.
“Better eat up, or someone’s going to take it.” Steve said pointing at Lev’s plate with his fork, Lev pushed it away from her and allowed someone to take it. The large blonde man that had muscles that were bigger than Lev’s head asked for her plate, Lev pushed it down the table towards the man.
“Do you want anything else?” Steve asked as he got up from the table taking his and Bucky’s empty plate.
“A shot of vodka.” She said, Steve looked at her and winked after telling her that she wasn’t 21 yet. Bucky chuckled and pulled a flask out of his pocket when Steve left the room. Lev took it and took a drink from it.
“Thanks, James.” She said as the flask was quickly slipped back into Bucky’s hand under the table. Steve returned to his seat with a small bowl of ice cream with the spoons in his hand, he handed one to Bucky and one to Lev. The young girl laid the spoon down on the table and watched as the two large super soldiers eat the bowl of ice cream. Lev asked if she could be excused and waited for someone to answer her, but it seemed like no one heard her, so she sat there longer. One by one people left the table but Lev remained until she was allowed to leave. Everyone left and left her alone at the table. Two hours passed until someone came back towards the kitchen.
“Lev, you can leave, you don’t have to sit here until someone tells you’re able to leave.” Tony said, making himself a drink at the bar that was on the other side of the room. Lev got up from the chair and left the room silently after nodding at Tony’s instructions. She struggled to find her room but she soon found Natasha’s right before hers. She walked into her room and saw that there were a few shopping bags and shipping boxes sitting on her bed and the small side tables on each side of the bed. Lev cleared her throat and tried talking to FRIDAY.
“FRIDAY? Who left these here?” After the questions left her mouth an automated voice with a light Irish accent responded telling the young girl that Ms. Pepper Potts left the gifts for her along with a card that told her that she could call at any time. As Lev started sorting the bags and the boxes. Small boxes and bags she started opening first, it was mostly face care products and hair care products to put in her shower and her counter in her bathroom. Then medium sized boxes and bags, there were smaller clothes, and shoes, Lev had never seen so much money spent on gifts in her life. There was a knock on the door, with a knife at the ready and her steps silent. She opened the door, it was Wanda again, she had a small smile on her face and a potted plant in her hand.
“I thought that this might brighten up your room since you’re going to live here with us now!” Wanda was excited to have another girl around her age to be living with the team. Lev took a risk and invited Wanda into her room.
“I see Pepper has paid you a visit, she’s really nice, you’ll love her when you actually meet her.” Wanda sat on the bed and Lev sat towards the top near the headboard and smiled at the Sokovian girl.
“Would to help me, everything?” She asked, making friends was hard for Lev, she never had any in the Red Room and she was always away so she never had the chance to talk to anyone, Wanda squealed and nodded, soon all the bags and packages were opened and it looked like Lev’s room exploded, clothes and shoes all over and hygiene products that haven’t been moved to a proper place in the bathroom. Giggled and laughter coming from the young girls could be heard down the hallway from the door that was left open after Wanda came into the room. A knock on the door frame brought them out of their little bubble, Natasha and a woman with strawberry blonde hair stood watching the girl bond.
“I see you got help to move you in, it’s nice to meet you I’m Pepper.” Lev stood and held her hand out for her to shake. Pepper brought the brunette into a tight hug, it took a few minutes for Lev to relax into the embrace. Pepper made Lev feel safe and like a mother was holding her.
“I can’t thank you enough, for welcoming me here and for all the gifts, I don’t know how I could ever repay you.” She said letting go of the older woman and saw that she brushed it off telling Lev that it was no problem and that she didn’t need to thank her.
“We’ll let you and Wanda continue with sorting, I left my phone number on the desk.” Pepper gave Lev another hug and left the room. Lev joined Wanda back on her bed going through the clothes on bed. There were too many clothes, Lev knew that she could never wear all of these but she bit her tongue. Just as her and Wanda were saying good night to each other and Lev was about to get ready for bed there was another knock on the door, internally groaning she went to answer it. It was the captain.
“Captain Rogers, how can I help you?” She nervously shifted on her feet, the large blonde man smiled and looked at Lev. Lev slowly opened the door wider and welcomed him in.
“You can call me Steve, should I leave? Are you going to bed? I can leave-”
“No! Um, it’s fine, is there something I could help you with?” Lev cut him off and nervously chuckled and smiled at him. Steve laughed at her and sat down in the desk chair across from her bed and her sitting with her legs crossed on the end of her bed.
“I just wanted you to know that I know how it feels, a new environment and new people to see, but you don’t have to feel nervous. Everyone here is here or you and we can help you anyway that we can. If you need help I’m right across the hall, I’ll let you get ready for bed, good night, Lev.” Steve left her room and then finally, Lev could get some rest.
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speaking-theoretically · 5 hours ago
Anyone else make themselves cry with their own writing.
Writing a sad scene so that I can work backwards.
Man the tears are flowing and it doesn't help that the whisps sings is playing on repeat.
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purebarnes · 6 hours ago
courage to change— (fem!avenger x bucky!)
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲— when bucky has the idea to go see zemo to see what he knew and if he didn’t, how he could help them figure out who has made the super soldier serum. bucky then wants to break zemo out of jail making sam and y/n skeptical about it all.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭— 2.5k
𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬— angst, yelling(tad), nothin serious
𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐬!— this started out fine but went down so my bad about this chapter.
Tumblr media
the whole situation with zemo and going to see him was a tricky situation, y/n obviously wasn’t sure she would go through it. zemo obviously wasn’t fond of the avengers giving what he thought they did to his family and country. the girl wasn’t going to lie, she was there to help her dad and the avengers fight ultron but we all know how that turned out.
there was still the possibility that she would leave and head back to pepper but bucky kept trying to tell her to stay. she agreed to stay and see what zemo would say but she knew it was going to be worse then she would imagine. when all three of them made it to berlin, they all entered to go see him but bucky didn’t want sam or y/n to go in. the girl hated the smell of prison, well she just thought it smelled like bad. when they walked towards a door they stopped he wanted to tell them to stay back.
“i’m gonna go in alone—no, why?” y/n asked raising her eyebrows waiting for an answer she liked, “you’re both avengers. you know how he feel about that.” bucky told her making her shake her head in disbelief, “it’s not like you two were know for frolickin' in the sun together—he was obsessed with hydra. we have a history together. can you trust me on this? i got it.”
he looked at y/n grabbing her hand and rubbing his thumb in a circular motion telling her that it would be fine. she closed her eyes nodding before he let go and went to leave to see zemo. she leaned onto the wall where prisons could be kept on the other side of the wall. y/n inhaled then closed her eyes getting a feeling something were to happen soon but pushed it off. sam could tell something was up but never went to ask as she told them to not worry about her.
sam looked up and saw her on the wall, he stayed silent waiting for bucky to come back. she never would of thought she would be doing something by her self and without her dad on her side. she knew she wouldn’t eventually have to start i her own but she wouldn’t of imagined him leaving so soon. when tony’s funeral came around, he made the video about if he were to die then it was for them.
y/n had a video that he made her but she couldn’t bare look at it, she wasn’t ready and days would go by where she would always think about opening and playing it but never went through it. sam took this as an opportunity to ask her something about her. he went to cough obnoxiously and when she looked up, sam was leaning on the wall next to her. “so, you and torres huh?” she chuckled at his accusation, she thought he was too late but something was holding her back. she smiled, pausing then speaking up.
“no. why’d you ask?” she asked sam and he pulled up his phone and showed her the texts from him and torres. they were a bunch of them asking if she was single and asking if he could date her. she leaned over to see the last message about asking permission— “why would you need to ask permission? anyways, he’s cute i guess.” y/n wasn’t lying but she just didn’t want to be with someone at the moment or at least not him. sam pushed his phone back in his pocket then went to lean back down seeing the door open to bucky.
he walked near them, “how’d it go?” sam asked getting up to see bucky telling him that it was done, something seemed confusing about the situation to y/n. she let it go when they all went to be less to a place but bucky told them not to ask any questions until they left, the next thing he said was that he wanted to break zemo out of jail. “what are you talking about? you wanna break zemo outta jail? where the hell are we, buck? have you lost your mind?” sam question boarding him with questions about what he was thinking.
y/n couldn’t see so she ended up falling with a thud sound behind her when bucky noticed her not behind them anymore. “shit. where’d y/n go?—a flashlight would’ve been nice.” she rolled her eyes as bucky went to go pick her up from the floor and apologized. “sorry doll, we only had two.” bucky frowned pushing her forward so that she could see better and not fall like before. bucky went to continue his conversation, “we have no leads, no moves, nothing—what we have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars.” sam fired back at the super soldier.
“we have eight super soldier that are loose—no, zemo will mess with our minds. especially yours. no offense.” sam told him, he still wouldn’t agree on what bucky wanted to and something as this dangerous wouldn’t be pretty. bucky went to turn on the lights then turned off his flashlight, sam doing the same. “offense. super soldiers go against everything he believes in. he is crazy, but he still has a code.” bucky walked away from him, “yeah but we’ve both been on the wrong side of that code.”
y/n still couldn’t get her wrap her mind around what the man was telling both of them and sam went to look at y/n for help. she sighed turning to look at him, “he blew up the un, he killed king t’chaka and framed you for it. did you forget that, buck? you think the wakandans forgot? well they didn’t! i know why this matters to you but it’s pushing you off the deep end.” his face softened when she used buck instead of bucky because she would always say buck when she cared about him. “we don’t know how they’re getting the serum. we don’t even know how many of them there are. look, let me walk you guys through a hypothetical. can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
when he said that, y/n and sam turned around slowly to face him although they knew he had to do something or he wouldn’t have said that. y/n shook her head looking at bucky to start, “what did you do—i didn’t do anything.” the man stuttered and y/n narrowed her eyes at him making him back up seeing that she scared him even if he was stronger, like he would like to say. “the weakest point in any system isn’t the software, the hardware, it’s the meat ware. the human element.” he looked back at them.
y/n shared a uneasy look with sam when he continued explaining what he was going through, “now, in this lockup, it’s none to one, prisoners to guards, and if two prisoners start fighting, then the protocol says four guards have to respond.” sam interrupted him not getting what he was getting at all. “so why would two prisoners randomly start fighting at that moment?—who knows? there could be many reasons... but the point is, these things escalate. lockdown procedures would have to be initiated, and with all those bodies flying left and right, wouldn’t be hard to slip down a hallway or two.”
