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#short story
paperinktea · an hour ago
Zodiac Chronicles
"...someone ate my bagel...SOMEONE ATE MY BAGEL!" Leo turned from the fridge to see Aggie, Pie and Cance sitting on the couch, 2 out of three riggid. Leo squinted his eyes accusingly, stalking closer to the three.
"Anyone have something to say?" Leo drawled, "No? Then I'd have to punish all of you."
"Stop! Stop I'm sorry okay!" Aggie exclaimed when Leo was so close to obstructing Pie's breathing. "Look, I was hungry and I didn't know it was yours. I'll make it up to you, I'll buy you a new one"
Pie gave Aggie an accusing look, Cance crying his eyes out. Not because of Leo, but because of the movie he's watching.
*An hour later, Leo is stuffed with bagels and sleeping on the couch*
"What's with him?" Aries asked, striding to the fridge. "He stuffed his face with bagels that I bought for him cause I ate his." Aggie answered.
" mean my bagel?" Aries raised one eyebrow. "What do you mean your bagel?" Aggie stood up confused.
"I bought bagels for leo and I, I clearly saw him eating his when we were in the car," Aries opened the fridge, "I put mine in the fridge cause I like mine cold."
"...that son of a b*tch" Aggie whispered.
"Huh? Whaddya say?" Aries asked.
Aggie then proceeded to frog splash the sleeping leo.
The end.
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evolsinner · an hour ago
{8} craving
he left the house again, chatting outside the front door. what was up with these phone calls?? fuck, if his damn phone hadn't gone off then i could only imagine what could've happened next.
once he finished, he came back inside and called it a night. said it was getting late.
pfft! as if!
i brushed my teeth with the spare toothbrush he'd given me and climbed into his black bed. after a while of tossing and turning in his slate grey sheets, i become restless and my throat becomes dry.
he said that i could sleep in his bedroom and that he'll sleep in the lounge room and that if i needed anything to just let him know. yeah, as a matter of fact, i do need something, you in me!
it's probably 2 am, but i cannot sleep. everything smells like him: the sheets, the blankets, pillows, everything! except the source of it all is not here to complete the package.
i swing my legs off the bed and stand up, his oversized t~shirt hanging just above my knees. i make my way down the hallway and reach the open space. that's when i see light.
mr killian is also awake. isn't surprising considering what went down... he's aimlessly browsing through his phone, the blue light reflecting off his face as he lays shirtless on the sofa.
wait, did i just say 'shirtless'?
oh shit, he really is!, abort!!
relax. relax! it's no big deal, no big deal at all. it's just skin, rosé. just really good~looking, lean as fuck skin. that's all it is.
i open the tap, cringing at how loud the water rushes out and pours into the glass.
"rosé?" he calls out. "couldn't sleep?"
"sorry," i go in front of the worktop so he can hear me better, "didn't mean to disturb you."
he leans up on his elbows and his eyes linger on me for a while too long. i follow his line of sight as they drop down my body. oh no... i've taken off the sweatpants he had given me before i had gotten into bed. they were so big and baggy on me, i just had to!
i look back up at him, but he's already staring.
i bring the glass to my mouth. the sexual tension that's forming could shatter a million mirrors in half, even this glass in my hand. the cold water hits my throat and goes down into my stomach, sending a shiver up my spine.
i want him bad. so bad. i mean, the pizza situation was a taste and now he's got me craving for more, for all of it.
that's it.
i know for a fact that he ain’t gonna make a move on me because of his teaching position, but if neither of us makes a move, we won’t be be moving anywhere. i set the glass down and walk up to where he's comfortably laying.
the bright light of the moon makes his body radiant, like when you edit a photo, using vignette for the borders and lightening up the centre. the thin blanket is just above his waist, but i can make out the rim of the white band of his black briefs.
i observe how his jaw is sharper than ever. it's hard to crack what he's really thinking, except when he gazes into my eyes like that, i notice the emeralds whirlpooling around in his irises, well, what's left of it, taking into consideration his massive pupils that are dilated to the rim.
mutual attraction. perfect.
i bring my hands underneath my t~shirt and slip off my underwear.
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poetik666 · an hour ago
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
               It was one of those autumn Saturdays when everyone said “I drank too much last night.” However, I did not feel the same way. I always feel vivid when I wake up. Lonely people are empowered by the experience of loneliness. I start the day feeling alive and drain all my vividness during the day. I'm waiting to live another day, by ending my life like a butterfly at night. The only thing that can be considered a hobby; is my dreams, the moments when I take a long break. If you are wondering what I am doing all day, I am only running. Just like other unfortunate adults, running so fast, non-stop.                                                                 ***                            The doorbell rang, and I dared to open it without looking through the hole because I knew who was knocking. It is obvious, my life is a boring routine. I always know what is going to happen. My only friend, Summer, was waiting for me to go to my job. I put on my coat and one of my false faces before I opened the door. "Good morning, Jim. Let's not miss the bus this time. Shoes, hurry up" she said. “Morning, Summer.”          I stuck the laces in the shoe because if I tied them, we would miss the bus. It took me milliseconds to look at her face and immediately turn my head away. Looking at Summer's face is like someone who has been falling into a snowstorm for a long time; comes home and puts her or his hand on a stovepipe that's been burning for hours. Both agonizing and soothing experiences. Her grey-emerald terrifying eyes, the eyes that pierce, impossible to meet.                                                           ***
          Summer and I rarely meet at work. The only place I can spend time with her is at the bus stop. But anyway, I have more painful problems than that. I've been alone for as long as I can remember. It sucks not to have seen your parents, not to remember a moment that would keep them alive in your mind. Fortunately, I have dreams, I witness better things every dream. That's what keeps me running.  The most interesting dream I have ever seen; being a handsome knight. On my white horse, over the wuthering green hills, watching landscapes I'd never really see. An orphan boy (due to his look, I feel he was an orphan) was running towards me. He seemed to want to talk to me about something important. I couldn't compromise my attitude. I was not looking at the boy's face, watching the fascinating scene. "Father, father," the boy screamed. I continued to not looking. "Father, where are you going? I ran too fast to catch up with you. Why didn't you wait for me, Dad?" He deserved an answer with that effort.        