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rummonkeys · 10 minutes ago
Golden souls - chapter 5
Tags: @jeyramarie
your relationship with rafe had its faults, despite that you still love him, or so you thought. What happens when your love for rafe is challenged.
Warnings : none
A/N: I love leaving you guys on a cliff hanger, also send requests, for one - shots.
“Rafe told us, about….” Your mom starts, out of shock you zoned out. Could this really be happening to you.
“Rafe told us, about….you and JJ” she sounded disappointed. “Where did we go wrong” your dad spoke up. “Really and your trusting rafe” you defended. “we didn’t raise a cheater” you dad yelled, through clenched teeth.
“That’s like the pot calling the kettle black” you scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “What does that mean?” Your mom stumbled over her words, giving your dad a look. “I am not doing this right now” you shook your head, bitting your lip.
You walked out of the house. “Y/N we are only trying to help you” rafe grabbed your arm. “Help?”you scoffed, “I don’t want your help”.
“I care about you y/n” he says gripping your arm tighter. “If you care about me. Let me go” you say, trying to get your arm away from his grasp. “Since when were you the nice guy?”.
“Your a fucking Whore!” He snaps. “There he is” you smirked. “Do me a favor rafe, stay the fuck away from me” you remarked walking back inside and slamming the door.
L a t e r
“I am down to do it, if you are” JJ says through the phone, you hesitate for a second, even though it is your plan. You took a deep breath, “Sure” you confidently said. Your mom opens the door your room. “I’ll text you the details” you hung up the phone.
“Hey” your mom said with a warm smile. “Hey” you quietly said. “Your still up for the dinner party next week?” she asked, more like demanded. You hesitate for a second. “Sure” you smiled. “Good” she said, patting your cheek.
As she turned to leave “rafe really does care about you” she said. “Whatever!” You scoffed rolling your eyes.
You laid in bed, thinking about what your mom said, it’s not like you magically stopped caring about him, he was your first. He will always be special to you in a way.
You waited 3 hours after your parents went in their room, before you cracked open your bedroom, and ‘escaping’ out of it.
You arrived at the windy beach, it was really cold. You start wishing that you would’ve brought a jacket. You look out into the water, the waves calmed you down, and you needed it right now.
You felt someone grab your waist, turning you around, it’s JJ. “Hey you” he says giving you a quick peck on the lips. “Hey” you reply with a smile.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” “ you don’t have to” he says, reassuring you. “I want to” you said, you were kinda lying. “Okay, I’ll get of site” he says giving you the famous JJ maybank smile.
Your were nervous, your heart was beating really fast, you could almost hear it. “Hey” you hear from behind you. You took a deep breath before turning around. “Hey” you half smiled. “Why am I here” he cocks his eyebrows. “Because I love you rafe” you lied.
“What game are you playing at here y/n” he scoffs, you moved closer to him. “I am not playing at anything rafe” you placed your hand on his chest. “What about maybank” he asked. “I just did that to make jealous” you reassured him.
“I swear y/n if I find out your lying to me…” he starts “I am not” you interrupted. You tip toed and kissed him. “I love you rafe” you said, you got really good at lying, you almost believed your lies, or maybe they aren’t lies.
He sighs, slightly leaning down and cupping your face, and pulled you in for a kiss. You kissed back, your weren’t sure how you felt.
The kiss got more intense, you kinda liked it. Maybe a little too much. “Not here” you pulled away.
“I’ll be home alone tomorrow night” he hinted. . You smiled.
Tomorrow night
You wore your good lingerie, it is your favorite, was your favorite, memories of the night you lost your virginity to rafe, flashed through you mind. You shook them off.
You picked up your phone at sent JJ a text. ‘The plan is in motion’. You waited for his reply. ‘👍’ he replied. You took a deep breath, you knew what he had to do.
Chapter 6 >>
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skyeisawizard · an hour ago
Hi can I have a Imagine from Outer Banks with Rafe were I'm a pogue and him and I don't really get along, during the outdoor movie he keeps tossing popcorn at me when I get frustrated and we get into one of our banters when we are told to leave, we start teasing each other when we subconsciously get close and kiss and it gets a little heated. Lol thanks :)
Tumblr media
(This is the only goddamn gif that comes up fucking hell I need the new season now 😤)
The Pogues and the Kooks finally being united because of Sarah Cameron and John B was great, sure, but it came with its fair share of problems.
Namely Y/N L/N and Rafe Cameron.
Even though Rafe was fine with everyone else, he hated Y/N for seemingly no reason. But she hated him just as much as he hated more. No, it wasn’t really hatred, they just didn’t know how to act around each other.
Y/N was helping set up their movie night, putting out the box of beers when Sarah Cameron approached. “Be nice tonight, please,” she begged, sticking out her bottom lip in a sort of pout. “I know you two hate each other but we haven’t been able to have a movie night in ages and we just want it to be nice.”
“I swear, Sarah, it’ll be fine. I’m not gonna talk to him.”
She shook her head and rolled her eyes, walking off to her boyfriend.
Rafe Cameron arrived three minutes before the movie was supposed to start. He pulled up on his stupid fucking dirt bike and sat down wherever he wanted (which was where Y/N already had her stuff. She resisted the urge to kick sand in his eyes, picked up her things and went to sit behind everyone else.)
Rafe was surprisingly easy to ignore throughout the movie. All Y/N had to do was concentrate and it was like he wasn’t even there.
But then it started. The popcorn hit her on the boob. And then another one fell at her feet. Another smacked her in the face and three of them got tangled in her hair. The toffee popcorn got stuck to her hair. Several pieces went down her top, some easy to shake out and some getting stuck in her bra.
She was going to fucking kill him.
“Rafe!” She cried, throwing some of the popcorn back at him. “Piss off!”
“I’m not doing anything.” He smirked and ran a hand through his hair.
“Stop throwing popcorn at me!”
“You can’t prove that’s me!”
“Yes I can! It’s in my fucking bra, Rafe!”
Suddenly JJ and John B were on their feet. “Out, both of you!” John B shouted, pointing to the right. JJ was behind him, acting as the muscle.
Both Y/N and Rafe stood up. They trudged away from the group, glaring at each other as they moved. “I hate you so much,” she mumbled under her breath.
“No, sweetheart, you don’t.”
Y/N sat on a nearby rock and glared at her shoes. “Why are you such a dick to me?” She asked, looking up at him. Finally, she wasn’t glaring at him. She was actually looking at him.
“It’s just a bit of fun,” he said, sitting down beside her. “You know I don’t mean any harm, sweetheart. I’m just trying to make you laugh.”
“Well, you’re not funny.” She was leaning into him without meaning to. The air was around them was a little cold, she was only seeking warmth from him.
Suddenly Rafes arm was around her. She tensed against him, but didn’t move away. “Okay, I gotta admit,” she mumbled, picking the popcorn out of her bra. “You can be pretty funny sometimes.”
“You really do have a sense of humour.” His nose was almost against hers. A second more and...
Suddenly she was kissing him, her hands holding his face, pulling him in close. Rafes arms were around her, holding her body flush against his. He furthered things, moved his lips from her own down to his neck. “Shit, Rafe,” she gasped as he sucked a dark mark into her skin.
She was on his lap in a second, rolling her hips against him. Her head was on his shoulder as he slipped her shirt from one shoulder and kissed the skin there. Short gasps left her lips. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”
She pulled a piece of popcorn from her bra and fed it to Rafe. “You’re gross, Cameron,” she laughed, body shaking against his as he chewed it. Rafe grinned and kissed her one last time, settling instead for sitting with his head against her chest.
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lenacameron · 10 hours ago
Outer Banks (JJ Maybank x Reader)
Summary: Jj is madly in love with you, there is only one small problem, you are a Cameron.
Warnings: Not much, just insults.
Note: I think I speak for everyone when I say that Jj is incredible, we love him, so this seemed obvious and necessary to me.
Tumblr media
Of all my family, Rafe, my older brother, was the one with whom I got along the best. That has many drawbacks, it is too overprotective. In the fifteen years that I have been alive, no boy has approached me for anything other than asking for homework, Rafe is terrifying.
"Please Rafe, don't be like that, you're supposed to be the cool brother" I told him as I followed him down the stairs.
"Oh yeah, I'm the cool brother, what I'm not is an idiot. You won't go to that party, it's literally in the pouge area".
"Come on, I swear I won't drink a drop of alcohol, I'll just go listen to good music and walk on the beach, you know how much I love the beach at night" I said begging him. For a second, he seemed to think about it, but instantly began to shake his head.
"I swear that if someone approaches me I will run to you and I will not engage in conversation with anyone I do not know" I listened as he let out a heavy sigh "Well, well, okay, you can come, but the first idiot who approaches you, and neither talk if it's a pouge, come and let me know, promise it"he pointed at me with his index finger.
"I promise" he nodded "Ahh I love you, I love you, I love you, you are the best!" I ran to hug him.
"I'm going to get dressed, wait for me just five minutes"
I ran to my room as fast as I could, eager to get to the party, to get to the beach ... to get to him.
JJ fucking Maybank.
That stupid blond kleptoman who stole my sleep every night. It was a reciprocated but forbidden love.
Romeo and Juliet? Who? rather JJ and (y/n).
A kook and a pouge.
I can't help but feel guilty for lying to my brother to his face. But I can't help it, I need to see him again.
It was a matter of getting to the party so that they started to want to throw up. A strange mix of nerves and butterflies formed in my stomach. "Remember what you promised," he says seriously, "how can I forget it?" I smiled innocently.
I separated myself from my brother, as much as I could, I didn't want him to be looking at me. I decided to walk towards the seashore, a little far from the party, a little closer to the forest.
"What is such a beautiful princess doing on such a dark and lonely beach?" someone surrounds me with their arms around my waist.
"I'm waiting for my prince charming" I smiled, instantly recognizing those rings and that voice so funny but deep and charming "well, how lucky you are, you have the most attractive, sexy and intelligent of all the princes", he began. kiss my neck, but in a cute, not provocative way. That's JJ, cute, even if it doesn't seem like it, under that shell there is a sweet boy "you forgot at all narcissistic and egocentric" we laugh.
"I missed you, more than you think, a lot" he makes me turn around to be face to face, I was a few inches shorter. Considering that he is one year older.
My arms instinctively went around his neck to play with his hair "I missed you too, too much, I don't like this about having to wait so long to see us" he pressed his lips "I don't like it either, not at all, but if you brother finds out that I only look at you, it will kill me, literally, no more Jj for you "we laugh" you are very beautiful, you will drive me crazy.
"You are the best thing that has happened to me, the best thing that I have" I said, hypnotized by his blue eyes.
"(y/n) I-I love y-..."
I abruptly separated from the blond and watched my brother approach violently and quickly, pushing Jj. He was red and very angry.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing with my sister?" he yelled, many people were surrounding us and watching carefully.
"Rafe, please wait" beg "you shut up, you are a fucking liar, a pogue? Seriously? What's on your mind? Shit only"
"Don't talk to her like that" Jj tried to defend myself.
"Shit pogue" he hit him.
"Rafe please don't hurt him" I stood between them before one of them released another blow, some tears were gathering in my eyes "please stop" I asked.
"What did this little girl say to you? That she loves you? She wants something with you? What the fuck was it?" He said quickly "Did you really think, just for a damn second, that such a beautiful and fucking rich girl would be with a scum like you? Someone who cannot give her any future? A pogue? Please don't make me laugh, in a couple days she will find a kook boy and she will forget about you, they will go on a trip and do things that in your fucking life you can do, poor shit"
Jj seemed to be believing this, for God's sake.
"Shut your fucking mouth Rafe" I shouted "What the fuck do you know about loving someone? You have no idea what that means, you are so fucking obsessed with money that it is not even yours, it is dad's, money can never fill that huge void you have, leave-me-alone” I got closer and closer to him, who seemed to be speechless" I love Jj, I'm fucking in love with him and I don't give a shit if he has money or no, I'm not like you. "
Quickly take his arm and guide us to his motorcycle "take us away from here" he silently obeyed me.
In about twenty minutes we were sitting in a hammock at John B's house "you shouldn't listen to my brother, he's a fool" he kept saying nothing and I was starting to worry "I don't know (y/n)".
"I love you Jj, I love you so much"
A smile slowly began to form on his face, which began to draw closer to mine.
"Well, how lucky you are because I love you too, even more"
We merge into a passionate and long-awaited kiss after a long time without seeing him.
"Could you stay tonight?" he asked between kisses.
"I'll stay today and whenever you want."
"forever" he said.
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thestarssalign · 11 hours ago
Outer Banks Masterlist
Angst (A)
Fluff (F)
Smut (S)
JJ Maybank
Tumblr media
Rafe Cameron
Tumblr media
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pixelated-pogues · 12 hours ago
Party Girl (r.c.)
Prompt: 4) “i asked if you were having a party. i didn’t tell you to have a party.” & 7) “wait, no, don’t take kissing away from me.”
Pairing: Rafe x reader
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol
You take a swig of the mixed drink in your hand, laughing as your friend Morgan spins into you, clearly intoxicated and having a good time. Your eyes trail around your living room that has been transformed into a dance floor full of people from your school. You’re slightly unsure as to how you got here. You’ve never been one to willingly throw a party, but when Rafe asked if you wanted to have one when he found out that your parents are out of town, you immediately jumped on the idea which is rather out of character for you.
“I thought you said that Topper and Rafe were coming. Where are they? I’m trying to snag some time with Topper now that Sarah’s out of the picture,” Morgan tells you, her voice barely audible over the music.
“I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything from Rafe since he said that they were going to the course. I’m sure they’ll be here soon th-,” your statement is cut off as Morgan shouts Topper’s name excitedly. You turn towards where her attention had shifted, unable to hold in the cringe that came from her obvious crush on the boy. Your secondhand embarrassment shifts into a smile when your boyfriend comes into view, a slight smile adorning his face as you move to break the space between the two of you.
“Hey baby,” he greets, his lips capturing your own as his arms pull you into a hug. When he pulls away, his arm stays loosely hung over your shoulder as he studies the house. “You’ve got quite the party going on here Y/n.” His expression shifts into an amused grin while yours narrow in confusion.
“Why are you so surprised? You told me to throw a party tonight,” you question, absentmindedly handing him the solo cup in your hand as you wave off Rachel as she attempts to drag you back to the makeshift dance floor.
“Baby, I asked if you were having a party. I didn’t tell you to have a party,” Rafe giggles in amusement, pushing your unruly hair away from your face endearingly. He can’t deny how cute you look when you’re drunk, your doe eyes blearily staring up at him, almost, innocently.
“What?” You pout, your proud demeanor shifting into clear disappointment. “You don’t like it? I thought that this was what you wanted.” Rafe’s heart nearly stops at the tears he swears are welling up in your eyes. He immediately regrets even saying anything, but he knows that you’re not huge on the party scene so he’s surprised that you’d actually gone through with his halfhearted idea at all.
“God babe, no. That’s not what I’m saying at all,” he rushes out, pulling you against his chest for a brief moment. He pulls away to make eye contact with you, his arms still resting around you loosely. “I was just joking when I asked if you were having a party. You know, with your parents being out of town and all. I didn’t mean to make you think that I expected you to throw one to make me happy. I figured that you’d prefer a quiet night here.”
