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slytherinsnekxvii · 2 minutes ago
today i sent my friend a video of someone cosplaying katsuki bakugou from bnha. i do not like bakugou. she does. i said, "this is cool and i figured you would like it." she said, "it is cool, thanks for showing me."
i did not say, "this is cool, but this doesn't excuse the fact that he told midoriya to go kill himself or that he knocked uraraka out in the sports festival or that he's an asshole. you need to stop condoning his actions."
she did not say, "wow, you're stupid, he's a better hero than anyone else in the series and you clearly don't understand what you're talking about and we've watched two different anime and read two different manga. he's never ever done anything wrong at all."
people are allowed to like and dislike whatever they want. stop disrespecting people based on what they enjoy.
also, we've been over this before but, again, for the benefit of those in the back, liking a character does not mean you condone their actions. disliking a character does not mean you have better morals than someone who does like that character. liking a character also does not mean that you get to erase every single flaw they've ever had and then get mad when someone doesn't agree with you cannot canonically support it.
if you really find it truly upsetting, filter out the tags that surround the thing you want to avoid. if that fails, remember that they're fictional. they are not real. they're not gonna show up at party and roofie you. they do not actually exist in real life. drink some water and go to bed. touch some grass when you wake up.
point is, learn basic human courtesy and respect. that is all.
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stanning-reyna · 3 minutes ago
Her Future - A dark Annabeth fic
Chapter 3
The first step in her plan was, of course, to gain support. How exactly to do that was the question.
Annabeth had never been the best at manipulation. Sure, she could do it, but nowhere near as well as some. She recalled a period of time at camp when she kept getting in trouble and Luke tried to teach her how to get out of it using her words. Luke was a master at manipulation and probably one of the best people to learn from, but it didn’t go very well for her. 
“Sometimes arguing gets you nowhere,” he had said. “Sometimes you need to pretend to be on their side.” Easier said than done, Annabeth had thought. She couldn’t hide her feelings as well as Luke did. When Annabeth believed something, everyone around her was going to know about it. He gave up trying to teach her around the time Kronos entered his life. It seems that he had more important things than helping Annabeth.
Now she wished she would have put more effort into those lessons. They would be extremely useful right now in her mission to win the support of as many demigods and minor gods as possible. Sure, most of her friends and fellow campers would never oppose her, but that was different from having their unwavering loyalty. That was something she felt she could only obtain through manipulation. And since that wasn’t her strong suit, she needed someone else’s help.
. . .
It was a sunny afternoon and Percy laid stretched out across the dock next to Annabeth. She took advantage of the stillness to look at him, examining his relaxed features. Moments like these were something they couldn’t have imagined last summer with the looming threat of Gaea’s armies, which just made the peace all the more precious now.
“Perce, can I ask you a favor?” Annabeth spoke, breaking the silence that had settled over them in the heat. He lazily opened his eyes halfway and settled his gaze on her as he responded, “As long as it doesn’t involve standing up.” She let out a chuckle and took a deep breath. 
“You’re better with people than I am, and I was wondering if you would-”
“Hold up. I am not better with people than you. You’re friends with practically everyone at camp.”
“That’s not exactly what I mean.” Percy’s eyes were fully open now and he gave her a quizzical look. She held eye contact with him for a moment before looking up at the sky and pouring out her thoughts.
“I just know for this to be successful, there has to be a certain level of puppet mastering behind it, you know? Plenty of people are angry at the gods, but getting them to pledge their loyalty to a specific cause, that’s the trick. Uncoordinated rebellion would only end in disaster,” she gushed. He didn’t butt in so she continued. “And so I got to thinking about how we’ve done that sorta thing in the past, and I thought of Bob. Of how you convinced him to hold the doors open for us, but it didn’t even seem like you were doing it at the time. That’s what I need. I need you to do that with minor gods.”
Annabeth finally quieted and turned back to look at Percy. Part of her worried that he would call her insane or turn her down, but he gave her a lopsided smile and placed his hand on her arm.
