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awkwardtypeos · 6 minutes ago
Relationship: Itadori Yuuji/Fushiguro Megumi
Rating: Teen
But his life isn’t a chick flick, or a low-budget Disney Channel movie. It’s relatively normal, surprisingly, and his problem should be a normal one, too. It’s just Itadori, upset that his best friend had never intended on dancing at senior prom with them. It’s just a miscommunication. It’s something he should be able to apologize for, move on, enjoy their last days of high school as friends. Just friends.
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pollylynn · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Pending WC: 800 Episode: Tick, Tick, Tick . . . (2 x 17)
It’s a funny thing. It has been a funny thing for a long, long time. It’s not a funny thing at all.
Everyone thinks, or everyone pretends to think, that the two of them are sleeping together—that they probably have been sleeping together since somewhere around the time that she invited him to be the guy who makes her life easier. How could they not be sleeping together. That’s what everyone thinks—or pretends to think.
It’s been funny to him for a long, long time, because he really does think it is—the two of them are—inevitable. He really does think that the punchline to the joke everyone is telling happens to be not yet. He really does think that, whether her mood on any given day is a flat, simple no or a tellingly emphatic absolutely not, he believes there will come a time when what is true will at least catch up to what everyone already assumes to be true.
Yeah. He think’s that’s funny. He delights in the fact that she does not think it’s funny.
But at some point in the back of Jordan Shaw’s tragically cliché black Suburban, funny starts to unwind. The joke gets caught in the teeth of the clockwork gears that have had the two of them ticking their way down to the inevitable. The joke is unexpectedly mangled by a stranger, and seeing it like that—well, it’s not really funny.
Jordan Shaw is clangingly wrong about them. He doesn’t care how many hundreds of people she has profiled. She is clangingly wrong. They are not sleeping together, and what she assumes is not at all what not yet means. That’s why it’s not funny for him. This is news and it’s not at all news. It is a sudden catch of breath trapped high up in his chest, and—wow—what everyone thinks, or everyone pretends to think, is not funny.
And, sweetly, it’s not funny to Beckett. In her scowling, awkward way, she is adamant. She is defensive. She declares him helpful. It’s backhanded. It’s grudging. And has he mentioned the free scowl inside every syllable she grits out through her teeth? He doesn’t mind the scowl. He doesn’t mind any of it, even though her mood is probably not even when the sun is burning itself out, he knows it’s still simply not yet, and he knows that, sweetly, it’s not funny to her.
It’s also not sweetly not funny.
The tragically cliche black Suburban moment unfolds. Another clockwork tooth sinks into the heart of this thing he’s been mistaken in finding funny all this time. It’s shitty that Jordan Shaw thinks she is so shallow, so needy, so fucking unprofessional that she’s trotting her boy toy around from case to case to case. It’s dramatically not funny that Jordan Shaw—who is supposed to be the Federal her—has such a dismissive, one-dimensional mind.
It sours him on Jordan Shaw more than a little, though the fanboy in him can’t entirely resist the toys, the War Room, the allure of a pat on the head from someone he wouldn’t mind getting back to admiring form afar. It sours him on this funny little bit they’ve been doing for a just about a year.
The morning that he finds a body literally on her doorstep—the morning he spends wondering how it is that either one of them is still alive, given that their psychopath spent some time just on the other side of her door—it seems to him the boys are in the Jordan Shaw camp. The boys think—what? That they are frenemies with benefits?
The boys make their jokes about pancakes—about jammies and wine glasses and thank you so much for last night. He wants to shout that it’s not funny. He kind of does shout that it’s not funny, though not in so many words.
He tells a truth just revealed when the inner workings of this whole last year started to unwind. He is adamant and defensive in his turn.
There’s nothing going on between Beckett and me. No more than there was yesterday.
He gives voice to it. He is fierce about it and as confident as ever that not yet is the truest thing in his life, even if it’s breath caught high up in his chest that he doesn’t know the half of. It makes him giddy to think so. It makes him eager and determined.