“I mean, I would I just-,” you pause to assess the atmosphere around you before looking at him again. “I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve been boring you lately and I thought that this would show you that I can be fun.” Rafe’s smile immediately drops into a deep frown as soon as your words leave your mouth. He can’t help but shiver under the immense amount of guilt weighing on his chest due to the fact that you went through such intense measures to make sure he still sees you.
“Y/n,” he sighs, taking a second before gently cupping your face to assure that you’re looking at him. “You haven’t been boring me. I love who you are regardless of how little you like to party. I mean, one of us has to be levelheaded, right?” He chuckles at his own statement, some of his guilt diminishing at his you seem to relax at his words. “Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy my quiet moments with you and I’ll never get tired of having them. You force me to slow down and that’s all I could really ask for.”
“Jesus, why didn’t you say so earlier,” you huff, jokingly shoving your hands into his chest. “Rachel and Morgan have practically been shoving shots down my throat since I mentioned my parents being gone. Now I’m drunk, have a mess to clean, there are too many people in my house, and I blame you.” Rafe contains his laughter as you adorably count through the list of things on your hand, seemingly trying to keep track of all of the points you hope to get across, before realizing that you’d just pinned the blame on him.
“Me,” he exclaims, feigning offense with his hand pressed against his chest. “How in the hell is this my fault?”
“You mentioned a party and I threw a party. Soooo that’s on you,” you explain, gently poking his nose. The atmosphere around you is long forgotten now that Rafe is standing in front of you. Even in your hazy state, you completely relaxed as soon as he came into view, all you want is to climb in bed and curl up with him.
“Okay fine, I’ll take partial credit on that one,” he caves, pulling you into his embrace again. “You know, we could still have a quiet night. Lock ourselves in your room and let this party die out on its own,” he murmurs in your ear, spinning you around so that your back is flush against his front, earning a carefree smile from you. Your smile widens as he begins peppering kisses down your neck.
“Oh yeah,” you breathe, unable to stop yourself from fully relaxing into him, nearly becoming mush as he continues his assault on your neck. “And let all of these people trash my house? That sounds like a terrible idea.”
“No babe, Topper and Morgan can stick around until they feel like calling it a night. They could keep watch of things for us. It’d be like we were here the whole time,” he explains.
“Hmmm,” you hum, tapping your chin as you think. “Fine, but you’re telling them. If you get even the most minuscule of an impression that they aren’t going to be willing to house sit while we sneak off, shut the whole thing down. I don’t want anyone here if there isn’t anyone to somewhat supervise what’s going on, got it?” Rafe can’t help the humored smile from forming on his face at your attempt to take control. The fact that he practically towers over you makes the “intimidating” expression on your face rather comical. He quickly coughs to rid himself of the smile before nodding with a serious look.
“Yes captain, I’ll do as I’ve been told,” he mocks you, saluting you in the process. “I’ll be in your room as soon as I can, okay?” He drops the act, his demeanor softening slightly as he moves to press a gentle kiss to your lips.
“Uh uh,” you stop him, your hands halting his advancements towards you. You lean a little closer to him, allowing your lips to graze his ear as you whisper, “No kisses until you’ve done as you’re told.”
“What? Wait, no, don’t take kissing away from me,” he pouts, shooting you a convincing pair of doe eyes with his bottom lip jutted out. “Babe.”
“Go,” you giggle, spinning towards your room. “You’ll be rewarded with as many kisses as you see fit as soon as my house is taken care of.” With that, you saunter off towards your room, shooting him a cheeky wink.
“God damn it,” Rafe huffs. He’s got half a mind to chase you to your room and show you who’s boss, but he simply rolls his shoulders back and turns back towards the living room to find your friends.
Your cuddled into your bed, fighting sleep by the time Rafe returns. He keeps his movements as quiet as possible as he sneaks closer to your bed, gauging whether you’re awake or not.
“All good,” you question, lazily turning towards his approaching figure. You’re barely able to make the boy out in the dark but you hear him carefully removing his clothes before climbing in bed with you.
“All good,” he breathes, gladly sinking into the covers that you lifted up for him. His arms quickly find your waist, dragging you into him as he gets situated. “They agreed to stay until it dwindles out. I offered the guest bedroom if they decide they want to stay.”
“Good,” you murmur, snuggling closer to him. The gentle shapes his fingers leave across your skin relax you further forcing your eyes to droop closed again.
“Feel better?” His free hand delicately pulls your disheveled hair away from your face while he looks up at the ceiling peacefully.
“Much better. Thank you for doing that,” you sigh, becoming conscious of his steady heartbeat dancing through your ear. You mindlessly tap his chest with it, smiling at the sound that’s become a safe haven for you.
“Anything for my girl,” he replies honestly. You lie in silence for a moment, simply soaking in each other’s company before he perks up, distracting you from the silence. “If I remember right, you owe me kisses for doing as I was told. Pay up captain.”
Your eyes inevitably roll at the nickname but you quickly oblige, moving to straddle his waist before your lips collide.
A/n: This is a little late, and a LIL bit cheesy but I’m going to blame it on the chick flicks I’ve been watching recently.
I hope you enjoy!
Feel free to send requests in!
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tweedlydumbtweedlydoo · 14 hours ago
Drunken Second Chances | Rafe Cameron x reader
Requested by anon / Summary: You are invited to Ward Cameron’s party as your best friend Sarah’s plus one. The only problem is Sarah’s brother, Rafe, who also happens to be your ex. Rafe gets drunk and you’re left to care for him. 
A/N: This was a nice distraction after the very horrible week I had. My family and I had to unfortunately make the decision to put our dog down. He was a large part of my life and the house is very empty at the moment without him. I’m trying my hardest to keep my mind busy because it’s a fragile place and this could send me into a dark place if I’m not careful. So, I’ve read a book and now trying to write. 
anon, I hope you like it. And as you requested, i could choose whether girlfriend or not so I chose ex girlfriend! with a twist of course. I also changed up the request a little. I got carried away. I hope you enjoy xx 
Tag list is at the end. Let me know if you want to be added xx
Requests: {OPEN} CLOSED
** Rules for Requesting **
** Who I Write For **
********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS **I had this gif saved to my computer for the longest and I have no idea where I got it from. There is no water mark, but this is NOT MINE. I am not claiming this gif as mine. 
Tumblr media
!! Warning: Talks of drugs, there is drinking of alcohol/ drunkenness !! 
“Sarah, when I said I would be your plus one to your dad’s party, I was under the impression Rafe would not be here.” You say to Sarah as the two of you make your way onto the patio of the country club. It was Ward Cameron’s celebratory 10 years of Business party and you’d agreed to go with Sarah weeks ago. Only, you had been under the impression your ex Rafe, would not be attending because that is what Sarah told you. However, there he stood next to Ward, speaking to a couple businessmen looking as handsome as ever. 
You and Rafe had ended on bad terms. He’d managed to intermingle with the wrong crowd, Barry’s crowd and you didn’t care for that new Rafe. You’d given him the ultimatum, you or the drugs. He made the wrong choice and chose the drugs over you. So, you left him. 
“He wasn’t supposed to come.” Sarah tells you, linking her arm with yours, “I guess it was a last minute thing. We can leave if you’re uncomfortable. I completely understand.” 
“No no..” You take a glimpse at Rafe as Sarah leads you toward the appetizers and his eyes are already staring back at you. His eyes as surprised to see you as you were to see him. “I have to get used to seeing him eventually.” 
She hands you a small plate, “If it means anything, he’s been clean since that day after you left.” 
“That’s great. He looks great.” You take a shaky breath, grabbing a couple appetizers. 
Sarah puts a friendly hand on your arm, “Y/n, I’m serious, if this is too much, you can leave.” 
“I’m okay.” You give Sarah a reassuring smile, “I promise.” 
The both of you make your way to a nearby table where a few of the other employee’s children were. You recognized most from school and one who in particular had always had a sweet spot for you, even during the time you were dating Rafe. Ben’s sweet spot for you was always a problem between you and Rafe. Rafe was jealous of Ben because his advancements toward you never did stop even when Rafe called you his. 
“Hey y/n.” Ben greets, pulling the empty chair next to him out for you. 
“Hey” You smile, trying to hide your surprise when Ben leans over and hugs you, planting a friendly kiss on your cheek. 
“How have you been? We all heard about you and Rafe. He’s a dumb ass to have let you go.” 
“Yeah it’s been rough.” You take a sip of your iced tea, “So, how’s working the docks been?” You ask, hoping to lean the conversation away from Rafe. Soon, Ben started talking about his job working down at the marina. 
After dinner was served, the party begun. Ward and a few others made speeches, then the DJ started the music, most making their way to the dance floor, including you and Sarah. You two danced to the music, laughing at how you almost tripped over your two left feet. Ben had made his way to you, spinning you around and then pulling you toward him as the music changed to a much slower song. 
“You look stunning tonight.” Ben compliments. 
“Oh thank you.” You laugh, “I’m sure I’m a sweaty mess at the moment though.” 
“No you look-” 
“Mind if I cut in?” Rafe’s voice interrupts Ben’s.
“Yeah, I do.” Ben says, “Piss off Cameron.” And it was in that moment you knew, it hit Rafe’s nerve. 
“Rafe-” But Rafe had already grabbed Ben by the shoulder, ripping him from you and had raised his fist. Your hand grabbed Rafe’s arm just in time, “Do not do this, Rafe!” You glance around, hoping it wasn’t causing too much of a scene. 
“I wanted a dance with my girl.” Rafe’s voice slurs and you can smell the alcohol on his breath. His body sways as he lets go of Ben’s shoulder, his eyes on yours. 
“She’s not-” Ben starts, but you knew this would only send Rafe into another rage and this was not the time or place. 
“It’s fine Ben,” You give Ben a pointed look and he scoffs before storming off the dance floor. 
Rafe’s hand finds yours, his other hand slipping behind your back and pulling you against his chest. 
“You’re drunk Rafe.” You scrunch your nose up in disgust, “You reek of alcohol.” 
He gives a burp, “I fucked up. I fucked up y/n.” He drunkenly wipes at his face, wiping at tears. 
“What are you talking about Rafe?” You ask with a sigh. 
“You, me, us.” He sniffles, “I fucked it up.” 
You two had caught a couple peoples attention since Rafe’s drunken voice wasn’t very quiet, even over the loud music. “Let’s take this somewhere more private.” You take Rafe’s hand in yours and lead his drunken person through the crowd and inside toward the bathrooms. The last thing Ward needed was for Rafe to ruin this party. 
Sarah stopped you two at the door, “Everything okay? Want me to take care of him?” 
You shook your head, “I got him. He’s wasted, Sarah and I don’t want it to ruin Ward’s party.” 
Sarah shakes her head disapprovingly at her brother’s state, “Call me if you need help with his ass.” 
You nod a thank you at her and continue toward the bathrooms. Rafe trips over his feet and he manages to somehow catch himself on the doorway. 
“God Rafe, how much did you drink?” You take most of his weight, leading him to the bench. 
He sways even sitting down, “a bottle?” 
“A bottle of what?” 
“Vodka.” He burps. And then he leans forward and vomits all over the floor. 
“Oh god, Rafe.” You groan, rushing toward the sinks and grabbing napkins. 
“I’m so sorry....” He begins to sob, “I’m so sorry....” 
“Shh... it’s okay.” You wipe his mouth, “Calm down Rafe.” 
He continues to sob, “I chose wrong. I should have chose you.” He says through the sobs. 
“At least you realize it now. Wish it was sober you instead.” You wipe at his chin. 
He stares up at you, eyes pooling with tears, “I miss you.” His hands wrap around you, pulling you to him, his head resting on your stomach. “Come back. Come back to me. Please.” His sobs continue. 
You run your hand through his hair, knowing it will help calm him, “Shhh.. Rafe we need to get you home.” 
He shakes his head against your stomach, “I don’t want to leave you.”
“Rafe.” You peel yourself from him, “You can’t stay here like this. I have to get you home.” 
His bottom lip quivers and then he’s bent over again, throwing up. Luckily you jumped away just in time. 
You rubbed your forehead with your fingers, “God damn it Rafe!” 
And then his body slumped forward, hitting the hard tile. He’d passed out. “Great.” You nod, “Fucking fantastic.” You groan and you debate leaving him there but you were a good person and you knew you couldn’t leave Rafe alone in this broken state. 
So, you exited the bathroom and gathered a couple of the country club workers to help carry Rafe to the car. You apologized profusely for the mess in the bathroom. 
“This isn’t the first time this has happened.” One of them comments as they put him in the passenger seat of his truck. 
You thanked them and dug through his pockets for the keys, finally finding them. You sent a text to Sarah, Rafe’s wasted. passed out in the bathroom. Taking him home.  
Sarah: You’re the best ex girlfriend. I’d left his ass on that floor. 
Getting him up and out of the car was the trouble. You’d managed to wake him long enough to get him into the house and you knew not to try the stairs, so you brought him to the living room, and plopped him on the couch.  
You let out a huff, “You’re heavy.” You blew the hair from your face and began unlacing his shoes, fixing his legs on the small couch. You then untie his bow tie and unbutton the first few buttons before laying a throw blanket over him. 
“You’re gonna be so hung over tomorrow.” You push some of his hair off his forehead. 
He mumbles softly, eyes still closed, “i love you..” 
Your heart is conflicted. He didn’t deserve what you did for him tonight. He’d treated you horribly, chose drugs over you, but as you stared at him, he’d looked vulnerable. He looked like the old Rafe, the one you fell in love with 3 years ago. He looked more like himself today than he had in the last 6 months since the addiction started. 
You never stopped loving him, even after everything. You didn’t think you’d ever stop loving him. He was always going to be your Rafe. Your person. Your best friend. And that’s why it broke your heart to see him turn out the way he did. 
You left him on the couch and headed up to Sarah’s room to go to bed. As you passed Rafe’s room, your curiosity got the best of you and you pushed open the door to find everything the same. He still had all your pictures up. You opened the top left drawer of his dresser and there inside was your clothes and other over night things. He’d cleared out that space so you could leave things at his house for when you’d stayed over. He hadn’t emptied it out. 
Making your way around the room, you found a calendar over his desk, X’s over the dates. He was 34 days clean according to the calendar. So, Sarah was right, he’d gotten clean after you’d left him. 
You picked up one of the pictures and tears welled in your eyes. It was a photo taken of the two of you on dock. He was standing behind you, his arms wrapped around you from behind. Your hands were on his arms, his head rested on your shoulder. Both of you looked so happy, all smiles. 
You shook away the tears and put the frame back. You two might never find yourself to be that same happy couple again. 
The next morning you woke up to Sarah not in bed. You could hear her downstairs and the sound of silverware on plates. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and made your way down the large staircase. Walking passed the living room you didn’t see Rafe on the couch. 
“Good morning, y/n.” Ward greets from the stove. 
“Morning, Mr. Cameron.” You take the seat next to Sarah. Ward placed a couple pancakes on a plate, pouring the syrup over them before you could stop him. 
“Oh I-” 
“She likes to dip her pancakes.” Rafe interrupts as he enters the kitchen. He looked like hell but smelled better. He’d just gotten out of the shower. His hair was wet and he was wearing sweat pants and a tee. 
“I’m sorry about that y/n. I didn’t know.” Ward apologizes. 
“no, it’s okay.” 
Rafe rounds the kitchen island and takes that plate from Ward before taking the only open seat next to you. 
