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vaibhavdudaye · 2 hours ago
अच्छा काम करने के लिए सत्य ही शस्त्र
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vaibhavdudaye · 2 hours ago
शिव जी का कालभैरव अवतार कथा
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iespeciallyme · 2 hours ago
The Way We Are - Part 8
It’s been ages since I posted, and I’m sure that everyone forgot me, but eh what the heck. So, here is Part 8 of TWWA
If you would add in the numbers of skyrocketing shock and excitement levels into the calculation, it was safe to say that Arjun Malhotra was 99% elated at the fact that Sharanya was his student guide. The remainder factored into his insecurity zone, and the reason was nothing if not obvious: He always stayed quiet, but for some unfathomable reason, Sharanya made him want to speak. She ignited a light in him, a fire that's been extinguished his whole life. She made him want to talk and speak and shout
"Is something wrong?" Sharanya asked, snapping him out of his tangled rendezvous of thoughts.
"No, no," he apologized quickly, afraid that she would be hurt at his reaction. "I'm just... shocked." To say the least.
"In a good way or a bad way?" she asked, arching her eyebrows in a nervous way, paired with a crooked smile, that made his heavy soul lighten.
"In a good way."
"Brilliant!" she exclaimed, her face lighting up with the light of a hundred fireflies. "Shall we?"
"We shall." he replied, nerves floating out of his voice, and unexpected confidence drifting in. The universe was made at him for being the quietest person on Earth, and now he was paying the price by allowing real words to come out of his mouth. It was almost as mad as he was at the universe for doing this to him.
You were nice to me until now! What the hell happened? he thought, walking down the pier, kicking stones and pebbles off of the wooden dock, hands in his pockets. But, he wasn't going to let the universe get the best of him. He had to at least try to make the mixed-up ness of this situation to work out.
Authors Note
Hey-o bitches (affectionate) What did you think of today's chapter? Was it good? Mediocre? Common? Disgusting?
How could it possibly be disgusting when we got a dreamboat like Arjun's perspective on life? I mean, come on.
Also, if you have any fancasts, comments, feedback, or anything to tell me at all, hit me up, and I would be over the moon to talk!
Check out my other works at the profile @iespeciallyme1211 and make sure to vote, comment, follow and share! Thanks so much guys! ILY!
- iEspeciallyMe
Taglist: @november-rage @lovebird-in-the-dark @justyouraveragewriter @livvyheronstairs @cheeseburstthoughts @floralbeast @the-writing-avocado @keya-123 @its-always-ni @wordsaremydiary @sizzlingdazebear @princess-maram @aakhyasharma @poeticattractions @johermione 
Guys I know I said I’ll be absent a while, But I really miss your texts! Please do text me! I miss you guys!
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vaibhavdudaye · 3 hours ago
गरुड़ पुराण - अध्याय - 5 - 11 वें दिन की रस्में
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viennaisacity · 3 hours ago
the thing about a really good movie is that you totally forget about everything else. you come out of that world in a daze and slowly your reality seeps back in. people have been telling stories for so long that it’s wired in. I don’t know what that’s about but it’s beautiful.
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krissiefox · 4 hours ago
I like to listen to background music while I'm reading as it helps me focus and get immersed in stories. While I was reading some books such as Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and War of the Worlds, I liked having more spooky and suspenseful music on hand. I made a playlist based on some of that music.
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petrareads · 4 hours ago
Just as books are read one word at a time, roads are taken one step at a time.
Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet
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areomalfoy · 5 hours ago
For everyone wondering if there's going to be a part 2 for Used. I am currenlty working on it so it might be out this week hopefully. Also if you guys want to read more of my works you shoudlc heck out my Wattpad.
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moonsandsunbeams · 5 hours ago
Hello to anyone and everyone who is reading this. Now, I love to write, I love monsters, and I love to write for people! So why not combine them all? So I made this account for people (like you) to send in a short story submission about a relationship(platonic or romantic) between a human (you can add anything you like, such as a gender, race, clothing style, sexuality, etc it's up to you), and any monster (again, gender and clothing + sexuality.) that you would like me to write. You can ask for any type of situation like meeting at a bookstore, going on a date, being your body guard while you are royalty, etc. Also specify the type of monster (orcs, dragons, naga, möth people, really anything you want). This would be really cool if you decide to do this because who doesn't love big himbos who would die for you. Anyways you can always interact with me. I will refrain from nsfw writing for the most part, not really my style. Submit!!<3
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runningfromadream · 5 hours ago
But in the end, stories are about one person saying to another: This is the way it feels to me. Can you understand what I'm saying? Does it feel this way to you?
