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#one shot
mandah-lorian · 6 minutes ago
The Chase - One Shot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Din Djarin x fem!reader
Rating: explicit
Word Count: 5k
Summary: You bet Mando you could last two hours on the run without him catching you. Reluctantly, he agrees to the bet.
Warnings: outdoor (rough & unprotected) sex, hunter and hunted type of vibe, mild choking, being gagged, size kink, mando talks a lot during sexy time, maybe slight dom/sub mentions?
A/N: this is just my take on the whole “bounty hunter and quarry” fantasy. also I basically wrote the smut and then added context around it. this is pretty much shameless smut  /// 
*Masterlist can be found here**
It started out as innocent banter.
“I definitely think I could last a couple days,” you told him, slouching in the passenger seat inside the cockpit.
The modulator scoffed at you. “No.”
“Are you doubting my skills?” You asked, eyebrow cocked.
He swiveled his chair around to face you. “That’s not it.”
“Then tell me what it is, Mando.”
Even though you weren’t able to see what his expression was, you could tell by his body language that he was getting annoyed. The way his hands fidgeted at his sides, the way he leaned his body back in the chair—something he did every time you tried to rile him up about something. Despite the fact that he hid behind the beskar, he was generally easy to read whenever he was irritated.
“I bet I can last two days.”
“You wouldn’t last two hours, let alone two days.”
Now that was a challenge you didn’t want to back down from. Anytime someone told you that you couldn’t do something, it scratched that itch inside you to do that exact thing. Your incessant need to prove people wrong sometimes got the best of you, but Maker, the satisfaction you got from it was worth the consequences.
“I’ll take that bet,” you said to him, feeling your stomach stir.
“I wasn’t—”
“Too bad, Mando. You challenged me and I accept.”
And then the rest was history. All you had to do was last two hours without Mando tracking you down and then you could die happy knowing you evaded the best bounty hunter in the parsec, even if it were for a short period of time.
You’re not sure what planet Mando lands the Crest on but it’s definitely one of the quieter ones because he’s landed the ship in a large clearing with only woods as far as the eye can see. It’s not a problem for you, though. Growing up on Naboo meant you were always exposed to forests and clear landscape. In theory, this is the best place he could have chosen, not that you’d tell him that.
“There are some ground rules for this,” he begins to say, standing in the galley of the Crest.
“I’m all ears,” you answer back.
Mando lets out a chuff of air that crackles up through his vocoder, like he’s still considering calling this whole thing off, but after weeks of still not finding a Jedi for the kid, you both need a little distraction.
“First thing, no guns.”
“Okay, that’s understandable.”
“Secondly, you keep the commlink open at all times,” he orders.
“Not a problem,” lips curling into a smile, you already feel the adrenaline pump through your veins, body itching to get this whole bet started.
“Thirdly, if you somehow manage to last the day, we check in once it gets dark.”
“Ouch,” you take a step back, slightly offended at his jab. “You have so little faith in me.”
“I’m not the one overestimating my abilities,” he jests. Who knew Mando could be so snarky?
“Do we call it off at night and wait till dawn?”
“If you want to make to things easier.”
Oh, so that’s how he wants to play.
“All right, Mando. We don’t stop.”
“I don’t know how safe this planet it, but you shouldn’t run into any trouble.”
“Okay, yeah Mando, let’s do this,” you’re basically shaking from the thrill of all this. You can’t wait to show off your evading skills.
“I’ll give you an hour head start. Put as much distance between yourself and the Crest as you can.”
“Don’t worry, Mando. This isn’t my first time running away from someone,” you say with a smug smile.
“Fine,” his voice terse.
Your turn your back to him and face the open ramp. With your heart banging against your ribcage and your palms damp with sweat, this might be the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever done.  
“Be safe, I’ll see you soon,” He says with a hint of mockery. He’s so confident in himself, it’s actually getting under your skin.  
Looking over your shoulder, you hit him with your own jab, “We’ll see about that,” and then you’re descending the ramp.
Once your feet hit the ground, you think of the best direction to head towards. In order to do this successfully, you’ll need to choose every single one of your movements very carefully because any slip up could end up hurting your chances to win.
You hear your named being called, so you turn around to look back at the Crest and see Mando standing at the top of the ramp.
“When I do find you, try to put up a fight.”
That sends heat right to the apex of your thighs. If you didn’t have enough incentive, that was the last nail in the coffin. You’ll make this as hard for Mando as you possibly can.
You shoot him one last devilish grin and disappear from sight, opting to go to your right. Once you reach the forest edge, you break off into a sprint, heading deeper and deeper into the foliage.
The forest isn’t too dense, but there are roots everywhere on the ground and you stumble on a couple of them, nearly falling flat on your face. The positive to having so many branches and roots in the ground means the chances of your footprints showing up in the mud are low but Mando’s got a heat tracker on his helmet, meaning he can still track your movements without actually seeing your prints.
The adrenaline keeps telling you to run, run as fast as you can, but the rational part of your brain realizes that no matter how much distance you put between you and Mando, it won’t matter unless you have a clear plan as to what tactics you’ll need to use in order to make sure he doesn’t find you.
Should you try to find the closest village?
Should you stay in the forest?
Think, think…
You continue to put some more distance between you two and when you feel as though you’ve made some progress, you check the clock on your commlink.
In ten minutes, Mando will leave the Crest and begin tracking you. You’ll have to start making important decisions soon. When you entered the planet’s atmosphere, you tried to pinpoint a specific spot that might give you some kind of advantage. If your memory serves you correctly, you saw a small area that appeared to be some kind of canyon. Ideally, that might be the perfect spot to find some shelter. A hard surface means no footprints.
Now if you could only find out how far away you are from it…
As you take in your surroundings—which is basically just trees and more trees, you think about finding a high enough viewpoint for you to see where this possible haven could be. A few metres away you happen to see a tree that appears to be much larger than the rest of the ones around it. Its branches look sturdy enough for a human to climb and it doesn’t take you long before you’re heading straight for it. You haven’t climbed a tree in years but if there was a perfect moment to touch-up on your skills, it’s right now.
As you climb up the stump, the branches and leaves break apart, and the sky begins to get clearer and clearer. When you finally reach the very top, you’re so high up that you’re able to spot what you were looking for. It looks like it’s a couple more clicks away, but you were lucky enough to be already heading in that direction. The Maker must be on your side.
One more look at the clock.
Shit, you have to start moving.
If you start to climb down the tree, you’ll end up losing precious time, allowing Mando to close some of the distance. It’s something you can’t risk. Eyes scanning the woodland between you and your hideout, you come to the conclusion that you’ll have to jump from tree to tree and pray you don’t fall and break any bones. It’s incredibly risky, and your inner self is warning you against it. If you do fall, you’re screwed, breaking a lot of the bones in your body. You’ll have to hope that these branches will be able to carry your weight.
Trying to balance yourself on one of tree’s larger arms, you crawl across it on your knees, knowing damn well if you stood up, you’d lose your balance and fall down, and it would be a pretty big fall. You’re easily fifteen feet off the ground, maybe more. Fuck, this might have been a horrible idea, but it’s frankly too late to turn back, you’ve made up your mind and you need to go through with it.
The jump from the branch you’re currently on to the adjacent one you’ll be jumping onto is about four feet, but it’s not the jump that concerns you. What concerns you is the sturdiness of that branch. Will the impact cause it to snap? Will it make too much noise, letting Mando hear it? All these questions are racing through your mind as you hear your heartbeat pounding in your ears. The longer you consider it, the more time you waste. You’ll just have to take the chance and hope everything works in your favor.
“Okay… I can do this,” you whisper, psyching yourself up.
As you slowly rise to your feet, your legs are buckling. You take one last look down, fully realizing that this idea is absolutely bonkers and jump.
When your body hits the branch, you latch your arms around it, landing on your stomach. To your surprise, the branch doesn’t break off, it barely even moves.
You continue to leap from branch to branch, until the rest of trees in your wake look too unstable for you to leap onto. Luckily, the tree you’re currently on isn’t too far from the ground, so you’re able to climb down it in under five minutes before reaching the ground. Keeping still for a moment, you wait to hear something.
A twig snap, leaves rustling, anything, but you don’t hear a single sound.
“Did you actually climb these trees?” You hear Mando’s voice through the commlink on your wrist, which startles you.
Is he already there? He’s already so close, how is he already so fucking close to you?
“Um, no?” You reply.
“That’s convincing,” he answers dryly.
If Mando’s already reached the tree you started climbing at, then he’s really not far behind. You’ll need to start sprinting again. Without trying to make noise, you begin to tiptoe around the forest, trying to be as quick and efficient as you can. It doesn’t take long until you see a break in the forest and somehow quicken your tread to the clearing.
Once you reach the wood's edge, you’re about to take a step into the clearing when you stop yourself.
Kriff, if you step into that open field, you’ll be sticking out like a sore thumb, which is a risk you cannot take. Instead, you’ll have to walk along the sides of the clearing, keeping to the trees and hoping you won’t be spotted.
“Are you really about to step into that glade?”
Your breathing hitches, everything inside you is burning up, adrenaline nearly making you shake uncontrollably.
He’s found you.
He sees you.
Keeping very still, you turn your head in every direction, desperately trying to see where Mando is but you can’t see a fucking thing. You consider making a break for it—which direction, though? Do you turn around and head back into the forest and hope that you’ll be able to lose him in the trees? Do you stick to your guns and continue to make for the mountains?
“Better make up your mind quickly, pretty girl. Time’s running out,” he’s fucking taunting you. Mando knows exactly where you are and is relishing in watching you struggle in deciding what to do next.
There’s something incredibly titillating knowing that he’s watching you, right now. Predator watching prey, observing your every move, waiting for the perfect time to ambush you.
“What are the chances I outrun you?” You breathe into the speaker on your wrist, chest puffing in and out heavily.
Mando doesn’t answer right away, mulling over your question. “Very slim.”
“But not impossible?”
You’re sizing yourself up. You know damn well there isn’t a chance you lose him, not when he’s got eyes on you, but you have an advantage on him. Carrying all that armor on his body makes his movements more abrupt, meaning he’s less agile and relies more on his weapons to catch a bounty rather than his own speed. All you need to do is outrun him, make yourself impossible to catch and then maybe, just maybe, you can reach the other end of the forest without getting snatched.
“What are you planning?”
“’Put up a fight’,” you repeat the last words he said to you. “That’s what you said, right?”
“Well… Come get me.”
And then you’re racing into the glade, your legs moving as fast as you possibly can. The air whipping passed the burning hot skin on your face, lungs feeling like they’re on fire, you’re running so much faster than you ever thought you could. Maker, you didn’t even know you could sprint this fast. Taking one quick look back over your shoulder, you see Mando break out from the forest edge, racing after you. He’s a couple metres behind you, but he seems to be closing the gap between you quicker than your efforts to gain distance.
Starting to panic, you make a sharp turn to the left, hoping he’ll be caught off guard, giving you just a few more seconds to stretch out the distance.
“I’ll give to you, you’re much quicker than I thought,” he pants.
You’re so close to the forest, just a few more sprints. With your legs burning and getting tired, these last few metres are either going to make or break you, but with the determination to prove him wrong, you refuse to give up. You can almost taste freedom… just one more step—
And then you’re falling to the ground. Face slamming into the grass so hard, your vision goes fuzzy, and your head is pounding, hearing a faint ringing in your ears. When you turn over on your back, you look down at your legs and see your feet wrapped up in grappling line. Still in somewhat of a daze, you try to unravel the coil from your ankles with haste before Mando can close in on you. The tall grass shields your view, stopping you from seeing anything until it’s directly in your face, which mean he can be just a few feet away without you even knowing it. If you have any chance at slipping passed him, you need to move very fast.
Just as the cord untangles from your legs and you jump to your feet, you see Mando standing in front of you, just a little further than arm’s length away. Standing in place, you freeze up like a prey animal being spotted by its predator. Maker, he’s intimidating, carrying himself with such confidence and gusto that it could make even the more fearless predator cower in his presence and because you can’t see his expressions, you have no idea what he’s thinking under that bucket of his.
“Well, you managed to last two hours,” he notices after checking the time on his vambrace.
Relaxing your shoulders and readying yourself to break off into a sprint for the woods, you cock your head to side and chuckle. “Technically, you haven’t caught me yet.”
He tilts his head ever so slowly to the side, chest puffing out. With caution, he takes a step forward and in turn, you step back, maintaining the little distance between you two.
