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#writing ideas
tsukasaenthusiast · an hour ago
I need ideas and motivation to write and while this spin off chapter has fueled me to write, I have no ideas and it’s just blah
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ahmanetsimagines · an hour ago
@ anon in my ask box , I haven't forgotten your ask regarding the Arthur fluff oneshot and will write it later or tonight because I have homeschooling now 😭💔😐
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luciditys-love · 2 hours ago
Sukuna: Mom said it’s my turn with the body
Itadori: But it’s my body
Sukuna: But mom said it’s my turn
Itadori: *angry grumbling*
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alwaysoceanblue · 2 hours ago
Mermaids: but they have to come to the surface for air every now and then ( maybe like 2 days)
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helaintoloki · 2 hours ago
y’all I will literally open requests again just for you to send me loki prompts pls I beg of you
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saoirsemaind · 2 hours ago
Y como una pelea de niños, continuaremos atacando, sin plenitud al alma, ahogados de rencor.
Las tierras hoy pierden sus cultivos y el hambre ha no ha de cesar, por lluvias de sangre nos miramos fijamente y como canicas las palabras logran golpear.
Mira al cielo y mírame a mí, mira los suelos y mírate a ti.
¿Qué sentido tiene que hoy no me puedo explicar?
Son vanas las espinas sobre el ramos, son vanas las ideas de quien hoy su alma lleva de la mano.
Sigamos peleando como niños, como esos que nunca van a entender, como esos que jamás lo verán con madurez.
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homefreeptx · 2 hours ago
Imagine Your OTP #122
Person B wakes person A up at 3 o’clock in the morning to ask if they can make them a hot chocolate, and A makes no hesitation to slip on some clothes and usher them out into the kitchen to do it. Then, once that’s done, they curl up on the couch with a movie and the fire going before sitting in silence as B drinks their hot chocolate and watches their movie.
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makotoisneat · 3 hours ago
I wanna talk more abt my pastel*palletes hcs but I'd have to explain my hced dynamics between everyone and hoo boy would that take a while
#rat rambles#band posting#long story short; they all care abt each other a lot but they also have a lot of issues and very different ideas on how to help everyone#chisato and maya especially tend to frustrate the other a lot in that regard#chisato and aya's dynamic is also very complicated because although it is unintentional chisato really feeds into a lot of ayas issues#and like aya rly doesnt do a good job at hiding it but chisato tries very hard to ignore how her words may hurt him or the others#they have had jt drilled into their head that things have to be like this. sacrifices must be made to make it in these fields.#which is why I think they sort of unknowingly hold a grudge against maya#Im not gonna write a whole essay on my hcs for her but basically she very much has her limits and boundaries to what shes willing to change#and/or hide abt herself and that high key freaks chisato out a bit#just... theyve had to sacrifice so much and here maya is doing just fine for himself while not doing that.#thats not to say I think things are going perfectly smootly for maya. because theyre super not.#but shes still managing to have a decently successful career as an idol despite being decently open abt her identities#and that freaks out both chisato and aya quite a bit#aya has been pretty aware of his gender and sexuality for a while now but had long ago accepted that coming out wasnt an option for him#and chisato has basically been dodging thinking abt that shit for years by simply telling themself that they couldnt be not cishet because#thatd ruin their career so even considering it cant be an option#and thats only scratching the surface of just these three not even includinh the other two#is all of this definitely more deep and serious than was ever intended in canon? absolutely. will that stop me? absolutely not.
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oi-levi · 3 hours ago
Girl you got a lot of wips and amazing ideas but please don’t burn yourself out 🥺
JSISBIWNES it’s so unfair that i can’t just blink these fics into existence. like… if i wanna see them come to fruition… i actually have to write them.
but thank you baby <3
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griefbound · 4 hours ago
okay, I thought about it last night and here’s what I got. Though before I start, here’s your warning for triggering content here including manipulation, gaslighting, murder, & threatening suicide to get what you want.
Before the Tragedy happened, Mikey had already lost Shinichiro, Emma and Baji similarly to how he did in canon. Of course, things played out a little differently due to there being no time travel in this verse, but Takemichi was still present and had played a major role in saving Draken’s life beforehand.
After the Tragedy happened, Mikey fought on the side of hope for a while beside Takemichi, Draken and the rest of Toman that remained - but he was empty the whole time. On the verge of giving up, he was extremely close to giving into despair. Toman noticed this fact, but none of them knew how to help him.
At one point, he was kidnapped by Izana. Izana manipulated him, convincing him that his friends couldn’t be trusted and that they had no faith in him, that they didn’t care about him - after all, they never once saw through his facade of being okay, and they’d never once tried to help him, right? Not really. He made Mikey believe that his fall into darkness was inevitable, no matter how hard he tried to fight it. It was easy to do - Mikey had already been on the edge of believing these things for quite a while, now.
