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hyernn31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I was thinking of adding Kori but then I realised my assignments are due in like a few hours so-
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thelampofthemoment43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just some art appreciation for Nightwing (2016) #81
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maribat4everan hour ago
Hi! Could you maybe do a sibling Daminette with Dami as the older one by like, 4 years? And they both get dropped off at the Manor but Mari is sent to Paris where everything happens and Dami is sent to the Teen Titans and one day a lil 10 year girl just appears in the living room and starts highing Dami and he hugs back and everyone is like 'what??? The ice prince hugging someone??? Who is this small magical bean???' Please? Thank you!馃
Sibling Daminette...never done that before! New POV too!
P.S I also changed the difference - now, they're twins because like it would fit the story so well.
Bruce stared at the scene that was currently occurring in front of his eyes. There weren't many things that surprised him being Batman and all, but this? This took the cake.
Currently, there was a girl (who looked like Damian) about the age of 18 hugging (hugging!) his 18 year old son, Damian. The coldest and least touchy-feely person in the Manor (quite possibly the world too).
That had surprised nearly everyone. Nearly. Alfred wasn't surprised. Honestly, Bruce wouldn't even bat an eyelash if Alfred had some kind of superpowers. But back to the point.
There was a girl (unknown!) hugging Damian right now. In the Manor.
Regaining his senses, Bruce cleared his throat. The girl twitched and then pulled away from Damian and finally looked at him.
When Bruce saw her, his breath caught in his chest. She looked almost exactly like him and Damian (except for the eyes). The same face, the same eye color, the same hair color-
His thought process was interrupted by Jason asking, "Whoa Demon Spawn. I didn't know you had a twin." Clearly he meant it as a joke, but Damian glared at him (Bruce steeled himself for the inevitable sword fight). "Tt. Of course not Todd. No one knew. This is Marinette Al-Ghul, my twin sister."
Bruce finally regained his sense of speech. "Twin?" he asked. "I didn't know you had a twin sister."
Damian's glare softened as he looked at his so-called sister. "I didn't tell you Father because she wished to remain a secret. Mother sent her to Paris with one of her former assassins and Marinette has been living there since."
Marinette smiled brightly at everyone in the room. "Hello! I'm Marinette Al-Ghul, but I go by Marinette Dupain-Cheng."
Bruce blinked. This girl...was not what he was expecting. He expected a broody girl, sullen maybe. Not...this - not that he was disappointed, of course. He always appreciated it.
Schooling his expression into impassiveness, he said, "Hello Marinette. I believe I am your biological father." Pointing to Dick, he continued, "This is-"
"Richard Grayson." she said happily. Seeing everyone's curious expressions, she elaborated. "Dami has told me a lot about all of you over the years. He says you're annoying but really he loves you. He even told me that once."
Damian elbowed her in the ribs. "Ukhti! You weren't supposed to say that!" he hissed. He looked at his brothers. "Ignore her. She just made that up."
Bruce smiled fondly at him.
Dick squealed happily once he heard that. "Ohmigosh Damian! You love us!" he turned to Marinette. "And we're going to get along great!"
She blinked at him. "I can...stay here?" she asked unsurely.
Bruce and Damian, at the same time said, "Of course you can."
Marinette's expression brightened considerably. "Thank you! Oh my Kwami, Dami you have to show me the training room-"
Jason interrupted her. "The training room? You like fighting?"
She nodded enthusiastically. "I love it. I know all the self-defence techniques-" Jason grinned widely at that. "And also! You have to show me the kitchen and the-"
Bruce smiled at her. She'd get along just fine with them.
I was literally squealing while writing this! Like, reblog and comment!
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bi-felicia-hardyan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dick grayson's beard appreciation post
Nightwing #81 (2016)
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iguana-eyanna5 hours ago
COMING SOON: Batman x reader series
Tumblr media
I'm so excited to announce my next upcoming series! I also wanted to create this fancast to have a reference on how the Batfam would look like. I know how Bruce has like a thousand kids... so for this storyline, I decided to narrow the list. I also added notes of why I picked certain actors to portray the DC characters
So without further ado, here is the Batfam!
