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halohyuka · 3 minutes ago
in love with you [kth]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: bsf!taehyun x gn!reader
genre: angst
word count: 1k
warnings: none
a/n: don’t be surprised if i just start writing fics in lowercase one day lol
Tumblr media
it was dark and late at night as taehyun closed the passenger’s side door behind you before entering the drivers side to take you home. he inserted the keys in the car, the engine revving up.
“that was fun. wasn’t it?” you smiled sleepily at taehyun, rubbing your eyes.
“yeah,” he replied quietly. “totally.” taehyun backed the car out of its parking spot slowly before turning the wheel and driving the car down the road. his tone of voice was monotone, flat, apathetic— and you noticed. he knew it, he knew that you would know, he just wasn’t sure how to stop you from knowing. how could he? how could he if you were his best friend?
taehyun said nothing for a moment, trying to push away the cacophony of emotions that crackled inside of him. “i’m fine,” he whispered, clutching the wheel tighter. he wanted to change the subject, “what did you end up getting soobin for his birthday?”
“well,” you eyed taehyun worriedly before opening your mouth to respond. as you spoke, taehyun focused on the road ahead of him, his mind racing with thoughts of what had happened at soobin’s birthday party. it wasn’t anything you had done, or soobin, or yeonjun, or beomgyu, or anyone really. it wasn’t anyone’s fault but his. and so when he had walked back into the main room after getting drinks for the both of you from the kitchen to see kai kissing you by the staircase and then blush a bright shade of pink as you giggled about how shy he was, taehyun couldn’t feel anything but disappointment in himself. but now however, on the drive to your house- he tried not to be jealous of the younger boy who had charmed you enough to get as far as a kiss on the lips and a weekend date at the amusement park. he wanted to bang his head against the wheel of the car and yell at himself for being so utterly stupid and cowardly because he hadn’t asked you out or told you how he felt when he had the chance. he wanted to sweep you up in his arms and kiss your forehead and tell you how much he loved you. he wanted to—
“well,” you eyed taehyun worriedly before opening your mouth to respond. as you spoke, taehyun focused on the road ahead of him, his mind racing with thoughts of what had happened at soobin’s birthday party. it wasn’t anything you had done, or soobin, or yeonjun, or beomgyu, or anyone really. it wasn’t anyone’s fault but his. and so when he had walked back into the main room after getting drinks for the both of you from the kitchen to see kai kissing you by the staircase and then blush a bright shade of pink as you giggled about how shy he was, taehyun couldn’t feel anything but disappointment in himself. but now however, on the drive to your house- he tried not to be jealous of the younger boy who had charmed you enough to get as far as a kiss on the lips and a weekend date at the amusement park. he wanted to bang his head against the wheel of the car and yell at himself for being so utterly stupid and cowardly because he hadn’t asked you out or told you how he felt when he had the chance. he wanted to sweep you up in his arms and kiss your forehead and tell you how much he loved you. he wanted to—
“taehyun? taehyun are your sure you’re okay? do you want me to drive the rest of the way?” you sat up straighter in the passenger’s seat, trying to get your friend’s attention.
“s- sorry.” taehyun snapped out of his upset daze and turned the car into your street. “no i’m okay, it’s okay! your gift sounds cool though! i’m sure soobin will like it.”
“i hope so!” you grabbed your belongings as taehyun pulled up in front of your house. “it took me forever to find!”
taehyun watched as you opened the car door and stepped out before ducking your head low to see him through the open window. “call me when you get home okay? make sure to stay safe on the road, it’s getting really late.”
taehyun nodded as you stepped away from the car, “yeah i will. don’t worry.” he watched you as you turned around and made your way up to your front door. his eyes trailed after you longingly, and inside he could feel his chest ache with sadness as he felt like the person he loved so much was drifting away from him. quickly, he opened the driver’s side door, shutting it behind him and running after you. “y/n,” he grabbed your arm firmly but gently, turning you around to face him.
“tyun, what’s going o—”
“y/n i love you.”
you stared at him, eyes wide as you pulled your arm back. “what?”
“i’m in love with you y/n.” taehyun repeated, and to the both of you the six words seemed to ring eerily loud throughout the silent neighborhood. “i’ve loved you every minute, if every day, of every month that i’ve known you. i want to visit coffee shops and bookstores and parks and big cities and travel the world with you. i want to talk to you every second of each day and i spent every waking hour thinking of you.” he grabbed both of your hands with his, looking for something in your eyes that showed you reciprocated his emotions. “do you know how much i want to hug you tight, and cup your face and kiss you right now? i do, i do, i do. i want to show you how perfect you are to me and how contagious your happiness is. and i’ve never told you this, but every moment shared together, every laugh shared between us, every conversation we ever had- each time i was falling more and more in love.”
your mouth hug agape and you looked at him, eyes still wide. “w- what are you doing? what are you saying? taehyun- taehyun i don’t-“ you pulled your shaking hands out of his. “that’s not fair. that’s not fair t- taehyun. that’s not fair at all.” you thought of kai, who only an hour ago had kissed you and how an hour ago your heart had fluttered with thoughts of your future date together at the amusement park. now however, your feelings were conflicted for a moment as taehyun stood before you, his sad, yet loving brown eyes reflecting your figure. “why are you doing this? what do you expect me to say to that?”
taehyun’s gaze dropped slightly at your words, “nothing. i just needed you to know.”
