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#ask game
ohyoumeanher · 17 minutes ago
neon fruit and friend-shaped <333
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fandoms-or-life · 18 minutes ago
for the game: m!
In no particular order,
Mamma Mia- ABBA
Maniac- Conan Gray
Miss Americana and the heartbreak prince- Taylor Swift
Monster- Imagine dragons
Main rahoon ya na rahoon- Amaal Malik
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kuldrenett · 28 minutes ago
Cookie chip, baja blast, *BLureuupe* (kazoo noises)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Im finally getting fed im so happy 😭😭😭🙏❤ also i have to say, im definitely going feral but my ferality is expressed through excessive napping and i think, in my case, the opposite should apply. Namely: "jfc get the fuck out of bed already!!" But yeah..... my permanent state:
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just-love-nikki-things · 53 minutes ago
the creator of omori is a fujoshi ]:
I'm sorry I'm a dumbass and not very knowledgeable in fandom terms but what's a fujoshi? And is it bad?
(Though judging from your emoticon anon, I feel like it is.)
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winterxisxcomingx · an hour ago
Hello dear!🌸
Pass the happy💜
When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! 🦋
(gonna send this one right back at ya!💕)
haha, hello again! 💜
Okay, so more things hmmm...
looking at videos and photos of my friends' pets (they are sending those everyday, it's like heaven aaa!)
reading mangas/manhwas
baking with my mum
seeing that people are rebloging my posts
Thank u for passing the happy! 🤩💜
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Hi, love ✨💙
4. What do you study?
I am just about to finish my degree in creative and professional writing
5. What do you wish to accomplish by studying at university?
I’ve nearly finished the degree so I hope I have achieved being able to write at a publishing standard and have a good knowledge of the world of writing, publishing and journalism but when I first started university I just wanted to be a better writer
7. What’s your dream job?
I would love to just be a writer - whether that’s in prose or scripts. I am a storyteller and I would love for that to be my career
12. What has been the most interesting class you’ve taken?
I’ve already answered this one but another really interesting class I took was representation and responsibility where we had to look into what the responsibilities of a writer were. We had to think on how a good writer handles the responsibility of what they’re representing. I think about this every single time I write and also when I read other people’s work or watch tv shows and movies.
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ahockeywrites · an hour ago
3, 4, and 6?
3. what makes you love writing?
The freedom that comes with it, I don’t have to stay within the box and can write about who I want
4. what does it take for you to be proud of something you’ve written?
I would say that, and I know this really isn’t what should make me proud, but when I get a lot of engagement on a particular fic that I’ve spent a lot of time on. It makes me happy to see that other people are enjoying something I put a lot of time into
6. are your projects driven more by character or plot?
Plot 100%. I have about 30 drafts that are just random plot ideas that are half fleshed out, waiting for me to write them
Ask me stuff from here!
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kuldrenett · an hour ago
Purble and cookie chip 👉🏻👈🏻
Tumblr media
😭😍❤😚😳🤡🙏👁💋 babe....... i love you. you're the only person between me and starvation - i cannot cook. ill just be sitting on the counter, looking like a snack 😔
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littlerose13writes · an hour ago
8 and 9!
Thank you Meg!
8. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, share a song that’s been inspiring you lately.
I don’t! I need almost silence to write, or ambient sounds, anything with lyrics just distracts me and I wish I could write to my fic playlists but I just can’t concentrate or ‘hear’ the characters properly! Music does inspire me though, recently I’ve been really loving Aly & AJ’s newest album and I’ve been consistently loving Maggie Rogers for over a year now🥰
9. Do you prefer to write AUs, canon divergence, or canon-compliant fic?
Canon compliant usually just because I really enjoy taking the existing and using it as parameters for what else could have happened and what might happen next, although so much of my writing takes place after canon ends rather than during so it’s only compliant to an extent... that’s not to say I don’t enjoy writing AUs, but I’ve found that the characters feel totally different (because so much of who they are is because of what has happened to them) sometimes to the point where they just happen to have the same name as the canon character, that happened to me with Head Over Heels! Scorpius is a completely different person because he didn’t have the voldemort rumours following him around school and, although he has other difficulties, he still has his mum. Albus’ dad isn’t famous, instead he grapples with his own sense of identity in comparison to James, they’re not really Albus and Scorpius anymore which has turned out quite well
behind the scenes fic questions
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littlerose13writes · an hour ago
10 and 20 for the asks :)
Thank you Megan!
10. Do you enjoy writing dialogue, exposition, or plot the most?
Dialogue for sure! I love writing a good long back and forth conversation between two characters best but a group is also fun, I feel like I get the most out of my characters when I give them dialogue... but honestly I deliver almost all of my exposition and most of my plot through dialogue anyway, or character’s inner monologue if not what they’re actually saying!
