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soulless-sultry · 50 minutes ago
nothing but pain
it's how I feel
when you left
by my side
no medicines to cure
for the heart
that bleeds
for the love
that was pure
trying to surmount
the unbridled anguish
when the twilight comes
carmine sun
is about to fall
here on my window
sedulously waiting
for you to passby
just one stare
my heart stops
you're the reason
why I breath
my source of joy
and happiness
but now you're gone
can't find
any reasons anymore
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chasing-starlights · an hour ago
Aaaah! I just finish acceptance in a single sitting. MY GOODNESS was that ever a wild ride! I'm so glad I was recommended your work. I literalky could not put it down, and ended up getting so into it I forgot to like the posts until like 10 chapters in. It is way too late for me to be up, but I promise first thing in the morning you will be spammed with likes. YOU ARE SO FREAKING TALENTED!
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research-your-passions · an hour ago
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07.04.2021 2/100 days of productivity
Guten Morgan meinem Damen und Herren (hows my German?) Today was more of a work day and less of a cleaning day for me. I worked on an essay for English, wrote an essay for Anthropology and took some microeconomics notes. I also did some Latin :)
Currently listening: Champagne Problem - Taylor Swift and Beethoven's No. 6 symphony in F major, Op. 6 "Pastoral"
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pen-and-inks · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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“No. I am not afraid. What have I left to lose?”
The Silver Crown  ♢ Character Introduction  ♢ Blanche Greshire
When Blanche married Keenan, she had grand dreams of what being the wife of the King’s right hand would mean. Looking back now, she wondered how she could have been so blind. 
And yet when her husband returned with an infant and an urgent need to flee the city, Blanche wordlessly shed her previous life, bundled up her own baby, and followed him into a world unknown.
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katt-the-author · 3 hours ago
So the number one thing no one tells you about writing a book is the amount of time you spend waiting around to hear back about your book. 💛
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srishti12 · 4 hours ago
People say
That it got easier
But in reality
I got tougher....
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storieswithamaleta · 4 hours ago
Underwing Challenge Day 6 + Day 7
6. What does your portfolio look like? Talk about as many other WIPs as you’d like here.
I have to be honest here, I never understood portfolio. I mean u understand what it is and its purpose but I never understood how to make it for myself.
But either way I guess I do have certain things I worked on.
Starting of with Collection.
1. Collection: Story 1: Mirror Defect: (DONE) (Sorry no cover)
Not all is as it seems.
Not all can be explained and even when the truth is out not everything will make sense.
"I just lost my brother, I can't lose her."
What can you do when you lose trust in those around you? When grief holds you too close?
When lies are hidden all around you?
When nothing is real?
Can you trust your own eyes? When all goes wrong who can you trust?
"Experitment 1034, you are next"
Is anything real? Are you real?
**Warning: character death, graphic description of the deceased character.**
The story was originally done to scare my uncle. I was going to send him this other story, which R.L. Stine wibe to it but sadly I lost it.
So here we are. Now this story features Mark, who despite all that has occurred, is trying to fix his broken family, even if it means destrying himself but is this family real?
You can check it out here
2. So, A Deal?: (DONE)
Tumblr media
Met with death she has no choice but to let death consume her.
"No, I can't leave like this! Not like this."
There is no other way, or is there? But is she ready?
"What do you want? Does your soul not fill with rage, anger and despair? Pushing you to the core of vengeance? Don't you feel like a ghost? Dreading you will disappear? You know you are nothing but a ghost, and eventually, you will have to fade."
"I have seen the face of affliction brought by my reality, I'm tortured by the future of things that cannot be, haunted by visions of yesterday."
Her sin is great, but her desire greater. Will she survive the burn?
This was something I did for my school wrok once. Although it is quite different than the original work. I'm quite happy with the last chapter. I honestly just posted it out as a test to see if others would like it.
It took quite an effort and I enjoyed doing the last bit of it. I really want to make a sequal to it, get it going, but not really sure if this is going to go well.
You can check it out here.
3. Solar Elements: (DONE)
Tumblr media
Avatar: The last Airbender inspired.
A lot can happen during a lifetime, faultless rotating to flaws, heroes into villains, a lifetime of destruction smiling in your wakes.
A lot can be lost in a lifetime.
"Wolf is going overboard,"
"We do not have time to wait."
