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#draco x reader
emmamalfoyweasleysworld · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
𝕀 𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕕 𝕒 𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝
A/N: hi so this is my first story imagine thingy so yeah i do hogwarts characters and i take requests 😻so yeah hope you enjoy - your lovely ✍️ author
dracoxreaderxa little bit if pansy
description: you shared a moment with pansy and ended up kissing and you know you have to tell draco but your really hoping he dosent break up with you or get to mad
inspired by a kissed a girl by katie pery
warnings: kissing or making out, and mentions of sex
ok enjoy
𝓘 𝓴𝓲𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭 𝓪 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓲 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮𝓭 𝓲𝓽, 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓽𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓴
“what plans do you have tonight?” Pansy asked while I clearly zoned out by staring at the blazing fire in the slytherin common room. “What?” I asked. “ I said what plans do you have tonight?” Pansy said repeating herself. “ oh um I don’t know I thought about going to the ravenclaws common room party.” You replied “ really they have the most boring partys.” Pansy said. “ yeah I guess ill just hang out with Draco.” I said. ”y/n.” Pansy said with a hint of lust in her voice. “Yes pansy.” I replied. “ have you ever thought about dating girls.” Pansy replied. “ um cant say I have, I mean it could be nice I guess, why?” I said. “ have you ever kissed a girl she said.” No.” I said “ do you want to?” “ um I dont kn-“ before I could finish her lips were on mine Im not gonna lie it was a very euphoric feeling for some reason I just couldnt stop. Eventually she pulled away after about 3 minutes of making out. “cherry chapstick?” I asked. “ yes.” She replied smirking. “ goodnight y/n she said while smiling. “Night.” I said. I really hope she dosent think were a thing now I mean shes my best friend but i dont like her that way I just think of that kiss an experiment thing. The worst part was trying to find a way to tell draco.
𝓗𝓸𝓹𝓮 𝓶𝔂 𝓫𝓸𝔂𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓭𝓸𝓷𝓽 𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓭 𝓲𝓽
you slowly got up and left the common room and headed for the boys dormitory to go to Dracos dorm, you have to tell him now you thought. When you arrived to his dorm you gently knocked and Draco opened the door annoyed. “ oh its just you.” He said letting you in. “Draco I have to tell you something.” You say with nervousness in your voice. “ yes?” Dracos says a little nervously. “ i might of kissed pansy you said.” He didnt say anything and the silence was killing you. finally he broke the silence. “ curious now are we?” He said. “ yeah, and i might of liked it.” I said..” you not going to leave me are you.” He says.” No ofc not just wanted to tell you.” “ im glad you did y/n now I can invite pansy the next time we” He says seductively. You thought he would be mad not..happy? “ you would really share me with her.” I asked. “ of course if thats what you want, i mesn it would be more fun to watch you under so much pleasure with me and pansy.” You breath got caught in your throat. you opened your mouth to say something but nothing wanted to come out . You eventually got your voice back and said “ i would really like that” ” Good.” You dont know what you just got yourself into but you liked it.
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shelby-love · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I bet you 1$ you didn’t see this coming! 
I’m probably making this bigger than it actually is, but hey, it’s what I do.
Dramatics aside, I’m happy to say that I’ve never been more excited, and here’s why:
Summer has officially started for me, hence why I’m here now. All of my hard work has paid of when it comes to school, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. School is the reason behind my (unannounced) hiatus, and the sole cause of my many sleepless nights. It’s why my motivation went down the drain and why your requests have been sleeping inside my ask. But that’s all over now, and before I really jump back into my normal (though this time upgraded) routine, there are a few things that need to be said.
Tumblr media
First and foremost, I would like to redirect you to my schedule. Here you can see how many requests have been written and posted on Ao3. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time other requests have been sitting in my ask, they will (as far as I know) not be written. I had a clear idea for each one of them, but those ideas were never started on paper. If I had time to put them into words, I would urge myself to finish them, just like I did many of these. I would much rather put out quality than quantity, so that’s why they will not be written.
Tumblr media
Secondly, I would like to share with you all that my request box is now open! The ball is on your side of the field (quoting my math teacher here lol). Send me fresh, new requests, and I’ll make them happen. If you don’t know what fandoms I write for, you can check out this list where all of them are listed, and if you want more in depth regarding characters you can check that out here.
Tumblr media
Apart from being active when it comes to writing, I am, and this is a pinky promise, going to be a lot more sociable on here. Discussions, events, and challenges will be a normality here once I build up the audience. I want to be friends with all of you, and I want this blog to be your haven as well, not just mine. Oh! Book discussions!!! I love that, prepare for it!
Tumblr media
I have yet to start preparing my Wattpad exclusive content, so I will take my time with that. As you can see, I am trying to preserve my energy. I don’t want to overcook my brain. Ao3 is still my early access and is going to be for a loooong time! Everything in my schedule is already posted on Ao3.
Tumblr media
I have never given writing advice, but because I have been expanding in rl more and more of my friends know about my love for writing and have praised it immensely. If you wish, I can be your beta reader or a simple hand of support. I didn’t have that when I began this account, and I seriously wish I did.
Tumblr media
With summer comes more time, and with more time comes more reading! My side-blog is through time, as I read more fanfiction on here, going to be a real fanfiction archive. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for a long time, but haven’t had time to pursue. Hopefully that will change!
Tumblr media
I’ll get going now...thanks! <3
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dracossweetprincess · 2 hours ago
family man | d.m
Tumblr media
request: yes/no
preview: scorpious doesn’t react well to draco giving him his first timeout
warnings: post!war, husband!au, dad!draco, overall fluff
due to draco having a terrible excuse of a father growing up, draco feared that one day when he himself became a father, that he would end being treating his son the same way. although his wife y/n reassured him multiple times he wouldn’t turn out like his father, draco just didn’t trust himself.
the truth was draco became an amazing father, raising scorpious with so much love and spending so much time with him. in fear of creating a bad relationship with his son, whenever scorpious was disobedient he would let y/n deal with it, not wanting to make scorpious afraid of him in any way. because of that scorpious wasn’t used to getting timeout or any kind of discipline from his dad at all.
draco sighed out of frustration, wondering how to handle this situation. although to some parents it didn’t seem like a big deal, it was one of the hardest things he had to do. y/n was at work while draco and scorpious were at home alone, and scorpious was being extremely bratty.
scorpious had been playing with his toys and turned the living room into a hot mess. “now scorp, you know i love you very much right?” he looked directly into the three year old’s eyes. “but buddy, just—just look at this mess.” draco shook his head in exasperation. “look buddy, i hate to be the bad guy but you have to clean up your toys before mommy gets home. okay?”
draco raised an eyebrow, somewhat annoyed at his son’s bratty behavior. scorpious was literally the sweetest kid and draco had no idea what had gotten into him this time. “i’m going to give you three seconds to start cleaning up.”
“no!” scorpious yelled, crossing his arms and stomping his tiny feet on the floor. “fine. then you will spend the rest of the afternoon in your room, thinking about what you did wrong.” scorpiou’s eyes widened in surprise, he hadn’t seen that coming.
“no.” the boy’s tone was stubborn, but his eyes were tearing up. draco’s heart broke, as he wanted nothing more than to pull the tiny boy into his arms and comfort him but he knew he needed to stand his ground. he was getting too soft. “young man, you go to your room right now!” draco yelled.
scorpious jumped in surprise, since draco had never raised his voice at him. “no! daddy no! bad daddy! bad!” scorpious babbled between sobs that made draco’s heart clench. scorpious ran to his room, draco jumping at the door being slammed shut.
eventually y/n got home, and was now holding her baby boy. scorpious straddled his mommy’s lap as Y/n stroked his baby hairs soothingly, trying to understand the scenario as both her boys looked miserable. “shh it’s okay my love.” y/n spoke sweetly, as scorpious snuggled his head into his mom’s shoulder.
“so can i know what happened?” she turned to draco, who looked just as dreadful as their son. after draco translating scorpious little tantrum to his wife, y/n sighed, knowing draco had a hard time disciplining their son. “i’m sorry baby boy, but daddy’s right. you need to stay in your room okay? just for a little bit.” y/n stroked her baby’s cheek.
scorpious sniffled, looking up at her with big teary eyes. “bu-but why?” y/n smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “because you broke the rules baby.” scorpious hid his head in her shoulder, “i sowwy mommy.” he mumbled.
“i know you are, love. but the punishment stands okay? now go.”
scorpious got up from his mom’s lap, wiping his tears and nodding. “kay mommy, i wuv you.” y/n smiled as she saw scorpious walk upstairs to his room, and turned to draco. “how, how come he obeys you so well?” draco asked frustrated. “he’s used to me punishing him when needed.” y/n kissed his cheek.
“he’s never going to talk to me again.” draco cried out, genuinely scared he had just ruined his relationship with his son. “draco don’t be dramatic,” y/n chuckled. “it’s okay, he’ll come around.” draco nodded, still unsure but let himself relax his wife started massaging his shoulders.
it was dinner time and scorpious had been out of his punishment for a while, but would absolutely refuse to speak to his dad. draco was panicking, but tried his best to hide it as the family ate dinner. then it was time for scorpious to go to bed, and y/n took him upstairs to put him to sleep while draco went to their shared bedroom also to get ready for bed.
something didn’t feel right for draco though, knowing he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep knowing his son was mad him, so he decided to go talk to him, maybe try to reconcile. draco carefully opened his son’s bedroom door, “scorp? are you awake?” draco asked.
scorpious sat up on his bed, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “hey buddy. can we talk?” scorpious nodded, opening his arms for draco. draco immediately pulled the baby into his arms, rocking him back and forth. “buddy, you have to understand that i love you. i love you so much. and i can’t always be your friend okay? because i’m also your dad and i have to look out for you and make sure you grow up to be a good boy. and as much as it pains me, sometimes i’m gonna have to be tough on you. but it’s just because i love you so much, okay kiddo?”
scorpious beamed at his dad and nodded, as he had missed his father dearly the whole evening. “yes daddy. i sowwy i didn’t speak to you.” draco’s heart melted as he ruffled his son’s soft hair. “it’s okay bud, i forgive you.” a grin spreading across draco’s face. “yay! daddy smile! i wuv you daddy.” scorpious mumbled into his daddy’s neck.
“i love you too scorp, so much.”
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theravencawsatmidnight · 2 hours ago
Chapter Two. Pt One
After two years in Azkaban for how he treated you he was finally free. The only thing keeping him going was you. Now finally reunited with his Rabbit he thinks things will go easier for him. But Draco is struggling mentally and refusing to ask for help.
W! Heavy Ptsd, mental freak outs. Hearing voices, blood, bruises, cuts. Draco trying to convince himself he’s fine. Refusing to ask for help. Mental instability. The voices are the Dementors
Tags. @khemz1312 @squeaky-ducky @goofygobber @dracoslittlesunflower @trashyvicks @rosiehufflepuff @dracmalf0y-dm
It was him.. He found your shop , hes out .. hes.. He looks so broken, hurt, tired.
“Draco!” you ran over wrapping your arms around him crying hard into his chest trying to talk but nothing was making any sense. He was really here, after so long you could finally feel him against you , hear his heartbeat and feel his breathing on your head… but.. His heartbeat was slower than it should be and his breathing seemed to be staggered, was he trying to hide it ? Draco pulled you in closing his eyes just taking it in. He made it, alive.
She doesn't love you
We love you Draco
Come baaack...
His breathing started to hitch.
Shes second guessing this whole thing.
“Draco?” you rubbed his chest so he would look at you. “You okay?”
The man shook his head getting rid of the voices and cupped your cheeks in his palms. “Is it really you, Rabbit?”
You giggled leaning into him. “I was going to ask you the same thing.”
“Can we sit down?” he asked you looking around the shop not seeing anyone.
“Yes, wait here just gotta close up” gently you let go of him to go flip the OPEN sign over.
She hates this
Draco leaned on the counter holding his head. “Sshhut up….” he whispered.
You are not welcome here…
“Yes i am….”
Biscuit hopped over to the mans shaking hand to lay its head on it and the voices started to fade away. The man looked down to see the brown rabbit staring at him wiggling its nose. “I..” he flipped his hand over to scratch at the rabbits chin. “I cant tell her...this happens.”
You returned with a big smile on your face. “Aw he likes you already ! “ you picked up the rabbit holding him with one hand.
“Where did .. you get him..” Draco took your other hand following you up the stairs of your shop.
“The twins, graduation gift.cheeky bastards” you giggled nuzzling your cheek on the rabbit. “I love him though, hes helped a lot.”
“Huh? Yes?” you sat Draco down in the living room and put Biscuit on his pillow.
Are you going to show her?
It might scare her.