“Don’t make this harder for yourself.”
“When have I ever made it easy for you?”
The visor’s locked on you. Both of you stand incredibly still, waiting for someone to make the first move.
“Don’t run,” he warns.
It’s impossible to ignore the stirring in your stomach. It’s time to face the facts, you’ve already been defeated. There’s not a chance in hell you can possibly win this. You fucked up, somehow. Maybe you shouldn’t have started climbing trees, maybe you should have gone left instead of right. None of those things matter anymore. The only thing that matters how is what your next move is.
“Isn’t this what you really wanted?” His voice hitting low in the register.
Does he mean what you think he means? Your pussy gushes, and you’re hit in the face with reality.
You would have to be a fool not to notice the way Mando looks at you on the Crest, and how you look at him. There’s clearly chemistry between you two, maybe even infatuation. It’s been three months since you started travelling with him which means there’s been three months’ worth of sexual tension. Both of you felt it, the electricity in the air whenever you were alone together. The air would get thick, your heartrate would quicken, and you’d wait for him to make a move, but he never did. Whenever you felt like that day was finally the day he’d let go of his devices and fuck you senseless on his ship, he’d retreat to the cockpit and lock himself up for hours, leaving you to take care of yourself in the fresher. It was enough to get the job done, but you wanted him, and you know he felt the same.
So, yeah, you’d be lying to yourself if that idea hadn’t crossed your mind. Getting him in his element, force him to come after you, and when you finally gave in or rather, when he found you, he’d be so caught up in the moment that all the sexual tension that had been building up for the last three months would climax at this very moment. What you couldn’t have anticipated was Mando figuring all of this out and actually calling you out on it.
Slacking your jaw, you lick your bottom lip, staring at the ‘T’ of his visor, realizing that this whole bet was just a façade—that the real reason you started this whole wager was to rile him up.
Mando body shifts, his fingers flexing at his sides.
“Been wanting it for three months, Mando,” you challenge.
He makes a guttural noise in his throat, and now you know you’ve got him. It’s taken three months to get you where you are now. Three months of walking around the Crest, swaying your hips purposely in hopes he’d look at you as you walked by. Three months of not so innocent touches on whatever part of him you could touch. Three months of soft moans and groans, trying to get his attention.
All your hard work is finally going to pay off.
Mando tries to close the gap between you, taking a step towards you. Being the brat you are, you step back.
“You’re really going to make this difficult?” He asks—very much a rhetorical question.
“Come get me, Mando,” the words slip off your tongue, once again trying to entice him.
A game of chicken.
Who’s going to make the first move? Is Mando going to charge for you? Do you let him? Do you turn and try to run away?
In a flash, Mando leaps forward and you’re just quick enough to dodge him, whipping your body towards the forest’s edge and taking large strides forward. You barely make it three feet before there’s more grappling line squeezing your ankles together. Once again, you land on your stomach with just barely enough time to cover your face with your hands.
Now, you know there’s no way you’d be able to get up in time and still somehow slip through his fingers, not that it was ever the point of this bet. You thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of being on the run and having Mando chasing after you but you’re way more interested in what’ll happen next than actually winning.
It’s takes a few seconds for you to get your bearings, and as soon as you begin to push yourself upright, you’re being shoved back into the ground by Mando using his bodyweight against you. He straddles either side of your legs, pushing them together.
“If this is what you wanted, all you had to do was ask,” Mando’s voice suddenly whispers in your ear, pressing himself into your body. He bucks his hips against your ass, his erection nuzzled between your cheeks. Propping himself on his elbows so he doesn’t suffocate you with his weight, one of his hands grab hold of your waist, digging into your flesh.
Trying to arch your back, you push your ass out to grind against his cock even more. Maker, you want him so fucking badly. Being fucked in an open field where anyone could see you, it’s daring and intoxicating.
Your hands fumble to your pants, trying to unbutton them and slide them down your thighs. Mando senses your urgency and swats your hands away and then his body leaves you momentarily, just long enough for him to tug your trousers down to your knees. It’s rushed, and you’re already panting underneath him, the anticipation eating you up from the inside.
A leather gloved hand grazes your lips, then he’s pushing two fingers in your mouth. The tastes of earth and salt lingering on your tongue.
“Bite,” he instructs.
You oblige and the glove comes off, discarded just inches away from your face. Without skipping a beat, his naked hand travels down your side, and with your ass in the air, he palms your stomach, keeping you in place and forcing you to arch your back even more. The pool of arousal in your stomach is making you squirm, getting more impatient as the seconds go by.
Mando takes his time trailing your lower belly, fingers barely grazing your skin. Your breathing is completely erratic, panting heavily into the ground. When he finally cups your sex, your breath hitches, a sharp inhale escapes your lips.
“Stars, you’re fucking soaked already,” he admires, and then two calloused fingertips are rubbing tight circles on your clit.
Writhing underneath him, you can barely keep still. The pleasure is overwhelming, something you’ve been waiting for for so long, you can’t believe this is really happening
Your hands grab at his waist with haste, trying to remove his pants but because you can’t see what you’re doing, you’re just aimlessly grabbing at him. He sees you struggling and lifts himself off of you. Hearing a small scuffle, he presses his body into your back again, and you feel his freed cock between your cheeks. Maker, he’s huge… is it possible for someone to feel this big when he hasn’t even stuck it in you yet?
“Are you sure you want this?” He asks breathlessly, his own pants scratching low in his helmet.
“Y-y-yes, please,” you croak, your throat already bone dry.
Gathering as much of your slick on his hand as he can, you feel him smear it all over his length and with your ass still shoved up against him, he teases your entrance with his tip. Hands grabbing at his hips with urgency, he actually fucking chuckles and then starts burying himself inside you.
Stars, he’s fucking huge, it almost burns how much he’s stretching your walls. Your eyes wrench shut so hard; you’re seeing stars. It feels like all the air is being knocked out of your lungs, you can’t even make a sound as your jaw fucking drops. He buries himself deeper and deeper—kriff you’re not sure how much more you can take. Your body freezes once he’s fully inside you, teasing your cervix with his head.
“F-f-fuck, you’re tight,” he breathes out once he’s filled you to the hilt. Steadying himself on his palms, his cuirass leaves your back, but he doesn’t move. He just sits there, giving you time to acclimate to his size. “I’ll try to be gentle—”
“No,” you say, cutting him off. “Please, j-just, fuck—do what you want,” you’re basically sobbing already, and he hasn’t even begun to fuck you.
He slowly pulls out and when you feel just the head still inside you, he slams into you so hard, you jerk forwards and cry out, your whole body stilling from being so full.
“You have to be quiet, someone might hear,” he tells you gently, pulling out again ever so slowly.
In an effort to stifle your moans, you bite down hard on your bottom lip, and when he bucks his hips and crashes into you again, you’re unable to stop the shriek that escapes you. Balancing himself on one arm, he grabs the discarded glove by your face and stuffs it into your mouth, gagging you with it and then begins really fucking you.
He drives his cock into you at a grueling speed, stopping his rhythm momentarily to roll his hips against your ass, making sure you feel every fucking inch of him. Whatever pathetic noise tries to slip through your lips is muffled by leather and you’re grateful for it because your cries would echo through the field if not for the glove.
Mando drops his weight back on you, feeling his breastplate dig into your back. He lets his cock just sit there as his naked hand wraps around your neck, applying pressure with two fingers. He resumes his pace, jackhammering your pussy with so much force, his balls slapping against your skin echo through the clearing.
“Shit, this—this is what you wa-anted?” He hisses, never once relenting his rhythm.
You couldn’t have planned for how mind-blowing this is. The daydreams, the dreams while you slept, nothing could have prepared you for the real thing. Nothing in your imagination even comes close to the actual feeling of Mando fucking you senseless in the middle of an open area. You’re so close to your climax already, something no other person has even gotten close to doing. Mando knows how to fuck, how to reach the right spots inside you, how to drive you fucking insane.
“Yes, ah-shit, yes Mando, please, please, it feels so good,” you babble, your mind unable to come up with a coherent thought; instead, you’re reduced to a blubbering mess. Tears are forming in the corners of your eyes, and when you squeeze your eyes shut, they begin streaming down your face.
“Be a good girl and come all over my cock,” he grits out between thrusts.
The grass is tickling your face, he pushes you deeper in the ground with every plunge, and then your orgasm rips through you, waves of white-hot pleasure crashing over you, electrifying your body from the inside out. Clawing at the ground and grabbing fistfuls of dirt, your body tenses and untenses at the same time, you can barely breathe. His hand is still pressing into your neck, making you dizzy from the limited air you can actually take in, as well as your climax punching out of you.
“Yes, fuck—ah shit—stars, you feel so fucking good.”
Mando doesn’t like to talk very much, only speaking when directly addressed, but now he’s a mess. He praises you, repeating words of admiration like it’s a prayer he tells himself at night and knowing you’re the reason for all this chatter just fills you up with pride.
He has incredible stamina, so he doesn’t need to pause in order to catch his breath very often. Mando continues to drill into you with such speed and force, you don’t know how much more you can take. It’s so much better than you thought it could be, you never could have predicted Mando to be so good at fucking you. He knows exactly how to treat your body, how to get the most pleasure out of you, it’s like he already knows you better than you know yourself. His cock rams that spot deep inside you that’s never been touched, nearly blinding you and causing your mind to go blank. You curse the Maker for making you wait this long. Both of you needed this, to take your frustrations and desires out on each other.
It’s primal, the way he thrusts inside you, feeling his cock pulse and twitch as your walls squeeze around him. Mando can barely shut up, if he’s not growling admirations in your ear, he’s keening into the helmet, his baritone hitting so low and rough, it only spurs you on.
The hand on your neck slacks, and then he’s pulling the glove out of your mouth. “Where d-do I—”
“Inside,” you manage to mewl, although your voice is barely above a whisper. “Please.”
“Ah—shit, you want me inside you? Fill your pretty little cunt with my come?”
You make a pathetic noise in your throat, the dryness of it too much for you to actually speak.
“Words, pretty girl. I need you to use your—fuck—words.”
You swallow hard, trying to get some dampness in your throat. “Y-yes.”
Mando growls contently and resumes his ruthless, hard pace. It’s no longer rushed, but with every thrust, he slams into your pussy so hard and hitting your cervix that your body jerks upwards, struggling to keep still. He grinds his hips a couple more times and then he reaches his own climax. You feel his cock throb inside you, filling you up with his seed.
“Fuck!” He snarls into the helmet, keeping it pressed against the side of your head.
You’re completely spent, you can barely move a muscle. Mando’s just fucked the life out of you, and you could lie here for the rest of your life, happy and satisfied. When you feel him start to pull out, with the little strength you gave—which is by no means a lot, you clench your walls around him, trying to keep him inside you.
“Don’t want me to leave?” He jokes.
“Want you inside all the time,” you mumble into the ground.
Mando hums, sheathing himself inside you once again.
“Pretty girl, I’m just getting started with you.”
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malibix · 9 minutes ago
Pillow Forts & Fairy Lights || One-Shot | Hisirdoux Casperan x GN!Reader
Summary: What’s better to relax and celebrate making it through another week of living than a cozy pillow fort, snacks and movies with your favourite person?
Word Count: 1501
Warnings: None!
Taglist: @furblrwurblr​ @moppetwithamanbun​ @tales-of-hisirdoux​ @alovesongshewrote​ @yagirlcheesely​ @daydream-believin​
Tumblr media
Douxie's had a closing shift at the café again and it being a Friday meant he had the weekend free, so you decide to start the weekend off like any not normal normal couple would. 
Pulling the cushions off your couch and stacking them up with blankets and bedsheets with chairs holding it all up from the sides, you found that you’d made a pretty stable fort base if you did so say yourself. Next, you pulled out some fairy lights from your room and strung them up around the inside of the fort to the best of your ability. A little bit of tape and some twist ties got you a long way.
The fort itself stretched off the couch and over the floor, your kitchen island bar stools holding up the later. 
Once you'd moved into the apartment, your inflow of blankets had come with you, so there never really was a shortage. Douxie had always complained about being cold. You’d sure solved that problem. You used them to build a sort of platform or mat on the floor off the couch on the floor, and on the couch you did the same. It was already beginning to look and feel like a cozy little warm igloo in there. The "top floor" of the fort had a mountain of your favourite blankets, as you had not been willing to sacrifice them to the floor. 