Ward fixes another plate, handing you the syrup. “How’s the head?” You ask Rafe as he takes a large bite of the pancake. 
“Hurts like a bitch.” he mumbles through the bite. “heard you didn’t leave me in the bathroom floor and made sure I got home.” 
You nod, pouring the syrup in one side of the plate, “I did.” 
“Well thank you. I didn’t deserve it.” He grabs the fresh juice and pours you a glass, sliding it to you. 
You gave a small shrug, “You looked pretty pitiful. I couldn’t leave you there.” 
“I think she should have left you.” Sarah pipes in, “I know if I was your ex girlfriend, I would have.” 
Rose interrupted, asking Sarah a question, so Rafe leaned in closer to you, “Mind if we talk outside after breakfast?” 
You nod, sipping the juice, “Sure.” 
After you and Rafe finished breakfast, he’d grabbed your dishes along with his and put them in the dishwasher, leaving you a bit surprised. Usually he’d leave them on the table for someone else to clean. 
You followed him out the back door and down the path toward the dock.
“I don’t remember much from last night, but I’m sure I said some pretty stupid things.” His hands slip into the pockets of his sweats. 
“Mostly it was you saying how you’d fucked up, you apologized.. that’s about it.” 
“Well I meant all that. I did fuck up. I fucked up when I didn’t choose you.” He watched you carefully as you stepped onto the dock. “and I hope you know i’ve been clean. 34 days to be exact.” 
“Sarah told me.” You squint your eyes up at him, the morning sun blasting the both of you. 
He moves to put his back toward the sun, his tall frame blocking the sun from you. It was the simplest thing. 
“That’s really great, Rafe. I mean really. I’m proud.” 
“I wanted to get better, for you. For me. and for us. I put you through hell those 6 months and you didn’t deserve it at all. And I’m sorry.” 
“Those were the worst 6 months of my life, Rafe. Watching you go down that path. I tried everything to stop you from going down that road but you did it anyways. I think that was the hardest part. It felt like I was standing by helpless, as you ruined your life. Ruined our relationship.” 
“I know. And I’m sorry. There’s no amount of apologies to make up for what I put you through, but y/n I’m clean. I’m getting clean and I want to work things out with you.” He reaches out toward you, “I want to move past this, work on us.” 
You let his hand fall on your upper arm, “Rafe.. I can’t just go back to the relationship like your drug addiction didn’t happen. Like you didn’t chose them over me.” 
“I’m not asking for that.” He shakes his head, “I want to start off slow. I want to make this work and I’ll do anything. Even if that means we start over with a clean slate.” 
You stared off at the water for a moment in thought. Could you give him a second chance? Even after it all? 
“I’m giving you a second chance, Rafe.” 
His eyes light up, “Really?” 
“Yes.” You answer with a nod, “But we go slow.” 
He gathers you in his arms in a hug, “Thank you.” He whispers against your hair, “Thank you.” 
“Next time I’m leaving you on the ground. Do you know how much I went through last night to get you home safely?” You pull away to look up at him. 
He sheepishly smiles down at you, “I give you full permission to leave my drunk ass on the ground. Deal?” 
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halsmultibitch · 14 hours ago
She Who Must Not Be Named- Part 4 (Obx cast x oc)
Tumblr media
summary: Lizzie and Rudy’s relationship is revealed to JD and Drew, Bri and Rudy can’t seem to get along, Ken gets an unexpected phone call, and the school visit...
wc: 2,555
a/n: And…it’s back!!!!! @ilovefandoms102 and I are really excited to share this new part of this fic with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! And stay tuned for more parts to come!
Warnings: Everything that you read down below is fiction. These events and oc’s are not real!!
Previously on She Who Must Not Be Named…
“I’m not the one who’s putting their girlfriend through hell and for what?” Bri scoffed, pointing at Rudy and Lizzie.
“Wait what?” JD asked, all four heads whipping to him.
“Oh shit,” Lizzie whispered, hers and Rudy’s eyes widening.
“Since-Since when are you guys um-?” Drew asked, eyes looking between his friends.
“And um...Elaine?” JD questioned hesitantly.
“Well you see um-we-we-” Lizzie stammered, looking to her boyfriend for help.
“Elaine is a lie...I’ve been with Lizzie this whole time...even before that.” Rudy admitted, taking in the shocked faces of Drew and JD.
“Such a fucking dumbass,” Bri scoffed, shouldering past Rudy.
“Bri come on-” Lizzie started, but was quickly cut off by her friend. Bri whipped around, turning back to face Lizzie and Rudy.
“No Lizzie! You might be forgiving because you love him or whatever, but that doesn’t mean I do!” Briar yelled, and stomped the rest of the way out of the apartment.
“What the fuck was that?” JD asked, the tension in the room almost suffocating.
“W-Why was she so upset?” Drew questioned, staring at the door where Briar walked out seconds before.
“No idea…” Kendall mumbled.
“M-Maybe we should all just um…” Lizzie stuttered, not sure what to even make of the situation.
“I’ll go make sure she’s ok.” Drew said finally, following out after Bri.
“I think we should get going as well.” Kendall said, clearing her throat.
The next day was not any better…
Bri and Rudy could barely get through a scene without arguing. Kendall and JD did everything they could to keep the peace, but the two blondes wouldn’t have it.
“Some ‘best friend’ you are Pankow,” Bri snarled at him, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Will you shut up Briar! I didn’t do anything to you, what’s going on with Lizzie and I is OUR business, and not yours!” Rudy shouted, pointing his fingers in Briar’s face.
Bri was taken aback by the tone of his voice, he had never shouted at her like that before. Her mind was taken over by memories of her past, shaking her head to try and make them go away.
“You’re such a fucking dumbass.” Bri said coldly, turning on her heel and walking away from him.
Bri found herself in front of Lizzie’s trailer, banging on the door. Lizzie opened the door, raising her brow at Bri.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on set missy?” Lizzie questioned, Bri rolled her eyes at the mother-like tone in her voice.
Bri stepped into the trailer, and face planted on the couch.
“What the hell is going on Briar?” Lizzie asked, sitting beside her head.
“Your boyfriend is a jerk...and a dumbass...a fucking jerk dumbass.” Bri grumbled, her voice almost muffled from being stuffed into the couch cushions.
“You mean a fucking dumbass jerk?” Lizzie teased, a light chuckle leaving her lips.
“You know what I mean Elizabeth,” Bri clipped, the memories still racing through her brain making her unable to form a proper sentence.
“I know you’re worried about me honey, but what’s happening with me isn’t like what happened with Drake.” Lizzie whispered, gently combing out Bri’s hair.
“Except that’s exactly what’s happening Lizzie!” Bri exclaimed, flopping her hands on the couch for emphasis.
“He’s not actually with you know who Bri,” Lizzie mumbled.
“Well who the fuck knows what he makes her think when we’re not around Lizzie!” Bri shouted again, rolling over so she was staring into Lizzie’s green eyes.
“I-You don’t think he…” Lizzie trailed off, too afraid to say the words out loud.
Liz slowly looked away from Bri and stood, anxiety running through her. She began to pace, chewing on the ends of her nails. Bri instantly felt like a terrible friend.
“Wait Liz I-I didn’t mean-” Bri started.
“No no you’re-you might be onto something Bri.” Lizzie said as she rethought every single moment with Rudy since ‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ entered the picture.
“I just-I don’t want you to get hurt Liz…you’re my best friend.” Bri sighed, twiddling her fingers in her lap.
“I know,” Lizzie murmured.
“Stop being short, you know that makes me fidget.” Bri said aggravatedly, standing up in front of Lizzie.
“I’m sorry, I’m just thinking.” Lizzie said softly.
The door to Lizzie’s trailer opening startled both girls. Rudy stepped in, his eyes narrowing when he saw Briar. Lizzie looked between them as they stared each other down.
“Yes Ruru?” Lizzie asked, breaking the silence.
“I want to talk to you privately.” he ground out.
“But-“ Liz began.
“It’s alright Lizzie, I have to go anyway.” Bri said with a roll of her eyes.
Lizzies POV
I watched Bri close the door before turning to my boyfriend, crossing my arms over my chest.
“What the fuck is going on with you two?” I demanded.
“We can’t get through a scene because she can’t stop nitpicking me.” Rudy huffed.
“Well she seemed really upset Ruru,” I said, calming my tone.
“She started it babe,” Rudy scoffed.
“I don’t care who started it, you both need to get over yourselves.” I scolded, nervously running a hand through my hair.
“She’s overreacting Beth…and honestly I wish she wasn’t in the show right now.” Rudy admitted, my eyes widening as Drew stepped into my trailer at that exact moment.
“What the fuck did you just say?” Drew asked angrily.
“Boys…no fighting.” I groaned, the testosterone level too much for the moment.
“No Lizzie he-” Drew started, but I stopped him before it got further.
“I said enough, now Rudy, out! You need to be on set.” I ordered, pointing at the door.
“Beth!” Rudy exclaimed in disbelief.
“Out!” I shouted, giving him a shove.
Rudy stomped out of my trailer, slamming the door so hard the little thing shook.
I’d have to deal with him later…
Kendall’s POV
We were waiting for Rudy to come back to set when my phone rang, and my heart sank. I made sure no one saw me as I walked around the back of the chateau where none of the cast and crew were.
“Mom?” I asked into the phone.
“Kendall, I've been calling you for hours, young lady!” my mother shouted.
“I’m sorry I’ve been on set today, I can’t have my phone out you know that.” I stated calmly.
“Do not talk back Kendall Cooper, I am your mother.” she hissed.
“Mom I-”I started.
“Now enough of that, we need to discuss your image.” She revealed, a shiver ran down my spine as I prepared for what was to come.
“Wha-What about it?” I asked timidly.
“You’re not doing enough!” She yelled, and I physically jumped like she was standing in front of me.
“Mom, what are you talking about? How am I not doing enough?” I questioned.
“You’re not putting yourself out there Kendall! You’re not going to hardly any events or interviews!” She lectured.
“Mom, that's not true, I go to those things all the time.” I confirmed as I told her about every event I had been to the past month alone.
“That’s not good enough Kendall!” She insisted.
Not enough…
I thought I’d come to terms with long ago that I'd never be enough for my parents, but it still hurts every time they say it. I would always be a disappointment.
After a few more rounds of shouting, I hung up the phone. I wiped the stray tears that had fallen, but screeched when I felt a hand on my back.
“Baby I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” JD chuckled, but stopped when he saw my face.
“I’m fine J,” I mumbled, but he knew me too well.
“They called,” he said, already knowing. I nodded, staring at the ground.
JD sighed and pulled me into his arms. Mine went around his waist while his went around my neck, and I hid my face in the soft skin of his chest.
“It’s gonna be alright baby, just forget about them.” he soothed, but I shook my head.
“Easier said than done Jonathan.” I sighed, wishing more than ever I could be one of those people to just forget and move on.
“I know, but I’m here for you and you’re already perfect to me.” he professed, kissing my forehead.
“We should get back,” I suggested.
JD nodded, taking my hand in his and walking me back to set.
Third Person POV
The cast and Lizzie were visiting Wando High School to speak about the show and the pandemic. JD held Ken close to him, her call from earlier still wracking through her brain. Now that Rudy and Lizzie didn’t have to hide in front of their friends, they stood with their arms around each other. Drew stood with Bri, swinging their hands back and forth.
“My hands are so tiny compared to yours.” Bri commented, smiling down at their hands.
“You’re so cute,” Drew smiled, a red tint flushing Bri’s cheeks.
They were all waiting in the hall, poking about as they waited to go out. Bri and Madelyn were tying up their shirts, and the boys wanted to hop on the trend.
“Baby I want to be fashionable!” Rudy exclaimed, pulling his shirt up exposing his toned abdomen.
“I don’t think you need me for that honey,” Lizzie giggled, but still helped him tie his shirt up. He looked adorable, but Lizzie also couldn’t stop herself from internally drooling at his abs.
“Oh yeah?” Rudy asked, his fingers squeezing along her curves that he was utterly obsessed with.
“You know what would make it even better?” Lizzie asked, a wicked smile on her lips.
“What’s that babygirl?” Rudy questioned, smiling as he leaned closer.
Just as his lips were about to touch hers, Lizzie pulled back.
“If you would make up with Bri.” Lizzie revealed, earning a groan from her boyfriend.
“Beth come on,” Rudy sighed, looking over at Bri then back to his beautiful girl.
“No kissing until you apologize,” Lizzie challenged, smirking when Rudy’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open like a fish.
Bri wasn’t doing any better with keeping her hands to herself as she fixed Drew’s shirt, subtly scraping her nails against his abs.
“I’ll do it for you bubba,” she purred, smirking as he tensed against her touch.
“N-Now I look hot.” he chuckled nervously, peering down at her.
“No, now you look hotter.” Bri grinned, batting her lashes at him.
“I really wanna make out right now.” Drew blurted, both of their faces flushing.
“I wouldn’t mind if we weren’t in mixed company baby.” Bri giggled, but still couldn’t help herself as she got on her tipey toes and kissed his cheek sweetly.
After the crew went on to give their speech, Bri and Lizzie noticed that Ken wasn’t acting all herself.
“I really don’t want to talk about it guys.” Kendall mumbled, chewing on her bottom lip to try and keep from bursting into tears.
“Kenny, you're our best friend, you can tell us anything.” Bri said quietly, not wanting to upset Kendall even more.
“Don’t push us away Ken, please.” Lizzie pleaded.
“I-I can’t right now, I’m sorry.” Kendall sniffled, turning her back to her friends and walking back to JD who was waiting by the car for her.
Bri’s POV
I watched after Ken as she walked away, turning to Lizzie who was also watching.
“What do we do?” I questioned.
“Give her space, she’ll tell us when she’s ready.” Lizzie answered, and I nodded.
Lizzie seemed to always have answers for everything, one of the many things I loved about her. She was so smart, but one thing that bugged me was Rudy. She let him drag her through this shit of a PR stunt, and I honestly sometimes wish she would have just ended things with Rudy.
No, I can’t think like that...Rudy loves Lizzie, I know he does. They’re perfect for each other, just in a bad situation. I was so lost in thought I didn’t hear the call of my name until someone waved a hand in front of my face.
Lizzie had disappeared, and Rudy stood in her place. I rolled my eyes, knowing Lizzie was up to something.
“Hey, um...I just wanted to say sorry.” Rudy mumbled, his blue eyes sincere.
“I don’t want Lizzie to get hurt Rudy.” I finally said, not being able to hold in my thoughts any longer.
“What do you mean?” he asked, his eyes narrowing with a confused look.
“I-...I was in a similar situation.” I confessed with a loud sigh, leaning back against the wall.
“What? You were in a PR stunt?” he questioned.
“No, no….I was dating this guy, Drake, and he also was dating another guy, Vincent.” I said, shuffling on my feet nervously.
“So this guy Drake...he was dating you and this Vincent guy?” Rudy inquired.
“Yep, he was in love with both of us.” I admitted, reliving all the memories as they rushed forward in my mind.
“But I’m not in love with Elaine, I’m in love with Lizzie Bri. I want to marry her someday, and have a family. As soon as I can, I’m getting out of this fake relationship.” Rudy revealed, my head snapping in his direction.
“Marry?” I confirmed.
“Marry,” Rudy smiled, his eyes looking over at Lizzie who was leaning against one of the cars play fighting with Drew.
