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swamp-gremlin · 44 seconds ago
Uhh Aces backstory yeahh
Ace Radcliff was born into an unexcepting small town, he for most if his school life was also a victim of bullying and harassment; his parent's where not much better. And due to his harsh environment Ace developed a harsh demeanor along with a penchant for fire.
As the years went by hate and anger brewed until senior year ge cornered one of his bullies and attempted to set him on fire but was pullled away before he could set him ablaze. And fearing punishment he ran away, and was later taken in by a group if punks.
And for a year or so everything was fine until one night at a bar Ace was accosted by a bone-head and during the fight Ace beat his opponent so harshly he died due to brain hemorrhaging afterwards. Again repeating his past he whent on the run. And while driving along a back county road a lone cop pulled over there van and pulled one of his friend's out and started hassling them; Ace snuck out of the back of the van grabbed a brick of the side of the road and bashed the cop over the head killing him.
Another cop car came down the road to respond to call the dead officer had made previously; finding Ace and his gang panicking over what to do with the body, chasing them down the road and into a abandoned farm house. And as he distracted the cops his friends got out and he lit the house on fire with him and the two cops inside. While trying to escape the blaze a part of the house fell onto his leg trapping him and only a few feet away from the door he burned to death.
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lordoftheflickies · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
new sprites of battlr and featuring a little enemy
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seblainerworld · 4 minutes ago
A Month In the Life of the Smythes Series
A Month In the Life of the Smythes (Glee) [Sebastian Smythe/Blaine Anderson]
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wellthisisembarrassing · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
neru, overpowerd oc #234567890
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elfboysnail · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Royal》Marlow》Lorlock (Orpheus)》Catherine》Killian》Hex》Loyal》Cyan》Pascal》Desdemona》
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localpyro · 9 minutes ago
i think that annoying me is a crime that should be punishable by death
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bonniefront · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* Bonnie is probably one of my most traumatized OCs and I feel so bad because of that 😭
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mapleshaiku · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
so, i made a genshin impact oc
This is Nadetta. She’s the beastmaster for the Knights of Favonius, owning a pet hydro slime as well. Has a Hydro vision and uses a bow.
Not showing her full outfit because I’m not happy with it at the moment. Looks too regal for her. Outfit suggestions are welcome.
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thekattverse · 11 minutes ago
5th Chip: I am decayed. My lungs are full of thorns and mildew. My bones are held together by vines. I am fragile. Be gentle with my corpse. Ethel: Get out of bed, we're saving these dumbasses whether you like it or not 5th Chip: I REFUSE!
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tag-that-oc · 11 minutes ago
tag the oc that drinks orange juice with pulp
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smollillithstuff · 11 minutes ago
Wow I made art I’m very proud of and is relevant enough to post
Basically I’d been debating what date to give my fnaf oc for ages and
I used my big brain to develop cool lore
Basically I made my OCs birthday on the day where William committed the murders in the fnaf 2 location
And she’s an afton oc
And to add onto this super big brain idea
Her birthday became at first a good dream then nightmare
But always has had the look of pizza party
Just the ending changing after she learned her dad committed violent child murder
The lighting in this was a nigthmare
Click image for higher quality
Tumblr media
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authorchan · 12 minutes ago
[𝙎𝙪𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙙𝙖𝙡 𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙖𝙘] (06)
Tumblr media
"𝙎𝙤 𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙙, 𝙝𝙪𝙝."
Itadori let a bitter chuckle. "That's just what happens to people like us, huh." Ijichi shrugged, glancing at the floor. "It's something that happens." The pinkette's fist clenched. "You can't control what happens to your comrades. Out of everything I've seen on the sidelines, that's one of the things even Gojo can't control."
Itadori's hand released itself, as he walked off our of the room, the older following shortly after.
'It just happens... tch'
While the two were distracted in their conversation, they failed to realize the small spark of (f/c) that came from M/n's skin.
"That's a shame. Now I have to restate the report to the higher-ups." Shoko grumbled. "I don't want you to change them."
"Huh?" The female's beach craned next to her. "I don't want you to change the reports, I want Itadori to "stay dead"." Gojo reiterated.
"Just what are you planning Gojo?" Shoko questioned. Before she could continue, a loud yell that had echoed down the hallway tore their attention away. "Did that come from the infirmary?"
Gojo placed his finger over his lips, signaling to stay silent. Another scream ripped through the silence, as the two started to jog back down the corridor. Stopping at the door the pair were met with chaos.
