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#william shakespeare
beceriksizcemutlu · 53 minutes ago
beğendiğiniz bedenlere, hayalinizdeki ruhları koyup, aşk sanıyorsunuz.
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daisiesandshakes · 10 hours ago
Ikevamp fanfiction
One step closer part 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: William Shakespeare & female reader
Summary: after confessing your feelings for each other (part one) it's going to be a wild night...
Words: about 4k
Tags/warnings: smut (you have been warned), sex, oral sex, (vampire) biting, overstimulation, mentions of cum & blood, light bonding
Special thanks to: lovely @yanderepuck for rereading and helping me with this 4k monster 💖 and for inspiring me with her simping post to put my thoughts into words 🙏💖
Enshrouded in his arms it is a silent carriage ride to Shakespeare's house. Neither of you speak a word, exchanging affection is the only expression of your feelings.
William caresses your silken locks as you reach out to touch his gorgeous face again. Is this really happening?
You're with him, HIM!
He holds you in his arms and he loves you!
Sighing, you trace the lines of his delicate lips with your fingertips. Why does the carriage take so long?
Locking eyes, William holds your hand in place, kissing every finger. His lips ghost over your knuckles, traveling over your fingertips to graze them with his fangs and the tip of his tongue.
Mismatched eyes, now like burning flames, swallow every provoked reaction.
His intense, sensual glance full of sweet promises is already enough to let the muscles in your lower belly clench and you whimper.
Dammit - this man is way too sexy.
His pupils grow wide at the noise that escapes your lips.
You could cut the sexual tension with a knife right now. Grabbing you by your hair at your neck he pulls you into a kiss.
At first it starts as a soft and tender touch, but then William's teasing tongue dances over your lips again and again.
You shift your legs due to the sweet sensation between your thighs.
Wanting more, you take his tongue in a sudden motion between your lips, sucking at the tip, then pushing your own hungrily against his.
Shakespeare moans loudly with pleasure.
Tightening the grip in your hair he pushes you down into the seat, kissing you deeply with feral desire. You can feel his other hand moving from your waist up to your chest, caressing the form of your breast through the fabric of your dress.
At this moment the carriage stops.
Slowly Will tears himself from the kiss and pulls you up.
"To tempt me with these cunning wiles...tis is a dangerous game of yours." He whispers into your ear.
"Though I'm begging you to show me more, it inspires me to make you mad with pleasure. Be assured my dear, I'm looking forward to pay back a tenfold the passion you intend to grace me with '', his voice seductive with bare desire. You swallow.
With a blank mind and weak legs you let Will help you out of the carriage and lead you the way to the house entrance, the bubbling excitement inside your stomach growing with every second.
As the door closes behind you, Will takes his jacket off and ties  his hair up with a ribbon.
You turn around, unsure what to do with yourself, looking at the exquisite interior.
"Do you need something, my dear? A drink mayhap?"
Somehow his voice sounds unusually deep and suppressed.
You're turning back to face him "No thank you William, I am f-"
Your back slams against the door and you gasp in surprise. Shakespeare presses himself against you, his nose almost touching yours, you can feel his hot breath on your skin. While he pins your wrists with one hand over your head, his other hand moves from your waist up to your chest, dancing over your curves. Not breaking eye contact his fingertips trail the way up to your face,  stroking your cheekbones and the lines of your lips with the lightest, tender touch.
He frowns "I am sorry... I fear I can't be that gentle servant you deserve my goddess..." his voice husky.
Your heartbeat drums in your ears and you lick your lips, his gaze immediately glued to your mouth.
"You bewitched tis pathetic wretch... making me shiver with lust, begging for even the barest brush of your skin".
William slowly pushes a knee between your legs to spread them.
"It is my eager wish now to favour you with tis sensation in return." He purrs as he lifts his leg between your thighs to press it softly against your womanhood, his hand now cupping your breast.
Your entire body trembles with want.
His lustvoll gaze still glued to your lips, as if he awaits words of a magic spell from them to set him free, unable to make a further move without them.
Tears of unbearable anticipation sting in your eyes.