He shook his head and started to unbutton his dress jacket. “I need to .. show you something.”
“Okay, whats wrong?” you joined Draco on the couch watching him pull his dress jacket off with shaky hands. “ Draco..?”
“Yes..?” his undershirt was pulled over his head .
“Your really shaky -..”
The bruises were a deep purple; they were all over his chest as if someone had been kicking him repeatedly in all the same spots. The middle of his chest, the lower half by his stomach and his arms around his shoulders.. All purple. Around his elbows had scratches from elbows to wrists that did not look good at all; they were sporadic red lines in all directions. His nails were short with red under them that seemed to not go away. His neck was full of cuts and his hands had cuts on them as well. You picked up one of Dracos hands to see his knuckles. Deep purple with fresh blood.
Told you the cuts would open…
Shes scared….
He wasn't looking at you, just breathing hard and whimpering. “M’fine..”
“Stay right here okay?” you got up hurrying off into your restroom.
She ran away from you
Your not the same person you once were
You cant fit in
Come back….
He shook his head but they just got louder.
Come back…
Come back…
Come back…
“Shut up…” Draco leaned on his knee holding his head up with his hand staring at the sleeping rabbit. “..b-b--biscuit…”
The rabbit opened an eye to see Draco on the verge of a breakdown. He got up hopping over cautiously so Draco could pick him up and set him on his lap.
He exhaled heavily once the voices left…
You had returned as well with some medicine and health potions. “Here, these will help, i made them” you held up the purple potion to him . “just drink this..”
Draco took the flask in a shaky hand drinking the sweet tasting liquid, he felt his body aches fade away and saw you wrapping up his knuckles. “I cant heal the bruises but.. “
“Do you still want me……”
His hand cupped your cheek after putting the flask down. “Even if i look like this..”
“Draco id want you no matter what.” you kissed him. “Promise.”
He leaned into you heaving heavily. “Of course you would rabbit.”
Your arms wrapped around him to rub his back, his breathing was still off to you.. “Draco..what happened in..”
“I dont want to talk about it… not yet.” he cut you off fast. Dropping the conversation.
“Alright alright.. Lets go to bed instead.” you got up taking hsi wrapped hands in yours leading him up to the bed, Biscuit had hopped off Dracos lap to go back to his pillow to sleep.
It was a small room but you liked it, Draco ditched his pants, socks realizing he would need clothes . He looked at the bed staring at it for a long time. This would be the first night not in a cell…. In two years..
Its not the same
Don't you miss the cell?
Draco dug his hands in his hair, closing his eyes. “Shut up.. Leave me alone.”
We are a part of you now Draco.
We will never leave..
You came over moving the blanket down for him and pulling him over , your eyes down.
“Rabbit? Whats wrong?” he tipped your chin up seeing your sad face staring at him.
“The-the last time we … shared.”
He pressed you to him squeezing very tight. That night, that awful night , he was his worst.
Even she remembers that….
Draco shook his head and leaned down to press his forehead to yours looking in your eyes. “Rabbit, I promise. I will never do that again.”
You waved your hand around ”i know.. Im just.. I want to “ you could not help but laugh. “ i want to snuggle.”
Draco hitched out a chuckle and kissed your forehead. “Oh Rabbit, of course.” you followed Draco into the bed and he pulled the covers up and laid your head on his chest. Soft.. comfortable.. Warm. it had been so long for him.
“Draco.. The light”
“Oh.” reaching out he grabbed the long string , his arm around you squeezed your shoulder as he pulled it making the room very dark. You snuggled into Draco and he did the same, running his fingers up and down your shoulder staring into the pitch black ceiling. This was not like the first night.. You were so scared of him.. Would not even face him in bed or look at him. Hes still amazed you stayed all night.
A couple hours later. Draco was still awake holding your sleeping body.
Its dark isn't it ?
Draco shut his eyes, breathing slightly hard.
Remindssss us of the cell
Do you miss the dark..?
We miss the dark
“Leave me alone…”
But why? Dont you want to see us?
“ i want you to get out of my head..” his hands found his hair.
Do you think you can get rid of us on your own…?
His breathing was picking up, when he opened his eyes all he saw was darkness staring back at him, the room was starting to spin.
At least in the cell you had the moon…
The one light …
“Go … aa a- away…”
He got up in bed carefully laying you back down on his pillow.
She does not love you.
“Yes she does..” he got out of bed stumbling in the dark hitting the wall. “She does.. She loves me” he stammered out to the hallway feeling around for the light switch flipping it on. “Dammit Draco.. Your fine.. Pull it together…”
Are you sure…?
You can hardly walk..
“I just need some water… ignore them..” he shook his head, getting a small moment's peace. Draco found the kitchen slamming a cabinet open grabbing a glass. His wrist hit the sink turning on the water, he held the glass under getting the water more on his wrist then the cup.
You cant do things on your own anymore
The water was turned off and draco lifted the very shaky glass up to his lips while drinking .
Shes going to tell you to leave………
The glass shattered in Draco's hand waking you up to see the bed empty and the light on. “Draco?” quickly you got out of bed getting to the hallway just to stop when you heard him.
“I'm fine! Just needed some water…” his hands were bleeding . “go back to sleep Rabbit..”
“But.. I heard something.. Are you sure?” he heard your footsteps .
“Yes, Rabbit. Go to bed.” he tried to sound like he used to , when he had you under his finger in school. It must have worked because he heard you turn around and go back to bed. Draco leaned over the sink watching his tears hit the broken glass . “i … i cant tell her….”
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fredshufflepuff · 3 hours ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐜𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮
— draco malfoy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
draco loves holding you in his arms and being able to keep you close. he likes to rest his chin on top of your head while the two of you fall asleep, but every time you wake up his face is either buried in your neck or hair.
he’s the big spoon but he also doesn’t mind being little spoon. he’ll never admit it but he likes when you hold him close and nuzzle your face into his neck. he feels safe and cared for.
— fred weasley
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fred prefers the half spoon with his significant other because of the position. it’s comfortable but also he’s able to keep you close without making you feel cramped. he likes the way your legs tangle with his and the way your head rests on his chest, it makes him feel all warm inside. 
he also likes having you fully on his body, using him as a giant pillow as your lower half rests between his thighs. his arms wrap around your waist and squeeze you every once in a while, wanting you to know he’s still there (although it would be impossible to forget he was there considering how close you are to him).
— george weasley
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ah, the honeymoon hug, something george loves to put you in almost every night. he loves to hold you close and wrap his legs around your own. no matter who his partner is you can’t tell me he won’t be taller than them. his body would engulf them entirely and consume them with warmth.
overall he just loves to keep you impossibly close to him.
Tumblr media
tag list 🏷 @dracomalfoys-wh0re @arcaneslut @eunoniaa @xlauren-malfoyx @90smalfoy @astoria-malfcy @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @ang9lic @malfoysbiitch @Harrypotter_Whore @aetheralist @miraclesoflove @myloveforluna @bellatrixscurls @dracosbaibe @skaratjung @1800-shutup @wh0re4blaise @riddleswh0r3crux @thatsassyhufflepuff @dreamxnotxfound @drachoesimp @marrymetheonott @elevatorsdoor @pinkandblueblurbs @dlmmdl @letmereadpls @dagirlintheback @onyourgoddamnleft @moonyinthelight @turn-to-page-394-please @samineisntmyname @elizabethrosedarling @authorb @justasmolballofstress @persephonestoad @escapingrealitybyreading @happydazzz123 @adnaweasley @harrysamortentia @funnikusu @fleursbabe @666cookies @sluttylea @fragmentsofmywand @miss-starkov @henqtic @glossygranger @harmqnia @bakugosbunny @teenwolfbitches28 @steveharringtonswhore @reinecoffee @planetweasley @justreadingficsdontmindme @freddieweasleyyy @secretlynerdygeekystuff @spencervera @mollysolo @irlpadfoot
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prettygirlkay · 3 hours ago
“kiss cam.” (DM)
enemies to lovers (hardly). one shot
this turned out slightly more❤️‍🔥than i was planning, but i’m still happy with it. plus, it’s not like you all ever complain over a bit of suggestion. ;)
inspired by the text post by - @drarrycontrary-blog @moonysdog @parseltonquinq
warnings - swearing, implications of sex, mature themes.
reader is a slytherin (usually my fics are house neutral but it just felt right).
Tumblr media
an mid winter’s match meant two things; one, we were halfway to the finals for quidditch, and therefore halfway to finding out who the winners of the quidditch cup would be. two, the players might’ve been sweating underneath their uniform from effort and self inflicted stress, but the audience in the stands were freezing.
me included. the multiple layers i wore did nothing to fight the cold, and my thick gloves felt so useless that i had to shove my numb hands into the pockets of a puffy coat i had borrowed from theo, who’d left it for me on the back of the common room lounge with a note - ‘take it, you always whinge about the cold. TN.’
okay, so he knew me well. theo had been my friend through parent connections for years, and yet i always teased that i couldn’t name one good thing that has ever brought me. as an example, he was who had introduced me to our current group of friends; draco, and the slytherins that he deemed ‘worthy’ enough to hang around with. at the thought of him, i scoffed, but it came out as more of a sniffle against the currently falling snow. he was such a pretentious prat, and just the imagine of him made me want to topple off of these stands.
i’d sat myself in the far back corner, one of the best spots contrary to popular belief. from the top, i could see everything (okay, so it was further from the actual action, but sitting down there would be asking for a bludger in the face).
perhaps i hated draco so vividly that i’d conjured up some nightmarish vision of him, approaching in just as many clothing layers as i had. i frowned as the tall figure approached, and then felt like crying in disappointment as it spoke.
“don’t look at me.”
okay, so not a faux image. i grumbled something that was a mystery to both draco and me (but implicitly negative), and turned back to the empty stadium. the audience was buzzing with anticipation, ready for the game to start with bated breaths, and i was buzzing from the cold, waiting for the game to be over with visible breaths in every exhale.
it only made everything worse when the devil incarnate seated himself beside me, blowing into his black gloved hands as he, too, looked ahead.
i didn’t turn to him as i said, “why sit here, of all places?”
“do you see anywhere else i can sit?” he replied, sounding as reluctant to be here as i felt.
a quick glance around the slytherin section made me realise that indeed, there was pretty much no where else to sit. just because i could, i edged away as much as i could without bumping into the stranger of a girl next to me, feeling draco turn just to scoff.
“don’t flatter yourself, Y/L/N.”
“why are you even here, malfoy? i never see you at these games unless you’re in there,” i said, nodding towards the still empty pitch.
“only to see how shit gryffindor play. plus, flint sent me to see how their tactics have changed - lazy git couldn’t be bothered to do it himself.”
i rolled my eyes. his language was disgusting, and him and our other friend - blaise - rubbed off on eachother awfully. he looked at me as if i was up to something, “what are you doing here?”
“i had nothing better to do, but i usually come to these games anyway; you just miss me being here.”
he hums and says sarcastically, “how could i ever do that.”
“because your head’s too far up your arse.” my retaliation was instant, naturally rolling off of my tongue because me and draco malfoy didn’t just converse - no, we bickered. we squabbled. we argued. we fought. we were like children when it came to eachother, that much i could admit. but he took it to a whole other level, and sometimes i was convinced the bleached dye had soaked into his brain and damaged cells. (of course, there’s no way his hair was natural).
he breathed out a laugh, ironic and like he shouldn’t have expected anything less from me. “okay, Y/N.”
i held out my index finger, “actually, that’s not right. sorry.”
he furrowed his brows and looked in disbelief, and i almost laughed as he glared at me in suspicion.
i finished off, “it’s too far up blaise’s arse.”
draco sharply inhaled and immediately opened his mouth to retaliate, then was interrupted by the announcer lee jordan bellowing into his mic, “hello, and welcome to another quidditch match of the season! today’s game - gryffindor versus ravenclaw!”
a massive applause drowned out whatever draco had meant to say, and we both turned towards the field to see all the players start to fly out. i clapped along with everyone else, and noticed draco merely offered a single tap of his palm before scowling something i could lipread as ‘get the game started already.’
i nudged him, still going along with the applause, “patience is a virtue, malfoy.”
