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sullivanwrites · 2 days ago
“You two reek of tragedy”
My parents said that to me about one of my closest friends
And no wonder
All we do is smoke stale cigarettes, drink monsters with as little calories as possible and eat bad Chinese food before frequenting the same three terrible stores
We met in a school for dropouts and young felons
Our first day there I plucked her from the crowd and demand she go to lunch with me and the gaggle I had amassed
Now it’s just the two of us, the punk and the goth, smoking cigarettes and making bad jokes until the sun sets and the world stands still for the night
We fell apart due to hardships and gravitated together, building each other back up one day at a time
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inclusivefuture · 7 days ago
Inclusive Future Magazine, Issue 1: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future
A speculative fiction anthology for, by, and about transgender, nonbinary, agender, and genderqueer folks.
Tumblr media
IMAGINE: It's the year 2068, and we've achieved gender equality in the broadest sense. Not only are genders outside the binary widely acknowledged and accepted, but people of all genders and without gender are paid equally for work, have equal opportunity, are included in scientific studies, and are marketed to equally.
Issue 1 of Inclusive Future Magazine envisions this future through fictional articles and art, as if it were an international pop culture magazine published 50 years in the future and whose target audience includes adults of all genders and without gender, living anywhere in the world.
Our project is currently LIVE on Kickstarter!
Tumblr media
With 19 days to go, we're 12% of the way toward our goal. Kickstarter projects are all or nothing, so if we don't fund, we won't be able to move forward with our project. If you're passionate about trans rights and want to help a group of nonbinary creators achieve their dream of publishing this magazine, consider backing us on Kickstarter (link in the reblog) or sharing this post with your friends!
We're also currently accepting submissions!
We're accepting poetry, prose, and art from trans, nonbinary, agender, and genderqueer creators! Please check out our website ( for more details!
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inclusivefuture · 7 days ago
Visionary Epistolary Fiction Workshop for Trans, Non-binary, and Genderqueer Writers
Tumblr media
What is visionary epistolary fiction?
Visionary fiction - a term developed by writer and scholar Walidah Imarisha to describe speculative fiction that helps us imagine futures and worlds that are socially just.
Epistolary fiction - fiction that emulates non-fiction documents, such as letters, emails, diary entries, interview transcripts, grocery lists, historical texts, scientific reports, blog posts, newspaper clippings, and magazine articles, to name a few.
Visionary epistolary fiction is the combination of these two forms.
Why are we offering this workshop?
When we developed the concept for Inclusive Future Magazine, we knew that not all spec fic writers were going to have pieces in their submission pile that fit the bill, and yet we see so much potential for visionary epistolary fiction to provide realistic examples of inclusion within the context of various cultures. That’s why we are proud to present a free writing workshop open to trans, non-binary, and genderqueer writers anywhere in the world who want to play with visionary epistolary fiction. This workshop will run regardless of whether our Kickstarter campaign is successful.
Read more on our website ( for additional details and information on how to sign up.
Also, the Kickstarter for our first issue is still open! We're 12% funded so far!
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stilesdelaney · 9 days ago
Writerblr Intro
Tumblr media
Although this blog is new, I figure it’s time to officially introduce myself! My name is Stiles, and I am a hoping to eventually publish my first novel, TRAIL THREE-O-NINE. Although I have ghostwritten in the past, and have posted many fanfic under a different username, this book will actually have my name on it and that sounds pretty darn swell. I’m currently in my mid twenties, and I’ve been writing since I first learned how to use a keyboard. I’m always open to messages! Fair warning though, it may take a bit for me to reply, as I seem to be particularly message (and email) blind. My Current WIP:
Tumblr media
Trail Three-O-Nine: LGBT, Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Mystery (Current Project, First Draft, Discovering The Plot)
The Park Rangers of Trinity Pines are no strangers to disaster. Campers falling from fenced off cliffs, hikers being mistaken for deer by trespassing hunters, arson; it’s as if tragedy haunts those who tread specifically on Trail 309. 

The accidents, deemed unfortunate but of natural circumstance, meant there was nothing the rangers could do to prevent further visitors. Signs did little, and warnings did less. In the end it took the disappearance of the head Ranger for the town’s Board to finally take action. The trail was closed, pending the investigation that never came, for the case that was never solved. For a body never found, or buried.
It’s been forty years since the last disappearance. But now a child has managed to sneak his way onto the forbidden trailhead. Ranger Marco Castillo, hoping to prevent another tragedy, goes against orders and tries to track down the missing boy himself. But as he is about to find out, it’s not just danger that lurk in the woods of Trail 309.
My Second WIP:
Tumblr media
The Silver Obsession: LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Romance (Side project, Second Draft, Fist Fighting The Plot)
When Oath-Breakers are spotted lurking around the edge of Ardanvel, Unwin and his fellow Banes are determined to end the threat once and for all.