"Don't hold back William, I am yours, here at your mercy. I love you and I want you so bad, I need you!"
With a cry he kisses you with untamed desire, pushing his tongue deep into your mouth to intertwine with yours. You bury your free hand in his soft maroon hair, trying to pull him even closer.
Lifting one of your legs around his hip, he bucks against you and your juices ruin your panties as you feel his throbbing erection. His lips leave your mouth, traveling along your jaw to your neck, his tongue leaving wet stripes on your skin.
Letting your wrist go  Shakespeare breaks the kiss and yanks with one fierce move of your dress and corset down to your waist. You gasp at the act and the sensation of cool air on your bare breasts.
Feeling embarrassed you close your eyes and lift your arms to cover your chest.
"Don't.. I beg you" you stop at his pleading voice.
As you open your eyes to meet his gaze, the pure adoration lying in it shocks you and sends shivers down your spine.
He takes a step forward, hovering his hands above your chest.
"Oh my sweet darling, tis is such a breathtaking sight, it would inspire any artist's mind to create masterpieces.. " his fingertips graze slightly over your collarbones.
"I don't dare pretty neigh to touch your delicate form".
Nearly shy words, barely a whisper.
"If you don't touch me right now William, I'm sure I'll attack you instead" you growl, surprised by your own boldness.
He chuckles delightfully as he takes you in his arms.
"So greedy and eager, hm? Shush darling... Let tis  bewitched wretch take his time to worship you..." he purrs at the sensitive spot behind your earlobe.
His tongue travels from your earlobe to your jaw, up to your lips to slip eager in between, kissing you senseless and you let yourself drown in the pleasure. Cupping and squeezing your breasts, his thumbs teases your nipples, making you dizzy with desire.
Not breaking the dance of tongues, your trembling fingers try to open the buttons of his shirt, hungry to touch his skin.
Impatient you just rip it open and as your fingers touch his solid chest you moan into the kiss.
Will pulls away laughing. 
"Never thought to imagine you would desire tis body of mine this much." He smiles at your lips.
He has no idea.
His hands leave your skin only for a few seconds to take his shirt off.
Then again he presses his body against yours and heat waves run through you as his hot chest touches your bare skin, brushing over your stiff nipples and William's mouth captures yours with the greed of a starving man.
You let your fingertips travel over the sides of his upper body, down to his abs, noticing him breathing hard.
You break from the kiss, leaning the head back to watch his wide-eyed expression while your hands slowly travel to his loins.
Panting, with slight open lips he shifts a bit, giving you more space to go further.
One of your hands moves over his arousal to enfold it through the fabric of his pants. You hold your breath at the size.
He lays his hand on top of yours, pressing his pulsing manhood into the palm of your hand.
His hot tongue slides teasingly over your lips with whimpering noises as he rocks his hips.
Abruptly Shakespeare lifts the bottom of your dress and you hear the ripping sound of fabric at your panties, only a split second before a finger enters your tight wetness.
You cry out.
"Fuck!" Your hips roll against his hand as he bends the digit.
"Not yet, my greedy temptress" he hisses next to your lips, pulling his finger out, licking it clean.
William moans at the taste of your sweet juices and his intense stare with burning eyes forces you to look away, unable to bear this carnal sight anymore.
He cups your breasts again, sucking your nipples, letting his tongue dance around them and you squeeze your eyes shut with a groan.
Kneeling down he tears the rest of your clothes to shreds, stroking the sides of your hips with affection. His nose brushes over your thighs up to your loins, followed by his tongue. Lifting one of your legs over his shoulder he intrudes two fingers into your heat.
"Ah... so wet with juices sweet as honey and so tight on my fingers alone..., you're truly a divine relish." he murmurs before his tongue slips over your swollen clit.
Desperately trying to steady yourself you grab the doorframe and dove the other hand into his hair.
His digits moving in and out, heading deeper searching for the sweet spot that let you see stars, your wetness dripping down your thighs. With a flat, dancing tongue he moans against your sensitive nub.
"W- William... I can't..." breathless you roll your hips frantically at his hand to bring his fingers rubbing over the secret spot deep inside your aching core with every slight move.