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meicob · 7 minutes ago
love song.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: jacob bae x fem reader
♡ genre: fluff
♡ cw: different types of narrative, use of pronouns (she / her)
♡ warnings: very cheesy?
♡ word count: 700
Tumblr media
Jacob stops his steps blinking confused, not hint of his girlfriend in the living room where she was suppose to be.
“Y/N!?” his scream echoing through almost every corner of the house.
“Outside!!” you answer, still immersed in the book you are reading since the afternoon.
“What are you doing? Are you busy?” he asks as he close the large window behind him, stepping out of the house, laptop in one hand and his earphones in the other.
You just hum in a negative response, eyes still following the words imprinted on the paper. Jacob lips curves in a tenue smile, finding cute how immersed you are.
“Can I show you something?” he interrogate, taking sit besides you, putting his laptop down on the coffee table we’re you usually put some snacks when you sit together to see how the sunsets lights up your garden.
“Yeah, of course!” you respond, closing the book and giving your full attention to him.
Jacob opens the laptop tapping on some boards before making the revealing, when you take a peak of the screen your eyes shine with pure excitement.
“You finished... You finally made a new song!!”
“Yeah, I did it!!” he says with a wide smile in his face, loving the way you always get happy for his own achievements.
Without think much your arms wrap Jacob’s body in warm hug, feeling proud, knowing how much of his energy takes to make a song.
“Come on..” he taps your back after some seconds later, “I want you to heard it.”
Jacob place the headphones on her head, adjusting them before clicking on the play button. Feeling a little bit nervous about finally knowing her opinion and reaction.
Y/n makes sure she’s comfy in the position she’s sitting, wanting to fully enjoy his lover new song.
Jacob’s songs are always beautiful, his own music, with his own own style it’s definitely one of her favorite things in the whole world.
Closing her eyes she starts to enjoy the sound of guitar strings, followed by some piano notes, and finally, her favorite part comes, Jacob’s voice makes presence act, as beautiful as ever, accompanied by some keyboard sounds, modern pop beats but still sounding like a perfect comfort melody.
Everything about it is so endearing, the lyrics, the sound, his voice, every second of the song is making her heart feel alive, pounding against her chest, her stomach full of butterflies.
She doesn’t realize but at this point a couple of lonely tears left her eyes, lot’s of emotions hitting her heart.
Jacob is looking carefully at her face, saving this moment in his memory, a weird sensation placing in his stomach, trying to stay calm, but god, he’s so nervous, and he don’t even know why.
He has showed tons of songs to her, from demos to official songs.. but never one specially made for her.
He poured all of his heart in every single word, that’s why it took so long, he wanted the song to be perfect.
Once the song ended she takes off the headphones, resting them on her lap, trying to distract herself from the sensation of wanting to cry.
You and Jacob have been dating for years and all those years none of you had said those three words, the three words that at some point almost everyone find important. Neither of you believed it was necessary, you both thought actions were enough to show how you feel for each other, but hell, it felt so good to hear those words coming out of his mouth.
“It was that great?” Jacob asks, trying to cut off the almost suffocating silence, you airily laugh, clearing your throat, wiping the few tears that stained your face —yeah, you failed miserably to stop them.
His heart squeezes when he caught her drying her face.
“I love it.. I love it so much.” you say, thick tears fogging up your eyes.
Jacob brings his hand to Y/n’s face, caressing her cheeks after cleaning a new falling tear, “I’m glad you love it.”
“Where can I buy this?” Jacob chuckles at her half-joked comment, “I don’t want anyone to heard it.” eyes still looking at her with so much care, love... passion.
“It’s yours..” his hands holds yours very tight, as an attempt of transmitting his emotions. “all yours. I made it specially for you.”
Tumblr media
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stormcastello · 8 minutes ago
Her Voice - Atsumu Miya
Masterlist 👇
10 - Will ya sing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N singer to calm down Atsumu on facetime. This was the first time she did it for anyone ;). Needless to say Atsumu was on cloud nine. <3
Everyone passed their finals and are now in their 3rd year of highschool.
Taglist - @mariyeahh @bakugouswh0r3
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ameeralbayatyi · 8 minutes ago
Watch "Multi Role Helicopter #aviation #flying #pilots" on YouTube
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some-weeb-chick · 10 minutes ago
Heeheehoo— *falls off my unicycle* ah sh-
Hello there may I request for Melody with a friend that likes hearing melody play? May it be the flute or a different instrument, they'd always be so happy to be able to listen to her play? It's fine if you don't want to or don't know how to do this request disjja have a lovely day :DD
a / n : if you fall I'm sending hisoka to pick you and your broken bike up 💀✋🏼 this request is so cute, enjoy :)
genre / format : SFW melody with a friend who loves hearing her music headcanons
warnings : none
Tumblr media
we all know melody loves music, so the fact that you enjoy her music specifically warms her heart
with other people she might've felt like she was annoying them by practicing in front of them but with you there none of that insecurity
when melody first played her flute in your presence, she was so relieved that you liked it
I headcanon that she wrote a song about you and how she was happy to have someone like you want to be friends with her
10 / 10, musical bestie vibes only when it's you and melody 💃🏻
you eventually found the notebook she wrote the song in and she was embarrassed but it became a nice memory :)
the two of you laughing sometimes at the shocked face she made when she saw you holding the paper
from then on, she became even more comfortable sharing her hobby with you
melody will ask your help occasionally with writing pieces but she'll accidentally make it really confusing 💀
"if this note here is a C, and this one is a D, should I put an F or a G there? or should I switch the positions of the C and D altogether?"
the majority of the time you can tell her mood by what her music sounds like
if it's more light and upbeat, she's glad and doing good
if it's more slow and somber, maybe a piano piece, you might need to check in on her
overall melody loves that you appreciate her music and let her talk about it and play it and involve you <3
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sly-merlin · 15 minutes ago
Focus | loey
Tumblr media
-angst with fluff ending
- requested by @ordinarybitch0466 here zu goooooo
-loey is a cutie pie and you shud love him and yes I'm making the rules here. The military colleagues of beagle line are gonna be the happiest i just know that!!