Kazuo Ishiguro
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4tamey · 6 hours ago
Hewowo!! Imagine going way a head of your current timeline in your story and going way into the future without even knowing what happens to the villain or in the between of the conflict...couldn’t be anyways planning to post my first character and give y’all some info on her :0. Should be fun well I’ll leave this here good whatever time your reading this
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nijah-wolff-xiv · 7 hours ago
Affairs in Order
Tumblr media
As per the norm, Nijah handed off the slip stamped and signed as she came down the stairs, gaze soon shifting over her shoulder towards Hadriel who seemed to be mid-conversation. Nothing new. She gave a silent and lazy two finger salute from her brow towards the woman before turning to the Hyur gentleman, "Business as usual?"
Hadriel behind him, "Ah, Nijah. I was just finishing up. Come to my office."
Doing as she had been bid, Nijah followed Hadriel as he led the pair along the stairs and hallways and held the door open for her as they entered the Eclipse Lounge. Nijah had been here a dozen times before, all within the reason of delivering findings and information, work doled out by Hadriel himself. If some didn’t know it, Nijah had become a slow rise at the man's side, becoming the hired hand and the torrent of bullets on whatever he needed. An ear to the ground and a silent death to his enemies without him ever having to touch foot on a scene.
He motioned toward Nijah as they made it to the office and Hadriel in his chair comfortably behind the desk, "Would you like to grab a drink first? We have some measure of privacy here so we can discuss your report."
Nijah had taken a seat at her leisure without so much as being offered. It was better than oddly standing in the doorway or looming with her arms crossed -- she had been told before how sour she looked at times when she did that. She looked at the bottles in the room a moment and waved off the notion. Normally she might have said yes, "I'll pass for the moment."
There was a slight tilt to his head as he gazed at her, "Very well..." he tapped his gloved fingers along his desk, "So, pray tell, what did you discover?"
"The tower in the desert is certainly active. A lot more than it had been in recent weeks. The Beast Tribes are on edge and seem to be moving around the desert at an unexpected rate. Numbers are thinning and there have been rumors about abductions happening in the region. Scouts leaving to investigate and not returning."
Hadriel took the time to glance over at some papers on his desk before returning his attention to Nijah. He would reach for the glass beside him and take a quick sip, also swallowing down the information, "Anything else that stood out?"
"Garleans have been spotted in the area but not in large droves as they usually do when overtaking something. There have been rumors near the Springs throughout the desert about...Bahamut. I didn't see it with my own eyes so I'm not sure if it is completely accurate."
Her words were met with a bit of a sigh, "So... about the same. I had a subordinate of mine look into another tower. She reported much the same. I sent you to a second, and her again to the third, but I have yet to hear back from her. There's something sinister taking place but I can't tell what, and that unnerves me."
Nijah inhaled deeply and she looked like she was about to say something but then didn't. A few moments passed and she tipped her head, "Ay, usually when you have odd towers popping up everywhere, beast tribes in a frenzie and the Garleans skulking around it's not exactly a cocktail you want to try and stomach. Is there anything further you would like me to do regarding this?"
"Not at least until my subordinate comes back. I'd rather not throw you into the unknown again when I've yet to hear her report. For now remain in reserve and try not to take any far off missions." The wording was that of a suggestion but his tone conveyed otherwise, "Also, keep your ear low to the ground. I'm not fond of being in the dark on things but I feel like most are. At least we can see shades of gray now."
She had offered a firm nod and her elbow lowered to perch along the armrest just a little, "Very well. If it's one thing I can do in lieu of some work is to keep an observant eye and ear. Linkpearl me if you require me for anything else then?"
Hadriel narrowed his eye, "That cut on your lip, did you get involved in some combat on your scouting?"
She blinked, having nearly forgotten the day old smack she had received during her ‘vacation’ out in the desert. A dry chuckle left her and her hand lifted to dab at the healing split, "Ah, right. I came across some old friends that needed a spanking or two. I suspect they're on their way to a stock by now. A gaol if they have an even more extensive history than I'm aware of."
Of course, as he listened, Isenhart sipped from his drink again, "Mn... I'm sure they deserved it then. As always, thank you for your meticulous work. I'll continue to rely on you in the weeks ahead. Don't lose your edge."
She nodded as she stood and she took a few steps towards his desk, fingers tapping at the wood to garner some further attention, "I do what I can. I think if I ever end up losing a limb you'll just have to start paying me more."
"I'll keep that in mind. Or we might have to kidnap a Garlean scientist or two." he smirked.
She had even turned for the door but then she paused, settling back on her hip and foot, gaze cutting over her shoulder to Hadriel, "Ah....speaking of missing limbs, jobs and money. I uh... have a request."