“Wow, I-I wasn’t expecting that.” I chuckled.
“Yeah um, I love her a lot.” Rudy grinned, his cheeks turning an adorable shade of pink.
I couldn’t resist pinching them, giggling as he swatted at my hands. We hugged each other, our anger finally disappearing.
“Love you bubs,” I whispered.
“Love you too sis,” Rudy whispered back.
We all ended up at a local restaurant JD’s dad found, all of us walking around the table to find a seat. Without thinking, I found myself parked on Drew’s lap, lacing my arms around his neck. He smiled, holding me close. I loved how his strong arms felt so safe, nothing harsh or cruel about his touch.
“Wait a second...when did you guys get together?” Lizzie spoke, arching a brow at us.
My face felt like it was on fire, and Drew’s looked about the same.
“I-we-” I stuttered.
“You two got together, and didn’t tell us?” Ken chimed in, leaning over Lizzie to see mine and Drew’s sitting situation.
“We aren’t together.” I managed to get out, standing up abruptly from Drew’s lap.
I moved to the chair beside Rudy, across from Drew. I smiled kindly at him, and he winked subtly. I looked down at my hands, unable to keep the grin from my lips. It soon disappeared however when I turned to look at Rudy who was staring at Lizzie.
He was looking at her with so much much affection. It was all I ever wanted, something like what they had. Their love was so pure, so beautiful, something I knew I could never have, but wanted so bad.
I wanted it with beautiful giant. He was so kind, so caring, and the sweetest human on the planet. I wanted him all to myself, but God knows I can’t.
I can’t allow myself to be happy...
Taglist: @swiftmendeshoran @thighs-of-betrayal-blog @saraholland03 @jeyramarie @rudypankowswife @fuckandfluff @bibliophilewednesday
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s-s-southsideserpentine · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Don’t You Forget About Me
key player: phoebe deluca, 18
As soon as the blonde girl walks away from Clementine, JJ yanks her by the arm, pulling her behind one of the boats that were tied off on the dock. He, Clementine, Kiara, and Pope all squatted down as they craned their necks to watch the elusive blonde. She spread out her towel on the dock, sitting down and dangling her feet in the water while puffing along happily on her cigarette.
“Do you know who that was?” He asks, his eyes blown wide.
“Should I?” Clementines eyebrows furrow. “She just asked me for a lighter. I dunno, I see her around here sometimes”
“That’s Phoebe Deluca” JJ says. “Phoebe fuckin’ Deluca”
Pope takes his hat off and wipes the sweat off his brow. “Phoebe Deluca used to be Rafe Cameron’s girlfriend. Two years ago they got pulled over for drunk driving and the cops found drugs in the car, Rafe said they were Phoebe’s. No one’s really seen her since” He shrugs.
JJ shakes Clementine’s arm, still holding onto it. “That girl’s bad news”
Kiara scoffs, shoving JJ’s bicep. “Sarah said all that was bullshit, it was all Rafe and then his daddy bribed the Sheriff to drop the charges.”
She shifts her gaze to look at Clementine, “None of it was even her fault”
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venussnoir · 20 hours ago
not only am i making a video essay on twilight but i will MOST DEFINITELY make one on outer banks as well cause whew do i have some things to say
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sodasback · a day ago
Sorry, little poke
ER Nurse Rafe x ER Nurse Reader
Requested: A patient hitting on Rafe and the reader witnessing it. 
You walked up to your patient. Rafe was sitting on a stool nearby, his back to you as he looked at his patient’s arm to start an IV.
His patient was young and obviously was having too much fun on a night out because she was definitely intoxicated and came in for a potential sprained ankle and broken wrist from falling off a curb in her high heels.
“You’re cute.” You heard the drunk girl blurt out. And you couldn’t help but smile. I mean hey, you can’t blame the girl. He’s gorgeous.
Rafe chuckled as he kept looking for this poor dehydrated and probably anemic girl’s veins.
“Thanks” he said simply and cheerfully.
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
You hated that your ears perked up so much at this and your heart swelled with hope. To be honest, you weren’t going to blame Rafe if he said no. You two JUST started dating and didn’t have an official discussion about being exclusive or calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet. …even though it seemed pretty serious already.
“I do.” Rafe said warmly. And again you smiled to yourself. Rafe not aware of your presence, charting on the patient in the next bed over.
“Yeah, but is she as hot as me?” The girl asked boldly. You could almost feel the deadpan expression Rafe was making. “Because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”
“She’s the most beautiful woman in the world.” He stated definitively, “I’m so glad I finally got her.”
You felt butterflies swarm your stomach.
“Owww!” The drunk girl yelled.
“Oh sorry, little poke” Rafe said, barely trying to be apologetic after he already slid the needle in.
You quickly scurried away, not wanting Rafe to know that you heard. 
Taglist: @moniamaybank @abbyj1822 @october-cameron @hernameisnoell @railmerafe @jeyramarie 
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rummonkeys · a day ago
Golden souls - chapter 4
Tags: @jeyramarie
Warnings: Smut, dirty talk, elements of dub -con, just absolute filth, hints of kidnapping, violence.
As you walked further in your heart dropped, you let out a gasp. You see JJ tied chair, blood gushing from the side of his face, Barry standing over him. You look to rafe for some kind of explanation. “I love you” he says, you believed him, in his own twisted way, rafe loved you. “If you loved me, please let him go” you pleaded, as you reached out for his hands. “no!” he snaps, pushing you against the wall.
“While I loved you, you were out fucking this dirty pouge” he says briefly looking at JJ. “Rafe, I am sorry” you said, tears streaming down your face. You truly were sorry, you never meant to hurt rafe.
“Prove it” he says, his face inching closer to yours, kissing your lips. You froze in shock, your thoughts running wild. “Rafe” you whispered, pushing him away. He looked at you with such a cold face, no feeling behind his eyes.
“I guess I wasn’t fucking clear” he yells, looking at Barry. Barry pulls out a gun, pointing it at the side of JJ’s head. “Y/n run” JJ groans out, you slightly move toward the door, only for rafe to grab your arm “Don’t even think about it” he says, his grasp on your arm tightening. He pushed you back against the wall.
He begins to kiss your neck, leaving kisses along your neck and your collarbone. “Rafe, stop” you whine out, trying to push him off. “Don’t make this harder for yourself” he says, he roughly grabs your chin, slightly holding it up so you could look at him directly. “Your gonna show me, and that dirty pouge who you belong to” “or I am gonna kill him, right here, right now” he clenches his jaw. “Let’s him go first, and I’ll do whatever you want” you chocked out.
“You must think I am stupid” he said through gritted teeth. “Do you think I am stupid” he cocked his eyebrow, while giving you a evil grin. “No” you swallowed. “Then do you what you do best, whore” he says taking a step back. You looked to JJ, trying really hard not to cry. You dropped down to your knees.
“Good girl” rafe praises you, his finger tips brushing over your jaw. You begin to unbuckling his belt buckle, he grabs you by your hair, dragging you pack on your feet.
“Your fucking pathetic” “you were willing to suck my cock, right here” he screams, you wince at the pain, burning through your scalp. He shoves you to the floor, squatting down to you. “This isn’t over” he calmly stated. His statement sent a cool chill down your spin. He got up, buckled his belt, and walked out, Barry ran after him.
You ran over to JJ. “JJ” you whispered, uniting him. “I am gonna kill him” he groans, standing up and heading outside, “JJ! Stop” you ran after him. You knew he didn’t stand a chance, not against rafe AND Barry.
“JJ, be better than him” you said grabbing his wrists, holding him back. You could tell he was pissed off, his jaw clenched, his fists clenched. “Listen to the whore” rafe replied, with Barry at his side. “JJ let’s just go” you say, tugging his arm. The tension between rafe and JJ was intense, it was a like a Mexican standoff. JJ finally sighed. He followed you and walked away, your hands interlocking.
“Fuck you” rafe called out from behind you, you and JJ simply just flipped him off and kept walking.
You’d arrived to JJ’s house, “I am sorry” you said, embracing him in a tight hug. “Its okay” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. You could feel his heart beating faster, you felt safe in this moment, you weren’t worried about anything.
“I love you!” He says turning back, before opening the door to his house. “I love you too” you chuckled, it was the first time that you said those words and completely meant them. You watched as he walked towards you. Cupping your face, and pulling you in for a kiss. The kiss wet and sloppy, but you didn’t care, you wanted him, you needed him and it felt like he needed you too.
He lightly pushed you on his bed, stripping himself before crawling over you. Kissing and worshipping every inch of you,the arousal pooling in between your legs. He’s kissing your neck, slowly gridding himself into you. Your hands running through his hair. You bite your lip, to keep quiet. Your rest your legs on his back.
He uses his finger to runs the tip of his cock through folds causing a hitch in your breathing, and him to let out a throatier groan. He slowly pushes into you, you let out a moan, leaving your mouth in a silent ‘O’.
“Oh fuck” he groan, as he begins to slowly thrust in and out of you, you could feel him hitting all your sweet spots. You gripped his shoulders for support, digging your nails into his back more and more, as the pleasure intensified. He moaned, both from the pain and pleasure. Your body couldn’t get enough of him, he was like a drug, everything he did, made you crave him even more.
His breathing got heavier as his thrusts got faster. “Oh yeah” you moaned, your spine slightly curving up. “Take it, like a good girl” he whispered in your ear, you moaned even louder from JJ’s comment of praise. “Fuck” he groans out, his hands reaching for his headboard for extra support. He slightly bit your cheek, his finger reached down to your clit, finding it instantly, and rubbing it in an circular motion. Your hips jolted, before getting used to it.
“Oh fuck! JJ” you bit your lip, from the feeling of pleasure. Your eyes were getting heavier, and harder to keep open, your breath slowing down. “Cum for me baby” he groaned in your hear, his breath getting heavier. Euphoric energy flooding through your veins, your head tilts back, as that same feelings washes over you. You feel JJ release inside of you, his cum coating your walls.
He collapses next to you, panting. You simply look at him and you both smile. You could feel your cunt pulsing, missing the feeling of JJ’s cock.
You were woken up from a text from your mom, asking you to come home immediately. You quietly put on your clothes, before rushing out of his bedroom, you looked back to admire him, he looked so peaceful and beautiful. Everything about him was perfect, his messy hair, the way he smiled, the way he made you smile, the way your body responded to him.
As you drove home, you thought about what your mom could possibly want to talk to you about. As you pulled up into your driveway you saw rafe’s car, you got a sense about what it could be. You roll your eyes.
You walked into your house, looking around for signs of your mom, or your dad. “In here hun” your mom called out from the dinning room. You walk into the dinning room, to see rafe and your parents sat around the dinning table. You caught a glimpse of rafe’s eyes, he gave you an evil smirk.
“Y/n what the hell is wrong with you” your father blurt out, with anger. Your mom’s face riddled with anger, and disappointment.
“Rafe told us, about….” Your mom starts, out of shock you zoned out. Could this really be happening to you.
Chapter 5 >>
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sodasback · a day ago
Grow Up - Part 6
JJ Maybank x Cassie Routledge x Rafe Cameron
JJ Maybank Sublist
Warnings: FICTIONAL character age gap; Cassie’s 21, JJ’s 18
Over the next couple weeks, Cassie and Rafe saw a lot of each other unbeknownst to all of the pogues. 
JJ still flirted with Cassie as usual, but now Cassie felt extremely guilty about it. She loved JJ and thought maybe he might be the one for her. But she felt like she was taking advantage of him and that he was too young and vulnerable. She also was really falling for Rafe now too. JJ kept trying to get Cassie alone to talk to her about the kiss they shared and to tell her seriously how he felt about her, but she kept making excuses to avoid having a serious discussion with him.
One night, Rafe had taken Cassie out to dinner and they had a great time. Rafe even agreed to come back to the chateau with Cassie, so they could watch the sunset on the marsh from the dock. Cassie knew the pogues had plans to go on a night time adventure out on the water and she was relieved to see The HMS Pogue not in the water behind their house.
So Rafe and Cassie sat side by side on the dock, looking out at the sunset. Fireflies started to buzz around and the humidity was starting to fade away. Cassie leaned her head on Rafe’s shoulder and they held hands in her lap. 
“This is perfect.” Cassie said blissfully. 
“You make everything perfect.” Rafe commented and Cassie turned to look up at him. He smiled softly at her. “I really like spending time with you Cassie. And I don’t want to stop.” 
“Who said we have to?” Cassie asked. 
“Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you... why’d you come back home Cass? ...Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy you did because I got a chance to shoot my shot with you but I heard you had accepted a spot in the Peace Corps?” Rafe asked. When Cassie gave him a questioning look about how he knew that. He smiled and let out a small breathy laugh. “I’m actually going too. I saw your name on the list, the villages we were going to are right next to each other.”
“You’re doing the Peace Corps? Wow, you really have changed Rafe Cameron.” Cassie asked, pleasantly surprised. 
“Yeah, I’m going in August. But weren’t you supposed to already be over there by now?”
“Yeah but my dad died.  ...John B. needed me.” You said softly, looking out at the marsh.
“He’s 18 Cass” Rafe said simply.
“Just because you turn 18 doesn’t mean you’re an adult.” Cassie said.
“You’re right. But it seems like John B. is doing okay. Hasn’t it been like a year since your dad? I mean he’s got a good job. You said he’s got classes at the community college lined up. He has the Heyward’s and my sister and Kie and Maybank. Like he has a support system. And I bet you a million bucks, if he knew your turned down the Peace Corps to come back, he’d tell you to go in a heartbeat.”
Rafe was making some good points. Cassie had definitely underestimated Rafe Cameron’s newly evolved emotional intelligence.
“I see those gears turning in the pretty head of yours. You know I’m right.” Rafe said in a teasing tone, bumping into her shoulder. Cassie broke into a smile.
“Come on, say I’m right.” He teased reaching an arm around her waist and lightly tickling her.
“No way!” Cassie exclaimed as he tickled her more, causing her to stand up and squirm in his grasp.”
“Say I’m right or I’m gonna throw you in the water!” Rafe threatened as he picked her up. 
“Never!” Cassie squealed.
Meanwhile, at the front of the chateau, JJ had pulled up on his motorcycle, he had lost track of time and wasn’t sure if the Pogues had left without him or not.  As he got off the bike, much to his confusion, he saw Rafe Cameron’s shiny lifted truck parked on the street.
“What the fuck?” JJ muttered to himself and then heard Cassie scream.
JJ quickly ran around to the back of the house where he saw Rafe with his arms around Cassie, lifting her off the ground. But he quickly realized Cassie wasn’t in distress and that she was actually ….laughing?
“What the fuck is he doing here?!” JJ yelled angrily as he approached them.
Rafe and Cassie both quickly stopped laughing turned to look at the hot tempered blonde teen storming up to them.
Cassie cleared her throat and instantly felt guilty before then feeling justified.
“Relax JJ, Rafe and I were just hanging out.” Cassie said with a slight eye roll, completely over the beef JJ and Rafe still had.
“You guys were just hanging out?” JJ asked incredulously.
“I took Cass on a date actually.” Rafe said.
Cassie bristled a little at this knowing Rafe partially said that to rile JJ up even more.
“Cass? He’s calling you Cass now? And you’re fucking dating?”
“We’ve been seeing each other, yes.” Cassie confirmed with an exasperated sigh, knowing this was only going to make JJ spiral.