“I can do that. Just tell me we’re not dealing with another titan, because I’ve had my fair share of those already,” he said. She breathed out a laugh and relaxed onto her back again. 
“No titans. Just us.”
The rest of the warm afternoon was spent on the dock lying in each other’s arms. The tranquil silence returned, giving Annabeth time to think about her strategy and, more importantly, about Percy. 
Every single time she had begun to doubt that he would stay by her side, when the thoughts that he was going to leave just like Luke and Thalia had entered her mind, somehow he knew. And he did just what he needed to do to remind her that he chose her. Time and time again he proved that he cared for her like no one else had. It meant more to Annabeth than she could possibly put into words, but there was one thing she could say: she loved Percy Jackson with all her heart.
AN: And so her plan begins. These two are gonna do some wild stuff next chapter so stay tuned. Also, I’m gonna do a whole lot of addressing her trauma with Luke, be warned. Reminder that all chapters can be found under the tag ‘her future Annabeth’
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artinspite · 3 minutes ago
I make no promises but im working on a bunch of pokemon themed drawings so hopefully new content soonish 👉👈
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the-ship-maker-2 · 5 minutes ago
Jeff x Ben HCs?
(I think of them as being 21 and 20 - as I was about the same age as their canon age when the stories came out and as I've aged, they have aged week with me in my mind- like, it's beyond an HC tbh lol - I just wanted to make that clear)
Alright that's fair enough. Valid logic
Jeff x Ben HCs
-chaotic dumbass x more chaotic dumbass
-i swear if you see Jeff doing something dumb Ben's not too far behind
-It was most likely Ben's idea
-or vice versa
-they smoke weed together
-jeff will just get a bunch of snack and either lay on ben while hes playing video games and watching movies and consider it a date
-he has ben hack into cameras for his missions to make it easier
-jeff is an asshole to everyone but Ben.
-Jeff is really protective of Ben
-best partners in crime
I hope you like this and please come back again!
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vanishedpromos · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
new york. 2020. two mutants go missing right outside the gates of the prestigious xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, an event which would define the months that followed after. all across the nation, reports of missing enhanced and superhuman individuals were reported from gotham, metropolis, new york, and even reached as far as atlantis. nobody could find the source or cause of the vanished, the only certainty that was known was that it would continue to happen again and again with no warning and no distinguishable pattern.
gotham and new york. 2021. with the government refusing to cooperate in any investigation to find the vanished, the justice league and avengers called upon heroes from all across the galaxy to join them in new york and gotham to try and figure out where the vanished are and why they have disappeared.
join  vanishedhqs.
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deathfound · 6 minutes ago
i hate that half of s.arah b.olgers tag is fandom discourse. like i just wanna see gifsets damn
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haydenbadartist · 8 minutes ago
Hold up
You mean to tell me that there’s a queer baiting Sherlock Holmes x Moriarty anime that exists in the world and I only JUST NOW FOUND OUT ABOUT IT
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hiddenwashpromo · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
  an established , appless , multifandom rp set in washington dc
washington dc. the nation’s capital and to some, perhaps even the capital of the world and home to landmarks such as the library of congress, the smithsonian museum and the united states capitol building. it also is the current resident of the current sitting president of the united states.
                                     however, not everything is as it seems.
                              welcome to washington !!
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zerogravitykitty · 12 minutes ago
So, I'm 25 minutes into the first episode of Doom at your service and a passer-by has already mentioned that autumm is so short and that the leaves will fall soon, just as Mr. Doom is entering a Cafe called "love" and i can already tell that I'll be crying by the end of this.
But what can you do, I need something to follow Vincenzo and I don't know enough about Korean history to have much fun overanalyzing Bossam
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motherodyssey · 13 minutes ago
Welcome to... About Mother Odyssey!!
Tumblr media
Hi! Welcome to the first 1000% official blog of Mother Odyssey! As some new people may be arriving at the project, we will provide you with a great deal of information about the development of the project and what we intend to do in the future. I'm @neromaruti, and you're reading about... Mother Odyssey, the first EarthBound table rpg!!