As soon as I turned my face to look at the boy's face, the poor child evaporated. It was one of those moments when I realized I was dreaming. I woke up, but I closed my eyes again because I wanted to keep dreaming. This dream should not have ended so soon because I had not ridden my white horse long enou — “Jim, can you come to my office for a quick evaluation?” said my superior, with a crushing voice and spoiled my conservation with you. “An evaluation, for what? What did I do wrong, Sir?” I could feel the sweat flowing from my temporals. “I've been watching you for hours, Jim, and the only thing you're doing is looking at that damn wallpaper. We don't want any useless men here. There are thousands of guys who want to be in your shoes. Get your shit together or —"         I left his room. I loosened my necktie and walked to my desk, packed my things, and left the office immediately. All the hard work I have put in over the years, all those runs, is defeated to my boss's ego. When I went out on the street, realized I didn't need any office stuff, so I threw it all away. The laces I stuck, came out of the shoe. I have never even had time to tie my shoe. I finally felt free.                                                            ***             I am so alive; I just want to run. I desire to marry Summer. I want to get her out of that shithole, travel every inch of the world, see the beautiful landscapes. Maybe I can live my dreams? Summer and I make a great couple. Besides, a knighthood is better than working in an office. I can run forever. I might answer the orphan child’s questions. How does it feel to be the first person to run around America? I don't know where to begin. I hope that sense of freedom doesn't disappear quickly.             After tying my shoes, I started running at a low pace. One of the great things about living in Harlem was that I was so close to Central Park. I kept running around the park, inhaling the smell of soil that came out after the rain. When my phone rang, I stopped immediately because it was Summer. I was out of breath running, moreover, when Summer called, my heart kind of failed. "Where are you, Jim? Why did you leave the office all of a sudden? People are worried about you." her voice was nervous. “Have not you heard? He scolded me out of the blue. He threatened to fire me for staring blankly at the screen, so I resigned before he fired me.” “Jim, no. You didn't even talk to the boss. The intern said you just packed up your stuff and left the office. Why did you do that? What happened?”               Suddenly my eyes darkened and my whole life flashed before my eyes, Didn't I talk to the boss? How is that even possible? Am I schizophrenic? I've always wanted to live my dreams, and just 15 minutes after I achieve this, the truth hit me in the face? “I will call you later, Summer.”                                                             ***         Every night since my childhood, I have had these wonderful dreams. I have never forgotten the "Knight" dream, and I barely remember the other good ones. However, after the realization of my mind’s status, I remembered the most important dream of my life. We're having a picnic on Long Island where the green shiny grass stretches like a pillow. My parents and a few other people are here. My mom's preparing the food and my dad's drinking his beer and watching the colossal trees in front of him. I'm playing with my wooden horse toy, trying to figure out what my dad's looking at. He must have seen something very interesting. The shapes of the clouds draw my attention, and all of a sudden, the dark clouds surround us and start thundering. The rain comes at such an unexpected moment that everyone is surprised and suddenly begins to gather picnic stuff. My father must have foreseen it was going to rain. All the stuff is packed up and loaded into the cars. No one notices me, they forgot about my existence. My parents leave me in that field that transforms into a mud pool as the raindrops fall. I'm stuck in the mud with a wooden horse in my hand, waiting for somebody to wake me up.
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gmatt63 · an hour ago
Often, my writing style is jumbled at best. When the words start to flow, it’s all I can do to keep up and get ideas down in a coherent form. Aspects of stories come to me at all times, especially when I’m out walking and I’ve taken to using the voice recorder on my phone to try to capture them in these instances. Sometimes, ideas come line by line; sometimes paragraph by paragraph. Editing is…
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evolsinner · 2 hours ago
{7} pineapple
with the moment past {definitely not mentally}, i make my way to the lounge.
"hey, rosé?"
i see him seated on a 3 seat sofa.
a, i hope he didn't see the way i shaved my hair down there into a love heart... b, he def saw my little boobies!!
"y~yes, mr killian?"
"you hungry or something? i can order you some pizza."
hell, i'm famished, can't remember the last time i ate.
"no, aha…”
“you sure?”
“actually, yeah, i am, a little... sorry if that's an inconvenience."
"no, not at all! don't be silly. i'm starving."
i restrict a smile.
"here," he shifts to the side, patting the middle seat, "make yourself comfortable. i'll order some now."
i place his hoody on the armrest and sit on the other end instead; don’t have it in me to sit right next to him. we would be like idk touching and whatnot. amongst the remote and his wallet, he grabs his phone from the middle seat, dialling a number.
“pineapple on pizza?" he faces me, holding the phone to his ear.
i fucking love pineapple on pizza.
"100%," i reply confidently.
he grins.
i have just found my soulmate.
i admire how laid back he looks: his white untucked dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to reveal thick veins and a dark tan, tie tossed on the table. is this how every male teacher looks after work?
'cause, yummy!
"takeaway. one large vegetarian and one large hawaiian...with extra pineapple, please," sir glances at me adorably. "cheers, sweetheart," he hangs up after giving his number and address for the order. "should be here in 40 mins," he informs me, "catch," and tosses the remote at me. "pick a movie. make it a good one. i'm gonna go freshen up quickly."
can i come?
-ˋˏ ༻🍷༺ ˎˊ-
i struggle to find a goddamn movie!
sir’s phone vibrates and i look across at it. why does that thing be buzzing and ringing all the time? i mean... hmm… i lean all the way back, peeping down the hallway. i listen to see if the shower is still on.
oh good, it's still on. i sneakily pick up his orange google pixel 4 xl mobile phone. okay, let's see, what's his passcode? says his pin contains at least four digits. hmm...
1 2 3 4
incorrect pin entered
4 3 2 1
incorrect pin entered
6 9 6 9
incorrect pin entered
his birth year, maybe?
1 9 8 1
incorrect pin entered
it's definitely mine, then.
2 0 0 0
try again in 30 seconds
fuck, what is it?!
now i'm adamant.
a while later, i listen for the shower again. no sound. fuck me! i also haven't even picked a movie yet! i grasp the remote and quickly flip through the movies. in 'newly added' a film that goes by the name 'barefoot' {2014} appears. this’ll do. i haphazardly click on it, put his phone back in the middle seat and swiftly bring my knees up on the sofa.
bathroom door opens and mr killian returns, setting himself down.
and ohhhh boy, oh jesus h. christ, he is wearing grey sweatpants. grey. sweatpants. oh my goddddddd!!!!
🎵dun da daaaaa! dunda dunda da dun dadada oo oo oooooo dun da da
i cringe, really should have skipped the first 10 mins or something.
sir looks at me with an amused expression, "just started?"
i nod, embarrassed.
then he cracks up a little, "how long did it take for you to pick a film?"
"i paused it, was waiting for you."