“Are you fucking kidding me?! Did you forget about the party?! And I don’t know, maybe every horrible thing this prick has done to me and John B and Pope?”
Rafe instantly stood up straighter and Cassie recognized all too well the barbarian posturing 2 young guys do when they’re about to fight.
“The party? You mean when you guys kissed for like 2 frickin seconds and then she got up and left?” Rafe asked. He was more exasperated by the drama JJ was creating more than he was trying to goad him.
“You told him that? Wow Cassie.”
“No, JJ. Rafe saw from the balcony. You guys need to calm down.”
“Yeah, Maybank, relax.”
“Don’t fucking tell me what to do” JJ said as he shoved Rafe’s chest.
Rafe instantly shoved him back as his old temper got the better of him.
Cassie stepped between the 2 quickly.
“Hey! Stop!” And then she turned to Rafe, “Hey” she said softer and Rafe looked down at her, his expression softening. “I think you should go, okay?” Cassie told him gently. Rafe took a deep breath and then nodded.
“Call me later?” He asked quietly.
Cassie nodded and Rafe squeezed her hand before glancing at JJ and turning to leave. JJ scoffed. 
“This is a fucking joke right?!” JJ asked his brow tightly furrowed and his jaw clenched. 
“JJ-” Cassie sighed. 
“Did you hit your head or some shit?! Rafe Cameron? Really?!”  
“Why are you being like this JJ?”
JJ scoffed, “Don’t act like you don’t know Cassie. Playing dumb isn’t a cute look on you.”
Cassie just looked at him, waiting for him to explain even though she knew.
“You know I’ve been in love with you since I was a kid.” JJ admitted angrily. 
“You’re not in love with me JJ.” She sighed.
“Oh, I’m not?” JJ asked indignantly, folding his arms over his chest. “Please tell me how I feel Cassandra.”
Cassie paused, glaring at him for using her full name. She didn’t think JJ or even John B has ever actually called her that. But she moved past it. 
“You’re not in love with me JJ. You’ve just known me forever. And I’m like fucking ...forbidden fruit or some shit for you. I’m your best friends sister. I’m older than you. We’re not supposed to be together. So of course it’s what you think you want because it’s trouble and nothing screams JJ Maybank like running toward trouble.”
“I don’t give a fuck about any of that Cassie! I’m in love with you for a million reasons. Like the way you drop everything any time you see a dog. Or because you pull cookies out of the oven 5 minutes before you’re supposed to and eat frickin warm cookie dough. Because you care about the entire world and have a huge heart but you also flip people off on the freeway for not using a turn signal. ...Cassie I love you for a million little things. And I don’t care about all the other shit.”
Cassie dide everything she could to not launch herself at the blonde boy she loved in front of her. Her eyes getting wet at the heartfelt admission.
“We can’t JJ. You’re 18 and I’m 21”
“Who fucking cares Cass?! What? You think you’re like taking advantage of me?!”
“Yes JJ! You’re vulnerable and a kid and desperate for a family and someone to take care of you. Because someone should and you deserve that! But I can’t-“
“You’re a kid! You need a family and someone to take care of you too! I can take care of you. We can take care of each other. That’s what a fucking relationship is!”
Cassie was quiet. She had one other reason to say no to JJ. The one reason she couldn’t bare to tell him and break his heart.
The truth was she did love JJ and she could be with him eventually maybe. But she was also falling in love with Rafe Cameron. Rafe Cameron who was her age. Rafe Cameron who had already had fun in college and dealt with his childhood trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Rafe Cameron who was going to the same village to live out the same dream she had of doing the Peace Corps. 
“I’m sorry, JJ.” Was all Cassie said with tears threatening to spill out of her eyes as she walked away and went inside. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's so cute!💘😍
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new light part 5: real thing — rafe cameron
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5
summary: the aftermath of midsummers and the weight of both of your impending departures from the outer banks makes things a bit harder for you and rafe.
pairing: rafe x kook reader
warnings: drinking, swearing
a/n: here i am! a day early with more NL rafe for all of you! thanks for all the kind messages about this fic :) as always: not canon rafe
my writing
Tumblr media
i wanna know the real thing about you, so i can see you in a new light
“Hm?” you ask Rafe, accepting his kiss anyways when he bends down over the back of the couch you’re sitting on. His hand comes up to pet the back of your hair when you tilt your head to look up at him.
“Twenty-seven minutes. Actually, probably 28 by now,” he says, eyes flicking to the Rolex on his wrist. He’s working hurriedly at loosening his bow tie, but he can’t get the angle right so you push his hands away. Rafe stays bent at the waist patiently as you make quick work of it for him, leaving it to hang around his neck. “Since you left the Island Club.”
“So punctual, Cameron.”
“I try. Hi girls,” he says, nodding to the friends you’re drinking rosé with on the sofa in Griffin’s living room. “You left your swim suit in my truck, wanna go get it?”
There’s a bigger question in his eyes, and you lean forward and kiss his chin so he can’t catch the look in yours. Then you nod, waving goodbye to your friends and letting him help you off the couch. Not before throwing back the rest of the pink wine in your glass.
Rafe gives you approximately two minutes to prepare yourself, hand holding yours tightly as he pulls you back out the front door from which he came, before he’s cornering you up against the side of his truck. He looks around to make sure nobody is close enough to listen, making no move to unlock the door for you anytime soon.
“Are you okay? I was really worried,” he starts. Not worried enough to come with me. Or let me stay with you, you think. But you know that isn’t fair, you’d been the one to push him away and he let you, and you thought that was what you wanted. At least until the look of victory on Ward’s face had you reconsidering. And since leaving with Topper and Kelce, you still hadn’t made your mind up about what to say to Rafe about what happened.
“Ward doesn’t like anyone,” Topper had tried to assure you in the car ride over. “He called me Tanner for like, at least five years.”
“S’true. Nice to meet you, I’m Kyle,” Kelce had slurred from the backseat as the three of you pulled up to Griffin’s house, which was already bumping.
“I just—ugh, I really wanted Ward to like me. And I thought he would. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but, you guys, my parents loved Rafe.”
“I wouldn’t sweat it, Y/n/n. Not like it’s gonna matter to Rafe,” Topper said.
“True,” Kelce agreed.
But you weren’t sure. Rafe had promised his father and step-mother would like you. Love you. You knew how important this was to him, and he to you. He couldn’t have been anticipating anything like this, because he would’ve warned you. There’s no doubt in your mind that he would’ve never put you in that situation had he known what could potentially come of it. Rafe didn’t even let you pump your own gas anymore, for christ’s sake.
He can read the look on your face and tell you’re contemplating what to divulge. “Just tell me, Y/n/n,” he begs softly.
“I don’t… I don’t think your dad liked me very much, Rafe.”
He raises his eyebrows, shifting away from you to put his hands on his hips. “What?” It doesn’t make sense to him. “Is this because of what he said at pictures? Because he wasn’t being critical, I swear, Y/n. He liked you.”
“I'm not so sure.”
That causes him to reconsider. “Where is this coming from?”
You break eye contact then, turning back around to tug on the handle of the back door to his truck. Rafe doesn’t get the picture, still refusing to unlock it for you. “Rafe, please.”
“No, Y/n. Not until you tell me why you’re freaking out.”
You round on him immediately. “This is not me freaking out, Rafe.”
“Then what is it?” he asks desperately, finally unlocking the door. You reach in to grab your bag, leaving the door open for him to grab his own as you wait to the side. “Sweetheart, please.”
“I just don’t get it. You said—I felt so blindsided and stupid. My parents literally loved you, and you—“
Your mouth snaps shut. But Rafe had immediately turned to look at you, shutting the door and locking his truck again.
“And I… what?”
“No, baby, I didn’t—”
“And I what, Y/n?”
He nods silently, slipping off his suit jacket and crossing his arms over his chest, his clothes tucked into his arms.
“Let me guess. They probably thought I was just the island’s punk ass rich kid that wasn’t good enough for you?”
His words stun you into silence, hitting you like a punch to the gut. You don’t say anything, too shocked to speak, too shocked by what either of you said; Rafe takes your silence as a sign that he was right, nodding and turning on his heel.
“Wow, okay. See you out back, I guess.”
You just watch him leave, his dress shirt doing nothing to conceal the set line of his shoulders as he stalks back into the house.
You briefly allow yourself to consider calling Dylan to come get you, but not for long. You can’t leave Rafe like that.
As you finally slip off your heels, feet so sore at this point you have no chance of making it back through the grass without Rafe’s arm to steady you, you can’t help but wonder where that came from.
You never knew how serious he was about this complex, but it had been lurking under the surface of your relationship for a while. He’d brought it up a few times, at the grocery store and at the pool during graduation. It was usually in jest, and you’d even addressed it at Dylan’s grad party that one time, but you always wondered if he wasn’t letting on how he really felt about it. Now you knew.
You don’t even change into the swimsuit he’d brought for you after all. You only interrupt your pursuit of him to drop your bikini and heels in the guest room Griffin had allocated to the two of you for the night, sighing when you see the room empty save for Rafe’s discarded suit at the foot of the bed.
He’d taken the time to fold up his pocket square, placing it on the nightstand next to his keys and phone and your clutch. Monogrammed side up, his initials nestled perfectly into the corner.
Topper just points into the backyard, giving you a sympathetic smile as you pass him where he’s pouring shots in the kitchen. Rafe’s already in the pool when you get to the backyard, standing tall in the waist-deep turquoise water of the shallow end, talking to a couple of friends. He must have jumped in, because his entire body is wet, slick skin catching the lights strung up in the backyard. His hair is pushed back too, a few shades darker from the water.
Rafe catches your eye then, and the laugh he’d been emitting—that never really reached his eyes in the first place—dies in his throat. But he doesn’t step away from his friends or really even acknowledge your presence, only quirking a brow when he sees your attire. You take a seat a little ways down from him, more toward the deep end of the pool, hiking up your dress just enough to dip your legs in.
He’d come to you when he wanted, and you knew he would eventually.
You’re fussing with your dress, making sure it stays safely above your knees and away from the chlorine when someone swims towards you, water splashing up to your kneecaps.
“Sup, Y/n?”
“Griffin, how are you?” you greet politely, half paying attention while fretting with your dress to make sure it wasn’t getting wet. “Thanks for having us.”
“No worries. Just glad Midsummers is over,” Griffin says, rolling his eyes.
“Tell me about it,” you mutter, before you can think about it.
“Uh oh, Y/n/n, trouble in paradise for you and RC?”
“No.” You shoot him down, looking up from the water to level him with a hard stare. He just puts his hands up innocently.
“You know, I almost didn’t believe it when I first heard you two were shacking up,” he says, cocky smirk on his face. “Didn’t seem like he could land you.”
“Well, believe it,” you say, eyes shifting back to Rafe. He’s watching you—pretending like he isn’t, half listening to what one of his friends is saying—with his arms crossed over his chest. “‘Cause he did.”
“Whatever you say. Can I get you a drink?” Griffin rests his hand on the concrete next to your thigh. You shoot Rafe a purposeful look, and he’s immediately coming over.
“Beat it, Griff.” Rafe’s wading up to you on your other side, hand coming to hold your calf where it dangles in the pool.
“Ah, lighten up, RC,” he teases.
“I’m serious. And don’t call me that.”
“Jeez. See you later, Y/n.”
You don’t even spare him a glance, smiling fondly at your boyfriend. You hadn’t intended to make Rafe jealous when Griffin came up to you—seriously, Griffin? It’s like Rafe didn’t know you at all—but it proved effective in getting him to end the silent treatment.
He has a wrinkle in between his eyebrows, and you smooth it out with your thumb before you can even think about it, hand smoothing back the wet strands of hair that fall into his face.
“You okay?”
He huffs a sigh, dropping his head on to your knee. You don’t mind when his hair wets the hem of your dress. “Should be asking you that. You were upset and I made it about me.”
Your hand falls to the side of his head, thumb stroking from his bottom lip to his chin.
“I fucked up.” He looks up at your serious tone, hands coming up to rest on either side of you where you sit in the pool.
“Lemme talk,” you say, using the hand on his chin to gently close his mouth for him. “I shouldn’t have said that. I was really stressed about what your dad said—at pictures,” you rush to say. “And I didn’t mean it. Of course my parents love you. They have no reason not to.”
He nods. “They wouldn’t have been wrong, though.”
“Rafe,” you warn.
“If I were your parents, I wouldn’t have let you near me in high school.”
You think back to dinners in high school, your parents gossiping about Rafe and his friends. It was a far cry from how they’d fawned all over him at brunch a few days ago. You never spoke up for him, even when you knew what they were saying wasn’t true. And even though now you wish you had, all it had taken for them to come around was getting to know him, really know him.
“Okay, well,” you concede. “I’m actually an adult now, and so are you.”
His hand comes up to hold your wrist, thumb stroking along the back of your hand. “I think it’s just hard for me sometimes, to try to understand how you see me. I know we’re together now, but I don’t want you to look at me like you did in high school.”
“I think I was too shy to even look at you in high school,” you joke. “RC.”
“Oh, god,” he groans, forehead dropping to your kneecap. “Please don’t ever call me that.”
“I don’t know. I kinda like it,” you giggle. He gently bites down on your knee cap and you slap him on the shoulder. Mood officially lightened. “It’s nostalgic! Isn’t it what they called you in water polo?”
He nods, “I never liked it.”
“Not even when I say it?”
He considers it, not saying anything for a bit. You see the wheels turning in his head before he gets himself back on track. “I’m serious though, Y/n. You have to promise me that you know I’m not like that anymore. And that your parents do, too.”
“I wouldn’t be here, letting you drip chlorine all over my dress, if I didn’t know that, Rafe.” You crane your neck to kiss him, tasting some of the pool chemicals where they linger on his lips. Your mind sprints away from you, fantasizing about if this is what it would’ve been like to date him in high school, to run up and kiss him after he won a water polo match. The closest you ever got was an awkward wave, standing next to Kelce and trying not to hide behind him while Rafe stood tall over you, hair wet and messy from ripping off his swim cap. Your heart hammers at the memories, how he’d always ask you what you were doing after the match. “You said you don’t know how I see you?”
He looks up from his spot in your lap. “What?”
“Rafe Cameron,” you begin, grabbing his cheeks. “You act like a badass but you’re so kind, surprisingly funny, the safest fast driver I know—you’re definitely my dog’s favorite human. You’re the only boy that I care about.”
“Are you still drunk?” he asks, trying to downplay his blush.
“No. Maybe a little. My eighth grade science lab, sophomore year Midsummers hero,” you continue.
“Alright, alright,” he says, batting your hands away from his face and tugging on your ankle again to get you to stop. You feel yourself actually move a little closer to the pool this time, the end of your dress partially falling into the pool. A glint forms in his eye.
“Don’t even think about it.”
He looks at you innocently, tugging on your other ankle. He has both of your legs in a vice grip. “No idea what you mean, sweetheart.”
“What happened to not wanting to ruin this dress?”
“Hmm,” he contemplates, arms already coming up to steady your waist. Handprint shaped water spots immediately stain your dress, but you know you’re not going anywhere. “Worked out for me pretty well the last time your Midsummers dress got ruined, though. Got to ride with you in my truck for the first time. Gave you aux and you played some god awful indie band.”
“You were into it!”
“I was into you,” he clarifies, pulling you closer to the water, wet hand splaying over your exposed back.
