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eachuisge · an hour ago
WIP Folder Meme
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Let people send you an ask with the title that most intrigues them and then post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it! and then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
1. Fentouched
2. The Churchyard Grimm
3. The Kelpie In The Tank
4. Wolfsbane Blues
5. Grave Matters
6. Salvaged
7. The Scar Collector
8. Coping Guide For Accidentally Walking The Dog Through A Wormhole Into A Shadow Dimension AKA Walk The Shadows
Tagging: anyone who wants to do it!
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behind-the-gloves · 2 hours ago
More chapters posted!
The backstory novelette about the origins of Psi Corps, aka, “Look, I fixed the incoherent writing and character development of Dark Genesis!”
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whumpcollector · 2 hours ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
What gender is your character, if applicable? What is your character's relationship with their gender? Do they behave in the stereotypical manner for their gender?
Well hello there random character question fairy!
Lucas is a cis male. He’s never really thought about that fact, too busy being tortured and all.
Lucas doesn’t act “effeminate” per say but he also does not at all match the “ideal” man of his society. He’s small, meek, quiet, shy, relatively weak physically and incredibly weak when it comes to willpower. The continent (yes that is what it’s called) is a very militaristic place and if you’re a man and would not make for a good solider you’re generally looked down upon, and Lucas would make a rather terrible conventional soldier.
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purgatorydotexe · 3 hours ago
thank you dear 🥺 i’m on a roll with di and toph so i’ll talk about them! (also because i wanna talk about cardian marriage traditions jfjddkfk)
first have some dialogue for funsies 💛
💗 Describe your OC’s partner(s) from their point of view! What do they really think about them?
toph: “well he’s annoying first of all.”
di: “i could say the same to you, you ass.”
toph: “you love it though. seriously though, if i’m going to lay my cards on the table and seriously talk about how in love with this fucker i am, then i have to start with the fact that i seriously never believed i would even get to the point where someone genuinely cared about me. — and it’s not just because i’m an asshole, even though, i am, and he likes to remind me of it—“
di: “it’s only out of love, babe 🤎”
toph: “how can i put it? some people are warm— becky is a warm person, she just radiates warmth and love and goodness wherever she goes and it’s sickening, honestly— i’m kidding beck, hey! sheesh!in comparison, di is cozy person. not just because he’s comfortable to lay on, though that is a bonus. whenever it’s cold outside and you come in shivering to a warm fire, a hot drink and a quilt, that’s what di feels like. when you’re terrified and someone wraps their arms around you to tell you hey, they’re here, you’re safe, you aren’t alone— that feeling when the tension melts out of your shoulders and your heart starts to slow down, that’s what di feels like. he is simultaneously home, a shelter, and a fortress at the same time. i feel safe around him, he is safe. he does everything in the world to make people around him not only feel safe but be safe. now, i do wish he’d let other people do that for him but i get it, i do. i just... god i feel like a kid rambling about their crush, can you please talk now?”
di: “i feel like your lovely depictions that brought a tear to my eye deserve some kind of equal form of... retaliation, however, i’m shit at metaphors. toph is my person. that’s the best way i can put it. i think the best way i could describe him is if you were to find a dog on the side of the road, beaten and bloodied, so you take it home only to have it snap at you the whole time. but after months of taking care of it, nurturing it, feeding it, loving it, giving it warmth like it deserves and it starts warming up to you? yeah, toph is that dog. once you break past the outer shell where he’s tough, and punk rock, and will cuss out you and your grandmother if you piss him off... theres just this really tiny, needy puppy that needs love and affection and care and support. he like... tries to put on— well, tried i guess, he doesn’t try to play me anymore— a brave face for the world. he’s untouchable. and he definitely is in some ways, i’m not going to not give him credit he is smart, talented, capable, strong and determined in so many ways. but he’s also so... fragile? almost? that sounds bad but hear me out! he’s vulnerable i guess. he needs someone to just sit down and tell him to get his head out of his ass once in awhile and let someone take care of him. i’m just the lucky, lovesick sap who gets to do that every day.”