"Surrender now and we shall show you all mercy."
"No, we will never yield to you"
"Then so be it."
"You are not prohibited to address better yet conduct such disgrace." "We are still alive!"
"Love you, Son"
A lot can happen during a lifetime, faultless rotating to flaws, heroes into villains, a lifetime of destruction smiling in your wakes.
"And so she has finally awoken."
I had done this for a story contest once, sadly I was unable to win. But I have to behonest, if I had I would have been so annoyed, it was awful, so awful. I won't talk much on it, as I still don't like this too much.
This feature elemtnal magic and time twist you can say, where a character, reborn must choose to either repeat history or change it completely.
4. Pirates tale: (WIPs)
Had this in for a while, been working on it but didn't have a plot till now.
The ship has no name, no crew, nothing. But if you see it, it's already too late.
Legend says they're ghost, some say they are cursed, others....... others don't live to tell the tale.
It was inspired by a prompt I saw once. Hoping to make these pirates cured to be vampires, hidden from all and only visible at night. They are insearch of their first crew captain, the one who must break the cures. Problem is, Captian dies 30 years ago.
Guess, his hidden daughter must be placed instead.
This is dumb, so dumb, but hey, I'll work on it.
5. The Basement: (WIPs)
Another school work.
This one feartures students sneaking into their school's basement. Each with their own story on why the basement is forbbiden.
If only they had listened and not followed through, then maybe they would not have encountered, the hidden dark past of the school.
This has a gay couple, lol I actaully send it to my teacher but I don't think she noticed :(. It needs alot of work though, so this may take a while.
6. To find the Truth: (WIPs)
This one seems to be liked a lot by you guys. Many seem intrigued.
In the dystopian future, when the world government collapsed, when humans fell and the virus took hold, out rose a series of mutants. Their genes mutated by the virus released when a power plant went nuclear.
These mutants, blessed with powers beyond their control, have taken leadership. Smart, strong, powerful and undefeatable. They hold power over the weak like you and me. But I won't let them stop me. I won't let them come in the way.
They are sloppy, weak and useless. The world is filled with criminals, danger and people in need. This world needs justice, it needs help and they won't help, so I will.
"They'll take you away. They take people like them away"
"I won't let them"
I worked up a lot on this in the past few day and have actually most of the plot down. Well the main chracter's backstory at least, even how the virus started and why these mutants have taken over.
I just need to start it out and get it going. I have done that and I was thinking of adding bits and pieces on how the world is after every sub-story, like telling the tale as the story progress.
Was also hoping to give this story, a big reveal as to who these mutants are and how they came to be, why they take other's like them and how they find other's like them.
7. To Sacrifice or To Live? (WIPs)
Still working up on the name here, but the story goes like this.
Two wedding decades a part, each holding nothing but tale forgotten.
An evil entity hanting them both. A power over both familes, readdy to demolish them whole this time.
Will the scarifice work?
Ok, before you turn away, here me out here.
Two weddings, one in the 1900s and the other in 2000s. Both familes trapped in a curse long active, each must work to find a way to break the curse. One failed, made it worse, will the new bride make it? Or will she suffer worse?
8. Collection: Haunting Memories (WIPs)
Jenny doesn't know how she did it but she did. She didn't mean to. She really didn't. But Nina is dead now and it's her fault. She did it.
It's her fault.
Then why do they blame Jake? Jake is sweet, kind and caring. Sure he was the one with the blade, covered in blood and coming to kill Jenny next but it wasn't Jake. Because she saw.
Saw him kill her. Push the blade through Nina, watching as the girl fell. Her blood turning the ground crimson. She saw as the life left Nina's eyes. As the killer slumped to the ground, the control over him wearing off.
Jenny knows because she killed Nina. Then why does no one believe her? And why do her memories differ from Jake's?
“I am telling you what happened.”
“All you are doing is wasting our time.”
“Then be patient, this is all I have. Please just hear me out.”
“We are busy people here. We don’t have time for stupid tales, girl”
“This is not a stupid tale. If you could just listen.”
“We are listening. Listening to you for the past 10 minutes, all you have done so far is tell us useless things. We have things to do.”
“Everything I mention is important. One thing missed and you won’t understand. Please. I need your help.”
“You have 10-”
“Fine 15 minutes.”