Tumblr media
The four glasses of alcohol did nothing to calm your nerves. Even though his body was grinding on someone else's, his gaze was fixated on your figure fidgeting with the shot of vodka. The bass boosted music wasn't enough to drown your thoughts either. No, you didn't mean to participate in his little staredown in a club for fucks sake but his menacing eyes had you trapped in the same place for the past thirty minutes. He had you cornered with the filthy smirk of his. As his hands traced the curves of that stranger, his lips curves upwards as if to repeat what his throat had actually screamed on the day of your breakup, that you were nothing without him, that your heart was a slave of his, that you were mistaken in your belief that someone better than him would ever love you back.
You knew you should be looking away from the toxic man but you couldn't. The thought of him having so much power over you, even after a month, burnt your throat more than the liquid you were consuming. Words hurt, apparently even though the person who uttered them remains just a memory and nothing else.
While being busy pitying your head, you missed your best friend's arrival.
"Let's dance, grandma" in his signature cheerful voice, chanyeol mocked you. You shook your head and refused but according to him, he was the living God of this world and you had no right to reject him. Hence, you were dragged away and now you were watching those eyes more closely, almost piercing into yours.
Before your mind could play anymore, you were turned around with an arm circling your waist, chanyeol’s mysterious face greeting you with unknown gleam. Suddenly, his fingers raised your chin in the softest of manner, his cracked lips asking you to give him what he deserved. “I want this'' with newfound courage, you mouthed it exactly when you felt his fingers slipping away. And with newfound hope, he tugged you closer before leaning into your lips, driving you to a place where it was hard to focus on anyone but him.
Tumblr media
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kannabot · 21 minutes ago
Heyhey! It’s the yandere childe x reader anon. Uh, sorry for not specifying, Yeah the reader and the s/o are the same people. And like childe had to drug the reader cuz if he had to go somewhere the reader won’t let go of him. THank you
Yandere Childe x clingy!gn!Reader
Note : Thank you so much for responding anon! I was unsure how to approach this request so hopefully I did good—
Warning/s : yandere themes, drvgging, just two people being obsessed with each other, unhealthy relationship, death, childe murdering people idk
Song I listened to while wrinting this - An Unhealthy Obsession - The Blake Robsinson Synthetic Orchestra
He hadn't expected for you to return his feelings. Don't get him wrong— he was the happiest man when he found out you felt the same way as he did but he had expected you to run away.
To give him the thrill of the chase once you found out he killed your friend. It irritated him to see you always hanging around them when only he deserved your attention.
But in truth, you were only doing so for they were your one and only friend. So their sudden disappearance had made you feel incredibly empty.
You craved attention as always, you guessed it to be because of the way you are brought up but the moment someone gave you attention— you cling to them.
So it was inevitable that you stick to Childe's side always the moment he came out of the shadows to formally meet you.
From then on he began spoiling you with attention, taking you to places and having cute little dates.
This was different. From your friend, parents and even the attention the stray dogs paid you became irrelevant the moment he placed his hand on your face and planted a kiss on your lips.
From that moment, he became your everything. No one and nothing else mattered except him, the only thing you need were his eyes and hands on you.
Childe often pondered if his love for you was less than the one you had for him for he can afford to leave you for days to go and carry out his duties for the Tsaritsa while you...
You'd often act like you'd rather die than spend even a minute away from him so much so that he resorted to this.
Holding the small vial in his gloved hand, he watched you sit quietly in the chair, reading a book he had given you.
"Are you thirsty, sweetheart?" He asked and though you weren't, you nodded.
Giggling at the idea of him fixing you a drink and that he did, preparing your favourite tea with an extra ingredient.
Archons, he loves you. He worshipped the ground you walked on but it's impossible to do his duties that involved dangerous situations when you would be intent on joining him.
You lacked a vision or any sword training so he couldn't take you to carry out the jobs he was given, as much as he'd love to. He'd rather you stay safe and sound in your shared home than be at risk.
But you never listened.
Always putting up a fight that he'd have to have Fatui agents holding you bag for he can't bring himself to pry your arms off him and push you away. He'd sooner cut his hands off than do that.
And so he handed you the cup, you smiled gratefully and inhaled the refreshing scent. Taking a sip and Childe snapped the book away from your lap, having predicted you dropping the cup to the ground and almost getting the book wet—
Luckily you didn't burn yourself with the spilled tea and immediately lost consciousness.
Childe lets out a sigh, setting the book aside and noting to dilute the drug next time so you won't be dropping instantly.
He made sure the drug he used would make it so you won't remember him handing you the tea, he can't have you rejecting future tea offers from him when he has to leave for work.