“Rafe. You know you don’t have to ruin my dress to get me in your truck anymore.”
“I’ll buy you five more. In different colors, even,” he promises. “Send me your measurements. Been meaning to ask for them anyways.”
“Wow, RC. Big spender,” you tease. And then you’re in the pool, but Rafe lets you keep your head above water. You’d pinned your hair up above your shoulders as soon as you left Midsummers, and he knew you weren’t planning on getting it wet tonight. You still squeal, even though you knew that nickname would be his final straw.
“Told you not to call me that. I liked ‘baby’ though,” he says, adjusting his grip so your bridal style in his arms. The silk of your dress wraps around the both of you like a pink cloud.
“I’m already kind of attached to RC, now. It makes you all antsy,” you smile, patting his cheek with your now wet hand.
He bites your thumb and you squawk, but he just silences you with a kiss. He twirls you around the pool, stopping when he realizes something. “You’re okay though, right? From earlier? I know my dad’s intense.”
But he didn’t know, not even the half of it. Now that you were in his arms again, the dopey smile on his face far from the scowl he’d been sporting in the front yard half an hour ago, you don’t think you wanted him to. You bite your lip, nodding hesitantly.
“I’m good, baby,” you appease him, loving the way he preens under his chosen nickname. You’re playing dirty to get him to drop it, but for the first time, you don’t think he picks up on it.
“Good. Now c’mon, talking about my dad always makes me want to get shit faced.”
You smile half-heartedly. “I think I understand that now.”
Finished my summer project
Want you to see it, come over when you can?
!!!!! i can come now! can i bring willy
Thought so, and of course. I’m out back
See you soon sweet girl
You don’t think you’d gotten ready to see Rafe faster in your life, grateful to all eternity you’d hit the point in your relationship where you didn’t feel the need to wear make up around him anymore. He’d been super secretive about the “project” he’d been working on all summer, not even letting you come to his house in recent weeks, too afraid you’d accidentally see it. Not that you cared about that last part. Rafe keeping you away from his house gave you all the more excuse to steer clear of Ward in the three weeks that had passed since Midsummers, and without your boyfriend picking up on it. You’re all the more thankful that it’s one of Rafe’s weekdays off of work, Thursday, when he invites you over, limiting the chances of Ward being home at all.
Wilbur’s jumping over your lap to get out of the car on the driver’s side when you pull up to Tanneyhill, trotting around to the backyard like he owns the place. He makes it to Rafe before you do, rolling over on his back in the tall grass while your boyfriend coos at him and rubs his stomach.
“Hey,” he says, standing up to greet you. He looks like a proper handyman in his dingy white t-shirt and denim jeans, one of the pant legs even ripped in the knee. He’s got his hair tucked under his grey baseball cap, the dirty blond strands growing out so long they’re starting to flip up at the ends. “You ready?”
He holds his hand out, and you take it with force, Rafe laughing when you swing your arms back and forth. He gives you a kiss then leads you to the far end of his yard, overlooking the dock on the water. Underneath the largest tree in the backyard sits a wooden porch swing that hadn’t been there the last time you came over, which must have been over a month by now. Rafe watches your face in anticipation, grinning when your jaw drops.
“Rafe, what? You built this?”
“Yeah,” he blushes, pushing on it so it swings back and forth. “My dad had the concrete slab poured years ago, but everything else was all me. I think I might paint it, though.”
“Can I sit? Is it gonna hold me?”
He rolls his eyes. “It’s gonna hold both of us, no problem.”
He demonstrates the reinforced chains for you though, just in case.
“This is so cool. Were you just bored?” you ask, tentatively sitting down on it. It doesn’t give at all when you do, a sign of his craftsmanship. You raise your eyebrows at him and he just shrugs.
“I’ve been trying to think of what to do with the slab for a while. Started it in May when I got home,” he admits, sitting down beside you. “Got a bit distracted at the beginning of the summer, obviously.”
“Obviously,” you agree, grin so wide your cheeks hurt.
“But yeah,” he says, patting on the back of the bench. “It’s all done now. We don’t even get to enjoy it for that long though.”
“I’m enjoying it right now,” you say, scooting closer to kiss him. He rocks you both in a steady rhythm with his left foot on the concrete. “Who knew you were so handy?”
“Maybe I’m just full of surprises, Y/l/n.”
You kiss him some more, pulling off with a sigh. “I don’t like you, because now I’m thinking about school again.”
He smiles at you, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “Forgot about the moratorium.”
“Are you absolutely sure you can’t put in a transfer request?” you ask, pulling out your best whine and your biggest eyes.
“Sweetheart, your college doesn’t even have my major.”
“But it has me,” you say, laying your head down on his shoulder.
“You make a good point.”
He’s really quiet after that, giving you time to think about what he said. You prop your chin up on his chest when you make a realization. “Hang on, did you check?”
“No,” Rafe says, laugh bubbling up in his chest. “I did not consider transferring schools with one year left of my degree.”
“Hm. That’s not every romantic of you.”
“I sincerely apologize. No, I remember from high school. I looked into going there.”
“You did?”
“Yeah, a couple of schools out west actually,” Rafe admits. “Kinda wanted to get as far as possible from here for a bit.”
For a bit.
“And now?”
“Guess home isn’t so bad. Not anymore,” he says, winking at you. “Aren’t you a little excited to go back though? Senior year.”
“I really wanna see my roommates. And the kids,” you sigh a bit dreamily. “Look at this picture Agnes sent me.”
You pull your phone out of your shorts pocket, swiping until you find the photo you got of the kids you nanny today.
Rafe hums, indulging you as you swipe through. “Do you like nannying?”
“I love it.”
“Yeah? All of my nannies seemed so miserable.”
“You must have been terrible. My boys are angels.”
“It was actually Sarah who was terrible. My dad gave up once I was tall enough to reach the microwave for us,” he sighed. “How’d you even get into that?”
“My parents told me not to worry about a job when I moved out there, but I was bored. And the only ‘experience’ I really had was babysitting. One of my friends told me about this website for personal assistants and nannies and I just signed up, not thinking anything of it. Turns out it was a website for like, the elite,” you say, rubbing your fingers together to indicate cash, Rafe letting out a surprised laugh.
“Like you’d need to worry about that.”
“But it worked perfectly with my schedule! Barron is in like ten zillion activities and Beckham was a dream baby who just slept and giggled in the wrap on my chest all day, so I had a lot of downtime to do schoolwork and write.”
“They lucked out on you,” he says, pressing a kiss to your temple. “And I’m really enjoying the visual of you with a baby on your chest on the sidelines at a soccer game.”
“Barron’s actually a swimmer, like you were,” you say. “And Beckham’s too big for that now, but he has his own little chair and everything.”
“Send me a picture anyways,” he murmurs, tugging you in closer to him.
“I loved my nanny,” you say. “I cried when she left us.”
“Are you—do you think…” Rafe trails off, the hand on the back of the bench coming up to rub the back of his neck. “Do you know… when you’re gonna leave them?”
You know what he’s doing, in his own roundabout way. If the two of you ignored talking about going back to college, talking about post-grad was ten times worse. You’d talked about it more with Ward than you had with Rafe, which was probably most of the reason you didn’t like it being brought up anyways. In all actuality, you had no clue where you were going to end up, even before you started dating Rafe. Most of your friends would be back here, and you know your dad would have a job waiting for you if you came home, too. But you didn't want to rule out any opportunities in California.
“Not really,” you say honestly. “Everything’s kind of all up in the air.”
Rafe hums, not looking unsatisfied with that answer.
“I know it’s a long ways away, just curious,” he shrugs. “But if you wanna end up back here with me, we can sit on this porch swing all the time, just saying. And look at this face.”
Wilbur’s finally comfortable enough with the motions of the porch swing to rest his head in Rafe’s lap, nudging his hand whenever he stops petting him.
“You make a good point,” you say, echoing his words from earlier. You know Rafe plans to move home immediately, but you have to fight the temptation to ask if he’s sure. ‘Rafe knows what’s expected of him. He’s always known.’ You shake your head suddenly. “Can we put a moratorium on this too?”
He nods, hand threading through the ends of your hair. “But only for a bit though, okay? I’m a planner, sweetheart.”
“A planner and a handyman,” you murmur, leaning into kiss along his jaw. You pull back, digging your head back into his shoulder. It’s quiet for minute, Rafe stopping the swing so you can just sit in stillness in the afternoon glow. “Maybe you are full of surprises.”
“Told you.”
“What about me?”
“What about you?”
“Am I what you expected?”
He gives you a weird look. “Y/l/n, we’ve known each other since we were kids.”
“Yeah, but we didn’t like, know each other,” you counter, emphasizing it with a kiss to his jaw. “Like, did you ever think about what it would be like to date me?”
“Of course. Didn’t you?”
“That makes me feel better. Okay,” he nods.
“Okay,” you echo, moving your hands as if to tell him ‘so, out with it.’ “How do I measure up?”
“It’s definitely different… but also not?” he starts, readjusting his hat. “I think in some ways you’re not at all what I expected.”
“So I’m full of surprises too.”
“Yes and no,” Rafe laughs. “It’s like, I always knew you were sweet, but. I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for… I don’t know.”
“Prepared you for what?”
“For how you make me feel,” he admits. “I could’ve never imagined being with you would feel how it does.”
You tuck your legs under your body, turning to face him fully. He doesn’t look at you, still petting the golden retriever at his feet.
“Can you tell me…” you trail off, grabbing at his elbow. “How does it feel?”
“Warm. Safe, but exciting. I don’t know.”
You bury your face into his shoulder, no longer able to handle the effect his words are having on you. Rafe kisses your head, the arm you’re holding onto bending upward so he can hold your head in his hand. “What if I transfer instead?”
A laugh bubbles up in his chest. “Let’s look into it.”
“Tell me again why I let Topper and Kelce convince me this was a good idea.”
Rafe had begrudgingly agreed to throw the end of summer party he did every year, even though you could tell he really wasn’t feeling it this time around. Tanneyhill was packed with all of your old high school friends, and Rafe hadn’t really slipped into party mode like you’d thought he would. It was honestly a kickback more than anything, but he was still pouting.
“That first one before freshman year was really fun,” you’d told him.
“You didn’t come to any of the other ones.”
“Cute,” you’d murmured, interrupting yourself to lean in and kiss his cheek, “that you kept track. This is actually the first summer I’ve spent back home since I left. Kelce invited me every time though.”
He’d completely zoned out. “Imagine if you hadn’t come home this summer.”
Sarah and John B had invited some of their friends, and a few straggling summer tourons somehow wormed their way in. The crowd wasn’t that big, but it was still a good thing Ward and Rose had taken Wheezie to the mainland for the weekend.
“Because you’re a good friend and can’t ever resist being the life of the party. Drink?” you ask from your spot at the kitchen island. Someone bumps into him and he just scowls, showing you he’s still working on the beer in his hand. You make a face.
“You are such a frat boy for drinking those.”
“I wish you were a beer girl, I really wanted to go to that brewery that opened in town,” he says, coming up behind you to bracket you against the counter. He steadies your hand when you get a bit liberal with the Grey Goose.
“I’ll go if they have hard kombucha.”
“If they have what?”
“Never mind,” you laugh, humming in approval when you sip your drink. “Go with the boys.”
“You can be our DD,” he offers. “I think they allow dogs.”
“Topper hates Wilbur.”
“Then Topper can stay the fuck home,” he grumbles, turning you by your hips. “Not letting you out of my sight for the next week.”
You just smile up at him, the hand not holding your drink coming up to run through his hair. Shorter now. You’d almost screamed when he cut it before going back to Georgia.
“We’ll be alright, yeah?” he asks. “It’s only a few months.”
You nod. “Maybe we can work out a few visits before we're back here for Thanksgiving?”
“Then let’s not sweat it. Go have fun, say bye to your friends.”
“You’re right,” he agrees easily, leaning in to press a hard kiss to your lips. He pulls off when he hears a commotion in the backyard. “You good for a sec? I’m gonna go tell Sarah to keep her stupid friends in check.”
“Go easy on them,” you warn. “Unless you see Dylan out there drinking, he’s supposed to drive us home.”
“On it,” he says, unwinding from your hold.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”
“Use mine.”
“Ooh, VIP access.”
“Meet you up there?”
“No, because then you won’t let us come back down. I’ll find you in the yard.”
He pouts before slipping out the back door.
You’d only been up to Rafe’s room a couple of times this summer, and you were never really alone in it for that long. It didn’t look anything like a teenage boy room, and you thought maybe Rafe just changed it more as he grew out of it. Your room had basically stayed the same since you left three years ago, and Rafe always poked fun at your posters and old polaroids. It was only a group picture, the two of you separated by three other friends, but he’d pointed excitedly at his lone appearance on the wall above your desk. You'd added at least ten more of him since then.
You ran your hands over the dark grey walls, searching for any holes where thumbtacks or nails might have used to hold up posters or water polo medals. There was nothing you could feel.
“My dad never let me put anything up, said it’d ruin the walls,” Rafe says, arms crossed where he’s leaning up against the door frame.
“Well he’d be the expert, wouldn’t he?”
“Guess so. Listen,” Rafe says, walking into the room. He shuts the door, the roar of the party muted to a dull hum. Some of his hair had fallen out of the gel he’d ran through it earlier, and he slicks it back with his hand. You swear you catch a slight tremor. “Something kinda weird… um. I was just talking to Sarah’s boyfriend downstairs.”
You nod, turning back to look at the stack of records he had on his dresser.
“About what?”
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The Forbidden Zone (pogues x oc)
Tumblr media
summary: As the pogues dive deeper into John B’s adventure, more drama also arises.
wc: 4,752
a/n: WOOO! Part 3 or Episode 3 the forbidden zone is now out! I hope you all love it as much as @jeyramarie and I love it!! Taglist here or just message one of us.
Prologue. Part 1. Part 2.
Previously on Good Life…
Lani had volunteered to climb into it since she was the smallest. Once inside she asked for a flashlight due to it being so dark. She looked around for a bit until she found an envelope leaned against the wall.
“Oh my god.” she whispered as she stared at it. ‘To Bird.’ it read.
John B stared at the envelope in adoration, perfectly knowing it was from his dad. JJ helped Lani out of the tomb as a cold breeze ran through the trees making her shiver.
“Holy shit. This is from my dad.” He said and looked around as his friends while JJ lit his blunt, puffing some smoke. Suddenly, car headlights came into view coming their way.
“Code red. Code red. Square groupers!” JJ said desperately as he walked backwards to his friends.
“Oh my god, go.” Lani said, pulling Kie’s arm to hide next to the tomb. They all got down and fidgeted with their flashlights to turn them off.
“Turn it off, John B!” the curly haired kook exclaimed as she saw the pogue jam the flashlight up his shirt. JJ turned off his cigarette against the wall as they all stayed there quietly. The car came to a stop as a man climbed out.
“I think I see something!” He shouted to the other person in the car as JJ and Pope peeked their heads out, trying to see.
“Is it them?” Lani whispered to the boys feeling fear in the pit of her stomach.
“Homie’s got a gun.” JJ whispered as he turned back to lean against the wall.
“Oh fuck this.” Fallon muttered as she stood up before running off. John B immediately followed, then Kie, Lani, JJ and finally, Pope. Everyone made it over the fence successfully until Pope’s pants got stuck. Of course he’s the one that gets stuck, classic Pope.