“and if the fire alarm got tripped while the prisoners were being separated... someone could use the chaos to their advantage.” he finished when y/n breathed in biting her lip, “i don’t like how casual you’re bein' about this. this is unnatural. are you... and where are we, man?” sam asked when the front door opened and someone started walking to them.
the figure was unclear when he finally came into view and y/n, sam widened their eyes going wide. she grew confused and went to go near him, “whoa, what?” y/n started, “what are you doin' here?—i didn’t want to tell 'cause i knew you wouldn’t let this happen—what did you do?” y/n was pulled back from sam telling her he had it all. “sam we need him—you’re going back to prison!” y/n exclaimed pointing at zemo’s direction.
he took off the cap, “if i may—no!” all three of them yelled at him making zemo step back and apologize then looking back at both sam and y/n obviously upset and betrayed he would do that. he turned to sam, “when steve refused to sign the sokovia accords, you backed him. you broke the law and you struck your neck out for me.” he said then turning to look at y/n when she looked at anywhere but him. “y/n look at me. look at me.” he gently grabbed her face making her look at him and she looked up at him.
“what about when you let me go when you saw me and steve on the run, you helped me. i’m asking you to do it again—both of you.” he said letting go of her face then looking directly at sam this time, “i really think i’m invaluable—shut up.” zemo tried to say but sam wasn’t having it. it took a second before sam and y/n agreed to help him. sam looked at y/n and she nodded regretting it, “if we do this, you don’t move with our permission. okay, zemo. where do we start?” sam said, all three of them looking at him.
the next thing they all did was go and go see a car and zemo told them that it was his, skeptical form y/n and sam. this was dangerous and couldn’t be trusted but also she know where zemo was coming from when he want vengeance against the avengers.
y/n would do anything to get her mother but it was too late—she was already gone when she got to her. y/n was walking to see the cars and she stopped when she saw a yellow one. she thought it was a nice lookin car, “i spent years hunting people hydra recruited to recreate the serum. because once it’s out there, someone can create an army of people... like the avengers.” zemo turned to look directly at sam and y/n, she just stared at him.
zemo looked back into one of the cars before continuing to talk about what he was thinking, “i ended the winter soldier program once before. i have no intention to leave my work unfinished. to do this, we’ll have to scale a ladder of lowlifes.” he said walking away as sam responded, “well, join the party. we’ve already started—first stop is a woman named selby. mid-level fence i still have a line in. from there, we climb.” he left them as the three of them stayed back walking towards him.
the all started heading towards a jet, “so all this time you’ve been rich?—i’m a baron, sam. my family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country.” zemo replied back speaking russian and went to enter the jet while y/n went to get on and she missed the planes and jets. she was snobby about it but she did love them, any chance she could get on one.
when they made it to the jet and they got on, they all sat down in the seats they picked out. y/n was in front of zemo while bucky and sam were across of each other but bucky told her to move seats but she said she was fine. “just sit across of him—it’s fine.” they whispered and zemo could tell something was up, “i won’t hurt her if that’s—i’m not scared of you.” y/n told him crossing her legs and looking out the window. zemo picked up a book before looking at it, “i’m sorry. i was just fascinated by this. i don’t know what to call it, but this seems to be important. who is nakajima?” bucky looked up before sprinting up and holding zemo by the neck.
y/n looked up wanting bucky to let go of him, she hated when he got like that. it was like a part of the winter soldier was still there, “if you touch that again, i’ll kill you.” he let go before going to his seat. y/n couldn’t help but keep her eyes on the man, she never heard that name before and she also wanted to know who he was. zemo apologized, “people you’ve wronged as the winter soldier but why isn’t y/n on here.” y/n closed her eyes not wanting zemo to bring up her mother but that’s exactly what he did.
bucky tensed up, “don’t push it—you must miss your mother? i know i would and now you’re father.” she grew hot and wanted to just take all the anger she had on zemo but that wouldn’t help anything. zemo knew what he was doing and he was doing it well, he was mad about his family so he took it out on y/n. “zemo.” sam warned him not to continue, y/n felt like exploding so she got up before she excused herself.
“excuse me, i uh... need to do something real quick.” y/n closed her eyes before leaving to use the bathroom and she could hear distant yelling from sam and bucky telling him to calm down and not do anything hasty. y/n entered the bathroom then went to sit on the toilet seat and put her hands in her face, “oh dad. i can’t do this anymore.” she silently cried to herself wanting to be with her dad at that moment.
ten seconds later she heard a knock and sniffled to say something that wouldn’t sound like she was crying. “yea, yeah just gimme a second.” no use though because it sounded congested like she was sick, she opened the door and saw bucky. she sighed while wiping the tears from her eyes, “sorry, here it’s all yours—i don’t need it.” she went to wash her hands then bucky went in the bathroom to shut the door and locking it.
this was something you would seen in movies, where they would lock the doors and something else would happen. so she was confused on what was happening, he went to grab her hands and squeezing them tightly, “there isn’t a day where i don’t have nightmares about what i did to your mom—that’s wasn’t you buck.” she reassured him that the winter soldier wasn’t who he was well not anymore.
“it was still me, i put you in so much pain. you never deserved that doll.” y/n stifled a smile before looking at his blue eyes that she loved. “i could never blame you. not now, not ever.” she said letting go and rubbing her thumb over bucky’s cheek this time. she went over to out her arms around his waist and gave him a tight hug. she leaned in to kiss his cheek but stopped when she was close to his lips.
she could tell it was getting awkward and gave him a wide smile before leaving the bathroom to go back to have a seat away from everyone. all that was next was to go on ahead and finish the mission.
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starks-hero · 6 hours ago
I Remember All of Them
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare and it leads to a late night conversation.
Word Count: 2,029
Warnings: angst, mentions of canon-typical violence, mentions of alcohol
Tumblr media
You'd woken up to an empty bed. You had turned on your side and lazily run your hand along the mattress, hoping to find a broad chest or metal arm but instead being greeted with an empty space beside you.
Your feet met the cool floorboards as you swung your legs over the edge of the bed and stood. You couldn't help but worry as you pulled on one of Bucky's shirts and left the room. You tried rationalising your thoughts despite your tired mind. Maybe he just couldn't sleep and went out on a run, he could have been in the bathroom, there were multiple harmless and simple possibilities. But the fear that it might just be something else, something bad, was enough to stir you from bed and go looking for him.
Your footsteps echoed in the hallway as you made your way to the kitchen and you sighed when you found Bucky sitting on a stool at the counter. Your relief melted away as you took in his appearance. He was hunched over the counter, arms crossed and hair dishevelled with what you recognised as a glass of scotch sitting idle in front of him. A weight set in your chest.
"Bucky," you said timidly and he jumped at your voice. He turned to you with a fearful expression, the metal of his arm whirling and clanking in defence as if he were ready for a fight. But when he realised it was you his tough, soldier facade fell away and he exhaled slowly. He didn't say anything, slumping further down in his chair as you joined him in the darkened room, not bothering to turn on the light.
You gingerly placed your hand against his shoulder and he almost unnoticeably flinched away. Your heart sank.
"Nightmare?" You asked and he nodded silently, hardened glare boring into the marble of the counter. "Why didn't you wake me?"
"Didn't want to scare you," he grumbled.
He didn't say anything else as you took a seat next to him, your hand slipping from his shoulder and resting against his bicep.
"You think when I wake up in the middle of the night and you're not there it's any less scary?"
Bucky sighed and scrubbed a hand down his face. He glanced at you with tired eyes.
"I'm sorry."
He hadn't meant to worry you. When he'd woken up in a cold sweat with a scream dying in his throat and turned to find you sleeping peacefully beside him he felt panic swell in his chest. The nightmare wasn't any different than the rest of them. It felt just as real as the others. But it's what had happened in the dream, what he'd done, that filled him with the overwhelming urge to get away from you. His subconscious couldn't help but torture him further by replacing the image of his victim with you. And replacing their screams with your voice, begging him to stop.
"It's okay, baby." Your voice pulled him back and grounded him. "Why don't you tell me what happened," you coaxed gently and he immediately shook his head.
"Don't want to."
"I can't," he said quickly, his voice sharp. He swallowed and shook his head and you noticed the tears building in his eyes. Gently, you slowly ran your hand up his arm and brushed it through his hair. He exhaled frailly.
"Why not?"
It was quiet for a moment as Bucky wrung his hands. His gaze lingered on the intricate workings of the vibranuim for a few seconds more before he closed the prosthetic hand into a loose fist.
"I don't want to lose you," he admitted quietly. His voice was barely above a whisper and he refused to look at you as you listened attentively, comfortingly rubbing his back. He felt his chest grow tighter as everything else fell past his parted lips all at once. "You're all I have. You're the best thing that's happened to me in a really long time and I can't risk losing you. I can't."
Your expression saddened as Bucky hid his face in his hands. You carefully wrapped an arm around him and pulled him into your side and he went willingly, flesh arm wrapping around your neck. You shushed him gently and his aching muscles relaxed against you. Horrifying images from his nightmare flashed to the forefront of his mind but he did his best to dismiss them as he clutched onto you tighter.
"You won't lose me, Bucky. I'm not going anywhere." You pulled back slightly and cupped his face with your free hand, your thumb tracing his cheek. "Your past doesn't scare me. I promised you that I'd stick by you no matter what happens and I meant it. You don't have to hide from me, Buck."
Your hand fell from his cheek and gently rested against his forearm and he did his best to focus on your touch. He took a deep breath as he sat up and cleared his throat.
"When I have them they feel so real it's like I'm reliving it. They're not just nightmares, they're memories. And I remember all of it." He said quietly, eyes not leaving the counter. He felt his stomach tie itself in a knot and an uncomfortable weight setting in on his chest. Yet he willed himself to keep going.
"Tonight it was a mission in Germany, sometime during the eighties. A hydra intel agent had gone rough and they sent me to take care of him. Hydra couldn't afford to have any loose ends so it was my job to tie them all up. I eliminated the target like I was supposed to but-"
He hesitated and inhaled sharply. He was fidgeting anxiously, his fingers tapping relentlessly against the counter. His hand was itching to reach out and take the glass of liquor still sat in front of him. If anything just to feel something other than the pain in his chest. But he with-held the urge. He knew it wouldn't help, but telling you would.
"A young couple saw. Jesus, they were just kids." His voice broke. "But I had my orders. No witnesses. So, I killed them."
Tears pricked his eyes and he found it difficult to hold them at bay. A lump was forming in his throat and he felt moments away from breaking.
"I killed them."
He gritted his teeth as he grappled with himself and the tears began to fall. The nightmare had been among the worst he'd had in months. He'd learned to find a certain peace in some, knowing those he killed were bad, corrupt people who had hurt others. But this time that wasn't the case. They were innocent and young and had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They could have had a life together. Bucky couldn't help but think how if it had not been for him then they could have been married with children, grandchildren by now. But they weren't. Their lives had been cut short by him.