This I hope to work and get done by at least in the next month. It need a lot of work and must be quite slow yet fast paced. I need to make the plot a bit more than just what I have written.
8. Trick? No, I'll take the Treat (WIPs)
Halloween themed. Done quite long ago.
What will you do when your Halloween turns into a nightmare?
I have nothing much on it at the moment, but will update this soon.
7. What kind of partnership are you looking for in this event? Friendship? Somebody to bounce ideas off of? Something else? What sorts of people are you hoping to meet and adopt?
Honeslty, I did a lot of research in the past few days and boy do I ned a lot of work done.
For starters, I need someone who can actually tell me how my work is going, just how kuch of an effort I have out in and how it seems to others.
I need harsh, quite harsh feed back so I know what I am doing wrong, what I should improve with and what interests the reader about the book.
I also say wish to meet and know other writers here. Would love to meet them and get to know them.
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jbbuckybarnes · 6 hours ago
Am I the only person that ABSOLUTELY hates these "lists of talented fanfic writers" posts, because if you're not on it you feel even more not recognized on this hellsite? Like, idgaf about how many notes a post of mine gets, but this kinda shit discourages me more than any post ratio ever could. I see them and I get excited to look for my name because I fit the description of the list and (surprise) I'm not on it. And like...I'm never on them? I'm somewhere in this gray area where I've been writing for months and am not new in the fandom anymore but I'm also not at a point where I've written 3 series for the fandom and have many regular readers. Unless you make friends on here that push your stuff and talk about you it's kinda not fun, but I'm too traumatized to make friends on here after what happened on different social media (twitter) in the fandoms I'm currently in.
idk, just a ramble post. I think those lists are trashy unless it's one of those where every person gets a little sentence and fic rec. But these follow forever looking posts with dozens of people and then you're not even on it? Yeah, that's somehow depressing to me, like you had one job and you put someone with a masterlist of 3 works on it but not know what I mean? What a first world problem, but that shit genuinely makes me not wanna write for the fandoms I'm in (especially when the post claims to be somewhat of an index for a fandom). You don't write much smut and most people instantly don't give a fuck about your work. I'm grateful for the ones that do, but seeing the difference since I switched is just depressing.
Had to get this off my chest.
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writingonesdreams · 8 hours ago
100 things
I gotta talk about the excellent storytelling of the german movie 100 things for a second. The movie is a masterpiece from the first second to last, from the action and cut to thematic significance and discussion, plot that drives and enhances the theme and the characters that are either funny and relevant expressions of modern times or complex quirky commentary on life.
It's about two german best friends in a start up company that sell an emotion-detecting app to an American giant who only sees it as opportunity to sell people more stuff. They make a bet of starting from zero and only taking one thing a day for 100 days to revolt consumerism tendencies in themselves.
The stakes are the money interest in their company.
Paul is classic creative tech genius who is a bit dreamy and philosophical, emotional and well-meaning.
Toni is a disciplined high-achiever with natural talent for business (he can sell you anything) obsessed with image, practical and a driving force.
The two are best friends since childhood when Paul's family often took care of Toni whose parents run up on him.
They are also both very jealous of each other which comes to play in the story as their friendship and patience is tested.
There is a love interests for Toni that adds significant depth to the theme and to the relationships with a psychological dependency on buying new things and being in giant debts.
Paul is endlessly relatable as he struggles with days without his phone and things and slowly learns to appreciate little things and moments in life.
It's beautifully philosophical. The characters talk about the issues of happiness in times when we are the most lucky, when we have the most things in life ever (no wars, persecution, so much wealth we never had before in EU). But it's prompted by natural events from the plot! So it never drags or feels lecturing!
This is the ultimate plot-theme-character harmony working together in synergy!
The characters take stances on the theme, they struggle with consumerism and happiness and how much meaning to we assign to things.
The plot drives this forward with the app that has a sweet innocent helping initial idea of helping people not to feel alone and comforting them - Paul explicitly states he planned it for old people or kids alone at home etc. That it wants to be used to see people things only, to sell them the promise of happiness...this profit only thinking at the expense of people's natural needs and emotions is scary.