“good thing i have many other virtues to make up for it, isn’t it?”
i rolled my eyes, wishing i could only smack the smirk off of his face. god, he could be so proud.
the captains shook hands, and then a whistle blew and they were off. jordan was brilliantly hilarious at commenting during the game - i’d even occasionally caught draco laughing under his breath at something he’d said. it went unspoken afterwards, but it was refreshing to see anything genuine on that bratty face of his.
potter was doing the bare minimum; hovering slightly above the game, spectating and offering cheers and ‘oh no’s at the appropriate time, and occasionally spinning to avoid a bludger. it was actually draco who pointed it out to me, otherwise i wouldn’t have even noticed the kid.
he’d nudged me and edged closer, then leaned into my ear so that i could hear him over the loud cheering, “potter’s making himself useful, as always.”
i’d responded by breathing out a laugh, and turning my head to face him briefly for it. it’d been a shock to both of us when we realised how close our faces were, and it took a shove from me to get him a decent distance away. “shove off, malfoy. personal space.”
he sneered, but didn’t say anything. god, how i hated that attitude of his - i’m draco malfoy, i’m too good to talk to you.
too good my arse, blondie.
some gryffindor chaser was racing with the quaffle next, and everyone watched as three ravenclaws tailed him with their dominant arm outstretched to catch him. the goals were coming closer, and multiple gryffindors made themselves open for pass just ahead of them.
we watched the boy make a split second decision; who to pass it to? he slowed as his mind thought through the easiest one, and the ravenclaws only sped up. my hand shot out to grab something, to stable myself, to calm the atmosphere, because for some reason i was on edge as i watched the boy be swarmed and enclosed by his opposing players.
the ball flew up and launched itself into the direction of another gryffindor chaser - a girl, this time. she caught it with ease and set off for the goals, few tens of metres away.
the ravenclaws instantly ditched the previous boy and raced for her, but it was far too late. she slowed, she arched her arm, she aimed and…she scored.
i let out a breath i hadn’t even realised was caught up in my lungs, and felt my hands relax. the audience on the other side of the stands cheered, and i heard the slytherins around me grumble at the gryffindors’ score.
“why are you so overjoyed at the little shits scoring? anyone would think you’re one of them.”
i looked at draco to see his face contorted into disgust. “god, you’re so dramatic, you know that? i just didn’t want to see some kid plummet to the ground, that’s all.”
he spluttered in exaggerated shock, mouth gaping open as if he could hardly believe what i was saying. “me? dramatic? look who’s talking! having to grab onto me at every little moment - what’s the matter, Y/N? nervous the little gryffindors might get hurt?”
i forced my face to stay blank, bored if anything, and ignored the heat blooming onto my cheeks. i had not intended to…grab his arm, or give him the satisfaction of thinking that i could ever stomach touching him.
he continued, “it’s not like the ravenclaws can do much harm anyway, relax.”
his hand came to comfortingly lay on my arm, his features knitting into a faux, sympathetic smile as his posture started to lean closer, as if i was a child who needed reassuring.
i whipped my arm away and glared at him. “you’re ridiculous. come on, just watch the game.” a figure in the pitch finally flying into action caught my attention, and i perked up. i nodded towards him, “besides, i don’t think you wanna miss your boyfriend’s big moment. i suspect he’ll win this match for them.”
draco’s eyes followed mine, and almost immediately landed on potter. i snorted as his face turned repulsed, more so than i’d ever seen today, and he slowly turned back to face me.
“say that again, Y/N.”
my index finger tapped my chin and i playfully looked off to the side, “hmm, which part? that gryffindor will win? that you’re ridiculous? or…was it that you and har - ”
a palm slapped onto my mouth before i could finish it. his eyes were wide, and i laughed against his skin as he tilted his head at an angle. he mouthed ‘really?’ even though no one could even hear us over the sound of the audience and jordan bellowing into his mic. if i was any more immature, maybe i would’ve stuck my tongue out at his hand to get him off, but instead i resorted to just pushing him off.
“what’s the matter, can’t handle reality?”
he rolled his eyes, neither of us realising that in his abrupt act to shut me up had he jumped a lot closer than he’d been previously. “i don’t need these people hearing stupid things. you’re embarrassing me, Y/N.”
i pouted and furrowed my brows, about to accuse him of being mean when a deep voice interrupted.
“alright, losers?”
our heads snapped up in unison to the tall, familiar figure now walking towards us. draco grinned and stuck out a hand, to which he took in a strange sort of bro hug.
“what’d i miss?”
“not much, blaise. just draco being a prat, and gryffindor are ahead by twenty points.”
we watched in amusement as the slytherin who’d previously sat beside me glared at blaise, who excused himself to squeeze between us since draco was in the corner (my corner, but he’d taken stolen the end seat).
another boy joined a few seconds after, hands in his pockets and blowing a piece of hair out of his face. theo nott amazed me - the cold truly never seemed to bother him, no matter what. he had a scarf on over his uniform, and that was it. my mouth gaped open, “theodore, are you not freezing?”
he raised his eyebrows in ‘hello’, shoved draco over to squeeze onto the end (much to the dismay of the slytherin girl besides blaise, and to me and draco now stuck in the middle) and rested his elbows onto his knees. “well, some bitch stole my coat, so i’m left to freeze until she returns it.”
draco chuckled, then caught sight of the coat i was wearing. his eyes lingered at it for a while longer, then he turned suddenly to face theo. “the ‘bitch’ is Y/N?”
i rolled my eyes. “you lent it to me, you idiot. if you want it back, come and get it.” i stuck my tongue out like a child, watching draco as he pretended to be disgusted at me.
he turned back to theo. “why the fuck would you let her borrow it? she’ll leave a disease on it or something.”
“chivalry is not dead, as they say.”
blaise chuckled, then casually draped an arm around my shoulders. he did it to all the girls in our group - and, being amongst the tallest of the boys, it helped us feel warmer and almost protected (if only he wasn’t a silly little child at heart) - but i missed the fact that draco’s eyes glanced at it for longer than necessary.
i didn’t notice his shift in position, nor his sudden uncomfortable mood.
theo did. the two boys caught each other’s eyes and the brown haired one offered a tight smile, and a subtle clap to his back. he mumbled quietly, “it’s only blaise, mate.”
draco shrugged off his sympathy and grumbled back, “what do i care?”
jordan gasped, and the sound echoed around the entire stadium as he announced into mic, “that bludger’s heading straight for potter!”
the entire crowd stilled as we made anticipated sound over the race between harry and the change to not get pummelled by a roaring, ferocious ball.
the boy gripped the end of his broom and his lips moved, probably in the motions of willing it to hurry up. his head glanced back at the ball now chasing after him - tailing his broom and him, enchanted by its own charm to be intended on plummeting players to the ground.
he ducked into the wooden parts of the stadium where it held up the stands, then we watched as his figure started leaping up into view, then diving under wooden beams. i felt a tightness in my chest as i held my breath, waiting for the outcome to be revealed. a tightness echoed itself on my wrist, but i didn’t take notice of it.
then -
“potter’s been hit by a bludger sent by samuels! time out, madam hooch! that’s - ow! professor, he did that on purpose, i’m telli - ow! bolloc - ” the rest of his exclamations were drowned out by professor mcgonagall taking the mic from him, and announcing a timeout. the poor, albeit obnoxious boy was clipped by his ear and scolded, all the while the players flew down to check on harry’s physical state.
i finally exhaled and sat back into my seat, unsure of when i’d even stiffly straightened up in the first place. i took my eyes off the pitch just to let them wonder, especially after being stuck so intently on potter’s personal race, and realised what the tightness on my wrist was.
i opened my mouth to comment on draco’s hand that had wrapped itself on my arm, but his laughter interrupted me. he took it off anyway, only to fling his entire arm around my shoulders and pull me closer in an abrupt, messy manner. “potter.” he spat, “can’t even stay on his broom for one game.”
i glanced over at harry. he looked fine, just a little shaken up if anything. he looked more than insistent on going back to play, but the rules state that timeouts must last for at least five minutes before the game starts again. quidditch is quite dangerous, after all.
i grimaced at our proximity, “i get you’re happy over any chance to talk about your loverboy, but i’m really not as enthusiastic as you. please, draco, be a dear and stop embracing me.”
his arm snapped away and he lightly shoved me into blaise, who’s hands came onto my shoulders to stable me, then he turned back to that slytherin girl who he’d at some point started flirting with.
draco crossed his arms immaturely, “oh, do fuck off, Y/N.”
i laughed breathily, noticing how the snow had started to tint his cheeks and nose in a pretty shade of rouge. i tapped my index finger against his nose, “but then who’d be here to annoy you?”
he grabbed the wrist of the hand i used and made firm eye contact that ordered me to leave him alone, but it only egged me further on to say, “come on, don’t pretend like you wouldn’t miss me if i got up and left, right now.”
his eyes narrowed and i practically felt the venomous tone of his words when he slowly drawled, “i wouldn’t miss you even if you toppled off of these stands.”
i smiled, inching closer to his face and ignoring the obstacle between us that was my hand still enclosed under his larger ones. “lies.” my voice was raspy under the cold, quiet under the taunt, but his eyes still darkened and sparked with a blaze of something intense.
perhaps he was about to retaliate, or even initiate the next move, but we were interrupted once more. not by jordan, but by blaise. his elbow nudged my back, slightly pushing me towards draco as his entertained voice sounded out, “god, if you two would stop flirting for one minute, then maybe you’d realise you’re both on the big screen. idiots.”
draco looked past my head, tilting his head slightly and narrowing his eyes, “blaise, what the fuck are you on about?”
my head turned and i looked at him too, just as he grinned and nodded towards the pitch - what should’ve been an empty pitch. in the middle, a large screen had been charmed in the centre, mirrored within a spell so that everyone could see at any angle. we both slowly looked at it, seeing blaise’s grinning face once again staring back at us.
my eyes widened to see the image of me on the screen do the same, then i noticed draco was staring at me. well, after a moment of attention i realised he was actually looking down, a pink tinge now infecting his cheeks that had no blame from the weather. past the never ending flakes of white fluttering down, i made out the large, flickering sign of neon pink letters, screaming down at us in a taunt of joy - ‘KISS CAM!’
i turned to look at the real draco, who’s eyes glanced up in an almost bashful look. his brows raised and i almost smiled at how different the usually obnoxious malfoy son looked. time felt like it was speeding up as the audience started whooping and making an ominously anticipatory buzz of sound. my breath quickened and he murmured under his breath in a fast pace, “you don’t have to.”
i watched his figure jolt slightly forward as theo clapped him on the back, egging him on. i laughed breathily, “thought you were the one who hated me?”
“who says that?”
our conversation was immediate, one reply after another as if time was slipping away and the audience was waiting for a…a fucking kiss.
he smirked, but his cheeks turned even pinker and his features were trying to suppress it. i ignored his previous question and hesitated for a moment, before mumbling, “we shouldn’t.”
despite my words, i found my face inching closer. draco shrugged and his eyes glanced downwards, spotting his desired target. “it’s what the people want.”
i could sense his exhales tickling my face now, his almost urgent breathing pattern such a contrast to the delicately trickling snow that fell against his eyelashes, perfectly matching his platinum blonde hair. i glanced at his lips. so soft. so enticing. it’d be worth pretending like we weren’t such foes (if, perhaps, it was not even as real as we’d previously thought) to get to meet those pink, alluring lips. i had an excuse to - what was stopping me?
i took a bottom lip in between my teeth, nervous for whatever reason. another cheer pushing us to ‘kiss!’ rang in our ears as i felt the warmth of my racing nerves bloom everywhere in my body.
i heard a, “oh, fuck this.” before i felt a hand place on the back of my head firmly, then the forceful push i needed to finally meet draco. i saw him lean in just before my eyes closed, and the feeling of ‘at last’ snapped - a feeling like i’d been waiting for this moment, but i didn’t even know it.
then the moment was over, and we pulled away. it was a peck at best, ended by the shock of it actually settling in. the crowd ‘awed’ in unison, but not in a coo, more so in disappointment that it’d ended already.
i stared at draco, paying special attention to his brighter eyes and those lips that looked more and more dangerously addicting by the second. i nodded, and he nodded back. to what agreement? it wasn’t spoken, but then i grinned airily through a haze of something as i realised he’d gone back to staring at my lips, and said, “we should probably do it again. you know, for the people.”