Tumblr media
is a business owner for the biggest fashion label in Gotham City, including international branches
reader's color palette are browns, ivory, beige
has a secret past that will soon be revealed
plays the piano
Tumblr media
Oscar Isaac as Bruce Wayne
I believe Isaac's acting abilities can truly bring Bruce's dark and brooding demeanor
you can believe that Bruce would be THIC like super built
Although Bruce can be quiet, he's very affectionate to the reader and to his kids
Bruce's color palette is dark gray and black
Tumblr media
Thomas Elms as Dick Grayson
I fell in love with him when I watched "The Order" on Netflix, a must watch
I mean, look at him and the comic art... THEY BASICALLY LOOK THE SAME
Dick is like a golden retriever, (I don't think need to explain why lol)
aspires to be a police officer
color palette: different shades of blue and light gray
Tumblr media
Noah Centineo as Jason Todd
I think that Noah can match Jason's rebellious personality
He has a youthful spirit and I think he can be quite comedic
Jason is a TALL boi, and I think that Noah has excelled in that category
rides his motorcycle religiously
listens to different genres of music
mama's favoirte to the reader
color palette: a dark red with darker tones of brown
Tumblr media
Finn Wolfhard as Tim Drake
Finn would be so good as Tim
I would think that Tim would be so stressed cause he thinks there's a lot expected of him
working on grades, being a detective like Bruce, and also interning at Wayne Enterprise has made this anxious baby so tired that he became a
color palette: bright crimson with a mustard yellow
Tumblr media
Jacob Tremblay as Damien Al Ghul
I believe this child will bring the SASS
and also Jacob would be so mature for this role
actually enjoys reading literature
secretly a mama's boi to the reader
but that small boi will throw FISTS if someone tried to talk badly or hurt a single hair on you
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chhote-pandit6 hours ago
Bruce, putting on a battle armour:聽Boys, prepare yourselves. It鈥檚 time. Tonight....WE DINE IN HELL!!
Tim: *concerned*聽Yeah,聽maybe you shouldn鈥檛鈥
Diana, hitting Bruce in the head: Stop calling my mother鈥檚 house hell!
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multifandomgirl-us6 hours ago
Johnny Don't Leave Me
Slightly based off the song Bust Your Kneecaps by Pomplamoose
link to song X
Terry has to do some undercover work as John Ludwig and it involves getting close to you, the daughter of one of the biggest mafia bosses around. He has been undercover for a couple years now and thinks he finally has enough evidence to stop pretending.
Disclaimer: Terry in Batman Beyond is 16 years old but in this story he is 22 when he meets the reader and about 24 when the incident happens and they confront each other again.
Undercover!Terry x Mafia!reader
The sparkling diamond ring sat on the left hand ring finger perfectly. The sunshine reflecting off of it was blinding to those not used to it. You have been admiring it for the last half hour while you sat waiting for your appointment at the bridal shop. A slight smile has stayed permanent on your lips ever since the proposal from your now fiance John Ludwig.
You and John had met at a coffee shop that you and your family owned. Although coffee wasn't the only thing your small family business dealt with, that is where you spent most of your time. John had walked in one day while you were on break and asked to sit with you even though there were other tables open. From there he proceeded to woo you and you had fallen in love with him. A couple years passed and he had asked for your hand in marriage. You of course said yes and he promised to love you forever.
The wedding preparations were going as smooth as they could but you had almost forgotten one thing: the dress. Hence the appointment today at the shop. With you was your cousins Anna and Amber who were the closest thing you had to sisters. You were the only child as your mom had passed away giving birth to you. With you being the only child, you were also your father's little princess and he and the family would hurt anyone or anything that dared to lay a finger on you in the wrong way. This caused suitor after suitor to flee and for you to be single for most of your life. The only one who decided he could handle your family and you was John, or Johnny as you like to call him. He made it through your first date and more importantly he made it through being introduced to your father which is where most of them ran off.
"Y/N, we're ready for you if you will just follow me," the sales representative said, approaching your small group.
鈥淥f course.鈥
As you walked, you gazed around at the white Victorian style walls lined with pictures of models in each frame wearing some of the dresses available in the boutique. Luckily for you, you knew what style of dress you wanted and had contacted the shop in order to have the style pulled right away and put in your changing room.
All of the extravagant dresses lined the wall, hanging by the rod that was fastened across the wall. Dress after dress, almost none of them felt right to you, they didn't give you that wow, until about three dresses from the last did you find the one for you.
You weren鈥檛 a traditional woman so the whole 'white dress for the wedding day' was not for you. Your power colors were red and black and that is what you were going to stick with. Your final decision was a flowing red dress with a deep v-neck and black accents on the bodice. The train of the dress was longer than the dress itself and you found a red lace veil with a tiara to match. The final preparations for your wedding were now complete and you could not wait to marry the love of your life.
Tumblr media
-Time skip-
鈥淒o you John Ludwig take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife? If so, say 鈥業 do鈥,鈥 the priest spoke. At that moment, the usually non-existent smile appeared on John鈥檚 face and he let go of your hands. Your smile vanishes and instant panic sets in.