You stood and pulled him into a gentle embrace as a quiet sob left his lips. Your hand ran through his hair as he rested his head against your stomach. Still seated, his arms encircled your waist.
You let him cry as he held onto you like a lifeline. Only when the tears had stopped and his voice had been reduced to a hoarse whimper did his grip ease ever so slightly. You pulled away and sat back down facing him. His expression was blank as he glanced at his hands, pale cheeks still stained by tears and his eyes red and puffy.
You reached up and gingerly brushed away the tears still clung to his cheek with the pad of your thumb.
"Bucky," you tried timidly but he didn't look at you. "Baby, listen to me."
He sighed and brokenly lifted his head. The vulnerability in his eyes made your heart ache. You kept your tone soft and reassuring.
"What happened wasn't your fault. You didn't have a choice. You're just as much of a victim as they were. Hydra killed those people. Hydra created him, the winter soldier. And he's not you, Bucky. He never was."
With a tired shake of his head, Bucky huffed.
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because I know you." You answered simply and Bucky's expression softened. "I know the real you. I know you don't like it when people call you James because it makes you feel old. I know that you love reading books and drinking green tea. And I know that even though you say you're not a people person you're really good with kids."
Bucky's brows creased and his lip trembled slightly as he looked to you and hung on to each and every one of your words. You smiled, tenderly tracing his jaw with your hand and he sighed, leaning into your touch.
"You're not a killer, Bucky. Don't blame yourself for something you had no control over. And don't compare yourself to the people who forced you to do it."
Your words hit home and Bucky found himself standing from his seat and pulling you to his chest before his mind could completely catch up with him. He held you tightly, composure threatening to slip away again but this time for a completely different reason. You softly uttered words of comfort as he pressed you to his chest.
"I love you," you said quietly after a moment and you heard, or rather you felt, Bucky chuckle quietly.
"Sometimes I can't help but wonder why."
His hands didn't leave the small of your back as you pulled away just enough to look up at him. Your reassuring smile sent a wave of warmth through him.
"Because you're a better man than you give yourself credit for. And because you're kind-hearted, strong, sweet, brave. I could go on forever. You're a hero, Bucky, and a good man. Whether your mind lets you believe it yet or not."
Sighing with a teary smile, Bucky pulled you closer and pressed a kiss to your temple. You felt the tension slowly melt from his shoulders and tensed muscles. As if a weight had been lifted from his burdened mind.
I love you too." He mumbled against your forehead and you hummed quietly, nuzzling into him. You stood together in shared silence for a few minutes, or maybe more, neither of you were counting. The chill gradually making its way up your spine and nipping at your exposed skin, along with the growing urge to yawn was the only thing that caused you to pull away and break the serenity of the moment. It was still pretty early and a few more hour in bed sounded ideal. You both needed it.
As you pulled away from the warmth of Bucky's embrace your eyes landed on the counter and you heard Bucky quietly sigh beside you.
"I didn't drink any," he explained, motioning to the untouched glass of scotch sitting on the counter top.
You smiled sadly and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He was always so hard on himself. Sometimes he seemed to forget he was only human.
"Don't worry about it, it's okay." You said comfortingly and he let his head fall gently against your shoulder. "Let's get back to bed, hm? We don't have to sleep if you don't want to. You can just rest and we can talk a little more?"
Bucky smiled against you. "I'd like that." A gentle kiss was placed to your shoulder. "Sounds perfect."
You gently caught Bucky's hand as you both left the kitchen and trudged back towards your shared room. The covers and sheets had grown cold as you crawled back into bed but Bucky didn't mind. He didn't mind at all. Certainly not as you lay beside him, his head coming to rest against your shoulder as your hand worked its way through his dishevelled hair. The nightmares were nothing but a thing of the past as he closed his eyes and sighed. He was home, safe and not alone.
Tumblr media
tag list: @miraclesoflove​ @bakerstreethound​ @nahthanks​ @doozywoozy​ @the-queer-dungeoneer​ @kealohilani-tepsie
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dirtychocolatechai · 6 hours ago
quiet | b.b
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader Warning(s): smut; oral (f receiving), closet sex, hand-wavy sex pollen, pet names, mildly dubious consent - y'know, cuz the pollen, established relationship Request: “I haven’t even touched you and you’re already this wet.” with bucky? maybe the aforementioned sex pollen? -tn Notes: For my lovely thirsty nonnie from a nsfw drabble thing ages ago, ILY & I miss you and I hope you're doing well 😘 I'll come back to beta this at some point lol.
Taglist is open
Tumblr media
One minute you’re walking down the hallway, and the next finds you in a musty closet. Darkness surrounds you, the heavy sound of your breathing overloud in the stifled silence. The person who yanked you in and slammed the door moulds themselves against your back, hands - one as firm and unyielding as a steel band, the other firm but with the tender give of flesh - skim along your sides.
You’re pinned to a heavy chest, arms thick with muscle keep you captive - he doesn’t speak but you don’t need to hear his voice to know who it is. Your body vividly remembers every inch of his - the slopes of his torso, the valleys of his abdomen, the cut of his hips, the taste of his sweat and the stretch of his cock.
Fingers dip beneath the hem of your pants, nails raking across the tender swell of your hips while they work to pop the brass button open. His nose runs along the length of your neck, his lips caressing and his tongue teasing.
A deep inhale followed by a throaty groan, the vibrations rattling through you as your heart stammers in your chest, your cunt clenching at the sound.
The rising hysteria and primal instinct to fight what reaches for you from the dark is smothered by the pool of warmth that sinks low in your belly until they’re but a shadow of a thought.
Adrenaline and bitter panic linger on the edges of your awareness, swiftly making way as something more all-consuming takes root.
“You can be quiet,” Bucky says, his breath puffing across your ear. Warm, moist, the slightest bit slurred. “Can’t you, pretty girl?”
“Bucky, we’ve been looking everywhere for you -”
“Ssh, we don’t want them to find me - to find you - to find us like this.”
His touches grow more urgent, and you curse everything in existence. Why did you have to be the one to find him like this? When everything about this great big idiot of a man turns you stupid, your heart soft, your inhibitions null and void, and your panties absolutely soaked?
“Bucky, we can’t! I - I need to tell the others...and you should really - oh shit, stop, not there you fucking...haah…”
There’s no getting through to him, all higher brain function turned off the second he inhaled that pollen. All he can think about is stuffing you full of his cock, fucking you - wrecking you - ruining you until you’re trembling with how many times he’s made you orgasm, your cunt a sloppy, oversensitive mess.
Filling you to the brim with his cum and then holding you open to watch as it leaks down your thighs, again and again until his skin stops crawling and the fire in his veins fizzles away to nothing.
“You really,” you pause, dodging the hands yanking at your underwear as your pants puddle around your ankles, “...don’t you dare, James!...Should be in the infirmary. We don’t know how long this is going to last.”
He doesn’t pay attention to whatever words are coming out of that pretty little mouth of yours, but he knows it’s definitely NOT what he wants to hear - no, he much prefers those pretty little gasps and breathy little sobs you make when he’s got you spread out on your back.
There’s no chance to buy yourself more time, Bucky sliding to his knees and draping a limp leg over his broad shoulder. This shouldn’t be happening. Bucky’s high as a kite on some weird sex pollen thing and meant to be in the med bay.
Yet he somehow managed to give Sam the slip and jump you the first chance he got. Even knowing that you can’t ignore the shivery pulse of arousal when his breath puffs across your crotch, the throb of your clit or the clench of your cunt.
Biting down on a whimper, you turn your face to the side. Eyes squeezing shut, stomach swooping and cheeks bursting with warmth. A fishhook of desire sinks behind your navel; molten fire burning through veins and searing bones until it settles in the cradle of your hips. Soaked folds cling to the cotton of your panties, sticky with arousal.
Legs spread so wide around broad shoulders, Bucky’s dark bramble of hair brushing the exposed flesh of your belly, the heat and flex of him between your thighs. You keen when fingertips ghost over your clit in time with the air Bucky blows out at your slit, the dampened fabric cooling and creating an altogether oddly addicting sensation that zips down your spine.
Without thought, your hand sinks into his hair and your nails scratch over the back of his scalp. He grunts, a flash of teeth hidden in the kisses that tickle the side of your kneecap before tracing a path up the length of your thigh.
They stop, his lips barely a flutter on your skin when they reach the crux of your pelvis.
The tip of Bucky’s nose tickles the top of your mound, every breath he takes a heated weight that presses into your skin.
“God, I haven’t even really touched you and you’re already…Fuuuck...” His voice is full of wonder, dark and heavy with greedy desire. “I can smell how wet you are.”
And then a firm tongue dips into your entrance, parts your folds and flicks over your swollen clit with dexterity borne from repetition - he loves eating you out for hours, coaxing out sigh after moan after whimper, sucking and licking and slurping until your thighs are clamping around his ears and your pussy is gushing on his face.
Barely able to stifle a broken sob, your hands fly up to muffle the sounds he’s pulling from your chest. Your toes are curling into his shirt where your foot rests on his shoulder, your knees weak and trembling as your chest heaves with every breath. Bucky’s focus is narrowed in on all the spots that get you trembling and hungry for more.
You’re aching to be filled, your walls empty and fluttering.
His tongue is wonderful but such a goddamn tease...Sure, it makes you cum. But it’s hardly as satisfying as having your orgasm fucked from you; the wide stretch of his shaft, the press of all those veins running along the underside of his cock, the wonderful friction of his thrusts and the downright sinful grind of his hips.
“Bucky.” You bite down on your palm at the questioning hum, the long, languid drag of his tongue. You repeat yourself, “Bucky, we really shouldn’t…”
He pulls away.
In the low light creeping in from the crack beneath the door, you can just make out his blown pupils, his lips are sticky and swollen, shiny with slick. He stares at the mess between your thighs, tracking the ooze of spit and slick that drools down your leg. His jaw clenches, the dark pitch of his eyes snapping to yours. You tremble at the naked, raw desire etched into every line of his face.
All those finely honed senses narrow in on you until you consume every thought rattling around his brain. Nothing outside that door matters and nothing’s going to keep him from you, every brush of your skin stoking the flames but smothering the heat eating away at his insides.
Bucky sighs, “Shh, that’s it.”
An indolent, mystified little coo that gets your heart racing and your thighs clenching. At the same time, he rubs the ball of his thumb along the seam of your folds, gliding through your wetness with ease until he reaches the top of your mound to play with your pretty little clit.