You checked the clock and your text messages to see that Douxie was just finishing up closing at work now, which meant you still had a little time before he got home. You clambered out from the opening of the fort and took a step back to admire your handy work. Nodding in satisfaction at its interior and deeming it acceptable and some quick adjustments to fix the exterior to your liking, you set off to the kitchen for your next mission: snacks. 
Rifling through the cabinets, you settled on some Doritos and Smartfood, as well as some candy bars and gummies you'd bought earlier. You scooped all the goods into your arms and shuffled back over to the fort, trying your best not to drop anything on the way there. Multiple trips were for suckers. 
Was the couch right in front of the tv? Yes. Did that mean you could be in the couch fort while watching said tv? Not particularly. 
Having planned this, you pulled out your laptop and strung it's cord through the mass of pillows and blankets to sit on the top level of the fort on the only neatly stacked pile of blankets. Next, you hauled all the snacks that you’d promptly dropped at the entrance to the fort, into the lower level blanket lair and turned off the lights to save them for the grand reveal of your evening plans for when Douxie got home. 
Archie made himself comfortable inside, which you didn't mind one bit. He was always good company, so even though you thought it to be like a little date night, you had no problem with sharing the space with the familiar. 
You didn't plan to watch any specific movies or show, you just figured you'd both decide together and figure it out later when he got home. You also ended up leaving the drink choices alone for when he got back. You assumed he'd want tea after a long day at work, but you could never be too sure. 
It wasn’t much longer until you heard footsteps outside the apartment door and the jingling of keys as Douxie unlocked the door. It wasn't a rare occurrence for him to step into a completely dark apartment. Sometimes you’d fall asleep somewhere while the sun was still out and just hadn't turned any lights on before it set. Other times he'd just find you in your room hunched over your device and lit up by only the glow of your phone or laptop. Once in a while though, he'd find a little glowing orbs of your magic to light the way to your room, where he’d find you reading surrounded by a handful of them. Almost like you sat in a field of oversized fireflies. 
He much preferred the last one as it made him worry less about you damaging your eyesight. Not to mention you always looked so peaceful reading there in your magical light, mind in another world as you read the story you held in your hands. 
Today however, he was greeted with the first option. Pitch darkness was the only thing to welcome him home. Not even Archie came to greet him. Some friend he was. 
Of course the wizard wasn't aware that his familiar was currently snoozing away in a fort hidden by said darkness, but still. 
He heard a faint shuffling from somewhere in the living room, followed by your voice welcoming him home and asking him how his day was. 
"Sorry for the darkness! I made us a surprise though! C’mere," 
He felt your hand grab his and you pulling him slightly to lead him across the room. 
"Just oneee second-!"
There was a bit of a pause and a little more shuffling before little lights sprouted up under the roof of the fort. Their brightness dimmed by the bed sheets made them look like a bunch of glowworms in their living room. The fairy lights illuminated the room just enough for Douxie to be able to make out the fort and the shapes of everything inside it. 
"I thought a couch fort-movie night was a good way to celebrate the weekend and making it through another week of customer service." 
The glow from the fort now gave enough light for him to make out the grin on your face. 
He couldn't help but smile back at the thoughtful gesture, "Thank you love, it's perfect."
"Archie's already in there and made himself at home by the way, hope you don't mind."
You crouched down to crawl through the entrance and into the fort. "You gonna stand out there by yourself all night or what?"
Douxie smiled again as the lights lit up your silhouette under the sheets, just enough for him to see you waving him in. 
"Oh wait almost forgot, sorry hold on," You crawled back out, heading for the kitchen to get drinks. "Tea?"
"Sure thing, darling."
You smiled back as you filled the kettle with water and set it to boil. “Oh go on, don’t be shy. Make yourself comfy and I’ll be right over.” “I’m going, I’m going.” He chuckled lightly, putting his hands up in defense as he crawled into the fort.
You may or may not have magicked your way to boiling water to save time, but soon enough you poured your cups of tea and returned to the fort in the living room. What? Magic may not be a permissible shortcut to hard work, but it wasn’t you who was Merlin’s apprentice after all. 
You dropped bags of your favourite tea into travel mugs, just to be safe, and poured in the hot water before bringing them back over to the fort in your living room. 
“Do me a favour and hold these for me for a second please?” You stuck your arms into the fort, holding the travel mugs out to Douxie who chuckled and took them from you as you’d asked.
“No problem,” he said.
“Thanksss,” you said, shimmying your way into the fort with various noises of struggle. To which, your wizard simply laughed at in amusement. 
“You alright there, love? Having trouble getting into your own fortress?” 
“Ha ha, very funny.” You made extra effort to take up as much space as possible once you’d reached him. 
Archie protested slightly as you both shuffled around trying to make yourselves comfortable, but eventually settled back down once you'd done the same. As you discussed movie options, you'd eventually settled on a new fantasy release and curled up at Douxie's side. He wrapped an arm around you while you pulled up a blanket and buried yourself further into his chest, making yourself cozy. 
Douxie wasn't one for confined spaces, but having you right next to him in a fort you'd made with love for him made him feel much more at peace. You shared the snacks you'd previously brought in while sipping your tea and enjoying the movie together. 
The movie however, was rather long. And though it was good, that didn't help keep the two of you awake after a long day of work. You fell asleep in his arms probably just after halfway through the movie, and he fell asleep not long after. 
Archie had made his way onto your lap by the time the movie credits rolled around and promptly curled up where he sat, glad that his wizards were home. The three of you stayed like this the rest of the night, in the company of each other and under the cover of bedsheets and artificial stars.
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so, imagine this is set in TFATWS episode 4 where they are all in Riga and it’s the part where Zemo says he wants to keep his leverage and Bucky says wanna see what someone can do with leverage etc. BUT in this scenario the reader replaces Zemo and she has the information and stuff like that and wants to get under Buckys skin so she says she prefers to keep her leverage, then Bucky gets up walks over to her and like basically towers over her and she gets turned on and he gets real close in front of her face and says “you wanna see what someone can do with leverage” and he then fucks her into oblivion. anywaysss if that makes sense.... oh and Sam is in a whole different room talking to Sharon when they fuck so yeah.
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A Triwizard Baby Part 3 - F.W
Masterlist, Requesting Rules, Writing Prompt Masterlist
Fred Weasley x Fem Reader
Part 3 of my 'Triwizard Baby' mini-series, please read Parts 1 and 2 if you haven't already. Want to be tagged? Let me know!
Warnings: Swearing, Mention of smut/light smut.
After that night, Fred dreamt of you more often, and the pain inside of him spread throughout his body, his twin looked at him differently, everyone in Hogwarts looked at him differently now - how could they not? He knocked you up and toyed with your feelings, breaking your heart.
You couldn't believe how fast the months went by as your bump grew in size and your pregnancy journey progressed now reaching halfway through seven months pregnant; being in your third trimester made you incredibly tired, sore, moody, and irritable, and with the final task of the Triwizard Tournament one week away, you felt nervous and slightly on edge.
"What have you decided?" Your mother smiled at you, pulling your hand in hers.
You smiled and stared at your bump, your hand resting on it, you looked up at your mum "I'm keeping it, I want this baby, I want to raise them."
Madame Pomfrey sat across the room, smiling at you, putting together your delivery bag, which was empty - aside from a pack of nappies and one baby bottle.
"Do you need a top-up of your potion?" she asked, nodding to your bump.
Shaking your head you smiled "No, everyone will know soon enough."
"I'm so proud of you, Y/N." Your mother smiled and squeezed your hand "You won't be going through this alone." she reassured you.
You nodded your head, thanking your mum and pulling her into a hug.
"I had you very young" she sighed "I'll make sure that you won't struggle like me and your father did."
"Now," Madame Pomfrey sighed "We need to make a plan for the birth."
Sitting on your bed in your pyjamas, stroking your bump whilst catching up on the classwork you had missed due to constantly being tired and sick, your friends talked amongst themselves, the bedroom now warm and cosy.
"I think it's amazing that you're keeping the baby!" Katie beamed from across the room, flashing you a smile "When we get out of here, we can all move in together and help you raise the baby."
Your heart warmed at the idea and a smile formed on your face, knowing that you had supportive friends helped numb the pain of Fred's absence when you no longer passing in the halls or sharing a class together.
"Really?" you looked up, smiling at your friends, putting down your quill and rolling up your parchment.
"Of course," Angelina smiled "It's what friends are for, and we'll obviously need a strong quidditch player in your family!"
Your heart instantly lost its warmth and started to fall victim to the freezing cold.
but my baby does have a strong quidditch player in the family, their dad is one of the most amazing beaters Gryffindor has ever seen...
"We'll be living in a big house, we'll have our dream jobs, and we'll be helping you raise your baby." Angelina smiled "The world is your oyster!"
Fred waited for his brother to laugh at his joke, but he didn't, which had become a regular occurrence after George found out the truth - and when Fred got with his crush, but it wasn't just George who brushed Fred aside, and he couldn't pretend to not notice anymore.
"Shall we get started on planning our business then, Georgie?" Fred asked eagerly, clapping his hands and rubbing them together.
George shook his head, a plain expression on his face "No, I can't actually, I've uh.. got plans." he slowly got out of his chair, and walked away from his brother, hoping Fred would be too tired to care.
"Plans?" Fred asked, following him "Without me?"
George stared at his twin, he hated him right now.
"Yeah, without you." George walked away, cursing under his breath.
'If mum and dad knew, they would be so ashamed' George thought, starting to think of what clothes the baby would need, the clothes that his brother couldn't provide.
Fred rolled his eyes and puffed out his chest, the pain of his best friend hating him, and the other avoiding him, started to chip away at his ego. He didn't want to plan the business alone, and he couldn't plan it with anyone else. Fred couldn't handle being lonely when he wanted company, so he searched for Angelina, finally catching up to her on the Quidditch pitch.
"Oi!" he called out, panting, out of breath from running "Angelina, do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this afternoon?"
Angelina stared at Fred, clearly uninterested and more excited about something else.
"Sorry Fred, I can't."
Fred sighed, 'why is everyone avoiding me?'
"Why?" he asked, frowning "You're always free on weekends."
"I've got plans!" Angelina smiled, unable to hold her emotions back, the bottle lid slowly starting to tremble as the liquid inside bubbled up.
"What's going on?" Fred asked again, slightly puzzled as he had never seen her so excited.
"You don't know?!" Angelina gasped "Me, George, and the girls are planning a surprise baby shower for Y/N!" she beamed.
Fred's heart dropped, his heartbeat thumped in his ears, a lump formed in his throat.
baby shower... for Y/N... and George is involved...
Angelina continued to ramble on excitedly, Fred couldn't pay attention, he felt sick, the quidditch pitch wouldn't stop spinning.
How could she be pregnant - do I... do I know the guy? She never told me...
"She's in her third trimester already and she doesn't have a single thing for the baby! Can you believe that? Poor girl!"
George. He's done this. He's been seeing her behind my back.
Fred remembered how you and George got close just before the second tournament, when began to you avoided him and constantly turned him down, spending more time with his twin who was a stranger just months earlier.
"No..." Fred mumbled, "I can't."
"Well, I better get going, baby shopping and all!"
Fred nodded and parted from Angelina, he bunched his hands into fists, tears formed in his beautiful eyes, storming back into Hogwarts he looked everywhere for you, finally finding you in the dim and surprisingly empty library. He couldn't believe his eyes, you were sitting back in your chair, flicking through your charms textbook, your bump huge and the empty potion bottle sitting on the table, staring at Fred, calling him closer.
She's pregnant and she couldn't even tell me.
Looking up, your eyes landed on Fred, your heart skipping a beat, your stomach doing little flips as the father of your child walked up to you, his eyes fixated on your bump.
"So it's true" his voice croaked "you are pregnant."
You swallowed hard, you wanted to tell him the truth, right here, right now - but you couldn't, the damage has already been done, you couldn't get attached to a man who couldn't settle for you, for now, you have a piece of him - and that's enough for you.
"Yeah" you replied "It's uh, scary."
George held the long roll of parchment in his hands, going through the long list whilst Angelina, Katie, Lee, and Matt searched the shops, turning them inside out to find your stuff.
"We've got enough bottles, nappies, and clothes." Lee smiled, picking up the tiniest pair of newborn socks with tiny broomstick patterns on them.
"You can cross the crib off your list too" Matt walked over, carrying a white crib in his arms, covered in astrology symbols "Think this one will do?"
George examined the crib closely and smiled at the thought of his niece or nephew sleeping through the night with a blanket and soft toy beside them.
"It's perfect." George smiled "Y/N will love it."