Tumblr media
Mother Odyssey (or EarthBound Odyssey, if you prefer), is a table rpg that is being developed by a hard-working team of two. The project is led, here on tumblr, by @neromaruti (who speaks to you on this blog, by chance). Before this blog completely dedicated to Odyssey, the project was published in the personal profile itself, but, with the addition of the blog you are reading, this will no longer be necessary. The project has, as an idea, to create a playable table rpg in two ways: a campaign already created and a way to create your own campaign.
The project was conceived as a table rpg between friends, however, it soon took on a larger form and a giant potential grew, making only two people want to create a fan rpg for fans. The project is not for profit, it is just something among the community. There are no other modes of communication (besides tumblr itself and the developer's discord), such as groups on facebook, telegram and not even a server on discord. this is due to the fact that the project is still very small. we do not have dates or many plans for the future, however, we are eager to develop something big and fantastic for the community. As, for now, there are only two people who develop the project (and, on top of that, two Brazilians), we ask for your understanding, as well as your positive support and your patience. we want the project to be finalized, so please just watch us while we do the best we can in our work! 💖
Tumblr media
Well, let's leave this mess aside and let's talk about what we have so far. The idea of ​​the game is to have a main campaign, which is almost finished. However, several things are still missing. We will provide a link on the google drive when the project sprites are ready. Calm down, "what do you mean, sprites?", Oh, I forgot to warn you! The project will have representative images of some NPCs, monsters, items and more. However, unfortunately, this will only be available for the main campaign. The system will be extremely amateurish, however, this will only be in the campaign that we will develop, which will already have chips ready for each player. We are still developing the "master's book" for anyone who wants to play the campaign. We will have a bestiary with the game's monsters, as well as a book that will contain the items. Everything will be made available by this blog in pdf format. (obviously, none of this is ready yet, however, we will make an exclusive blog when it is finished).
One of the biggest problems that is hindering the project is the number of people and our amateurism. For now, I'm making the story (which has been said to be, on purpose, a parody of the other games, with references and characters obviously out of place). The sprites are also being made by me, @neromaruti, but we are not far behind because we want to finish the master's book first. If there are talented people who want to bless the project, soon we will be opening vacancies to help. We will need many experts in the subject of table rpg, because with a 100% new game, we want to develop a new system as well. We don't want it to be too complex, however, we want everyone to be able to have fun and have a complete and enjoyable experience.
We intend to finish reviewing the story soon, so we started making some sprites too (as well as the master's book, which was quoted several times above). Cody will remain the protagonist, however, we will give space for all the characters to shine, especially in battles. "Ask Odyssey" is also available. There, everyone will be able to leave their questions to be answered and, the most repeated will be part of a FAQ (which will be asked after collecting the necessary questions from ask). Ask Odyssey is accessible by going to Mother Odyssey's blog home page, with a specific box for questions only. Leave all your doubts there, as they will either be answered on the spot, or will have a specific blog for the questions posted there. Visit our ask! 😉
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our collection of information that we have. Don't forget to reblog or inform friends who like the idea of ​​a table rpg on EarthBound. Stay safe, keep supporting us and read more about Odyssey on our official blog. To the next!
Tumblr media
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mikyou · 14 minutes ago
Are we really mutuasl if you wouldn’t go back in time over and over again to save me from my death.
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potter-n-potions · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
He wasn't because I said he wasn't - well, you made yourself sound real grown up there. We will definitely take you seriously now. 👏 👏
Truly, it was said it was fucking rivalry - No where in the books does it ever state it was rivalry, EVER. The only time rivalry is ever mentioned it is in the GOF and it is Hermione talking about wizarding schools and why they stay hidden from each other.
Do I really need to explain again what rivalry is?
OK, I'll do the short, idiot proof version.
Rivalry is competing. Two people/teams after the same goal, for top spot, like, let's say Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams. Wizarding schools.
Rivals are 99% time on friendly terms. Harry, Cedric, Fleur and Krum were all rivals but still very friendly with each other. Even best friends have rivalry cough Harry Hermione cough. Siblings hold huge rivalry cough Ron his brothers cough.
