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anotherenglishmajorxo · 45 minutes ago
how rule of wolves is currently going:
-Oh crap Nikolai’s real father escaped the witchhunter’s cell and one of the soliders’ pray to Alina (it’s Joran, which is shocking)
-Aleksander in a beer hall tickled me a little bit but he’s building his army thanks to the Starless Saint people yay
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shreyaspz · an hour ago
Tumblr media
did no one recognise this reference to be our guest
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demonsouledscribbles · an hour ago
Dating Constance head cannons:
Constance loses her mind whenever there’s even an inkling of you getting ill. Even if you try to reassure her its nothing fatal she always goes out of her way to help you feel better. From making you medicines, to collecting herbs for your immune system, finding who at the school makes the best soups- anything to help “combat against the treachery of illness” as she puts it.
Constance has never been one to shy away from compliments, well aware of her strengths. That being said, compliments can still catch her off guard if they’re seemingly given out of no where. You notice this one day when you bring up how you could hear her talk for hours and she’s initially taken aback since she found no correlation between the compliment and you helping her with a new spell. She quickly recovers and instead makes the connection you simply must love the words themselves than her voice. She highlights “how positively delightful” it is to finally have someone who appreciates “strenuous research” and the “brilliance of magic” as much as she does. You find it hard to correct her since she ends up going on tangent on the importance of passion within the study of magic- apparently “burning passion” and “magical prowess” course through nuevelle blood- overall you find the ramblings endearing to no end.
Constance is average height but even with her heels you still seem to tower over her. Most assume her to be taller because of how big her personality is. Regardless, her height has never proven to be an issue within her research or in battle. Despite this, she suddenly can’t help but notice how your body types differ in many ways. She’s openly intrigued by the various battle scars you’ve collected from your years as a mercenary. Though she is no stranger to wounds herself, yours were much more abundant and severe. At first her studying your scars seems to be purely for research sake only for it to quickly turn into sadness? Or something akin to it after moments of intimacy. You have no issues explaining the origin of each, completely unfazed by her directly asking you more about each mark. A Solemn look covers her face as she processes your moments of danger. When you ask her what’s wrong, she takes a pause before explaining she can’t stand the thought of you ever being in harm’s way. She sounds instantly mad and releases frustrated huffs, you try to calm her down with a tight embrace. Soon after the heart to heart, constance begins work on a defence amulet for you.
Constance lovingly calls you her “beloved test subject”, the nickname would continue on even after you two started dating.
Your each others greatest supporters. No one could ask for a greater cheerleader than constance, she constantly showers you with compliments and speak highly of you to others, almost as highly as she speaks of herself.
You learn early on one of constance’s biggest pet peeves is a lack of punctuality. You were late once for a date and you’ve avoided it ever since.
Constance was pretty bashful whenever you referred to her as your partner around others when you two started dating. Often trying to fight off a blush.
You go out of your way to connect with a merchant once you find out how much constance loves coffee. She finds a lot of joy experimenting with the various drinks and concoctions she can make with the ingredient. Some genuinely fantastic and others….not so much but its all about trial and error right?
Once you make the first move (alluding to the idea of you two being more than just friends) constance ends up being the one who proposes you two start seeing each other exclusively. In a very constance manner, she prepares a speech and lists the various reasons why you two would be good together. The Moment has you grinning from ear to ear. She only stops talking once you kiss her, the gesture seems to make her short circuit for a bit. She falls into a happy daze, forgetting what she was about to say next, you take the opportunity to tell her how you’d love to start dating her. She immediately gets excited of how youre both “perfectly matched” based on boldness alone. She quickly declares you must celebrate the situation with dessert, which you agree with.
Constance has a side of the bed she “absolutely must sleep on” and you have issues with it at all, as long as you get to cuddle up to her
Constance’s love language is acts of service and spending time together, with a hint of words of affirmation. You notice she tries to show it by going out of her way to help you destress, help you with battle preparations, make sure you’re eating well, preparing spells and magical items for you, etc. You both quickly fall into the pattern of working away in the same room- you with preparing lessons and her with her research.
You on the other hand prefer to show your love through physical touch and words of affirmation. While constance can be a touchy person, you tend to initiate moments of intimacy. Constance seems to love it though, even when she feigns annoyance of you “distracting her from her latest breakthrough”. You noticed this when you once immediately stop only for her to quickly ask “and where do you think you’re going? You cannot simply rile me up and then decide to walk away. Now come finish with what you started”, she ends her sentence with a cheeky smile.