鈥淚 don鈥檛,鈥 John states with relief. After he spoke those words, you regretted your 鈥榥o weapons鈥 rule that you put in place. Besides the pain and sadness running through your mind was the urge to hurt John.
鈥淕et down on the ground!鈥 The sound of multiple police officers and the doors to the chapel slamming open were all muffled to you as the only thing on your mind was getting revenge. Unfortunately for you, revenge would have to wait as John was nowhere to be seen and the friends and family who were gracious enough to attend your wedding were either being escorted out in handcuffs or running away. As most of the police were being distracted with your guests, you took your chance to escape. There was no way you could get your revenge if you were locked up.
Although those who were unlucky enough to not get away wouldn鈥檛 be locked up for long, you were still going to have to wait for the rest of your family to get out to carry out your plans. You used this time to gather resources and information on who this John character was and any family he had. He made it personal so it was only right for you to attack him on a personal level as well.
-Time skip-
Months of cyber-stalking research and actual stalking observance had led you to the true identity of the man you knew as John Ludwig. Which leads you to your current situation. The sound of guns being fired resounds throughout the warehouse, covering the sound of grunts and punches being thrown at the bat who caused all this. John, who you discovered was actually the Bat in disguise, was currently giving and receiving punches. Unfortunately for your men, it was more giving than receiving. Over half of your men in the room were getting their asses handed to them and the other half were still working on loading the 鈥渃argo鈥 or were unconscious.
You had gotten permission from your father and gathered the men he considered 鈥渄isposable鈥 and created this whole thing. The crates being loaded were just left over boxes from previous shipments in order to not lose any actual precious cargo. The men were just some of the newbies that had joined. This whole thing was all a charade to get the Bat to you and clearly, it worked. Even if the overall heist did not work out and he found out it was a hoax, you had a plan B which was more devious than you wished to go but a girl鈥檚 gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Majority of your men had been knocked out when you decided to reveal yourself to Batman. 鈥淲ell, well, well. Isn鈥檛 it Batman, or would you rather I called you John, or even better yet, Terry?鈥 you took slow calculated steps towards the man in the skintight batsuit. As you said his real name, you saw the whites of the mask where his eyes would be widen slightly.
鈥淲ha-, mhmm, What do you mean, who鈥檚 Terry?鈥 the Bat asked.
鈥淒on鈥檛 play dumb with me Terry McGinnis. When you destroyed a day that was supposed to be special for me you made it personal. So, I made sure to find out personal things about the supposed John Ludwig who to my surprise does not exist. See when the cops took over and arrested my family and friends on our wedding day. I just so happened to see the oh so familiar silhouette of Batman. Now, it was pretty obvious that either John knew the Bat or was him. I did some digging and to my surprise, found your real name is not John Ludwig, but Terry McGinnis. Your reaction to being called Terry was just the confirmation that it is you. Lucky for me, I found out everything I could about you. Like your brother Max who lives with your mom, how your dad died, or even past girlfriends like Melanie better known as 10 and Dana, your highschool sweetheart. There is nothing that you can hide from me Terry. Not when you messed with my family.鈥 By the time you were done with your spiel, you were within arms reach of Terry. He saw this as an opportunity to grab you and shove you against the closest wall-like object to the two of you. This so happened to be one of the pallets which had a loose box on the top. The box dropped at the impact, bursting open to reveal packing peanuts and crumpled up pieces of paper.
Terry looked down at the mess just made and then back at you, 鈥渢his was all just some ruse, there was no shipment going out tonight was there?鈥
鈥淲ow, great detective work,鈥 you deadpanned.
鈥淵ou were really so obsessed with the idea of revenge that you created this whole scheme. Even if John Ludwig did exist, the chances of the both of you divorcing is high. All of this for a ruined wedding. That鈥檚 pathetic.鈥
鈥淵es, I did. But not just for a ruined wedding. It鈥檚 for the loss of trust, the family that was locked up, the family that was shot while being apprehended, and for messing with my emotions. I loved you and the day of the wedding is when I was shown that you had no care for me at all. I tried to stay out of my father鈥檚 business, I was trying to get out of my family because I didn鈥檛 want to subject you, subject John, to my messed up family. Turns out this family, my family, is the only group of people worth trusting. Because when you broke my heart, they did everything they could to help me even while dealing with the deaths and detainments of their own. It may be pathetic to you but you are the one who pushed me to my breaking point. Anything I do now, is your fault. Remember that, Terry McGinnis.鈥 As much as you wanted your revenge to happen at that moment, you knew that it would be stupid and that you would be overpowered. Terry has had years of training and you are just getting started. You would get your revenge in due time but for now the psychological toll of what you would be doing in the future was enough for you.
soooooo this was long overdue... sorry
also thank you to @offendedfishnoises for continuous motivation to write this and for looking it over for me! <3
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donnas-troia7 hours ago
literally waiting for the social media au! crack posts where the poor batchildren have to comment and or witness trending discourse on their father's sex life
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theannoyingwriter7 hours ago
Requests are open!