Harry and Draco were not rivals (except when playing Seeker) Harry himself calls Draco his enemy, never his rival.
Snape and James were not rivals. Many people say they detested each other. Standing up for yourself does not make it rivalry, it does not make it equal, it does not dismiss the bullying.
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bebepac · 17 minutes ago
Derby Girl
Tumblr media
ORIGINAL POST DATE: 05/12/21 at 7:22PM EST
This is The Life of Riley Book Two.  To catch up with what you’ve missed so far, please click:
  The Life of Riley- Book Two. 
My Book 2 starts with basically TRR book 1 starts.  
If you’re curious to see the elaborate back story I have created for my version of Riley Brooks Please click: 
The Life of Riley Book One.
It will answer a lot of your questions that are left out of the Canon that PB wrote.  
The Book: TRR
The Pairing:  Liam x Riley
Word Count: 2011
Warnings:  Sexual innuendo
Summary: Riley goes to her first derby.  Liam and Drake make a bet (this episode has a few canon-ish parts. The most you’ll see in my series.) 
Deena is my own character, all others belong to Pixelberry. 
A/N:  I’m on vacation as of yesterday until May 25th.  I plan to do as much writing as i can in this time period.  Hopefully release some chapters of people’s favorites and get back on schedule a little bit with some releases on things people haven’t seen in a bit.  
Tumblr media
Riley slowly opened her eyes.   
Tumblr media
She thought she had dreamed the whole thing.  She was sure she would wake up in her tiny little apartment with Daniel.  She sat up in the ornately designed bedroom.
She went to peer out over the balcony seeing the beautifully trimmed gardens.  
I really have the chance to win a Prince’s heart. She thought. Last night dancing in the Maze with Liam was the most amazing feeling. Riley could not wipe the dopey grin she had on her face.
Tumblr media
There was a soft knock on her door.
Maxwell appeared.  
“Good Morning Little Blossom!  How are you today? You look so happy this morning.”
“I’m great.  I’m still so amazed by this place at times Maxwell.  There’s just so much beauty here. And Liam is here."
“And you get to be a part of this Little Blossom, because of the way he feels about you.  I see the way Prince Liam looks at you.”
“Then why can’t he just say it then?”
“Because that’s not how things are done here with people of his status.  You wouldn’t only be only his choice, but the choice of the people and they have to love you too and they don’t know you.  No one knows who Riley Antonia Brooks of New York truly is.”
Both Riley and Maxwell abruptly turned around to the voice of the person talking in the room.
Smile officially gone. Stolen by the rat bastard with the sneer standing at the door to her bedroom.
Tumblr media
“Lady Riley meet my brother Bertrand.”
“The Duke of Ramsford.”
Riley decided since he went with such a formal title even though she was wearing her pajamas she should curtsy.   He seemed stuffy and the antithesis of Maxwell.
He nodded.  “The New Yorker can be trained to fit in here.”  
Riley glared at him.  “I’m not an animal Duke Ramsford.”  
Tumblr media
“That remains to be seen.  If the Cordonian people do not fall in love with you, even though he could be Lady Riley, he will not choose you.  Love is not the only thing that matters here.  It’s honestly not even a factor here.  Prince Liam has a duty to his people to pick the most suitable woman to be at his side.  So you, my  dear idealistic girl, must learn to give the people what they want.  The derby today will give you the opportunity to meet the press for the first time.  This will set the tone of how the people will begin to approve of you or disapprove of you.  The Queen is also important here as well.”  
“I think the Queen might potentially be on my side.”  
Bertrand laughed.  “You don’t know The Queen.”  
“I met with her and she wasn’t rude to me. She was actually helpful when you think about it.  She told me to get a feel for the audience that will be watching me and dress for them.  I think that’s helpful advice.”
“You’re right, that is helpful advice.”  Maxwell chimed in trying to release some of the tension.
“You need to get ready. Head to the boutique and make sure you pick something suitable.”
Riley almost didn’t want to go to the boutique after what happened to her the last time.