"alrighty then," he slumps down, letting me get away with the white lie. "this better be good or else you're held accountable."
the professional teacher's vibe is disappearing and transforming into a perky one.
he's wearing a loose t~shirt with long sleeves and it’s even rolled up. his hair is damp and floppy, making him so much more attractive. he runs his hands through it, flipping it back as the stray droplets of water roll down his neck. i would gladly lick them off for him if he doesn't mind...
"why's my phone locked for 60 minutes?"
"huh?" i snap out of my daydream.
"my phone, why's it locked?"
" put the wrong password in?"
"pretty sure i didn't, and you're the only other person in this house, no?"
"aha..ha," i giggle nervously.
"does it look like i'm laughing?" he asks me condescendingly.
my smile disappears.
*ding~dong! ding~dong! ding~dong! ding~dong!*
"ight, i'm coming!!" sir shouts, grabbing his wallet. "..jesus christ, break my damn doorbell, will you.." he mutters under his breath angrily.
-ˋˏ ༻🍷༺ ˎˊ-
i only ate 2 slices of pizza so i wouldn’t look like a fat bitch in front of sir. he, however, didn't even eat any. so much for being 'starving'. he was just casually watching me eat. i could feel his eyes on me each time i took a bite and the odd olive or pineapple went rolling down into my lap. it was so awkward!
we're halfway through the movie and i felt the need to say something because jay, the character, was such a jerk.
"i mean, it's actually rather heartbreaking. daisy was locked away for most of, if not, her whole life. and now she is finally free, finally able to experience the pleasures of the real world. she put all of her trust in him and he abandoned her. that's so not cool."
as i'm analysing the film, i feel his eyes analysing me.
"well, you can't blame him," sir counterattacks. "jay had his own life, his own problems to deal with. she was just another added problem to that."
"then he should've led her back to the hospital again instead of taking her on this joyride purely for his own greed."
"remember, she chose to take part."
"he was being selfish."
"he was lending her a hand."
"which is what ultimately made her fall in love with him in the first place," i state like a full stop.
sir's whole face just speaks wow. “so why didn't you do my analysis homework then, huh?"
"because it's boring," i look him boldly in the eyes, his slicked~back hair has me feelin' oozy and woozy.
"oh, it's boring?" he emphasises, raising his eyebrows. "is that so?"
"yup," i purse my lips.
"what was it again?" he grabs my arm, pulling me into his lap. "'boring', did you say?"
i'm trying to escape and he's trying to hold me still. gradually, our laughter dies out and we become aware, so much more aware.
"got some on your mouth," he says in the heat of the moment, running his thumb over my bottom lip.
there was definitely no pizza sauce or whatever on my mouth, but i play my part. somehow, his thumb finds its way inside my mouth and i instinctively wrap my tongue around it. his green eyes glimmer like shiny marbles as he watches me
on his
i feel pressure underneath me, something building up in stiffness. i shift his hand away, glancing down and then back up again. his marble eyes, they just look at me. look through me.
no way in hell did i imagine this moment to actually happen. i mean, most of us girls had these insane crushes on teachers, but never did i think it'd unravel like this.
he firmly places his hand on my lower backside and pushes me closer to himself. "what, you scared now?" he whispers, dominance combined with confidence, topped off with lust.
i gulp, trying to sound brave, "and why would i be scared?"
"you should be," he replies.
i am lost for words. this kind of intimidation is seductive. all i wanna do is kiss him! though i won't make the same mistake of glancing at his lips twice.
he speaks in a soft tone, "has anyone ever told you how captivating your~"
"my eyes are?" i finish his cliché line off for him.
"...your lips," he corrects, casting his gaze down at them.
i bite my bottom lip, flustered for acting like a smartass.
"you know, on some occasions, i've noticed that you bite your lip when you're nervous. it's cute," he grins, "i like it more than i should," and waits patiently for me to fall into his devilish trap.
believe me when i say i'm trying goddamn hard to not sink my teeth into my flesh! which is why i replace it with a mere innocent gulp.
"but on most occasions, you gulp," he says as i'm gulping.
he removes the hair from my neck.
i get hella anxious, hella aroused so i..
"nuh~uh," he shakes his head and pulls my bottom lip down with the pad of his thumb. "'nough biting from you, sweetheart. those are mine to bite now."
am i dreaming right now?
i try to reposition myself by moving a little back so that i'm not directly on him. as i do this, his erection rubs further into me and i slightly moan kinda too evidently. my eyes open super wide and i instantly shut my mouth. it surprises me that it doesn't faze him one bit.
"your t~t~thing is p~poking me.." i gesture with my eyes to his manhood.
his orbs shine like someone has stabbed an apocalyptic emerald sunset multiple times. it's glorifying. magical. the stuff dreams are made from. and instead, he pushes me further down onto his sculpture. he leans his head in, his mouth millimetres away from mine.
"and do you like it?" he questions seriously.
our noses touch, our lips brush...
"answer the question."
"yes," i squeak. "i like it."
i try to remain as calm as possible, but it's impossible due to the nerves causing havoc inside me, particularly the nerves between my thighs. i don't know what to focus on. that mouth? his eyes? or down below...
"may i let something be known, luv?" sir requests politely.
i nod.
"i can see your tits...through that shirt..." he whispers sexily.
my breath hitches up.
kiss me! why won't he kiss me? just fucking kiss me! shit, it's impossible not to look. i give in and look at his lips. the corners curve slightly into a wayward grin. i see... he wants me to initiate it.
welp, sorry, no can do, mister.
he literally places my bottom lip between his teeth and lightly tugs at it, his breaths hitting my mouth like rose petals. this act is enormously enticing, but i know he's teasing me.
my turn.
i purposely grind in his lap and he suppresses a hoarse groan. then he scoffs. very conceited. he's so gonna lose. i keep my lips impossibly close to his for when he forfeits which should be right
he shakes his head smugly.
i frown, pouting.
he half~smiles adorably.
fine, i have a better idea. one he doesn't see cuming coming.
i lift away the waistband of my borrowed sweatpants and grip his hand. his body automatically tenses up. i can feel him getting harder from just the thoughts i'm giving him. i bring his hand closer to me. he's losing and it's hella entertaining to watch.
unexpectedly, a phone goes off and i jump in fright. i rapidly get off him and he returns to his usual, rigid ways. he aggressively clears his throat before answering that stupid device.
whilst pacing up and down and holding his forehead, he stares at me intently like i'm that fucking maths problem again!
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highurbanfantasyjazz · 2 hours ago
Teenage Dystopian Love
Tale as old as time, really.