The more you and Fred spoke in the library, the more you realised just how much you needed him, and how hard bringing up this baby without him would be, the urge to come clean getting stronger and stronger, but you kept quiet. You couldn't put such a burden on your best friend who couldn't possibly entertain the idea of having a child so early on in his life, after all, he had been the reason why many girls before you were in the hospital wing according to Madame Pomfrey. How many other girls struggled to tell him? Did they even go through with the pregnancy? You didn't know.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Fred asked softly, now sitting on the table, closing your charms book.
because you're my best friend and the baby inside of me is yours, you can't even remember what happened that night.
"I-I don't know" you sighed "I got scared, I thought you'd hate me."
"Why would I hate you? Y/N you're my best friend!"
Exactly, I'm not your girlfriend, I'm just your friend.
"My best friend is having a baby and I didn't even know!" Fred laughed, shaking his head, staring at your bump again.
Your baby, oh Freddie... if only you knew.
"Yeah..." you laughed it off "Sorry about that."
"Can you at least tell me who the father is?" Fred asked, swallowing hard, unsure whether or not he actually wanted to know.
It's you, Freddie, it's you...
"I can" you replied, "but I won't."
Fred tutted "Can you at least give me a clue?"
You sighed and nodded a clue won't hurt, "Okay, shoot."
"Do I know him?" Fred asked, getting heart palpitations.
"Yes," you replied "You know him really well."
"Is he my best friend or classmate, or something?" Fred asked quickly, his mouth going dry, his heart thumping, his ears burning, his heartbreaking into pieces.
"A bit of both" you replied.
Seeing Fred get so choked up and upset made you feel guilty. Why couldn't you just tell him? Spit it out and act as if worse things have happened between the both of you.
"Does..." Fred tried to swallow the enlarged lump in his throat "Does he know?"
Give it up, Y/N, stop playing with him, just tell him the truth.
You nodded your head "he knows I'm pregnant" you paused "but he doesn't know it's his."
"Is George the dad?" Fred asked.
You wanted to laugh, at times you wished the dad was George, but the two of them were so different, and you always preferred Fred.
"What makes you think that?" You asked, crossing your arms, staring into Fred's dull brown eyes.
Fred sighed "He knows you're pregnant but he never mentioned it to me, if he knew that baby was his... he would've told me, Y/N." He paused "The two of you got close just before you drifted from me."
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, if only I could tell you, make you understand.
"Well," you sighed, torturing yourself even more "I'm still not telling you."
"I wish you would," Fred mumbled, "because I would do anything to be him right now."
Your heart dropped again, sinking deeper into your tummy like an anchor into the ocean.
He wishes he was the dad... that must mean... he can't be? can he...
Fred leaned over to you, his gentle hand resting on your cheek, his thumb tracing circles into your skin, your scents engulfing one another, his nose brushing up against yours, and finally, for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, his lips connected with yours.
Fireworks erupted between your lips, sparks flying in every direction, the feeling of him spooning you in bed after hooking up filled your head, your heart craving the intimacy that got you into this muddle in the first place.
Fred pulled away for a moment, pursing his lips and licking them, your cheeks went red, the two of you silent, staring at one another until your lips collided once more until Fred's lips attacked your neck, and the two of you exposed yourselves to one another.
This wasn't like the night you both shared together for the first time - for starters, the two of you were sober, and instead of being fueled by lust, love had taken over, steering the wheel and controlling the wand, the father of your baby now making love to you, showing you his vulnerabilities - allowing you to look through the window of his soul.
Fred's hands, fingers, mouth, his sex, all felt so incredible, making you feel above the clouds, loved and cared for, you didn't want him to pull out, to get dressed and disappear again, you wanted to be with him, forever.
Pulling out and quickly getting dressed, wiping away the beads of sweat from his forehead, Fred helped you put on your shirt and jeans, before his hand rested on your bump, his eyes focusing on it, pouring his heart and soul into the image of him being the father of that baby, something he wanted more than anything.
"I wish they were mine." Fred croaked, picking up his bag and leaving the library.
Guilt, pain, and regret flowed through your bloodstream, you felt queasy, your face went hot and tears pooled into your eyes, your vision going glassy, grabbing your book, you swallowed down the lump in your throat and left the library, running to your dorm room, collapsing on the bed, torn up to shreds.
"I'm so glad we've managed to get Y/N what she needed." Angelina smiled, carrying the shopping full of baby clothes, shoes, and toys.
"Me too" George smiled, unsure of what else to say, his mind constantly thinking about you and Fred.
Angelina could sense the tension, George wasn't usually this quiet in her company "Everything alright, George?" she asked "Is Fred okay too? He seemed a little upset earlier."
"Why do you ask?" George replied, growing concerned for his twin, thinking that perhaps staying to plan the business would have been the better option.
Angelina stared at her shoes "He just didn't seem so thrilled when I told him about the party-"
"You told him?!"
Shit! If he knows... does Angelina know he's the dad? Was she the one who told him?
"Well yeah?" Angelina replied, "He's her best friend, isn't he invited?"
Brilliant, this is just brilliant.
"No! He wasn't even aware she's pregnant!"
"George I'm sorry, I just assumed... why hasn't she told him?"
George paused, this wasn't his secret to spill, but he decided to do it anyway.
George pulled Angelina aside the footpath, sighing and taking a deep breath "because he's the father, and Y/N doesn't want him to know."
Angelina and George sprinted back to the castle, the feeling in George's stomach grew too strong to ignore and he knew that if he didn't speak to his brother, everything would fall apart. Angelina needed to find you, to tell you the mistake she made and promise to fix things, her heart racing, feeling guilty for any trouble she might have caused.
Angelina burst into the dorm room, you wiped away your tears and sat up in your bed, clutching onto your jumper.
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Tell me what?"
"That Fred is the dad!"
You buried your head in your hands, pressing your palms against your closed eyes "because" you mumbled into them "I know you and Katie both fancy him, I didn't want our friendship to be ruined over him knocking me up."
Angelina sat on your bed next to you, wrapping her arm around you "Don't be silly, Y/N. Katie only had a tiny crush on him which is long gone, and I prefer George." she smiled.
You looked up at her and smiled back, blinking away the stars in your vision.
"You're the one who got Y/N knocked up then" Fred glared at his brother "The baby is yours, thought you deserved to know!"
George scrunched his eyes shut, shaking his head, gritting his teeth "Freddie, don't be stupid mate-"
"How could you do this to me?!" Fred yelled "To her!" Fred grabbed his trunk, packing away his clothes and books.
George stayed silent, staring at his broken brother, trying to speak but unable to find the words.
"You fucked the girl of my dreams behind my back, you've gotten her pregnant and I have to live with that!" Fred yelled again, slamming his trunk shut, now carrying it.
"Fuck off, George!"Fred snapped "I can't trust you anymore."
Fred stormed out of the dorm room, out of the common room and down the halls, his throat sore, his eyes tear-filled, focussing on a safe place to rest his head. In front of him, a door enlarges from the bricks out of nowhere, he opened the door and walked inside, slamming the door behind him as he hid away in the room of requirement.
Taglist: @amourtentiaa @horrorxweasley @alwaysnforeverfangirl @reeophidian @inglourious-imagines @sebby-staan @onlyfreds @pandaxnienke @xmalfoyweasleyx @manuosorioh @cosmiccomicloverqueen @the-romanian-is-bae @fhhsposts @cavalinhox @purple-vodka-99 @simpforweasleys2 @dracoismybabey @statellitespidey @xuminghaosworld @michael-loves-chickens
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One Shot #18 - Toss
@justyouraveragewriter here's my one shot for today. I'm not sure if the word count is a problem though.
Warnings: none, but if you think there should be, please dm me.
Brown met brown in a staredown between Ros and Ares. Ros' large black wings flapped twice before she allowed them to fold into her back with a crick. She would not lose this battle. It was too important. Too risky.
"Coin toss?"
The upwards jerk of her chin set him into motion, first to ceck his bag, then hers before he returned to the bed with a gold Zalto, the head of a centaur on one side and the hooves on the other.
"Hooves or Horns?"
Ares held her gaze, pressing the Zalto firmly into her palm. "Hooves."
She shifted to that she was sitting with one ankle tucked under her knee and the other leg jutting straight out, parallel to his crossed legs.
So much rested on the outcome. Ares ran a hand through his hair, untying the low ponytail resting against the back of his neck. The brown waves fell around him to his shoulders, almost hiding his face. In contrast to his hair, Ros' was short, messy and spiked, piled around the two mocha-coured horns protruding from above her forehead.
Sounds from the Tavern below the Inn floated through the Slucene a Měasík. Roaring tunes were being sung by the locals to entertain the tourists. Dwarves, when lured out of their caves, were lively fellows. And they could drink like starving whales. Ares shook his head, turning out the sounds.
"Flip it," he said hoarsely, "let's let's this over with.
Lips thinning into a reluctant line, Ros tossed the coin into the air.
Time seemed to slow down, the coin did multiple pirouettes in the air. It danced to the tune of muted Drwarven candles, burning low in their wicks. Took a bow between their legs on the old white bedsheets. Horns. A standing ovation. Ros smiled.
"Well, Ace. Looks like we're having the chicken soup after all."
Ares groaned, letting himself fall back. Two hands cupped his face. "But... pickle soup?"
"Ace, we've spoken about this," Ros scrunched up her nose. "That stuff is disgusting. They put dried tomatoes and honey in it."
"So?" Ares protested, "you've never even tried it!"
"Dignity. Walk away dignity."
Ares sighed. She was right about that much. But not pickle soup. The thick brown-green liquid was music to his eyes and beauty on his taste buds.
Reluctantantly, he let her lead him back down to the boisterous dwarves below, down to the chicken soup.
That damned coin toss. It was going to get him in trouble one day.
Haven't posted a one shot in a while so the format is weirding me out rn. Hope you liked it.
Dedicated to @justyouraveragewriter for getting me out of writers block with the prompt.
@reyna-herondale @writing-is-a-martial-art @phoenix-carstairs @niathesanctuary-bolastair-kanej if you want to be on my one shot taglust please let me know
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insomniumstella · 44 minutes ago
meant every word pt. 2
thor x reader
summary: literally just a part 2 to my ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss this time?:)
warnings: bad writing. i sat down with no intention to write this, but the words just kept spilling and spilling into my computer
word count: 1,588
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you like getting punched.” Natasha is looking down at her, a small smirk on her face.
“Shut it.” Y/n replies and in a couple swift seconds she’s back on her feet again. Noticing Natasha’s about to swing at her, she quickly moves out of her way and starts heading to the lockers.
“So you’re just going to walk out of here without saying what’s wrong?” The redhead shouts after her, confused at what has just happened.
“Yes.” Y/n shouts back, hearing some mumbled sentences Natasha keeps saying, but paying it no mind, she collects her belongings and disappears out of the gym completely.
The next time Natasha asks her what’s wrong it’s 2 days later and they’re getting ready for one of Tony’s parties. Wanda observes them from a distance, but doesn’t say anything, too interested at the scene that’s about to play out. Shoes and dresses are scattered all throughout y/n’s room, but neither of the girls bother picking anything up, as y/n rummages through her closet and pulls out more options. Handing Wanda a dress she thinks the witch would look good in, y/n takes off the previous dress she tried on and slips into a new one.
“I know you kissed Steve.” She says, observing herself in the mirror and holds up a pair of earrings to check if they match her look for the night. Natasha’s calm exterior doesn’t falter, as she keeps her cool under the stares of the two girls in front of her. Zipping Wanda’s dress, she grabs a lipstick and walks up to Natasha “I think this would look good on you.”
“Thank you. So do I.” y/n nods, leaning against her vanity table and examines Natasha’s expression; it’s static, calm, except for a very slight twitch in her mouth most wouldn’t notice. The spy is good at covering up her emotions.
Coming up from behind her, she inches near her ear “Don’t bother coming up with an excuse.” Pushing Natasha’s hair to the side, she grabs a necklace from one of the trays and starts putting it on for her “I know you broke the deal.” She whispers.
“That deal is stupid anyways.” Natasha turns around so they’re face to face.
“It wasn’t when I told you about Vis and I going on a date.”
Scoffing, Natasha breaks their eye contact to look at Wanda.
“Yes, because he’s a robot and I don’t like him.” Turning her head, Wanda examines Natasha’s reddened face and comes up to them, taking y/n’s hand and leading her out of the room.