“yeah, that hardly counted.”
i had time to just get out, “gotta make the one and only time count, yeah?” before the air was stolen from me and he more urgently came forward, his hand on the back of my head this time instead of a pushing blaise.
speaking of - a low whistle then sounded out behind us, the words, “oh shit.” so distant in the moment, but enough to make us grin against each other. the students cheered much louder, seemingly more satisfied as we gave them what they wanted - they wanted, not us.
the screen must’ve shifted to a different couple, because a chorus of laugher and surprise echoed throughout the stands, but we didn’t pull away. his fingers entangled into my hair, an order to not let the moment end because it might actually be the last - if only our pride didn’t get in the way, or our strange facade of a feud didn’t simmer down.
his actions were unnecessary, because i hadn’t planned on pulling away anytime soon. i almost wished that i wasn’t wearing gloves, if only to be able to touch his skin and feel it underneath my fingertips.
it seemed an eternity went by, but simultaneously no time at all as we both pulled away. his lips were so much more red, now swollen and mirroring what i’m sure my own looked like. our chests were rising and falling desperately, his eyes so much more intense even after the kiss was over.
a kiss; so simple, but so impactful.
draco contemplated with himself for a moment before he finally said, “didn’t enjoy that at all.”
i shrugged, still slightly breathless, “me neither. this doesn’t mean anything.”
he nodded. “hardly counts at all.”
a pause, then the game started again. our eyes glanced sideways just to acknowledge it, and it was then that we realised how insignificant the match really felt, how little we really cared for it. our eyes flickered back at the same time, making almost suggestive eye contact.
i grinned. he smirked, and said, “wanna make it count?”
i giggled and took his hand, ready to lead us out of here and back to privacy. the audience was completely oblivious to our plans, suddenly enthralled by the match. before i led us away, i pulled him closer just to lowly speak into his ear, “come on, malfoy. show me how much you hate me.”
i went to pull away, and his hand firmly grabbed my chin to keep me there. his jaw clenched as he stared at me for a moment, amusement dancing in his eyes, before he deeply whispered back, “i lied. i’m so glad you didn’t topple off of those stands.”
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angelblacksmith · 4 hours ago
Dating with Harry Potter would include:
Tumblr media
He's a very popular boy
And as we know, Harry likes girls who know a lot about Quidditch
You would probably play on one of the teams (or be a fan)
You would be the brain in your relationship
You used to try to get Harry out of trouble
Harry dotes on you
You automatically become the most popular Hogwarts couple (get ready to run away from his fans)
Go to Hogsmeade together
Best Friends with Hermy
Friendship with Ron
Harry will spend the summer at your house
He will hug you often
Kisses on the cheeks
And on the forehead
Sleep in a hug
Enemies with Malfoy
But if he does anything, Harry will stand up for you.
Or Ron and Hermie
Snape doesn't like you
You kiss him after he's caught the Snitch.
This is a very good relationship, lmao
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ladyvesuvia · 7 hours ago
omg I’m terribly sorry that I’m bothering you with a few requests at a time, I know you’re busy and that’s okay! take your time and write them when you feel like it! if you ever feel like it ahah it’s totally cool to turn them down too! I really enjoy reading your posts, they’re so entertaining and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate them and you ofc! never fail to make my day tbh xoxo
here’s another one if you don’t mind: heh :)
a draco x reader where draco and reader come back from a trip to hogsmeade, their bags and pockets full of all kinds of candy from honeydukes? then they try them all out and just laugh and have a good time? thx!
hi sweetie! i’m really sorry this took so long. felt uninspired with fluff for a while. i hope you like it. thank you a lot for the support ilysm nonnie :)) i love the movie idea one!
here <3
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ladyvesuvia · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
All Things Sweet
—•°. ANON: a draco x reader where draco and reader come back from a trip to hogsmeade, their bags and pockets full of all kinds of candy from honeydukes? then they try them all out and just laugh and have a good time? thx!
PAIRING: Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader
SUMMARY: Young love and candy — the perfect combination to all things sweet.
WORDS: 2.0k
WARNING: not proofread + just fluff but let me know if there are any!
A/N: BABE I LOVE THIS IDEA JDNRJEKAKA!!! btw think of this as a sort of prequel to Nuggets With Gravy hehe I just thought it was fitting <3
Tumblr media
“What, you’ve never been to Honeydukes?” Draco scoffed in disbelief as he put on his scarf around his neck. “What kind of person hasn’t been to Honeydukes?”
“This person,” you said, pointing at herself. “Who also happens to be your favorite one anyway.”
“I’d argue but you got that one right.” Laughing, he took your hand and led you outside where the other students were falling in line, glad his scarf obscured his ridiculously brilliant smile.
“Oh, I did?”
“Very much so.” With that, the two of you made your way through the crowd, finally falling in line. There were a cluster of third years at the front, eager to visit Hogsmeade for the first time.
Back when you did not hold hands yet, when you were only what one may call friends, you’d find the long line ever so irritating. However, each other’s company was more than enough to keep you two at bay: Draco drew circles with his thumb on the back of your hand as you told a silly story about a stupid birthday present you received and whatnot. . . He always listened (more like watched you with every bit of love he could show).
“You know, we could just go to the Three Broomsticks,” you said, laughing nervously as soon as you set foot on the train. “Just get a couple of butterbeers and stuff.”
“What’s with you and Honeydukes?”
“What — nothing!” you said as you laughed uncharacteristically loud. “What do you mean? I mean, like, we’ll get to eat more in the Three Broomsticks and —”
“Come on, something’s up. What’s the deal with you and candy?”
“I told you, nothing!” you exclaimed. Draco raised a brow, a teasing grin on his face. “Okay, fine, a chocolate frog leapt at my face on my first train ride to Hogwarts. Happy?”
“Wow,” said Draco, turning away and burying himself into his scarf in an attempt to stifle a laugh. It was your turn to raise a brow. “Just — wow.”
“Nothing,” he said briefly as he cleared his throat. The image of you jumping from your seat with a chocolate frog on your face was pretty much an interesting picture. Draco had to breathe through his mouth.
“What?” You reached out to pull down his scarf. Draco bat your hand away, now laughing. It was indeed irritating, but as much as you hated to admit, his laugh was therapeutic.
“I—guess—you—found—Trevor,” he blurted out between wheezing breaths. “You should’ve went ahead to Longbottom, then.”
“Oh, shut up. In my defense, it was my first time and I was alone in the wretched compartment. I just wanted some sweets but it had to be tragic, yeah?”
“Don’t worry, when we get to Hogsmeade, I’ll protect you from jumping chocolates,” assured Draco.
When you finally made it inside Hogsmeade, you couldn’t help but admire the colorful and vibrant aura of the shop itself. How come you’ve never been here before? It’s perfect! You ran your hands across the tall glass jars of assorted candy and chocolate, oblivious to the fact that Draco stood from a distance — far enough for you not to see him but close enough for him to admire you.
You grab a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, searching the crowd for Draco. He continued to stare, unblinking. You squinted your eye in search for him among the crowd until it finally landed on him. You held it up to him, a bright smile on your face. “Like in the train,” you mouthed to him.
He nodded in answer, grinning from cheek to cheek. He instantly knew his cheeks would hurt once you lot returned to Hogwarts. He was holding a number of Cockroach Clusters and Fizzing Whizzbees.
You gestured for him to come your way. He did. “Look, they’ve got quill candy!”
“They’re called Sugar Quills. You eat them during class while you pretend you’re thinking.”
You chuckled as you pointed to another row. “You can even eat this wand! You know, Mr. Garrick Ollivander has to up his game these days,” you joked.
“They’re called Liquorice Wands.”
“Oh, and this one! Look! Mouse candy I think?”
“Ice Mice, love, read the label.” He rarely got to see you interested in things like candy, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from your own curious gaze as you marveled at the assortment of various sweets in front of you and all around you. The tall glass dispensers were simply appetizing, and there was no denying that you wanted to just swim in it. Of course, that’s a ridiculous thought. Sparing one excited smile in Draco’s direction, you showed him one piece of Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum. “C’mon.”
“Where are your other candies?” Draco shook his wrist off your grip with a scrunched up look on his face. He made to peek in your pockets, only to find it flat and empty. He frowned.
“Your other sweets! You can’t just be taking that bubble gum. At least get some Sugar Quills or Acid Pops.” Draco gestured at the rows and rows of different boxes.
“It’s okay,” you mumbled. “It’s okay, I’m not hungry.”
“That’s ridiculous. That’s just two sickles,” he said.
“Don’t want to spend too much, it’s alright! Let’s just get hot choco —”
But Draco had already led you to another row you haven’t visited yet. He pointed at a line of blue packages to your left. “Peppermint Toads; not as aggressive as Chocolate Frogs. Tastes alright, but you’d be missing out on collecting the cards.” He then put his hands on your shoulders, turning you to another direction and pointing to your right. Fizzing Whizzbees; I’d like to be there to witness you eat it — don’t ask. I’m paying. Go get some.”
You didn’t move. Draco took two packs of Peppermint Toads and shoved it on to your chest, walking ahead and picking up two packs of Fizzing Whizzbees. Soon, he guided you to another shelf where boxes of candies sat. He held it up to your view. “Salt Water Taffy, I think it’s nice. Let’s get one.”
When you reached another shelf, he nodded to himself apprehensively as he raised a orangey red box to your view. “This one’s so you, though. I think you’d like it. Let’s take two.”
“Stop taking doubles,” you whispered, nervous at how much he’s spending. “That’s alright now, let’s go.”
“Didn’t you say you liked the Liquorice Wands?”
It took you a while to realize how much it cost. “No, when?”
“Just earlier before I took you on a tour around the shop,” said Draco. He was now looking at you curiously with narrowed eyes.
“No I didn’t. They look like the jerky my dog eats anyway. Let’s go now.”
“Ha! I know that face!” he bellowed, grinning in triumph.
“What face?”
“I don’t know how to explain it, but you make this weird little” — Draco scrunched his nose for a split second before turning back to you — “rabbit nose twitch when you’re guilty.”
“Since when?”
“Since ever. How do you think I found out you fancied me?”
“Hey, you liked me first!”
“That’s true, exactly why I am taking two of these but in the Deluxe edition.” He reached out and flaunted the two new additions to your collection. Before you could even argue or utter a single word, the two of you were both out already, your bags stuffed with numerous candies.
You both decided not to take the train at all. It was a bearable cold weather, and he liked seeing snow land on your [Y/H/C] hair like you were some high priestess of sorts. He reached out to dust some away.
“We could still go to the Three Broomsticks, you know.”
“I know, but there are too many people there. Let’s go back so we could try some of these out before they all get back.” Draco adjusted your scarf as you continue to walk. “And besides, I like seeing the jealous looks on the faces of the little first and second years.”
You elbowed him. “Ow! What?”
“I told you to stop bullying the first years. Tsk, tsk.”
“It’s not bullying per se; technically I’d just be a random person who just so happens to be holding a lot — a lot lot — of candy in front of kids.”
“Oh, grow up.”
“We could eat some of the salt water taffy while walking,” Draco suggested later on. “Or the Fudge Flies.”
“Why do they always pick disgusting animals? I mean, cockroach cluster? How’s that appetizing?”
“See, I thought so as well. But surprisingly? It actually tastes good.”
A few minutes later, you both finally made it back to the castle. Draco was right — all the younger years were looking at you (or your pockets and what you were holding) mournfully as you walked past. You hated to admit that it was indeed a pleasure to have kids jealous.
He brought you to his dorm, where you two can finally retire from the constant staring from the kids. It grew old quickly, but it was fun nonetheless. Draco dumped his collection of packaged candies as you did so too. “Which ones have you tried?” he asked.
“The many flavored one.”
“Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, love.”
“Right. I’ll play it safe and try that one first.”
“How’s that playing safe? You clearly haven’t gotten a bad flavor yet.”
“Yes, I have — spinach!”
“That’s not as bad as you think it is. Wait till you try ear wax.”
“There’s ear wax in here?” you said, wrinkling your nose at the prospect of getting that particular flavor. “I just had some from a friend and I mostly just got marshmallow and cranberry.”
“Lucky,” said Draco. “I got envelope glue once.”
“Ew,” you said as you threw your head back in laughter. “Serves you right.”
As you plopped down to his bed, you realized you hadn’t emptied your pockets yet, and the bulk on his own pockets told you he hadn’t, either. You dug your hands into your pockets and came out with a handful of sweets and dumped it on the bed. “Okay, this is a lot.”
Draco did the same. It looked like a colorful mountain of marshmallows. “Hah, Willy Wonka called, he said you’re wanted in the factory,” you said, wiggling your finger in front of him.
“Who’s Willy Wonka? Is he from the Ministry?”
“What — no! Agh, you are impossible, Malfoy.”
“I prefer ‘love,’ but Malfoy will do for now. Anyway, you wanna try the Sugar Quills?”
“Naw, I’ll be using that for History of Magic. I’ll be doing a lot of thinking there.”
“Merlin’s beard, this is a lot. If I end up with diabetes tell my grandfather we’re more alike than he thinks.”
Draco almost choked on his own jelly slugs as both of you launched into fits of laughter. You reached out to grab an acid pop. “Thank you for this — these, I mean.”
“I’d pat your hair but it might get stocky from my hands. Just move closer so I can kiss your forehead.”
“I’m good, thanks,” you said. The smile on his face faltered, and you tried not to laugh. You stood up and walked over to him to press a kiss on his forehead. “We’ll try the Fizzing Whizzbees later after I finish these Pepper Imps.”
“Maybe you could . . . take me to one of your candy shops?”