You feel a tingle building up in your lower belly and back arching you grab his hair as you come down hard.
Crying out loudly, your walls clenched around his fingers, your wetness spreads over his hand.
Shakespeare pulls his fingers out, licking your folds and then his fingers to achieve  every drop your body offers.
While waves of the aftershock run through your form, your shaky legs fail you.
He lifts you up into his arms, leaning his forehead against yours as he carries you into his bedroom.
"It only has begun, my dearie" he whispers, lying your body carefully down onto the silken sheets.
Hovering his body over yours his enchanting, mismatched eyes study every detail of your form, filled with love and adoration.
Graceful fingers floating over your chest, your breasts down to your belly, sliding over your hips to your thighs.
You weep as he reaches your knees, forcing them apart with gentle pressure, to spread them more for him.
To lie this bare, in such a vulnerable state open to his intense view, makes you shiver and yet you can feel more wetness drip over your slit.
"Never before have I seen such beauty, lying spreaded before me, bathed in moonlight." He confesses with a husky voice, kissing softly on your knees.
"Let me drown in you, my beautiful. I desire to get lost in your embrace, wishing never to be found again" his tongue caresses your thighs.
With piercing eyes Will observes every tiny move you make as he spreads your legs more and slides a finger into your heat again. You grip the sheets.
"Tis is mine, mine alone" he whispers fiercely, easing his finger in and out, hitting your hidden, sweet spot over and over again as he gazes down at you with glowy eyes, watching you closely, absorbing your slightest reaction.
You whimper "Will.. oh god.. I'm about to .. Aaah.. cum again!"
How did he find out so fast how to pleasure you the most?
"Who do you belong to? Scream it for me, my greedy temptress"
Ardent spoken words and his skilled finger sending you over the edge, tears of passion roll over your cheeks
"You!! I only belong to you Will!! Oh god.."
The world around you stops existing and you fall apart as the juices of your third climax spill again over his hand.
He lifts his wet fingers up, eyeing them stunned.
His hungry gaze darts to your glistening entry and with a groan he dives in, licking your slit up to your oversensitive nub, to caress it with soft, circling moves.
You squirm, trying to get away, overwhelmed from this stimulation. But his hands around your thighs push your hips down, holding you in place with an iron grip.
You're sure you can't take this overstimulation anymore.
Tears rise up again and you cry out "William! P- please... Too much!"
You begged him to stop, but you nearly yelped as his tongue left you.
Sensing the warmth of his body as he climbs on top of you, you cup his face and lean up to lavish his delicate features over and over with lovingly kisses, smiling shaky before your lips find his.
Without ceasing his hands travel over your curves, leaving burning traces on your skin.
Cupping your breast in his palm and giving it rough squeezes, he lifts your leg around his hip with his other hand, pressing his covered arousal against your entrance, making you feel the aching emptiness inside of you.
"Hm? Please what my impatient goddess?" he asks teasingly, rolling his hips up again. You never imagined you were able to desire someone this much.
"Don't.. tease.. I need you! I'm begging you...! I beg you to make me yours!" You manage to whimper with a broken voice.
He freezes at your confession, staring into your eyes with a feral light in his gaze.
"To hear those tempting words from thyne sweet lips..."
His mouth claims yours with a fervent kiss, leaving you breathless.
"As my Queen wishes, I'm your servant at your command" he purrs.
Sitting up he pushes his pants down, kicking them off in a quick motion, to be over you again in seconds. You lay your arms around his shoulders,  pulling him closer and you sense the tip of his throbbing cock against your slit.
"Please, take me, please..." you breathe, thinking you can't stand another second without having him inside of you.
Guiding his cock with one hand to your entrance, he pushes the tip inside.
You throw your head back and mewl, trying to pull him closer with your legs.
With a slow but firm motion he enters you fully. Gasping for air, you try to relax, letting the muscles of your tight core adjust to his size.
William breathes hard, strands of wet hair fall into his face and his sweaty chest glistens in the moonlight.
"By all the gods, you must be created for my shape only... Aah.. .to feel your lustful tightness around me..."