Ijichi shook like a leaf as he pointed to the patch of floor next to one of the tables. Itadori, stood frozen as his gaze was also locked in with the same sight. "G-Go....G-G-Gojo!.....h-h-he-!"
Looking to where the fear frozen two we're looking at the table that held the sorcerer was empty. Casting his gaze downwards, Gojo saw the same body that was once on the table crumpled on the form.
"What do you mean? Did one of you do this?" Shoko asked, a twitch engraving her features. The two quickly shook their heads.
"N-No!" The pair spoke together. Just then, a loud groan echoed the room. Bringing their eyes back to the floor, it was also empty. Instead the body was slumped over top of another examination table. "Gojo-!" An arm pushed her back. "No."
"Gojo! He wasn't killed with cursed energy!" Shoko protested. Gojo made his way over to the slouched form. Before he could make contact, a fist came swinging towards him. Catching the fist, another one came after. Following the same fate, the other wrist was caught. In front of Gojo, M/n barely stood up right.
"Where am I?" The hoarse voice questioned. A venomous tone, Gojo had only heard once before. "Jujutsu Tech."
"Great." He sarcastically remarked. Ripping his arms from the shamen, M/n wobbled once more supporting himself at a table. Small pants and gasps were all that filled the room. "How long was I out?"
"7 hours. But you-!" Shoko argued. "I'm fine." A cough racked his body as his tumbled to the floor. Gojo grabbed the teen, and sat him on the previous table. Finally getting a better glance at his appearance, Gojo analyzed the new changes.
His (h/c) hair had blotches of white splotching the color. His eyes having hues of (f/c) decorating his irises. Letting out a labored breath he fell backwards. Shoko immediately grabbed her supplies as she started to read his vitals.
"L/n! L/n! Are you there?" Shoko snapped her finger in front of the male's face. Slapping her hand away, M/n started to sit up again. "I'm fine, just get me clothes." Gojo sent a look towards the still shaken Ijichi. "Ijichi you head him." A relieved expression crossed his features as he quickly ran out.
"What's the last thing you remember?" Shoko continued, shining a flashlight into M/n's eyes. "Nanami."
"Do you remember what happened?" Flashes of bits of memories ran across his mind. A pain crossing through his head immediately. "S-shit."
Just as Gojo started to move, a hand shot out towards him. "S-stop I'm okay." The slight shuffle of feet caught his ears, as his attention was brought to Itadori.
"No good morning or "You're back!"?" The same cold tone laced his voice. Sarcasm dripped with every word. "..." Taking the first-year's silence as an answer, M/n started to slowly stand up. Wrapping the white sheet around his waist, he started towards the door. Before going out, a grip tightened around his wrist.
Turning back, he was met with the covered eyes of his former sensei. "What happened to you?" Snatching his arm out of the tight grip, M/n continued his path. "Nothing that matters you."
With that, his form disappeared from sight.
Itadori's hand clenched around the front of his shirt, gripping at the material over where his heart would be. A frown evident on his face. "Was that really M/n?"
"I....don't know..."
With M/n
"This is what you get for whoring around!"
"No! Please! I have a family!"
"It's too late for that."
Another migraine filled the male's head, as he groaned in pain. Leaning up against the wall, soft pants left his mouth. 'Why the hell am I having these memories?' Starting his trip back to his room, another wave of pain washed over him.
"Why do you stay here?"
"It's peaceful. I don't have to deal with the crowds of villages here in my palace."
"Aren't you more susceptible to getting attacked?"
"Well, sooner or later I'll die. I'm just a human after all. I've already accepted my fate."
The gruff familiar voice held a soft tone. 'What's happening?'
The sudden drop echoed the empty corridor, as another figure showed up pulling the teen up. "You're so stubborn." The figure started to carry M/n back to the infirmary.
Brushing the (h/c)-ette's cheek a bittersweet smile graced the person's face.
"Someday you're not going to wake up, if you're so careless."
Waking up with a pained groan, M/n cracked open his eyes. The smell of medical-grade alcohol and cleaning supplies filled his nose, as his stare burned into the ceiling above.
'So it wasn't a dream.' Sitting up, the warm feeling of clothes enveloped his form. A small piece of paper brushed against his hand. Looking down, the small messy handwriting belonged to none other than a certain snowy haired Jujutsu sorcerer.
"Don't be dumb! I put an extra clothes next to you if you need them!"
-Gojo 😌
A dry chuckle left his lips, at his sensei's stupid antics. Finally standing up, M/n noticed the unsteadiness of his step gone. 'I guess Shoko used her technique.'