“Please, I need your help...Now, try to be quiet for me, baby.”
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Smut prompt (hi ily2) “No, i’m supposed to be making you feel good.” +fsq
15. No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.
Leo was late.
He was supposed to be at the apartment right after class, but getting across campus to their building had taken a little longer than he'd thought it would. He could have called and had one of his partners pick him up, or even called to let them know he was running late, or taken a different route, but he hadn't. He hadn't done any of those things, and now he was late for dinner.
When he pushed the door open, he tried to keep his panic shoved down where it would be invisible. It wasn't as though he would get into any trouble, but there were memories buried just as deep as his panic, from his childhood, that served as a reminder of what happened when he stepped out of line. Being an hour late for dinner definitely qualified.
The apartment smelled like spaghetti sauce and garlic, the usual quiet dispelled by the sound of some sitcom with a laugh track playing from their small television. It was comfortable, and welcoming, and home, and he didn't know how to make himself take another step inside after the door swung closed again. They knew he was late, and now they knew he was here, and all he wanted to do was run to the bathroom and lock the door and hide, but his feet felt like lead.
[ read the rest below or on ao3 ]
( that was in the memories he wanted to forget, too, the hiding. the sound of footsteps on the other side of the thin wooden door that acted as his only line of defense growing loud and dangerous. the wiggling knob, the straining lock, the smell of beer through- )
Except he wasn't there, anymore. He wasn't with the person from those memories, and he never had to be again. Lincoln didn't drink at all and Daisy had never once come home smelling of beer. The worst thing that the apartment had ever smelled like was weed, and even that cleared as soon as they opened the kitchen's small window and took the brownies out of the oven.
He was a little late, but he was safe. He had to remember that.
Taking a deep breath to try to make himself relax, Leo moved slowly, focusing on lifting one foot at a time. He shrugged his bag from his shoulder and set it down next to his shoes when he kicked them off, his shoulders tense and his neck sore while he continued toward the living room with socked feet. The sight of two familiar heads over the back of the couch was normally enough to calm him after the most stressful days, but his stomach was twisted up in knots and the urge to hide behind a locked door was still itching at the back of his mind. When one of them turned, and he was faced with his girlfriend's soft gaze, gentle and warm and not at all the harsh glare he was anticipating, his breath caught in his throat.
"Hey, you're home! We saved you lots of dinner, extra bread and everything." She was smiling, and he was trying to wrap his mind around the domestic scene around them. The relationship wasn't exactly new, and they'd been living together since the start of the term a few months before, but he wasn't quite used to it, yet. He wasn't used to kindness in the face of his mistakes. "And then we were going to turn on a movie, but since none of us have class tomorrow, we aren't in any hurry to start it. Eat as much as you want!"
Leo swallowed an anxious gulp of air before slowly nodding his head and glancing toward the kitchen. It did smell good, and his stomach growled in response. Walking across campus hadn't done anything at all to help his already bottomless appetite, and food was so close...
Before he could turn to go and prepare a plate, he was stopped by another voice, just as familiar as Daisy's. "Are you okay? You look tense. Did something happen in class?"
Lincoln was only older than him by two years, but when combined with the fact that their girlfriend was even younger than both of them and he was the only one in the apartment who wasn't an undergrad, he had taken up the unofficial position of mom friend. If they had an issue with an assignment, or another student, or just a bad day, he was the one who offered to take care of it, even when he didn't need to. He was protective of the people he cared about, especially knowing about the childhoods they'd had, and normally that was welcome. Having a caring, protective force in his life was something that he appreciated more than words could convey, but this night was different. This night, the gruff tone that bordered on frustration was enough to make Leo flinch.
"What...? No, no, it's... no, I'm fine."
He was far from fine, his shoulders hunched up near his ears while he kept his body aimed toward the couch. If he turned his back, he could be caught off guard, and that could make the entire situation worse. If he wasn't watching, and he was in trouble, he might miss his last chance to run.
The couch let out a creaky whine when the cushions moved with the shift of weight, and he was all too aware of the slow pace at which his boyfriend walked across the carpet. It was quiet, and timed so he could watch every small movement from where he was. It was almost routine - between his own raging anxiety and Daisy's occasional panic attacks and Lincoln's nightmares, everyone in the home had learned to tread lightly at some point or another. It was necessary to avoid old, mended cracks shattering all over again.
Once he was a few feet away, just out of arms' reach, Lincoln met his gaze and spoke again, quieter. "Leo, we need you to tell us if something is wrong so we can try to help."
"I'm late for dinner..." The words came out in a scratchy whisper and Leo shifted his weight, taking a small step back only to squeak with fear and surprise when his back hit the wall. It was enough to push his anxiety up to the surface again, and then the words wouldn't stop. "I said I would be home right after class, but I forgot that you both finish before me on Fridays, so I wouldn't have a ride back across campus, and I had to walk and it took so long, and now I'm late, and you're mad-!"
"Hey, hey, hey...!" Lincoln held his hands up in clear view to show that he meant no harm and stayed right where he was, not pushing himself into his space. "We don't look mad, do we? I'm happy you made it home safely, and we knew you would have to walk when you didn't text us. Getting home a little late is okay. You don't even like walking alone, not all the way home like this, but you did it, and I'm really proud of you."
Biting his tongue, Leo tried and failed to keep his fingers from twitching, watching hands stretch toward him slowly. There was a silent question in the gaze that met his, and he answered it with a nod, instinctively leaning into the touch when gentle hands came to rest on his shoulders. "It's not even that dark yet, but I tried to use my phone as a flashlight, because I thought I saw something, and then I dropped it in the grass, and then..."
He let himself be pulled into a gentle hug, squeezing his eyes shut while he hid his face in Lincoln's chest. He was warm, there, protected from the shadows out of the corner of his eye as much as he was from the ones that lived in the back of his mind. For the first time since leaving his final class of the day, he was able to actually take a deep breath and relax, the tension from the last hour leaving his muscles sore and tight.
There were footsteps nearby again, and he tensed for a moment when he felt a hand come to rest at the small of his back. As soon as he heard Daisy's voice, just as bright and lively as he was used to, he was able to relax again. "Leo, baby... we're not mad. It's okay. Breathe, baby."
He was aware of Lincoln's fingers sliding up into his curls, and the soft kiss to the back of his neck. Knowing their girlfriend, there was probably a smudge of lipstick left behind, but he didn't care, not when it gave him something to focus on. It was something solid to pull his thoughts back to the surface, to pull him out of the spiral he'd started in on. And he listened, and he took a deep breath, and maybe the day really had been harder than he'd thought, because it was all too easy to let himself relax and be held upright by his partners. For the first time since he left bed that morning, all three of them were together, and it was enough to slow down his pounding heart.
( "make him a plate? we can keep it warm or microwave it and the rest of the leftovers can go in the fridge."
"of course. are you going to be getting him comfortable?"
"yeah. meet us in the bedroom?" )
The conversation seemed to be happening from far away, like he was under water or behind glass, and he lifted his head when the hand disappeared from his back. Daisy was moving toward the kitchen, presumably to make him a plate from dinner, and his mind was struggling to come up with why they would already be going to bed if there were still plans for him to eat-
When Leo looked up into his boyfriend's eyes, he knew what was coming. The tone was gentle, like everything else that had been said all night, but slightly different, just a bit lower, deeper. It only came out on special occasions, and it never failed to make him shiver with anticipation. Presumably, it did the same to Daisy, but he never had the presence of mind to ask when it came up.
"We did make plans to surprise you when you got home, baby, but you're a little later than we thought you would be." Fingers were still woven through his curls, gently holding his head still and keeping his gaze right where it was. It wasn't something they got up to often, playing roles and giving up control, but when it did happen, he only knew it to be wonderful. He'd been talking to Daisy about giving Lincoln a night off from being the boss in those situations, but there hadn't been a chance, yet, and he wasn't sure he could do anything but fully submit to his partners just then. "I think you've earned your surprise, after getting yourself home all on your own, but are you feeling up to it? We can always wait until tomorrow, if you need the night to take a break."
Leo took a slow breath and shook his head slowly, not enough to shake the hand away. "I want it. Please...?"
There was a soft kiss to his forehead before he was given a bit more space to move. "Go get in bed, baby. I'll help you get comfortable while we wait for Daisy to join us."
He was the one to lead the way into the bedroom, shedding clothes as he went. There was a process to these nights, a routine, rules to follow. His jacket and shirt ended up on the floor of the living room, and he kicked off his jeans while trying not to trip his way into the bedroom. By the time he made it all the way to their bed, he was bare, crawling up to lay on his back with his hands at his sides so that he could hold onto the blankets. If he was supposed to be getting comfortable, there was a good chance he wouldn't be allowed to do much touching of his own.
Lincoln took his time tugging his own shirt off and discarding it on the floor, climbing up onto the bed to lay over him without quite touching. It was almost torturous, feeling the warmth of another body so close but not being able to appreciate it properly. He was still on edge, his anxiety simmering just below the surface, his thoughts spinning not much deeper. He itched to be held or reassured or even just properly kissed, but he knew the rules - he could ask, but there was no guarantee he would get it, or that he would be able to get enough of it.
Regardless of the logic and the fact that he certainly hadn't been told he had permission to do such a thing, Leo moved his hands when his finger twitched. He reached out and fiddled with the button of his boyfriend's jeans, only stopping when fingers wrapped around his wrist and gently pulled him away.
"What do you think you're doing, baby?" The movement was gentle, only loosely pinning his arm down into the blankets again while the body over his shifted. It didn't change much, only putting Lincoln further into his space, skin brushing skin and breath teasing his lips. “Are you really trying to touch right now? No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good. Believe me, Leo, we’ll make sure you get to touch plenty, just as soon as we’re done with your surprise.”
He shivered and lifted his chin, seeking out a kiss that was only a breath out of reach. And it stayed that way, so close but too far for him to properly chase, while the bed shifted with new weight. Daisy wasn't as close, but it was still just as torturous, knowing that his partners were near, that he could see them and feel the evidence of their presence, but he wasn't allowed to touch.
When the quiet little plea escaped him, Daisy smiled and shifted closer, still fully clothed. He could feel the brush of fabric over his arm when her hand was on its own way, fingers gently moving his skin to make him look over at her directly. It was hard to keep himself from trembling under the intensity of her gaze, as if they'd done anything more than get him to lay down so that they could start on whatever they had planned.
"Please, what, baby? You have to use your words, you know. What do you want?"