They stepped out of the darkness, bleeding and bruised and Renna’s ribs were definitely broken, but alive. They were alive. “Guys,” Molly said, still breathing hard and leaning on Johnny. “We did it.” For a few seconds, Renna only stood there. The cliffs in front of her. The cave behind her. The sun, hot on her face. The breeze running through her hair. She didn’t think she’d ever see either…
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bogdan-dragos · 2 hours ago
around the smokey hole
around the smokey hole
You can still be good at what you do without liking what you do It’s more common than you’d imagine The words reflected his face in the steamy bathroom mirror He watched until he felt cold in his nakedness and shivered reached for the towel wiped got out of the bathroom put on clothes and returned to his writing desk The blank page was ugly unlike the somewhat encouraging words on the…
Tumblr media
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thetoadcrow · 5 hours ago
my cat,,, my little angel,,, my will to live,,,,
this time, guess where i found the little bitch?
anyway this concludes my angry rant  of the night, she was found unharmed and very angry that she was being brought home i love this little shit but damn doesnt she know i have anxiety this bitch almost made me have a melt down smh shes not going out for a while now
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evolsinner · 6 hours ago
{6} wet footprints 👣
"aaaand we're here," he breaks the silence, a sigh following after.
i unclick my seatbelt, well, try to at least.
he unclicks his, grabs a few things and is about to step out.
i press down on mine again and again. please help me, god, this is embarrassing!
sir stops for a sec, watching me intently like i'm some maths problem he doesn't get for the first time.
i face him, feeling like my cheeks are on fire, “it's s~stuck, i think?"
"stuck?" he frowns, sexy glabellar lines forming. "hm, that's weird. here, allow me," he leans over.
he. is. so. close. to. me. hotdamn. like if i were to just push myself forward a lil bit, his face would literally smash into my boobs. wait, should i 'accidentally' do that?
he presses once on the red button with normal pressure, then again, firmer this time. it unclicks right away. we both look up at the exact same time and headbutt each other in the process.
"ow," i rub my forehead.
he chuckles, "you okay?"
i nod.
he should smile more, it's a good look on him.
...huh, where'd that stunning smile go?
oh shit, he knows that i'm staring at his lips!
i force my hazel eyes to return to his hypnotic emerald ones. he gives me his signature intense stare. so intense that i feel attacked, attacked with his eyes undressing me.
wait a minute, is he eye~fucking me?!
"just gotta press the button harder next time," he simply says.
"thank you," i manage to croak out.
he shifts away; cool, calm and collected, "don't mention it," and steps out.
i step into his house and he locks the door behind me. his place is…wow. have i been living in a dumpster my whole life? can't see much in the darkness, but it's so pretty. it’s spaced out, matte black and slate grey everything.
"lights on," sir announces tiredly behind me.
and at first, i thought he was asking me a question, but automatically, the inbuilt white lights turn on.
"sorry, it's a mess," he sighs, loosening his tie and undoing the first few buttons of his dress shirt. "wasn't expecting anyone."
"i don't see a single speck of dust, sir," i look around, confused.
"yeah, well, still," he smiles, placing his space grey macbook pro 15" laptop and a few papers on the cosmic black granite worktop. "you need to get out of the rest of those damp clothes."
i shrug.
"you're still wet, right?" he asks me.
"y~your clothes, of course," he looks down at them, then back into my eyes. "i can put them in the dryer for you.”
"oh, um..."
i'm the one that's supposed to make him nervous, not the other way around!
"take a shower. it's the first door to your left, down the hallway," he points behind me. "i'll find you some dry clothes and hang them up on the doorknob after. how’s that sound?"
a steaming shower is something i could really use right about now. would be a lot better if i could share it with him though...
"sounds awesome."
i head to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. then i quickly look into the mirror above the large square sink, examining my face. i can see the so~called 'waterproof' mascara running down my cheeks. ew! have i been looking like this the entire time?
i roll my eyes frustratedly and they end up landing on the sink. hm, that's interesting. it's flat. shouldn't a sink be 3d? i turn on the tall arch metal tap and the water streams out. it lands on the flat surface, no splatters whatsoever, and majestically disappears through the inch thick edges.
"kewl," i grin.
i strip excitedly.
two separate shower heads? why would anyone need two?
whatever, with one of them a nice hot temperature, i step in. i cannot physically believe that i am showering at my english lit teacher's house. my parents would literally kill me if they ever found out, and mr killian could practically lose his job. could explain why he was reluctant on the way here.
"what's this?" i pick up a black bottle and read the label. "'shampoo 5 in 1 for men'..and it smells.." i open the cap, sniffing, "..minty. nice. i'll have me some of that," and i squirt it in my palm, proceeding with my cleanse.
a good while later, i step out and grab a towel hanging from the side. i wrap it around my body, holding the ends together under my arm. after opening the bathroom door, i shift my hand around on the outside doorknob. nothing. i look at the floor, yet still, nothing.
oh no...
i shut the door again, contemplating.
i could wait it out a little while longer or i could just ask him? i mean, who knows how long i gotta wait and i'm kinda freezing to death here. so i leave. wet footprints follow me as i make my way to the kitchen and lounge which are both attached to one another.
"where are you?" i murmur, biting my lip.
i turn back around to check the room at the end of the hallway, that’s when the front door sways open. sir has a mobile phone in his hand and is completely taken aback with my presence in just a simple white towel.
"oh crap..! forgot to get you those clothes?" he points at me.
i nod, gulping.
he slides the phone down his back pocket, heading to the room i was about to go in and returns with a t~shirt and some dark sweatpants a minute later. "my apologies. got carried away with this phone call. here you are," he holds the clothing out for me.
i take it with both my hands, mindlessly forgetting about the towel around me as it slips down my body.
"jesus, rosé!" he clenches his jaw, looking away.
"fuck, i'm sorry!" i crouch and pick up the towel, wrapping myself up tightly like it's my second skin. "i'll go put these on," i briskly make my way to the bathroom.
with the door shut behind me, i throw my hands over my face. "i’m such a dumb bitch! fuck!!"
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anoddreindeer · 7 hours ago
The Price of Doing Business
It's a dark night in the city that never sleeps.
There are noises in the distance, the sounds of revelry and business and factories that ran twenty-four hours a day, but in this section there's a tense sort of silence. The kind of silence that happens because people are afraid of what'll happen if they make noise, if they draw attention to themselves. Not even Company enforcement cars prowl these streets, most of them too busy hunting their prey elsewhere.
