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red--thedragon · 15 minutes ago
man the fandom racism post is not bad but it feels very incomplete, to me. and i mean by necessity it must be, but like- okay to use a personal example. i'm white and i grew up in a very white neighborhood, and like i know for a fact i've done things that were racist and probably still do without realizing sometimes. like i do my best but my best is not necessarily perfect or even good sometimes. okay? so that's the baseline we're working with if i use myself as an example.
the post said that your response to imperfect characters of color matters more than your response to perfect ones, and i do agree! except that I have always liked villains and mean characters. So, uh, let's use Supernatural, because the easiest Black bad guy character i can remember being SUPER obsessed with for a while was Gordon from SPN. Gordon's deal was that he wanted to kill all of the monsters because a monster had killed his sister, and Sam had to fight him to protect some vampires. They set the black guy up as a scary threat to a bunch of innocent white women. That is obviously bad. I'm sure someone else could talk more clearly about how fucked up this plotline was, because it's been ages and I can't remember it super clearly, but it was like... it was not good.
And like. I loved that guy. I thought he was so interesting. Like, obviously he was a dick, and his choices were bad, but oooohhhh how neat, how cool, etc etc. I wanted him to be Dean's evil new father figure and come back and I mean, obviously that didn't happen, but like- like I liked him. And at the time I was also without a fucking doubt, hands down, racist, because I was i think thirteen or fourteen and I was living with my racist parents and struggling to know how to act. I enjoyed fanworks with racist tropes in them. Honestly even the conception of the character was pretty racist and SPN continued to be astonishingly racist with its other black characters.
The post also used Katara as an example. I honest to god didn't know anyone disliked Katara, ever, because when I was a kid I was like. actively in love with her, I wanted her to be my friend, she was my favorite character outside Zuko. I thought she was the best. And I was racist! Like you have to understand, when I watched Avatar first I was like, ten. I was racist! At that point I hadn't even been aware that racism was still a thing because like. my neighborhood was very white and I was a sheltered kid, and my parents were racist.
so obviously 'liking imperfect characters of color' is not a solution. like, liking imperfect characters of color is better than holding all characters of color to higher standards than white characters, i agree, but you can't just stop there. you have to actually be aware of what tropes are racist, what concepts are bad, et cetera et cetera. and like I am not the person who should be saying this! I am pretty sure I'm still racist and just not sure where so I can learn how to stop! There are without a shadow of a doubt a million people better suited to talk about this stuff on this website alone! but I felt the need to say something anyway, I guess.
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okayto · 29 minutes ago
Do you think historians would be interested in people keeping a diary during and after the pandemic for future records (even if it’s full of personal details like a personal diary instead of a research journal) ?
In fact, from a future historical research standpoint the personal details are probably more interesting, I’d guess, because there’ll be other documentation about how bad the pandemic was in [X] area at any given point, but far less information about how that did (or didn’t) affect a person’s life. Even if the pandemic isn’t mentioned specifically, someone can put two and two together. If I found my grandparents had kept diaries during the 30s (Great Depression), or had entries during December 1944 (Pearl Harbor) or November 1963 (JFK assassinated) or July 1969 (moon landing), those would be interesting regardless because I’d know what was going on that would’ve been making the news, and possibly affecting their lives or conversations.
What people choose to write about, particularly when the intended audience is themselves, is interesting.
Heck, I love Facebook’s memories feature because it’s so interesting to see what I was sharing in the past. Sometimes just a year, and hoo boy was this time last year weird. Sometimes more years! I’m reminded of things I cared about that I don’t anymore. I see friends tagged who I haven’t connected with in a decade. I see college!Kayt posting about classes and assignments and a lack of sleep and please for the love of all that is good, college students, get some sleep and it’s a window into a world that doesn’t exist anymore, and a person who has changed.
(Also, here’s a link to a similar discussion/post last year, and here’s another person talking about keeping a diary/journal during Plague Times so you don’t just have to take my work for it!)