Leo let out an eager whine and resisted the urge to squirm, all too aware of how every touch left him feeling warm. There was a coil of heat in his stomach that had stirred as soon as the plans for the night became clear, a burning at his wrist where it was still held down, and what had started at his chin had spread up to color his cheeks in one direction and down his neck in the other. He hadn't even realized how easy it would be to make him need them until he was faced with the possibilities. And then, he didn't even know what he wanted to ask for. "Erm... kisses, please...?"
A different kind of warmth started in his chest when he saw her smile, and he didn't have to wait much longer to feel the press of lips to his. While he was caught up in the feeling of finally having the kind of touch he craved, there was another set of lips that started at the side of his neck. Daisy, more than capable of holding his attention, kept him distracted with her tongue and the pleasant little bites at his lip between eager kisses, and Lincoln had another destination in mind than just his neck. He trailed his own kisses over warm skin, slow and gentle and featherlight enough that he was practically undetected until there was a gentle nip to the skin near Leo's hip.
The only reason that the Scot was able to keep quiet was the kisses still distracting his mouth. They managed to muffle his reaction into gasps and delightful little moans even while the kisses to his skin continued, but not when he had to pull away to breathe. It was a movement that timed up all too easily with hands finding hips to hold them in place, a gentle kiss to the head of his cock, and then the absolute bliss that came with having their boyfriend's mouth on him.
( afterwards, when they were curled up together, sweaty and spent, Leo was too dazed and comfortable to move his head from where it had come to rest on Daisy's stomach. he still had the taste of her on his tongue, combined with the salt of sweat and his own tears from when his orgasm was more than he'd been expecting. scattering soft kisses over her skin, he only relaxed further when she ran her fingers through his hair.
"we really should do this more often..." she was all but limp under him, still catching her breath from the last round. "i really like that thing you do with your tongue...? you know, the one when you're-"
"oh, yeah, when i'm...?"
"that's the one. i might have you do it again before we actually go to sleep. but, right now, Leo, you're on my bladder."
he made himself roll off of her and onto his back in the blankets, smiling when an arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him close. once he could pillow his head on Lincoln's chest, he let his eyes slide closed. "this was a nice surprise... all because i was an adult and walked myself home?"
"no." the chuckle was enough to shake them both, and he let his smile soften. "we were going to do this, anyway."
"good, because i'm never doing it again." )
[ alex tries to write dirty ]
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darke-15 · 8 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Live in six hours (Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT)
Tumblr media
That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as he returned himself to the fray.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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hitmebucky · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: fluff fluff and more fluff, horrible writing idk how i feel ab this 😭
Summary: Bucky has a crush on Tony’s secretary.
Request: Give me fluff or give me death! Just kidding, may I request a fluffy Bucky Barnes fic? It can literally be about anything.
A/N: this was such a broad request i hope i did your request justice 🥺 i didn’t proof read cus i’m super tired but i’m reading through all your requests and i will get to them all asap i promise thank you so much for all the inspiration request away!
“Alright Ladies and Gents.... and mantis...” Tony says as you hand out spreadsheets to each individual at the table. Mantis let’s out an excited giggle even though she has no idea what he meant. “It’s about that time for another team meeting..” Tony goes on and you lean over to hand out the last one to none other than mister Bucky Barnes. He glances up at you and smiles with a nod. You blush slightly and step back. The whole meeting you felt him eyeing you. Tony babbles on about various topics and Steve pipes up with a sarcastic comment here and there with Scott laughing and high fiving everytime.
“So basically, just please show up to my parties guys I let you live here rent free.” Tony finishes and they all groan. He could never end anything on a serious note. As everyone gets up to leave Tony speaks up once more, “Oh yeah guys speaking of, there’s a party tonight and I swear if anyone ditches again you’re homeless.” He says and stares at Bucky, Loki, Wanda and Steve. Later in the day you run into Bucky in the main hallway. He smiles innocently and you pass each other. Before he could get far you turn around, “Mr. Barnes!” You call and wave him back toward you. He looks around and approaches you. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the party tonight, like with me..” You ask and nibble on your bottom lip as his eyebrows shoot up. “Like-like a date?” He sputters. “If you want, yeah” You say and before he could finish a thought you kiss his cheek and continue, “meet me by my room around 9:30 if the answer is yes” You smile and walk away leaving him there shocked with a burning blush on his cheeks.
9:30 came around and not a minute after you heard a knock on the door. You open the door in a burgundy dress. His breath hitches in his throat and he clears his throat quickly. “U-um.. these are for you” He says weakly and hands you a bouquet of lillies. You smile brightly and take them before smelling them. “They’re beautiful, thank you so much James.” You say sincerely and he stiffens at his name on your lips. “I’m gonna go put these in a vase, come in.” You invite and turn around showing your exposed back of the dress. He’s surprised you invited him in, he’s surprised he’s here with you at all. “You look amazing tonight” You yell out from the bathroom as you fill the vase with water. He rocks on his heels nervously. “Look who’s talking” He answers as he dries his sweaty palms on his pants. You return with the flowers in a vase and set them next to your bed. “Perfect.” You say and look to him. “You ready?” You ask and he nods.
You take his hand in yours and his heart flutters at the sensation. As you make your way downstairs the music grows louder and louder and, to Bucky, so is his heart. He never realized how nervous he’d be with you. He knew he needed to pull himself together. Stepping off the elevator to the party, He tugs you to the dance floor and immediately starts twirling you around. You squeal in excitement and he smiles. He pulls you back close to him and stalls for a moment. “That was amazing” You say out of breath. The song changed to a slow one and you danced lightly. “Yeah that’s how it was done in my day.” He chuckles. “At least, when you were trying to impress a pretty girl.” He finishes. You smile at him and blush. “You want to impress me? But why?” You inquire. He takes in a deep breath.
“I’ve liked you for some time now Y/N and i’m hoping you’ll be my girl.” He says with a shaky voice. You look up at him with bright eyes, “Really?” You spoke and giggled. “Of course, of course, of course!” You repeat and jump into his arms. Suddenly you hear applause and displaced “whoops” from the bar just to see Tony, Nat, Steve, Sam, Thor and Scott cheering him on and giving him a thumbs up.
“About damn time, Barnes!” Nat yells and you giggle and bury your face in his chest.
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deexchanel · 8 hours ago
Pretty girl (Sebastian Stan)
Word Count:
Warning: swearing. fluff and funny moments!
Summary: Euphoria is the worker that takes orders from the cast and goes to pick their food up. She finds friends along the way.
A/N: I don't know how to feel on this one so hopefully everyone likes it.
Tumblr media
I locked my phone sitting in the chair waiting on my order to be done. I applied to this job to help for modeling that I want to do. Basically all I do is get coffee, give water when needed, pick up their food orders and anything else needed. Basically like a nanny sort of.
The baristas had to get all her co-workers to bring all the donuts and coffee I ordered. I mean its a big cast. My backseat was filled with coffee, donuts, croissants, bagels and tea.
"Deep breaths." I said to myself when I got to the building. Some people walked out to my car grabbing the food. And in the next couple of seconds I was in the break room standing by the table preparing to call their names.
People start to pile in the room ready for their breakfast. I take a deep breath and picked the first coffee with the name on the side.
"Scarlett Johansson?"  A gorgeous woman walks up to me with a smile.
"So you're the new girl the russo hired? You're really gorgeous!"
"I literally just thought about that for you!!" I smiled being nice."I hope you enjoy your coffee!"
"Thank you!" She said walking to a table filled with people.
"Tom Hiddleston?"I questioned looking around for whoever this is. A tall man walked up with a smile.
"Me! Thank you!"
I melted at his british accident passing him the tea. god his voice is everything!
"You're welcome."
"Tom Holland?"
"That would be me. You're Euphoria right?" Tom took a sip of his tea. "Word around here is you're the new food person."
"You know my name? wow um yea, today's my first day!"I smiled.
"Yea know holding secrets is something I can't do. We were talking about you earlier." Tom said."Seb looked up your instagram."
What the hell!
"Damn I haven't even passed out everybody coffees and you guys already know who I am." I laughed.
He laugh as well," We can't let strangers in here. I'm just the only one that wasn't scared to talk to you, rest of them some pussies."
"Oh yea I can definitely hang with you!"
"Same. After our last session today, meet me at my trailer?"
"I will surely meet you there Mr.Holland." I laughed and he winked walking away.
"Robert Downey Jr?" I wondered. I don't know none of these actors, I'm just here to get paid. He walks up to me squinting his eyes.
"You called my name like you don't know me."
"Mr. Downey I don't really know none of you I just call the names thats on the side of the cup."
"Mr. Downey makes me sound old call me Robert. You're sassy, I like that. Spidey boy must've spilled the beans about us looking you up on instagram."
"In fact he did. You guys do not need to tell him anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to know."
"Yea we're trying. You better have gotten my coffee right!"
"Dark with one creamer and extra sugar. Please don't play with me Robert."
"Oh yea she got my coffee right. Get this sassy bitch a raise!" Robert yelled to everyone in the break room while he walked back to his table . My face turned red from laughing so hard.
"Sebastian Stan?" I questioned trying to think of who he was . Shit at this point I give up on trying to figure out who's who. A nice looking gentleman walked to the table taking the coffee from my hand. Don't get me wrong he is fineeeee!
"Euphoria right? You really don't know who we are?"
"No I don't Mr. Stan. I just need a job before I start my modeling career."
"Well you look like a model. You're very pretty. And please call me Sebastian or Seb."
"Sebastian are you trying to flirt with me right now?" I joked to see what he would say. His face turned red from nervousness.
"W-What? No! I just- I just thought you were pretty-" I cut him with laughing.
"It's fine Sebastian , I'm just playing."
"Oh that's cold. I'm gonna get you back for that one."
"Sure! I'm the prank queen so try it on someone else!"
"We'll see about that. Chris she think she's the prank queen!" He laughed pointing his thumb at me to a nice looking man who had a perfectly groomed beard.
"Oh you're in for a treat! I'm the best!" The bearded man came over to where we was. Damn I really need to remember names.
"Oh no sirrr! I can't be topped." I bragged brushing the imaginary dust off my shoulder.
"Sureee! I'm Chris Evans by the way." He said putting out his hand for me to shake." Anthony should be coming in any moment."
"Euphoria. Who's Anthony?" I questioned confused. "I'm sorry I don't know any of you guys names." 
"THE PARTY'S HERE WOOOO." A darkskin man in the break room. I'm guessing that's Anthony.
"What's up!" He dap up Evans and Stan not realizing I'm standing there.
"Hey my brother!" I said dapping him up. He went along with it not knowing who I am.
"What's up my sister! Who the hell you is though ?"
"Shit we both black . I thought we should stick together." I said." Hug me Brotha!"