He picked you up, walking to the bed and setting you down. Pulling the covers over you, he smiled.
He adored just how intensely you returned his affections but he also had a job to do, he'll just make it up to you later.
END.requests are open!
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thefieryphoenix · 21 minutes ago
I have no idea if ur accepting requests or not, but what about yandere Hawks with an s/o who when kidnapped is like "this is fine," and is SO chill abt it to the point where it's scary? Like they see Hawks kill someone that was following them around and they're like "Haha, okay, Keigo. Let's go home so the police don't arrest you,"
He’s gonna be confused at first. Like why aren’t you screaming for help or attacking him when you clearly saw what he was doing to your friend with your own 2 eyes?! Nevertheless, he’ll be glad that you aren’t causing such a scene. But to be clear, he’ll ask you if you’re planning on telling on him (Not like you’d be able to since one, who’d believe that you saw the number 2 pro hero murdering your friends in broad daylight? And two: He won’t give you the chance to escape from his grasp now that you’ve caught him) and when you shake that cute head of yours, he’ll come over to you and pepper your face with kisses trailing down your neck and he’ll take you back to his house assuring you that you’ll be all right and just fine with him 
He’ll test you for a few days at first since as much as he doesn’t want to believe that you could be planning something behind his back, he still has to have his guard up. So, he’ll test your loyalty to him with things like leaving the front door open to see if you’ll escape and leave the windows open and the phones on to see if you’ll call for help. Imagine is surprise when you do nothing of that sort, he’ll be freaking THRILLED and now he’s convinced you’re his soulmate and he’ll never let you go out of his grasp. You’ll have a nice family with him and after all, it was based on YOUR liking 
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chicken-fifi · 29 minutes ago
Waiting Game - Taecyeon Imagine
Requested by anon: May I request an expansion of Taecyeon's entry from the Nightmare reaction? He's at his S/O's bedside in the hospital, waiting for them to wake up. He hears a commotion and multiple loud voices. He recognizes one as belonging to the attacker. Livid, he goes and finds that the attacker has been admitted to the hospital after they harmed themselves in custody. He confronts the attacker. The terrified latter's pathetic excuses have Taecyeon seeing deep red...
Expansion of:  Their S/O’s Nightmare Comes True
Word count: 786 words
Tumblr media
Taecyeon held his head in his hands, he felt his eyes water. He hadn’t gotten emotional at all during the actual incident - he wasn’t even emotional in the ambulance. But now that he was faced with seeing your unconscious form in a hospital bed, it was all hitting him. He felt the first few teardrops spill from his eyes, falling on this jean and leaving a dark blotch in their wake. Raising his head, he took in your unconscious form.
The bandage wrapped around your head was stained a light pink, a sign that while he’d been out speaking to a few officers, it had been changed. The paramedics had done a good job of keeping the bleeding to a minimum, but even they were unsure how much force the attacker had used while wielding their weapon. Even now, the doctors were still running test after test and taking scan after scan to make sure your head injury was getting the proper care it needed. 
Why didn’t he listen? He did listen. He’d started to get worried about your dreams. So why hadn’t he done something to prevent this? Why didn’t he talk to the company to get more security when you were both out? Why this? Why that? Why you? Why you? Why did you get in the way? Why didn’t you let him get hit? Why, why why?
His questions raced in his head making it spin as he looked at you. While it was your choice to keep him safe, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for being the reason you were in this position to begin with. There were so many things he could’ve done to prevent this, or at least be ready for it. Yet he hadn’t done any of it. 
Thoughts raced through his head as he reached out and grabbed your hand running his thumb over your knuckles, carefully lifting it to his lips and placing a kiss on it. As he set it down beside your still body, his ear picked up some rakus from outside in the hall. 
Immediately his ear picked out one specific voice. 
It was a voice he wouldn’t be able to forget.
Taecyeon slowly got out of the chair he was in and walked over to the door sticking it head out slowly and looking down the hallway. His eyes locked onto a woman who was bleeding profusely from a head injury, her hands behind her back in handcuffs. Blood boiling, he looked over his shoulder seeing your unconscious form. The voices in the hallway got louder as nurses began escorting the woman past your door to a room further down the hall.
As they walked past, the woman’s eyes widened seeing Taecyeon. He glared harshly at her blood boiling even more. His eyes followed the woman until she disappeared into a room, the door closing behind her. 
Taecyeon opened the door and walked into the room the woman was in. Closing it lightly, he walked further into the room the soft gasp of the woman filling the air as she saw him walk around the saw hallway entrance
“Do you have any idea the damage you’ve caused the love of my life?” he asked, his tone holding no emotion and deathly grave. “Do you have any idea how pain they are in because of you?”
Her eyes shook, “It was an accident.”
Taecyeon let out a dry laugh, biting the inside of his cheek before letting out a forced smile in effort to remain calm. “An accident? Hitting my partner with a baseball bat was an accident?”
“I thought you were someone else. I was looking for someone else. I was meaning to hit you - or them. It was supposed to be-”
Before she could finish her sentence, Taecyeon punched the wall near him, silencing her. 
“An accident?” he repeated. “HOW THE FUCK IS THAT AN ACCIDENT!?”
Without a second thought, he strode over to the hospital bed, gripping the woman’s shoulders and pulling her from her lying position on the bed into a sitting one. Face to face with your attacker, he sneered.
