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#story prompt
givethispromptatry · 33 minutes ago
“You are squandering your gift like this!”
“I really don’t care what you have to say about this. It’s my ‘gift’ not yours.”
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theprofessionalpromptmaker · 33 minutes ago
College Student Grief Awareness Day & National High Five Day & National That Sucks Day
Person A is a college student who throws “funeral parties” for their friends grades whenever they get a failing grade, which is full of passive aggression to inspire their friends to do better (and sometimes throwing funeral parties for their own bad grades). One day, Person B, new to their dorm, gets invited to one of the funeral parties and is a little concerned about the cake with a tombstone labeled “[Friend]’s career” and all the F and ‘failure’ decorations.
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seaside-writings · an hour ago
Prompt #48
“Remember that smoking kills,”
“Remember that I can’t die,”
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serino137 · an hour ago
Prompt #73
"Hero" the villain growled out as she turned on the lie detector. "Do you. . ."
The hero's eyes widened as he prepared himself for whatever invasive, evil question she was about to ask.
"Do you" the villain started, her eyes narrowed. "Love me?"
". . .No."
"Well you didn't have to be so rude about it you asshole, I have feelings too you know. "
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serino137 · an hour ago
Prompt #72
The villain kissed the soft spot under the hero's jaw, making the hero shiver into the villain's soft touches.
"You know I love you right?" the villain whispered as he dragged his tongue on her neck.
"Y-yes" the hero stuttered, moaning as the villain's lips sucked on her throat.
"Good. " The villain's hands wrapped tightly around the hero's throat as he thrusted his hips to meet hers. "Because I'm about to fuck you like I hate you. "
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When we say fashion mistakes, we're not talking about outfits that can land you in a worst dressed list but rather long held fashion habits that you've refused to let go of, fashion beliefs that you still hold on to and not paying attention to fashion details. Details are what can make or break an entire outfit.
Fashion has really evolved in the 21st century and allows you to combine different fashion trends but there are still some simple rules that must be followed.
So, on our previous post 20 COMMON FASHION MISTAKES MEN MAKE PART 1, we talked about just 10 Mistakes, on this post we would be talking about the other 10. Read on to find out what they are!
11. WEARING SPORT JERSEY EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Hey bro! I know you're a strong Chelsea fan but you know what, the players aren't seeing you on their jersey; Take that jersey off and wear a nice T-shirt. Jerseys are meant to be worn when going to a sports game or when you're at home they aren't applicable on a daily basis please!.
Tumblr media
12. WEARING THE MOST RIDICULOUS GLASSES : I call it ridiculous because you're not competing in a cycling race, So, drop those sport shades right now! Invest in nice trendy sun shades instead.
Tumblr media
13. SQUARE TOE SHOES OR OVERLY POINTED SHOES : These types of shoes are not acceptable. They will completely destroy your look; they are big, awkward and outdated. Opt for trendy and corporate shoes.
Tumblr media
14 : BEING TOO MATCHY - MATCHY : Why would you wear a striped shirt, a striped tie, striped pocket square with a striped suit pant, just because you want to match your outfit. Keep your outfit simple while you're still learning the art of matching by choosing mostly neutral as your base. When blending multiple elements, think in terms of complimentary colours and patterns rather than exact matching. (Striped or patterned elements goes best with plain outfits).
Tumblr media
15. FAILURE TO USE BODY SPRAY, ANTI - PERSPIRANT OR ROLL- ON : Personally, I love men that smells nice; It is a total turn off for me when a man smells bad. Investing in a signature fragrance is absolutely key when it comes to making a strong impression or enhancing your style.
Tumblr media
16. SAGGING : Nobody wants to see your boxers anytime you step out. Dude, kindly pull up your pants!.
17. WHITE SOCKS WITH BLACK SHOES : This simply doesn't match; as much as possible avoid this style mistake.
18. POPPING UP YOUR COLLAR : You're not being featured in a music video, so, fold that collar back in its place!.
19. MIS-MATCHING BELT AND DRESS SHOES : Your shoes must match your belt. They don't have to be made of the same leather but you cannot and shouldn't wear brown shoes and black belts or vice versa.
20. BULKY POCKETS : Many men walk around with bulky pockets. If its your wallet that's causing the bulge, take out those old receipts and business cards, keep them somewhere safe or better still, get a slimmer wallet to save space.
These and more are some of the fashion mistakes most men make.
Don't forget to like, repost, comment, share your thoughts and follow for more interesting updates!
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misbehavingminds · 3 hours ago
"You never loved me, did you?"
"That's the sad part. I did."
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givethispromptatry · 8 hours ago
The dawn had heralded more and more problems. Since first light issues arose in waves that threatened to overpower them. Bridge collapses. Villages being destroyed.
The coup had started and they weren’t sure they could come out on top.
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givethispromptatry · 8 hours ago
Prompt :)
“Did you reallythink I’d forgive you?!”
“No. I’m not here to ask. I want to make you forgive me.”
“Hah! No way!”
The hero grabbed the villain’s neck and pushed him against the wall. It is then that the villain noticed that he was sobbing softly.
“Why are you crying?”
“I’m sorry. I have to do this.”
The villain felt the hero’s grip loosen as they pulled the villain into a hug. He gracefully accepted the embrace. Yet he couldn’t help but feel sick… suddenly he felt pain go through his body.
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Trope where the hero and villain dk each other’s secret identity and as civilians they meet through a mutual friend and develop crushes on each other
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platonic-prompts · 11 hours ago
“If you want to take this to court, go ahead, but know this,” He said, turning sharply on his heal as he now stood almost chest to chest with the taller man, who’s eyes went wide at their proximity. “I am not intimidated by you, and I am not intimidated by your wealth.” The glare he shot the taller man could frighten death themself, and even though he stood at a towering 6" 6, the CEO himself had never felt more small in his entire life.
The young man considered him one last time before turning away and taking his leave. He made it to the elevator and turned once again to the man, leaving him with some parting words. “Money talks, sir, but it’s never really had good grammar.” The man stared at the other in shock of what was happening, the last thing he hears before the doors close: "See you later, Mr. CEO."
He then disappeared behind the closing doors, abandoning "Mr. CEO" with some new haunting thoughts.
Thoughts that money really can’t solve all your problems.
".... Fuck."
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thisayce · 11 hours ago
Immortals and crisis
If immortals lived forever, like, legit for eternity, that mean they are living for an infinite amount of time.
And as time goes on, their minds age.
Half of infinity is infinity.
So half of an immortals life would infinity long.
Their midlife crisis would occur at infinity years, and would last for infinity years.
As if living forever didn't bring enough problems.
Just imagine an immortal realising that they're going to have a midlife crisis for infinity-
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thisayce · 14 hours ago
Idea for a comedy involving children
"How the hell do you make a teenager cry?
Making an adult cry is one thing, but a teenager‽"
imagine this being said to a child younger than 10 years-
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theworldofprompts · 20 hours ago
A guy tries to follow you home and gets snapped by Thanos
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theworldofprompts · 20 hours ago
In a bid to escape from a psychopath, you fake your death and have your "body" transported in a car to a safe location to make your getaway.
Guess who shows up when they find out you're alive
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Person A is a mail order spouse bought by someone who wanted to spite their spouse, but it turns out the spouse also bought a mail order spouse, Person B. So Person A and Person B wind up falling for each other and helping the married couple work through their relationship problems.
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