“I don’t have one,” you said in between chewing a piece of a candy.
“I mean, Muggle candy shops or something.”
“You mean you want to come with me this summer?”
“I guess why not? I mean, doesn’t really have to be this summer, but why not?”
“Yeah, okay, why not?” You reached out to play with his hair, but he practically jumped out before you even could.
“You’re gonna dirty my hair!”
“‘You’re gonna dirty my hair!’” you mockingly said, laughing. “Don’t worry, I’ll treat you to cotton candy once I get my driver’s license. I’ll even bring you to a drive-thru.”
“Mhm, just you wait. For now, just have some Acid Pops and burn your tongue.”
“Oh, shut up before I open those boxes of Chocolate Frogs all at once.”
Tumblr media
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the-second-tonks · 11 hours ago
The Dray's and D's | D.M
Warnings : Heavy angst , crying , heartbreak , kissing , alcohol
Pairing : Drunk!draco x Muggle-born!fem!reader 
Summary : Y/N and Draco broke up from their beautiful relationship in the 6th year . Y/N thought it was over between her and the Malfoy . But one night , when she met drunk Draco , who spilled out the truth like anything , Y/N takes a huge step .
English is not my first language !
Tumblr media
"Y/N , did I tell ya datt I was not in the room off requirmentttt ?" Draco slurred . "For the third time , yes !" Y/N spoke , while carrying a drunk Draco across the corridor.  "And did I 'sk ya where 'chu found me , ehhh?" Draco garbled . " Yes .. I didn't find you in the room of requirment .. " Y/N tightly held his hand which was slipping over her shoulder . "Veryyyyy good , Y/N ! Ya deserve an 'pp- preciation . " he hiccuped and with that , patted her head with his free hand . Y/N leaned out of his patting hand and huffed .  So basically , Draco was leaning on Y/N with his arm draped over her shoulder . Y/N had been struggling for a few minutes to take the boy to the Slytherin common room because it was late night and no one was there in the corridor . She , being a prefect , had to help him in order to prevent him from getting his head hit somewhere . But also , she was quite curious to know what the boy was doing in the Room of Requirment with the cabinet .. The weight of Draco was being a lot for Y/N to handle , but unfortunately , she had forgot her wand back in the passageway where the wand was perfectly hidden , while hiding Draco from Snape , who seemed to be looking for something  and so , she wasn't able to use magic , until she drops Draco and goes to pick up her wand  . Asking anyone to do it was not possible and she definitely didn't want Draco to be caught by Filch . Y/N decided to ask him to try to walk on his legs . "Draco-" before she could complete it , Draco placed his index finger on her lips , sealing them shut . She felt her cheeks go red and heat rising up her neck . But her heart didn't swell with happiness , it busted in silent tears . "Sh , Shhhh .. Don't calllll me Draco , call me Dray ! And I'll call you ... Ummm.. Queen ? Nope .... Beautiful ? Naahhhh... Y/N/N ! Yesh! I'll call you   Y/N/N !!!" He shouted , Y/N's heart dropped at the nickname . "Draco don't shout !!" Y/N whisper-yelled , ignoring the heart of hers . Draco took his arm off her and suddenly fell to the floor , moreover sat on it , crossing his legs . His hands folded across his chest , he sat pouting like a kid . "Draco , get up!" She spoke , bending down on his level , holding her open hair from coming on her face  . "Nope" he said , popping the 'p' . "But why?!" Y/N panicked . Although she and Draco were exes , she felt pity for the boy during these days . She sensed his troubles , even though she knew he was quiet about them . It was clear that something was troubling him . He was so quiet and never ate his food nowadays and  if he would get caught by Filch , his troubles were just gonna  get worse . Even though Y/N knew she wasn't anyone to observe him , especially after saying that she was his ex , she couldn't help and ofcourse , she wasn't staring at him in a creepy way  . He had been looking paler and whiter than usual too . "Y/N/N , if you call me Dray , only then I'm gonna get up and walk with you " he pouted again . "But , you can get caught  ! Get up!!" Y/N huffed . She wanted to avoid that nickname . The nickname she thought she'd never say again . She used to call Draco 'dray' or simply 'D' when their beautiful relationship was on . But suddenly one day before new term at Hogwarts ...
Y/N had been running down the Alley to find Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions , where her boyfriend for two years , Draco Malfoy was waiting . Over the summer holidays , Draco had been quite distant and short in letters . He hardly said 'i love you's and I miss you's' but Y/N simply considered it that he wasn't in good mood . She smiled when she saw the purple shop , the first time Draco fell for her whole she was trying a dress for the Yule Ball . But her smile grew , when she saw a silver haired head . She ran towards him and hugged him from behind . But Draco pushed her and turned around . Thinking that Draco had simply acted out of impulse , she went to hug him again , only to be stopped his hands on her arms . "We need to talk , Y/N . Not here , at Florean Fortescue's Ice cream parlor . With this , her walked away with waiting for Y/N . Her eyes wet with tears , she blinked them back and followed Draco with a heavy heart . Sitting on the table , she broke the silence "What's it Dray ? " . Draco looked up , his eyes devoid of the love and gentleness she was used to for 2 years . His face having no sign of happiness or excitement of meeting her . "Y/N , I don't love you anymore . I like someone else . " Y/N's mouth hanged open , but Draco continued "I am really fed up of your 'Dray's and D's' , I don't want 'em . I don't want a cheesy girlfriend . You're not even hot . Really boring for me . And so , someone else has finally got my interest . I'm breaking up with you . I hope you find someone as boring and plain  as you are " With this , he got up and left , leaving Y/N in shock and sadness . There formed an endless pit in her stomach and her throat tightening . Tears rolled down her cheeks as her body shook hard . Her boyfriend , whom she had loved with her whole heart , left her .
"No no no . Call meeee Dray " Draco wasn't budging . Without further thoughts , Y/N called him the word , that pinched her heart "D-Dray. Let's go to Slytherin common room ?" Draco's eyes immediately lit up and he hurriedly got up . Leaning a bit on Y/N , he walked towards the Slytherin common room . On entering it when Draco mumbled the password , Y/N immediately landed with him on the couch . As much as a clichè it was , she had landed exactly on top of Draco while his handsome face was looking at her . Mahogany Apple scent filled her nostrils and she smiled a bit at the smell , which hadn't changed a bit . While her heart and mind were batteling between getting up and staying there in his body heat which her body had missed so dearly , Draco pushed a lock of her soft hair aside and whispered softly  "You look beautiful , as always" . Despite of the sweet compliment , her heart felt as if it had crushed . She immediately got up , straightened the same lock of hair and stood in front of the boy , who lazily sat up on the couch  . She slowly started making her way towards the portrait hole but Draco's mumble  stopped her- froze her ..   "Y/N/N , you know , i still really really really lobe you " he slurred . Y/N decided to not take it seriously and try joking about it "Lobe ? You never Lobed me " she spoke and laughed silently but Draco laughed way to loud . "Yeash , I love you. Still with my wholy heart ! " Draco looked right into Y/N's eyes , making her shiver a bit . She slowly walked towards the boy , bent a bit and spoke "Draco , it's time for you to go to bed " . Instead of listening to her , Draco pulled her close by her waist , his forehead touching hers . "Don't you think we're really into forbidden lovey ?" Draco spoke , Y/N could clearly smell the fire-whiskey in his breath . "N-no , we're not. I don't love you and what's forbidden in that? " she spoke with trembles clear in her voice . "Forbidden because you're a muggle born and here I m , from a strict pureblood family , a death eater , helping the one who kills Muggle-borns ...." Y/N didn't bother to hear anything else . A death eater , the words rang in her head more than I don't love you anymore had ever had . "Dra- I ... You're a death e-eather ? " Y/N asked , tensed for the boy.  "Yes Y/N/N . Look .." Draco showed the mark . The mark . He was a death eater . Y/N dropped down to her knees . She thought she had overcame and moved on from Draco , but the pain she felt just now made her realise that she still loved him , more than ever . Draco immediately got up and fell in front of her , his hands on her neck . "Y/N/N , are chu 'lright !? He asked , though he was drunk , worry was evident in his tone . Y/N simply nodded , took of his hands from her neck and made him get up with her . She silently took him to his personal room and dropped him in . He slowly sat on his bed and looked up at her while she was leaving and spoke his in his broken voice "S-stay .. please ?" Draco pleaded . Y/N huffed and gave in as her heart bled on the poor sight of the boy she loved once and would always . Y/N slowly sat on the side of the bed . But as soon as she did , Draco pulled her to center of the bed.Y/N was now sitting on his pillows while he slowly kept his head on her thighs . He was almost half asleep when he took Y/N's hand in his and started murmuring "Y/N/N , I'll always love you and only you .. but , but I have to obliviate our memories , for the sake of your life . If I don't , the dark lord will find this out and kill you . But , how can I wipe the only good thing happened to me ? How can I let the memories fade , the memories of the girl who keeps me motivated to repair the vanishing cabinet everyday? Oh Merlin ! I m left with repairing it too .." he kept going on , but Y/N thought about how the dark lord will finish Draco if he ever came to know that Draco dated a Muggle-born . Draco had stopped playing with her hands now . Her eyes full of tears , she closed her eyes , bend her forehead to touch his , and whispered softly "I love you , Draco Lucius Malfoy .
Forever " . She gazed at the sleeping figure of Draco after carefully laying him on his pillows. She removed his shoes , socks and took out his wand , keeping it aside on the table . Quietly walking out of the room , she headed towards the corridor she found Draco in . Picking up the wand , she entered the Room of Requirment which had appeared in front of her . As soon as she closed the door behind her , she began the task of repairing the cabinet for who-knew-what .
Next day , Y/N silently exited the Room of Requirment early morning , which vanished behind her . She was done repairing the cabinet and now , the final work was left . She knew Draco would remember a few things from the last night and she wished it wasn't him telling her about being a death eater .
After freshing up and walking slowly towards the great hall for breakfast , she kept looking around for any sight of the boy . As soon as she sat on H/H table , she gazed around to find Draco . She did find him , but he was walking in from the door . His eyes met hers and as if there was a telecommunication , both of them left the great hall together . Standing in an empty corridor , Draco broke the ice "I remember you bringing me to my dormitory , thank you " he spoke without any gratitude in his tone . "Draco , yesterday-" before she could continue , Draco spoke "Whatever happened yesterday between us was just because I was drunk , I don't want to know what happened" he spoke. It seemed as Draco was well aware that he must've confessed that he still loved her . "Listen to me Draco , Nothin happened . You didn't speak-" again , cutting off Y/N , he spoke "How can you be so good ? How can you stand there and tell me that you know nothing about me being a death eater , or about the vanishing cabinet ? I know you repaired it . That's why , I've bought you here , to thank you . " He spoke , his eyes still not meeting Y/N's . Y/N stood in silence , not knowing what to do . Suddenly , Draco pulled her face close to his and slammed his lips on hers . The kiss was desperate and wet , as if he was crying . Breaking the kiss to breath , Draco hugged her and spoke in his broken voice "I-i'm sorry Y/N . I'm really sorry , I love you . I love you . I can't- can't do this anymore . "And then , he broke down in from of her . "Let it out , D" she spoke lovingly , patting his head . And Draco did . He let out every emotion - frustration , pain , stress , pressure , being afraid , everything . He cried on her shoulder , silently happy that finally he could share it with someone .   But Y/N knew this was wrong . It could get him killed . Y/N had prepared herself for this all night while repairing the cabinet , and it was time now .
Speaking the farewell words "Draco , I love you too . Always . Stay strong for your family and me.  The dark time will pass . You can do this , I believe in you" . Seperating from their last hug , she bought his teared face down so that his lips could touch hers . The kiss was full of pain, agony and love , the last kiss . She pulled away from the kiss , wiped Draco's face with her hands and rested them on his cheeks . "I-i don't want you to get caught , and so I shall leave . But promise me , rhat you'll meet me here , every night . This same corridor and you and me . Promise me !" Draco spoke . She knew it won't matter if she promised it , she was going to break it and he won't even know it . "I promise " she spoke . Draco smiled at her , cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead . Y/N bit her lip to control her tears and smiled. "Maybe you should go first , darling?" Draco asked . "No , you should . Go around checking the corridor , yeah? Stay safe and .. I love you " her voice almost broke while speaking this , resting her palm on his cheek for the last time  . "Yeah . I love you too ." Draco replied , kissed her palm . Draco looked around and waved a bye towards   Y/N , slowly making his way to the great hall . But before he could completely vanish , Y/N took out her wand and casted the spell , the final step of her plan , "Obliviate!" She spoke . With tears blurring her vision , she saw the white thin light slowly wiping all their memories . The 'i-love-you's and i-lobe-you's , the Dray's and D's , the hugs , the beautiful moments, the kisses , the nights they spent looking at the stars , everything about Y/N . Everything about them . "I am sorry Draco . But your life matters to me more than anything. " she whispered to herself as her work was over . Putting her wand back to where it was , inside her robes , she wiped her tears and nose and started walking out . Before she could pass the boy who stood confused now , she decided to check if the plan worked .She didn't know if she could really take Draco not remembering her , but the only thing she kept in her mind was his life . His smile . His eyes lovingly staring at her , his voice telling her 'i love you' .