But during his missions, Unwin comes across something more dangerous than even the murderous clan that hunts his people. Danger that comes in the form of a burnt elf who can only smile softly despite the mark of beasts upon him. 

Now Unwin must decide between following orders, or allowing a threat not only into his home, but into his heart. All while the oath-breakers hunt the very elf he stole.
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transtrashofthesouth · 10 days ago
Love is a fickle fiend who feints
Left just when you think you have her understood.
Once, she left me spinning uncontrollably down
Into her grim well of despair. She cut me, she made me
Bleed - she made the bed in my darkest days and said
Here with me,
We can be together forever.
Everything smelled of rot and ruin -
Light couldn't shine through to where she laid me.
I imagined myself dying there.
Twice, she raised me up to the precipice
Overlooking a vast sea at sunset, the colors
Pouring over the sea and into each other.
It was breathtaking. It was worth the hike. The view was
One to die for. She said
All this and more is yours, sweetness.
But it will cost you everything.
Tucking the hair behind one of my ears,
As if what she had told me was a comforting sentiment.
After having her presence thrice inside of my head,
She decided to change the tune.
Once painful turned pleasant,
Once bargaining turned into giving,
She wrote a new script.
Once, she let me lay my head into her lap.
Through my hesitancy, she seemed genuine, calm.
Relaxing into her, she leaned down and whispered to me,
I was never going to hurt you, you know.
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sullivanwrites · 11 days ago
God is lucky he placed me here and not in heaven near him, or in hell near those who cannot stand him
Otherwise I would’ve fought him with my bare hands by now
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writelikefools2021 · 16 days ago
batman stamps - max - day 1
I have batman stamps on my desk, which isn’t really profound poetic content by any metric, other than the secret language between friends or lovers, slow burn style an emotion that started somewhere suddenly is it a flash point? a match stick? a love song with a refrain that gets under your skin, stuck in your brain? or is it April 1st and we’re just two fools? well, I guess that’s okay too because I’ll let you see me when I look foolish, for you
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sullivanwrites · 17 days ago
The gods created us with Devine light
So mortals and fools alike
Could partake
In the act of creation
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up-in-flames-writing · 18 days ago
Mirror to the soul
A poem for Trans Day of Visibility from yours truly, your local trans cryptid. Enjoy.
A look in the mirror can be such a personal thing.
You explore the plains of your body,
Hidden beneath shimmering cloth.
The mountains of your shoulders,
The curviture at your waist,
The long stretches of your arms & legs.
Your face,
Cascades of hair
Framing your cheeks & jaw & forehead.
Your eyes staring intently at the person before you,
But are they truly seeing?
Are they seeing just the reflection in the mirror
Of a person in all their imperfect perfection?
Or are they looking,
At the reflection of a soul,
Not bound down by arbitrary rules
And by the limits of physicality.
Truly, a look in the mirror can be so personal,
When you stare long enough
That you no longer see yourself
But see the truth beneath a curtain of skin.
Truly, a look in a mirror reveals the soul,
And the soul is what really matters.
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tuesday-jorts · 18 days ago
A Poem for Trans Day of Visibility
Blue, pink, white, pink, blue
These colors break our chains
Feel it embrace you
As it runs through your veins
We're all different
But our war paint's the same
Trans flags represent
That we need not feel shame
I'm proud to be trans
Even if I must fear
Cruel, transphobic plans
I'm happy that I'm queer
Strong, brave, proud, and true
We should be visible
Blue, pink, white, pink, blue
Trans people are people
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tuesday-jorts · 18 days ago
Transgender Murderer
There is this unique
Trans experience
When after you come out
Your family mourns your loss
And treats you like your killer
My parents seem to think
That their little angel
Was sent back to them
By a merciful god
Who smited the killer
What's really happening
They don't quite see
I haven't changed at all
And my evil trans hands
Are still stained with her blood
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tuesday-jorts · 18 days ago
I Knew This Girl Once
I knew this girl once
Bright and bubbly and feisty
I’m not sure how I felt about her
We never treated each other nicely
This girl I knew once
We had grown up together
But in high school I left her behind
To start a friendship with another
This girl I once knew
I miss her, I’ll admit it
We made so many fond memories
I still get kinda shocked that we split
I once knew this girl
Sometimes I think I still do
I wonder if she'd still be the same
If I had never left her for you
I know this one guy
I replaced the girl with him
And the trade off was for the better
Even if life is still pretty grim
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tuesday-jorts · 18 days ago
My hands are too dainty,
My fingers too small,
My voice is too squeaky,
I want to change it all.