“See you at the party.” Once they’re in the hallways, y/n can hear Wanda raging about Natasha and her opinions, but she doesn’t listen, thinking about her and Thor at the beach a few weeks ago. She wonders if he’ll be here tonight, but doesn’t get her expectations up as Thor left to Asgard as soon as they got back from the Bahamas.
“Ladies.” Steve nods at them once they enter the party. “Fashionably late as always.”
“Oh, Steve.” Y/n orders a drink from the bar and places a hand on his left shoulder “Try picking the perfect dress yourself.” She looks him up and down and smiles slightly “You wear the same outfit to every party.”
“That I do.” Steve laughs, taking a sip of his own drink. “Want to say hi to our beloved blonde?” He suggest.
“No one except for you likes Sharon.” She rolls her eyes, noticing Steve’s disappointed expression and pats him on the shoulder “Kidding, of course.” That part she says so low, it sounds like she’d be embarrassed if someone heard it.
“First of all, Sharon’s a great friend.” Steve sticks out his arm for y/n to wrap her hand around. “Second, I was talking about Thor.” Turning her head to the side, she notices the blonde, the one she actually likes anyways, and her breath stops for a moment. He looks rich and elegant, and for some weird reason y/n thinks he’d taste like the finest wine. He probably would, but that strange thought she pushes out her head as soon as it comes in. She holds tightly onto Steve as they walk up the god, hoping she doesn’t fall because of the high heels she’s wearing. Smiling at y/n’s slight wobble, Thor greets them.
“Hi.” He face looks so pure, so innocent, his body clad in a beautiful designer suit, Tony probably bought him for Christmas. Thor is in fact a god, but tonight he looks the part more than ever. “I can take it from there.” Thor laughs, putting his hand on the small of her back when she removes her hold on Steve. The three avengers chat for a while, but all y/n can focus on is how great the warmth of Thor’s hand feels against her body, how amazingly intoxicating his cologne smells and how he keeps pulling her closer to his own body, leaving little to no space between the two of them. “Would you mind going for a walk?” He blurts out when Steve leaves them to greet some important guests. She doesn’t say anything, nodding instead, and letting Thor lead her through the crowd into a large balcony. He closes the doors, when they step out into fresh air, and walk up to where y/n’s standing near the railings.
“The view from up here is fucking amazing.” She blurts out and turns her body to face Thor.
“Steve told me about his and Natasha’s kiss.”
“Must’ve been heartbreaking to hear they broke our team’s promise.” She laughs, but it comes out bitter and cold, almost as if she hopes Natasha’s listening. Thor ignores her reaction and leans against the railing. He doesn’t say anything for a while, switching his gaze from the city to his feet every few minutes. Once he does finally speak up, his voice is as loud and clear as thunder.
“It wasn’t. Actually, I felt relieved.”
She doesn’t know what has gotten into her, but before she can think over her words, y/n replies with “I wouldn’t feel relieved if someone broke my trust.” Thor catches her tactless words, and sights.
“You knew about this when we were in the Bahamas, didn’t you?”
“Before that, but yes.” Stepping closer to y/n, Thor’s face looks a mixture of emotions she couldn’t identify.
“Why didn’t you say something?” To that, she doesn’t have an answer.
She knows he expects her to say something, and the only thing she can come up with in the moment is “Didn’t think you’d care.” When she notices his little head tilt, she sighs, fixing Thor’s shirt slightly and turns her body back away from him. “I know you’re a man who sticks to his promises.”
He laughs softly. “That I am.” Placing his hand on her waist, he turns her body to face his. “But for you I’d be willing to break it.”
It’s both everything she’s wanted for a long time and everything she despises. “You know” she starts “the words break it leave a lot of room for interpretation.”
Pursing his lips together, he studies her face. Thor knows y/n is playing with him; he knows the closeness of their bodies is both reassuring and uncomfortable. Wrapping his other hand around her waist, he brings her closer. If she can toy with the man so can he. “Break Steve’s nose for betraying me, or” He sounds unsure of his words “leave the Captain alone, and break the deal instead.”
She smiles slightly. “It would be a sight to see you break his nose.” She says, which causes Thor to frown in confusion. “Kidding, of course.” Y/n trails off, but the next words to come out of her mouth are loud and clear. “Break the deal instead.” She repeats his own phrase back to him.
And even though Thor is always a man of his words, he doesn’t feel guilty for breaking the deal. He moves one of his hands to her neck, leans down, stopping once their faces are almost touching, and when he sees that y/n doesn’t pull back, he slowly kisses her. It seems as if time has stopped. This was their and only their moment. Y/n wasn’t the best person to know how dreams feel as she almost never experienced them, but if someone asked her what dreams feel like, she’d probably say they feel like Thor’s lips on hers. He didn’t taste of the finest wine, like she first thought he would; he tasted better. A taste of cherries of his tongue, his lips heavenly soft. Every breath Thor took smelled like y/n’s perfume, and for the first time since he’d known himself, he felt happy about breaking his promise. If the world around them would disappear that very second, neither would notice, too lost in each other, only separating to come back for air. Y/n’s hands tangled in his hair, both of Thor’s hands on her waist, bringing her closer and closer, till no space is left between. Thor was a good kisser too as she found out when their tongues danced together in perfect rhythm. If it wasn’t for the knock on the balcony’s door, they would’ve kept kissing, eventually disappearing from the party all together.
“It appears mister Stark wants us back at the party.” Thor chuckled once they finally pulled apart.
“It appears so.” Smiling for ear to ear, she offered Thor her hand. “Ready for Tony’s lecture about the importance of keeping your promises?”
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laurabroadberry · an hour ago
36. Levitation
Tumblr media
Image taken from Pixabay
Juliet looked at her, waiting, eyebrows raised. Disbelief was written all over her, thinking this was an elaborate prank Amy was pulling. One she didn't have time to deal with.
Amy took a deep breath, knowing the consequences of her actions, but also knowing she didn't have another choice. She needed Juliet on her side. She cleared her mind, her body relaxing. She felt her body drift upwards, slowly, but enough to hear Juliet's gasp.
When she opened her eyes, she couldn't resist smiling down at her friend, almost laughing.
"How are you doing that?"
"No. Magic doesn't exist. You've got some... string holding you up. Yeah, very faint string."
Amy rolled her eyes, turning her attention to the cupboard that stored their plates. She flicked her wrist once, the door opening, then flicked it again, keeping her attention on getting the plates to fly out by themselves, hovering between them.
"Okay, look, I'm impressed you've set this all up to trick me, but c'mon. You can cut it out now."
Amy let the plates drift down onto the table. Juliet tentatively stepped towards them, about to flip them over and check for the strings, but she felt her body drift upwards, away from the plates. It didn't take her long to realise she was hovering, but her body swayed from side to side, not able to stay steady. She looked over to Amy, who smiled again.
"Still think it's string?"
"But... but..."
Amy gestured for her to join her, now in front of her, only an arm's reach away. "I don't have much time."
"For what?"
"Some people are after me. I need you to come with me."
"What? But-"
"I needed you to know I have magic 'cause your safety hinges on it."
"What d'you-"
She held Juliet's hand just as a loud thump sounded against the kitchen door. Amy's eyes widened. "Shit! I thought we'd have more time. Guess not." She created a portal with her wrist, making a circular motion with her hand. "Go through. I'll be there in a minute."
"Go!" She pushed Juliet through before she could protest further. Bracing herself for whatever awaited her on the other side of the door, she wished she'd just gone through the portal too, but that would have to wait... for now.
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sapphireplums · an hour ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐈𝐬𝐮𝐮𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
Description:  Enemies to lovers. Bucky never had a liking to you, no matter how you acted towards him, but those thoughts changed overtime. You and Bucky share a daughter named Annika. Bucky starts to become protective when he finds out his daughter has a boyfriend. That boyfriend happens to be Peter Parker. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY OF MY WORKS.
Warnings: none, all fluff :)           
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Wife!Reader ll Dad!Bucky Barnes x Daughter!OC
Word Count: 1755
Tumblr media
Bucky always thought the idea of having a family was never going to come when HYDRA took away his time of living an authentic life. 
But it was different when he met you. 
You were an assistant who worked for Tony Stark in the Avengers Compound and one day when Bucky came over with Steve, his eyes landed on you. He hasn’t seen someone like you before and he was very intrigued. 
At first, he was never nice to you. Bucky would ignore and try to avoid you because he was scared that getting too attached to someone will give him a liability on something. Also, he still didn’t trust himself with new people. 
Staying overnight at the compound, you heard soft voices in the kitchen. 
There stood Bucky in the kitchen, with his head in his hands, grabbing his hair tightly in frustration and anger.
“Mr. Barnes, are you okay?” When you said this, Bucky whipped head and got in a stance the Winter Soldier would usually do. He was caught off guard, knowing he usually senses when people sneak up on him. So he was shocked when you were able to catch him off guard. 
“What do you want?” Bucky was not in the mood. His tone of voice had annoyance and grogginess laced in it, evident that he probably didn't want to talk. But you pushed yourself forward with courage and decided to talk to him anyway. 
“You okay? You seem a little annoyed about something.” You knew his current movements were the actions of the Winter Soldier and you could tell his nightmares were the reason why he was awake at this late hour.
“You keep having nightmares, aren’t you? You can lie all you want, but you’re not going to fool me.” Bucky was surprised to see you were able to read him so quickly. The only person who was able to read him like this was Steve, so he was on edge when you read him well too. 
Bucky stood up and walked closer to you,  slowly tracing your body up and down, wondering how a person like you can know so much about him. Perhaps he was paranoid, but the Winter Soldier side to him said otherwise. 
He decided to keep an eye out on you to make sure you weren’t working for HYDRA or any other secret services that could be a threat to him. In all honesty, Bucky didn’t mind spying on you since he genuinely did want to know more about you, but his negative thoughts overtook his real emotions.
The next morning was awkward and the first thing on your mind as you woke up was Bucky. You weren’t sure why, but you had a gut feeling that something was going to happen today. 
Going out for your daily morning jog, you put in your AirPods and ran your routined route. Having the cautious instincts embedded in your head, you sensed someone was following you. Already knowing who it was, you stopped by a bench at the park and sat there. 
“I know you’re here, Bucky, just come out now.” Slowly, Bucky popped his head out of the bushes and cautiously walked over to you. There wasn’t anyone at the park since it was super early in the morning, so you didn’t have to worry about making a scene. 
Standing in front of you, was a tall Bucky. So tall, he was able to block the sunlight from your face. 
“I want to know how you were able to read me so easily.” Bucky had a stern and intimidating tone in his voice, making you sink in your seat slightly. 
“Well, I used to have nightmares like you and I would always go to the kitchen to get-”
“Milk,” you and Bucky both said at the same time, making you guys look at each other, smiling slightly at the telepathic thoughts. 
There was an awkward silence between you and Bucky and the sounds of birds chirping made it a little more comfortable. 
“You know, you don’t always have to be on edge, at least when you’re with me. I understand there are moments where you will have these stressful moments, but if you ever need anything, I’m here for you.” 
Bucky couldn’t help but feel a small smile tug the edge of his lips which was something he rarely did. Reassurance coming from you made Bucky feel happy as if he was back in the good times of the 40s. 
✧·゚: *✧·゚*:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚*
After the first time, you met Bucky, the two of you have gotten closer over the years. Pretty much inseparable, Bucky was the one to make the first move and he asked you to be his girlfriend. 
Of course, over the times you hung out with him, the feelings you had for Bucky enlarged. 
Not too long after, Bucky proposed to you on one knee at a beach. It was one of the most amazing moments of your life, finally figuring out who you wanted to spend it with and that man was James Buchanan Barnes. The 100-year-old super-soldier who chose you instead of anyone else in the world. 
You always asked yourself how did you get so lucky to find an amazing man like Bucky. After a busy day at work, Bucky would bring you a bouquet of flowers and would also order your favorite foods to make sure you were happy and comfortable when you got home. 
But you always told Bucky having him as a husband was already enough for you. 
However, you and Bucky were expecting your first child very soon. The Avengers were already arguing about who should be the “main” uncle. It was already clarified with Natasha that she would be the aunt and Wanda would be the older sister. 
✧·゚: *✧·゚*:·゚✧*:·゚✧·゚: *✧·゚*
“Mom, I’m going to school now, I’ll be home late since I’m going to be hanging out with Peter,” your daughter, Annika, said walking downstairs from her room. 
Annika’s boyfriend was Peter Parker and she only told you that they were together. She never told Bucky because being the protective father he is, Annika already knew he would just say no to everything. 