“Don’t think for a moment that you’ll be getting away so easily from this. I’m going to make sure that you get exactly what you deserve.”
Letting go, she fell back, eyes wide as Taecyeon walked out of the room and back to your’s and taking a seat in the chair beside your bed. He let out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding. Closing his eyes, he blindly reached out taking your hand.
“I promise you, she won’t get away with this.”
Looking at you, he licked his lips. For now, it would be a waiting game.
A/N: I hope this is what you were expecting. Please give some feedback if you can. I would love to hear from you. 
Have a good day!
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thefieryphoenix · 35 minutes ago
Hi, can you please write a yandere Thor headcanon? Thank you.
Sure :)
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Thor won’t make it certain to ANYONE that he’s a yandere at first. And heck, even HE won’t have a clue that he’s a yandere or not. He likes showing off a little when he’s around you and putting impressive thunderstorms and challenging people to life the Mjolnir and that sort of thing to prove he’s worthy for you. He’s like a little puppy always wanting some form of attention from his beloved. He is clingy no doubt about that always wanting you to notice him and if you don’t well... he’s going to go around sulking and grumping and maybe causing thunder storms on poor unsuspecting people 
He isn’t shy for wanting affection from you that’s for sure. When he wants something, he will get it. Thor’s way of affection isn’t that creepy or weird. People might think you’re really good friends or something. He loves being close to you and always wants to be with you when you go for missions or something. And even if you’re not an Avenger, he just likes being around you. Any sort of physical contact between you both like hugs and hand holding is more than okay for him, his heart will literally be leaping till the moon
He likes seeing you laugh but will get jealous if you direct your beautiful smile and laughs at other people instead of him. So, he’ll always have some corny or cheesy dad jokes prepared mentally so he can make you laugh and feel good about it. Man here can be really creative about his jokes, they can range from hilarious ones to cheesy ones to dad jokes and puns and the most weirdest and bizarre jokes you’ve ever heard in your life. You’ll love spending time with him since he makes you feel... warm and nice and also he makes you laugh 
Now, he’s really protective of the people he cares about and when it comes to you, he OVER protective. He’ll always look out for you and will just wave his hand dismissively when you tell him you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself. As strong and powerful as you may be, Thor here sees you as a gentle delicate precious flower that needs to be protected at all times. He’ll first tell you to look carefully at the road while you’re crossing and make sure you don’t stay out till late in the night and stuff like that. Till he starts poking his nose into your personal life and matters 
Despite his friendly nature and attitude, he ain’t one to take shit from anyone, and when someone tries targeting you for something, he’ll get pissed. He’s one of the most powerful Avengers on the team and he isn’t afraid to put his strength and his hammer to good use if someone decides to mess with you since your safety is of UTMOST importance to him
Thor isn’t aggressive he just appears to be because of his height and intimidating personality but deep down he’s a literal cinnamon roll and a cuddly bear. With issues that is
Loki may or may not tease him for his obsession of you from time to time just to get reactions from him
He’ll take you to Asgard soon after his crush deepens even more and then he decides that he needs you to be with him and tell you you’ll be the perfect king/ queen of Asgard with him. He will be incredibly sweet, caring and gentle towards you. He knows he can overpower you in literally less than a second but he prefers to tone down the aggression with you since he doesn’t want you to be scared of him. His poor heart will shatter if you become scared or nervous around him. He is the literal incarnation of the devil when it comes to others and he isn’t scared to get his hands dirty if anyone tries taking you away from him and he’ll make that crystal clear. Anyone who even looks at you for a second longer will have his hammer at their neck and he doesn’t care of they’re a guy or girl
He will shower you with presents and gifts if you’re good with him and he’ll give you jewelry and things like that. He just wants some love and affection from you so please give it to him. He will give you whatever you ask for, books, music whatever it is. You ask, you get. In the blink of an eye
He won’t like it too much if you hang out with Loki than him and he needs constant reassurance from you that you won’t leave him or he’ll get sad and grumpy. When it comes to punishments, he’ll just hold you and ask you if what he’s doing for you isn’t good enough, if he isn’t good enough for you. He’s a damn good manipulator, that’s for sure. He doesn’t like yelling at you or raising his hands at you since that’s no way to treat his beloved and he frowns upon any sort or form of violence if he has to deal with you when you’re being bad. If you get on his nerves by yelling at him, he’ll just lock you up in a room till you’re ready to say sorry and calm down
As a yandere, Thor is pretty tame and gentle when it comes down to you. As long as you’re by his side and tell him you love him, things will be better for you, him and everyone else around you
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selfshipping-afterhours · 35 minutes ago
imagine commanding your f/o around. they thrive off the orders you give them.
if you need it, they're on it. you need a bath drawn and they'll do it. you need sexual pleasure and they are all yours to use as you please. no matter how degrading or humiliating.
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spidernerdsblog · 51 minutes ago
Hi! I’d like to request a Tom imagine where he becomes distant and not the same Tom you knew before so when you lay in bed on opposite side facing different directions, you start to silently sob and he doesn’t notice. It goes on for a couple of nights and you leave early in the morning but one day Tom wakes up and sees the tear stained pillow and feels awful because he’s been so cold to the reader. Thanks :))
False God
A/N : This took me forever apologies for that. Based on the song ‘false god’ by TS. Hope you like this.
Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings : angst 
Tumblr media
Everything seemed perfect until it wasn’t. Your rather happy and prosperous life was crumbling in front of your eyes and you didn’t know what to do. A rift has been forming between you and Tom and it is getting wider day by day. 
Since the day Tom has returned from filming he has been acting distant. Your long late night conversations where he used to pour his heart out to sharing each and every thing that happened with him while he was away has come down to bare minimum only if it's necessary. His hugs no longer had the warmth you were familiar with; neither were his kisses. It felt forced and deliberate.
You knew that being in a relationship with a world known actor like Tom would be tough. He is always travelling to different places around the world to make more movies but never you’d imagine that distance would become the weak point of your relationship. Everybody had warned you about times like this when the distance between you would feel way too much as if you don’t know the person anymore. It made you question your decisions, maybe it was crazy of you to rush into a relationship. The promises you made to be there for each other now feels stupid and childish.
After finishing all your daily chores you headed to your shared bedroom. Tom was already in bed glancing at the ceiling lost in his own thoughts as you walked to your side of the bed and laid down. Everything was so still only the shallow breathing of yours could be heard the silence cutting to your core. You tried to take the initiative and went to wrap your arms around him and snuggle close as you always used to do. 
“Not tonight baby I’m tired” to your surprise Tom pushed you away with a hint irritation in his voice as he turned to his side facing his back to you. You retracted your hands in guilt of coming off as clingy. You turn to your side as you sob silently, the fact that you were so close to each other but it felt he was out of your reach.
You hoped that things would get better, maybe he needed some space but it just got worse for you. It looked like he was avoiding you as he spent most of the time outside of the house. Is this what everybody warned you about? The guy who used to follow you around like a lovesick fool suddenly you feel you have become an eye sore for him. But still you wanted to hold on to the last straw. You were blinded by the faith in him and the love you had that made you keep your hopes alive that this shall pass and soon he come running back to you.
You didn’t want to give up so easily as you tried to make him talk to you about whatever it was bothering him but he was always cold and resilient about it.
“Hey hon let's go out for dinner tonight what do you say?” you ask thinking that you both needed to blow of some steam and enjoy.
“Nah I'm good babe” he turns down your offer plainly engrossed in watching whatever was playing on the TV while sitting on the couch.
“Oh ok” you say gloomily as you turn to go back to your room when you hear his phone ring.
“Hey Haz what's up mate?” Tom sounded cheerful as he talked to his best friend.
“At the pub? Yeah sure why not. I'll be there by seven” he confirms before hanging up the phone.
That hurted you immensely has your relationship come to this where he’d rather not go out spend a little time with you. Has his dislike for you gone to that extent? you thought fighting back your tears. The last blow came when the other day you accidentally overheard him while he was in the study speaking to someone on his phone.
“No I can’t do this anymore. I’m fucking tired!” Tom said with distaste in his voice.
That was it you couldn’t bear to hear anymore as you ran to your bedroom with tears in your eyes. You sat on the bed as your eyes went to the framed photographs of you and Tom as memories flashed in front of your eyes. You looked so happy around each other everything seemed so perfect but now he is tired of you. You are no more his favorite thing to look at. If it is so then why pretend? If he’s eventually gonna break your heart why not get it done already you don’t want to be a burden in someone’s life.
With these thoughts you cried yourself to sleep only wishing if this was a bad dream and once you wake up you will find yourself in his arms. 
Next day you woke up early in the morning to find Tom sleeping next to you peacefully, a loose curl falling over his eye. A smile formed on your face as you went to brush it off but stopped when the memory of last night returned back to you. You felt suffocated as the air in the room felt heavy. You wanted to scream and vent out everything you had inside you, you just want an answer to why is he acting like this? What was your fault?
Your head started to ache and after a lot of thought you decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air to clear your head.
Tom stirs in his sleep and turns around on his side, his hand reaching out to pull you closer out of habit but he is met with thin air. He pats around your side of the bed with his eyes still closed to find the sheets cold. His eyes shoot open realizing you weren’t there as he sits up.
“Y/N” he calls out, rubbing his eyes. His eyes went to your pillow, the fabric of the pillow case covered with wet blotches as realization dawned upon him. You were crying and he was the reason behind your tears. 
“Shit..” he was overcome with guilt and slid off the bed.
“Y/N! Y/N!” Tom called out to you rushing down the stairs but you weren’t in the living room
“Love, where are you?” he frantically searched everywhere for you in the house but you were nowhere to be found. He dropped down on the couch letting out a deep sigh in regret. He himself knew that he had been distant to you for a reason that he cannot say to you which was eating him up from inside. He hurt you to the extent that now you are gone. He had no idea what to do now, where to go and find you. He was about to call Harry when the front door unlocked and you walked in with Tessa by your side.
“That was a nice walk isn’t it Tess?” you say catching your breath as you slip off your running shoes when your eyes went to a very devastated Tom.
“Tom are you alright?” you ask with concern. His eyes darted towards you as he stands up and sprints to you engulfing you in his embrace. Oh how much you missed this you thought closing your eyes in content face nuzzled into his chest as you inhaled his faint cologne. You pull away after some time and gazed into his eyes red and puffy. A few tears of joy of seeing you again slipped down them.
“Is everything ok bubs?” you ask him again cradling his face wiping his tears with your thumbs affectionately.
“Where were you?” his voice comes out broken.
