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grishaverseshitposts · an hour ago
Jesper: We have fun, don’t we, Wylan?
Wylan: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life.
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nxsmss · an hour ago
kaz always had his reasons
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himillyhere · an hour ago
inej: *kisses kaz*
kaz: what is this-
inej: affection
kaz: disgusting
kaz: do it again
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nxsmss · 2 hours ago
I'm reading six of crows for the second time and I'm gonna post my favourite lines or ones I just liked/thought were funny or memorable
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cashbackshopping · 2 hours ago
Realme Narzo 30, Realme Narzo 30 5G जल्द ही भारत में लॉन्च करने के लिए: सीईओ माधव शेठ
Realme Narzo 30, Realme Narzo 30 5G जल्द ही भारत में लॉन्च करने के लिए: सीईओ माधव शेठ
Realme Narzo 30 के जल्द ही भारतीय बाजार में लॉन्च होने की उम्मीद है, कंपनी के सीईओ ने घोषणा की। स्मार्टफोन के 4जी वेरिएंट को मलेशिया में लॉन्च किया गया था और स्मार्टफोन के 5जी वेरिएंट को पिछले महीने यूरोप में लॉन्च किया गया था। Realme ने देश में Narzo 30A और Narzo 30 Pro 5G लॉन्च किया है और वेनिला Narzo 30 इस महीने के अंत में 4G और 5G कनेक्टिविटी के साथ लॉन्च होगा। Realme Narzo 30 के 4G वेरिएंट…
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samplaskr · 2 hours ago
SUNDAY OFF CLUB X UMAMIISM // “Agent of Chaos” 3D Animation. All directing & 3D Animation by @ailiacs Heather Kim. SAMPLAS Media Lab. Agent of Chaos Collaboration Collection은 이번주 수요일에 릴리즈 되어 목요일 부터 오프라인 쇼룸에서 직접 입어볼 수 있고 구매하실 수 있습니다. [서울시 마포구 독막로5길 23 2F SAMPLAS] _ _ _ Fashion Store in Korea WWW.SAMPLAS.CO.KR International Order Contact. DM or KYLE@SAMPLAS.CO.KR #SAMPLAS #샘플라스 #SUNDAY OFF CLUB # 선데이오프클럽 #SOC #UMAMIISM #우마미즘 #UMS #SAMPLASMediaLab(Samplas에서)
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blackasmysoul · 4 hours ago
Ok I've seen many people talk about the armor line which was great I agree
But how come nobody talks about this?!
Tumblr media
This is just so -
They are each other's salvation. Each other's hopes. What could be better than that.
Nothing that's what
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iambecomeyourvillain · 4 hours ago
aaand another I can't stop help-
six of crows
@black-like-my-soul @inejghafasupremacy @wafflesandschemingfaces @confused-as-all-hell @wolfnzy01 @bookavert @ghafa-dale @brekkercookie @wraith-of-rroses @depressed-bookwyvern @22herondale @ahecktonoffandomsinoneblog @alonlyfangirl @thatrandomfangirlll @clarys-heosphoros @blackasmysoul
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bitchthefuck1 · 5 hours ago
Okay but can we talk about the fact that Kaz lets go of Inej like he's going through the five stages of grief
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sailor-lunala · 5 hours ago
wherever the wind takes me, a little more free
Tumblr media
(for @kanejweek​)
You and I aren’t Saints, Kaz. We’re thieves and we’re criminals, two people who lost too much and hit the bottom. And we took the twisted way out.
Sometimes, this is when Kaz’s hand will brush hers, gloves off - just to remind her that they’re maybe not quite as twisted as she tends to say. But he never argues with her - possibly because he knows she’s right.
He’s not there right now. Inej is alone, nearly, as she looks out over the churning waves and jet black sky, speckled with stars. The Wraith rocks slowly, side to side.
We climbed our way out, Kaz will remind her. You do the right thing, these days. He’ll pause. You always have.
Inej does not know how he can glorify the blood, the bodies she’s left limp on the cobblestone. Even the ones she’s left to be dumped in the harbor. Yet he does, every time.
Kaz says she's a Saint. Inej disagrees, and she likes it all as is, anyways.
(on ao3 here!)
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firelxdykatara · 5 hours ago
five hargreeves, kaz brekker, artemis fowl
all three have the same vibes. all three could be/are/could have been (before he got too old) portrayed by aidan gallagher.
yes i am right. no i will not elaborate.
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ghafae · 5 hours ago
inej [about kaz]: stop calling me an investment or i swear to god i’m going to fall in love with you
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okayloki345 · 5 hours ago
Wylan, opening presents on Christmas morning: I hope it’s a puppy!
Jesper: you say that every year. You know we can’t keep a puppy
Jesper, to Kaz: so what did you get him?
Wylan: *gasps*
Kaz: a puppy.
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