Any Batfamily headcanons you guys want to hear? Just ask away!
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings9 hours ago
Criminals react to Batkids
Loyal Henchman: Oh no, not this guy.
New Guy: What? Why? It鈥檚 not like it鈥檚 the Bat.
Loyal Henchman: Yes but the PUNS.
New Guy:
Loyal Henchman: Honestly I think I鈥檇 rather go to Blackgate again.
New Guy:
Nightwing: Okay, first of all? Rude.
New Guy:
New Guy:
New Guy: what the hell
*a few minutes/eternity of puns later*
New Guy: Okay yeah I get it now.
Nightwing: *slapping the handcuffs on* See? Puns ARE effective combat measures. Batman never believes me.
Red Hood: What the hell, man?
Thug: Sorry, boss.
Red Hood: Not your boss, Jeff.
Thug named Jeff: You say that now, but Dan鈥檚 working on a PowerPoint that I think you鈥檒l find very interesting鈥
Red Hood:
Thug named Jeff:
Red Hood: Just put the nice lady鈥檚 purse back.
Thug named Jeff: Right, sorry, boss.
Red Hood: Not your鈥 oh, forget it.
Red Hood: [grumbling] 鈥NOW I鈥︹etter than鈥︹reaking PowerPoints鈥︹erd bird鈥︹orrupting respectable minions鈥
Thug named Jeff: So this means you鈥檙e coming to pizza night, right?
Black Bat: *stares*
Criminal: ohmygoshimgoingtodie
Black Bat:
Criminal: *sweating*
Black Bat:
Criminal: *on the verge of a nervous breakdown*
Black Bat: Leave.
Criminal: Yes sir, Miss Batman, ma鈥檃m.
D-list Villain: [horrified gasp] YOU!
Spoiler: Aw, you remember me.
Spoiler: You call THAT an outfit? Please.
D-lister: Hey, now just you wait one second. This is a鈥
Spoiler: *knocks out distracted villain wannabe*
Very Evil Minion: I鈥檒l just be on my way then. Have a nice night, Mr. Red Robin, sir.
Red Robin: what
VEM: Oh, we鈥檙e not allowed to fight you anymore. Boss鈥檚 orders.
Red Robin: Huh. Tell Luthor I said hi, and hey, if you ever want to make a career change, you know, to something legal, you can always try Wayne Enterprises. They have a good ex-criminal work rehab program.
VEM: I think this is why we鈥檙e not allowed to fight you anymore鈥
Robin: *unsheathes weapon*
Criminal No. 1: oh hell no
Criminal No. 2: Just once can鈥檛 we get a non-feral bat?
Criminal No. 1: 鈥楥ome out East,鈥 they said.
Criminal No. 2: Did it have to be freakin swords?
Criminal No. 1: 鈥楶lenty of opportunities,鈥 they said.
Criminal No. 2: I鈥檓 going to get rabies or tetanus or something.
Criminal No. 1: Well SCREW THIS. I鈥檓 going back to the guy with arrows.
Criminal No. 2: Where do they even FIND these kids?
Signal: 鈥楽up.
Bank Robbers:
Bank Robbers:
Bank Robbers:
Bank Robber No. 4: I thought you were all vampires.
Bank Robber No. 2: Yeah, it鈥檚 like two in the afternoon. How鈥檇 you even get here?
Signal: That鈥檚 kind of my thing.
Bank Robber No. 5: I hate this place.
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florence-wayne-official9 hours ago
So Rose asked for a dress that鈥檚 鈥渇eminine as hell, but would also strike fear into the hearts of privileged white women at your birthday gala鈥 and I think I delivered on that front
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ilikepecsandbreast11 hours ago
Batboys and Bruce with a male SO that have PBA.
Request: yes
Warning(s): cursing and maybe triggers
A/N:This is my first request and just know that I don't have PBA. I did some research on it and I hope this is accurate. And for the people who have this disorder, if people are making fun of you and judging you. Don't blame yourself. This is out of your control.