Shakespeare didn't move yet, making you mad with desire and you think he knows it.
You buck your hips up hard to his and he groans.
"Move." you hiss at his mouth, biting softly his lower lip, digging your nails into the delicate flesh of his rear.
William loses all remaining reason. You could see it in his eyes.
Reaching down to take your hands, he pins them down over your head, holding your wrists with one hand. He pulls back until only the tip of his member remains inside, watching you as he pushes back into your heat unbearable slowly.
You sigh in delight by the sensation of feeling every inch of him. Pulling back again, Shakespeare lifts your hips to change the angle, instantly meeting the hidden, sensitive spot inside as he thrusts deep into you.
Your mind goes blank, eyes wide open as you moan out his name and a pleased smile appears on his lips before they capture yours in a messy kiss.
With every fierce thrust into you, his body slides over yours, the warmth of his chest brushing over your stiff nipples makes your toes curl.
His mouth travels down to your neck, leaving his tongue across your tender skin lovingly. He inhales the sweet scent that comes from that delicate place and before you can tell what he's about to do, his fangs plunge your skin.
"William... Not while.."
Barely noticing the short prick, you scream because of the unearthly pleasure that follows, spreading through you, setting every nerve alight.
You almost pass out, mind and body overwhelmed and overstimulated. The orgasm that hits you tears you in pieces, leaving you shattered and shaking.
The walls of your core clench around William's cock rapidly and you hear yourself crying out like a wounded animal, while your release drips down your thighs onto the sheets.
The waves of the aftershock doesn't seem to end, blissful tears spilling out of your eyes but you don't notice them.
The playwright leans down, his soft lips kissing the corners of your eyes fondly, to wipe your tears away with them.
"So sensitive to my touch and bite... I have to admit, I didn't presume to affect you this much", he murmurs at your skin.
You shift your head to meet his eyes, surprised to find joyful tears  glistening in them.
"You affect me this way because I love you so madly, William".
Groaning loud he intertwined his fingers with yours, holding your hands down next to your head. His hips buck again against yours while kissing you fiercely, messy, senseless.
The nerves in your now oversensitive core spread with every stroke of his member arousing tingles through you, making you moan constantly.
Your whole lower belly seems to be on fire and you can feel the pleasure grow again.
Such rapture shouldn't be possible!
You throw your head back to expose your neck for his hungry tongue , trailing burning lines on your skin.
"I love you, I love you so much Will... ", you grind your hips to meet his slow, but forceful thrusts.
He let go of your hands, holding you against him, his eyes sparkling. You smile at each other between sensual kisses, tongues dancing together. At your lips he whispers "My darling, my goddess...fair maiden only  mine, I love you more than you can imagine".
Suddenly William increases the speed of his deep thrusts and you gasp, the air filled with the sounds of slapping, wet skin and cries of pure pleasure.
"Oh f-.. oh god, you feel so good Will!" 
Something changes in him at your words.
With fiery eyes and a moan on his lips he grabs the back of your knees, pushing them to your chest, desperately trying to get even deeper into you.
This new position allowed him to hit with every stroke the sweet spot deep inside your heat, making your vision blurry with stars.
Holding onto his slim shoulders as if your life depends on it, you breath his name again and again.
You dig your nails into his tender flesh when an incredible tingle starts to rise and the coil deep inside tightens.
"Ah.. I'm so close! More, I need more!"
His wet hair falls over his face as he slams forcefully into you. " I am! My love, let me hear your sweet voice, scream for me!"
Attacking your chest with love bites William pierces your nipples with his fangs and sends you with another hard stroke over the edge, licking up the blood from your sweaty, tender skin.
Intensified by the nibbles of his fangs, your orgasm crashes on you with a force beyond belief and you scream his name, voice cracking. Waves of rapture let your walls clench without cease and William groans out loud as the muscles of your core milks him, drawing out his climax instantly. With a few final, deep thrusts he buried himself deep inside you, moaning and shuddering in your arms.
You pass out as your ravaged body still rocks with the afterwaves, your blank mind dragged into a blissful abyss with nothing left in it but him.