I wish I didn’t feel,
Like my body’s all wrong,
I don’t know how to deal,
Nor how to stay strong.
Because I hate
My hands, my hair, my nose.
And I despise
My eyes, my thighs, my bones.
My chest is too thick,
While my arms are too thin,
My God, how do I escape
This Hell again?
Don’t look at your body,
Forget how to feel,
And keep asking yourself
I sink to the floor,
A crumpled-up ball,
I push shut the door,
And then the tears fall.
Demons call out
“Real boys don’t cry!” “Go die!”
I mutter back
“I must bid you goodbye.”
But the demons keep shouting,
They drown my farewells,
I try not to keep doubting,
As this feeling swells.
I stand up on my feet,
And I straighten my back,
There's still things to be done,
I have to stay on track.
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samwisegamgeeee · 19 days ago
Happy Trans Day of Visibility from the Inclusive Future Magazine Team to you!
Tumblr media
(This is a mockup of our cover. Once our Kickstarter funds, our graphic designer will make the real cover. The cover art is by the incredible @liasisart​, who you can find on Instagram and Twitter @Liasis_D.)
Y’all. After working for more than two years on this project, I’m super excited to announce that the Kickstarter for the first issue of Inclusive Future Magazine, Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future is live! Please go support!
Ok, but what is Inclusive Future Magazine?
Inclusive Future Magazine is an anthology of speculative prose, poetry, and art in the guise of a pop culture magazine created for all people, from the future.
Issue one is exclusively by trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer people. It provides a collective vision for a gender-inclusive future by answering the question, What might gender look like fifty years from now?
IMAGINE: It’s the year 2068, and we’ve achieved gender equality in the broadest sense. Not only are genders outside the binary widely acknowledged and accepted, but people of all genders and without gender are paid equally for equal work, have equal opportunity, are included in scientific studies, and are marketed to equally.
What does this gender-inclusive future look like? What language do we use around gender? In what ways have our societies been reshaped in order to include people of all genders? How might inclusion look different in different cultures and systems (including religious ones)? How might advancements in science and technology change our perceptions of gender? What challenges might trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people still face and be fighting to overcome?
The first issue of Inclusive Future Magazine seeks to answer these questions through fictional articles and art, as if it were an international culture magazine published 50 years in the future and whose target audience included adults of all genders and without gender, living anywhere in the world.
Soon after we launched our campaign, Kickstarter featured us on their home page as a “Project We Love!”
Tumblr media
We’ve got 30 days to go, and we’re 7% of the way to our goal.
Tumblr media
We’re also accepting submissions!
If you are a trans, nonbinary, agender, or genderqueer creator and want to submit your work to the magazine, you can find our full submission guidelines here.
Find out more information about our project on our website,!
You can also find us on Twitter @inclusivefuture and on Instagram @inclusivefuture.
Please consider backing our Kickstarter to make this dream come true! If you can’t support at this time, give it a reblog, or send it to a couple trans friends!
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qualidyke · a month ago
I figured I should finally stop being so shy about my and @arabdyke‘s book and actually share it with you all! Through chapter 10 is up on here!
We didn’t initially intend for the book to get so big on the website it’s hosted on. The chapters on there are split up into “episodes” for ease of reading online (and word limit), though they’re all condensed in the actual manuscript. 
We joke a lot that TQA is like the gay bible (it’s nearly as long as the bible lol). The book does provide a lot of insight into how to kindly interact with all different sorts of queer people and how to not be a piece of shit person. 
Anyway, let us know what y’all think!
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kaireads · a month ago
So you’re the hero?
(Own work. Do not post this anywhere else without my permission. Thank you)
So you're the hero right? 
But why? 
 Why did I have to be your villain? 
This was all your doing, wasn't it?
You wanted me to do this. You made me do this. All so you could once again be the hero. Be praised by them all. They all love and adore you. And because of you, they all hate me. Make me the source of all their problems and pain. All their suffering. You made me this. You made me a villain. 
And you. 
You're the hero? 
You call yourself a hero? 
What made you a hero? 
 You were the one who turned me into a villain. You get showered in all this love and praise while I have to suffer. 
Do you know what it's like? 
Of course, you don't. And I'm helping you. 
Because I'm hoping that one day it'll take me too. And that one day someone will understand me, see what you are doing. What you did to me. What you are doing to me. But yet, you call yourself a hero. These children look up to you. Why do you want me to do this to them? They're just innocent children. You want me to do this. 
Well, what if I don't? 
Will you get mad at me again? 
Tell me that I am doing this to myself? 
Does it make you feel superior? 
I wonder what the people would think if it came out. If they knew what you did. But it won't come out, right? No. It won't. It never will. You made sure of that. You made sure I would never tell anyone. Because even now, I feel like I deserved what you did to me. I'll play along. I'll play your game. 