20. What’s your favorite minor character you’ve written?
I simply can’t choose just one favourite, JSP has been an absolute joy to write, especially in shab because I’ve dug a bit deeper than ever before and explored him a lot as himself rather than how he relates to Albus (although there’s a lot of brother moments too!) there’s just so much to him and I’ve really enjoyed going beyond the surface level and breaking him open a bit, he probably has the hardest time in the story because of what happens to him but also how he handles it and how long it takes him to ask for help too, he grows so much and it’s just been the most wonderful challenge! And I will always just be so so proud of my Lily Luna, she has always been a character I’ve found easy to write because she just came fully formed in my mind for some reason, I just knew who she was and she’s always been really enjoyable to include in stories, there are almost no limits to my Lily? I can get away with much wilder plots and justify them with Lily because she just is that much and she’s unapologetic about being her at all times, I’m proud of her and I feel like she is proud of me too🥰
behind the scenes fic questions
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tcs-main · 2 hours ago
the amount of wips you have is truly terrifying. i'm in awe. brothers in....beans, if you don't mind. i'm very intrigued.
ehehehhe and they just keep coming asjkdhfjks its like they’re multiplying ahhaha
8. Brothers in...Beans? 
seriously such a fucking silly name that i may change before posting it, but this is my entry for The Sorcerer’s Guild’s Let Leon Live fest. 
the summary: 
Leon and Merlin have spent 1500 years alone together. In the most recent century they decided they needed something to keep busy. So, posing as brothers, they open a coffee shop together to pass time until Arthur's return (imagine his surprise, rising from the dead to find his husband and first knight brothers.)
I have been dying to write brotherly merlin & leon friendship opening a cafe as bored immortals for ages now, so i am super excited to write this for the fest. 
its going to be from leon’s point of view, have established merthur, and everyone is lowkey sus of merlin & leon bc they really are bad at hiding the immortal thing. 
Send me a title from my wips that intrigues you and I'll ramble about it!
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viskafrer · 2 hours ago
In preparation of tomorrow's Surprise Sunday
[information about Surprise Sunday here] [more on my writeblr week here]
For tomorrow's Surprise Sunday I want to surprise people with very unusual questions. It will be one question per person, so throughout tomorrow, you will likely get an ask from me containing one of the strange questions I like to ask people around me.
If you'd like one, please comment on this post so I know.
It would be the sweetest thing if you could send the post around so others can find it who may not be following me but still want to participate.
Once you received your question, you are under no obligation to answer it, so don't feel pressured. It supposed to be fun after all 🥰
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tcs-main · 2 hours ago
Oooh and "Magnolias & Orange Blossoms" 🏵️🏵️
ahhhhokay i love this one (aha i love them all tbh)
12. Magnolias & Orange Blossoms 
the summary: 
CEO Arthur Pendragon is sent on an errands run by his sister, Morgana Pendragon (CFO), to get her sleeping draught from the local Apothecary's shop. There he meets Merlin, the (very attractive) owner of the shop, and decides he will find any reason possible to keep going back to see him. 
allow me to gush over my flower language title for a moment, please. 
I loved titling this bc i mean, if you have been on my blog for longer than 3 minutes, you will know i have an obsession with flower language bc i am an amateur apothecary and love gardening & flowers. 
i wanted to give this fic a flower language title bc it is an apothecary merlin fic. 
So, Magnolias stand for Nobility, and Orange Blossoms stand for Marriage, Innocence, and Eternal Love! 
I just ugh, Nobility & Eternal Love just idk it whispers merthur sweetly into the night, and i needed to use it. 
This is a fun fic, though, um, Morgana and Merlin are definitely friends. Arthur definitely has a crush on the cute apothecary his sister gets her draughts from. 
Send me a title from my wips that intrigues you and I'll ramble about it! (Srsly pls distract me)
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dudeandduchess · 2 hours ago
Favorite Gundam Seed character? And of course, who was your Gundam Seed crush?? 😁
Oh my gooood. My favorite has to be Athrun Zala. My Quizilla account was so full of him, like this blog now. 😂
Tho I never liked him as much as I love Kyō. 😌
Blow my inbox up pls
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blackpheonix · 2 hours ago
🌎 the only talent I have that I can think of is that I can lie lol 
🎄there you go 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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phyllistate · 2 hours ago
What's your biggest inspiration right now? 💥 Love the story btw ✌🏻
Honestly speaking? I am still looking for a new and solid inspiration right now, one that will really stuck with me. xD To do so, I've been watching a lot of movies and playing lots of games (mainly VNs)! I'm having a hard time putting my ideas into words lately, but I think it's slowly coming to me right now. I guess, for the meantime, the one, clear thing that inspires me is the upcoming chapters of Invoker itself!