It seems to be late in the morning as you slowly open your eyes. Stretching your body you notice that you're alone, William has already left the bed.
Instantly you are aware of the sore feeling in your lower belly and in between your legs. Heat rises up your cheeks as the past night comes to your mind and a pleased sensation runs through you.
'As you regained consciousness again, Shakespeare showered every inch of your form with loving kisses, begging you for forgiveness, that he wasn't able to stop himself, for being so reckless and feral in his desire for you. After you reassured him several times that there was nothing to forgive at all, Will claimed your body over and over in the most tender and affectionate ways until the morning dawned. He took possession of your body and soul while he breathed sweet nothings to your skin, words spoken with so much love and adoration, made you weak and your heart raced.'
With a dreamy expression on your face from those sweet memories,  you pull your aching frame out of the bed as you realize that there's nothing left you could wear. William ripped every piece of fabric from your body last night.
Clueless you look around and to your surprise you find one of William's shirts on a chair, neatly folded with a red salvia flower on it. Your heart swells at this thoughtful and sweet gesture.
But how did he find out you love herbal blossoms? You never mentioned it?
After taking a shower you pull his shirt over, inhaling the scent of lavender and sweet sandalwood on it. For sure it is far too long and too big, but you are happy being able to wear it and maybe you can ask William later for pants.
With still damp hair you stepped on your tiptoes through Shakespeare's house, finding him writing at the kitchen table.
Standing quietly in the doorframe you soak up the view, William properly suited, his glance focused on the papers before him, silken strands of his maroon hair falling over his face shining in the sunlight.
You could stand here forever, only watching him. Then you notice he draped all kinds of sweets, fruits and bread on the counter, fresh brewed tea steaming in the pot. When did he manage to get and do all that? Did he even get some sleep?
Suddenly he looks up, giving you a sweet smile.
"There you are, my dearie. Come here."
Standing up William offers you a hand and as you step in to take it, he lets his gaze roam over you. "My my, I have to admit, the shirt suits you." He also takes a step closer, pulling you into his arms.
Listening to his heartbeat, a sigh escapes your lips. "Oh, this feels so good..."
He hums, his hands caressing your back. "Are you feeling well, darling? Didn't I go too hard on you?" he asks, his voice faint and concerned.
"Everything is fine William. Really." You smile at his chest. "To be honest, it was the luckiest night of my life."
Sensing his heavy exhale, you continue "Don't worry, I have a well trained body, I can take a lot."
As you lift your face to meet his eyes, you can see him cocking an eyebrow, giving you a meaningful look.
"Oh, I've been fully aware since last night, my love." A smile curls at the corners of his lips.
Uh, this conversation takes an unexpected steamy turn...
But then he lifts your hand to nuzzle his cheek in it, closing his eyes. "Please forgive me for ruining your beautiful dress. I've  already sent a carriage to our dear Comte, to get some of your clothes and dresses. It must be back in a while".
When did he do all that??
"When you are able to suit yourself properly, I'd like to take you out." He kisses your palm softly.
"But the rehearsal? Your play? We should be there soon. The others will be waiting for us..." You frown.
"Oh don't worry about that my muse. Yesterday morning I informed all troupers they'll have a day off today."
You are relieved. But-
Wait - what? Already yesterday morning? You look puzzled, but then ...
"Okay, you've planned the entire thing out, haven't you? How could you tell how it would end?"
Shakespeare looks down, avoiding her eyes for the first time and a faint blush appears on his cheeks.
"I couldn't. "
He inhales sharply. "For certain I wished for a 'happy ending', to say so. A day off would have been delightful in that case, being able to spend some pleasant time together. It happened to end in a way more blissful than I could ever imagine." He cleared his throat. "And for the case I was mistaken, I thought a day off would've been good for my wounded heart to recover." He swallows. "Are you mad at me now?"
Oh, William!
Your vision turns blurry with tears. Blinking them away you throw your arms around his neck. "I am so happy you made it this way, that you forced me to react. I would never be bold enough to confess my love to you, Will. I love you, my heart belongs to you."
He wraps his arms around your body, holding you tight like a lifeline and kisses your temple.