Does that make you happy? 
Does it bring you joy? 
I hope it does. I hope that you are happy, my dearest hero. And do you know why I want you to be happy? So that I can rip it away from you. Rip all of that joy away from you. Just like you did to me. And you will suffer. You will suffer just like I did. And it will all be because of me. Oh, how I will laugh. But I know that if I do I won't survive. You'd make sure of that. And you'd find someone to be your new villain. Because that's all that makes you smile. Playing the hero. 
Or am I wrong? 
Does this not make you happy? 
Do you lay awake in your bed every night wondering what you did to me to deserve this? 
Lay there crying until you pass out? 
No. No, you don't. You lay there without a care in the world dreaming about what kinds of amazing praise you will wake up to tomorrow. So, my dearest hero. Let me ask you this one thing. 
Are you really the hero? 
Are you the hero? 
Because if you really are the hero.  Then why won't you come to save me? 
So you're the hero?
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august-iswriting · a month ago
Tumblr media
this house has more heart than i ever will
this house is a heart and i am the hook through it. i know this because every time i step into the garden, the flowers wilt. when i trace the patterns on the wallpaper with my finger, it peels. the ground that raised me flinches at my smiles. it doesn’t love me back.
ghosts are ill defined things—nothing here is dead, yet, only dying. everything, all the time, is dying. this house is sick because i always was. this house is crumbling because i am, too. this house is haunted because i was, first. the best thing i can do for it is to leave.
if i had a nickel for every time i wrote a poem about a horror podcast i listen to while i crochet in the evenings, i would have two nickels. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.
anyway, here’s two stanzas of a five stanza poem i wrote! i borrowed the first line from an episode of a podcast called Mabel, and if you’re into horror podcasts and being confused all the time, i would highly recommend it. 
poetry taglist (ask to be added/removed):
@coffeeandcalligraphy @oasis-of-you @alicewestwater @cherylinanika @keep-looking-here @chloeswords​ @bookphobe @chewingthescenery @citruson
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hallucinojosten · a month ago
sometimes there is deep deep longing for being understood.
the world has placed so many words onto my body that it no longer feels like my own. in some ways, it hadn't been mine to begin with. i am my father's daughter: strong and unyielding the way he used to be. i am my mother's beloved: soft and smooth in ways she had lost. i am my brother's sister: intelligent and protective, ready to lay down my life for him.
i have not been this way for quite some time. these titles are lies that i swallow, too sweet smiles plastered on hollow faces. i wish for a time where i did not know much about myself to feel so hurt. i wish for the time where i did not know the words trans or masculine or bisexual or queer.
maybe if i didn't understand myself at all it would hurt a little less.
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modernwizard · a month ago
Representation in Gender Who?: The contributors!
Tumblr media
Let's talk representation in Gender Who? There are 27 contributions, written or drawn, to Gender Who?, done by a total of 19 creators.
15 creators explicitly identify as either trans and/or gender-nonconforming and/or nonbinary and/or agender.
Quite a few are some flavor of queer.
3 are BIPOC. [Another 7 BIPOC creators were invited, but could not contribute for various reasons.]
1 identifies as neurodivergent in their bio.
Gender Who? in print:
Proceeds to VT Pride Ctr.
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august-iswriting · a month ago
Tumblr media
boy, drowning
his eyes were as blue as the sea.           no, bluer.         blue like a child’s drawing of the sea, shark fin                        sticking out of the water, sun                                 in the corner of the paper,       cursive c waves              all the way across the page.         that’s what his eyes looked like:      round. immeasurable, infinite, everything                you thought childhood would be,     back then. 
his lips were as blue as the sea.           no, bluer.          blue like ice so thin it reflects the sky, on the verge                        of caving in all the time. there are no                       ice  skaters here, the ocean                              doesn’t freeze. that’s what his lips looked like:   moses.       always parting,       but in this version of the story nothing                    comes back out.
welcome to me giving up on having a consistent style because writing whatever i want is more fun. this poem!! wow i have no idea what it is but it was inspired from a joke slam poem i saw on tiktok?? and it has a third stanza but i’ve elected not to include it in the post because i’m trying to save some things for the collection :)
i’m trying to write for fun more and with my novel that’s relatively easy since that was only ever for fun but with poetry that’s. hard for some reason. maybe it’s because poetry has made me like a whole fourty dollars, maybe it’s because i use poetry for Emotions™ and i’m incapable of having fun with those. i guess we’ll find out.
poetry taglist (ask if you’d like to be added/removed): 
@coffeeandcalligraphy @oasis-of-you @alicewestwater @cherylinanika @keep-looking-here @chloeswords @bookphobe @chewingthescenery @citruson 
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