Bumping Draco on the shoulder forcefully , she walked ahead of him , stopped and waited for Draco to say something , who spoke "Watch your way, Y/L/N  , filthy Mudblood." Despite the harsh comment , she smiled and silently walked away , not sparing a glance at him , knowing that would break her but nevertheless, contended that her work was done . But ofcourse , wiping memories doesn't wipe away the feelings just like Draco felt an unknown pang of pain in his heart after calling the girl a Mudblood....
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katherynshoward · 11 hours ago
𝐠𝐚𝐳𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐚𝐬 { 𝐝.𝐦. 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 }
synopsis: Y/n is enjoying Father’s Day with family, admiring the amazing father Draco has become. In a grim turn of events, y/n’s world is eradicated and norms are challenged. Y/n must learn to adapt to this new reality, scared of the consequences of acceptance and letting go of things we cannot control.
cw/tw: Extreme themes of death. If death is slightly triggering for you, do not engage with this one. It's sad bc I'm missing my dad a lot today and I couldn't stop thinking about dad!draco so, this is what we end up with lol. Happy Father's/Parent day!
content restrictions: All ages permitted.
word count: 1.8k
The gardens of the manor were always beautiful come spring and continued to thrive throughout the summer until Fall would claim them. Even in this melancholic residency that you always despised for the lack of sun. Each year, you watched the child you shared with Draco grow in these desolate walls. And despite her circumstances, she prospered. The most amicable and thoughtful little girl.
Still, you ached to move her from this place. Part of you was hopeful Draco would be more willing to rid himself of the burden of governing the estate now that Lucius and Narcissa had both passed on. Narcissa expressed once a keen desire that Draco take the child away from this cold place, three months before her passing. But he did not budge. And whenever you would plead with Draco about a cottage on the English countryside, your words lingered on deaf ears. He disregarded your appeals for reasons unfathomable.
The good news was that your little one would be eleven years old this summer, come August. She would be starting her first year at Hogwarts and maybe, she would learn to cherish the sun in the ways you do. Acclimate to a happier ambiance than what she was accustomed to.
“Daddy!” She called out after him, her long platinum locks swaying behind her with each hurried step she took.
You loved the way he styled her hair each morning. At first, he was terrible at it. But now, he could be his very own cosmetologist. You loved the way Draco oversaw multiple projects to build several playgrounds around the estate. You loved the way he loved so effortlessly by the way of subtle gestures. How removed all texts engaging the ideology of blood supremacy or shielded your daughter from the faded mark on his arm by always wearing long sleeve uniforms. He spoke his love in ways that were unconditional and done without much thought. Because he loved her so much and being a father was natural for him.
Her little legs carried her past you, towards her father. She always favored him in both looks and company. You tried your best to relate to her in the ways that he did, but perhaps she was just too much like you. Your words didn’t appear to interest her past the age of three. But that was okay. She was still yours.
“Look what I found!” She said excitedly, holding a flower up to Draco. “Your favorite! I want you to have it.”
You watched Draco kneel down onto one knee to level himself with her. He was wearing black today despite being a happy occasion that was Father’s Day. He always wore black. This was something he outgrew after the war to express his gratitude towards life. He was a changed man for a little while and preferred muted tones of several colors like greens and golds. But after the pregnancy, he seemed to revert back to this state of fashion that was so dejected. You missed him wearing colors. He seemed happier back then.
He took the flower from your daughter’s hand and you drew closer to them to take a gander. You instantly recognized the gazania he twirled thoughtfully between his index and thumb. He looked at her once again.
“You’re right.” He nodded. “Do you know why these are my favorites? Because they are your mother’s favorites.”
You felt your cheeks tighten and swell with the sweetness of his remembrance. It was like biting into the most saccharine peach you could taste.
“Really?” She asked. “I want to grow some more. Just for her.”
You giggled, clasping a hand over your mouth. You truly were prosperous in the family you created. Though it was a small one, it was all you needed. Nothing made you happier than the sound of your daughter’s voice on the saddest of days. Even though you spent most of your time weeping for reasons you couldn’t quite recognize, you could not deny your family filled a specific void. Sometimes, you just felt as though something was missing. Perhaps it was just being devoid of most human interaction outside of the manor. The fog didn’t help much.
“That can be arranged.” Draco smiled, swiping gently at her cheek with his index fingers in a loving gesture. “They hail from South Africa. Should we call for shipments?”
“Yes, sir!” She yelled out excitedly. “We will put them in Mummy’s spot.”
He nodded once before standing to lift her up by her waist and settle her into her arms. His dominant arm supported her while his other hand still held onto the flower. He walked towards you and you moved out of his way before following him to see where he was going.
“I love my gift, sweet girl.” He said. “I’d like to put this one in Mummy’s spot as well, if that’s alright.”
She nodded and nuzzled her head into his neck. She was such a daddy’s girl and Draco deserved it after the hellish life he led. It seemed to be she was the one good thing he had anymore. Sometimes, you wondered if he still loved you. He always seemed so distant. Never willing to converse with you on much of anything.
You followed Draco and when your daughter looked back, she furrowed her brows at you. You simply smiled. Her eyes widened and she looked back ahead of her, not saying anything. Her behavior was always atypical, but she was so safeguarded and sheltered away from the world. You wondered how well she would be at making friends come the impending school year. Hogwarts was always diverting when you attended until war threatened to dawn on the horizon. That wouldn’t happen again.
Something came to view as you neared, vision still partly skewed by the fog. But Draco stayed on path, his stride demonstrating motive. He knew where he was going, so you felt safe to continue despite hardly being able to see ten feet in front of you. You were uncertain of this spot they talked about. How did your daughter know of it but not you?
As you grew closer, you paused in your stride. They were approaching a mausoleum. A large tomb above ground.
“No.” You said out loud. Draco did not react, he simply continued on.
“Draco, no.” You called out to him again. It was like always. He ignored you. “Draco, please!”
Your scream caught your daughter’s attention and she again looked back at you. Draco disappeared with her inside the mausoleum and you let out a guttural sob.
How long? How long has it been?
You followed them inside, looking for answers. You felt so muddled, unsure of the stakes of reality. Who or what you were. When you entered, you were met by Draco and your daughter facing a single tomb. Candles adorned some empty space. A portrait of you was hung just above the grave. Draco set the single gazania on the sealed casket.
“We commemorate the dead, lest we forget where we come from and who we are. You didn’t know her, but she loved you more than anything. I don’t want you to blame yourself. It was not your fault, sweet girl. You were just a babe.” His voice was struggling over his words. “I hope you think I’ve been a good enough father to compensate for her absence.”
“Of course you have, Daddy. You’re the best dad in the world. And I’m sure Mummy thinks so too. I can ask her.”
Draco looked down at her curiously before placing a soft kiss on her forehead. You read the date of death attributed to your likeness. You died the day your daughter was born. He did not weep, though if it had truly been eleven years, it was doubtful he had much left in him to cry. He simply knelt down to the grave and began mumbling something to himself while your daughter watched him. Despite the absence of outward emotion, you could feel him somehow. The pain that he communicated to you specifically. Whatever he was saying, he was speaking it to your essence. He was praying.
This is why he wore black. This is why he wouldn’t leave. This is why he never paid you any mind.
You came towards him and knelt down beside him. Your arm, that he would not feel, wrapped over his shoulder. This felt surreal.
A harrowing presence interrupted your moment. When you peered up, a very becoming young man with long dark hair stood at the base of the room. His hands were folded behind him and he smiled an uncanny, yet comfortable grin. The world was devoid of all background noise when he was in the room. Complete and utter silence.
“Who are you?” You asked.
“I am neither friend nor foe. You know me, but I am a stranger to you. I know everything about you and you know nothing about me. Why, I am Death.”
You looked around the room and time had paused itself, though your daughter was looking at you with unsure eyes in her halted state.
“When the dead meet me at the crossroads, most are given a choice to stay or come with me. Some, however, are lost. You are one of the lost ones. This can happen in abrupt accidents, spiteful people or... unfinished business. I see it in mothers often.”
You didn’t take your arm off Draco who was still frozen, his expression filled to the brim with agony. You felt guilty, as if dying was his inconvenience.
“I give you a choice. Each year, you learn you are dead. Each year, you’ve chosen to stay. When you choose that, you forget. Come tomorrow, if you choose to stay, you will again forget what happened to you. That you are dead. You will again wander these halls until I come back. The choice, is entirely yours to decide.” He said monotonously.
You pondered for a moment. Eleven years. Eleven years in limbo just to assure Draco made the right choices of your kin. And each year, he did. Each year, he learned and was better than the last. He never once faltered in his duty as a father. You could trust him. And trust was letting go.
You nodded.
“I think I am finally ready.”
“Good. I have been ready to welcome you home.” He smiled a wide toothy grin that was somehow unsettling, but felt safe.
Before you would agree to part ways, you of course had parting words. It was so difficult to say goodbye and perhaps that was part of the reason you stayed as long as you did. Love was a peculiar thing, so liberating and yet, so binding.
“Thank you.” You said to Draco who still did not move. “I don’t think a child could have asked for a better father. Our girl wants for nothing. And I am at peace. Because you’re such an amazing father. Happy Father’s Day, my love. My gift to you. I’ll be seeing you again.”
Without another word, you were gone.
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missdawnandherdusk · 13 hours ago
Draco X Reader / Ex!Harry X Reader
part one:traitor
Summary: So, you and Draco might know that Harry cheated on you, but how are you supposed to survive the rest of the wizarding world finding out? 
A/n: I adore this with every fiber of my body. It’s got Disney references, and Twilight references, and shenanigans, and heartache and growth and plants and ugh. Here’s to growth and new chapters and moving on from our exes. 
Tumblr media
“Pansy?” I took a step back, unsure until Draco walked up beside her. “You work for the Daily Prophet?”
“I freelance and journal, but Draco called in a favor,” Pansy gave a placid smile. “Believe me, we both know what it’s like to deal with the press about scandals.”
“This isn’t really a scandal,” I mumbled, taking a seat on the sofa.
“It’s going to be if we want the coverage we’re looking to get.” Pansy pressed. “We need to get your story big before Harry has any chance to say a word... so please, from the beginning,”
Draco sat beside me and slipped his hand into mine—a reassuring effort. Relaxing slightly, I began from the start of Harry’s relationship with me. How he promised me forever—soulmates he claimed.
“He said there was no one out there like me,” My gaze dropped as I stared my hand intertwined with Draco’s. “And then he—”
Draco shushed me softly, halting my tears and rabbit hole of pain. Taking a deep breath I forged on.
“I got home from work early—no one was really out in the cold and looking for a plant or herb. So I thought I’d stop at the Three Broomsticks for a warm drink then head home. Harry usually worked late on Wednesdays—it was paperwork day, and it has been for years. I never had reason to suspect...But I take a step into the Three Broomsticks, and I see—”
I took a sharp breath in. “I saw Harry kissing Ginny in a corner booth. He... He looked happy. They both did... They didn’t see me” I stood, fury coursing through me “Godric, I even asked about Ginny when we first started dating! He said I was paranoid! How could I have been so stupid!?” I fumed, angry at myself. “Then he had the nerve to bitch about Draco,” Scoffing, I rolled my eyes, tears escaping.
“So you called Draco?”
“Yes,” I smiled a bit wiping away the tears. “Draco and I grew up together. We were best friends... he warned me when I started to date Harry that things would change... Harry convinced me that leaving Draco would be good—” Betrayal coated my shoulders like a heavy weight. “I was so stupid—”
“Hey,” Draco consoled. “You didn’t know,”
“But I should have!” I said. “I should have known you knew me better. I never should have trusted Harry—someone who made me choose because he was so insecure! And now this is where it got me!” I paced away, staring out the front window. “He cheated on me. Harry cheated on me and he’s going to get away with it because he’s the chosen one,” The reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know if I was angry or hurt—all I could feel was betrayal.
“He’s not getting away with anything,” It wasn’t Draco who spoke but Pansy. “Tell me what happened after you called Draco,” her soft voice compelled me to further my story. I didn’t turn from the window.