“I woke up early so thought to go on a walk with Tess. Plus I was feeling very cooped up in the house so needed some fresh air”
“I-I saw the empty bed then I saw your pillow I-I thought you left, I got so scared Y/N” he sniffled.
“Truth be told I was actually thinking of leaving. I can't live like this anymore, Tom. You and me living under the same roof acting like strangers it’s becoming mentally strenuous for me” you finally vent it out.
“I know- I know I have been a complete jerk to you lately. I was so wrapped up inside my head-”
“It’s ok Tom if you don’t want to be in this relationship anymore just say it I won’t bother you anymore” you say bitterly.
“What are you saying love?” Tom looked at you in disbelief.
“Last night I heard you, Tom, that you’re tired of this, of me. Tom you should have just told me I would have left then and there”
“No that wasn’t what I was talking about” Tom shakes his head dismissively as you tried to stay calm.
“It’s ok Tom people fall out of love I’m not blaming you but you should have told me first instead of telling about it to someone else”
“You don’t understand Y/N. I-I…” he slumps on the couch holding his forehead feeling mentally drained out. You sit beside him holding on to his arm.
“Then make me understand Tom. What is it? Just talk to me baby” you pleaded your hand went to cup his face as you made him look at you.
“Derek, my PR manager wants me to break up with you” he finally lets it out as you gave him a confused and surprised look.
“What? But why?”
“Apparently he thinks our relationship is affecting my social image” he sighs sadly.
“Do you think that too?” you mumble looking down.
“What? No, love. I would never. You are the best thing that has happened to me” he reassures you “Since the day he told me had me so stressed I didn’t know how to handle this whole thing and in that process I pushed you away, I hurt you...” he rambles.   
“But what are you gonna do?”
“Nothing. I told him I can’t do this and I’m tired”
“So you weren’t..?” you looked at him with doubtful eyes.
“Yes honey I was telling him that I can’t do whatever he is asking me to do” he cradles your face with his large palms “I can never get over you, not in this lifetime at least. And I’m sorry I acted like that. Can you forgive me love?” he looks at you with guilt in his eyes. You break into a soft smile as you hold to his hands.
“I can never be angry at you dummy. Just please don't do this again if anything bothers you just talk to me okay?” Tom nods in understanding “I don’t like to see you like this. You mean the world to me you know that right?”
“And so are you to me love. I promise this won't happen again” he says pulling you in his embrace.
Tumblr media
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gyecm · an hour ago
Alice in the Wonderland!Haikyū. It's nsfw in my head. Does this exist? Atsumu and Osamu as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Ushijima as the King of Hearts.
My mind >>>
Tumblr media
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ratgowrites · an hour ago
how can I not smile? // jo gyehyeon
Tumblr media
so uuuhhh another short imagine i guess??? this time with gyehyeon so i dunno. enjoy tho
words count: 420
genre: fluff
pairing: gyehyeon (verivery) x reader
„My God, what happened?” you asked, when Gyehyeon entered the house with pretty bad wounds on his face. Cuts on his lips and eyebrow, scratched nose and dirty cheeks, just like his hands were horrible to look at. You came to him, worried, and when he took off his shoes, you pulled him with you.
“I tripped on the sidewalk” Gyehyeon answered plainly, with a stupid smile on the mere thought. He came to the kitchen and sat on the chair you showed him. You took the first aid kit from the cupboard, as he continued. “I was just walking and I didn’t notice something was laying there... and after a second I was just... laying on the ground and... I dunno, it just happened.”
“You’re stupid” you stated, frowning a bit. You pulled out a small bottle of salicylic alcohol and slowly started to cleanse the wounds, while Gyehyeon tried to not make a sound. It burned like hell. “I know it hurts, but I have to clean it...”
He just sighed with pain, when the alcohol met his cut lip. He tried to focus on something else than the pain, so he started to look at you. Seeing your focus, and anxiety, he lost his tongue for a moment, because the realization of having someone who cares about him, hit him like a big-ass truck.
“Move your head up a bit, please” Gyehyeon heard and quickly did what you asked him to, looking you in the eyes at the same time. He couldn’t help but just smile, which caused pain with his cut lips. You giggled quietly, because of how weird your boyfriend reacts. “You start laughing and then you’re surprised it hurts?”
“How can I not smile when I look at you, huh?” he answered, looking at you again, which made you look at your hands and sigh with slight amusement. You cleaned up all the wounds, so you reached for some patches.
“There’s some with Disney princesses...” you noticed quietly, but without much thought you grabbed one of the Disney princess patch and sealed the wound on Gyehyeon’s nose. You smiled a bit on that sight. You quickly sealed other wounds and you couldn’t help but smile; Gyehyeon with a pink patch on his nose looked so cute. “You’re so brave, but also stupid... Maybe that’s why I fell for you..”
And with that, you kissed him on the nose and forehead, and hid the aid kit back to the cupboard.