Just one cruiser pulls slowly down the lane, only the dimmest of lights on as it creeps further and further into a neighborhood where its compatriots had howled at high speeds not hours before. Eventually it stops, about halfway down the block, and the lights on the front of it go out. A dark figure climbs out of the front seat and walks around to the back. It opens the door and roughly hauls a taller figure out; a flash of silver cuffs catches the streetlights as the taller figure stumbles under the force of the yank.
The shorter figure doesn't wait for the taller figure to catch its balance, however, merely hauling the taller figure so roughly that it has no choice but to follow. The two make their uneven way a few steps further up the block and dip into an alleyway. The shorter figure slams the taller one up against the wall not far down from the mouth of the alleyway.
"The void did I tell you? The void were you thinkin'? Joinin' up wit' the Morellis, and now look atcha!"
"Least I didn't join the Voiddamn Company, the void with me! The void with you! What'd Ma say?"
"The void do you care! We was starvin' and there weren't no more jobs to get! You knew the Morellis was bad news, and you went wit 'em anyways!"
"A job's a job, and it's not like they got you doin' any different 'n me. Sendin' you all goons to pick us all up like you was better or somethin'. Whatcha gonna do now, break both my legs? What's Ma gonna say when she hears about what they got you doin'?"
A long silence stretches, broken only by the sound of heavy breathing.
Another long pause.
"What. Happened."
"I told you. There weren't no more jobs be had. So I joined up, but they wasn't paying much 'cause everyone was joinin' up."
"So, what, you ain't scrounge enough?"
"Me? ME?! The void were you doin'?! You never come home! For all we knew you was DEAD!"
"Yeah, well, I ain’t! An so help me, if you left Ma out to dry 'cause you was the one working..."
The meaty thud of a fist hitting a face echoes down the alley.
"Don't you DARE say that ta me again! I went to work like to collapsin' I was so hungry, just to make sure Ma had enough!"
"So what, you expect me ta believe Ma died what, a natural causes?"
A gusty sigh winds its way down the alley.
"You...You know Ma. Knew Ma. She ain’t never let a kid go hungry in her life. Morrises, three doors down, just had their new kid right before all this shit started."
"Void. What's that make, four?"
"Five. Two cute little boys and three pretty little girls - and they still got 'em, every one. Ma..."
"She didn't."
"Fuck you, you know she did."
A big sniff echoes loudly down the alley.
"It was the day the shield went down, can you believe it? I'd just heard the news over the wireless. People were dancin' in the streets. I asked to go home a little early, make sure Ma knew the news. When I got home, she was sittin' in that rockin' chair Dad got for her for their weddin' - you know, the one made a' real wood from Bloom. By the time I got there she was already stiff but - smilin'. She musta known."
"Void. I'm-"
"Don't say you're sorry. I told you, you knew, you coulda come home at ANY TIME. Don't you dare say you're sorry now. Not after missin' the funeral. Not after joinin' the Morellis. Don't you dare."
"So, what, you gonna kill me? Gonna off your older brother too on orders from on high?"
"No. 'M tired a killin'. 'M tired a bein' someone Ma'd be ashamed of. Soonest I do this, I'm turnin' in my notice."
"...What're you gonna do?"
The shorter figure draws a Void blaster and calmly shoots the wall beside the taller figure's head. The shot echoes loudly up and down the alley, and silence seems to become even deeper as anyone who had even been thinking about motion dismisses the thought.
"You're dead. I did what they said. Arrest all known associates of the Morellis, or kill 'em if they won't come peaceable. So you're dead."
A soft rustling noise stops the question in its tracks.
"These is new papers. New name, new life. You couldn't be bothered to keep up wit’ your old one, and Ma'd be even more disappointed in us if we killed each other. So you take these, and you go down to the docks, and you get on the first ship outta here and you don't never come back, you hear? If I hear you's back in the City - any part a' the City - I'll find you and kill you myself. You wanted not to be part a this family so bad, well. You ain't any more."
The click of handcuffs releasing is loud in the still night.
Silence reigns for a long few seconds.
"Maybe you're right, maybe I ain't got the right to be sorry about leavin', about not comin' back, about thinkin' I had more time. But. I'm sorry for your loss. And...thanks."
"Go to the Void. And don't come back."
The taller figure darts out of the alley and down the street, rapid footsteps fading into the labyrinthine streets. Another loud sniff comes from the alley.
"Wherever you are, Ma, I hope you're finally proud of me."
The shorter figure walks out of the alley and slowly gets into the Company cruiser. Lights off, it pulls away from the curb and into the night.
A second part, set much later, to
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anoddreindeer · 7 hours ago
The Void Planet Tribune
Crime Family On Hook For 80 Years Back Taxes
An organization in booze, vice, drugs, and many such other acts deemed both illegal and immoral by the laws of Void, which Company enforcement claims has been transacting a business worth more than ten million credits a year - a supertrust operating with all the efficiency of the Company itself - came under siege yesterday as Company enforcers raided thousands of establishments simultaneously.
Acting on reports from an anonymous source which released all of the Morelli financial records out into the Void Wide Web, Company officials wasted no time in organizing the mass arrest and incarceration of every member they could find of the Morelli organization. The first raids began less than an hour after the release, and netted most of the higher leadership. Umberto "Mumbles" Morelli, current head of the Morelli Family, and several other high-ranking Morelli Family members were spotted being loaded into Company vehicles.
Once the Company had the leadership in custody, they moved on to the next steps. Three more hours of quiet heralded the biggest simultaneous Company action in history. Millions of Company Enforcers were deployed to hundreds of thousands of Morelli-run establishments. Tens of thousands of bars and bordellos, pawnshops and pillboxes, sweatshops and swanky clubs stand closed this evening as entire staffs were rounded up into Company vehicles.
Charges To Be Determined
While the Company has more than enough evidence of tax evasion to put away the upper management for a very long time, that may not be the end of the Morellis' troubles. Already some of the lower-tier goons have started singing about the things they've been ordered to do in exchange for reduced sentences. One Morelli associate, who declined to be named in this article, told reporters "If they's inside, then I don' wanna be inside wit' 'em. An' if I'm not in wit' 'em, they's not gonna catch me." Similar sentiments were expressed by a number of other men nearby.
Company enforcement declined to comment, going so far as to destroy several recording devices presented by members of the press. Still, while tax evasion is not a capital charge, the testimony so far provided warrants more serious charges. Several experts on the subject have gone so far as to opine that charges might be leveled under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. While those laws have been on the books for almost a century, actually bringing enough evidence to prove their violation is a mug's game. Still, with testimony provided, such charges may indeed be brought.