toph: “...”
di: “what?”
toph: “.... you said you weren’t good with metaphors, fuck you.”
di: “i’m not though!”
toph: “fuck you literally and actually.” read: he is embarrassed at being read so well :)
💍 Which one of them would propose? How would it happen? (or write if you feel like it!)
so i’m gonna tl;dr here!
in cardia, marriage traditions are as follows: (1) both partners decide that they want to tie the knot— there isn’t really a “ask them to marry you” like we have in our world, it’s more of a conversation that both parties agree on, though most people do try to make it some form of romantic. (2) the ring making process begins: in cardia rings between a married couple are custom made by a jeweler, and each spouse helps the jeweler with the design of the ring for the significant other. however, it’s a secret of what the ring looks like until the actual ceremony day. (3) wedding day comes pretty similar to our world’s style of wedding, and at the altar-thing they say their vows and present each other with their custom rings. usually each spouse in their vows will explain the significance behind the ring they chose (for their partner’s sake and the guests) because it is a Big Deal what you get your partner & if they don’t love it that’s like a million years shit luck. and there’s usually lots of tears :)
anyway, this in mind toph technically “proposes” (ie: brings up the conversation to di about getting married on a romantic ass outing)— it’s really emotional, they both cry and decide to go with it.
i’m still working on the design di gets for toph’s ring bc he’s a perfectionist and is fretting about it being perfect (he’s doing his best), but the ring toph gets for di is actually kinda magic. the tl;dr is he gets this special stone (himself! with the help of becky!) that is able to channel the most beloved memories of the chosen individual’s life in a kaleidoscope kind of way. so whenever you look at it you can see different memories flash through the stone.
di blubbers when he sees it because one of his precious memories is his younger sister being born and he nearly tackles toph to the floor at the damn wedding ceremony ajsisiror
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watching yugioh gx is literally the funniest fucking thing because in one episode chazz is trying to get alexis to date him in a goofy little filler episode but the VERY NEXT GOTDAMN EPISODE jaden is fighting ALL THREE SACRED BEASTS AT ONCE like can we back up for a moment im still stuck on the chazz thing yall let me catch my breath there was absolutely no build up to this
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raayllum · 3 hours ago
do you think we'll meet any archdragons? what do you think they could do to help the plot
i’m sure we’ll see rex igneousat one point, POSSIBLY luna tenebris. i think either could be super interesting insights into how dragon hierarchy and mindset generally works, since we know nothing to little about it so far! i could see rex ignatius being a pretty sweet friend to ezran (he apparently likes rare foods which is sweet) and maybe having answers about why ezran can talk to animals, if it is an arcanum adjacent thing? i think luna tenebris could be an interesting backstory point of how the exiling of humans actually went, like logistically. and i just always want more dragons
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tlaquetzqui · 3 hours ago
Had my elves buy a little bottle of pepper sauce for a human sacrificial feast, because they can barely taste the things humans make (having like a quarter as many tastebuds, being carnivores not omnivores).
Then I discover prestidigitation, a 0th-level spell that can be cast infinite times, can flavor foods. Oh, I say, but they can’t cast that during a ritual, that would be super rude (you have to say spells in a clear voice if you don’t use the Silent Spell metamagic).
Then I discover prestidigitation can be cast an hour before and used to create any of the possible effects the whole time. Well shit. Guess I’m rewriting a scene.
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kenkennyko · 4 hours ago
Guess a majority of my chapters will just be random prompts until their relationship is where i want it be~~~
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the-ginger-rose · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I already made a post about this earlier today, but whatever I gotta talk about it more. In the almost five years I’ve been apart of this fandom I have never gotten over the fact that canonically the most evil being in the LazyTown universe is a chihuahua 
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croissantcitysucks · 5 hours ago
It told a story with the way colors and shapes and light flowed, the way the tone shifted across the mural. The story of … of Prythian. 