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iwaizumiya · an hour ago
ohkay hi! may i just say, that i've just encountered your blog and i am already LOVING IT period. i just love it. it's amazing.
alright, i was thinking maybe you could do something like first meeting headcanons. and hopefully for the manager of karasuno 👀 (i was mainly thinking of the manager being a second year but ig it's not that important) it could be something like meeting at a training camp, or at a game, or at nationals, something like that. and i was thinking kuroo, oikawa and atsumu i love that man so much fml
that would be it ly! 💘
Tumblr media
includes - kuroo tetsurou, oikawa tooru and miya atsumu
a/n - hi bub!! hehe thank you for your support i love you <33 i loved this req lmao hope you like it!
published date - 11/05/21
Tumblr media
- bro lets be completely honest, he is an absolute stuttering mess when he first meets you
- he doesn't even realise that you can see him just staring at you for a solid five minutes
- this man has 0 experience with picking up girls so he will just be saying the worst pick up lines ever or some random fact that no one cares about
- it was the first day of the tokyo training camp with karasuno, nekoma and fukurodani and you and some of the other manager's were in charge of making lunch and dinner
- since you were in the kitchen basically for the entire day, you never really had the change to meet any other the other players
- once dinner arrives, they all flood into the cafeteria looking a little bit... dead?
- you serve them their food, only receiving a toneless "thank you"
- until kuroo walked in, as rowdy and loud as he is
- when he arrived in front of you to get his rice and soup, he just stopped and looked at you
"good work today! here's your food"
kuroo: o-o
"um is there something on my face?"
"im sorry"
- when i tell you the silence that just filled up the room
- and then he just awkwardly runs away to his table where kenma was and just plopped on the table, his face hiding in his arms while kenma is just very uncomfortably patting kuroo's back in comfort
- the next day at breakfast, you sneaked your number onto his food tray (that was on a piece of paper) and he didn't even notice it was there until he nearly ate it
- from that day on, you'll just see him awkwardly trying to make conversation with you
- when you switched with yachi to help out the boys during the day like filling up water bottles and shit, kuroo is trying to impress you but is also doing incredibly shitty at the same time
- he pulled a hinata a couple times and got hit straight in the face by bokuto
- but to his surprise, you were already in the nurse's office because tanaka starting waving his shirt around and accidentally hit nishinoya right in the nose
- kuroo acts like he had a broken arm or something just so you can baby him
- he genuinely believes in love at first sight and asks you out at the end of the training camp lol he has no patience
- it was at the spring high preliminaries and both teams were warming up
- it was his turn to spike when boom bam he hits you straight in the face
oikawas brain: oh no i hit pretty girl. i should ask pretty girl if she's okay. pretty girl really pretty
- while daichi is trying to stop noya and tanaka from ripping oikawas hair out, he was already running towards you, asking if you were okay
- you insisted you were okay as you were kind of embarrassed with the crowd watching you, and soon after, the game had began
- oikawa was already thinking of 12 ways he could apologise to you but for now, he had to focus on the game
- whenever there was a timeout or break, he noticed the small twitches in your eye and the bruises that were faint, but still there
- although the game had resulted in karasuno's win, oikawa couldn't help but feel worse when he saw you wince in pain when hinata excitedly pulled you into his chest for a hug
- kiyoko recommended you go to the nurse's office but there was no point since you were about to leave anyways
- like kuroo, this man acts as if no one can see him staring at you like a creep for afar
- you rolled your eyes for the 30th time that day when oikawa approached you again as you were about to get on the bus
"hey you! are you sure you're okay?"
"im fine, thanks"
"are you sure? is there something you want me to do for you?"
- he doesn't really know how to continue this conversation so he just stands there, waiting for you to say something
"you seem a little desperate oikawa-san"
- he turns into a blushing mess when you tease him and you cannot tell me otherwise
"what about a date then? as an apology. i don't think i can sleep at night if i don't at least try to make it up to you"
"sorry not interested"
"OH right.. sorry i just thou-"
"i was just joking oikawa-san, tomorrow at 5?"
- on the date he keeps mentioning how nervous he was because of how pretty he thought you were and how he couldn't sleep
- love sick bitch
- he also tries to be so damn smooth as well and he thinks that it's working but it really isn't
- pls for the love of god just boost his ego he needs it
- i swear you could be celebrating your 3 year anniversary but he will still be mentioning that day, telling everyone how it was fate or whatever
- and you could be on the side like what mf my face hurt for like 3 weeks shut up
- yay we're at nationals
- anyways the venue was fucking massive so you'll end up getting lost right?
- well yes, but you didn't really expect it to be when you were trying to escort hinata to the fucking toilets
- it was only 20 minutes until their match against inarizaki was gonna start and that mf was still in the bathroom
- and you can't exactly enter the men's bathroom so you just started pacing in front of the door like a psycho
- conveniently atsumu and suna were walking to the bathroom and saw you just muttering to yourself
- he honestly thought you were some time of perv and hella weird
"OI CREEP, what the hell a ya doing?" says the man with piss hair and reeks of axe
- and like a movie, you turn around, hair flipping in the wind and he can hear angels singing and a bright light surrounds you
- mans is on the flooring crying because wtf he just saw the most beautiful person he's ever seen
- pls snap him out of it, ur friend is probably shitting his pants in the toilets behind you and you need to see if he's okay
- he cannot keep eye contact for the life of him
- you could just be like "i'm really sorry but im the mangager for karasuno and one of my friends are in there, so can you just check on him pls"
- and he'll just smile and nod at whatever you say like "mhm yeah totally karasuno? mhm thats hot, wanna go out with me?"
- atsumu is like a demon possessed him and suna out here watching him like tf i just need to take a piss man shut up
- yeah you left with atsumu's number and left hinata all alone
- he left the bathroom and almost cried when he realised he got ditched for dick
Tumblr media
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