However, when she walked in, she was greeted by a kind middle-aged woman with a genuinely welcoming smile.
“And you must be Lady Riley.”
“I am.” Riley still had her guard up her voice and body language tight and protecting herself.  
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”  
“I know that the last time you were here, you didn’t have the greatest experience with the staff, and I apologize for that, but if there is anything you need I will be more than willing to assist.”  
“Thank you so very much.”  
Riley smiled.
“It’s no wonder….”
“It’s no wonder what?”
“Why he’s so enchanted with you.  Lady Riley you’re absolutely breathtaking, without a stitch of makeup, and you have such a kind-hearted spirit. I can almost feel it radiate off you.  I was sworn to secrecy, because he couldn’t hide how he feels about you.  Let me know if you need any help picking out something for him.  You’re living your very own Cinderella story right now.”  
Tumblr media
It was the nicest anyone had been to her since she landed.  Riley’s eyes filled with tears.  
“Oh no, don’t do that dear.  I know things have been a little rough for you.  The royal life is not easy.  They don’t only fight with words, they fight with glares and  underhanded behaviors.  But I’m here now.  At least here, you will always be treated like the royalty I believe you will become someday.  Now let’s pick out something beautiful for him.”
Riley thumbed through the racks.
"If I may?  I did notice his eyes fall on this dress here.  It looks to be your size, and that color would look like heaven on you."
"Pink is my favorite color."
"Then you should try it on."
This woman Deena, had made the palace boutique an oasis.
Riley tried on the dress staring at herself in the mirror.
"His face is going to be just as pink as that dress when he sees you. That dress was made for you. And since you're going to the derby try this as well."
She gave Riley a white hat.
The hat didn't quite stay on.
Riley laughed. "Big hair goals and hats don't generally mix."
Deena laughed.  "This is true. I think Dolly Parton said it best, if someone tells you hair is too big. Get rid of them, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life!"
Tumblr media
"That's a plan!"
“Thank you Deena.”  
“You show them honey. You show them why he’s picking you.”  
Riley decided to be the "Derby Girl" for the day she would straighten her hair. The hat laid perfectly.  
“Little Blossom! You look amazing!”
“Thank you Lord Maxwell,” she responded as Bertrand walked into the room.
“Yes, she picked a suitable outfit to be seen in and for the media.  We should be on our way.”
The whole duration of the ride Bertrand droned on about  royalty, the queen, and the event and the Cordonian Ruby Apple.  
“When you are done with your interview you’re going to go over to the pink tents to watch the race with the other suitors.”  
“Greaaat. Will Prince Liam be dropping by?”  
“Probably not, you’ll see him at the picnic afterwards.”  
“You got this Little Blossom!”
Riley managed to stay cool and calm while talking to the press.  The press deemed her “The Mystery Woman” based on her answers.  It was fitting she thought, because a lot of her life, even for herself, was a mystery to her. All the missing memory gaps she had of her life before the accident, at times, Riley felt she barely knew herself.  
Tumblr media
She looked for the pink tents not seeing any, but when she turned she saw Drake heading toward  a tent.   She quickly followed him, leaping inside.  
The Prince jumped to attention, his jaw locked, his body rigid, and his face stern.  She realized what she had done.  He had probably been trained for surprise attacks, and he had to always be alert.
“I’m sorry...I didn’t think..” Riley whispered.  
The prince visibly relaxed. 
“No, on the contrary it’s a very welcome surprise.  How did you manage to get in here?”  
“Playing a game of following the leader.”
The beer Drake was about to drink she pulled from his hand.
“Thanks for the beer Drake, you're too kind.”
Drake looked like he wanted to say something, but  he remained silent.  
Liam lightly cleared his throat.  
“I’m going to….”  
“You don’t have to….”  Riley started to say, but she saw the look in Liam’s eyes.
Tumblr media
“Bye Drake.”  She whispered, her eyes not leaving Liam’s.  
Drake walked out letting the tent fall closed.  
He pulled Riley to his lap, softly stroking her hair.  
“You look beautiful.  But you know I love your curls.”