"And mine is yours" he nuzzles his cheek into your hair. "As well as my soul and my love. All of me is yours, always and evermore."
 Affectionately William kisses your forehead and you lift your chin. Your lips meet in a sweet kiss and his hands start to travel over your form, abruptly stopping at your hips.
He moves with you, changing the direction and you feel the table behind you.
"May I ask you something, my dear?" He asks at your lips and you only nod in response.
"What are you exactly wearing under my shirt?"
You freeze, feeling your cheeks growing hot.
"N- nothing... there was only this shirt on the chair..." You stutter.
"Hmmm.. hmm.. " he hums in your ear, "and you didn't notice the shortened pants I left for you in the bathroom?"
You- Wait... No you can't remember you saw something like that in the bath.
His hands travel further down to your thighs "Oh what a pity, I gave my best to trim it to your height tis morning..." he murmurs at your ear as his hands grab you to lift your body with a swift move on the table, settling himself between your legs. You gasp and your heart began to race with incredible speed.
"Don't you think you'll deserve a little punishment for your ignorant manner?" he asks, mischievous and yanks his shirt you're wearing completely open.
Your blood rushes through you, skin flushed from excitement and embarrassment at the same time.
With fervent eyes Will takes his time to soak up the sight of you, before he cups your face with a greedy grasp, claiming your lips in a fiery kiss.
His tongue slides inside, exploring and teasing, and you moan into his kiss as his graceful fingers dance over your exposed curves.
You entwine your hands in his silken locks, feeling a familiar pulsing heat rising up between your thighs again.
Pushing your upper body gently down on the table, he breaks the kiss to caress your breasts with his tongue, cupping them roughly with his hands. Your breath is coming in huffs and you close your eyes with a whimper as William bucks his hips against your sex.
Then he let go of your body to take a ribbon out of his shirt pocket.
At first you think he's about to tie his hair up, but he takes your wrists instead, tying them together over your head, up to a candle holder on the wall. Your eyes grow wide and a tremor runs through your form as he watches you intensely, swallowing your reactions.
Lying bare and helpless in front of him, being at the mercy of his hands and burning eyes, let your pleasure and excitement increase into the infinite.
"My goddess, my temptress..." he whispers as his fingertips slide over your chest, "You've robbed me, of all pieces of heart and mind, sweet bandit mine."
Fingertips moving down further to your belly.
You can feel your wetness already dripping out and you're unsure if you should be this aroused, considering the glowing soreness in your core.
The fingertips reach your loins, and a thumb circles ever so slightly over your sweet nub, his gaze filled with feral desire glued to your sex. Crying out, you tear your eyes away, unable to stand his view. Never before had anyone looked at you this way, craving and starving for you.
Kneeling down Shakespeare kisses the inside of your leg up from your knee, while his hands roam up and down the outside of your thighs. His lips stop at the apex of your inner thigh for a second.
"Such a sweet and alluring scent of yours my darling" he purrs at your delicate skin, shifts a bit to give your slit a quick but firm lick up to your sensitive nub.
Moaning out loud you have to resist the urge to close your legs around him.
"All of you is mine, mine alone," he breathes at your sex, sending shivers down your spine.
His mouth and tongue travel back to the apex of your inner thigh and William burrows his fangs into your soft skin.
Yelping you buck your hips. At this vulnerable spot it is more painful at first, but the waves of the following, overwhelming  pleasure washes your mind away.
You cry out his name and your love for him repetitious as he greedy draws your blood, moaning and grunting at your skin.
Mind slipping you begin to realize what it means to love him and to be loved by William Shakespeare in return, but you are more than willing to take whatever it costs.
Thank you for reading! ♡
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sutrap · 10 hours ago
El gozo violento tiene un fin violento y muere en su éxtasis como fuego y pólvora, que, al unirse, estallan.
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purebloodbadass · 12 hours ago
Hell is empty and all the devils are here
William Shakespeare 
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elizabethanism · 13 hours ago
“We are such stuff | As dreams are made on, and our little life | Is rounded with a sleep.”