He looks across the room to her in her jammies. He sees the unfortunately innocent wine glasses on the table. Nothing can sour this. Whatever anyone thinks. Whatever anyone pretends to think. It doesn’t matter if it’s not funny. It doesn’t matter.
He knows the punchline. Not yet.
A/N: So tired and so worried about so many things. The amorphousness. It consumes me with its absence of morphousness.
images via homeofthenutty
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franzis-frantic-thoughts · 31 minutes ago
My third entry for @archivalpride!
The prompts for this week were
Love Languages | Doubt | Post-Canon | Intimacy | Home
So I extended on this post that I made a few days ago.
In the Somewhere Else, Jon contemplates the loss of their ace ring.
No Archive Warnings apply, additional tags include they/them pronouns for Jon, burns and scars, and the loss of pride accessories.
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fanfic-sins · 34 minutes ago
Something Sweet - PeterPanNeverLands - Fruits Basket [Archive of Our Own]
Fanfic Win #10
Idk why I never shared this one here yet, it's literally the epitome of sweetness and I love it so much
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fanfic-sins · 38 minutes ago
taking back our promised days - Chapter 1 - magumarashi - Final Fantasy XIV [Archive of Our Own]
Fanfic Win #9
I love this so much 🥺
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rainyhomearts · 43 minutes ago
aaaaa ok i’m sad i couldn’t make something for bts’ anniversary ;;;;; i’ve been nothing but tired lately and don’t have the energy to draw (plus i’m still kinda addicted to fire emblem........)
that said
the ot7 daechwita gave me an Idea and i hope i could act on it...................
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mellarkandart · 55 minutes ago
four hours from now I’m definitely going to regret staying up writing
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cadaverthor · 59 minutes ago
Chapter 11 (pt. 3)
"A little help."
Lancelot's eyes shot up to see Embric coming inside, holding tightly onto Avi. He quickly spotted blood coming from his hand and jumped up. "Is he-"
"Is he okay?" Pym was in front of the two quickly and leading him over to a cot.
"I'm fine. My hand slipped when I was fixing the plow." Avi insisted, but his face was getting pale.
"How bad is it?" Embric ignored him as Pym looked him over.
"It's going to need st-" She paused as Lancelot held out her needle and kit. She look like she wanted to say something to him, but took them and turned back to the men. "You're going to need stitches. You may need to keep from hands on work for a while."
"Perfect time for that to happen." Avi winced as she applied an ointment to his hand. "We were just getting things going."
"I can help more, if you need."
"If this is that bad, that would be a big help. Thank you." Avi smiled at him, then hissed as the needle went in.
He felt his heart leapt slightly at those words. Aside from Gawain and Squirrel, none of the other Fae had really spoken to him with anything resembling kindness.
"If they can spare you, we could use the help." Embric added, squeezing Avi's other hand.
"You can have him." Pym muttered as she focused on her work.
"I'll talk with Gawain about it later."
The two thanked him and he let Pym get back to her work, while he got back to sorting and cleaning supplies. He listened in as Embric fussed over Avi. It was endearing. The man came across much more strict and aloof, but he really cared.
"It's not going to get infected. Stop worrying."
"I worry because I love you." He said, leaning in and kissing him.
Lancelot felt the same gut reaction from before and quickly turned around to busy himself with other things. If Arthur noticed something, they might and he didn't want to hurt them anymore. He hated the twisted up feeling he got. He didn't know why it upset him so much.
When they finally left, he relaxed a little, knowing that he was probably just overthinking it. But then...
"They're allowed to love each other."
He sighed. "I know, Pym."
"I saw the way you looked."
He winced. Did he recently get so bad at hiding his feelings or were they just a lot more perceptive? "It's now what you think."