You couldn’t help but be taken aback when you first interacted with constance in broad daylight. Her personality had taken a completely 180 but once she explains why it all makes sense. Whenever constance is in the sun you throw her words of endearment and positive affirmations when she puts herself down, reminding her how much you love her. You also try to highlight how much you love all of constance and her differencing personalities whenever she’s in shade. You never found constance’s personality in the sun as “weird” just another part of her to love.
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wonderarium · 2 hours ago
sir I need you to stop making art that makes me question if I'm a furry.......
i was gonna make a joke but. would monster boys/satyrs be considered furries? i would think a key feature of a furry would be anthropomorphized animal parts instead of zoomorphed human parts.
also no
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firstsqualler · 2 hours ago
Kaz instantly figured out that Nikolai was in love with Zoya bc he’s been in the exact same situation lmao
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randgugotur-6 · 2 hours ago
This Day in Metal 🤘
Tumblr media
May 15th 1990 #Dio released the album "Lock Up The Wolves" #HeyAngel #Twisted #WildOne #EvilOnQueenStreet #NightMusic #HeavyMetal
Did you know...
The album reached number 61 on the #BillboardCharts
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hrhatbat · 3 hours ago
it’s very weird to come across a blog and scroll through and think “ok this isn’t a problematic blog, i’ll follow” and then after a week of normal then suddenly the problematic posts hit and it’s like “wait you are who i thought you were and i thought i blocked you”👀
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gatheringbones · 5 hours ago
I get that that question asked “how do you cope with estrangement” and I got distracted by skunk metaphors but, it really is about learning how to have boundaries and how to build genuine caretaking relationships with people who you trust and are trusted by, and not for pretend automatic reasons formed by unmet basic needs.
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kavinskysdick · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy happy (late lol) birthday to @wafflesandkruge with some MAKHI KIR-TABAN, born of heaven, definitely not Scheming, very cool and chill lady
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chickenoftheyear · 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who is really rubbed the wrong way by people making the wolfwalker girls gay? It seems to me that the movie clearly set them up to become sisters. Single father and mother with girls the same age. Distinct moment where Mabhe is saying it’s just her and her mom, and Robyn says it’s the same with her and her dad. Clearly becoming a family in the end. Now travelers on the road, with the girls resting together in the bed, as their parents get a little cozy up front. Dad gives mom a flower for her hair.
As someone who grew up with a loving a close relationship with my step sister, this kind of thing bothers me a bit. If they were in love, I’d say that! But not every soft eyed look is gay subtext. Sometimes it’s just the love you have for your sister.
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clarissalance · 6 hours ago
Pairing: Kaeya x fem!Reader, Diluc, Crepus
Warning: minor swearing, cheesy flirt, dry humour
Summary: All men are wolves.
A/N: Muahaha I have came back and brought you the blatant cheesy flirt. Welcome to the first lesson of flirting with Kaeya. Lol, guess who is coming next? 
Also, I’m planning to write a wind-trace fic because the game is so fun. (p/s: I waste 3 hours playing it) Guess who is in it? 
Okay, the first fic for my lover boy. Please give Kaeya a lot of love!! (* ̄3 ̄)╭
 Another beautiful day, another day of wasting the lovely weather to stay inside the study room, bury your head into the pile of books next to you. You let your eyes wander to the window again, gazing rays of light fleeting through the window, golden hues on the wooden floor. Tiny specks of dust accumulate overnight, fluttering around the curtain. Outside, the chirping birds bathing under the sun, casually chilling on the window. Oh, how you wish you would be able to relax like those carefree animals.  
“You might burn the birds crips the longer you stare at it.” Startled by the quiet voice, your head snaps toward the blue-haired teenage direction, and you can’t help but scowl at his statement. You can’t be the only person in the room who wants to go out and play. Knowing Kaeya, he’s definitely trying to find an excuse to end the class early. 
The only person who is diligent, hard-working, and does not have thought about leaving this room is the young master Diluc. The young man is sitting opposite you, eyes burning holes on the thick textbook. 
Archon, how can a 16 years old overly enthusiastic person like him enjoy the excitement of reading Descartes philosophy? Maybe he is the only child in Mondstadt, no, maybe in the whole Teyvat who enjoys something torturous like that. Shivering at your own thought, you shift your chair closer to Kaeya, giving Diluc a terror gaze.      
“Aren’t you going to finish the essay?” Pointing at the half-full parchment on the table, you ask. “ Diluc and I already finish it.” 
“ Oh, how do I know? How am I suppose to understand Kant and Descartes theories, and then link them to deductive and inductive reasoning?"  Kaeya lets his finger running through the silky blue hair and pulls them out of frustration. On the other side, Diluc shoots him a glare, annoyed by his brother complaint. 