Some Leadership Still At Large
While the first raids netted a majority of Morelli leadership, three of the biggest names remain at large. Don Tolomeo Morelli, head of the alcohol and drug portion of the Morelli empire, slipped his cuffs and disappeared into the sewers. Company enforcers are confident in their ability to recapture the Don, but to date he remains at large.
Don Salvo Morelli, head of the fences and thieves, was last seen climbing out onto the balcony of his fifteenth-story apartment. When Company enforcers went out on the balcony in hot pursuit, the Don had completely disappeared. Subsequent searches of the apartments above, below, and around, also failed to turn up any traces of the wily Don. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is encouraged to submit a statement to Company headquarters.
The third and final member of the Morelli leadership to remain at large is none other than Mumbles' daughter and heir, Sofia Morelli. She was not with her father when he was taken into custody, nor was she at any of the other Morelli establishments in the district. Her capture is a priority for the Company, and they have issued a several-million credit reward for information leading to her arrest. She is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
Power Vacuum
With the Morelli crime syndicate in ruins, other gangs have already started to migrate into the gaps left behind. Tamila Ibragimova and her band of miscreants have already clashed with the Aros clan for control of the northernmost portions of the City. Harvey Vaughan is rumored to have staked his claim on the factory districts, and the Bärlocher Bunch moved south to take the Pleasure District by storm.
Chaos abounds, and the Company is already trying to beat back the flames. Precincts have been assigned extra staff to try and deal with the fighting in the streets, and anyone causing trouble can expect to find themselves sharing a cell with a Morelli - a dicey proposition at the best of times. A curfew has been enacted, and citizens are encouraged to stay off the streets until the fighting dies down.
The Scales of Justice
While everyone in custody is technically entitled to a formal hearing, many of the Morellis are trying to cut deals to avoid that. Mass indictments for the low-level associates are expected to come down in the next week. Mid-tier associates will also receive a mass indictment with more serious charges once it is determined what those charges will be. Morelli upper-level management and leadership will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
If any of the Morelli Family choose to go through with a hearing, they may spend up to five years incarcerated before they get it. With a heavy caseload at the best of times, the judicial system is currently threatening to buckle under the current deluge. A number of judges and lawyers were also picked up on evidence in the Morelli ledgers, and their absence only creates more backlog. If things get too heavy, however, other judiciary systems on the other planets have already volunteered to send what judges they can spare to speed up the hearings process.
As the sun sets on a new and exciting chapter in Void planet history, one thing is crystal clear; when it comes to taxes, crime really should pay.
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mishistoriasmisrelatos · 8 hours ago
El sueño.
Se despertó sudando, su corazón estaba agitado. Se sentó en la cama tratando de tranquilizarse, se sentía sofocado así que fue hacía la ventana para abrirla y dejar entrar un poco de fresco. La ventana estaba abierta. Regresó a la cama, se sentó y cerró los ojos. Se concentró en su respiración. Inhaló profundo y sacó el aire por su boca lentamente. Repitió la operación tres veces más antes de abrir los ojos. Se sentía mejor, más tranquilo y relajado. Que sueño tan terrible, tan real. Eso es lo que más le había asustado, no parecía que había sido un sueño. No recordaba mucho. Una habitación de hotel en donde se hospedaba, pequeña, de colores oscuros. Salió de ella para ir al lobby, todo el hotel estaba decorado con colores verdes y dorados en tonos oscuros, un ambiente de abandono y soledad se percibía en el aire. El lobby era pequeño, un hombre alto delgado y con ropa desaliñada estaba detrás del mostrador, su mirada perdida en el vacío. El timbre del elevador llamó su atención en nación, volteó y alcanzó a ver cómo una mujer con un vestido color ladrillo y de mirada triste entraba en él. Algo le dijo que tenía que hablarle, advertirle. Abrió la boca. Nada. Ningún sonido salió de ella, se desesperó, trató de caminar hacia ella pero sus piernas no le respondieron. Las puertas del elevador se cerraron detrás de la mujer y fue entonces cuando lo vio. Qué era? Una figura oscura, negra, amorfa casi en su totalidad. Parecía tener alas, era grande, aterradora. Sus puntos rojos resaltaban en ella, cómo dos ojos brillando, amenazando. Esa cosa estaba detrás de él, lo sentía. Cerró los ojos y rezó, rezó como nunca lo había hecho. Quería decir en voz alta “Dios ayúdame!” Pero las palabras no le salían. Se concentró fuerte, cerró los puños y finalmente gritó a todo pulmón “Dios ayúdame!” Ahí fue cuando despertó. Una suave brisa tocó su rostro, era fresco, reconfortante. Entraba por la ventana... la ventana abierta... la ventana que había cerrado antes de irse a la cama. Un ruido detrás de él, tímido, casi imperceptible. Sintió la tensión en su cuerpo, no quería voltear, pero tenía que hacerlo. Lentamente fue girando su cuerpo, su respiración comenzó a agitarse de nuevo. Día ojos rojos lo miraban fijamente en la oscuridad. Una voz dijo “En dónde está tu dios?”
Tumblr media
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tamaryngreen · 9 hours ago
22 : Kesatu
Apa yang lebih fana dari waktu yang bergerak tidak beriringan dengan jasad? Mata hanya menerawang tinggi ke angan- angan, tenggelam bersama luasnya hamparan langit biru, perlahan- lahan terhipnotis detak- detik waktu. Memoar bergerak cepat seperti bayangan- bayangan yang malu- malu muncul, tetapi ingin senantiasa diperhatikan. Jasad masih terkapar, tersenyum menghirup harumnya luka dalam ingatan.
“Apa yang lebih indah dari dicintai oleh orang yang kita cintai?” itu kata- katamu musim kemarau tahun lalu. Wajah cemasmu yang selalu dirimu coba sembunyikan, tetapi selalu tertangkap basah olehku. Seandainya kamu tahu, ada deru yang lebih kencang dibanding bunyi laju kendaraan- kendaraan di jalanan kala itu. Di sini, di dalam dadaku, ada yang sibuk menerka- nerka juga beranggapan akan memetik sekuntum bunga mawar terindah sebelum purnama naik ke peraduannya. Namun, hal bodoh buah canggung diriku justru jadi penyelamat perasaanku waktu itu. “Menurutmu, mana yang lebih baik? Aku ambil arsitektur atau desain interior saja?” kemudian kita berbincang hingga petang memakan terang secara keseluruhan.