It began with a cauldron. 
A mighty black cauldron held by glowing, slender female hands in a starry, endless night. Those hands tipped it over, golden sparkling liquid pouring out over the lip. No—not sparkling, but … effervescent with small symbols, perhaps of some ancient faerie language. Whatever was written there, whatever it was, the contents of the cauldron were dumped into the void below, pooling on the earth to form our world …
are we ever going to learn where the cauldron came from? or who the mother is/where she came from? why she used the cauldron to create the world? what those little symbols mean? what they SAY? no? yeah, i shouldn’t have expected anything different :/
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lunares-by-hailey · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I have a new favorite OC
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mallowstep · 5 hours ago
some windclan notes from “i’ll believe the wind is calling me”
hnng windclan has weird amounts of info for the time between tallstar's revenge and fire and ice.'s what i've done. (subject to change as needed — a few spoiler-type things are not noted.)
this is also kind of very much just a huge dump of my thoughts.
ashkit and morningkit are born a few months before deadfoot's warrior ceremony. they become apprentices before he's had his first season of being a warrior.
i've massaged the timeline best i can to put them as close to deadfoot in age as i can. i could probably push it earlier, but we know wrenflight is a season younger than deadfoot, so my choices were age gap between ashfoot and deadfoot or making wrenflight have kits really young, and i don't like either option, but i'd prefer the age gap.
so ashpaw and deadfoot start spending time together when she's a second season apprentice.
tallstar becomes leader a bit earlier than in canon, and he makes mistmouse his first deputy. (she used to be a tunneler and he wants to heal the rift in the clan.)
deadfoot mentors mudpaw — we don't have a ton of choices for canon windclan cats and i'd rather not create ocs just to kill them off if i can avoid it.
mistmouse retires just before the events of into the wild, when deadfoot takes over.
this is a canon change, because deadfoot is supposed to be deputy in bluestar's prophecy, but...he's still an apprentice when that book starts. and i've stared at the canon timeline trying to figure out where heatherstar dies and it's technically possible to make it work given how much time bsp covers, but...yeah no. it's not working out.
i'm poaching some worldbuilding from solacefruit, whom i must insist you read. notably, the general concept of hymns and fasting.
the fasting thing does not come up in ibtwicm (at least so far), but i didn't want them to have the same call as thunderclan (for reasons i'm getting to), so i gave them the call "let all cats old enough to fast..."
hymns are also a thing, although they don't rhyme. they're all technically part of one hymn, but there are different parts, and at somewhat even intervals, they'll have a hymn singing day where they sing part or all of the great hymn
courtship often starts with two cats singing a hymn together (deadfoot sings "the gorse in the wind" with ashpaw about a moon before her warrior ceremony. this is a duet, but it's not strongly associated with courtship. they have another singing day after she's been a warrior for a few moons, and they sing "the heather and earth," which is explicitly a courtship hymn.)
some hymn fragments...
Should the thunder of paws grow loud, the hare — being wiser than the rabbit, Catches on and runs, and we watch its wake.
"the hare"
In what good company have I set down roots, That even through snow fall I flower.
"the gorse in the wind" (the gorse)
i've interpretted deadfoot's foot as a varient of clubfoot and it's called "dead paw" (although hawkheart lies to hopkit and says it's called "hawk paw.")
he can put weight on it, but it's painful, and it's shorter than his other leg. it twists in, so if you imagine holding your palm as close to your wrist as you can.
when he gets it cut, he loses basically all of his flexibility in it. this is a mixed bag: on one hand, he has a good amount of nerve damage, so he can put weight on it for longer (as long as he's careful about it, because otherwise he'll fuck up his whole leg), but he also loses any chance of being able to use it effectively.
he can't really use its claws, so he has to basically get them clipped/bitten/filed off every moon or so.
his whole front leg is actually slightly twisted. that part of it isn't noticable, not unless you're examining it really closely, but even if he could untwist his paw, his leg would still be slightly stiffer.
windclan's hunting stragies are based on african wild dogs (african hunting dogs, african painted dogs, etc). why? because i wanted to.
to catch rabbits effectively, they use three cat teams: a flusher, a runner, and a catcher.
the flusher startles the rabbits, the runner chases them down, and the catcher, well, makes the pounce. they can run all three positions, but they usually excel at one. in hunting patrols, this allows them to trade off. you take 1-2 flusher, 3-4 runners, and 2-3 catchers, and you're an effeticve team.