“Okay honey, but make sure your father doesn’t hear, or else he’ll go ballistic.” When Annika had her first boyfriend, Bucky went all Winter Soldier mode on him, which scared him shitless. 
You kept trying to reassure him that Annika was growing up and she would eventually have a boyfriend, but Bucky was still in denial about the fact that his daughter will soon go away from home. But Annika would always be his little girl. 
“Make sure dad doesn’t find out about what?” The super soldier hearing really didn’t help in this situation. 
Bucky came down the stairs and gave you a kiss, the same kiss he always gave you ever since your first date. 
Annika looked at you for a second before looking back at Bucky. She decided she would tell Bucky what she was going to do after school. 
“Dad, I’m going to be hanging out with Peter after school.” Bucky’s eyes widened, not wanting his daughter to hang out with another boy after her ex-boyfriend. 
“Annika,” Bucky said in a warning tone. “You know how I feel about you going out alone especially with what happened with your ex-boyfriend.” 
“Come on honey, let’s let her out this one time. Peter is a good kid, I’ve met him before.” Bucky looked at you, wondering why you weren’t on his side.
“Fine, you can hang out with him, but I will be watching on a rooftop, so don’t do anything stupid.” You rolled your eyes playfully at your husband and Annika just laughed. 
“Okay, guys I have to go to school now. Bye parents I love you.”
“Love you too,” you and Bucky said at the same time. 
Once Annika left the house, Bucky immediately turned to you and tried to convince you to actually let him go out and spy on the kids. Typically, Bucky would only say that he would “watch over her from a building” to scare her, but the urge to actually do this was high for Bucky. 
“Bucky, no, she’s a teenager, she’s allowed to make her own decisions now.” Bucky sighed in defeat, knowing his daughter would have to grow up someday. 
“Remember the first day we met? You were working for Tony and Steve just brought me to the compound.” Bucky reminisced on the good memories he had of you. 
“Yes, I remember that all too clearly. That same night you had a nightmare and got all paranoid because I read you so well.” The old memories made you smile at the thought of them. 
“And look where we are now. A happy family and I’m a grateful husband with a sexy ass wife and a gorgeous daughter. Life can’t get any better.” 
You have been keeping a secret from Bucky and he could read it off your face immediately. 
“What? What’s wrong, babydoll?” 
You smiled and took in a deep breath before telling him the good news. 
“I’m pregnant. We’re going to be having our second child, Bucky.” The look on Bucky’s face was indescribably hilarious. The pure excitement expressed on his face made you happy to see.  He caressed your cheek gently with his metal hand. Over the years, Bucky became comfortable with the metal arm since you kept reassuring him that you knew he wasn’t going to hurt you. 
“We’re having a second kid!? Baby, that’s amazing oh my god.” Bucky leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss, grabbing your waist closer to his. 
He kissed your forehead before putting his hands on your stomach, talking to the unborn child. 
“So, does this mean you will go easy on Annika and Peter?” You asked hoping Bucky would eventually become more lenient. He gave you a look and shook his head no. 
“Oh hell no, that Peter kid is going to get it sooner or later. That kid better watch his back.” 
“Fine, but go easy on him because he really does seem like a nice kid.” Bucky nodded slightly before smiling brightly once more, figuring out his second kid is on the way. 
“I love you so much, doll. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” Smiling sheepishly, you gave Bucky another passionate kiss before responding. 
“I love you more, Sergeant.”
@tvckerlance @lozzypoz321  @princess-evans-addict @rebellious-desires @amelietheslut @captainamerica-is-bae 
@beverlyparkerr @mischiefsemimanaged  @bonkybarnes107 @appaair @martellsmultis @tomhollandsstan @spookybooisa @salty--bones @sylvie-writes​
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mossybank · an hour ago
Pierced — P. M.
Tumblr media
The many piercings of Peter Maximoff
Warnings: smut, genital piercings
Peter Maximoff x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Peter got his first piercing when he was fourteen, a single stud in his right-lobe...
He'd been estactic to get the piercing, saving up all his pocket money to get it and almost pussying out at the piercing shop.
Not having done research on the piercing he was getting, Peter soon learned upon returning to school that the right earlobe was 'the gay one'
He took the piercing out but it never healed over, sometimes he thinks of putting it back in but he lost the earring long ago
Upon turning nineteen, and hearing from a friend that the piercing made you a god at oral, Peter got his tongue pierced...
The first few days of getting the piercing done were hell, a swollen tongue and diet limited to prevent any risks Peter almost regretted getting it done, especially when the piercer told him he would be able to kiss or go down on anyone for at least a week
But lo, Peter persevered and he couldn't have be happier (nor could you)
He already had the added advantage of a vibrating tongue for oral sex, and his tongue piercing just enhanced that, the cool metal vibrating with his tongue against your sex being a feeling you'd never forget
On your two year anniversary, you and Peter got matching nipple piercings...
Peter already had sensitive nipples, so him having them pierced definitely enhanced that
He would love it when you played with his nipples, sucking on them, for you to take the piercing between your teeth and tug it softly, God the way his head would be thrown back with a deep moan escaping his lips would be intoxicating
Honestly, he might of almost jizzed his pants when you did that for the first time
You've also experimented with a vibrator against them which was well received, Peter won't tell you this but when he plays with himself he vibrates his own fingers to stimulate his nipples
Though flipped up the majority of the time, Peter has a septum piercing...
He got the piercing whilst drunk as a dare but despite that it suits him so well
It's just a silver barbell but it honestly does so much for him... Pretty boy
The newest piercing Peter is sporting is a Prince Albert...
The piercing benefits both him and you which is a total plus
The two of you also found out that if you hum whilst sucking Peter off, specifically where the piercing is, it's able to vibrate his penis
The fact that you managed to make that happen instead of him using his powers was definitely a total turn on for him
The piecing added a new stimulation for you when you first fucked once the piercing had healed and its probably in your top five for best (sexy) times with Peter
Frenum piercings interest Peter but he is yet to get any...
Peter is very intrigued by frenum piercings, specially a Jacob's ladder, but is yet to get any
Perhaps it's due to time, he imagines you can only get one frenum at once when aiming for a ladder, unless you're really hardcore, and the cost of that must definitely add up!
Either way, that doesn't stop Peter from daydreaming about what sex would be like if he got it done...
Tumblr media
To be added to a taglist, please send an ask or dm specifying the fandoms/characters you'd like to be tagged in the fics for!
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harrywaldorf · an hour ago
Welcome to New York (01)
Warnings: smut (not so good, but still has.)
Author's Note: I'm sorry for any mistake, this has not been revised.
Tumblr media
— Miss, we're here.
Y/N removed the sunglasses and lowered the windows of the taxi, looking at the city she left behind again. She smiled, missing where she had lived all her childhood. The noise of the city filled her ears and she couldn't be happier. After discovering the cheated of Chase, her ex-boyfriend, she was desoded, sad, didn't know what to do. She devoted part of her last three years to him and he was cheating on her. He, in his turn, said that this was a mistake and nonsense, that he would never do that to his girlfriend or anyone else. But a few hours later, pictures were posted of him and some other girl kissing, almost having sex, in the back of the school. For Y/N, it was as if a part of her had died, she didn't want to believe it and maybe she doesn't believe it to this day.
Y/N: Thank you, you can leave me here and come up with my bags. — The driver nodded, soon doing what was asked.
People passing through the streets of Manhattan stare Y/N surprised. Not that she was famous or anything, but her family was well known, not just by the bank account, but because they did a lot of charities and stuff. Y/N's mother was a model, one of the best known in the world, began her young career and met her husband at the age of 24 at a company party. At the age of 27, he had his first child, Nathaniel, who is now 24 and at the age of 30, had Y/N, now 21. Her father was one of the richest men in the world, coming from a simple family, achieved everything with merit along with his other three brothers. After his father died, there was nothing left, just money he left in store for house costs. At the age of 14, he moved to Nashville, moving in with his mother's sister in her hometown. Today, they being a respected family with a powerful name, live on the Upper East Side, with good money, having everything they want at the time they want and can change everything with just a snap of fingers.
Katie: Come on, put this flower arrangement here. Everything has to be perfect. I don't want any mistakes, otherwise, y'all will be fired. — The helpers nodded, doing what the woman told them to do. She looked at everything, dazzled.
Soon after having Y/N, Katie decided to retire from her modeling career, wanting to have more time to take care of her children and be present in their lives. Soon, when Y/N turned 8 and Nate was 11, she began her career as a stylist. It was a success, all New York wanted use the clothes of Katie Crawford.
Y/N: Hello, Mom. — The girl ran, going to hug her mother. — I've missed you.
Katie: Oh my God, I can't believe you're here! — Said, still with her daughter in arms. — Honey, I missed you so much too. Tell me, how was London?
Y/N: It was wonderful, I've never felt this good in my life. — They laughed. — Can we go upstairs? I'm tired, if I lean against any chair I think I sleep for three days straight.
Soon they both went up, Y/N looked at the old house with a sense of longing, looking at New York city through the huge glass window they had in their living room. She took a relaxing bath in the quiet and comfort of home, staying almost an hour in the bathtub with a glass of wine in her hands. After a while, she came out of the bath, letting her hair dry naturally, did not like the result when dry with a dryer. She put on a blue dress, loose and simple, knowing she wouldn't leave the house today and wouldn't get dressed so much, then just put on a perfume.
Nate: Did you get a boyfriend in London or are you still alone? — Her brother asked, she soon knew that he would annoy her with his jokes.
Y/N: Not that it's of your importance, but since you asked, no. I didn't get anyone, a kiss and a fuck there and here, but nothing serious.
And she was telling the truth. She wasn't ready for a relationship yet, she was afraid of what would happen. Or if it would be like your old date. But she met someone, yes. Harry Styles, to be exact. They met at a party at a London nightclub. When their eyes crossed, it was as if sparks had flown instantly. Soon, they exchanged a few words before she simply grabbed him by the collar of his blouse and kissed him. Well, the rest you already know.
Nate: There was only one... Like, you spent almost a fucking year there and you only got one person? Your situation was worse than I thought. — He said, stroking his sister's shoulder, to show resentment. She frowned, then taking his hand away.
Y/N: You're not the one who was betrayed in the worst possible way. It's hard to get over.
Nate: I know, sister. I know. But come on, tell me, what were you doing in London? Weep for him in a distant country? Because, like, you did it every day you were here.
Y/N: No! I went to have fun and have peace. I needed that.
Then their conversation flowed another way.
Evie: Have you seen prada's new collection? I think I'm going to buy it. — Y/N paid little attention to her best friend, was too focused looking at the store windows.
Y/N: No, I didn't see it. wow! Evie, look at that dress.
Y/N: H-Harry? Oh my God.
It was a very light blue dress, long and with some jewelry on the part of the bust. It had no strap and the tail of the dress gave the final touch. In conclusion, it was perfect. It would match the theme of the event, and rather, enhance the beauty of Y/N and her blue eyes.
Evie: Wow, that's perfect. It would make you so much. Are you going to b- — Before Evie finished talking, she was interrupted.
*****: I'm sorry, ladies. But that's already sold.
Y/N would recognize that voice anywhere. The accent delivered the owner of the voice and she can't believe he was there. Was it fate or not?
Y/N: H-Harry? Oh my God.
Harry: His own. How are you doing! It's good to see you.
Y/N: I'm fine and you, how are you? God, I didn't expect to see you here. I thought you only lived in London.
Harry: I'm fine! Well... I live traveling and at that time was spending time with my family. — He said. — You've been beautiful, if not more, since that time.
Evie was left out - again - but gave no importance, continued to look at the expensive dresses of the store. Harry and Y/N were in their own world, talking as if they had known each other for years. That night, they besides having sex, talked a lot in the bar, so the whole intimacy. This time, they both exchanged numbers, promising to see each other more while he was in New York. Well, he was moving to the Upper East Side, that was magical. She thought.
That day, she won't even take the dress. Your mother promised you'd draw a single one for her. Since then, she and Harry have spoken a lot. Every day they exchange messages, since they haven't been able to see each other in the last few weeks.
He had invited her out today and of course, she accepted. At that moment, she was getting dressed. She was undecided. Had a black dress on one side of the bed, this was short, with some handles on separate straps and had some ruffles in length. The other was short too, but with thicker handles and golden and black lines. The hair was already arranged in a bun, made with some braids, a little messy. The makeup was light, nothing so extravagant, just the red lipstick that she didn't take for anything from her lips.
