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#comfort character
nintendocialism · 2 hours ago
jonathan's death really hurts me like very few other deaths do. there are characters i love more who die (anya, spike) but it feels like they've had their character arcs - their business (redemption, even) is, to a large extent, concluded. jonathan, on the other hand... his speech strikes me not as the conclusion of his character arc but rather more as the beginning of his maturity. if he had lived, he could have had so much to give, to change, to discover. he took a darkness within him and turned it around and found interest and happiness in the thought of others. he'd had no chance to act on this impulse - his intent to find buffy to help her close the seal would have been a great start. jonathan's death hurts because he's a flawed, deeply human, but fundamentally good character who never had the opportunity to fully act on his goodness, to make a difference in accordance with his newfound motivations. his death is a waste and the writers and danny absolutely devastated me when i watched it the first time and every time since. very good writing, real gut punch.
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theblondeoneswife · 4 hours ago
So here is the Cassandra Dimitrescu playlist I’m (still) working on! If you have any suggestions for songs to put in it lemme know :)
Tumblr media
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toomuchdickfort · 7 hours ago
Hey shoutout to the void ending for giving the characters who came from earth even more issues Bc they get chunked back to right before they were introduced to anything Elysur but they remember the all of it
#lucky missing the thrum of magic and also being not nearly as stupid lucky as she was before (but she’s good enough at improvising out of#messes so it works out most of the time) and also hi hello limbs back and also now shes a Child again#rei going from a literal goddess to a little kid.#they run into each other eventually again but that’s years down the line#Lawrence and Geryon? are on their way to a graduation party. and THEYRE back alive again. and they’ve both committed a great number of very#terrible deeds and also have killed each other and hate each other to some degree and now they’ve gotta act like they’re like. just a couple#of teen best friends who totally haven’t experienced death multiple times. and definitely aren’t very jaded from their years of bloodshed.#and they’ve gotta take a little bit of bitter comfort in each other despite it all for the same reason they always have: they were there w#with each other. they went through it together and nobody else will understand nearly as well. and they end up getting matching tattoos and#they leave their home town as soon as they can#and they intend to never talk again and that lasts about two and a half months because Geryon has nightmares and Lawrence can’t get to sleep#in the first place and-#Derrek in theory would get thrown back to his original reality. which. I’ve not thought out near as in depth but really should sometime Bc.#might be interesting#character rambles#elysur#don't mind me#this whole ramble happened Bc. I got thinking about lucky and how her timeline is fucky especially down this ending#and then like. Larry and Gery are just interesting to think about. the more time they spend together the harder it is to let go of each#other when they try because they’ve had a rough path and. if they never went through that portal at all Lawrence would’ve moved to a#different part of the state in a year and they’d have fallen out of touch within the next two and they mean to get back in touch but never#really get around to it#and when canon g visits that reality he surprises himself with how tempting it is to hit the man in front of him.#anyway these two don’t live in my brain full time but they do make regular visits and I can’t kick them out
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intrepidsleuths · 7 hours ago
gilear faeth: exists
my inadvertent savior complex: i pick that one.
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gaylonelybitch · 8 hours ago
favourite ethan line is when miranda is taunting him about rose and he just goes FUCK YOU YOU CRAZY BITCH asksjaksjsja what a guy :’)
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mylifeisactuallyamess · 8 hours ago
Managed to write a Drabble this morning. I haven’t written Poe for a long time and it seems he is still 100% my comfort character. Whenever anything happens and I struggle to process he is what helps. Also I haven’t proof read it so just take it as it is 🤣
Life Support
Poe Dameron x Reader
Warnings: feelings of sadness, comfort, Poe is understanding, mention of bad news but no details. Struggling to process.
Word Count: 1160
You know when someone tells you something. It happened years ago and you’d survived all this time without knowing it and yet now you knew you were sad. Were you allowed to be sad about this? It didn’t happen to you, but it still denied you of something you’d wanted all your life. You weren’t even sure how it was brought up, it was just blurted out at you over the phone with a throw away comment afterwards. You sighed rubbing your eyes, still deciding if you were allowed to cry or not. You felt sad, it settled in your heart, a piece you never knew was missing.
The door opened with a twist of his key, his dark eyes looked over you as he paused in the doorway.
“Babe, why are you on the floor?” You tightened your arms around your knees, you could hear the amusement in his voice, but he didn’t know. He frowned at your lack of reaction, dragging his brows down below his curls that draped over his forehead. He quietly shut the door, now he knew something wasn’t right. He hung his bag and coat up before dropping his keys onto the side. You flinched slightly as he settled on the floor next to you, his rich brown eyes took in your blank expression as you stared straight ahead.
“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked softly.
“I-I’m not sure there’s anything to talk about.” You couldn’t speak above a whisper, your hands gripping tightly to your clothes in an effort to hold you together. His warm hand reached across and brushed the hair from your face, his gentle fingers gripped your chin making you look into his deep eyes.