Heading out, he started a path to his dorm. Arriving in front of his room, he cracked open the door. Another glitch covered his vision, this time flashes of blood painted across decorated sliding paper doors.
'Dammit, what's wrong with me?'
Stumbling into the darkness, he slumped onto the surface of his bed once more passing out.
Timeskip 2 days
"What do you mean he's gone?" Gojo shrugged his shoulders. "Don't really know. He left a note saying he had business to do. He does this often. He might be back tomorrow or next week. Maybe even a month."
Itadori's shoulders slumped, as a frown became evident. 'Is he ignoring us? Did I do-?!' A fist came in contact with his cheek. "OW?!" The cursed corpse danced around victoriously, before once more falling asleep.
Yuuji rubbed the injured cheek in pain. "That hurts!" Gojo chuckled at the first-year's struggle, as the sounds of the movie played in the background. Currently the two were lounged in the basement, as Itadori continued his "training".
When Gojo went to check on the (h/c)-ette, he was completely gone from sight. Even with six eyes, the male hadn't seem to be anywhere. That was the thing the snowy haired sorcerer always had trouble with. Whenever he looked for the teen, even when he was younger, seemed to disappear from his radar.
"Don't you have some kind of power to find him!" Itadori whined, still recuperating from the punch to his face. "That's the thing, M/n has always found a way to drop out of it. So eventually if I tried, I won't be able to find him." Gojo shrugged nonchalantly.
"Besides you should be focusing on your training~"
The pinkette groaned in response.
With Megumi and Nobara
"Where's that L/n?!" The buff male's voice echoed down the hall. "Why does it matter to you?!" Nobara yelled back. "His taste in women! I want to know, so I can beat him to a pulp." Mai rolled her eyes.
"It doesn't matter. He's not here."
"Fushiguro! What's your taste in women?" Todo shouted accusingly. "What?" Fushiguro stood dumbfounded. "It's fine if you like men though!"
The sight of a laughing M/n crossed his mind. Megumi quickly cursed himself for thinking of the (h/c) head. "I guess someone with a good personality."
With that, a punch had flew towards the poor raven head's face.
With M/n
"You look young to be traveling 'round 'ere." The old women's face held a sharp glint. The woman before him wore a traditional floral kimono. She was fairly attractive for her age and had streaks of grey pinned in her tight bun. A sharp stare engraved her eyes. "I'm here to sight see. I've heard the flowers are in full bloom here."
The woman gave an unimpressed look. "You Jujutsu sorcerers just keep on coming don't ya'?" M/n's face contorted into confusion, as the woman made a beckoning motion with her hand to follow her. "Well come on!"
Following after her small form, the petite woman continued a small path up to the traditional house. "Where are we going?" A sudden hand slapped the back of his neck. "What was that for-?!"
"Don't ya city doers know any respect? You have to change 'fore doin' anything first. It's how we do things 'round here." One of the sliding doors flew open. "My name's Tadaiyoka Shinya, keeper of this shrine. You sorcerers are persistent ones aren't ya?" She threw a navy blue yukata towards him.
"If I may ask, why is there frequent shamen visits?" He stood behind the changing blind. "Shouldn't I be the one asking ya that." Tadaiyoka's voice sounded cold and sarcastic. "..."
The ravenette rolled her eyes. "You really don't know do ya? Yer friends sure had an idea."
"I'm not sure what you mean." M/n stated, pulling off the last article of clothing. "Their usual answer is that the shrine has a curse protecting this land. If you know what that means, I would like to know too." M/n pulled on the yukata, as a twinge of familiarity pulled at him.
Pulling back the blind, he went and sat on the tatami mats across from the female. "Tell me the rest of the story first, and we might have a deal." M/n poured both himself and the woman a cup of tea that occupied the small table.
Tadaiyoka scoffed haughtily. "We have a deal." She lifted the small cup to her lips. "Centuries ago, this village used to be the beacon of life and festivities. We lived in content from the protection and peace the gods had graced us with. The continuation of our peacefulness separated us from the other villages being torn apart from evilness. That was until a young man had started to live out in the abandoned palace north of 'ere.
The scrolls the priests had wrote, explained how he was the bringer of evil and the sole reason the peace had vanished. A devil called Sukuna Ryomen had rained terror on numerous villages until it stopped. For 5 years time, everything was at peace. A certain priest wanting to know what was the cause of such an occurrence, started to investigate.