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promiseofdawn · 33 minutes ago
❊ I want to roleplay with you 
✸ I want to plot with you 
✤ I want to ship with you 
✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great 
✢ I like your characters 
❋ Your blog is one of my favs 
✦ I like seeing you on my dash 
✪ You seem like a cool person
❆ I love your art
❇ I love the way you write 
# I’m too shy to approach to you
That is a certainly a lot of positive things, all I can say is, thank you so much! I want to plot, ship, and rp with you too! No need to worry!
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mego42 · 46 minutes ago
Two and twelve and twenty-one for the writer asks💕
hi!!!! yes ma’am!!!! 💖
2. Do you participate in any writing events or challenges throughout the year? If so, what do you like about them?
OH MY GOD I AM SORRY I GOT AMBITIOUS WITH YOUR KINK FIC I STG I AM GOING TO FINISH IT!!!!!!!! sorry, that’s the guilt i carry around with me over how hard i flaked talking. 
so far i’ve signed up for all three of the writing events that i’ve seen since i joined this fandom, so i guess yes? i do? except i completely ballsed up two of them and decided to write sweeping multichapters and/or entire verses instead of just filling!!!! the frickin!!!!!! prompts!!!!!!! and am gearing up to balls up the third one by maybe dropping out so i am not sure what to say i like about them for me specifically bc i don’t do them right but conceptually i think they’re fun fandom things and other people should do them preferably better than me.
12. Is there a trope you haven’t written yet but really want to?
yes!! it has come to my attention via an ask i am neglecting (if you’re reading this anon my b) that we have a truly tragic lack of bed-sharing fic??? in this fandom?????? which is insane??????? considering how horrifically prickly and awkward and amazing beth and rio would be in that scenario??????????? as evidenced by there only being one rec i could think of (aka @pynkhues’ absolutely brilliant pirate au that is, in fact, going to kill me)???????? so i might try to do that one next. 
bts fic writing q’s
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bitterendbrutalizer · 52 minutes ago
Gonna write a Jay White and ELP fic that no one but me and @comeasyoudar will care about 😂
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spauffwrites · 57 minutes ago
Hi, how’s it going? Love this weather. Great to be out again, but my dog is like, “Why aren’t you home all the time?” Do you have a dog? Which vaccine did you get? Am I talking too much? This is the first in-person conversation I’ve had in 14 months. What’s your name?
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jarrickdexum1991 · an hour ago
It's the Time of the Year! It's the "Season of the Watty Awards!
It’s the Time of the Year! It’s the “Season of the Watty Awards!
All right, all right. So, today was when all of the aspiring writers of Wattpad learned that the 2021 Watty Awards would be starting soon (July 7th-September 30th) and it means one thing for this Black-American writer and blogger: I need to up the ante on my projects and get to work with making sure that I have a chance to win! In short, it’s time to get serious about my projects! Last year, I…
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drownerbrains · an hour ago
geraskefer heist fic
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kitepiper · an hour ago
I've uploaded 14k of fics to an unrevealed collection today and it is the most freeing feeling. I get to have the fics in one place and remember they exist, which is my problem with leaving them on my hard drive or in notebooks. But without the stress of watching subscribe numbers go up!
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seistark · 2 hours ago
i have never written an arrancar. so i am hella nervous yk
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okay uhh i'm probs gonna post the last part of the "andreil and goodbye kisses" series today or tomorrow (most likely tmrw) BUT if y'all have any specific prompts/things you want me to write, send me an ask and i shall try to get back to you soon :)
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borathae · 2 hours ago
i may have looked through my “never used” writing because trust me, I have way too much of it fjadjsf. 
And I came across an angsty scene I never had the chance to include anywhere. Now, the original member I wrote it with was Taehyung. 
My question for you guys. Should I keep it with Taehyung or should I use another member (if yes, state said member). 
Please send me an ask or let me know in the comments! 
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friendly-emu · 3 hours ago
Writing a D&D campaign that I may or may not ever get to DM but if I do, I just hope they don’t all realize that this campaign is just a mashup remix of like 5 other stories/various media that I like.
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soft-galaxies · 3 hours ago
building an entire fic around the thought of londo starting to fall in love with g'kar during a pre-canon nye party after g'kar brushes off some confetti from his crest. the year is almost 2257 and londo is having a breakdown breakdown over the narn ambassador being nice to him for a second
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