At the same time the film doesn't blindly devalue marketing skills or business ideas. Innovation, young people getting somewhere quickly instead of waiting for pension or 50 years to start living, being able to compete with big companies because it's the skill and idea that counts not (just) the big money. That's what capitalism is awesome at, allowing freedom to get out there creativity and hard work alone, to start up things!
The ultimate answer for differenences between people? Cooperation of those differences! Combining those different strenghts will get you so much farther than you would alone. Paul’s genius would go to waste if Toni didn’t know how to tell the right things about the product to the right target audience! 
The bromance is awesome. It's playful rivalry and emotional humiliation when everything goes right and you actually don't have a reason to be pissed but you are, it's intimate knowledge and absolute acceptance of the other's quirks and weaknesses. It's jealousy and wanting to be better to improve oneself, but it's also the underlying respect and admiration and the complementarity.
And the comfort and vulnerability in this film, with grown men in their 35ties! If stories only dated to do this more.
Also the relationships with parents and the grandma. Paul's parents actually play a role, they comfort and react and share knowledge and concerns and the love is beautiful in the little things.
So refreshing to watch non-American movies for real. European culture is so similar yet to so different in the cultural experience and collective memory, the rich history. It's an examination take on modernity and excess yet without the cliches and artificiality of today's american Hollywood industry and it's self-obsession. Gotta open my horizons with other movies (from my own culture non the less! EU is so americanised it's ridiculous. We consume american movies and products and their fantasies about greatness when we have so much of our own we forget).
You want a deeply thoughtful yet funny and playful movie about consumerism, relationships and human happiness with awesome bromance and family relationships, a sprinkling romance and subtle exploration of psychological problems of this age? Go watch 100 things.
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sea52501 · 9 hours ago
Animals in fiction...
Animals in fiction…
Animals tug at people’s heartstrings in real life every day (guilty). Storytellers have used this emotional connection since stories were first told around communal fires. Even Homer used Odysseus’s dog Argos to show loyalty and the connection between people and their pets. I have no idea how many death scenes I saw in comic books, movies, or on television. But I remember in great detail when…
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srishti12 · 9 hours ago
Some boulders come in life not too toughen the path; at times they remind us how important it all is when we want to give up.
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still-beliefs · 9 hours ago
You could be a learning example
Exhaling I think of you
In sound body and mind
With all we leave behind concurrently
You’re a light shining, they all see
But I believe in climbing instead of looking
We fight our battles inside but the way your eyes
Stare back like it’s fact we belong together
Capsizing my ship, it’s hip how it’s a herd effect
You look back but I don’t want to keep you from what you’re meant
Or at least what this beast of a mind relents
All I want is a moment sincere, clear like an adhesive likely to adhere
This rumbling stomach knows only red romance towards your truth, little as it may be
Eyes crossed, your diaphragm glistens with the nervousness of too many galaxies
Too paused to be considered in this game but it’s all life or death, steps through a mess too deep
We all have secrets, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours
Though they all know what I seek before
Yours are mine to keep, to seek and to never betray
Baby I’m a pebble supporting a wall designed to be pretty
I’d rather lay on the ground disconnected as long as it’s not from you, from everything else
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still-beliefs · 10 hours ago
There’s so much that happens in a day, I notice the more I say
The less you seem to want to listen to me, and that’s perfectly okay
My thumbs hurt and my arms are just as useless, but I still heard you
When you said the effigy is just nuance in the way we make believe
I sing the differences between us knowing it’s useless but maybe
A personal belief is worth a strum or two or five hundred chords
I’ve planned to lay out like a building but blueprints are
Shadow mark ups in the name sake of what we believed in
It never goes according to plan but you’re used to this the way
I repeat I love you, and you don’t understand why I’m so caught up
Thrown up like paint, is this art or is it just something they’ve seen before
Abhorred, reputation like beauty is just in the eye of the obscured
We change even though we listen to the same songs, questioning
Can I lift this finger to accommodate the list of what I could never surrender
There’s the before and after I’m still completely unused to