Anthony, Chris, Stan and I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Anthony actually gave me a hug after our laughing fit.
"You cool people, I can definitely hang with you ms funny girl."
Soon I was done passing out food until lunch time. Most actors wasn't going to be here until lunch time.  I was walking behind Hemsworth to his dressing room as he told me his order.
"Make the lemonade a large and that will be all!"
"Okay Mr.Hemsworth anything else?" I asked continuing to write his order.
Chris stopped in tracks looking at me."Yes, what made you want to work for us even though you know none of us. And please call me Chris."
"I want to be a model Chris but I don't have enough to get started. I'm just going to be here until I get enough."
"That's good! Oh and get me some beef jerky too, I'll love you foreverrr." Chris said in a sing-song voice making me laugh. These are some funny ass people. We were walking pass some big boxes but I fell behind him because I was still writing.
"AHHH!" I scream dropping my stuff, jumping on the back of Chris's back. It's the fact that he caught me and didn't fall to the ground. I turn to see Chris E. holding his chest laughing hard as hell.
"Jesus fucking christ Chris! I'ma get yo ass back. Had me jumping on Hemmy back like that." I huff picking up the notepad and pen I dropped . Chris H. was laughing as well
"You thought jumping on my back was going to save you?"
"Oh shut up! I'm not friends with either of you Chris's. Big meanies." I said crossing my arms over my chest,walking off." Don't talk to me!" I yelled over my shoulder like a little kid.
"Euphoria wait!!" Chris E. said but I ignored him and kept walking. "Euphoria I'm sorry!!"
"You get her Chris?" Seb asked once the three of us came where everyone else was.Oh so his ass was in it too?
"Yea Seb I got her ass good." Chris exclaimed placing his hand on my shoulder but I pushed it off. "Euphoria I had to get you."
I rolled my eyes. "Oh so you were in on it? oh yea we not cool nomore. I'M NOT FRIENDS WITH CHRIS EVANS, HEMMY, OR SEBASTIAN STAN." I yelled playfully flipping them off. Both Chris's stood in front of me while Sebastian stood to my side.
"I've never heard nobody call me hemmy. Only you can come up with something like that."Hemmy said shaking his head." I feel special, I got a nickname."
"I want a nickname!" Sebastian whined like a child. "How he get one and I don't , I thought I was your favorite."
"Me too!" Chris said raising his hand. Me and Sebastian caught a glance at each other for a second. I looked away , a blush creeping on my face.
"I have to tell the two apart but I never said that Seb. Holland is actually my favorite." I sassed hoping the blush wasn't on my face, flipping my hair looking around for spidey. "He didn't laugh at me today."
"Awww Euphoria you're my favorite too." Holland came from nowhere hugging me from behind."See ? you boys have to be nice!"
"Oh thomas hush!"Seb said pulling me away from him into his chest. He had on a loose shirt and by accident I touched his stomach. His skin felt like heaven:"She's mine!"
Hemmy pulls me from Seb into his chest as well, with his thick accent." Um no she's mine!"
"No actually she's mine!" Chris said pulling me to his chest too. "I'm the best duh!"
"Guys I have go get you guys food. We'll settle this debate later!" I chuckled placing my head on Evans shoulder." Now give me a hug so I can go!"
They each me a hug but Sebastian hugs me longer. He smelled so good!
I went out to get the food and made sure I picked up Hemmy's jerky.
This a series sooo I really hope you like it!
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Not allowed to touch
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Your stubbornness sometimes makes you say things without thinking, but your girlfriend is willing to make you follow suit with your own words.
Word count: 1.202
Warnings: smut (+18 only!) 
A/N: This is short and probably not good, but I just had the idea and kind of wanted to write it down. And in case you are wondering, yes I have issues. Good reading!
Your friends have a strange habit of oversharing. 
Not that you minded, really. But sometimes it led to moments like this, and you don’t know whether you're laughing because it’s funny or because it’s absurd.
Training has just ended and you, Wanda, Nat and Carol are in a small circle talking about the Captain's sexual woes. 
Apparently on her last date with Maria, Carol made a comment about one of the waitresses that didn't please Maria the slightest bit and now she was getting the ‘no sex’ treatment.
"It sucks to be you, my friend." Nat says with a pitying grimace, but she laughs amused at the situation. You snort and shake your head slightly, attracting the attention of the other women around you. 
"I don't know, guys, I don't understand why this is such a big deal." You say shrugging and Nat and Carol exchange glances disagreeing with your statement. You don't notice, but Wanda raises her eyebrows slightly. 
"What do you mean it's not a big deal?" Carol asks as if you have said the most absurd thing in the world and you giggle. "Come on, Carol, can't you go a day without touching your wife?" 
You tease and Carol crosses her arms, an incredulous smile on her face. "Oh and can you?" She retorts and you shrug. "Of course."
"Oh really?" Wanda speaks from your side and as soon as you look at her your mouth goes dry. She watches you with raised eyebrows and a slight tilt of her head. You swallow hard, but you can't give up now or Carol will tease you forever and you can't lose this argument. 
"Of course I can." You answer, but you don't sound as convincing as you wanted to. Wanda nods slowly with a thoughtful expression and Nat and Carol watch the whole interaction with amused smiles on their faces.
"All right then." Wanda finally speaks again. She says goodbye to the other two and before she leaves she gives you a light kiss on the cheek, which only makes you even more worried. 
You watch the redhead leave, swallowing hard, and only turn your attention to the two around you again when you hear Carol's amused giggle next to you. 
"You, my friend, are fucked." She taunts and you take a deep breath, knowing she is right.
You’ve been walking on eggshells for the whole day.
Whenever Wanda entered the same room you were in, you kept completely silent and avoided speaking anything that might worsen your situation with the witch. 
You offered to help her with the simplest things possible, like opening doors, carrying things, or opening pots for her. 
But she seemed fine, grateful, and even more affectionate than usual. Then you relaxed, and mentally cursed Carol for making you worry for nothing. 
But little did you know what was coming for you.
You’re lying in bed already in your pyjamas and rereading the past mission reports as you wait for Wanda to come out of the bathroom and come lie down with you.
When Wanda enters the room you rest your reports on the nightstand and smile as you see the redhead wearing only an extra-large t-shirt. 
You're about to say she looks lovely but she walks over to you and sits on your lap, holding your face firmly and connecting your lips in an intense, passionate kiss. 
Your brain short circuits for a moment, but you match the kiss just as intensely and sigh deeply when you feel her wet intimacy against your thigh and realize she's wearing just the t-shirt.
You move your hands to her ass, but Wanda makes a disapproving noise, taking your hands away from her. You look at her, frowning confused, but she looks at you firmly. "You're not touching me tonight."
You laugh softly, moving your hands back to where they were before and kiss Wanda again. "I said no." She says, her voice firm and serious, and you feel your hands being thrown over your head. You look up and you see a red energy binding your hands to the headboard like handcuffs. 
"What the hell, Wanda!" You complain slightly irritated and confused. Wanda holds your chin and makes you look at her. Her expression is impassive with that slight tilt of her head that is so characteristic of her. "What's the matter, my love?" she asks with a not at all amused smile on her face and the tone of her voice makes you swallow dryly. 
"You're the one who said you could go without touching me." She says, bringing her face closer to yours and you can feel her breath against your mouth, which only makes your situation worse. Wanda knows very well the effect she has on you and the sick smile on her face widens. "You’re only watching tonight."
And without further explanation, she starts rubbing herself against your thigh with low moans and your whole body tenses up. You try to free your hands from Wanda's energy but the grip only seems to increase. Meanwhile, the redhead holds your shoulders tightly, her moans getting louder and only further increasing your irritation.
Having Wanda riding your thigh like this is inebriating and makes your whole body warm. But she moans and her face contorts with pleasure, making your blood boil more and more with anger. 
As if the torture wasn't enough, the redhead removes her shirt, being completely naked over you. You sigh in irritation, your intimacy throbbing and your head spinning with indignation. Wanda brings her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them. The redhead moans even more, and you clench your jaw. That's enough.
You move your torso forward to kiss her, but Wanda is faster than you. With a single motion of her hands, the redhead pushes you back with a wave of red energy that crashes into your chest and sends you slamming your back against the headboard with a grunt. 
The more Wanda rubs against your thigh and the louder she moans, the faster your breathing gets and the greater your anger becomes. She opens her eyes to stare at you, basking in your despair, and you see her eyes glowing red. She is close. She is close, and it’s not because of you. 
With your blood boiling with rage, you lean forward once more. "Don't." Wanda says firmly between moans and you’re pushed back once more, this time the energy wrapping itself around your neck like a collar, pinning you to the headboard. 
Another grunt of frustration escapes your mouth, but it’s muffled by Wanda's increasingly loud moans. With one last loud, open-mouthed moan, the redhead comes undone over you. The red energy around your wrists and neck tighten for a brief moment before shattering. 
Once you’re free of Wanda's magic, you wrap your arms around her in one swift motion and throw her against the mattress, putting yourself over her. With the sudden movement, a low moan of surprise escapes Wanda's lips. 
"That was not nice." You say and she flashes you a victorious smile that only makes your anger boil over even more. But soon her expression changes, her eyebrows raised in defiance. 
"Punish me then."
Taglist: @yuhloversxx @madamevirgo @an-evergreen-rose @helloalycia @wandas1mp @cantcontroltheirfear @diaryoflife @ironscarletwidowsoilder @cristin-rjd @ensorcellme @aimezvousbrahms @natasha-danvers @purplemeetsblue @randomshyperson @thegayw1tch @peggycarter-steverogers @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo @b0mbdotc0m @yourtaletotell  @ethereal-pxradise @stephanieromanoff @tomy5girls @justagaypanicking @gingerbreadcookieforlife @imapotatao  @musicinourlips @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @tsmukanii @likefirenrain @allfiguredout @olsensnpm @magicallymaximoff @am-just-a-cosmic-joke-to-me @imapotatao @ledollarbean-em @speedycookieeggsnerd @obsessed-with-wandamaximoff @themultiimagines @fayhar @upsidedowndanvers (let me know if you wanna be tagged)
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Loki Laufeyson: Fatuous Love (Loki x Reader)
Warning: SMUT 18+ finger, oral.
A/N: I have PT2 and bait of pt 3, but idk if I’ll end up posting them.
Summary: Loki just wants to make you forget the fate that you can not escape. 
Word Count: 2k+
*NOT MY IMAGE* Do not copy my work
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Do not speak of this again! I do not want to hear another word about this foolishness, (Y/n)!” Your father yelled at you sternly dismissing the complicated conversation at hand. “You will not behave this way when we are guest in this palace. How dare you act like such a child under the same awing as your future king!?” 