The Tempest (4.1.168-170) 
William Shakespeare
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ruhunkalemii · 16 hours ago
Yağmuru seviyorum diyorsun,
yağmur yağınca şemsiyeni açıyorsun...
Güneşi seviyorum diyorsun,
güneş açınca gölgeye kaçıyorsun...
Rüzgarı seviyorum diyorsun,
rüzgar çıkınca pencereni kapatıyorsun...
İşte,bunun için korkuyorum;
Beni de sevdiğini söylüyorsun...
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conversations-of-poets · 16 hours ago
Гул затих. Я вышел на подмостки. Прислонясь к дверному косяку, Я ловлю в далёком отголоске Что случится на моём веку́.
На меня наставлен сумрак но́чи Тысячью биноклей на оси́. Если только можно, Авва, Отче, Чашу эту мимо пронеси.
Я люблю Твой замысел упрямый И играть согласен эту роль. Но сейчас идёт другая драма, И на этот раз меня уволь.
Но продуман распорядок действий, И неотвратим конец пути. Я один, всё тонет в фарисействе. Жизнь прожить — не поле перейти.
1946 Борис Пастернак
(English translation under the cut)
The murmurs ebb; onto the stage I enter. I am trying, standing in the door, To discover in the distant echoes What the coming years may hold in store.
The nocturnal darkness with a thousand Binoculars is focused onto me. Take away this cup, O Abba, Father, Everything is possible to thee.
I am fond of this thy stubborn project, And to play my part I am content. But another drama is in progress, And, this once, O let me be exempt.
But the plan of action is determined, And the end irrevocably sealed. I am alone; all round me drowns in falsehood: Life is not a walk across a field.
translated by Ann Pasternak Slater
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sleepysera · 16 hours ago
Murderer 2: I am one, my liege, Whom the vile blows and buffets of the world Have so incensed that I am reckless what I do to spite the world.
- William Shakespeare, Macbeth
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ruhunkalemii · 16 hours ago
Yarayla alay eder , yaralanmamış olan .
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harmohan · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sonnet 29: When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes
When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man’s art and that man’s scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
(Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth) sings hymns at heaven’s gate;
For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
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exileonpeachtreestreet · 20 hours ago
Midsummer Magic in Tudor England
Midsummer Magic in Tudor England
“Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass.” — William Shakespeare, A MidSummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare wrote of the enchantments of summer solstice. Each year, on a day between June 20-June 24, we have solstice — the longest day of the year. This day has been celebrated throughout history as a day of magic. Many countries in the northern hemisphere receive 24 hours of daylight.…
Tumblr media
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shakespearenews · 21 hours ago
As an undergrad studying acting, Jocelyn Bioh was advised to steer clear of the Bard. “I was specifically told by my lead professor that I was ‘a little too urban’ and my New York accent was ‘a little too thick’ for Shakespeare.” Now, the actor turned playwright has adapted The Merry Wives of Windsor, with an all-Black cast for The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park. “That’s quite the debut for somebody who thought they would never be a part of Shakespeare in any way.”
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galibamerbe · a day ago
"Gelen gelir, gelmeyen kendi yoluna gider."
William Shakespeare - Bir Yaz Gecesi Rüyası
Tumblr media
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ohquotescom · a day ago
My pride fell with my fortunes.
William Shakespeare -
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ikemen-lovers-blog · a day ago
Leo & William (separately) kissing headcanons, if you could please
Kissing headcanon
Tumblr media
William Shakespeare
William’s can be rough and bruise your lips or it can be gentle and sweet
If he’s sweet and caring with you right now, he’s kisses will be so sweet and gentle that you’ll be wanting more
If you tease him and get him in the mood, he’ll pin you against the wall with a rough kiss and start teasing your body
Tumblr media
Leonardo da vinci
((I don’t know much about Leo sorry:(
I believe that Leonardo has multiple types of kisses depending on his mood
If he’s in a good mood his kisses are……calm,nice,gentle, just from a simple kiss can show all his love for you
If he’s being a tease, his kisses can be short you know to tease you, and ofc you pull him back and the night begins
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seamusheaney · a day ago
While Ophelia appears to have no narrative of her own, existing only to serve Hamlet’s character, her role in the play varies in importance, depending on the audience receiving it.