“You’re sad, I can see it.” Your eyes roamed over his face, drinking him in. If there was anyone you could tell it would be Poe. Poe with his vibrant brown eyes that you could swim in for the rest of your life, Poe with his soft curly hair that always seemed to have a mind of its own but never looked messy. Poe, one of the kindest, most understanding men you’d ever met, he had changed you for the better, made your life so much better. He had pulled you back from the brink more times than you could count and he was still here, loving the mess that was you. He caressed your cheek with his thumb, trailing it over your skin as he patiently waited to see if you’d tell him what was wrong.
“It’s just….” you paused. This was ridiculous right? It happened years ago, you never knew. So why did it feel like someone just punched you in the gut? “I’m not sure if I should feel sad. Why…?” You leaned into his touch, letting his warmth soothe you as he spread his fingers holding your face like it was the most precious thing on the planet.
“I want to understand,” he murmured. His rich voice finally breaking that last barrier you had and a tear leaked out of your eye as you gazed at him. He swiped it away as you took a shuddery breath, you told him. Spilling every word your Mum had said to you explaining why you felt so confused about how to feel. His listened with an intense expression on his face, taking in every word that fell from your mouth, he waited for you to finish before he said anything. Respecting you needed to get this out in the open and not be interrupted. Your eyes fearfully looked into his when you stopped talking thinking this was all ridiculous and stupid and you should really get off the floor and cook dinner. You went to move but his hands stopped you.
“You have every right to feel like this. Just because it happened so long ago doesn’t make it hurt any less. It was a shock, and you have missed out.” You relaxed back against the cupboards, resting your head on the wood.
“I feel like a piece of me is missing? But that’s ludicrous,” you mumbled. He shuffled closer, pulling you to his chest and softly stroking your hair. You zoned out to his heartbeat, constant and steady in his chest, his body heat seeped into you comforting you in ways you didn’t think were possible. A quiet sob erupted from your chest and he tightened his arms around you.
“It’s ok to cry, you should let it out.” It wasn’t that you needed permission to cry but it helped you cross that last hurdle. You didn’t scream or sob loudly, you just let the sadness out, the tears leaked out of your eyes and into his shirt. You sniffed a few times, believing you were overreacting and being daft but Poe still held you close helping you crest this particular wave. You played with the collar of his shirt and he rubbed his chin on your hand, the stubble rough against your fingers. You moved your hand to press against his face, ghosting over his lips as you finally shifted off his chest. Your head lay on his shoulder as you gazed at each other, just soaking in the comfort and closeness you offered one other. His lips pressed against your tear tainted mouth and you accepted the kiss, slowly dragging your fingers through the hair above his ear, tugging him closer.
“I should cook,” you said softly, your eyes still closed as his kiss lingered on your lips.
“No, I’ll cook today.” You felt him move, he stood and pulled you with him leading you to the sofa. He stared pointedly at the seat and you rolled your eyes at his silent order to sit down. As soon as you had he was draping a blanket over you, tucking it around you so you were covered completely and putting your favourite film on the tv. You freed a hand, grabbing his before he went back to the kitchen, he looked down at you raising an eyebrow. You tugged on his hand and he knelt before you. Your hand went to brush through his curls, your eyes studying his features, the strong line of his jaw and how the stubble gave him that perfect 5 O’clock shadow. His hand tucked into your hair as a smile played around his mouth.
“I love you, Poe Dameron.” The smile that broke out over his face lifted your heart and you felt your own smile starting at the corners of your mouth.
“And I love you, more than you know.” He leaned forward, stealing the breath from your body. His lips massaged yours, his tongue pressing against yours in a dance that was as old as time but still held the thrill from the first time. He made you feel better, he was able to piece you back together every single time. Poe Dameron was your glue and you were his.
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parasyte-brainrot · 8 hours ago
when your life is going downhill or youre unhappy/mad just blame all your problems on stalin
wtf is he gonna do ? send me 2 gulag while he’s in hell ?
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eggfryneno · 8 hours ago
Bakugo x reader (angst-comfort)- Part 1
TW!!!: Mention of s3lf h4rm, Depression, dr4gs, s41c1d4l th0ughts , s41cid3 attempt
you have been warned, proceed with caution 
 A/N(Author’s note): This fanfiction is for comfort of depression. I don’t claim these characters as mine, they belong to their rightful owners
 Characters: Bakugo Katsuki, Izuku Midoriya, Ururaka Ochako, Mina Ashido,...
 You are a student in UA high, your quirk is however you prefer, you are in class 1A. Bakugo is your childhood friend, so is Deku.  ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ 
who am i?