Izana then presented him with Kisaki, the one who’d killed his sister and was responsible for Baji’s death, too. He offered him the chance to kill him, telling him that he’d let him go if he did - and Mikey took him up on that offer. When he killed Kisaki, he didn’t feel a thing.
It didn’t take long for Mikey to fall into darkness after that. Izana told him that spreading despair was all he was good for, and that it was the only way to take out his anger about everything that had happened to him. Mikey refused to go back to Toman, believing that Izana was the only one who still cared about him - and whenever he had second thoughts about what he was doing, Izana threatened to kill himself to keep him in line. Mikey couldn’t stand the thought of his own brother’s death being his fault, and so went along with whatever Izana suggested without complaint. He was manipulated into believing that the higher-up members of Toman who remained wanted Izana dead, so he began killing them one by one. Only Draken and Takemichi remained alive at the end of it all. This process took about a year or so.
But Mikey still kept a tiny bit of reluctance to kill innocent people. At the very least, he didn’t seem to get any joy out of spreading despair like everyone else did - he was just empty. So Izana decided to show him a modified version of the brainwashing video that he’d somehow got his hands on. It wasn’t as powerful as the real thing, but it affected Mikey’s mind enough that he egan to enjoy despair. Mikey suspected he knew what was going on when Izana presented him with the video, but he was far gone enough to just let it happen - and after that, he very quickly became addicted to the feeling of spreading despair to other people.
Mikey became a valuable asset to Despair after that. Though sometimes he still has doubts about what he’s doing, and it’s possible that he could still be saved... either way, Takemichi certainly hasn’t given up on him yet.
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starlightjedi · 4 hours ago
Tubbo has lots of scars.
Ranboo knows better than to ask him about them, but he's curious all the same.
Some are rather obvious-- a frostbite scar on the back of his hand, the sword mark at his neck from his first death.
Others, he can ask different people about: Tommy and Tubbo have the same marks on their hands, slices from the Pogtopia rock.
But there are a few that Ranboo can only infer, perhaps the most obvious of all.
The enderman doesn't know how his husband lost his second life, and he doesn't know where Tubbo got the burn scars that stretch across the side of his face. He has guesses, of course, but none of them are right.
Ranboo doesn't ask, but Tubbo tells him anyway, looking out the window of their outpost, with quiet music playing behind them.
They're discussing Quackity, how he'd wanted to execute Ranboo once upon a time, when Tubbo throws it out there, so casual, always dismissive of his own pain.
"I was executed, once."
Ranboo doesn't quite know how to describe the feeling that stabs its way into his chest at those words, but what he does know is that he wants to give his husband the tightest hug he can, put him somewhere safe, and then go and disembowel whoever did it.
It seems like a reasonable plan, until Tubbo tells him who.
Oh, and this wave of feelings is even more incomprehensible than the last, because if Techno killed Tubbo, then so many more things make sense but at the same time, he's always said he'd choose people over sides, but what happens when the people you've chosen are on opposite sides?
Tubbo doesn't seem angry at Techno, and part of Ranboo wants to push away his own anger as well. But he can't, because for one, he knows Tubbo, and Tubbo never tells his pain, and that matter-of-fact tone is like Tommy's quiet voice, the voice that says "everything's fine" when they're dying inside.
And for another, Ranboo doesn't know if he'd be able to live with himself if he lets this go, if he goes back to the Syndicate and eats cake with the man who killed his husband, and has never, judging by the way Tubbo's shoulders are curling inward, either apologised or perhaps even acknowledged what he did.
"He was peer pressured, though." Tubbo says, but peer pressure or no you don't take canon kills lightly. "By Quackity and Schlatt."
Tubbo's voice cracks on the last name, and Ranboo steps around him, taking one of the goat hybrid's hands and looking into his eyes (it doesn't hurt, not with Tubbo, nor with Tommy either). "Are you okay? From that, I mean?"
"'m fine, bossman." Tubbo says, a tired half-smile pasted on his face. But as he turns away, he rubs the burned side of his face with one hand, and Ranboo sees how much it's shaking.
Choose people, not sides.
Technoblade is going to pay.
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gojos-mochi · 4 hours ago
story in which y/n stole someone's cursed energy..and got exiled from the jujutsu society as a result..shunned..but is suddenly needed by the jujutsu world...with gojo...haha..yes..
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casualwriter · 4 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Friend…”
1. “You! You stole from me and set my tent on fire!”
“And now we meet for the third time today! That makes us practically best friends!”
2. “Can we be friends?”
“I’m sure we can. But I don’t think we should.”
3. “Aw come on, I’m your friend!”
“Which is exactly why I’m doing this.”
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I had a random idea for a story or art prompt. Elemental designs still based off of their element but in a that’s technically correct I guess kinda way. Like an ice elemental design based off of ice cream, a water elemental (or a water air hybrid elemental) based on soda, earth elementals based off of different minerals and rock like salt or bismuth, or a electric elemental based on appliances like a TV.
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