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#rule of wolves
cyborg-lunar-queen · 4 hours ago
Who would win:
A Ravkan king and privateer with the additional strength of a (literal) demon
a scrap of blue ribbon
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lantsovsupremacist · 7 hours ago
dad!nikolai lantsov
nikolai is a king.
kings need heirs after all.
“maybe we’re not ready now and that’s plenty okay, my love, but i truly believe we should start practicing. it only makes perfect—for ravka, of course.”
you hit him.
unfortunately not hard enough to wipe the wicked smirk off of his face.
and when your first child is a daughter, nikolai is elated. he doesn’t even think twice about his heir. if we know anything about this man, nikolai lantsov is a supporter of strong women.
the future queen of ravka right here!!!
or maybe not. she can be whomever she pleases, pursue any occupation her heart desires except receiving employment from kaz brekker.
when he holds little natalya for the first time his heart threatens to still inside his chest.
she’s so small.
natalya is incredibly shy.
like is this actually nikolai lantsov’s child???
even at six, she’s quiet and reserved, preferring to play by herself.
nikolai worries.
but then something magical happens. he offers to bring her to a meeting.
it only ever starts because he’s tremendously bored and dreading the next hour.
he crouched down on one knee to her level. always. he wants her to be seen as an equal as much as possible, raising her to be strong and courageous. this is a small little decision so he finds it fair.
“petal, would you like to join me?”
she gives him a little nod.
an advisor brings up a chair for her.
that certainly won’t be needed. she crawls right into her father’s lap.
tamar stifles a chuckle at the stunned expression on the advisors.
the king of ravka with a small child??? this is an important economics meeting???
but nikolai knows a certain their is running all of kerch’s finances anyway.
unsurprisingly, natalya is pleasant and quiet.
so much so nikolai sneaks a glance down at her, the weight leaning on his chest indicative of her presence.
she’s asleep.
yes, certainly nikolai lantsov’s child.
the meeting concludes.
genya offers to take her, ruffling back her curls from her forehead.
“no auntie, stay with da.”
these were like her first words in public so nikolai’s heart swells. his ego does not need to be stoked like this.
genya catches the contagion of his grin.
and from there on out whenever her father’s hand is in her own, natalya is a little less afraid of the big world around her.
toyla and tamar take to the twins especially.
zoya complains about the overwhelming and undeniable presence of nikolai in both of them but holds a soft spot for them both, nonetheless.
katya’s blonde curls are as unruly as her fathers but kostya carries the legacy of his father’s hazel eyes.
troublemakers those two.
natalya becomes genya’s shadow around this time, comfortable in the woman’s calming, gentle, and patient nature.
kostya gets into everything.
you learn patience from your firstborn son.
it’s only his curiosity, after all, a character trait you are familiar with in someone else you love.
the world is always more exciting from his father’s shoulders.
or from stop his flying ship.
katya sleeps with the wooden sword tamar had made for her.
it’s a little frightening.
zoya loves it.
nobody minds the palace growing.
your children are all well behaved, or as well behaved as young ones can be expected to be.
it’s their father’s golden heart in all of them. you’re convinced.
nobody is a servant or a royal to them,
just a friend.
and after little luka is born you have to ask.
“are you building an army, sobachka?”
he winks.
“it’s probable.”
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spider-io · 8 hours ago
nina would ask zoya to walk her down the aisle/give her away at her wedding and zoya would internally freak out about it
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sonoroquiescis · 9 hours ago
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sonoroquiescis · 9 hours ago
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aleksling · 10 hours ago
Sasha in r.ow when he realises literally no one is happy to see him alive :
Tumblr media
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kirsbataar · 10 hours ago
guys stop telling me i was wrong / correcting me on theory posts clearly made before row came out 😭
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unrequitedstudies · 10 hours ago
hot take: nikolai lantsov is boring as a pov character. because hot sexy arrogant smart man whos a little a full of himself... fun to watch but HATE being in his brain lol... the mystique comes from not knowing the process behind it all 
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grishaverseshitposts · 10 hours ago
Jesper: *sneaks through window at 2 AM*
Kaz, flicking on a light and turning around in a chair: You wanna tell me where you were?