 “How did you guys do it?” Kaeya asks boredly, his finger pokes the quill. 
You put your hand under your chin, beaming him charmingly.  “ You know Kaeya, it is something I call improvisation. Words just flow out of my tip.” Under your lashes, you can see his cheek dusting pink. Cute! 
“ Just read the books, and you will get it.” Diluc unhelpful adds. 
Both of you stare at red-head incredulously. Is he being serious? 
Like always, Kaeya knows he can not take your advice to heart. One is a genius, and the other is just pure luck.  
Suddenly, the door is burst open, and you quickly shove your feet into the shoes, eyes darting to see the intruder. Internally, you hope that person is not lady Elizabeth, your etiquette teacher. Your blood runs cold at the thought. You can already imagine her sharp tones commenting how horrendous and un-ladylike your act is. 
“How is your study going?” A deep, strong voice booming from the back, and finally, you get let out a breath. Diluc looks up from his book, beams brightly at the man. 
“ We are done with homework, father. These are just extra reading.” Well, for the record, these are his extra readings, not yours. And Kaeya hasn’t finished his 2 feet scrolls of essay yet. 
Master Crepus nods in satisfaction. “ If that is finished, you kids can take a break. The young lady from the Gunnhildr family is here with her father. Maybe you can give her some accompanies.”  The middle-aged man directs the words at you, maybe feeling guilty for leaving a young lady like you in his two sons care. 
Your parents left you in the Ragnvindr care every Summer because of their hectic schedules and frequent business trips at this time of the year. In addition, your mother says it is essential for you to have good relationships with the heir of Ragnvindr and his brother. “Maybe you will need their help someday.” She left it vaguely. 
“ Are you guys going to drink again?” Kaeya suspiciously questions, his eyes glinting with playfulness. 
“ Hey, what’s wrong with men having a drink together?” Crepus defensively retorts, notices how Diluc gives him a disproving gaze.
“ When you guys grow up, you would enjoy it too.” The three let out opposing noises, clearly not having the same idea as him. The man waves dismissively return back the topic. 
“ Let’s come down to greet the head of Gunnhildr first.” He heads toward the door, down the hallway.   
“And be nice to the young lady, boys.” The master emphasizes the phrase, his eyes pinning at the guilty-looking Kaeya and the absent-minded Diluc. Finally, he exits the room, not forgetting to close the door. 
“ Father says as if we don’t treat people nicely.” Kaeya pouts, right after Crepus footstep drifting away from the study. “ The workers never complain anything about our behaviours, right Luc?” 
Sitting next to him, you can't help but let out a snort. He dares to say that? Kaeya raises eyebrows at you, annoyed by your shaking shoulder. The boy in red has a blank face, maybe not interested. 
“ First, you guys ignore me for 2 weeks when I just came here.” You burst out in laughter, recalling back at the very first memory when you just arrived here.
“When I tried to approach, you both avoided me like the plague.” Your whole body is shaking vigorously, tears forming at the corners of your eyes. This is too hilarious! Somewhere in between, you can spot Diluc burning cheek. 
“ Haha, and haha-later,” You can hardly breath, laughter bubbling up. “Adeline told me your reason is ‘It's b-because she doesn’t have a willie.' ” Dramatically air-quoting, you even imitate their stuttering childish voices. This earns you a pointed glare from Diluc and a smack in the arm from Kaeya, but a good laugh is always worth it. 
Both of them freeze on their tracks, faces puff red as tomatoes, steaming almost coming off their ears. If the young heir is to wear a red suit, you are sure he can blend in well with the mansion roof. 
Diluc shifts stiffly in his chair and abruptly stands up, heading toward the exit. Maybe he is too embarrassed at the mention of his dark childhood. 
“Where-haha, are you going, Luc?” You are still in the middle of your giggling, noticing how Diluc is dashing to the door. Letting out a coughing fit, he quietly mumbles. 
 “ I'm going down to greet the Gunnhildr family.” His figure vanishes right behind the door, not letting you tease him further. Outside, the painful sound of Diluc tripping on his own feet make you almost fall off your chair. You have too many good laughs today. 
“Right, I-I should get going too.” Next to you, the blazing Kaeya remembers to dig a hole and hide. His hand slams hard on the table and the youthful teenager stands up, gracefully heading toward the door. Maybe he wants to avoid becoming another joke.  
" Ah, wait-" You follow instantly, but the moment you stand up, something slips, and the next thing you know, the ground is shaking, and you see the ceiling is getting further. 
Your first instinct is to grab the closest object, and then close your eyes, waiting for the painful impact with your head. Clench your jaw tightly, and you hold your breath, hoping it will hurt less if you tense your body. 