(yes, that is kind of a big hunting patrol, but unlike thunderclan, they don't need to send many patrols. they can send out maybe two a day and be effective. and you have multiple runs going at any given time.)
obviously cats can and do catch rabbits alone, but this is more efficient and less exhausting.
deadfoot and talltail are both chasers. mentors and apprentices aren't necessarily matched, they just happened that way. onewhisker is a flusher, mudclaw and ashfoot are catchers, and i haven't decided for any other windclan cats yet.
deadpaw and talltail have to adjust every fighting move for him. y'all don't give him enough credit, with only one paw, he has to be able to balance on two legs for every forepaw rake.
he's equally effective once he gets the hang off it, and in a battle, he can use his other leg kind of like a club or pin, but it's really not anything exciting.
it's his left leg that's twisted, but i will 100% forget that, so i avoid saying which one it is.
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gominiljido · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
You can hear the sirens as Byul calls HR 😂 some lore stuff no one asked for: bc alpha! Yong is in the presence of a potential mate her biology is like how to make her mine? fuck her, duh. But since they are using birth control the urge to mate isn’t going away, Yong’s kind of stuck in a rut much to the annoyance of her staff (overtime all the time) that’s not going away until you’re her’s or you’re gone. as always, if you're not a fan of abo dynamics then don't read.
The weekend is too short, dread building with each hour with notice that you’ll be taken off the project or worse, fired for being unprofessional. You refrain from trying to contact Yongsun before Monday. Not like it would matter, you didn’t have her personal number.
When the notice doesn’t come you don’t know whether that is good, no news is good news, right? Or if you’re just waiting for a misconduct notice. You stay out of administration’s office as much as possible over the next week. Not unless you need design approval from, of course from the assistant director Moon Byulyi.
Her professionalism unnerves you, eyes barely glancing at you as she reads and approves the missive with her signature. You practically run out the room once you get it and you can hear Yongsun laugh from their shared office. Glad that she thinks it’s so funny. You don’t hear what Byulyi says back but you doubt it would help the burn from facing her again.
Wheein insists on having lunch at the office’s food court, a bustling place for all employees that worked in the building. It was humorous seeing everyone in their business casual wear there. Just like school but an institution for adults.
Your humor left you when you saw who she was eating with. Byulyi sipped from her cup at your arrival, her eyebrows raising ever so slightly but of course you caught it. "Yikes", she didn’t have to say it you knew she was thinking it. Wheein pulled out the seat next to her for you to sit.
You ate quietly during the meal, choosing to disengage and focus on eating. At one point in the meal you noticed Byulyi fix her hair, cotton patches stuck to the sides of her neck. She quickly corrected her hair to cover them again. Wheein recounted her visit to a restaurant she used to frequent. “You’ll have to join me next time," she says to you. Her plate is empty and there's only a few minutes left of break, "My Hyegi would like you.”
“Speaking of,” Byulyi gave an acknowledging nod just as the light was blocked behind you. Wheein was all smiles, jumping out of her seat to give her alpha a kiss. Hyejin, you only knew her by her first name, worked for a different company a few floors above. “I have the afternoon free, think you can take off early too?”
Wheein looked back at Byulyi, puppy eyes on full force. Of course she caved, Wheein was potent that way. In seconds they were gone, Hyejin’s hand safely pocketed in the back of Wheein’s slacks.