“I barely got out the words ‘he’s here with somebody else’ before Draco appeared right next to me. He... he ushered me in from the cold and let me cry it out in a corner booth in Puddifoot’s. I... I knew I couldn’t go home—back to Harry. Not after...” I took a deep breath, wrapping my arms around myself in a comforting effort. “Draco offered to let me stay with him. And I didn’t know how to say no,” A smile touched my lips. “Harry showed up then this morning... I told him not to come back and to leave me alone—he wouldn’t. And—”
“And then he asked to speak to me.” Draco cut in, allowing me to my thoughts. “He began to get aggressive and threatening, so I cursed him and locked him out—then I called you,”
“And that’s everything?” Pansy’s pointed question caused me to turn, locking eyes with Draco. Our night of my tears and guilt, and his reassurance and comfort were a secret that would be ours to always keep.
“Yes,” Draco’s gaze kept mine.
“Alright, I can get this out by the evening post.” Pansy closed her notebook and tucked her quill back into her perfect high bun. “Call me if you need anything,” She glanced between both of us—our spell broken with the closing of her book. “I’m really sorry Y/n,” She rubbed my arm softly before heading out.
“Are you—”
“Don’t ask,” I shook my head softly. “I don’t want to answer that,” 
“Okay,” Draco nodded.
“I... I should go in and check on my shop... the plants...” I closed my eyes. “God I just want to curl up in a hole and hide for the rest of my life,” I confessed. “People are going to talk... and look at me... and I don’t think I can handle pity right now,” I mumbled mostly to myself, but Draco heard every word.
“I know,” He sympathized. “This is going to blow up and it’s going to seem unbearable... but give it a couple weeks. I promise it will get better.” He took my hands into his. “If you want I can pull a few strings and keep a lot of the heat of the press off of you. No reporters, no cameras, no publicity—as normal as I can make it for you,” Draco tilted my chin up, waiting for my response.
“This isn’t normal,” I murmured. “But... that would be really nice,” Our eyes met again, and I could see the desperation and determination in Draco’s eyes to make this right. “I just feel so stupid,” I confessed.
“I know. Harry betrayed you and you didn’t see it coming. You’re not to blame for that,” Draco paused a moment before forging on. “I’ll go in with you to the shop. Do you have anyone who can cover for you while this...”
“Yeah, I can talk to Neville, he won’t mind. He’s normally there helping when he’s not scheduled anyway.” I shrugged on my cloak. “Thank you for doing all of this Dray,”
“What are friends for,” he smiled, his own cloak fastened around his neck.
The shop was quiet. It was my safe haven that it always had been. Soft soil floors and yellow light filtering in and refracting off of green leaves. I took care in checking each plant to ensure their health, Draco hovering all the while.
“I never knew you kept this up,” Draco mused. “I remember your old garden back when we were kids...” He ran his fingers over the soft leaves.
“They calm me,” I admitted.
The bell rang above the door, and it wasn’t Neville who walked in, but rather Hermione. I froze on the spot and grew skeptical, my eyes narrowing. Draco took a small step toward me, ready to throw himself in harm’s way at the first sign of trouble.
“I come in peace,” Hermione held her palms up. “And I want to let you know that Harry is a total arse, and I can’t believe that he did that to you. And I’m so sorry,”
I took a cautious step forward.
“Did you know?” Was the first question from my lips. “Did you know that he was seeing her?”
Hermione shook her head. “I had no idea... We’d only meet up once a week for drinks—I don’t get much time off as Minister,” I could see the sympathy in her eyes. “If I had known...”
“Thank you,” It was a peace offering.
“If there’s anything I can do, let me know. Ask and it’s yours Y/n,” Hermione promised.
“I’ll keep it in mind,” I nodded. “Thank you,”
“Draco,” She nodded at him on her way out.
“Hermione,” At least he said something, and it was sorta civil. “That was...” He started when we were alone again.
“Yeah,” I agreed. “I wasn’t expecting that,”
The door opened again, and in came Neville, looking flustered and out of breath. His eyes landed on me then darted to Draco before settling on me again.
“Godric, Y/n, you’re here,” He panted out. “Are you alright? I heard what happened! Can you believe his nerve!? Do you want me to hex him? I can poison him—not fatally, but—” He rushed out, his words tumbling together.
“Neville, Neville,” I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m okay—enough anyway. And what you do on your time is your own business,” I teased. “But if you could watch the shop for a few days? I’m—”
“Of course!” Neville cut in. “As long as you need! Are you sure there isn’t more?”
“Thank you, Neville, but that’s alright,” Smiling I made my way to Draco. “Send a message if anything goes wrong or you need me,”
“Yes ma’am,” Neville nodded a salute.
With him there I felt sure enough to leave, knowing that my plants and shop were in good hands. Neville knew how I kept the register and how to lock up at night, and his knowledge of plants rivaled mine closely, so I knew if anything died, everything had been done to save it.
“I’ll be back when things cool down,” I promised, as Draco and I apparated back to his apartment.
Options ran through my mind of where to go and what to do. A few days on the shore would be nice, to get some fresh air at the seaside. Draco wandered off to a knock on the door, and I grabbed my wand, ready for whatever was about to walk through that door.
It was Hermione again, with a large box in her arms and a suitcase at her side.
“I thought you might want this stuff back,” I could just see her smile over the box and amidst her mass of curls. “And I know you don’t exactly want to go back to Grimmauld.”
I shadowed Draco as he took the box from her grasp and disappeared into the flat, the suitcase following after him magically.
“Thank you,” I offered a small smile. “I’d invite you in for tea, but it’s not my place,”
“You’re very kind but I’m afraid that I must be off—there’s a council meeting today and I’m already slightly late,” She checked the watch on her wrist.
“Oh! Well, thank you for stopping by, I’m sorry that it made you late,”
“You worry too much,” Hermione smiled and then headed back down. the hall, leaving me to close the door and wander to wherever Draco had gone—still trying to plan my next step. Draco caught me in the hall, my box and suitcase both gone who knows where.
“I think I might go to the shore for a while...” I trailed off. “Then I’ll have to owl my parents... Merlin I don’t want to have to tell them,” I rubbed my face. “They really liked Harry,”
“He was the chosen one and all,” Draco teased lightly, not helping my mood one bit. “Sorry,” He apologized quickly. “But don’t go,”
“Draco, I really don’t want to be anywhere in town when tonight’s issue of the Daily Prophet comes out—” I went to grab my cloak for travelling.
“So we’ll go away for a few days,” Draco tugged at my hand pulling me back. “But after—stay here, with me. I’ll change the spare room up for you to stay. It’ll be like those summers we used to share at the Manor,” A smile played at his lips.
“You’re sure?” I raised my eyebrows at him. “I can go stay with my parents. I don’t want you to have to deal with whatever is coming,”
“I want to deal with all of that, and I want to be there for you when it does come,” Draco took my hands into his. “I’ve been a lousy best friend lately, but I’m here to make up for that,”
“I’m the one who chose him,” I pointed out and Draco gave me a look, not budging on the subject. “Fine,” I cracked a smile as his grew. “I’ll stay here,”
“Great,” He beamed. “Your stuff’s already set up in the guest room,” 
“Draco!” I scolded, laughing. “You’re such a twat,”
“Nah,” He grinned. “I’m just the best best friend,”
“Sure Malfoy, you tell yourself that,” I drawled. “And what was this ‘we’ I heard? You have a job Malfoy,”
“So I’ll take a few days off. I could take a few months of paid leave off if I wanted,”
“Ah yes, the great Draco Malfoy doesn’t take sick days—the great Draco Malfoy doesn’t get sick,” I teased alluding to the time he had told me that before he came down with a muggle influenza for two weeks.
“That was one time,” Draco picked up on my reference. “But seriously, we can go anywhere— I’ve even got muggle money if you really wanna go off the grid,”
I grinned. “Draco Malfoy living as a muggle for a few days?” A laugh bubbled through my lips. “Now I’d love to see that,”
“Then it’s settled,” He took my cheap shot as an approval. “Ever been to Washington State?” 
“America?” I asked dubiously, raising an eyebrow.
“Who’s high and mighty now?” Draco scrunched his nose before opening the hall closet and handing me a leather travel bag before grabbing one of his own—they were the same make but two different colors.
When the evening edition of the Daily Prophet hit the newsstands and a scandal spead in the European Wizarding world—Draco and I were enjoying brunch in a little café in a small town a few hours outside of Seattle.
“How do you even know about this place?” I asked, watching the misting rain saturate the earth, pulling vibrant greens from the surrounding foliage.
“I took some time off after Hogwarts and travelled,” Draco shrugged, nursing his latte. “This place always felt as if it were separate from the rest of the world, not quite magic, not quite muggle.”
I nodded, understanding what he meant. Though we sat in a muggle establishment in a muggle town, the trees about us held secrets and the air around us held enchantment. To further prove the notion, when I stepped out into the light rain, the water didn’t touch me—rather it accepted me and only fell where Draco and I weren’t. As if magic and non-magic refused to coexist, even for a moment.
“It’s something else isn’t it?” Draco asked softly, and watching him here, in the rain—the dark colors of earth and vibrant jade colors framing him—he looked free. He looked at peace. “I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to find places like this... this one is my favorite,”
“It’s... it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,”
“There’s one on the outskirts of the Manor as well—it’s how I first knew they existed,”
“Thank you, for taking me,” I took his hand in mine. “It’s...”
“There’s more,” An excited smile on his lips grew. “You think we were just gonna stand and not get rained on for a few days?”
“I don’t really know,” 
“Come on,”
I learned quickly, in the little town, that there was no use for wands—rather magic flowed and ebbed easily and didn’t require honing. Draco took me to see the stars atop a mountain. Far from civilization—wizard or muggle—was a lack of artificial light and the noise of progress. No, here in the little clearing was thousands of stars and millions of stories to be told. Draco pointed out new constellations that I had never seen before and told me their lore—he also noted on a local wizard tribe’s myth of Spirit Walkers and Cold Ones.
“I’ve never felt the pull of magic to be this strong,” I breathed out.
Draco laced his fingers with mine. “It’s almost effortless,” He agreed. “A rift between worlds and the stars,”
Long forgotten here was Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Voldemort and the war had no meaning— no substance. Scandals and papers vanished. Only magic in its purest form existed here with Draco, the stars, and me.
Yet time moved on there as well—as soon as the issue was released, a gasp arose in the Wizarding world. Rumors flew, news stories scrambled for the truth—for a lie of their own. And lies were woven: I had run off with someone else; Harry and I were never together, and it was just a ruse; Ginny had Imperiused Harry into kissing her; that our relationship had been on the rocks a while—anything to make Harry the hero once more.
But those who knew Harry, and those who knew me, they knew the truth. They looked at Harry differently. There was something not quite right in their eyes as they gazed at the chosen one. Exhausted owls found me in my slice of in between begging for answers. Draco read the letters first, some were passed to me, some became kindling.
After a few days, the letters waned. Other than the occasional one from Hermione or Neville, no news came.
“I think I’m ready,” I whispered, heartache gripping my chest as I stared at the whitecapped waves of the foreboding pacific ocean. “I want to go back,”
“Are you sure?” Draco sat on a piece of driftwood beside me, prodding at a small fire we made in an effort to keep warm though a few hours of daylight remained.
“I... I can’t keep running away—pretending it’s some sort of fairytale dream here.” A single tear fell. “I lost my fairytale and it’s time I faced that,”
“Who said—” Draco began, pausing when I glanced at him. “It’s okay to start a new chapter,”
I closed my eyes, nodding at his words, fighting back tears. His words resonated with me though—it was okay to start a new chapter.
Madness fell as Draco, and I returned back to London. The moment I set foot into my shop I yearned to be back in the pacific northwest peninsula. Prying eyes and silent whispers followed me. My skin crawled with the glances that fell on me—the accusations that weren’t said, but thrown anyway. After barely an hour of checking on my plants—which were fine, as I knew they would be in Neville’s care—I went straight back to Draco’s and locked the door.
Draco found me by knocking on the bathroom door, interrupting my sobs as I sat in the bathtub fully clothed.
“Y/n?” His voice was soft and full of concern. “Can I come in?”
Sniffing, I croaked a soft yes before the door opened and I saw the worried grey eyes that match the voice. A small smile played at his lips.
“What in the world are you doing in there?” He asked, sitting crisscross on the other side of the porcelain tub.
“I... I don’t know,” I confessed weakly. “Felt safe to cry,” A shrug fell from my shoulders. 
“Today didn’t go to well then?”
I shook my head.
Draco transfigured a tea towel into a glass of water and handed it to me. I was forced to even my breathing as I made it through the cold water, feeling better as I did. Wiping away my tears, I inhaled deeply and rested my chin on my knees.