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attackradish · an hour ago
If someone could ever so kindly remind me of all the writing projects I need to get done because oh my gog I have not been working on them
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cherrymaybank · an hour ago
Dating Jamie Drysdale would include…
Tumblr media
Hockey Masterlist
A/n: I’ve never done one of these bullet point head canon things before but I was very excited to do it and I hope y’all enjoy this thing I wrote that no one asked for.
➢ If you’re not Canadian: making fun of his accent
➢ And him making fun of your accent
➢ Constantly calling him a ‘little cute boy’
➢ “Stop it!”
➢ “But you’re such a little cute boy!”
➢ Him being down for whatever
➢ Literally the definition of go with the flow
➢ He doesn’t strike me as the midnight drive type but if you asked he would definitely do it for you
➢ Also a little clueless tho
➢ Like you can drop all the hints you want but this boy is not gonna get it
➢ Straight up telling him what it is you want though? he will deliver
➢ “We should go to a drive in!”
➢ “I’m down for whatever, I just want to be with you” type beat
➢ Playing with his hair
➢ He’d never admit to loving it as much as he does
➢ But you can tell
➢ By the way he flops himself into your lap and move one of your hands into his hair as a silent plea for your touch after a long day of practice or whatever
➢ You’ve never straight up asked him to keep his hair longer
➢ But one time you mentioned how you like his longer hair
➢ That boy would never want to change it after knowing that’s something you love about him
➢ So much cuddling
➢ The wordless hugging from behind kind
➢ Spooning during naps that’s not really spooning as much as it is him holding on to you like a stuffed animal
➢ Falling asleep on his chest because he refused to let you go
➢ Imagine sitting on the couch one day
➢ Maybe you’re typing an essay or an article bc you’re a good kiddo and expand your intellect beyond professional sports be it institutionally or independently
➢ And this little baby just comes over to where you’re sitting criss-cross on the couch
➢ He lays down across the couch with his head on your upper thigh between your body and your computer
➢ And it’s just the most impractical position ever but he’s so cute
➢ So who are you to deny him a little cuddle?
➢ He wraps his strong arms around you and buries his face into you as well, very quickly falling sleep to the sound of your keyboard clacking and your voice whispering as you read certain sentences aloud to see why they sound clunky
➢ Also affectionately bullying him bc you know he’ll take it in stride
➢ (Also his Aries headass would absolutely have being affectionately mean as a love language)
➢ Trevor bullying both of you for being so far gone for each other
➢ Bullying Trevor right back bc he deserves it just in general
➢ All your friends loving him bc there’s no toxic masculinity in sight
➢ Just purely awkward dork vibes with classy gentleman flair
➢ Meeting his friends from back home
➢ They love you because they can see how happy Jamie is when he’s with you
➢ Getting to be stylish at the cottage together
➢ Him allowing you to help him with his fashion so he no longer dresses like a ‘Straight Man 🎣🥶💪’
➢ Helping him in general bc, like I said, he’s #clueless
➢ “Jamie, babe, you can’t keep using 2-in-1”
➢ “Okay”
➢ “Hey, Y/n, have you seen my grey beanie?”
➢ “You’re wearing it”
➢ Him being unconventionally sweet all the time
➢ Imagine being at a ducks event/party and he offers to get you a plate
➢ He’s gone for like ten minutes
➢ And when you start to wonder where he went he reappears with like three plates
➢ “I didn’t know what you’d want to eat tonight so I just got one of everything”
➢ Him being your biggest supporter in every sense of the words
➢ He is the biggest sweetheart and the softest goofball
➢ Not into PDA
➢ He’s conservative with physical affection when it’s just the two of you
➢ It’s because he never knows what to do with his hands™️
➢ He doesn’t know what to do, all he knows is that he wants you
➢ Going to his games in authentic Drysdale jerseys
➢ If you’re not a skater: him teaching you how to skate
➢ If you are a skater: skating circles (literally and metaphorically) around him to flex that you’re better than him
➢ Simping for Quinton Byfield and Jamie jokes about banning you from all Ducks v. Kings games
➢ Absolutely the jealous type on the low key but refuses to admit it
➢ “Maybe you could introduce us one day”
➢ “Yeah, sure thing babe”
➢ Your honeymoon phase being the best
➢ He wouldn’t be obnoxiously clingy but he’d definitely hit you with that ‘I miss you’ text after three hours of not seeing you
➢ And Ofc you’d miss him just as much
➢ Neck kisses
➢ I mean y’all have seen the fishing picture right?