Nothing tastes the same, north of this market it’s too cold
You’re a story untold, I’ve tried to know you deeper than a shovel could dig
I’m clouded but it’s always when eating it hurts so bad in this stomach
Churning, you’re too much to be digested but not in the sense of emotion
You care too little to be reckless, it’s easy to be anything
So reckless and in love we island the way it feels to be so directionless
But I couldn’t move you enough to want to be here now so
Regardless of what you said weeks ago I’m just constantly reminded
Confused and infused and lied to in a way I joke but know you mean it
The curtains are open and the sunshine is seeping, welcome to this moment
It’s all us accustomed to a net beneath but now it’s a life of death stun
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floralbfs · 11 hours ago
actually yall know what makes me mad??? when a story is set on a (modern or even near-futuristic) world where most (if not all) people have special abilities or superpowers or whatever AND YET technology is not extremely advanced!!!! LIKE,,,, you think people with research abilities or like abilities suited for learning abt the world or furthering science... what, don't exist?? or don't make use of them????? PUES NO MI CIELA!!!! or maybe even worse, you think the development of these superpowers stopped scientific/technological advancement because people were instead more focused on learning abt the mutation that caused them or whatever? WELL YOU'RE WRONG!!!!! why are astronomers studying the body and superpowers??? why are mathematicians??? biologists (not focused on humans)??? engineers??? robotics experts & people who further artificial intelligence and stuff??? not every scientist is focused on humans and learning abt the human body or its abilities!!!! if these people care abt superpowers at all (through a scientific lens) it is to know how they can be helpful for scientific advancement!!!!!! why would people stop studying and learning and working and inventing just because humans gained new abilities!!!! are new things not being invented right now??? have people stopped going to school to learn about fields that aren't medicine just bc there's a pandemic going on??? no!!!! science continues regardless of or even fueled by human events and progress and shit!!!!!
#i have many thoughts about this. i apologize.#IM JUST MAD WHEN PEOPLE DONT THINK ABOUT WHAT THINGS CAUSE!!! WHY WOULD YOU CREATE A WORLD THAT WLD REALISTICALLY GREATLY DIFFER FROM OURS#AND THEN MAKE THE ONLY CHANGES BE “OH THEY ALL HAVE POWERS AND THERE'S HIERARCHY TO THESE POWERS ACCORDING TO#HOW GOOD THEY ARE AND ALSO HEROES ARE REAL” LIKE. FUCK!!!!! DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW MANY THINGS CHANGE BY THE SLIGHTEST LITTLE THINGS!!!!#INTRODUCING SUCH A BIG CHANGE TO SOCIETY WOULD MAKE IT SHIFT IN AN EXTREMELY BIG WAY PLEASE HAVE SOME CREATIVITY AND THINK ABOUT THE#CONSEQUENCES OF THE THINGS YOU WRITE ABOUT HAPPENING!!!!!!!!#i apologise again i have many many thoughts and i overthink things and i dont like it when things are not thought through or are carelessly#and thus badly done#and also superpowers (especially widespread superpowers!!! what the fuck!!!!) is such a good trope (i have like three or four stories w tha#thats how much i like it) and i cant stand seeing people just wasting it away by not thinking abt them!!!! their implications and#intricacies and possibilities are endless and gorgeous and absolutely majestic!!!!! please for the love of god think about things before#writing about them!!!!!#ok i will shut up now sjdbsndbsnbd#but wait i have something more to say#science would be able to expand so much with the acquirement of superhuman abilities especially if some of them are not conventional or#cliche (think super strength‚ flight‚ etc) because‚ while these mentioned abilities (and many others) could be very helpful for the#advancement of science and technology‚ humans have the ability to use their environment to their advantage as well as every ability and/or#aspect (most notably that of a sharp mind and creative yet disciplined thought) they own. thus‚ the gain of varied‚ new‚ and potentially#useful abilities (even if they don't seem to be this at first sight) would be a major opportunity for the scientific community to search‚#study and analyse‚ thus easily and in a widespread manner finding new possible advancements for the human race to make use of.#ok sorry for the borderline essay (though i could write a genuine thesis-like essay abt this probably‚‚‚‚) i really am going now skdbnsbdns#honey talk
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magpieatmidnight · 11 hours ago
Creative prompt: the Journey
New blog post alert for creatives -Creative prompt: the Journey #writingcommunity #creativeprompt #writingprompt
When we moved into our house a couple of years ago the previous owners had left a lot of things behind. Most of these things were kind of annoying – huge wardrobes that have been difficult to get rid of or broken ornaments in the garden. However, they also left this little guy in a large flower pot in the garden, and I really like him. He’s made of some kind of ceramic, and seen from the right…
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