“Guys, guys. I’m stuck!” He said as he desperately tried to free himself from the fence.
“I got you, buddy.” Lani said as she came for his rescue alongside John B. They used all they’re strength to get him out causing the pants to start ripping.
“Guys, you’re gonna rip me.”
“Pope, don’t move okay?” JJ said as he held up his gun towards the pogue.
“JJ, what the fuck? Put that down, man.” John B pushed his arm down making the blonde put the gun back in his cargo shorts.
“No, no. You’re gonna rip me. No! You’re ripping me!” and with that Pope fell from the fence leaving his shorts hanging.
“Oh my god.” Lani laughed as she walked backwards to get to the car.
“Hey, it's a little Tootsie roll!” JJ shouted, making everyone laugh as they all ran to the car. Fallon opened the door waiting for them to get closer.
“Get in.” Kie laughed as she saw Pope climbing in in his underwear.
“What the hell happened?” Fallon slid the door close and turned to Pope who was frowning in annoyance.
“You don’t wanna know.” he groaned as he sat at the chair at the back of the van. They went back to the Chateau, quickly clearing a space to look at what the envelope had. JJ ran to the kitchen looking for food since he hasn’t eaten all day. He found some bread, some peanut and jelly making his eyes sparkle as his stomach growled.
“That bread has had mold for like a week.” Lani said as she opened her water bottle to take a sip.
“I’ll just pull off the bad parts. Plus, mold is good for you. It’s just a natural organism.” he said, picking up the sandwich and moving to take a bite off of it, receiving a disgusted look from the kook.
“Guys!” Kie called as John B pulled out a map from the envelope.
“We’re going.” Lani said walking out of the kitchen with JJ trailing behind her as he took a bite off the sandwich.
“Mmm.” JJ muttered and then gagged as he spit out the piece of moldy bread.
“Told you not to eat it.” The kook with her arms crossed made the pogue pull out the middle finger. The pogue opened the map to see coordinates, scribbled lines and an x.
“Well, x marks the spot.” Fallon said, pointing her finger on the map.
“Longitud, latitud… wait, there's something else in there.” John B said as he traced his finger along the lines before dropping it and picking up the envelope again. He reached in and pulled out a tape recorder.
“What’s that?” JJ asked in confusion.
“It’s a tape recorder, J.” Lani said, looking at him and chuckling a bit. The pogue held the recorder for a bit more and started playing it to reveal his dad’s voice. Big John talked about the Royal Merchant, how he found it. He actually found it, which was a huge surprise to everyone, including John B. Once the recorder stopped, the room was filled with silence until JJ broke it.
“Holy shit, he found it! Big John…. He found the Merchant.” He lifted his arms in excitement as Lani stood up straight and forcefully lowered his arms.
“Can you not right now, JJ?” Fallon said, running her hand through her hair. John B stood up and leaned against the door as he began to cry. Kie went to his side and hugged him, giving him comfort as his tears continued to roll down his cheeks.
A few hours later, everyone was found on the docks. Kie was playing her ukulele, Lani was sketching Pope and everyone else drinking beer in silence.
“How much was it again?” JJ asked and sipped from his beer can before tossing it aside.
“Four hundred mil.” Lani said never parting her eyes from the sketchbook as she erased the eyebrow to fix it’s arch.
“All right, let’s talk split. Now, before we say “evenly” may I remind you that I am the only one that can probably defend us from those square groupers that were after us. Protection? Not cheap, okay?” He said, holding his gun up for everyone to see trying to make a point.
“You haven’t trained. You’ve done zero training.” Fallon crossed her arms leaning against the railing.
“Youtube, Fal.” he winked at the caramel haired pogue making her stick out her tongue making him chuckle.
“You haven’t-” Pope started objecting when JJ cut him off.
“Any objections? Didn’t think so.” Lani and Kie were holding up their hands in objection but were ignored by the pogue.
“There’s a couple objections.”
“I don’t hear any so…”
“Okay well, what are you gonna do with 66 mil Pope?” Fallon said, cutting him off and she sat down on the floor.
“Pay for college in advance. And also, textbooks. Those are expensive.”
“What about you, Kie?”
“Yeah, what does a socalist do when she’s rich?” Lani asked, smirking at the pogue who chuckled at her question.
“Just wanna make a double album. About the OBX, the pogues. You know, the way Catch a Fire is about Kingston. Record it in Marley studio, Peter Tosh producing. And before you say anything Pope, yes I know Peter Tosh is dead.” The pogue lifted his hands in surrender as he laughed at her last comment.
“Lani? What about you?” John B asked, leaning back on his beach chair as he opened a new beer can.
“I’m not sure what she would want. She’s already rich.” Fallon muttered under her breath making the kook frown as her face fell making her look at her sketchbook.
“Well, you’re rich too but you don’t see me making comments about it.” Everyone opened their eyes and muttered ‘ooo’s’ as Lani looked at John B to answer his question.
“I wanna go to Italy, get a house by the beach. Not even a house, I want a cute little hud with a window facing the ocean. So, I can paint and eat all the pasta I can get.” she said and raised her beer can in the form of the toast before sipping from the cold beverage.
“Fal, your turn.” JJ smiled, turning his head towards her as he fidgeted with his lighter.
“I’m gonna leave Outer Banks. I’ve only felt trapped here. So, I wanna go and I don’t know… escape life, I guess.” John B nodded and lifted his beer can in agreement while the blonde pogue nodded too.
“I know what I’ll do. I’m gonna get a big ass house on Figure Eight and go full Kook.”
“Full kook?” “You are not going full kook.” Lani and Fallon said at the same time, making him laugh.
“Yes, full kook. I’m gonna get a big statue of myself and a koi pond with a bunch of fish.” He said making circular movements with his hands as he described the pond.
“You know I’m never visiting right?” Kie said, placing her ukulele back on her lap.
“What are you gonna do, John B?” Lani asked, leaning towards Pope, handing him the portrait she made.
“To going full Kook.” he smiled as he stood up and held his beer can up causing everyone else to hold up their beverages too.
“To going full Kook.” They hollered and laughed as the night went by smoothly. Lani was starting to feel like part of the group now which made her very happy since she was never the girl to have a bunch of friends. All of her ‘friends’ were the children of her parents' business partners, whom she never really liked.
The next day came around, sunny as ever giving the pogues the perfect idea to go on a boat ride on the marsh. They got ready in record time with their swimsuits and the cooler filled with drinks and the ice Pope brought from his dad’s store. They picked up Kie at her house’s dock first and then Lani, who wasn’t far. As they sailed through the marsh, getting to their favorite spot, JJ spotted two kooks on their own new boat.
“Holy shit. You guys see that? That’s the Malibu 24-MXZ, the world’s finest wakesetter. Number one in luxury, quality and performance. That’s 200k easy.” He said squinting his eyes behind his sunglasses moving his head to his friends and back at the kooks.
“No, here comes Malibu Barbie and Ken.” Fallon tilted her head as she laughed at her joke.
“You don’t have to act like you don’t see us, bitch.” Kie said as she looked at Sarah while the boats crossed paths. The blonde kook waved and smiled at Lani causing her to do the same thing.
“Of course, you wave at her.” the caramel haired pogue scoffed in annoyance.
“Says the one who’s friends with Rafe.” Pope muttered under his breath loud enough for the pogue to hear and blush.
“She’s been nothing but nice to me. I have no hate against her.” The kook shook her head as she continued sketching. Most of the day was spent swimming, drinking and planning on how to get a computer with the Internet in order to find the coordinates from Big John’s map. After the marsh, they all went back to the Chateau to get dressed so they could begin their trip to the hotel JJ worked at. Everyone got into the van making their way to their destination as they jammed to Kie’s favorite reggae music and JJ’s classic rock playlist.
“All right, we should keep a lookout. We’re behind enemy lines.” JJ said as he pulled his gun out from the glove department while they parked outside.
“Come on, man. Just put it back.”John B said, turning off the car as he ran a hand through his hair.
“You can never be too careful.” he muttered as the door slid open for Pope to climb out.
“Bringing a gun to a four star hotel will cause more problems than actually solve.” The curly haired pogue said as he leaned against the door next to JJ. He muttered a ‘thanks’ before Lani popped her head in between John B and the blonde.
“JJ, put that shit away or I'll throw it in the ocean.” She said and quickly got out of the van as John B ripped the gun off of JJ’s hand, putting it back where it was.
“Okay, let’s go.” Fallon shouted as she closed the van door ready to walk in.
“Wait! Can’t forget my badge.” the blonde pogue smiled and pulled out his employee ID.
“Professional busboy.” Kie rolled her eyes and continued to walk behind Lani who was already halfway to the entrance. They walked in through the back into the kitchen where a few of JJ’s co-workers said hi and asked him how he was doing, some eyeing Fallon which was an everyday occurrence for her. After going up a few stairs, they finally made it to the lobby and walked towards a semi secluded room with computers.
“Sweet lord, the Internet.” Pope said, running towards the device almost like he was gonna hug and kiss it.
“Let me get in there. Check on my insta models.” JJ said as he leaned down next to Pope making Lani chuckle as she sat down.
“What insta models?” Fallon questioned as her arms crossed over her chest.
“No one, no one.” he muttered, never parting his eyes from the screen. They started looking for the coordinates written on the map and found how deep that part of the ocean was. To get there, they needed some type of submarine to be able to find the Royal Merchant. JJ gave the idea of getting the drone at the salvage yard where his dad used to work. On the way to the salvage yard, Pope couldn’t help but comment on how real or fake this wild goose chase was.
“So, what’s it gonna be? Fantasy or reality?”
“Fantasy.” Fallon muttered as she rolled JJ’s blunt.
“Fantasy but possible reality.” Kie stared at John B through the rear view mirror with sad eyes, feeling pity for her best friend.
“Both.” Lani said rummaging through her bag as she placed her sketchbook and pencils back.
“Virtual reality.” JJ groaned as he leaned forward to grab the blunt.
“Reality.” the shaggy haired pogue said, turning his head to look at the kook sitting in the passenger seat. Lani stared at him and gave him a sad smile as the van came to a stop not too far from the salvage yard. They ran over the plan one more time, making sure everyone understood. Especially JJ, he had a tendency of improvising everything. Lani got out of the van first, throwing her bag over her shoulder as she crossed the street to Kie’s car. Fallon slid the van door open and stepped out but was held back by a muscular hand.
“Can’t Kie go?” JJ asked worriedly not liking the idea of his lifelong crush distracting a man with her looks.
“No, she can’t and it’s not like you care anyway.” she spat out as she pulled her hand away from the pogue, slamming the door shut. The kook was putting her things in the car, making sure everything was rightfully placed when she turned to ask the pogue a question.
“Hey, Kie did you see th- You’re not Kie.” Lani said as she noticed her partner for that crima wasn’t who she thought.
“I’m not thrilled about this either but they made me, so let’s just get it over with.” the pogue said bitterly as she got in the passenger seat leaving the kook alone and confused. The short ride to the salvage yard was filled with tension and awkward silence. Neither of them know what to say.
“Should I go call him or do you-”
“I’ll go.” Fallon spat dryly, cutting Lani off as she quickly got out of the car. The kook sat there staring at the pogue as she walked towards the gate giving her some time to sigh and think to herself ‘this is harder than i thought’. After a few seconds, the gates opened cueing her to get out of the car and stand by the flat tire. The rest of the pogues were hiding by the gates as they saw the scene unfold.
“It’s not weird, awkward or anything.” John B whispered, never parting his eyes from the girls as he answered Pope’s question.
“I told you she wasn’t into you.” Kie said suddenly which confused JJ more.
“Who isn’t into you?”
“He kissed Fallon.” Pope whispered immediately, opening his eyes wide realizing what he had done. JJ’s nostrils flared as anger burst through his body.
“Well, she can kiss whoever she wants. She’s not dating anyone.” he said with gritted teeth as he gripped the wood harder.
“Yeah, it’s just us.” Lani smiled, answering the guard’s question while leaning against the boat. He stared at them for a long time, moving his eyes from their legs up to their faces and back to the tire. Suddenly, barks came from the yard making the guard stand up and turn to the gate.
“Tebow’s got something.”
“Oh no, I don't think so.” Fallon said, placing a piece of hair behind her ear.
“Yeah, maybe it’s a racoon.” Lani nodded and smiled, giving the man enough reassurance to go back to the tire. They noticed that he was finishing way too fast which meant that the boys could get caught but luckily, Fallon had an idea.
“Oh, I forgot to call my mom. I’ll be right back.” she said before disappearing around the boat making it look like she was grabbing her phone. When in reality, she was using a hairpin to deflate the other tire. Fallon stayed like that for a bit not realizing how long she took until she heard Lani’s protest to the guard.
“No, she’s talking with her mom. Something private. Sh-she’s probably crying!” The kook shouted as the guard pushed her aside as saw Fallon defaulting the tire on purpose , giving him the realization of what was going on. He began walking backwards as the girls looked at him holding their hands up trying to keep him from running. But of course, that failed miserably as the man bolted towards the gate making the girls run to the inside of the car.
“Shit! Shit! He’s gonna call the cops. We need to tell them.” Fallon closed the door and put her seat belt on as Lani turned on the car.
“Just call Kie, we have to go.” and with that, she drove out of there leaving the pogues behind. After a while, they all met back at the Wreck feeling all of their stomachs growl. Kie immediately hugged her dad when he saw him as the pogues walked towards the tables.
“Hey, Mike.” Lani waved sweetly as she walked towards the counter.
“Hey, how’s John doing?”
“Oh, he’s good. Just working with mom a lot.”
“That’s really nice. Can I get you anything?”
“Can I have the turkey sandwich? With fries?” she smiled, reaching into her purse to pull out her wallet. Mike nodded and walked away into the kitchen. Fallon stared at the whole interaction, feeling pissed on how Lani had “stolen” everything from her. The kook paid and left a $5 tip before walking towards the pogues, who were starting to sit down.
The restaurant closed, only leaving them in there to eat. Kie turned up the radio as one of her favorite songs came on. She pointed at John B which resulted in them dancing. JJ stood up to throw something away when he saw Lani’s drawing, again. Giving him the perfect idea, to dance with her.
JJ tapped her shoulder making her turn around as he extended his hand for her to grab. Lani timidly looked around and placed her hand on his, making him grab it immediately as he pulled her out of the chair. JJ started dancing with her as well as making funny faces to make her laugh. Fallon wasn’t laughing, at all. If looks could kill, there would be two dead bodies already.
JJ swung her around and dipped as she laughed hysterically at the gesture since she has never really danced with anyone. As this all happened, Pope and Fallon sat drinking beers alone. He turned to her and raised his bottle to toast, making her chuckle. The bottles clinked together and they drank from it as the song ended.
“Well, let’s get going guys.” John B announced as it was getting late. They threw away the wrappers and paper cups before stepping outside. Lani left with Kie since they lived close by to each other, which left Fallon with the boys.
“I think I’m gonna walk home.” she said as they got into the van.’
“You’re not gonna walk.” JJ refused, stepping out of the Twinkie.
“I am gonna walk. I need to think and some time alone.” and with that she walked away ignoring the pogue’s calls.