➢ His skin looks so soft and pretty under the hoodie-life vest combo
➢ How could you resist?
➢ Imagine the hickeys
➢ Wearing his hoodies
➢ Wearing his favorite set under said hoodies
➢ Just an all around sweetheart and the best boyfriend you could ask for
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ms-march · an hour ago
LBL AU: A Man With a Heart That Offends
Tumblr media
I know a lot of people (almost all, actually) are always so curious as to how/of Adrienne ever finds out about lams in LBL, and while she canonically does not, I thought it would be neat to work on a “what if” piece of if she did ever find out. It was intended to be a o shot but turned into a two chapter ficlet becuase my co-writer, @quillsink, and I are both very interested about John Laurens and lams, so many more thoughts were had than expected. This 8000+ word piece was written in less than a week with our collaboration (and LOTS of constant editing) and it was so fun to make! I hope you all enjoy it!! If you liked it give a like, comment, and/or reblog!!
DISCLIMER: this is ALL hypothetical!! This in no way is accurate to the events in canon of LBL as Adrienne NEVER finds out about lams. This is NOT canon!!
Thank you to @tallmadgeandtea and @culper-spymaster for beta reading/editing this for us!!
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wolf-zer0 · an hour ago
Tommy's been called a lot of things by a lot of people. 
Some were okay, others were decidedly not. But he's used to it. He can deal.
 But it would be nice to be called "wanted" every once and a while. 
(A pair of pigs and a bird might be just what this little raccoon needs.)
a gift fic for the wonderful @abnormal-normality with some sad raccooninnit and (not so secret) sbi royalty
reblogs encouraged and appreciated!
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blissbins · an hour ago
Thinking friends to lovers I have a pre-quel for "cause you know, every morning when i wake up (i still reach for you)" sitting on my drafts
It's pretty much about how yeonbin met each other at college and then became best friends, to yj dragging sb to a party and drunk confessing to him
I still have to finish it though... But I will probably upload it by the end of the month
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mrs-mischief-209 · an hour ago
Intense Observation
AN: Some curse words Minors DNI 18+
Master List
Vickie wore her traditional clothing. Jeans t shirt leather jacket and converse shoes. She was there as part of back up. you grabbed your leather jacket and hooked your arm up to have the jacket be over your shoulder with out being on.
You walk out of the car and go to the bar. El Placer (The Pleasure) It was a 3-story pleasure club. Entrance looks like a normal office. Just the floor was black marble. The walls were a silver color. The reception desk just to keep up with the look of a normal building holding back the depravities that happened in the higher floors. The nightclub section is in the basement. The rooftop was an open-air bar that had a firepit that gave backyard house party theme to it. The second story had a strip club with different poles and swings. The top floor was full of rooms that did private shows. Each room has a different theme from offices to courtrooms pool rooms everything you could think of and one that is full glass so you could pretend to be floating in the air. Knowing your brother, he would have him the main office in the 3rd floor all the way in the back. You made it to the elevator when one of the men came up to you to try to stop you. Joaquin didn’t recognize you at first all you had to do is tilt your head and cock your eyebrow and he recognized you. he stepped out of your way. Before the elevator doors “Joaquin do not let him know I am back.” He nodded at you. As the elevator made its way up to the third floor you spoke to Vickie. “Get all of our girls make sure they are all only working how they want to work. No actual patron contacts. Any new girl or guy for that matter that was hired after I left shall have their contract looked over by me again and be arranged new contract with employee conduct back to my standards.” She nodded at you. Yes, did you run a strip club and bar but that did not mean you were in the business of selling your men and women for tricks. You walked with power and purpose only sound was the sound of your Louboutin’s Rose Amelie sandal heels. It added femininity to your power suite. Sure, you didn’t need it with half of each breast poking out in the perfect round swell that they still were. The red bottoms were just your signature while managing the club. You where in your role again.