Silence fell on your table, and you debated to make your escape or to just clear the air. After all, you’d be working on the redesign for weeks still. It may be best to get this out of the way. Byulyi sat back as she considered you for the first time that day.
"If you think it's weird, at least it wasn't on my desk."
"I was more unsure if you were going to report me?" Your sense of dread had began to dissipate but who knows what she would end up doing. You weren't particularly close to anyone in Yongsun's company except Wheein so talking with a random employee who happened to see you in an intimate way was honestly a fucking first. You should be so lucky.
"Why would I do that? If the boss is happy then I'm happy."
"Really?" Your eyes went to her neck, what about those patches? Suppressants were familiar to anyone unbonded. Usually to show disinterest in whoever was putting out mating scents. You hadn't bother wearing any since you began fucking around with Yong, what was the need for her to wear them. Her eyes narrowed, at your stare touching them self-consciously. Curious by her reaction you prodded, "Are you wearing patches because she's affecting you?" Omega. She was clearly interested in Yongsun, or else she wouldn't be wearing those patches.
Byulyi was full on glaring now, crossing her arms defensively, "You're going to be more trouble than I thought."
"I'm just passing through." You said with a shrug. You had no interest in getting involved in whatever tragic office romance that brewed between the company president and assistant director. Byulyi hadn't dropped her arms, still skeptical.
"I'll be gone as soon as the designs are finalized, this is just a bit of fun."
"I'd get that in writing," Byulyi stood from her chair, coolly ending the conversation. "If not, she's going to end up like me."
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severalspoons · 6 hours ago
Can I interest you in a sad Wolfwood headcanon? (This headcanon is brought to you by depression!)
Marley Millions: Imagine being Wolfwood and getting cancer on Gunsmoke lol. Surprised not a lot of people are getting skin cancer
Me: You've heard my headcanon that cells dividing too much is behind cancer, healing, and aging in different ways, right? And that's what's happening at an accelerated rate with the Super Soldier Serum?
So I wonder why the EOM people who use those don't get cancer. Maybe they die in combat or of od'ing on the vials before they can develop cancer?
But wow that would be a sad AU. Wolfwood lives. The world is saved. He can enjoy what's left of his life in peace and quiet right? Nope. Cancer. Thanks I hate it.
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marginal-notes · 6 hours ago
so it goes
well, i’m working at least 14-16 hours a day now and weekends are optional, so a tiny corner of my brain is screaming over the measly 1.5K left for ch7 of btwid. i’ll try to get something done before april ends. 
first, i need to punt an abrupt and rabid bnha brain rot into the stratosphere though.
so it goes. 
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akhenatenart · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Evelyn Autumn (2021)
From the world of The Black Relics.
Ghosts are a complicated phenomenon in the world of Mir. Oftentimes after a being dies their soul may remain trapped in reality for various reasons, and depending on the reason the form the soul takes may vary.
In the case of one Evelyn Autumn, she was killed in a fashion which she cannot recall, and her soul has remained on Mir, unable to transcend to the afterlife, until she has solved her cause of death and brought the guilty party to justice. As such she has taken the form of a corporeal ghost, a form a ghost that takes the physical form of their previous body and can interact with and manipulate the environment around them.
During the events of the Last Great War, Melethril (the protagonist) encounters Evelyn and agrees to help her solve her mysterious death so that she may pass into the afterlife, in exchange for helping Melethril with an important task.
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indigoduelist · 6 hours ago
inigo’s bedclothes : a tanktop, w/ the sleeve holes cut the the hem, and shorts. pre top surgery he also wore a sports bra / fantasy sports bra equivalent, but ditches it for obvious reasons post top surgery
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fantasy-hobo · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have finally returned, and with the urge to share my world building
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akhenatenart · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Giwoitis (2021)
From the world of The Black Relics.
The Giwoitis is a species of giant lizard native to the thick grassland prairies of Fairwicker. At adulthood they stand at two feet tall. They aren’t the apex predators of the region but they feed on the gophers and rabbits which are endemic to the area.
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