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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#six of crows
clubofthestarlesssaint · 59 seconds ago
The Crows at ages 16-18: Deadly heist.
Breaking and escaping from the most secure place on Earth.
Running the underground criminal syndicate and being badasses.
Me at age 24: *wakes up at 10*
*takes a nap at 2*
*back pain for DAYS*
*wonders if it's worth getting up to eat and drink water*
*Scrolls through Tumblr for 3 hours*
*Dehydrated af*
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wafflesandschemingfaces · 10 minutes ago
Okay idk why I'm so damn excited (a bit too much ik I'm annoying everyone now) about @narnie's SoC musical but I just randomly wrote the lyrics to Greed is your God so here you go.
Greed is your God
Inej: Greed is your god, Kaz
Kaz: No Inej, greed is my servant
Chorus : Servant
Kaz: and lever
Chorus: Lever
Kaz: And I have been using it since forever
Men bow to greed ("look at Haskell")
And greed bows to me
It's been a while and you still can't see that
Nothing is free.
Inej : Happiness is free.
Jesper: You mean winning at a game for hours on end?
Kaz: Having more kruge than I intended to spend?
Both (mockingly): Or perhaps we should not condescend
Should be careful
After all, it's the wraith we offend
Inej: Love-
Kaz: Isn't real
Inej: Kindness-
Jesper: has a price
Both: There is no such thing in Ketterdam as simply being 'nice'
Inej: I am aware of Ketterdam's frigid heart
I am aware that everything has a price here
But how pitiful your lives must have been
To not know love-
(Jesper: oh I know love alright, how else do you think I spend my nights?)
Kaz: Don't you see Inej?
The only thing that matters in Ketterdam
Is man's greed infinite
for wealth
and for profit
Oh yes, the only thing that matters is greed
And greed is on it's knees
Before me
I have no idea what I just did. I still don't know what the ending can be, or Inej's solo. This is the first time I have ever written lyrics and I am aware it's really really flawed. Please feel free to work on it if you wanna.
Lmk what you think @guindalf @manikas-whims @narnie @mure-sauvage @darlingdregs @sisters-and-crows @kaileearts @kaileeanngoinham and anyone else
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schemingfaced · 21 minutes ago
All of these reality TV edits and we don’t even have interviews with Sujaya and Danielle
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petalinthepagne · 21 minutes ago
one of the best things the grisha verse fandom has done are the reality tv edits
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madhuraaa · 39 minutes ago
Nina : so Kaz is doing the right thing instead of the selfish thing?
Nina : *stares at Inej with narrowed eyes*
Nina : You did this to him
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kanejforever · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, and Jesper Fahey in Shadow and Bone
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shaharizade · an hour ago
reading six of crows might as well be reading eighteenth century literature like 'they held hands holy fuck oh god oh what i cant fuck what fuck fuck i cant deal with this this is too much i need to cool off'
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bee-thegoodguys · an hour ago
The SoC boys if Inej or Nina asked them to go buy tampons:
Kaz: no fuss, he just goes and buys them. Makes direct eye contact with the cashier while he checks out, just daring him to comment. He’s also probably memorized when Inej and Nina’s cycles are and buys them tampons without asking. Doesn’t send them on missions if they mention having cramps, but never says anything about it because god forbid they think he’s considerate
Matthias: at first he’s horrified when Inej and Nina are open about being on their period, because, you know, that kinda thing is very hush hush in Fjerda. But he gets over that toxic mindset and buys them ice cream and heating pads and flowers and stuff as well as tampons. He admires and respects the shit out of them for having the strength to go through it every month. He would wait on them hand and foot if they let him
Jesper: Shamelessly walks into the store and loudly announces to any cashier who’s listening that his friends asked him to buy them tampons and can he please get some assistance because he has no idea what the shit he’s doing. He makes friends with the female cashiers that help him. When Inej and Nina are synced he watches sad movies with them
Wylan: panics in the tampon aisle because oH GoD there are so MaNy DiFfErent BraNds anD SiZes anD coLoRs how DoEs He ChooSe this iS HaRdEr thAn ConStruCting BoMbs. He ends up just buying one of each and Nina and/or Inej finds a small pyramid of tampon and pad boxes in their room. Makes Jesper read him books on how periods work because he wants to be better educated
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bitchthefuck1 · an hour ago
In this week's episode of "SoC/CK lines that make me weirdly emotional," I give you:
Tumblr media
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feryaelin · an hour ago
Why am I just now realizing that Freddy Carter’s eyes are not brown
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hufflepufftribute · an hour ago
Here I am. Minding my own business. Checking out this Six of Crows book. It’s pretty good, whatever.
And then bam. I get the whole story on Jordie and suddenly I’m in love??? With Kaz Brekker???
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So anyway, my love language is
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it’s literally 12:02 am and all i can think of is how Inej was gonna unalive herself because the pain of being stabbed was too much and then kaz mfing brekker, a dude who hates touching people even with gloves, grabbed her wrist and just said “Not just yet, Wraith” (or something along those lines) and then proceeded to run (without his cane, while holding her), to safety. my brain needs new things to think about.
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evilgeniusalert · 2 hours ago
i think it’s time
to watch the shadow and bone trailer again 
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purple-eye-octopi · 2 hours ago
Can we please talk about how Freddy Carter just calls it his gang in the building the world thing? Not "Kaz's gang." "My gang."
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