Finally, she decided to go with the black dress. She was putting her phone in her hand bag when she heard the voice of Eleanor, her maid.
Eleanor: Y/N darling, there's a guy at the door saying he's waiting for you.
Y/N: Oh, I'm going. Thanks for letting me know. Good night, Eleanor. — The maid smiled, loved that girl. Saw her grow up and she was already this big.
So the girl's gone. When she opened the door, he saw Harry standing there, with flowers in his right hand and a box of chocolate in the other. She smiled, blushing. Harry laughed, looking at her reaction.
Y/N: Is that for me? — He nodded. She took the presents and stared, surprised and happy. — Oh, Harry. You're so sweet. Now I'm feeling bad I didn't bring anything.
Harry: It's all right, anyway. Just having you is enough.
She smiled, feeling less unwell. Soon they were both going down the elevator and going to the restaurant Harry had booked.
The place was well known as Y/N, her parents kept bringing their children here when they were younger, but now she didn't attend much. The attendant indicated the table he booked and soon both were sitting, talking and drinking a glass of wine.
Harry: I went to medical school, but I ended up not finishing school, because my father wanted a successor in the company and passed his place to me. The company's here in New York, so I moved here.
Y/N: I don't think my parents are going to pass any of their company on to me. Not having Nate in the middle. — She gave a singing smile. — My mom doesn't want to get rid of her studio anytime soon. She told me to become a model, since I have a size for it, but it's not my area to be parading.
Harry: I understand, I, for one, didn't want medicine, but it was the job that connected me the most and I chose to do it. Finally, I went to where I always got along.
A slow song began to play and Harry smiled, excited. Y/N liked his smile. She thought it was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen. He pushed the chair, standing on her side and raised his hand, for her to touch.
Harry: Can I have a dance? — She threw her head back, laughing and blushing.
Y/N: There's no one dancing, Harry!
Harry: I know, I see. I want to show everyone that I had a date with this beautiful girl.
She finally gave in, reaching out and he pulled her against him. The people who were in the restaurant looked at them, smiling and amazed seeing those two young men dancing. She's nesting her head to his chest and still with that dazzling smile on her face.
Harry: Do you want to go home?
Y/N: Oh, yes, I do. Those heels are killing me.
He laughed. He paid the bill and got off the staff, thanking their for the great service. The two were talking all the way home, random things about the day to day and about themselves. Harry liked to talk to her, hasn't felt well since she broke up with Serena.
When Harry parked near Y/N's house, he didn't see how, but his lips were glued to hers. Y/N moved her hands by his hair, while Harry kept one on the back of her neck and the other at the waist, pulling her at himself.
Y/N: Take off your belt.
He did what she told her to do, before she climbed on to his lap and he distributed kisses on her neck. Y/N raised her arms to take off her dress, wearing only her panties, as she had not worn a bra. Soon he came down the kisses by her lap, snare one of her breasts. She moaned with pure pleasure as he loosened one side of her waist only to pull her panties to the side.
Harry: Do you want that? Now? We can just wait and go to my house, there is more comfor-
Y/N: I want you now. We're going to have plenty of time to have sex anywhere in this town. — He laughed and agreed, then came back with the kisses and caresses and she unbuttoned his pants.
She was already wet, but yet he took his thumb to her clitoris, making her tremble. She moaned and he swore it was one of the most beautiful and sensual sounds he had ever heard, if not the most. They continued like this for a while, until he realized she was about to come.
When he got into it, she tipped her head over his shoulder, moaning loudly.
Harry put his hands around her waist again, helping her with the moves. They were a hell of a mess. If it wasn't for the darkness outside, everyone could know what was going on inside the car.
Y/N scratched his shoulders and pulled his hair, while he left marks between her entire neck and breasts. His chest was already full of scratches and he wouldn't deny it, he loved it. They wanted to make it last all night, but they were in a car, on a corner and it wasn't that comfortable there.
Harry: You're still so tight. It's so good.
She was already tired and Harry seemed to notice this, so he pulled the seat so that it would go further back, so he could bend his knees. He grabbed her waist, continuing, but now stronger and deeper.
Harry: I wish I could be somewhere else, it'd be better. I'd have you in every possible position.
She was going to let out a laugh, but was interrupted by a loud groan as soon as he increased the pace.
Y/N: Holy shit. I... I am going cum. — She warned, trembling. The voice hoarse and sobbing because of the pleasure she was feeling there.
Harry put his hand on her pussy, massaging the clitoris faster and faster. It didn't take long and soon she was cumming long upon him. She thought it wasn't going to end, it was too intense. She never feel such pleasure in her life. It also didn't take long for him to dump his cum into her, calling by her name. They've never felt so fulfilled before.
Harry: That was so good. You're the best. — She laughed, leaving a kiss on his lips, before returning to his bench and putting the dress in place.
Y/N: I think so too, we should repeat. But not now, I have to go, Champ.
He smiled with a nickname, saying goodbye to her and watching her make her way to the luxurious building. He spent a while watching, before getting ready and going to the apartment he was in.
And that's how they begun their story in New York.
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Shoot me down - Tom Holland mafia series
This fic is also being updated on my wattpad if you’d prefer to read it over there:)
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Warnings - Violence, alcohol, language, smut etc etc basically everything you can expect from a mafia story.
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Tumblr media
Chapter 10 - Alternate reality
Viola’s eyes fluttered open, the feeling of someone’s fingers tickling her arm gently woke her up. A muffled grunt escaped her throat, and she snuggled closer into the man, placing a tender kiss on his naked chest before resting her eyes again.
“How long do you think you’ll be?” Tom questioned. Viola’s head snapped up to see him with a burner phone to his ear, half sitting up against the headboard that creaked every time he breathed. The broken bed was a reminder of the night they shared, along with her aching and marked body.
Morning sun shone through the open window, softening his chiselled jaw and sharp features. Tom looked innocent, and if it wasn’t for the blood that she knew soaked his hands, she’d believe that he was.
He placed a finger to his lips to tell her to keep quiet, the last thing he wanted was for Harrison to tease him so early in the morning.
“Yeah, yeah. I can hear Viola getting up so I’ll see you in a bit, mate.” He said, hanging up the phone and chucking it on the bedside table. A grin spread across his face, and he shuffled down the bed to lie back down with her, stealing a quick peck before resting his head on the pillow.
“Morning, beautiful.” Tom murmured, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “How you feeling?”
Viola smiled, “Extremely sore.”
A breathy chuckle slipped from his lips, and he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her closer. His breath tickled her cheeks while they gazed into each other’s eyes, both of them content, but confused about the situation they were in. As soon as their lips connected the night prior, all the hatred and frustration that built up between them faded into something else. The problem was, neither of them knew what that something else would become.
“Well, don’t blame me, you’re the one that started round three.” He teased, pressing another kiss to her lips.
Tangling his fingers in her hair, Tom pulled her as close as was physically possible. Viola hooked her leg over his hip, and he took the opportunity to flip her over, making her straddle his waist. A small squeal of surprise left her throat, and he smiled into the kiss when she deepened it. Her hips rocked against him gently and his hips instinctively bucked up, eliciting needy moans from them both.
“As much as I’m loving where this is going, we need to stop.” Tom stated, making Viola pout. “We’ve got work to do, love.”
The nickname didn’t just make the butterflies in her stomach flutter, no; they started having an entire party. Heat rushed to her cheeks, and she covered them with her hands, hoping he didn’t notice. If he did, he said nothing about it. With one last kiss, she jumped off him and rolled out of bed.
“Ow, ouch. Fucking hell, everything hurts.” She groaned while she pulled Tom’s discarded shirt on, her fingers fiddling with the buttons.
His eyes didn’t leave Viola as she walked around the bedroom, collecting her clothes and folding them up. Only one thought went through his mind; he could get used to this. Her wearing his clothes, waking up together, observing her while she completed mundane tasks. It all felt normal, like they’d been doing it for years and that scared him.
Her angelic voice snapped him out of his thoughts, “I’m gonna go jump in the shower, alright?”.
Clearing his throat, Tom nodded and thrust the duvet off his body to begin the day too.
“Feel free to steal my clothes when you’re done… or don’t.” He winked, making her groan and roll her eyes before walking out the room.
A smile lingered on Tom’s face as he manoeuvred around the kitchen, whistling while he made two cups of tea. For the first time since taking over as boss, he was truly happy, and it was all thanks to the Italian beauty who was upstairs. His feelings were all over the place, Tom didn’t what he felt for her, he just knew he felt something and it was no longer hatred. Any negative feeling’s he once had for Viola disappeared as soon as their bodies connected and she moaned his name. He felt like a lovesick puppy and surprisingly; he didn’t mind it.
The doorbell ringing made the spoon he was holding fall to the floor, his back instantly went up since he wasn’t expecting anyone so soon. The gun that was in his waistband found its place in his hand, and he rushed to the bottom of the stairs, making sure the shower was still running. As long as Viola wasn’t roaming around oblivious, she was safe and that’s all that he cared about.
“Mate, open the fucking door. I’m freezing my bollocks off out here!” Harrison shouted, and Tom could sense the eye roll.
Letting out a sigh of relief, he put the gun away and swung the door open to reveal his right-hand man. A few steps behind him stood his twin brothers and Romero, who looked an absolute wreck. They forced their way into the house, kicking their shoes off as if they owned the place.
Tom frowned, “The fuck happened to you?”.
Romero just laughed and flopped himself down onto the sofa, letting out a pained grunt.
“You’ll find out when V is here.” He replied. Tom nodded in response.
As if on queue, Viola came skipping down the stairs, still wearing Tom’s shirt and a pair of his boxers that were hidden underneath. When she realised they had company, she stopped like a deer in headlights, eyes flicking nervously between all the men who were more focused on her outfit choice. A loud snicker came from Harrison, and her cheeks heated in response. The men noticed the love bites that covered her body, and her brother groaned in realisation.
Harrison pointed at her, “Say, Tom, isn’t that the shirt you were wearing yesterday?”
The Holland man refused to make eye contact with his best friend, who was giving him a knowing look, and stared up at the ceiling instead. Stepping forward, Viola cleared her throat and shuffled further into the room.
“Erm, well, yeah. I have no clothes here.” She mumbled and scratched the back of her neck while she peered down at the floor awkwardly. The corners of Tom’s lips twitched, and he strolled over, wrapping his arms around her from behind.
He nuzzled his face into her neck and let out a little laugh, “We’ve been caught out, love.”
He planted a soft kiss on her neck before resting his chin on her shoulder, and she relaxed into the embrace. All the men watched the two interact with open mouths, but nobody was as shocked as Harrison, who was pointing between the two in complete disbelief.
“Am I in an alternate reality? Is this a prank? Where are the camera’s?” Harrison started looking around the room dramatically. “You two hated each other, like, yesterday!”
“It was less hatred and more, erm, frustration?” She said, unsure of what actually changed between them.
“We definitely worked through that frustration last night.” Tom whispered, only loud enough for her to hear.
Letting out a gasp, she pulled out of his hold to slap his shoulder and he just chuckled at her reaction. She turned around, her eyes scanning all the men before finally landing on her brother. His face was covered in cuts and bruises, and by the way he was shifting in the seat, his body was just as injured. Viola scurried over to him and reached up to touch his face, but he slapped her hand away with a huff.
“Stop acting like a 5-year-old. What happened?” She asked sternly, forcing him to look her in the eye. He shook his head, pushing her away before walking towards the fireplace. A sad frown took over her features, Romero never dismissed her like that. She spun to Harrison, eyebrow raised as she silently questioned him.
A huff fell out his mouth, “After the attack on the house, we still went to the warehouse for Jordan. The men bragged about killing him. Your brother over there lost it, ran into them fists only, and threw punches at anyone who came near him. They’re all dead, apart from one.”
Viola didn’t realise she was crying until a thumb wiped away a tear, and she stared up into Tom’s sympathetic eyes. One of her best friends died because of her. There was no one she could blame but herself. She should’ve tried harder, worked more, just done anything that could’ve prevented it. Guilt consumed her until she completely absorbed Harrison’s words.
“Wait, they just told you? You didn’t see a body, or anything to suggest someone’s been killed?” She asked while pacing in thought.
“No, nothing.” Harrison replied, confusion taking over his face at her questioning. However, Tom knew exactly what she was thinking, because he was thinking it too. He took a step forward, snaking his arm around her waist.
“He’s not dead, if he was they would’ve left his body to taunt you further.” Tom stated and smirked when Viola nodded in agreement. All the men looked at them questioningly, apart from her brother, who scoffed.
