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#nikolai lantsov
Me after finishing King of Scars: Wow, Hanne has a lot of trans energy going on!
Me after finishing Rule of Wolves: OH HO HO
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lanstsov4 hours ago
100 followers celebration!
guys?? i can't believe i just hit 100 followers?? honestly writing can be so hard sometimes but all the support i get daily makes it sooo worth it. writing itself is already something that makes me really happy and when i see all the reblogs, likes, comments and asks then it gets even better <3 thank you all so so much for everything ilysm! now lets get to the celebration 馃挆
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note: characters i write for are in tags <3
馃У - no context ships: send in one fact about yourself and i'll ship you with a character purely according to the vibes (include preferences if necessary!)
馃崉 - baby blurbs: send in a character and a prompt/kink/trope and i'll write a short blurb. you can also request for short headcanons <3
馃珢 - unpopular opinions: send in an unpopular opinion of yours and i'll tell you if i agree or not
馃帹 - fuck, marry, kill: send in three characters and you know the drill
馃幓 - playlist: give me a situation with a character and i'll give you 3 songs
馃帬 - boost my ego lmao: use this to tell me which one of my fics is your favorite and why
馃敪 - moots, send this in and i'll give you a song that your blog reminds me of :)
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open from june 13th to june 20th!
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To all Siege and Storm haters, I say *inhale* (>鈥鈥)> Nioklai <(鈥鈥<)
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jesperfaheylovebot7 hours ago
Hear me out: season two entry scene of wylan being chased by milo.
Wylan: *runs passed the crows that are still in Ravka screaming*
Nina: saints! why鈥檚 that kid screaming?
Kaz, Inej & Jesper all turn to look锟:
Milo chasing after Wylan:
Jesper: MILO!!!! *catches milo and picks him up*
Wylan: you saved me, thank you!
Boom. He has been introduced. Idk what鈥檚 going on in my head forgive me.
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apreciateallthefandoms8 hours ago
I've seen a lot of people fancasting Booboo Stewart as Tolya. And I get it,he's handsome and built up.
In the show Alina is half shu,and Jessie Mei Li is clearly asian. And I loved it. That made Alina a interesing character. And Jessie did a wonderful job.
What I'm trying to say is,Tamar and Tolya are shu,so they have asian-like features. Booboo is a great actor but it will be better if you all fancast asian people as shu characters. There is a lot of talented and handsome asian actors.
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agentsofsheilds8 hours ago
Like we get the casting for Sturmhond, but we only get nikolai when he does his great reveal!!!!
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It's thirsting over Duke of udova and the ultimate idiot, Nikolai lantsov hour, stop me if you fucking can-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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quotesfromthewafflecrows10 hours ago
A butcher: 鈥淪o says the bastard king.鈥
Nikolai: 鈥淐ould you repeat that?鈥
Butcher: 鈥淚 said you鈥檙e a bastard and not fit to sit that fancy horse.鈥
Nikolai: 鈥淒id you hear that, Punchline? He called you fancy.鈥
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hereforthewomen11 hours ago
Everyone (including Nikolai) spends two books telling Nikolai that he can鈥檛 marry Zoya because he鈥檚 the king and she鈥檚 not noble.
His solution? Make Zoya queen instead.
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cabin7-hufflepuff11 hours ago
percy, harry, leo, nico, ginny, alex cd, alex f, zoya, nina, america, and albus, about annabeth, draco, jason, will, luna, henry, magnus, nikolai, matthias, maxon, and scorpius: blondes, huh? who knew?
literally everyone around them:
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ro-ur-boat12 hours ago
so we all know that Tom Felton auditioned for Nikolai, but what are we gonna do if he actually gets the part??
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stromuprisahat13 hours ago
People who wouldn't accept ordinary Grisha among themselves, Saints forbid one powerful one in their fucking army, are now ok with a demonic bastard and Grisha Suli dragoness on the throne. Suuure...
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same-crazy-art-girl3414 hours ago
Tumblr media
I was just watching The legend of Zorro and now i can't get this ideea out of my headdd
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tricewithaz14 hours ago
Tumblr media
sketched this nikolai the other day taking a pic of guy madison as reference and he turned out SO cute i love him
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cat-brekker15 hours ago
Tumblr media
KoS trio sketch
The quality is a bit crappy so sorry about that :,)
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