Ophelia is presented as a passive character, constantly acted upon by others and ultimately dies, with her death being used to further Hamlet’s character. Elaine Showalter remarks that the play produces a depressing picture of Ophelia as “deprived of thought, sexuality, language” and concludes her role becomes “the story of 0, the zero, the empty circle or mystery of feminine difference”. She lacks any agency, every decision is made for her and she is told to “give every man thine ear, but few thy voice”. Not only is this idea taken to the extreme with Ophelia, never allowing her to express her distress, but eventually drives her mad.
Ophelia became a counterpart to Hamlet as a portrait of conflict and stress; used in the construction of medical theories surrounding insanity in young women. Despite their depictions of madness being quite similar, Hamlet’s madness was associated with intellect and imaginative genius, Ophelia’s was considered as ‘love madness’. It was considered as biological and emotional in its origin, caused by her apparent unrequited love and repressed sexual desire. Where Hamlet was “as good as chorus”, able to express himself, Ophelia’s “speech is nothing”, according to Polonius. Her father speaks for her, her own identity is based on what he says and when he dies, she loses that part of herself. Ophelia was forced to suppress her own thoughts and accommodate those of others; only when she goes mad does she have the opportunity to speak her mind and speak the truth. On stage, the difference between them was often accentuated by dressing Hamlet in scholarly black and Ophelia in virginal white. Hamlet fakes his madness in an attempt to deceive those around him, his madness was presented as an active choice on his part. Meanwhile Ophelia was a victim to the deceptions of the court, her madness was the result of losing the men in her life, Hamlet and Polonius, and finding herself helpless without them.
During her mad scene, Ophelia appears disheveled, as she sings bawdy songs and gives away flowers, symbolically deflowering herself and conveying her loss of innocence. This scene acts as a key to Ophelia’s character, however the presentation of it differs greatly over the years and as a result, presents a different character each time. Every century, a new portrayal of Ophelia emerged; the 18th century censored her role with a subdued portrayal of her madness. A painting from the century, by Benjamin West, showed Ophelia as wild and distressed; it was poorly received by critics, who saw it as “disgusting”. Another painting from the same century, by Thomas Stothard, presented Ophelia as sweet and feminine. This painting was well received as audiences prefered to see this censored portrayal of her character, which was in line with how they expected women to act. Ophelia’s role in the 18th century was warped to fit their expectations of what a woman should be like.
The 19th century presented another version of Ophelia, romanticising her death and further highlighting the contrasts between Hamlet and Ophelia; as Elaine Showalter states, “the romantic Ophelia feels too much, as Hamlet thinks too much”. She was obsessively painted, each painting showing her overcome by nature in the final moments of her life. These paintings all emphasised her youth and beauty, once again ignoring one part of her character in favour of making another more prominent. Rather than engaging with her madness, the 19th century observed Ophelia's character and focused on her innocence, they did not seek to grant her agency but saw her as an object of beauty, Ophelia’s fate in the 19th century was determined by men, both the characters in the play and those who painted her death.
Some 19th century psychiatrists used Ophelia as a case study in hysteria and mental breakdown, caused by her sexually turbulent adolescence. The sexualisation of Ophelia continued into the 20th century along with Freudian interpretations of the play, which presented both her and Gertrude, the only two women, as overtly sexual. In recent years, however, many have interpreted the play with a femininst lens, offering a new interpretation of Ophelia’s character. Many began rewriting Hamlet from Ophelia’s perspective, giving her the voice that she had been denied. Ophelia’s mad scene represented her as going against gender stereotypes and social order, an act of defiance against those who have controlled her. She was no longer painted as a helpless, tragic figure, but a heroine who symbolised protest and rebellion against the patriarchy. Elaine Showalter states that “Ophelia may have no usable past, but she has an infinite future.” Ophelia was initially perceived as a passive bystander, a two dimensional character with no motives or background. However, recent interpretations of the play have sought to rectify this. With a feminist audience, a much more complex portrayal of Ophelia has emerged.
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