“Just give her some space, man.” Pope said as he got in the Twinkie making JJ get back in and slam the door shut. Fallon walked hugging her figure as the cold night breeze went through the trees. She was reflecting on the day, about how Lani was actually nice to her but then her thoughts drifted to seeing her dance with JJ. Suddenly, car headlights shone behind her as the vehicle stopped next to her. The window rolled down to reveal Rafe.
“Hey Fal, what are you doing walking alone?”
“Hi, I just… um.. Just needed to clear my head.”
“Well, get in. Let me drive you home.” He said and leaned over to open the door for her. Fallon was hesitant at first but somehow felt comfort once she went inside the car. Rafe began to drive and kept looking at her and back at the road.
“You look good.” he said, making her smile and slightly blush.
“Stop doing that, Rafey.”
“Doing what?”
“Complimenting me to distract me.”
“I just wanna make you feel better, that’s all.” he stared at the road as Fallon looked at him. She grabbed his hand making him look at her.
“Thank you for that, really.”
“No problem.” The ride to Figure 8 was short and filled with comfortable silence. Once they pulled into the driveway, Rafe lowered the volume of the radio and turned to Fallon who was getting her bag ready.
“Thank you for driving me.” she smiled as he nodded and gave her a small smirk. Suddenly, she leaned in and kissed his cheek, making him blush.
“Goodnight, Rafe.” and with that she got out of the car, waving at him once she opened her front door. The kook stayed there for a bit, still feeling euphoric by the kiss. He smiled widely as he changed his car to R, making his way home.
The next day, Pope wanted to try out the drone, making everyone go to the Chateau. It was like seeing a child open his christmas gift and seeing that it was what they asked for. Excited was an understatement. Kie, Fallon and John B swam around for a bit while JJ, Lani and Pope stayed on the dock to test it out. They wanted to make sure the camera was looking HD, that it’s motor was functioning and that nothing was broken.
“What’s this?” JJ asked as he touched a button from the panel that controls the drone.
“Don’t touch that. I’m trying to work out this thing.” Pope said, slapping the blonde pogue’s away.
“God bless geeks, Pope. Truly, man. What would we do without you to control the drones?” he asked as he leaned against the railing while Lani chuckled in the background, still standing next to Pope.
“It’s not a drone. It’s an ROV.”
“Shut up, shut up. It’s too early for that right now.”
“It’s 12 in the afternoon, JJ.” Lani smiled as she lifted her head and looked at the blonde who shrugged and turned back to the marsh. The conversation turned to mention lawyers once the wreckage was found. Loud thunders would be heard as the pogues climbed out of the marsh.
“In the wrong weather, it’s gonna get pushed around.” Lani stated as she squinted her eyes looking at the sky. A big gray cloud was going over the OBX making the kook feel a bit anxious.
“Then we’ll go at dead calm.” John B suggested wrapping himself in a towel. Right after that, thunder interrupted his thoughts as it filled everyone’s ears.
“Well, today’s not the day.” JJ said, looking at the sky.
The next day had perfect weather which was also perfect to look for the Royal Merchant. Pope asked his dad for his boat and surprisingly, Heyward said yes. Which gave him the responsibility to pick everyone up. JJ took over the wheel and Lani stayed with him in the cabin while everyone else got the equipment ready.
“All right, JJ! Pin it here!” John B shouted as the blonde nodded.
“Roger that! X marks the spot.” he said and stared at Lani who was already staring at him with slightly scared eyes.
“All right, ladies and gentleman. To going full kook.” The shaggy haired pogue smiled as Kie started lowering the drone into the water, immediately giving Pope a clear image of the ocean. It kept going down as John B checked the location of the boat hence the constant screaming.
“JJ, you're right over it. Ten seconds northwest!”
“Got it!” the blonde shouted back as he steered the wheel in a quick speed making Lani be on the verge of falling over him once the boat turned. He chuckled at the kook causing her to roll her eyes.
“Careful there.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“One hundred feet!” Fallon shouted as she helped Kie lower the rope. Pope gasped in fear as he saw many animals which caused John B to be on edge. Inside the cabin, Lani and JJ were in comfortable silence as she stared at him.
“Are you okay?” she asked, breaking the silence.
“Sorry, I asked, I just… you’re wearing a sweatshirt.. It's the middle of June.” Lani looked at JJ with worried eyes as he hesitated for an answer. Not wanting to tell her about his dad.
“Four hundred feet!” Kie shouted, interrupting JJ’s thoughts as he turned to look back at the front of the boat. Thunder was heard all around as they all stared at the sky.
“Guys, the tide’s turning.” Fallon said to John B making him look down at the boat monitor.
“JJ, ten seconds easy, south-southeast.”
“Copy that.” the blonde replied as he turned the wheel again making Lani trip and crash into him. JJ extended his arm and stood her up, pulling her to between him and the wall.
“Stay there, k?” she nodded and chuckled a bit, making him smile.
“JJ, 20 second mid speed, south.”
“Copy that! Aye, aye, cap.” The pogue kept steering and steering the wheel, not receiving any feedback from John B.
“John B! Is That good?” Lani shouted from the cabin as JJ focused on the wheel.
“Yeah, we’re good!” He shouted only his thumb up. The shouts kept coming back and forth as a trom approached the boat. Thunder got louder and winds got stronger making it harder for the female pogues to handle the rope as JJ tried to keep the boat at the right position.
“There’s too much current!” Kie shouted holding onto the rope, afraid that it would leave her grip.
“We’re gonna lose it!” Fallon shouted as she lowered the drone a bit more.
“No, we're not! Steady at this bearing, JJ!” John B shouted as the blonde followed instructions. The shouting went on as the girls yelled how far the drone was.
“You should be seeing something, man.” he told Pope as he looked closely at the screen.
“I know, I know! Wait.. oh God.” A silence filled the boat as the boys stared at the screen closely.
“What the hell is going on?” Lani asked under her breath looking at the boys. JJ turned his head and got confused as he quickly turned back to look at the storm.
“Do you see anything?” he asked, suddenly hearing the boys laugh in cheer.
“It’s the Royal Merchant!” John B shouted in victory as he saw the wreckage on the screen feeling as if his father was standing right there with him.
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sodasback · 2 days ago
Grow Up - Part 5
JJ Maybank x Cassie Routledge x Rafe Cameron
JJ Maybank Sublist
Warnings: FICTIONAL character age gap; Cassie’s 21, JJ’s 18
“Hey Routledge! Fancy seeing you here.” JJ greeted with a teasing tone as he found Cassie by herself at the Carrera household where Kie and McKayla had thrown a huge house party while their parents were out of town. 
“At my best friends house? Yeah, how strange.” She teased back sarcastically.
“You look beautiful as always.” JJ complimented with his signature Maybank charm. Cassie gave him a look, the same look she always gave him when he tried to flirt with her.
“Thanks J” She said simply with a small knowing smile.
"No drink yet?” JJ asked surprised. 
“I haven’t made it to the kitchen yet.” Cassie said, starting to stand up but JJ stopped her. 
“No, I’ll get it.” 
“Okay, Jameso-”
“Jameson and ginger ale? Yeah, Cassie I’ve only known you most of my life, I know what you drink.” JJ said and she smiled back at him.
He returned a moment later.
“Madam” He said, in a posh accent handing her her solo cup.
“Thank you sir” she mimicked his tone as he sat down next to her and placed the Jameson bottle on small table nearby. 
Cassie raised her eyebrows nodding to the bottle on the table. 
“Truth or drink?” JJ proposed, “If we play right, we can get our buzz going a lot faster.” 
Cassie sent him another skeptical look. 
“Fine.” She agreed and jumped right into a question, “Was it really an accident when you and Pope walked in on me changing that one time?” 
JJ immediately broke eye contact and rolled his lips into a guilty line. He sighed and reached for the Jameson bottle. 
“Knew it, you pervs!” The older Routledge shouted punching his arm and JJ playfully grabbed her wrists but let go easily, but Cassie didn’t miss the way the sexual tension increased. JJ collected himself and started with the thing he always tried to get Cassie to admit.
“Who’s a better surfer? Me or John B?” 
“That would be the first question you ask. You guys are never gonna let that go.”
“Answer or drink up Routledge.” 
“He’d never forgive me.” She said, grabbing the bottle. 
JJ raised his eyebrows in surprise, “I mean you just answered anyway! ...I knew it though.” He smirked smugly and Cassie rolled her eyes.
“Mmmm okay... ooh okay, Romeo, how many new notches are in your belt your senior year?” Cassie expected JJ to smirk and grab the Jameson bottle she was holding out to him, but he became solemn and paused for a second looking down. 
“I haven’t really been interested in anyone since... since you came back.” He said, looking up at the brunette sitting next to him. 
Seriousness flooded her face and her mouth fell open a little and her breathing increased. 
“My turn,” he continued, “if I was 3 years older, what would we be doing right now?” He asked calmly and seriously as his blue eyes intensely watched Cassie’s expression. 
Cassie gulped and slightly licked her lips before she looked at JJ while bringing the Jameson bottle up to her lips and taking a long sip and setting it back down on the table. 
“JJ-” She started.
He knew what was coming and he didn’t want to hear it, so he stopped her with a kiss. He leaned forward quickly, his well-practiced hands finding her upper thigh and the other on her cheek. Lips firmly pressing to hers. Cassie shut her eyes and let out a small grunt in surprise, but alcohol was already circulating her body and after a second .... she kissed back. Cassie leaned into JJ and grasped the back of his neck, fingertips carding through his hair a little. JJ pushed his body against her’s further into the lounge chair and gave her thigh a squeeze causing her mouth to open and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. 
It was then that it hit Cassie. Her and JJ were kissing. Her and her brother’s best friend were kissing. Her and her little brother’s 18 year old best friend were kissing. She pushed against JJ and sat up. 
“Shit!” She cursed, running her hands over her face as she squeezed her eyes shut and immediately stood up, trying to create physical distance between them. 
“Cassie, relax-” JJ started, knowing she was freaking out. 
“Umm- fuck- I- I need to get some air.” Cassie stammered out and started to walk away.
“We’re already outside.” JJ said, slightly amused following after and reaching for her hand. Cassie pulled her hand away from him.
“Yeah, I know.” She said shutting her eyes again, trying to figure out how she let this happen and what it meant. “I just- need to ...not be here right now okay?” 
“Cassie” JJ tried again, but let her walk away. 
Cassie quickly climbed the stairs to the upper deck outside and was happy to find it pretty empty except a couple making out on the far side and a few other people having quiet conversations. She put her hands on the rail of the deck and looked out at the backyard full of teenagers as she took several deep breaths and then looked down at her feet.
“What’s up with you Routledge?” A voice asked as they leaned on the rail next to her. Cassie looked to see Rafe Cameron.
“Now, is really not a good time Rafe.” She said tiredly with a sigh.
“Well, that’s kinda rude. I’m just asking how you’re doing Cassie.” Rafe said in a cocky manner.
“I’m fine.” She didn’t try to hide the annoyance in her voice.
“Doesn’t look like it. Come on.”  Rafe nudged into her shoulder a little.
Cassie squinted her eyes skeptically at him as he took a sip from his beer bottle, before looking back out at the dock and the ocean beyond the backyard.
“Just a guy.” Cassie responded.
“Maybank?” Rafe asked and Cassie gave him a shocked expression. “Yeah, I kinda saw that whole situation.”
“Creeper!” She shouted and knocked into his shoulder and he smiled a little.
“Didn’t know you were cradle-robber Routledge? Or should I call you Mrs Robinson?” He feigned seriousness as he teased her. 
“Shut up! Don’t pretend like you didn’t hit on your little sister’s best friend. At least JJ’s 18, you perv!” Cassie told him, referring to a couple years ago.
“I never hit on Kie! I was trying to hook up with McKayla!” He defended.
“You know McKayla’s a lesbian right?” Cassie asked.
“Yeah, I know that now loser! ..Anyway, so you gonna date your little brother’s best friend now or what?” Rafe turned the tables back on Cassie. 
“Ugh no.” She groaned, “It sounds so gross when you put it like that. And JJ and I don’t need to further complicate each other’s lives.” Then Cassie paused, surprised by this conversation she was having with the former Kook King of the OBX. 
“Why do you care?” She asked pointedly, “And better question: why aren’t you inside somewhere snorting cocaine with hundred dollar bills and roofy-ing tourons?”
“Geez, Cass, tell me what you really think of me.” Rafe said, sipping his beer again.
“Well, I think you’re a pompous, spoiled assh-” she started, partially seriously and partially teasing but Rafe’s hand quickly came up and covered her mouth.
“Okay, stop talking.” He laughed. They both paused and Cassie raised her eyebrows that Rafe’s hand was still covering her mouth. He then removed his hand and cleared his throat, looking away while Cassie smiled at him.
"No, but really what’re you doing at a party by yourself?” Cassie asked.
“Umm, I’m just not as into all that stuff anymore. The cocaine and crazy drinking and tourons ...for the record, though I have never roofied anyone! I just want to make that clear!” Rafe said, when Cassie quietly nodded and smiled, so he continued.
“I just grew up a lot at college. I went to a smaller state school to piss my dad off and learned a lot not being in such a rich kid environment. Went to South America for a summer and that ya know opened my eyes up a lot. So I stopped putting coke in my nose and gel in my hair.” He sighed and then added “Even voted democrat.” He whispered.
Cassie raised her eyes and opened her mouth in shock. “Wow. Look at you! I’m impressed. ...Yeah, I noticed the no gel. I like it.” She smiled.
“Oh yeah?” Rafe asked in a cocky tone. 
“Shut up Cameron.” She said trying to hold back a smile. 
Rafe and Cassie ended up talking for hours that night. Rafe even gave Cassie a ride home since he only had 2 beers the whole night. 
“Hey Cassie, I had a really good time talking to you tonight.” He said genuinely, in his car outside the Chateau.
“Yeah, I had fun too. You’re not so bad Cameron.” She teased. 
“Can I text you tomorrow?” He asked. 
“Yeah” Cassie smiled, all of a sudden feeling shy, but leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek anyway. Rafe turned and caught her lips with his. It was simple and quick but both felt the spark of electricity regardless. They pulled away and looked into each other’s eyes. 
“Night Cassie” He smiled. 
“Night Rafe” She returned climbing out of his car, smiling to herself as she walked into the Chateau.
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maybanksslut · 2 days ago
🍾 anything with rafe cameron lol, idc if it's nsfw or sfw, love you babe <3
rafe sleeps with a teddy bear. i know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.
his father was always more focused on the wellbeing of his sisters, while rose had always been somehwat absent in the adolescence of her husbands children. rafe felt like there was no one there for him, and one day, as he went to the garage *extremely* angry at something his father had done or said, he found a small, old teddy bear. he didnt know who it belonged to, but out of pure curiosity, he brought it back to his room.
at first, he used it to stash coke, leaving it under his bed and not paying much attention to it. it was only one time as he took it out that he realized the bear had a small piece of paaer attached to it. on it were written two words; his mother's name. from that moment on, he kept the bear close to him and let it sleep with him during the night.
bonus: one time when there was a storm and wheezie was scared, he let her hug the bear. it was the very first time he'd let anyone touch it.
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rummonkeys · 2 days ago
Rafe Cameron
One - shots
- rafe Cameron smut alphabet
- Golden souls
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rummonkeys · 2 days ago
Rummonkeys masterlist
- Rafe Cameron
- JJ Maybank
- Topper
- John B
- Sam Winchester
- Dean Winchester
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