"You? You who takes the hardest jobs she can at the farthest reaches for nothing but gil that she has undoubtedly amassed a mountain of, you ask of me a favor? Must be something important."
Nijah began to say something she considered then she closed her gob, thinking on his words before deciding to speak altogether, "I don't have much family but if something were to happen to me, could you please see to it that my belongings including my fortune goes to two people? I can have the paperwork drawn up and submitted to you. Vahen Wolff, you can find him at Little Ala Mhigo working. He is my older brother. The other to have the lot payable to is Miss Aethwyn."
At this, Hadriel wore an incredulous look for the most fleeting of moments; he quickly drew in his reaction and merely looked over her to ascertain the certainty in her demeanor. "... Of course. A simple enough task. Vahen, I understand but..." he thought about her request for a few moments as he swirled his glass and partook from it once more. "You've earned my trust. I'd turn a blind eye if you wished to ignore my question, this time - but Aethwyn, why?"
She tipped her head ever so slightly, "I would rather her not know about it. She would only decline it I feel and well -- I want to see her live a comfortable, happy life if she has the opportunity. She's been through enough, no? The Twelve know I don't use it for shit because I can't stockpile enough guns and store them anywhere to make myself broke. I live within my means and comfortably. Who knows -- she could buy a damn ship if she wanted."
The Chairman shook his head, "Buying a ship? Probably not the best idea for her. Feeling benevolent, are we? Or perhaps it's some measure of pity. How about you just stay alive and we don't have to worry about any of this. But... if the worst should come to pass... I probably would not find it in my heart to ignore your request. I understand and I hear you."
With a hard press of her tongue to her canine, Nijah also pressed her finger into the table as she made her demand known. It wasn’t up for debate it seems and she shook her head to mirror that, "I would sincerely hope you hear me, loud and clear. I've never asked for anything and have only gone where I've been told to go. You put something around her neck and shoved parts that weren't her into who she was. It might be pity, but people owe her something. Be it me or others. Benevolent? Maybe. But I don't give a shit, just see it done and I'll keep doing what I do best and carrying out assignments of your interest.."
Hadriel wore a wry smile, "Everything I've done, I've done only to help her. Her sight was long gone and her hope dwindled when I chose to intervene... but, perhaps I am to blame for some part of all that. I'll see to it that you're intent is met, you have my word."
Nijah frowned bitterly, "And the other part I feel is mine to bear. Even unexpectedly, we find ourselves in familiar territory. Thank you." she hummed and looked to the door, "Have a pleasant day Isenhart, if I hear anything I'll bring it directly to you."
"You did as you were asked. I look forward to hearing from you, Nijah." he sighed.
She lifted her hand in what could have been taken as a wave, "Hopefully with better news. Pleasant day." and she made for the door to slip out, giving the tender a two-finger salute from her brow in passing as she looked just about ready to ask what she could get the woman to suffer down. There was no time for drinking when there were other things to take hold of.
Mention(s): @hadriel-ffxiv - @dawn-aethwyn - @ashenwolves-ffxiv
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breannabanana2 · 8 hours ago
So.. Ive had something similar happen with the poltergeist movie where the movie fucked up and the sound started to glitch but i didnt get it on tape so im hoping this will prove that this did happen...
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vaibhavdudaye · 8 hours ago
सौर मंडल की सीमाये
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erick-ndungu · 9 hours ago
Wakenya waishutumu serikali kwa kukandamiza mwanachi wa kawaida
Jumamosi mwendo wa saa mbili unusu hivi usiku ,polisi walieka vizuizi katika barabara tofauti na kusababisha msongamano wa magari.Barabara ya Thika ilionekana kuwa kitovu cha hasira kwa wakenya kwa kuwa msongamano ulikuwa mkubwa ajabu na ni kana kwamba wanapolisi walitaka watu walale barabarani kwenye magari yao.Walitaka iwe funzo kwa wanaoenda kinyume na sheria za serikali za kudhibiti msambao…
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erick-ndungu · 10 hours ago
Wajua Messi ana mataji mengi kuliko miaka yake?
Ushindi wa Barcelona dhidi ya Athletic Club ulimsaidia Messi kutwaa taji lake la saba la Copa del rey katika fainali kumi alizoshiriki.Mataji mengine ambayo Messi ameshinda ni; La liga mara 10 Spanish Supercup mara 8 Kombe la klabu bingwa bara Ulaya mara 4 Fifa club world cup mara 3 Uefa supercup mara 3 Lionel messi ana miaka 33 na ameshinda mataji thelathini na matano akiichezea klabu ya…
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