Right after tensing up, you feel someone just grab you by your shoulder, and your feet step on something bumpy. And then, your head makes an impact with something hard. A grunting is followed. 
Heart hammering in your chest, you cautiously peek, expecting yourself to see the ceiling, but instead, greet with an unusual sight. A pair of dark colour trouser paired with leather shoes. On top of it is your feet, loosely wore low heel is stepping on that leather shoes. Shit, you stepped on Kaeya. In a panic, you rush down from his painful sore feet, but your head jams in his ribs. He just let out another woeful sound.   
This time, you carefully keep your position in place, slowly remove each foot one by one, moving away from him. Craning your neck upward, you finally meet his gaze, his eyes are full of concern and uneasiness, spooked out by your sudden incident.
 “Did you hit your head hard?” Kaeya asks you nervously, his voice laced with anxiety. He must have been terrified when you slip. You shake your head, hands grabbing his shirt.
" I should be asking you that. Are you okay?" You give him a worrying gaze, your fingers running along his ribs, checking if your stone head broke anything. " I didn't break anything, right?" Hesitantly, you look into his deep blue eyes, noticing the diamond shape. Has he always has this in his eyes? 
Kaeya snorts inelegantly, shakes his head. " Your head is hard as a rock, but that much can't break my ribs yet." This earns him a hit on his arm. 
"Hey! I'm trying to be considerate, and this is how you treat me?" You jab him, hand purposely smack his chest, but he doesn't budge an inch. How strong is this guy? This time, you put all the force on your arm, slapping hard on his chest again. The young man in the blues shoot you a shit-eating grin, clearly not faze.  
 "How is my chest feeling?" He pokes, his palm engulfing yours. 
" Too hard for my liking." You give him a complex look, trying to escape from his tight grip but fail miserably. You wiggle your hand again, shaking off his iron clad. Why is he so strong? 
While you are attempting to flee from his firm grasp, the young man leans down, face an inch away from you. Flushing at the sudden closure, like usual,  you avoid his burning gaze. You hold your breath when your noses almost touch. What is this rascal doing again? 
" You shouldn't be touching men like that." Kaeya opens his mouth, saying something completely out of nowhere. You tilt your head in confusion, while your eyes travel down, you notice your hands still on his chest. O-oh, so he is saying about this. 
" I  don't normally touch random people." You mumble defensively, your eyes lower. " I was checking for your injury."
"They will misunderstand." Kaeya cuts in right after, not accepting the excuse. But why would they misunderstand? You are just being nice, right? 
Like he can understand what is going inside your mind, Kaeya reminds you.
"All men are wolves, you should be more be careful with them."   
You give him a confusing look. 
Kaeya is not one of them, right? 
Eventually, he let out a soft sigh and moves back, allowing you to savour your personal space. Just right after your throbbing heart finally calms down, he brings your tight-griped hand in his to his face. Your meet with his alluring look in his eyes. It is pulling you in, telling you to give in the temptation. Plump lips brush your knuckle teasingly, he blows a warm breath on the back of your hand. He gives you a saccharine smile.
" And if not be careful." His husky voice ringing in your ears, the numbing spark runs along your spine. "They might devour you." 
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dollyreblogs · 6 hours ago
Okay but another thing I really like is how Apex would utilize wolves to infiltrate Iobu Isla to get to Akira, and I mean lots of wolves to fight against Akira's and as he steps onto the island, with all of these huge wolves ready to attack, the very first thing he'd say would be:
"Who let the dogs out?"
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sanktalensky · 7 hours ago
“don’t go,” he said, still half asleep.
“i have to bathe. i smell like a forest fire.”
“you smell like wildflowers. you always do. what can i say to make you stay?” his words trailed off into a drowsy mumble as he fell back asleep.
tell me it’s more than war and worry that makes you speak those words. tell me what they would mean if you weren’t a king and i weren’t a soldier. but she didn’t want to hear any of that, not really. sweet words and grand declarations were for other people, other lives.
she brushed the hair back from his face, placed a kiss on his foreheaed. “i would stay forever if i could,” she whispered. he wouldn’t remember anyway.
leigh bardugo, rule of wolves
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The Quileute Master Post
Jacob Black
No One Deserves to Become a Thrall, But Jacob Black Did Try to Murder a Baby
Jacob Black’s Life Sucked Hard but Jake is Still a Questionable Dude
Sam Uley
Sam Uley Gets a Pass Because He Had No Indication Renesmee Wasn’t a Xenomorph
Why Didn’t the Elders/Sam Warn Soon to Turn Wolves?
The Quileute
Imprinting Sucks for Everyone
Imprinting is Awful in Every Capacity
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