Meeting the cherry wood doors, you pushed open the wolf head handle. Your brother and Brock were facing you. two men facing away from you. Both your brother and Brock gave you a look of bewilderment. You smirk and walk in with your head held high. you saw around the room as you walked in each had men from their club around. Strange you saw Natasha in the room. You ignored the flash of recognition. You kept walking. “You know Jessie this deal with them would cancel the one with ours so let’s go over the terms.” You heard Ugo speak while taking a puff from his Cuban cigar. You threw your jacket over his lap and took the cigar from his lips. You broke it in half. “Tsk tsk Ugo you should know these would be the death of you. But I guess that would give Samantha’s and your son the position of boss of the Luciano syndicate, no?” Ugo looks to your jacket. He sees his family crest. The jerk has the audacity to smirk at you. “Princess, you know that she is the place holder just waiting for you to make your way to me as your betrothed.” You roll your eyes at him. “The deal is off, no? When you went with her.” You then you tilted your head to your brother and Brock. “Jessie there sent me as a way to pay off his debt to Brock there. You did nothing when that happened, so I am assuming we are nothing the contract between our fathers broken at that moment.” He took a moment to look at you. take you in fully. He noticed the broken nose the barely visible scar on your chest the ones along your wrists. All this has happened while he was gone. No while you were with Grant. He knew you were sent to Grant, but he thought you had gone willingly. He finally looked into your eyes. You saw the fire behind his gaze. It took your breath away. You had never really liked Ugo. He was a constant pain in your ass a constant reminder that your life was not yours to choose to make and be happy. Your path was chosen for you. You were going to be a mobster’s wife. You were going to be living the princess life just your pet’s name. The irony on your 19th birthday he went against his father and ran off with his high school sweetheart.
It was honestly so long ago didn’t matter. The arrangement was made that as long as he stayed away from the USA and away from your family the marriage did not need to happen. You notice movement next to Ugo. Before you knew what you were doing you let down your arm baton and pressed it against the person sitting across the table. You had to control your expression when you recognized Bucky. “Please everyone try remain in your seats at all times before one of us gets hurt. Why do we all talk about what has been going on while I have been gone.” You retract your arm. You walk to the end of the table while the men look at each other. Vickie brings you a chair and you take a seat and lift your hands for them to proceed. You hear them talk back and forth about the new dynamics that were going to take place. Since your brother had decided to try to partner with Hydra that left the Lisandro family to break ties and go with the Avenger crew. That would take your contract with them. You have had enough of this stupid game. “Well Jessie you are not going to merge our charter with Hydra just not happening you don’t have enough pull to do that. You forget who owns the majority of this establishment. Also, who holds the most loyalty of the crew you? where you the one who was sold off for “The good of the crew and the family” did you almost die while you where out there alone being abused? No, I didn’t think so. You have one choice and one choice only you either stay with our charter and work how dad wanted it to or you go off with Hydra and you forget me and everyone here including Vickie I am not going to expose her to that life with them.” You say this while looking coldly at your brother in the eyes. He had put a different crew before yours you had left thinking he could control it.