“I know.  I would have had a wardrobe malfunction otherwise if i didn’t straighten it.  My hat wouldn’t fit.”  
“You would have been just as beautiful without it.”  
“I know but it’s the derby and Bertrand was making such a big deal about the derby and looking appropriate.  And even though I know nothing else about derbys I know next to the horse race, number two is woman in hats.  Your hat game must be on point.  Serious hat-age.”
Liam laughed, tightening his grip around her.
“Lady Riley, no one makes me laugh like you do.   I’m always so happy when you’re around.  Not just the things you say, or the way you look at me.  It’s who you are, that radiates off you, and I just feel it wrap around me.”
“And what does that feel like?”
“You feel like sunshine Lady Riley.  Sunshine on a summer day.  The perfect summer day. When you close your eyes and just feel the sun warm your skin, and you are so content to in that moment.  That’s how I feel when you are in the same space together.”
She softly kissed his lips.  
He began another kiss, but then pulled away too soon.  “As much as I would love to see where this could go, we have to at least watch the race.” Riley slipped off his lap into the seat next to him as he opened the tent.  
Drake came in a few minutes later with new beers.  
Riley was silent, listening to Liam and Drake talk about  the race and their friendly wager, and how she got roped into it she’ll never know.  She was going to be sitting on the back of the loser while they did ten push-ups.  
“Who’s your money on winning the bet, me or Drake?”
Riley winced.  
“As much faith as I have in you Liam, I think Drake might know more about horses and the stables. So my money is on Drake. I’m sorry.”
“Ouch that had to hurt Liam.”  Drake chuckled.
Liam looked hurt. 
Tumblr media
“Did you want the truth, or did you want me to lie to you Liam?”
“The truth Lady Riley, always the truth.”  
Annnnd…. Riley was right.
Liam unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it on the empty chair.
He got into a push-up position.
“Lady Riley if you will.”
Riley hopped onto Liam’s back.  Even though he was surprised he still held a tight planked push up position.  
“Lady Riley!”
“God she’s ruthless, are you sure you want this one?”  Drake laughed.
“I’ve been on him before, I knew he could handle it.”  
Liam choked back a laugh for a moment, his form unwavering.
“She’s right, I can handle her.”  
“TMI Brooks!!!”
Liam easily did all ten push ups unbroken.  
Tumblr media
When Liam was done  he put on his dress shirt again.  
“Drake will take you back to the other suitors for a late lunch.”
“A sweet little goodbye kiss to tide me over until I'm in your presence again?”
Riley seductively puckered her lips, tapping her index finger against them.  
Liam glanced around  and pulled her to him kissing her.   Her fingers gently tugged his hair as his kiss deepened and his grip tightened around her.
Tumblr media
Drake dropped her off with the other suitors.  
“I can’t believe we didn’t even get to see  Prince Liam at all!”   Lady Penelope's voice rang out in annoyance. “I had the best story to tell about my poodles to make him laugh.  
“Where were you Lady Riley?”  
“I got lost again.  All these places around here look the same.  Drake found me finally and brought me over here to you guys.”
“Lady Riley you need to get it together.  Being late because you got lost won’t look well for you with the media.”    Lady Kiara  shook her head.  
“I’m not sure I believe her.”  
Olivia stepped up to her staring into Riley’s face.  
“Why would I lie?  You saw Drake drop me off here right Liv?”  
“I saw, but something feels off.  I don’t trust you Lady Riley.  Something is afoot.”
“Well, then I guess it’s game on then, Scarlet Duchess?”
“Yes.  Game on.”  
Tumblr media
Tags in the comments!
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cherriesradio · 18 minutes ago
Me, at school: I hate people who write mha x reader fanfics!
Me, working on a fic under my desk: shh, I am I mha x reader writer, here is a short fic, don’t tell anyone
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yo-kiyooo · 19 minutes ago
really old danganronpa blogs bring me so much joy lol i see a lot of posts that are like "oh my god im so excited for the 2nd game!! i love dangan ronpa so much" and i just- *sobbing*
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