Kala itu, kabar tentangmu masih selalu kudapat, meski sosokmu tak kunjung kulihat. Sedangkan aku sibuk merangkai ribuan cerita yang kupikir nantinya dapat kubagikan denganmu. Hari demi hari semakin kudapati bagian diri ini justru semakin rapuh termakan angan dan harapan. Semakin berlari semakin hilang bagian- bagian rapuh terbawa hembusan angin. Aku masih tidak membayangkan bagaimana rasanya menghilang.
Perempuan itu masih memandangiku dari kejauhan, matanya berkilau juga sejuk, membuat orang di sekitarnya ingin lama- lama memandangnya. Perlahan aku memberanikan diri untuk berjalan ke arahnya. Langit masih cerah, hatiku yang muram. Bahkan bunga mawar itu sudah layu sebelum dipetik. Aku menjabat tangan perempuan itu, mencoba tersenyum. Masih kuingat betul betapa bahagia raut wajahnya, melengkapi riasan wajahnya. Aku bersumpah aku tidak ingin jatuh di hari itu, aku bahkan ingin menari dan menyanyi sepuas- puasnya.
“Ketika kita mencintai seseorang, maka hati kita akan bertekad untuk selalu menjaganya. Bahkan, kadang kita berdoa agar Tuhan mempertemukannya dengan orang yang paling baik di dunia, bukan untuk bersanding dengan kita karena betapa buruk dan apalah kita ini. Konyol bukan? Tapi itu jatuh cinta yang sebenar- benarnya. Selalu ingin menjaga bukan malah mengahancurkannya.”  
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writereadrelive · 9 hours ago
Coma Boy
I opened my eyes to white walls and doctors bustling around me. The last thing I remembered was driving through an intersection on my way home from work. How did I get here? I called out to people running around me, but no one seemed to hear. Panic rose in my throat as I screamed louder and louder for someone, anyone to hear. Then I finally looked down, and I saw my own body, marred with cuts and bruises.
Good lord, am I dead? Someone called out, “Sir, we’re losing him!” I looked down at my hands and saw that they were starting to fade. No, please, not like this. I don’t want to die.
Suddenly my vision went black, and a deep voice called out to me. “Focus. You need to focus if you’re going to survive this.”
The voice sounded oddly familiar, but I couldn’t place it. “Who are you?”
“That doesn’t matter right now. What matters right now is getting you through this. Focus on the people you love, how much they mean to you. Let them ground you to this world.”
Tears began to roll down my eyes as I tried to d as the voice commanded. I though of my mother and her cooking. The smell of her perfume that she sometimes put on way too much of. The way she always held me when I cried.
I thought of my father. How he taught me not only how to fight, but when to fight. Because of him I knew how to use my strength responsibly. I never started a fight, but I could always end one if I had to.
I though of my little sister. I though of her playing the violin. She was terrible, and she always seemed to play at the same moment I was trying to study. But I would give anything to hear the sound of that shrieking violin just one more time.
Finally, I though of Jason. He was my first friend when I moved to this country, and we had never left each other’s side since. He was a genius at math, so he always tutored me. His family was often low on food, so I always gave him leftover food from my mother’s restaurant. His favorite was the basil pork stir-fry. It was the last thing he ate before he-
“Stop,” the voice commanded. I hadn’t realized it, but I had said all these things out loud. “You can’t think about him. You need to think of the people still in this world if you want to go back.”
Jason too had gotten in an accident three months ago. He had been walking home after eating with me. I had offered him a ride, but he said he’d prefer to walk. If I had insisted, he wouldn’t have been on that crosswalk and he wouldn’t be stuck in a coma.
The tears fell faster as I tried to refocus myself on my family and other friends, but my mind always came back to Jason. The way his eyes lit up when he smiled. His passion for math and science. The way he would flick worms on the sidewalk back into the dirt. All the times we sang along to the radio together. The warmth I felt when we held each other. How much I loved him. And how I never got to tell him. And then it hit me.
“He’s stable,” the doctor said. I let out a sigh of relief and opened my eyes. I whirled around but the source of the voice was gone. But I knew where I would find him.
Sure enough, three doors down and to the right, there was Jason’s room. And Jason was sitting next to his own comatose body. He turned to look at me, “Kit, you shouldn’t be here. Your need to go back to your body, it’s not safe.”
“Why? I don’t understand.”
“I told you, you need to keep yourself anchored or you’ll fade away. If you keep talking to me you’ll detach yourself from the world of the living. You’ll die.”
“But what about you? You were with me all through surgery and nothing-“ apparently I spoke to soon because Jason began to flatline.
Doctors swarmed once again as they tried to revive Jason. I reached out for Jason, but he pulled away. “Just go! There’s no point in both of us dying!”
           “You’re not going to die, just do what you told me to do. Think of the people you love.”
           Jason cried out, “don’t you get it? The only person I love, the only person I’ve thought about for the past three months was you. You were the only one keeping me alive.”
           “Jason, I’m still here.”
           Jason shook his head, “The woman who taught me how to do this after my accident always focused on her husband. But when he died, she became unanchored, and she died too. Now that you’re here there’s nothing on Earth for me to anchor myself to. But you do, Kit. You have your family. You need to worry about keeping yourself anchored. There’s no hope for me now.”
           “Jason,” I took his hands in mine. “During surgery, even though you told me not to, I never stopped thinking about you. And I’m still here. And you’re still here. We’re not dead yet. Just focus on me.”
           “Trust me,” I said softly. Hesitantly, he took a step toward me and I wrapped my arms around him in an embrace. Hu nuzzled his face into the crooks of my neck and I carded my fingers through his curly dark hair. Even though we didn’t strictly have corporeal forms, I could still feel his warmth. I held him like that for what felt like an eternity until the doctors were finally able to get Jason stable. We let out a simultaneous sign of relief.
           “We’re gonna make it”
           “So…” I said after everything has calmed down.
           Jason lifted his head off my shoulder, “what?”
           “Are we gonna talk about what you said?” I started poking his shoulder. “That you loooove me?”
           He turned away but I knew he was blushing, “shut up.”
           I let the moment sit for a bit before intertwining my fingers with his, “I love you too.” There was another pause, then we burst out giggling. “I can’t believe it took both of us almost dying to figure it out.”
           “You’re telling me.”
           “Can we try something?” Jason raised his eyebrows at me knowingly. I raised mine back. He leaned in first and I cupped his cheeks as our lips finally met.
           Air filled my lungs as my eyes opened to painful white light. “Sir, he’s awake.”