But you guess this is why your father left you in charge of the majority of everything. The bank accounts were in your name the lease for the establishment. The contract with the venders everything was done in your name. The various laundromats and grocery stores in your name to help with the money laundering you did for the Lisandro’s. In an instant you saw your family lawyer enter Maricela smiled at you but next her was the man who stole your breath every time you saw his blue eyes. His piercing gaze took you in from the make up to your clothing. To the swell of your breast on display he had to stifle a growl that was trying to come out of his chest. He noticed your demeanor had changed. You were no longer demure shy. You radiated a power that he hadn’t seen he wondered why. Your eyes took Loki in. he was in a black suit with a white button-down shirt and black tie. Manicured nails looking every bit of a Casanova that you knew he was.
Maricela came to your side and handed you the documents then just waited by your side. This intrigued Loki. He thought the man to your left which he is assuming is your brother ran the crew and owned everything. His Stellaluna seemed have more than what he was able to perceive. While you where reading he tried everything not to gawk at you. He made eye contact with Natasha and Bucky. They both tried to tell you something with their eyes. He was pulled back to the table when Mob boss Ugo Lisandro spoke. “Princess, if you are not going to allow the merger with Hydra then there is no need for us to end our agreed upon terms.” You didn’t dignify him with a response as you read the contract. You saw how the new contract that was requested by your brother would have left the charter in Hydra’s hands fully. You ripped the contract in half. You looked up eyes cold full of furry looked to Brock. “You will not get our charter now or ever not even if you kill me because my brother has not control over this. Neither does Javier so don’t go looking for him. He is fully clean of this life. So, I would suggest getting up on your own volition and walk out. If I have to be the one to force you out it won’t be on your own two feet.” Your brother started at you trying to make you falter. You don’t and turn to him with your piercing gaze causing him to widen his eyes. “This was the only time you got to choose anyone outside of this charter before the charter. I am not going to count you betting me even though I should. You are going to go back to bartending nothing to do with the charter at all. If you don’t like it you can leave and never return.” You saw him pale and open and close his mouth. Before he could speak your turned to Maricela. “I need the profiles along with the contracts for the new hires. Plus, a new contract with the Lisandro family including agreements with the Avenger crew so we can proceed.” You finally then look to Ugo in the eye. “No, we shall not continue with the agreement our fathers made” the mother fucker smirked at you. He stood up and stalked to you and went behind your chair only to start running his pinky finger against your neck while he bent forward to your ear. “Princess, it is not just their agreement it was mine and I still want you.” You made eye contact with Loki trying to hold back the shiver that went down your spine that Ugo was causing. But what made your pussy throb was the growl that vibrated through Loki’s chest at the sight of the mob boss finger on your skin.
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henrys-little-princess · an hour ago
You're Freezing
hi darlings!! i was feeling some more softness tonight and since its about a billion degrees where i lived, i decided to throw in a snow storm, lol! - xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated t!
word count: 900
warnings: brief mention/implication of hypothermia
tag list: (inbox to be added!) @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill@lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18@pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Tumblr media
You were walking down the block, trying to hurry home as fast as possible. Your car had broken down and of course it had started to snow again. You were walking as quickly as you could, but you were still getting cold.
You were concentrating so hard on getting home before your hands froze that you walked directly into someone.
"Oh, sorry," you muttered.
"No, I'm- Y/N?"
You looked up at the sound of your name to see your friend Henry standing in front of you. The two of you had grown up together and you saw eachother once every so often, but it had been awhile.
"Henry?" you asked, shoving your hands deeper in your pockets. "What are you doing here?"
"Just moved in," he said, gesturing to the house behind him. "And I was taking Kal out before the snow got bad again."
You nodded, noticing for the first time is American Akita standing next to him.
"And what are you doing out here?" he asked.
"Walking home," you said. "My car broke down on the way back from work."
In the dim streetlight you just made out Henry's brows furrowing together. "How long have you been walking for?"
"Only about 20 minutes," you shrugged, already beginning to move around him. "Really I should get going I won't want to keep you and it's only going to get worse-"
"Wait." Henry grabbed your arm but it pulled your hand out of your pocket and into his warm one. You winced at the burning sensation as Henry's frown deepened. "Your hands are freezing. Come inside and warm up, please"
"Henry, I-"
"Please," he whispered and it was almost lost in the snow. "I don't want you freezing to death."