Dick Grayson:
- he is such a sweetheart
- making sure that he avoids your triggers
- comforts you when your emotional outburst is crying
- when you're laughing at your trigger, he will laugh with you
- to make you feel like you're not alone
- if someone is judging you, he will judge them back, saying things like,
- "well you do look like something worth laughing at"
- then laugh
- that would shut them up most of the time
- he's sassy with his comments
- and will protect you like the hero he is
- and there are those times when you feel insecure
- he is not having any of that
- he will pull you on his lap
- telling you things that makes you emotional
- like how much he loves you and your disorder didn't make you less of a human
- just overall the best boyfriend
Jason Todd:
- when you told him you have PBA, he is immediately worried about you
- because he know how bad people can be
- and so he worries about you being judged and all that crap about you just doing it for attention.
- he heard it all
- once you cried randomly in a public setting
- someone was saying that you are an attention whore
- he got mad and punch the person on the face
- thank goodness you were there, or else the person would end up dead
- you were like, "Jason, I think they learned their lesson, let's go" While tugging on his jacket sleeve
- he's a sweetheart like dick, just aggressively physical
- when you get insecure
- he would cuddle with you and listen to your insecurities since he's never good at comforting people
- he may not say it
- but he loves you
-like LOVES you
- and he will never make you feel like you're different in a bad way
- (over)protective boyfriend
Tim Drake:
- he is a smart boi
- Tim knows about your disorder the moment he has a crush on you
- also bc he has researched about you
maybe also a little stalking
- he knows all your triggers
-and he just stays away from your triggers when you're together
- like, "nope not getting close to that shit"
- and when you are triggered, he tried telling you to count in your head.
- just trying to be helpful
- like said before, he is smart and has done a lot of research
- so he tried to do the things that would try to help you
- and I feel like, Tim would be so awkward when you had an outburst
- like he just stands there like, "a-are you okay? Do you need water? "
- he doesn't look like it, but he's internally panicking
- when you're feeling insecure and or embarrassed, he doesn't really know what to do
- despite the fact that he has been researching both you and the disorder
- he may do something wrong but he means well
- sweet baby
Damian Wayne:
- you told him about your "secret" disorder when he told you he was Robin
- he was like, "oh, well I guess, you're bad at keeping secrets".
- and you're like, " WhATS tHAt suPpOsEd tO meAn? "
- he doesn't know much about it
- so he did a lot of research
- he is even willing to not go to bed because he was researching.
- a total sweetheart when you laugh or cry unexpectedly
- and because he's Damian, he WILL fight someone for being mean to you
- I hope that you stopped laughing or crying soon to stop him from beating someone to a pulp
- you once got called an attention seeker, and before you could even process what the ducking dicks they said, Damian is already squaring up to fight
- he launched at the person and just started throwing punches and threats
- when you snaps out of it, you holds him back by the collar of his shirt
- when you get insecure, he listened to you, then asked you if you feel better
- you saying 'not really'
- he then told you how much you mean to him, that your condition doesn't matter to him
- just making you feel great
- as you should
- just a caring and protective boyfriend
Bruce Wayne:
- c'mon he's the greatest detective, he knows
- if your trigger makes you cry, he will comforts you no matter if you say you're okay
- you once got made fun of at a gala he was hosting
- you laughed unexpectedly and someone made a comment about it
- a rude one
- he punches the person who made the rude comment about you
- no one ever made any rude comments about you anymore
- as they fucking should
- he apologizes for his behavior but you just hugged him and saying thank you over and over again
- then you cry
- a big, massive, jumbo softie
- whenever you feel insecure about it, he just said the same thing
- "It's out of your control, I don't love you any less. And that doesn't make you less of a human"
- you cry
- he comforts you
- you cuddle to sleep
- a protective and caring boyfriend or husband, whatever floats your boat
A/N: My first request is done. I'm sorry for any inaccuracy bad mistakes, if there is please educate me since I don't have this disorder nor have anyone around me with this. Also request aren't open unless stated in my bio. (So if there aren't a 'Request: open' on my bio, then I don't take requests). Hope you enjoy and like always, stay healthy friends! 馃槝
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dc-incorrect-bats12 hours ago
Jason, to Tim: I never thought I鈥檇 say this, but there is only space in this family for one unstable sibling, and I have held that title for a very long time.
Jason: So you are going to have to get it together.
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florence-wayne-official12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉁╤ypothetical questions鉁
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bombshellsoftomorrow12 hours ago
Kate: no wonder so many of Bruce's exes hit on me...
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