 “ y/n, Wait up!” You heard a famiiar voice panting behind you as you were walking towards the exit of Yuuei.” Ochako, your classmate, was fowarding to you. You stopped in your tracks. Waving at her with a soft smile. “ Hey, Ochako.”  The girl huffed as she bended down to her knees for support. “ W-wanna go.. to the ... convinience store, with us?” Ochako offered, catching her breath. “ We don’t have homework today so we could go around for a little.” Deku sheepishly said, now appearing behind Ochako. You stopped, doing the thinking motion before apologzing. “ Sorry guys,... I’m a little busy today. But i will try my best to hang with you guys more.” Ochako’s smile faltered. “ Are you sure? You don’t look so good... We just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” Deku eyed you worriedly, his gaze dodging yours. You chuckled lightly. “ I’m alright.” Deku and Ochako looked at you with an anxious expression. Before they spoke up “ If you insist... we’ll be heading off now.” And so, they walked away. 
 A mistake. 
 That’s what you thought of yourself, when the sharp blades of the kitchen knife in contact with your bare, fragile skin. You hated yourself. So much. It was no denying that you wanted to vanish from existence, to end it all. You had thought about meeting up with a professional, but you didn’t want anyone to be worried about you when you didn’t show up in class. How is that life so unfair? You slowly felt as if the world surrounding you had slowly collapsed into a pile of dust. Perhaps you didn’t feel like crying anymore. The only thing you felt was an endless train of numbness that always present after you cry. But lately, that sort of feeling stayed. Day by day, you put on a smiley face, play dumb so  that people wouldn’t look at you with those pityful gaze. But as you could feel it, the mask was falling apart. Your empty eyes were blinded by the sudden wetness that flowed down your cheeks. You dropped the bloody weapon on the floor as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Flaws, all of the thing you saw were flaws, everywhere, you hated your body, you hated yourself, perhaps it was more of the disgust you had for yourself. There were mutiple scars on your wrists, legs, thighs. They were too noticable so you corvered them up with your long sleeved shirt. That empty space in you grew when you distance yourself from people, you seemed more... exhausted, hostile and your smile had cracked. 
you had enough.
You muttered, exiting your dark, messy room. You could feel the wind howl just by standing near the entrance of the rooftop.
The door opened.
You walked over to that one spot you have stood everyday. Everyday you told yourself ” No.” But today was an exception. You let your body led you to the edge of the building.
“ I’m sorry, Everyone.” Muttered before giving yourself a tired smile, tears formed, you slightly hissed at the itchyness of the sallty element running through your raspy skin.  You loosened up, closed your eyes and let yourself fall for once and all.
 You were startled when a pair of large, muscular arms pulled you in back to the cold solid ground. Wide-eyed, you looked up to see the figure of someone familiar. It was, Katsuki Bakugou. Your childhood friend. With fear and regrets, you cried “ I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to..” Frantically, you covered your face shocked, when you found out, Bakugo was uncontrolably shaking, his large arms huddled you close, yet so gentle , as if you would vanish if he touched you. To your surprise, his eyes were watery. “ WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” He angrily exclaimed, his voice was shaking. Then, he noticed your scars, you went quiet for a moment. He cursed under his breath before glaring at you straight in the eyes. “ YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME WHAT WAS GOING ON! YOU WORRIED ME SO MUCH, DON’T YOU SEE IT?!” Bakugo scolded you, Hugging you tight in his arms. You didn’t answer, it was too much of a pain, that you didn’t want to talk about it anymore. After awhile, you managed to mutter an apology, only to be scold about it again. “ I love you. Listen to me, I. LOVE.YOU.” Bakugo spatted, his eyes still watery. So don’t you dare leave me. Tell me all of the things you are worried, sad about and we’ll go through this together.” His voice gradually softened. Hearing him  say that made something in you burst, and so, you held on him tightly while you sobbed into his warm, comforting chest. 
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I was having a horrible night yesterday, feeling like I couldn't do my homework and insulting myself and crying a bit. So then I decided to use my comfort character from a game I still haven't played: Dr. Habit. Well, kid Dr. Habit. I just imagine he was cheerful and adorable. Then I was "hahaha funny green man" as I remebered his tweets. And that greatly improved my mood.
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flydunes · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
[id: a traditional cartoon drawing of link from legend of zelda breath of the wild. he is wearing his champions tunic, hylian pants and amber earrings. he is standing in a battle-ready pose, looking almost as if he has just thrown something. his left arm is extended down in front of him, and his right arm is held aloft, holding a shield. only the back of the shield can be seen. he has the master sword sheathed at his back. there is a red rectangle behind him. end id]
got a switch and botw for my birthday back in march and when i started playing i was like "huh. i really like loz but my old obsession isnt back thats weird" and now that im almost finished it decided to hit me round the face with a rusty shield
im only going to draw link for the next two weeks
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trash-bastard · 10 hours ago
Yes I am projecting and no I will not stop have a nice day
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fanfic-sins · 11 hours ago
Did you ever imagine your OTP/comfort characters adopting you as a child or are you normal?
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tatooineisdry · 13 hours ago
I really need a hug right now
Anxiety is slowly killing me
I have no one to talk about this problem I'm going through
not sure what my future will be like or if I'll have one
my country = complete chaos same thing
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