You were the soon to be Queen of Asgard, set to marry the prince, Thor son of Odin, god of thunder and future king of Asgard. Any woman would be overly joyed to be in your shoes, but you personally could not stand the thought. It was an unchangeable fate that you could not bare, so for about the one-hundredth time you plead and  beg your father to let you out of the arrangement.
“But father, I do not love him!” You cry out in frustration.
“THEN YOU WILL LEARN! This is berserk and if you ask me you are ungrateful and are no better than his fatuous brother! I will not tolerate this one more second!”He narrows  his eyes and stares you down as if testing you to speak again. When you don’t, he storms out of your room slamming the door so hard you were sure the kingdom could hear its echo.
Unfortunately for you, you were in love with the wrong Allfather child. Loki was the one thing that you could not resist, your forbidden fruit if you will. He was not supposed to be yours, and you were not supposed to be his because it has been written in prophesy. Even when the three of you were children playing in the garden under the sun, you only had eyes for the mischievous one. It seemed that everyone in your family knew your fascination of the dark hair boy and it only grew fonder as you aged. Although the fascination was known, the extents of your relationship was oblivious to them all, even Thor. As adults, your relationship soon blossomed into more than just lust or want, but it became more of love and an urgent need to be around him. This feeling is why you fought so hard to get out of this arrangement with Odin Allfather, which ended with you marrying his first born son.
Loki was the most incredible being you had ever come to know. Arrogant? Yes. Mischievous? Absolutely. Selfish? Sometimes… But also in the same breath he was  loving, with the most beautiful soul. For some reason he has always had a soft spot for you, even when he hated everyone else. He has always put you first, even before the two of you were romantically involved and he would do anything in his power to try and please you.
You angrily finish getting ready for bed, slipping your hair into a silk wrap and letting your night gown loosely flow against your skin. You get into your nicely made bed turning off the lamp that sat on your bedside table. You lay in the darkness of the room, over your soft sheets, wishing there was a way to get out of this marriage. You then see your door push ajar slowly as the light from the hallway illuminates the bedroom. The shine of the light quickly goes away as the door closes, just as it was opened.
“Fatuous?” You hear his familiar voice fill the silence of the room as he walks in. Your heart swells at the sound of his voice and butterflies filled the pit of your stomach. This is how he made you feel on a daily basis, just by being in his ever lasting presence. “He believes I am Fatuous.” He scoffs. “I may be many things, but I am without a doubt, unquestionably not Fatuous.” He chuckles slightly as he makes his way onto your bed.
“Loki, my love!” You smile ear to ear reaching your hands out to him as he climbed beside you, engulfing you into a warm embrace, his soft sleeping garments brushing against your skin. “I have not seen you all day.”  You pout.
“That is because you have been busy all day, with my idiotic brother.” He reminds you. “Although I am fond of your father, I thought he would never leave.” He says referring to the argument he overheard. “And I am not fatuous.” 
“I know my love.” Is all you say as the two of you lay there quietly in each other’s embrace enjoying every moment of it. The warmth of each other and the rhythms of your breath was all you needed to feel close to him. “I love you…” You mumble breaking the silence. “And I’m sorry this is set in the prophecy” 
“You say this every time we meet.”
“Because I am— it makes this venture so much more miserable.”
He sighs loudly shaking his head, “Please, we can speak of it another time. Tonight we shall just enjoy each other.” He smiled as he places a kiss to your temple. 
You wished it could only be that easy. He did not understand that the time was winding down quickly and in a few short months you would be marrying Thor, and all of this would have to end, regardless of how either of you felt.
“But of course,” He speaks again as he switches his position slightly, “that won’t stop you from worrying will it?” He lets out a small chuckle to himself, already knowing your mind is going around in unusual circles.
“Of course you know me.” You let out a slight giggle as he runs his hands over your sides, the pads of his finger tips tickling you as he caressed. 
“Well, what if I said I have a remedy.” He coos smoothly, mischief in his voice.
His hands begin to travel down the side of your curves, outlining every inch that he could over your night gown. He slides it up slowly as he begins to caress your hips with one hand  and make his way down the shape of your thigh with the other. His fingers sneakily pads to the inner of your thigh,  sliding in between pressing them apart slightly and you shift your position so that you are  laying on your back instead of your side.
“Loki…” You say in a low voice.
“Yes?” He says inching away from you and positioning himself in between your legs. “Remember when we first met each others acquaintance? Meek children I suppose, enjoyed sweet treats and childs play. Now look at us, adults with weakness in each other. You are my weakness, my dear.”
You lay there with your legs spread apart, giving him access as he continues to trail his finger down your thighs and then back up. He grips each thigh in either hand as a smirk played against his lip. He takes his hand  raising up your night gown completely exposing the dark black color of your satin underwear. He rubs his hand over your covered core, causing your breath to hitch into your throat.
“Loki.” His name falls from your mouth again, this time in a desperate whisper as the feeling of need is building up in your core. “What are you doing?”
“Whatever you would like me to be doing your highness?” This came out in a low growl, sending chills over you. He continues his hand movements on your covered pussy.
“We shouldn’t.” You bite down on your bottom lip to stop yourself from letting out any type of moan.
“What would you like me to be doing (Y/n)?” He repeats himself now tugging at your underwear. “Live a little my pet, nothing will change our fait, we might as well enjoy our time together. Even if this is the last night I every intention to pretend that you are all mine. Oh my beauty, there’s no need for you to feel sorry for yourself, when I can help you forget.”  He smirks. 
“I want you to help me forget.” You follow his words.
“Then that shall be what I do.” He says confidently as he places kisses down your inner thigh, leading them to your core. His confidence and skill was what aroused you quickly as you felt his hot breath. His tongue delicately rolls over your clit, his skillful rolls making you wet almost immedietly.  He massages the inside of your thigh as he continues to lap his tongue over your pussy.
“You are so beautiful.” He marvels lifting your thighs over his shoulders for better access. “And all mine.”
 He skillfully connects his entire mouth to the fabric open mouth kissing and rolling his tongue all over your parts. You moan at the new sensation of him hiking up your undergarments causing friction against your clit as he soaks them with his mouth. 
Loki pulls away only to pull off your now soaking wet underwear “Look at you, so beautiful.” He admires you again helping you out of them and then going back down to get back to work, this time sloppier.
In no time you are a moaning mess. He laps his tongue around your clit down to your entrance, over and over again. Your moans get progressively louder as he continues the movements of his tongue causing a sloshing noise from the wetness.
“Ohhh.” Is all you could  manage out as you grip his dark hair and barrie his face deeper into your pussy. “Don’t stop.” You moan breathlessly, the noises from your wetness enough to make you cum.
He lets out a growl into your core, the vibrations sending you into over drive. As you run your fingers through his hair you arch your back bucking your hips, needing him to keep going. He removes his mouth pushing your hips down, grounding you down to the bed as he slipped a finger into your wet folds. You throw your head back has he adds another, moaning all types of profanity.
“Listen to me (Y/n), while you marry my brother, I want you to remember how I’m making you feel in this moment. All wet for me not him.” He says maliciously. “Who’s making you feel so good?” He asked this while gliding his thumb over your clit fast as he thrust his fingers into you hitting that sweet spot that makes your toes curl.
“I’m so close Loki! My love I’m so close…” You moan louder as you roll your hips, grinding on to his fingers as they fuck you.
Loki thrusts is fingers into you faster, meeting your grinds while hitting your g spot. You felt the familiar warm feeling spreads from the bundle of nerves that is your clit to the pit of your belly as you began to cum over his hands. 
After you come down from your high, he finds his way back up to you lying next to you as you shift  positions to lay on his chest.
“You're too good to me and I can’t live without you.” You say feeling the warmth of his body as he wrapped his arms around you tightly. “But we can’t keep doing this.”
“I think we can.” He chuckles to himself. “They all are incompetent, so I think we can manage our time.” He says rubbing small circles onto your back. “ They hardly even notice you’re involved with someone who isn’t their beloved prince. “ Loki sighs. 
“There is no way for me to get out of it.” You relax in his embrace and trace the lines of the sleeping garment he has on. “It will be a sad lonely life of being Thor Odisons wife.”
“Listen to me,” His voice is now more serious. “... you need not to worry about that because it most certainly won’t be a sad lonely life. You will have me (Y/n), and I will not be going anywhere.” He kisses your head. “I most certainly do not say this quite enough, but I love you .”
You sighed. You knew his words were kind, but there was no point in pretending this wasn’t pointless. The only thing that was fatuous, was loving someone and not having them completely. Love is the fatuous one.
“I love you too” You finally mumble before closing your eyes ready to drift off to sleep as he continues rubbing soothing circles around your back.
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Us Against the World - Chapter Thirteen.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @chickensarentcheap  @longlostinanotherworld​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve
True to his word and just ten minutes later as promised, she had him stood with his back pressed against the glass door that led out to the balcony, his rock-hard erection in her mouth as he held her hair away from her face and watched himself on the receiving end of the best blowjob in the world. No other woman he’d been sexual with was quite as talented as her.  
“God fucking damn,” he groaned, watching her lips tighten around the base of his cock before dragging slowly back up again. It always entranced him, when she literally swallowed him whole.  
“Mmmm, such a beautiful, big cock. All hot, veiny and hard. I’ve missed it, nothing else comes close.” She purred, looking up at him as she ran her hand up and down his shaft, licking the underside before circling the head a few times and sinking her mouth right down to the base again. Chris felt his eyes virtually roll back in their sockets as his head thudded back against the glass he was leaning against, groaning almost incoherently with lust. God, she was too good.
Using her hand and mouth together she slid them up and down his cock, stopping every so often to suck and lick on the head before plunging her lips back down again. She had him so turned on his legs and abs were shaking as he moaned, chest rising and falling faster as shuddered breaths left his heaving lungs, utterly consumed by her.
“Fuck!” he growled through gritted teeth as his dick twitched and he spilled jet after jet of cum down her throat, his hand yanking her hair as she pulled him from her mouth and finished him with her hand, his semen trickling down her neck. She caught the trail with her finger and licked it off as she looked up at him, kissing the head of his hardness and feeling it twitch violently against her lips.
Pulling her up he grabbed her waist and hauled her off the ground, Mia wrapping her legs around him before he charged her against the nearest wall, her back hitting it hard, releasing his grip on her just enough to drop her down onto his throbbing cock.  
Sometimes he could successfully maintain an erection if he continued in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, although it hurt a little and did feel ridiculously oversensitive, such a trade was worth it to be back inside her again.