Jesper: I-I was with, uh, Wylan!
Wylan, turning around in a chair: You wanna try again?
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schemingfaced · 12 hours ago
1. A bastard (sort of) ☑️
2. Lost a brother in a traumatising way ☑️
3. A demon (sort of) ☑️
4. Too clever for his own good ☑️
5. Completely head over heels for a badass Suli lady ☑️
Nikolai and Kaz are basically the same person
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thechosenmarauder · 12 hours ago
I never hear people talk about who married and who fucking died in rule of wolves- like have we all read the same book or are we all just dying of depressing because of named crisis?!
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stromuprisahat · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
BuT hE dOeSn’T rEaLlY cArE aBoUt ThE gRiShA! He OnLy DoEs ThAt WhEn ThEy FoLlOw HiM!!!
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stromuprisahat · 12 hours ago
... He remembered how Elizaveta had craved sensation—the taste of wine, the touch of skin, the feel of soft earth beneath her feet. Aleksander cared for none of this. He only wished that it wasn’t winter. He wanted to turn his face to the sun and feel it warm him. The cold frightened him now. It felt like death, like the long silence of not being, without sense of time or place, only the understanding that he must hold on, that someday, there would be an end to the terrible stillness. He’d been a long time in the dark.
one of Darkling’s chapters in Rule of Wolves (Leigh Bardugo)
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ravenscrowsandnerdymagic · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I know that it's unrealistic if everyone survives, but this is fiction so that leaves only one question: why????????
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anordinarymuse · 13 hours ago
sick nikolai hc?
this was rly fun hehe. i hope this seems canon rip.
headcanon; sick nikolai lantsov.
defnitely sick because he was overworking himself
you forced him to go to bed; he begrudgingly agrees
he's either super sick or just has a light cold; no in-between
if he's super sick he will refuse to see you within eight feet
if he just has a light cold won't say it but wants you by his side all day long
will try and be funny as he's coughing and wheezing in bed
"Nikolai, stop making jokes. You're sick for saints sake!"
"If I die, I want my last moment to be comical."
"NIKOLAI! Your temperature barely breaks 103(F) degrees!"
definitely dramatic as fuck; wants tons of blankets
only eats fun flavored medicine; cherry, grape, cotton candy
tries to seduce you; does not work
when he's better he'll give you lots of attention; also expects lots of attention
slightly cocky/braggy about being healty for at least a week; zoya will definitely go insane
by the end of "sick" time you'll find that he made many wire boats
^^when you ask when he made them he'll say while you were sleeping
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the-sums-not-counted · 13 hours ago
Watcha Reading Wednesday (#77)
Watcha Reading Wednesday (#77)
Happy Wednesday! I hope the week is treating you well! This week I’m reading Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo. I’m very excited to see how this duology ends! I loved King of Scars and Nikolai was one of my favorite characters in the original Grisha trilogy so I can’t wait to see where his story ends. My review for the last book I read Withces Steeped in Gold will be posted Friday! What are you…
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tiltedtripodperspectives · 14 hours ago
Happy Pride Month🌈
I know I'm late but I was experimenting with some stuff and they're finally here!!!
I'm here with some Grishaverse content because it's been 2 months since it's release and around 2 weeks since the season 2 announcement and we'll get to see some of these characters in S2🥰✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I'm gonna translate the names of the characters slide-wise because I wrote them in the Ravkan script:
1) Jesper and Nina
2) Ivan, Fedyor and Wylan
3) Tamar and Nadia
✨This is for those of you who stayed coz you know what's happening or you just didn't care and wanted the spoiler anyway✨
5) Hanne transitioning to Ilya
Characters belong to @lbardugo
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