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#leigh bardugo
svnflowers · an hour ago
besties i thrive on validation reinforcement SO if y’all keep liking my shadow and bone takes I will have no choice but continue indulging in meta and mayhaps even publish a fic or two?? at any rate in conclusion
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brekkercookie · 2 hours ago
Inej: Nice rock.
Jesper: Thanks, Kaz gave it to me.
Kaz: I threw it at you!
Jesper: Aren't they the sweetest?
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onedemigoddess · 2 hours ago
"Quando as pessoas dizem impossível, geralmente querem dizer improvável."
- Sturmhond (Sol e Tormenta - Leigh Bardugo)
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darklina-endgame · 2 hours ago
why is no one talking about how fucking awesome poppy is?
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aint-sospecial · 2 hours ago
the darkling
the darkling is powerful, almost untouchable. he was human once, but he’s since been warped beyond recognition- by the merzost, by his own actions. his love for alina is, i think, borne less out of love in itself than it is borne out of both the desire for balance and the hunger to share her power. the darkling is all about power- creating it for himself, taking it for himself, controlling it no matter the cost.
his real name, aleksandar, is a symbol of his humanness. no one else knows about it, except his mother. and then he gives this name to alina- he wants someone else, the person he loves in as much as he has the capacity to love, to remember the name too. to know the side of him that was human.
i want you to know my name. will you have it, alina?
and in the later part of ruin and rising, when he's about to die:
someone to mourn me
no grave for them to desecrate
don’t let me be alone
he’s still clinging on to his humanity in these lines. he’s become a monster even in his own eyes, and he’s had centuries to accept the fact or even embrace it. but there’s always one part of him, the part that’s not the darkling or the black heretic, the part that is aleksandar- that remembers what it was like to once be good, and that is the part of him that bahgra grieves and hopes for, and that is the person alina mourns for at the end of the book, despite never having known him.
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tulaberry-wine · 3 hours ago
Okay so we all picture Daniel Radcliffe as Jordie right? Like please tell me that's already an accepted thing.
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helniksparadise · 3 hours ago
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thecrowcrew2020 · 4 hours ago
Once again
I love this fandom so much
You guys are all amazing and creative and funny and passionate
I am so honored to be here
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rapha-writes · 4 hours ago
Just finished Six of Crows.
Bloody hell.
I was not ready.
Kaz is impressive. He's scary and brilliant and heartbreaking and despairing. He's a Crow for sure, smart, innovative, loyal (to his principles at first, to his crew little by little). An omen of death and destruction to his enemies, a promise of support and resources to his people.
Inej is a free bird. She's good, she's so good, she has a heart of gold and a strong moral compass, and she knows her heart. The path was long and arduous, but she walked it head held high and eyes fixed on the horizon, and her strength and compassion and iron will proved worthy.
Jesper shrouds himself in sarcasm and aloofness, and yet his heart bleed love and a yearning for a place to belong. He fumbles and he hides behind his excellent marksmanship, but he stays true, to himself, to his loyalty.
Nina. My Nina. Brave girl. Strong girl. The most human of them, to paraphrase Mathias. She just wants to go home. She wants her love. She wants her freedom. She's loud and sassy and kind. She's the one you want on your side whenever the night is too dark and too cold. She beguiles you and you know it but you can't be bothered to resist, because she makes everything better. No wonder Mathias fell hard and fast.
Mathias... The depth of a boy brainwashed but still keeping safe the embers of his good heart, compassion and strong mind. Afraid of himself, but ready to take a leap of faith for what he deems worthy. Even if what he deems worthy goes against everything he was taught. That shows an ironclad will, deep-rooted kindness. And he's funny too once he breaks free of his inhibitions.
Wylan is a ray of sunshine in this ragtag band of tragic figures. Principled but loyal, adaptable, ready to throw down for his chosen family. Ready to fight for the respect and dignity he is owned. Smart and resourceful.
Crows is apt indeed. Scary, but compassionate. Straightforward, but complex. Individualist, but loyal. Merciless, but not bloodthirsty.
Van Eck definitely does not know what he has brought on himself.
Can't wait to dive into book 2!
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soft-hart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
So after finishing shadow and bone in one day I just had to reread the duology, and yeah, now I’m even more invested in the characters than before..  also I missed wylan
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severeheroineaddiction · 5 hours ago
🧇 Which Shadow & Bone cast member should you go on a waffle date with? 🧇
PSA: This is for the 8 main actors (Jessie, Archie, Freddy, Amita, Kit, Ben, Danielle, Calahan) plus 1 cameo. I know that’s Fivan/Genyid erasure but...practicality overruled love as it so often does.
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bless-nina-zenik · 6 hours ago
So Leigh Bardugo did a live a few hours ago where she addressed the stunt double situation. I’m glad she addressed the issue, but it’s not my place to accept her apology. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts
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samwilsxns · 7 hours ago
if mr. perfectly fine isn’t about alina and the darkling than idk what it’s about
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guindalf · 7 hours ago
Look at me, cheating on my break again.
Leigh has addressed the stunt situation, and well well- she didn't know about it either. What the actual fuck, Eric.
Imagine trusting your stories to people and thinking "Ok, they'll do it right" and getting backstabbed like this. What a shame, honestly. What a freaking shame.
Eric, i tried defending you in the past, but i'm sick of your bullshit now. Like hell you care a lot about diversity, go to hell, honestly. At least try to do your shit better next time, if the show gets renewed. So goddamn disappointed.
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a-pile-of-kruge · 7 hours ago
while it is of very big significance to me personally, and possibly to many other fans, that leigh as the author/executive producer addressed the stunt double issue (she also tried to be as respectful and considerate as she could), we should not forget her saying many did not want her to speak up, and that she repeatedly pointed out she was not speaking in any official capacity. the last point highlights exactly what the pocs want and need – a formal acknowledgment and actual changes in the future, and we are not done with this issue until netflix officials own up to their mistakes and commit to improvements.
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