His hands held her tightly under her thighs as his chest pressed against hers, her nipples rubbing against it and feeling just as amazing as the had before as he began to pump her cunt with slow, deep, hard strokes.  
Every thrust was delivered so deeply and precisely it made her cry out with each exhale, feeling his lips at her neck kissing her throat from one side to the other as she ran her hands over his shoulders.
Needing to be even deeper inside her than he already was, he carefully slid his arms under her knees, pushing her up the wall a little further and grasping her ass so she was held there by his forearms, spread wide for him to slam himself up into her pussy deeper and harder.
She screamed shrilly as his hips began to pound against her like a jackhammer again, her wetness dripping out onto his balls, she was so massively turned on. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got someone as ridiculously wet as she was, scared he was going to slip out of her, she was so sodden.
“I love the noises you make when I’m really fucking you hard. God damnit, you’re sex personified.” He told her, his voice sounding more like a primal growl than anything else, deepened with lust as he stared into her magnetic green eyes and kissed her again. Her moans of pleasure really were the sexiest he’d ever heard, doing nothing but fuelling his desire for her.
They continued to devour each other in carnivorous abandon against the wall for a further while, until Mia demanded he carry her back to the bed. “On your back for me, I need to ride you right now, really grind down on this big dick for a while.” She told him, leaning forward to kiss him as he lay back on her bed.
“Yeah, I’m really not going to stop you from doing that.” He told her, raising an eyebrow at her as he grinned, Mia sliding down on his hot, wet cock again until he filled her completely. She rode him as expertly as always, rolling her hips against him in a figure of eight motion, staring down at him and telling him how sexy he was as he stroked her tits and pinched her nipples, drowning in the most sublime pleasure.
Her walls squeezed the orgasm from his twitching cock, Chris knowing she hadn’t cum again so disappearing between her legs to bury his mouth at her apex until she did, twice more, rendering her but a shuddering, breathless, exhausted shadow of herself.  
As far as apologies went, his was faultless.  
They fell back to sleep at around seven in the morning, only sleeping until nine before going out for breakfast, spending the day together. As they both expected, they were photographed plenty of times, the online blogsphere an absolute buzz over their relationship still. It annoyed Chris no end that she continued to be a figure of hate out there, though, purely for what she did for a living.  
He knew it got to her much more than she ever let on, too. In all his dating years, he’d never been with anyone as fiercely protective of him as she was. She never crumbled in front of him, never let it show how upsetting it was to be trashed in such a derogatory way by fans and online media alike, but he’d heard her crying over things that’d been said about her a few times, usually when she was secluded in the bathroom.  
She always brushed it off when he’d approached her about it as well, never wanting him to worry or be burdened by it. She just wanted him to be happy.  
“Here, for when I’m not around,” she spoke after they’d passed one of those gaudy street stands, hawking their wares to tourists.  
“Security monkey!” he exclaimed through his laughter as he took the small plush toy from her, a monkey dressed in an NYPD uniform and a small, felt banana sewn to his paw. “You’re silly, I love it. You too.” He added, seating the monkey in the top pocket of his short-sleeved shirt as he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close.  
That moment was captured in photographic form, but not by either of them, appearing on a blog the next morning with a headline that questioned Chris’s judgement while also cutting Mia down, the bloggers tone the same as the most prevailing of critics; she was trashy and he could do better.  
What killed her though, was that outside of work, she was a demure, stylish dresser. She’d understand if she constantly attired herself to look like walking sex, but on that particular day she’d worn a pair of cream cargo pants, an old, faded grey SoulCycle t shirt and her Converse, teamed with some nice jewellery. It felt like she’d be hated no matter what.  
Had she really tarnished herself with her career choice so heavily that no one would ever see her as anything else now? Was she destined to remain within the porn industry until she was too old to work any longer? It was another moment where she shed tears over it all, but on this occasion, she couldn’t hide them, Chris moving silently behind her, enveloping her in his embrace.  
“Stop this, stop reading what people who don’t even know us have to say. It isn’t healthy, hence why I don’t Google myself. It’s toxic and it’ll get worse the more you feed into it,” he told her, taking her phone from her grasp and placing it down on the table.
“It wouldn’t matter if you did, Google yourself, that is. Everybody loves you; you’re universally liked for being a good, down to earth guy and great actor. That’s why they hate me, because you should be with a nice girl and not some trashy slut who does hardcore porn, as they called me this morning,” she sobbed, turning to cry against his chest.  
It was making her so weary that for the moment, she couldn’t hide it from him, couldn’t put him first and make like she wasn’t as devastated as she was over the public opinion of her.  
“I am with a nice girl. If they can’t see that then they don’t matter. They’ll get over it and find someone else to pick on eventually. It’s only because we’ve so recently gone public that we’re being targeted. It’ll calm down, I promise. Until then, though, promise me you’ll stop looking at it all. Just pretend it doesn’t exist, alright?” he told her, Mia nodding.
“I’ll try. It’s hard though, like an itch I want to keep scratching,” she lamented, Chris understanding.  
“It’ll never go away if you do keep scratching, though. It’ll just get worse. The only opinion that matters about you is mine. It happens to be very high, by the way,” he replied, making her smile sadly.
“I don’t fucking know why it is. I’m bringing all this shit into our relationship and we’ve only been together a few months!” she exclaimed, sniffing hard.  
“For me, it doesn’t matter that we’ve only been together a short time. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Perhaps I have. Maybe we’ve been together in previous lives and we keep on finding one another all over again, like we’re meant to be no matter the time or place. I love you endlessly, baby.” Kissing her head, he stroked her hair while Mia tried to hide the further tears pooling in her eyes.  
No one had ever said anything so beautiful to her before. It made her really see just how truly invested in her he was. She knew it already, but sometimes did question her worth, if she was good enough for him. The words of her doubters, they did creep in at times, sometimes when she really didn’t need them to, like when she returned to LA the following week for work.
“Mia, softer face, give me happy Mia. I need aroused Mia here!” Yes, it had begun to seep into her working life, especially since she was without her love, Chris then down in New Mexico where he was filming. She knew it was definitely something she had to get a hold of, since even here, in the familiar surroundings of a Jim Caney set, the man who made work nothing but a good time, she was sad.  
“Sorry, Jim.” She called, adding a whisper of apology to the girl she was working with too, who just rolled her eyes and continued to go down on her. Mia knew she deserved her not to be accepting to her apology, she’d been off her game all morning while her co-star, Gabrielle Greyson, worked her ass off to compensate for the star’s lacklustre approach.  
“What’s up, buttercup? You’re my star and you know this, but today, you’re not yourself. Come on, come drink this and tell me about it,” Jim said after approaching her in the dressing room after calling a break, passing her the Starbucks order he’d sent out for (Caney Productions staff and freelancers alike were treated very well by the boss) before ushering her out of her seat, Mia pulling on her silk robe and heading outside with him. The fresh air felt good.  
She knew she had a friend in Jim too, knowing him right from the start of her career, so could talk to him about anything. He always lent a very good ear.
They stood in the shade of the building and Mia unloaded everything that was happening, Jim of course knowing already since he’d been keeping an eye on the press. Afterwards, she felt better, less troubled by it all, but what she did not expect for one second, was the reply he gave her.  
“You know, you should really stick it to them, give them something to truly hate you for. If that’s how they’re going to view you then balls to them, cram it down their necks. It actually ties in with a little idea I had, you know. We could make a lot of money, you and I. How much would it cost me, to get both you and Chris on camera together? If not in a shoot set up, maybe a leaked tape I could then go on to officially release? Mia, this could launch your career into the stratosphere and be worth millions!”  
Had she heard him correctly? Had she honestly just heard Jim Caney, the man she thought was her friend, ask how much exposing the most intimate part of her relationship was worth? She needed a friend to unload to about the negativity she was facing from her relationship, and all he wanted to do was exploit it for profit. She was heartbroken.  
“I thought you were my friend,” she blurted out in shock, tears filling her eyes.
“It’s because I’m your friend that I’ve offered this! This is such a golden opportunity!” he enthused, Mia shaking her head as she walked backwards towards the door, throwing her drink into the trash.
“No friend would ever, ever ask that. You’re an awful person, and I thought you cared.” She ran back inside as fast as her seven-inch platform shoes would take her, racing into the dressing room, feeling like a naïve, idiotic fool.  
He didn’t give a damn about her, the hurtful realisation hit her square in the chest as she threw herself back into her clothes, stuffing her belongings into her hold all and running from the set to her car, driving herself away from Caney Productions in an absolute flood of tears as quickly as she could.  
All the way back to Malibu, she cried until her eyes were red and her makeup smudged, wanting nothing more than to throw herself into Chris’s arms. She couldn’t, though, obviously. Cedric was at work as well, Amber was back in Los Angeles, but there was one person who she knew she could count on to be there for her. By luck, she was actually home after she’d called ahead to check and told her what had happened.  
“Oh darling, come here.” Taylor said, opening her door to her best friend’s girlfriend, pulling the poor waif into the hug she needed and letting her cry on her shoulder. She knew she wasn’t going to be as much of a good comfort to her as Chris would have been, but damnit, she’d give it her best shot.
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wishing i stayed
chapter 10
tears ricochet masterlist
word count: 302
warnings: grief, loss, mentions a knife, pain
chapter 9: weepin’ in a sunlit room Barton had offered to help her bury your corpse, but Natasha had brushed him off. He barely knew you, and you hadn't been anything but a distant memory to him. He only knew you as a name, a melancholy expression on Nat’s face. She had known you a lifetime, albeit a short one. She was never a religious person, but as Natasha transferred your remains to the transport van at the back of the church, she cherished the idea of reincarnation. To fall in love with you again, to grow old with you, and to feel your hair against her cheek while watching the sun rise.
She didn’t deserve to live her next life with you, after brutally ending it in this one. If she had done more, or if she said the right thing maybe you would’ve stayed. All this pain, Romanoff knew was self inflicted.
For the first time, an overwhelming sense of clarity washed over you. Everything that happened to you, all of the memories you lost, and the lies they told you were finally laid out in front of you. The fog over your memories was lifted, and you understood.
Her silence was deafening. With every step towards the river, you could see Natalia’s muscles strain from the effort of carrying your body. You could see the weight of what had happened on her shoulders, crushing her. No matter how loud you screamed, she never saw you. Your voice broke as you pleaded, begging her to not carry any feeling of responsibility for the unfortunate circumstances. You wanted to tell her that it wasn't her fault, and that she didn’t drive you away. The pain of a knife in the ribs was infinitesimal to the agony you felt knowing your inability to comfort her, to tell her your story, and to apologize.
chapter 11
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