“Killing him would make no sense from their point of view. He is the only one up they have, if they killed him they’d be going back to square one.” She turned to her brother, giving him full eye contact. “They just wanted to unleash the beast, Ro. It was a test, they wanted to see you in action.”
A deafening crack echoed around the room as Romero’s fist connected with the wall, and he repeatedly punched the bricks. Viola jumped forward, grasping his wrist to restrain him.
“Get the fuck off me!” He yelled, shoving her into the wall before encasing his hand around her throat. The pressure on her airway made her wheeze and Tom tried to step forward to break it up, but got intercepted by Sam.
“Don’t get in between fighting twins, they won’t actually hurt each other.”
Harry hummed, “I don’t know Sam. Aren’t the Folliero’s psychopath’s?”
The oldest Holland sent them both a warning glare and turned his attention back to the altercation, ready to jump in if he needed to.
Viola’s foot connected with his shin, and she elbowed his forearm, making Romero drop his grip. In one swift movement, she twisted his arm around and shoved him against the wall.
“Per favore, calmati Romero, non dovremmo litigarci. (Please calm down, Romero. We shouldn’t fight.)” She said in a surprisingly calm tone.
He squirmed in her restraint, attempting to break free while he panted heavily. Silence lingered in the air, and no one dared to break it. A proud smirk grew on Tom’s lips. Watching Viola fight was hot, and in all honesty, a massive turn on. His best friend and brothers caught on, shooting disgusted glances his way.
As soon as Romero calmed down, she released her hold on him. He trudged away from her and flopped back down on the chair, resting his head in his hands. A sad sigh fell from Viola’s lips, and she knelt in front of him.
“We haven’t been taking this as seriously as we should’ve, and that’s going to change now. We will get him back, alive, no matter the cost.” She assured, and he pulled her in for a hug, muttering apologies.
Harry chuckled, “Ah, twins. We’re so predictable.”
Tom shot him a glare before walking over to Viola, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He rubbed circles on her upper back, and she melted into his touch. With a small sigh, she stood up and spun around to face them all.
“We need to come up with something airtight, no messing this time. I’m not letting anyone else get hurt or taken.” She released a breath before turning her attention to Tom. “We need to go back to London tomorrow, with a solid plan. I want Jordan back by the end of the week.”
While Tom hated the idea of going back to London so soon, she was right, as usual. Hiding away was going to put more people at risk, and the guilt of that would eat her alive. So, instead of arguing against her, he shot her a quick nod. A soft smile played on her lips, and his hand caressed her cheek before planting a gentle kiss on her lips, which Harrison gagged at.
“Can you go back to hating each other, this is gross.” Sam laughed.
“Shut up.”
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Hey uh I saw that your requests were open so do you think I could get a connor stoll x fem reader? Something where he sneaks her out and they dancing in the forest? Thank youuu!
a/n: of course you can!! this person also added in another ask that they want prompt #34 so your wish is my command :))) for those of you waiting for ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ part two, it will be coming out soon but I’ve not really had the motivation to write it lately so I thought I’d write for other people and then get back to it <3 Warnings: none Words: 868 Prompt: "Rules are meant to be broken. Now, can I get that kiss I came here for?" Female reader
"Connor, what are you doing here? It's three in the morning!" "Exactly! The best time to be out." You stick your head out of your cabin's window, looking out at the night sky. It's so dark that it's almost black, covered with a layer of sparkling stars that shine like gems in the ground. The moon hovers high, casting a silver light down on Camp Half-Blood. "The harpies will kill us," you say. "It's way past curfew." "Come on, please," Connor begs. "We've not been able to spend much time together with everything going on." His eyes are genuine, showing the slight desperation. He's not wrong: with the Second Titan War looming, all you've been doing is preparing. Well, that comes with being a daughter of the goddess of strategy - you're one of the lead planners for how things will work, alongside your half-sister Annabeth and your other siblings. Because of that, your time with Connor has been limited, if you even got any to begin with. It's been putting a strain on your relationship, and you despise it. You glance around your dark cabin before looking back at your boyfriend. "All right," you say. "But if we get caught -" Connor smiles. "Yeah, yeah, it'll be my fault. Now, come on, before the moon disappears." Quietly, you slip on a pair of shoes and grab a sweater before creeping out of the door to follow Connor. The nighttime breeze is cool on your bare legs and it smells like sea breeze and strawberries - a strange yet comforting combination. Connor holds your hand as he leads you to the forest at the edge of the cabin clusters. He stops just before the trees, turning around to smile at you. "Ready?" "Do we have a light?" Connor rolls his eyes and pulls a flashlight out from the pockets of his shorts. "I'm all prepared." "Okay," you say. "Let's go." Connor flicks the flashlight on and trudges into the forest. You stay close behind, grasping his hand softly as your feet crunch on the underbrush and fallen leaves. It's too dark to admire the forest like you usually would, but the moonlight breaking through the leaves is enough to keep you content. When the two of you finally stop, you recognise the clearing as the one you often spend your time in with your friend Miranda Gardiner. Willow trees hang over the grass and a small waterfall bursts from the rocks that press up against a small incline. The sheer sound of the running water is soothing. "So what've you got planned, Mastermind?" you ask. "You going to murder me and stash my body in the rocks." "Oh, definitely." Connor laughs, turning the flashlight off. He moves to stand in the middle of the clearing, where the moonlight shines in dots across the ground like stars. His eyes sparkle in the light and, if possible, his smile seems even wider. You walk over as he opens his arms, resting your head on his shoulder and wrapping your arms around his torso. He's warm, you notice, and his pulse thuds in his neck like a slow-beating drum. "You're so warm," you say quietly. "It's irritating." Connor laughs, arms wrapping around your shoulders. "Why's that?" "I'm never this warm." As you begin to relax in his arms, you can hear leaves crunching as if something is coming closer. You jump away from Connor, looking at him with frantic eyes. "Someone knows we're out, that we've broken the rules," you say breathlessly. "We're going to get into so much -" "Hey," Connor says softly, "it was just one of the monsters, but I'm sure they won't bother us. And, I mean, rules are meant to be broken." He steps closer to you until your faces are almost touching. "Now, can I get that kiss I came here for?" Your eyebrow quirks up. "That's all you came here for? Not to spend time with your awesome girlfriend?" Connor rolls his eyes again. "But, yeah, of course." You tilt your head up slightly, pulling Connor's face down gently with your hands and pressing your lips on his. He tastes like Coke and strawberries, and his lips are chapped but you don't mind; they're always like that. The sheer amount of times you've tried to get him to put chapstick on without it having
to be from your kisses is unbelievable. When you pull away, you smile. "Care for a dance?" "With no music? Of course." You grin, hooking your arms around Connor's neck while his wind around your waist. The two of you say back and forth to the sound of the distant sea and rustling leaves, and it's the best music you could ask for. "Connor?" "Yeah?" "I love you." Connor smiles, leaning his forehead against yours and locking his gaze with yours. Those eyes - you could get lost in them forever. "I love you, too." You tilt your head up and peck his nose with a kiss, to which he smiles wider. If you could, you would spend forever in this moment, swaying with the love of your life to nothing but the sounds of your surroundings. It was all you could ever ask for.
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au where jon does follow up for carlos vittery himself and instead of going inside and facing the possibility of a ghost spider he just burns down the whole building.
with jane inside.
the worms are defeated with the power of nope-fuck-that and some gasoline. elias is seething in his office. gertrude’s ghost is nodding in approval.
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Being a part of Star Wars Stan and Meme culture is sobbing whenever you see Order 66 while simultaneously shitting on Cody for fucking up his one job
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Ray being possessive towards you. (Mistress)
Tumblr media
You had been Ray mistress for a little while now. You would both see each other whenever he needed to get all of his problems out of his head and when he felt like distracting himself with something else than alcohol. Neither you or Ray had feelings for each other, but he was very possessive towards you.
It was Saturday afternoon and you were getting ready for your best friend's birthday party that was supposed to happen in the evening, but you always liked to be there a little bit earlier than anyone else.
You walked to your wardrobe and took out the Chanel bag that contained Ray's newest gift. It was a beautiful black dress with details made out of lace on the cleavage. It was short, but very elegant and sexy at the same time.
When Ray had surprised you with it, he had made you promise that you would never wear it in other occasions than for when you guys would meet up. And you had agreed...
But today was so special, and Ray would know nothing about it. You bit your lip and after a few minutes of looking at yourself in the mirror with the dress in front of your body, you finally decided you'd wear it, only for tonight.
Once you were totally ready, you checked yourself out in the mirror one last time and smiled as you applied the final touch: a deep red lipstick. You smiled to your reflection and headed out.
You started walking through the streets of Los Angeles, as you didn't feel like riding the bus today. The weather was amazing, so why not walk?
You looked straight in front of you as you didn't want to trip because of your high heels and walked proudly as you felt so beautiful.
Suddenly, you heard a loud noise and a car stopped right in front of you, in the middle of the street you were about to cross. You would have been scared if you had not recognized his car... Ray's.
You gulped as he lowered his tinted window. He had a serious expression on his face as he made a move with his fingers, indicating you to step closer. Once you were at the level of the door, he turned his attention back to the road. "Get in." He said on a serious tone.
"Ray, I can't. I need to-" You wanted to go on, but he cut you off. "Don't make me say it twice, Y/N." His eyes were still on the road. You sighed and looked around before to enter his car.
As soon as you sat on the passenger seat, he started driving again, until he reached an abandoned part of the big city. A place where only weird people would come, but at least, he knew nobody would recognize him there.
He stopped the car and made a move with his hand, pointing the dress. "I thought we had a deal." He turned his head to look at you.
"Listen Ray, I'm sorry it's-" The man didn't seem to want apologies right now. "Who are you going to see, huh?" He asked you.
You shook your head as you understood he thought you had a date. "I'm going to my friend's party. And I'm running late." You said, knowing you'd have to make up an excuse as no one knew about you and Ray.
Ray looked at you up and down. "We're going back to your house, you're getting changed." He was completely serious. You frowned and shook your head. "I'm la-"
You were about to finish your phrase when Ray pressed his lips against yours, making you shut up. Your heart started beating faster as his hand lay on your cheek. Now, you could only hear your heart pounding into your ears and the noise of his watch ticking every second.
He kissed you passionately, forcing the entrance of your mouth with his tongue. You could feel yourself getting wet and thought he could fuck you there, as a punishment, but instead, he just pulled away and looked into your eyes as his hand wrapped around your thigh.
"You are mine. I bought you this dress so that you could wear it for when we have dates. Not for a fucking stupid birthday party." His voice was low and you could totally feel threatened if the fact he was talking to you like that didn't wet your panties the way it did.
He sat up again and started the car. "If you wear it again, I will not let you cum for a month." He turned around to drive out of the abandoned place and back into the city. "I will fuck you, until I feel you're close. Then I will stop everything I'm doing until your body hurts with frustration." He looked through his window so that he could smirk without you seeing it.
You bit your bottom lip and nodded. "Yes Ray."
"Great, now we're going to your flat so you can get changed." He said, not even asking for your opinion.
Once you arrived at your flat, Ray got inside with you. As soon as you both walked through the door, he pushed you against the wall, unbuckled his belt and within a minute, he was shoved deep inside of you.
His thrusts were so intense and rough, as always. His forehead was resting against your neck as he fastened his pace. It didn't take him long to empty himself deep inside of you in a bestial groan. You smiled and caressed his short hair. "Don't change your panties and don't clean yourself." He whispered into your ear. "It'll be your punishment. Next time, you'll think twice about what you're doing."
After pulling out, Ray made sure you didn't get ready of your panties where your wetness was mixed with his thick cum.
Ray dropped you off at your friend, reassured that you had changed and that you had been punished for what you had done.
SO GUYS! What did you think about this one?! I can't help it, Ray inspires me so much for some great smut! 😅
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i'm yours and that's it, whatever by mischief7manager
Vax’ildan of Vox Machina asks Keyleth of the Air Ashari to marry him on a warm day in early spring.
"Wait, what?" she says.
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omg please do a part 2 of Zoo!!! that was an amazing read, soo good!!!!! <3
so glad you enjoyed it, i will get thinking and upload a part two next week so keep a look out! :) x
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Tumblr media
“A One-In-A-Million Shot”
Fear Case #3 (April 2021)
Matt Kindt, Tyler Jenkins and Hilary Jenkins
Dark Horse Comics
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