Your stomach did a little flip. He looked so cute when he was worried.
No, Y/N, you stamped the thought down. You're just friends, nothing more.
"Alright," you conceded, following him inside.
His smile was relieved and the hand on your back was steady as he led you up to the house.
His house was still in various stages of unpacking and was incredibly disorganized, but Henry had never been the most tidy to begin with so you brushed it off. Still, he insisted on not only turning up the heat but unearthing a few blankets from a still unpacked box and making you tea.
"So," he said as he dug threw one of the boxes, pulling out a gaming headset, a few chargers, and then finally a mug. "How much further were you planning on walking?"
"Only about a half hour," you said. "My house is a few more blocks down."
Henry visibly blanched as he paused his hunt for the tea. "A half hour? You would have frozen to death in five more minutes."
You rolled your eyes, pulling the blanket that he had gotten for you tighter around yourself. "That seems a bit of an exaggeration."
"Your hands would have at least fallen off," Henry said, deadpan, as he handed you your cup of tea.
You fixed him with a look before thanking him for the tea and taking a tentative sip. It warmed you considerably and you shut your eyes at the pleasant sensation.
"Are you still really that cold?" Henry asked, frowning as he places his large hand on your arm and recoiled immediately. "Holy shit, Y/N," he muttered. "You stay right here, I'll be back."
He was gone before you could ask any questions so you just sat and drank your tea. Within minutes though he was back, holding a sweater and more blankets.
"Here," he said, handing you the sweater. "Put this on."
"Henry that's not really-"
"Y/N," he said sternly. "I will not have you freezing to death in my house. It would make for a terrible reunion and my mum would kill you."
You laughed, placing your mug on the counter and pulling on Henry's sweater. It smelled good and you realized belatedly that it smelled like him. You shivered and this time it wasn't from the cold. "You are right, your mum would definitely- what are you doing now?! Henry!!" you squealed as he picked you up and deposited you on the floor in the pile of blankets he had made while you had been putting on his sweater.
"Desperate times call for desperate measures, darling," he said, burying you in the blankets as your heart skipped a beat at the pet name.
"Well," you said fighting your blush, "If this really is a desperate time, then you better hold me. Just so I don't freeze."
Henry pretended to consider before engulfing you in his arms and his scent. You could actually feel his muscles under the layer of softness on his chest and stomach, how dare he be so comfortable? You fought the urge to burrow yourself deeper into his arms.
"Is that better?" he asked half teasingly, his breath hot on your neck.
"I think so," you squeaked.
You felt his lips ghost across your forehead in a near kiss. "Y/N?" he asked.
"Yes Henry?" you responded.
"Next time your car breaks down, do us both a favor and call me?"
"Well," you said, pretending to frown. "I will need to get to work tomorrow. And my car is still broken."
"That is rather unfortunate," Henry said, his lips still teasingly close to your forehead. "Perhaps it would be best if you stayed the night then, so that you can stay warm and so that I don't have to go to your house to pick you up in the morning."
"That sounds like a good idea," you giggled, unable to help yourself.
But Henry didn't break character. "I'm glad you agree," he whispered.
And then he kissed you, with passion and fervor and need, the taste of your tea mingling on his lips. You just had enough to time to think that this was way better than you ever imagined it would be before his tongue was seeking entrance into your mouth. And then as your tongues battled for dominance, the last thought that you registered was that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so bad if your car stayed broken down for awhile.
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earth2ari · 2 hours ago
hello tumblr dot com
do you like amphibia?
do you like being sad?
if you answered yes to either of those questions, go read the fanfic i just wrote :D
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momentsthatwestole · 2 hours ago
The struggle between wanting to turn my 5 year maladaptive daydream into a fic and wanting it to be just for me
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