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funky new theme! anyway for the fic writer ask thingy: 7, 14, 15, 18
Yeah!!!  Tumblr wiped my old one (which I am sad about) but this one is nice, too.
7. Which part of writing do you struggle with most? 
FINISHING, UGH.  Everything is fine when I’m excited about a fic but once the initial motivation is gone it’s a SLOUGH.  HATE THAT.
14. If you were stuck on a desert island with only two characters, which would you pick?
Oh hm.  From anything?  Jem Carstairs from TSC and Nile Freeman from TOG would be an interesting combination.  Fairly certain that between them they could keep us all alive, and Jem would keep us all sane.  Also would be some interesting conversations.  In addition, you KNOW Nile would find us a way off the island and back home in no time.
15. A Hollywood producer tells you that they want to film just one of your fics. Which fic would you want it to be?
OH.  FUCK.  UH.  GOTTA THINK.  Leaning toward Every Earthly Mark (aka the BNHA kiribaku soulmate fic) because it’s the one I’m converting into an original story?  But I mean... the Soulmate’s Guide is also very up there.  It definitely should be a soulmate fic because I LOVE those.  Ohhhhh but depending on production it would be REALLY EFFING COOL to see The Monstrophagus on the big screen.  It would be like Stranger Things except romance.
18. What is a line/scene you’re really proud of? Give us the DVD commentary for that scene.
TW for death and graphic descriptions of corpses, but I think this one is my favorite right now:
“They are.  Too late, that is.  Nile gasps above Joe, the flashlight in her hand beginning to waver as Joe reaches down, hand hovering over Nicolo’s gaunt cheek.  His eyes are open and staring, his chest unmoving, the water still in the bottom of the iron maiden also filling his slack mouth.  He’s a corpse—dead, nude, with hair and beard discolored green and impossibly long, skin gray and wrinkled from the water.  He’s thin, skeletal, and his arms are folded up by his sides to make room for his nails, which are long and curling.  His legs, too, are folded to make room for his toe-nails, that plus his gauntness making him seem impossibly small.  He’s like something inhuman, something dead but something divine—a being caught somewhere between constant death and eternal life.”
~Saltwater Sonata
It was one of the very first scenes I wrote for SS, long before I even had most of the plot figured out.  I just... I had this image in my head of Nicky coming out of the iron maiden for the first time in five hundred years, so vivid it felt like a waking dream.  Like a flashbulb going off, it just came to me.  Something dead but something divine... something between constant death and eternal life.  Like, wow.  That’s inspired. 
Not that that was all it took.  It took a LOT more than that to get it here, to this state.  It was the first scene in SS chronologically that showed Nicky’s physical state after spending so long under the sea, and that was super important to get right.  The movie kind of brushed over what would happen to a human who can’t die if they spent five hundred years underwater, but I had this morbid need to think about it and reconstruct it as realistically as possible.  This scene is fairly short, but very descriptive, because I did a LOT of research and math to figure out what, exactly, it would look like.  I’m just really proud of this scene because of the combination of raw vibes AND ALSO all the care and research that went into it.  Long live Nicolo di Genova, the soul at the bottom of the sea.
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dudeandduchess · 2 hours ago
If kyo's not a breath of flame user, what type of breathing style do you think suits him and the one that doesnt?
Thank you for the ask, bby 👀 I think Kyō would have sound or beast breathing if he didn’t have the breath of flame. 🤔 Mostly bc it’s also an offensive breath, instead of defensive.
And the breath that wouldn’t suit him is breath of water; since it’s more of a defensive breath style than anything. I’m not an expert at swordsmanship, since I’ve only studied Arnis (a local sport similar to kendo) in high school, but with how the stances are in water breathing, it’s more to subdue as quickly as possible instead of focusing on strength and force like fire breathing.
Tumblr media
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tcs-main · 2 hours ago
Ahhh I love all of those titles!! They all sound so good!! But I just have to ask about "He Stole My Knight!" 😁😁
Ahhh hihi!!!! Ahah a fun one👀👀 I like this one
28. He Stole My Knight!
the basic summary:
There is a new knight visiting Camelot, and the King has taken an immediate liking to him. Unfortunately... This doesn't go over well for his pining [in denial] Court Sorcerer.
Or, 5 times Merlin was Jealous + 1 time he didn't need to be.
I really like this one ahah I love Jealous Merlin & Jealous Arthur, and this one is jealous merlin but also in denial merlin which is fun and there is pining and askjdhjk ahahah I love this one
Basically, a knight comes to Camelot and Arthur is like oh shit he is a great Knight, but Merlin takes his um takes his "attraction" to him, as, well... attraction. and gets jealous. and it is a 5 + 1 which is even more fun bc i love them
Send me a title from my wips that intrigues you and I'll ramble about it! (Srsly pls distract me)
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