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ickle-ronniekins · 11 hours ago
there was the first kiss, the one that sent her spiraling. the one she'd been waiting for. the one that was chaste and delicate and clumsy, the way first kisses usually are. the one underneath the stars in the cold weather with her shaky hands and his nervous smile. it was the way his eyes kept darting from hers to her lips, and back again, that made her head spin. he was taking his time, remembering every millisecond of that moment, so he wouldn't forget. her, eyes fluttering quickly as she bit down on her lip and him, careful not to scare her off while trying to steady the pounding of his heart. he'd gently wrapped his hand behind her neck, tangled his fingers in her hair, and pulled her close. it was quick and fleeting and pure and left them both wanting more. wanting one another. their nervous laughter echoed against the waves next to them.
and then on a warm springtime day, prancing through the streets, jumping from shop to shop, there was the kiss that stopped time when he realized he loved her. like he was willing time to stop, just to get as much of it as he could with her. the shops were buzzing, the streets filled with kids riding bicycles, friends taking photographs, couples celebrating or breaking from normal life, adults working and cleaning and helping others around them. and she tugged on his hand, her dress ruffling in the breeze, and she pointed to a storefront, asking him to go in, just for a moment. but he tugged her gently back, right in the middle of the street, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her, unaware of the rest of the world around them. it was slow and soft, but one of those kisses that they knew would escalate if they let it. they pulled apart slowly, but didn't distance themselves from one another, interlocked in the middle of that busy street, while life went on around them. but to one another, time had seemingly stopped, and in that moment, he promised himself he'd marry that girl, no matter what.
then there were the early morning, rushing-to-work, have-to-leave-the-apartment-quickly kisses. the peck on the head or the cheek, the ones that were so quick, they wondered if they'd actually happened. the kisses that were familiar and complacent. a very quick "see you later" or "have a good day". the ones that started to not have much significance, because they happened so often, so regularly.
and on evenings where she cried, there were the soft kisses pressed onto her eyes to rid her of her tears. they were soft and meaningful, and they ached to heal her pain. he held her tightly, caressing her, gently pressing his lips into her hair, onto her neck, onto her tears. he wanted to get rid of her pain and he wanted her to know how much he loved her.
then there were days filled with anger and jealousy. there were heated arguments over silly things, stupid things, things that didn't matter, things that were pulling them apart. but they were too wrapped up in their own thoughts that they didn't allow themselves to understand one another. pride was getting in the way. stupid, silly pride was wedging its way in between them both, enough to create some type of rift. but then, he noticed the way that her face flushed when she got angry, the way that she'd pull at her hair and leave it looking askew, the way her eyes would glisten greener when she fought, and it made him want her more. and so he kissed her forcefully, as if to just shut her up and end it all, and then he melted into it, and so did she. and soon they were stumbling over one another and giggling quietly, not remembering their argument or pride but instead remembering how it felt to love one another.
and then families became involved. kisses became less frequent, distance more so. they were being pulled apart from one another because of people who didn't approve of their love, or that they'd chosen one another. they both weren't good enough. but how was that fair?
and they chose everyone else's happiness over their own, because they always put everyone before themselves. it's who they were. it's what made them fall in love with one another in the first place -- their selflessness. and they spent their final night together wrapped underneath a blanket in front of the roaring fire, staring into the blazing flames, wasting time, but wishing for more of it. aching for it to stop. dreaming of a different reality. because what reality was worth living when they couldn't be together?
they spent their final evening together before she went back home to a family who didn't approve of him, and he to his who declared they'd find him a better woman. but didn't they know that he'd already found her, and that they were taking him away from her?
outside, the rain mocked her emotions. it whipped fiercely and slammed open screens, it drenched the windowsills, it howled into the night, and soon her tears started again.
and so he did what he always did when overwhelming feels of love swept him up -- he just kissed her. he kissed her to forget of everything else, to make her pain stop, to remind her that he'd always love her, no matter what. he kissed her like he did all those other times -- with the tenderness of the first, the ferocity of the one when he'd fallen in love, the familiarity of the ones they shared every morning. he kissed her with the gentleness of the ones when she cried, and the heat of the ones when they were angry. he kissed her for all of the times that they had together, and for all of the times that they wouldn't. an engagement. a wedding. a family. a life growing old.
and she swore that no matter wherever she went or whoever she met, that she'd never forget it, any of it. him and the tenderness in his ocean blue eyes and the way it felt to be held by him, like he always yearned for just a few more minutes, and the way it felt to be loved by him, like he couldn't quite believe that she had hung the moon and stars in the sky.
she'd never forget, and neither would he -- all that they were, who they are, and who they'd never get to be.
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camtrouvaille · 11 hours ago
And I hope you don’t view me as the one who got a way, because I was never really meant to stay, I was never really yours anyway. I loved you though, so much that it destroyed me. You could’ve asked me to light myself on fire and I would have, with a smile and shaking fingers. You could have asked me to stay and I would have, with a smile and tears in my eyes. But you never did though and I am forever thankful for it. Because you could have returned and I would have been far too weak to stop you.
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snysenyo · 11 hours ago
i don’t know where to start. i’ve been thinking about you more than usual lately. since the last time, i’ve been asking myself what i want with you. things are as good between us as they’ve ever been, and i’ve been wondering if this is the best we’re ever going to be.
don’t get me wrong. we’ve come a long way from when you rejected me, twice. of course, the first time, something like “i’m flattered you want to be with me, and i think you’re great and all, but no, i’m not trying to be in that type of relationship with you, and try not to take it personally” would have done the trick, but that’s not how you went about it.
what you did was you kept the door open and closed to me at the same time. i’m still not sure if i was incredibly delusional or if you were exceedingly clever. either way, the second time, there was no two ways about it 'cause i needed to know if i’d ever walk through the door. it turned out the door'd been closed to me the whole time.
while i wanted to be with you, you wanted to be with someone else. it hurt, i have to say, and i couldn’t really blame you. i could only blame myself 'cause i was the one who read too much into things and told myself stories about us while forgetting the fact that with these things, it’s a no if it’s not a clear and direct yes.
time passed. you were with someone else, and things were bad with me. more time passed. you weren’t with someone else anymore, and things were worse with me before they were better. even more time passed. now, things are as good between us as they’ve ever been.
it wouldn’t feel so wrong if we said those three words to each other, and sometimes i almost hear you say it, slipped between “goodnight” and “bye” when you pause, and sometimes i almost say it myself, but we wouldn’t be, this, anymore if either of us said anything, and things are as good between us as they’ve ever been, now, so for as long as we can, we’ll just be, this.
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