That's when he found out Sukuna was living dormant in the palace alongside of the young man from before. One scroll said it was possible the young priest knew the man. Out of anger and disgust, immediately told the elders who went to the male's estate claiming the need for evidence.
That night when the moon hit its peak, the once dormant demon known as Sukuna Ryomen once more brought his destruction down on countless villages including this one. Legend says the devil had taken the poor male hostage the entirety of those years.
The shrine in what used to be an imperial garden, sits alongside a field of only red spider lilies. The flowers never die, as the shrine is protected from outside forces. That same force which protects the old palace.
An old tale says the body of the young man can found under the heart of the garden. Casted away from public eye. Now that I think of it, those priests were your people weren't they?" The woman took another sip of her tea.
Flashes of memories crossed M/n's head once more as memories that had seemed he himself had owned them played over beneath his eyes. "Back when I was a child I would read scrolls depicting the golden age of sorcery, none of them containing that story though."
"What's your name?" M/n looked questioningly towards the female. "L/n M/n." Tadaiyoka's eyes suddenly blew open. "That's utterly impossible. I'm sorry but I can't allow clown like ya to be 'round here." Tadaiyoka stood up grabbing a pole, pointing it at the male's neck.
"What do you mean? That's my name lady. You have to be the one joking here." M/n deadpanned.
"Stop fucking 'round!"
"I'm not! You stop!" Suddenly the older had yanked the poor male out the doors dragging him across the path. "Hey stop-!"
When the female had finally stopped, she pulled him in front of shrine. "Take a look."
Stepping closer to the rock, the name engraved sent chills down his spine. Backing away, his sight started to become blurry. "T-that's impossible h-how?"
Tadaiyoka crossed her arms.  "You tell me." M/n gulped air, as his mouth became completely dry. "I-I d-don't understand."
Taidaiyoka finally glanced at the teen's face, as her hard expression softened to something more empathic and almost motherly. Squatting down next to teen's side she hesitantly touched the side of his face.
"That had to be a coincidence, r-right?" M/n's chest heaved out a shaky breath. "The scrolls depict a man similar to you. At first I thought is was a coincidence at first too. Im not sure how though." The graying woman, looked out at the field before them.
Another pain flooded over the male's senses, as the same memories washed over his mind.
A man no older than his early twenties yelled at M/n. His hair a mess as his entire body.
"I don't fear him, and you of all people should know master death doesn't terror me either."
The man suddenly grabbed onto his shoulders shaking him.
"You don't understand! Whatever spell he has you under, is messing with your thoughts! L/n-San! HE'LL KILL YOU!"
"Then let that be that."
M/n snapped out of the trance as Tadaiyoka fanned his face with the folding fan she held. "What did you see?"
"I...I was in someone else's point of view. This man was screaming at the person about someone killing them. I-I think he was talking about Sukuna." M/n's head felt light.
"This only happens every thousands of centuries, but I may know what is causing this. Come." She made another beckoning motion to follow her. "Where are we going?"
Tadaiyoka hadn't looked back, continuing to lead M/n.
"To see one of your people."
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thekattverse · 13 minutes ago
Katt: Your bed is probably as happy to see you, as you are to see it. Here comes the warmth slab, it thinks. Vivi: Wrong, it thinks "God I hope this dipshit doesnt spill beans on me again, who tf eats beans in bed" Vivi: Guys stop reblogging this, new year new me, I haven't spilled beans in bed ONCE this year Vivi: Uh Oh
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scheffelella · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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blue-nebraska · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I forgot to post this here on the right day but April 13th was the ten year anniversary of the first Box Boy comic I ever drew so of course I had to draw him celebrating with sweets and a bird friend 🧁🦕🎈✨
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igocrazywithoutyooou · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Vincent and Clay, @blue-winter-queen oc , relaxing together 
I accidentaly deleted the ask with the request but I hope you like it  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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someone-spooky · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
redraw from 2018, original + note under the cut
Tumblr media
okay so listen. i just found a big ol stash of old art and i saw this demon girl and really wanted to redraw her. look how fucking sick she is!! 2018 me had some good fucking taste. i just didn't like her staff because it was very, uh, steven universe-y, and she also doesnt have... shoes? for some reason? even though she supposedly lives in hell? also girl that NECK.... but im glad i found her because i think the new drawing is SO SICk. like im so proud of it. it's a little less consistent than the original, but i think it's more energetic and vibrant, whereas in the original i just kinda... muted a shit tono of the colors? what was the point? why are the colors so dull?? lovin the teefs though. 2018 me keep up the good work and maybe in a year you'll discover flipaclip lol
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