“You’re allowed to cry,” Draco smiled. “Though, albeit, in the shower is a bit odd,” 
“Oh shove off,” Sniffing, I smiled shoving him playfully.
That night, another article was released by Pansy, but there wasn’t a word from me in the article, rather it was the account of every one of my friends, giving their tale of the story, of my relationship with Harry—an attempt to dampen the rumors. Harry had still said nothing on the matter. The night air shifted that night and no longer dragged me down but rather just held me up and in place. As if it wanted me there—as if I belonged.
The accounts of my friends brought me to near tears. They finally fell when I came to Draco’s portion of the article. Someone who knew me like no one else—it was evident in the words written. With the paper still clutched in my hand, I threw my arms around him, catching him slightly off guard as he stumbled a few paces, having to catch us both.
“Did you do this?” I showed him the paper. 
“I thought that it might help,”
“Thank you,” My voice broke as I started to cry. “This is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me,” 
For the rest of my life I kept a copy of that article and whenever my days were harder than the rest, I’d take it out and read it, reminding myself that I was loved and that I wasn’t alone. I had a family.
The post was no longer letters of sympathy or interview requests or a million other things that the Wizarding world wanted form me, rather it was a heavy weight envelope addressed to Draco. I passed it over to him without a second thought and went back to starting supper.
“Would you like to go to this Gala with me?” Draco pipped up, handing me an invitation from the letter.
“A gala?” I said flatly, taking the invitation and scanning it. “Draco, I haven’t been to a gala since I was ten.”
“All the more reason to go,” Draco smiled. “And it might be nice to see people again.”
“I see plenty of people,” I corrected matter-of-factly. “Hermione really invited us, huh,” Muttering to myself I glanced at the calendar and the date of the Gala. Had enough time passed?
“She wouldn’t have sent it unless she thought you were safe going,” Draco read my thoughts. “There’s nothing to worry about,”
“There are a lot of things to worry about,” I refuted. “I don’t have a dress, or shoes—I can’t dance for that matter... and he might be there,” My voice grew small. “I don’t want to see him— and I don’t want to see him with her,”
“So, I’ll have Pansy take you shopping, and I’m sure I can teach you to dance so you’re at least passable,” Draco teased lightly, tugging the invitation from my hands. “Problem solved.”
I gave him a look.
“Even if he is there with her, you have the entire Wizarding World wrapped around your finger.” A smile played at his lips. “If he has the nerve to show up he really is an ignorant fool,”
“I dunno Dray...” I trailed off.
“Y/n,” Draco’s voice cut through my doubts. “Come,”
“What?” I whined trying to find a good enough reason not to go. A smiled played at his lips.
“You want to learn to dance yes?” He mused, as if it were a present problem that needed immediate attention.
“I said that I couldn’t dance,” I clarified. “Draco, please, I’m a hopeless case... don’t waste your time on me. This is stupid anyway,”
“It’s not stupid and I’m not wasting my time, I’m investing,” He reassured as he pulled me to the center of the sitting room and music started, a smile on his lips. I sighed and took his hand as his other rested on my waist and mine on his shoulder. Our close proximity was not lost on either of us.
“It’s a pattern,” He told me. “One, two, three, four,” He instructed.
It took a few hours of stepping on toes and almost falling, but Draco was persistent. Soon I was spinning around his apartment laughing as I danced semi-flawlessly in heels and sweatpants. He pulled me in one last time on a final note and we both laughed, stepping back from another.
“I still don’t want to go,” I whispered, sobering, my eyes fixed on his hands in mine.
“I’ll be right beside you,” Draco reassured. “Do you think I’d let anything happen to you?” 
“...No,” I mumbled.
“And do you trust me to protect you from stuffy rich people at this gala?” His pointed question made me roll my eyes.
“Yes,” I grumbled, a smile peeking through.
“It will be okay,” There was no lies in his grey eyes. “I’ll never let him hurt you again,”
“Thank you, Draco,” Finding comfort in his embrace, I found resolve to make an appearance at this gala—far from our green mystical wood, but rather in the thicket of magic and trouble.
My nerves grew and quelled at the gala date drew closer. Pansy came by one day and whisked me off to go shopping for the event and I started to protest, knowing I couldn’t afford a sock in the sorts she wanted to attend.
“Don’t’ worry about that,” Draco smiled softly. “My gift to you for joining me,”
“Draco,” I sulked.
“I told you that I’d take care of everything, and I am,”
“Go,” He chuckled. “Have fun and stop worrying about everything. We’ve got you,”
In the streets of Paris, chatting easily with Pansy, my cares seemed to slip away. In Paris—albeit muggle, but very high end—no one cared who I was, or what had happened in my life. No one cared much about the chosen one or his affair. Instead they all worked together to create a narrative, a space between magic and muggle.
And perhaps, twirling around the shop in new dress robes that were more akin to a fairytale gown, I didn’t care so much either. It was a new chapter—and I could still be a royal without a knight.
“He’s gonna love it,” Pansy grinned.
“You don’t think it’s too much?”
“It’s just right,” She encouraged. “So, how did you convince Draco to go anyway?”
“I’m sorry?” I frowned, looking at her reflection behind me in the mirror.
“Oh come on, Draco hates these things—he avoids them like the plague,”
“He...” My mood became somber. “Then why... why is he doing all of this?” I asked myself. 
“What was that?”
“Draco,” I started again. “He... he asked me to go with him. He convinced me. He taught me how to dance and said he’d take care of everything—take care of me.” I trailed off. “And he doesn’t even want to go?”
“Maybe I was mistaken,” Pansy smiled and stood, coming to me. “Maybe he just found the right reason to go,”
“But we’re not—”
“I didn’t say anything,” Pansy smirked. 
“Hey, I didn’t say anything but point out what was already there,” She held her palms up in innocence. “And don’t you worry, Draco’s too much of a gentleman to rush you to do anything. You know if he knew you truly didn’t want something, he’d back off,”
At that point I didn’t know if she was talking about the gala or the possibility that Draco and I could be something together someday. The thought stuck with me until the day of the gala, occupying my slow days at the shop and the quiet nights where I could hear Draco snore softly in the room next door.
The thought followed me around until the day of the gala and the anxiety of having to go riddled me again. Draco and Pansy were both there to comfort and assure me as we readied for the occasion.
I gave it one last ditch effort at the top of the stairs of the Ministry ballroom.
“I’m not a lady of the court... I don’t dance... And this dress and these heels,” I tried to find any excuse to leave as I pulled back away from the crowd of people, who were no doubt whispering about me already. “Draco... I can’t do this,”
“Y/n, you’re okay,” Draco soothed, rubbing my arm softly. “I’ll be right beside you the entire night—he won’t get to you,”
“I’m not worried about him,” I hissed. “It’s everybody else,”
“This is the safest place to face them, darling,” Draco tried his earlier argument. 
“But all at once?” I squeaked.
Draco smiled softly and placed my hand in the crook of his arm before leading me to the top of the staircase, where we descended into a crowd of hushed guests. My thoughts settled on Pansy’s words: if Draco thought that I couldn’t do this, I wouldn’t be here doing this.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall,” Draco teased, pulling me from my head space. 
“This is... ridiculous,” I decided.
“Why do you think I’ve avoided them for so long,”
A smile played at my lips as we reached the bottom of the staircase.
“See, easy,” he whispered; my smile grew.
After mingling a bit, Blaise asked me to my first dance. Draco was busy laughing too hard to try and save me and I had no idea how to say no. Greg was just shaking his head, chuckling as we took the floor, and the waltz began.
“I have to warn you, Draco only taught me to dance a few days ago,” I warned as the violins started up.
“Don’t worry, darling, I’m a good enough dancer for the both of us,” Blaise winked and albeit, was very patient with me—just like Draco was and after a while it was easy to imagine Draco and I waltzing across his living room, putting my mind at ease.
“Draco you’re going to have to tell her eventually,” Pansy stood beside him as they watched you dance with Zabini—your eyes were shining with laughter as Blaise waltzed you around the floor.
“She’s barely getting over Harry and tonight is supposed to help her with that—I don’t have any right to make it about me and how I feel,” Draco set down his glass of champagne.
“You know that’s not true. She might have been hurt by Harry, but Draco, she’s doing this all for you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh come on,” Pansy laughed lightly. “Just because she was your best friend doesn’t mean that I don’t know her as well. She’d much rather be barefoot in her garden. Not this stuffy rich politics. You know that too, you just refuse to see it.”
“Perhaps she’s changed through all this,” Draco mused.
“Perhaps she really does loves you—before she even loved Harry,” Pansy smirked. 
“Absurd. Now please—” Draco scolded.
“Just tell her Draco. She’s not going to yell at you,” Pansy said as she drifted back to Luna.
“No, she never does yell, does she?” Draco mused to no one. “Could you really be doing all of this for me?” Draco drifted into his memories, to the days just before you had gotten together with Harry—when you were still his best friend, even after the war.
“Hey,” Your face lit up as you entered his small apartment—his first foot at freedom since the war. “I brought fire whiskey to celebrate,” You held up the bottle triumphantly.
“I don’t know if I can—”
“Sure you can,” You smiled, sifting through his kitchen, looking for glasses. “It’s a housewarming present,”
“And here I thought you’d bring me a plant,” Draco teased, drawing glassed from one of the cabinets you hadn’t checked—his personal liquor stash.
“You’d kill it and I love them too much,” You popped the top off. “I can take this back if you don’t want it...”
“I said nothing of the sort,” Draco chuckled, pouring two glasses. “Here’s to new beginnings,”
“New beginnings,” You smiled, your face warm and lovely in the dim kitchen light. Draco’s heart skipped a beat. “I... I can’t stay long,” You confessed, “I’m meeting someone,”
“Who?” Draco asked, curious because you never mentioned someone before.
“No one I particular. He just asked me to dinner, and I didn’t want to decline,” You shrugged softly, a giddy smile pulling at your lips.
“You’re going on a date tonight and you didn’t tell me?” Draco dismayed. “Y/n!”
“I know!” You laughed. “I’m sorry, I just.. you’re gonna be grouchy when I tell you and I can’t stand it when you’re grouchy,” You jabbed, hiding behind your glass of whiskey.
“I’m not gonna be upset, just tell me,” Draco rolled his eyes. “Come on Y/n, it’s what I’m here for! I should know these things!”
“I... It’s Harry,” Draco froze, and you calculated every single one of his movements, or the lack thereof. “See I knew that—” You set your glass down, clearly upset.
“Does he make you happy?” Draco asked softly.
You opened your mouth to speak, but refrained, defaulting to a nod.
“Does he treat you right?”
You nodded again. “Draco you don’t have to—”
“Hey,” Draco smiled a bit. “I’d ask these questions no matter who it was. You’re important to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt you,”
“So... you’re okay with this?”
“Not that I dictate your relationships, but I suppose as long as those two answers stay yes, I’ll be just fine with anything,” Draco encouraged softly. “Now go, I don’t want you to be late,”
“I’ve got some time—I can stay—” “Y/n, go,” Draco laughed. “Tell me about it later,”
“Thanks Draco,” You grinned, grabbing your bag before heading for the door and disappeared, off to the company of Harry Potter.
Draco finished his glass of whiskey and poured another, not bothering to cut it off at a shot, or even two. He could feel the heavy burning taste on mouth, just like the burning taste that the idea of you on a date with Harry left.
Cursing, Draco leaned against the kitchen counter, working his way through a good portion of the bottle, drowning his new sorrows. You were his best friend, and maybe he was jealous, maybe he was possessive, maybe he still harbored hatred toward Harry, maybe he wanted to protect you... or maybe, he concluded, loved you first.
“Dating Potter,” He scoffed setting his glass down. “My Y/n dating fucking Potter,” Running a hand through his gelled hair Draco let a tear or two slip out.
“You’re brooding,” Your soft smile broke him free from his thoughts. The way you looked up at him reminded him of the moments before you broke his heart in the kitchen that night when you said you were going on a date with Harry—but now he was the one who made you smile like that. Draco was the one who made you giddy and smiley.
“Are you okay?”
“Fine,” He recovered, blinking away those thoughts. “Are you having fun?”
“Blaise is quite the dance partner,” You laughed. “Greg’s gotta be one hell of a guy to wrangle all of that in,”
“I’m sure,”
Your brow furrowed. He wasn’t being convincing enough and you knew something was off. Except you got it wrong and you blamed yourself for his sour mood, though that was far from the truth.
“I’m gonna go find Hermione,” Your eyes dropped to the marble floor. “Thank her for inviting us...”
Before he could call out to you and apologize for being moody, you had vanished into the crowd. Draco cursed himself and dove into the throng of people, desperate to find you and apologize. He didn’t want to ruin your night and he did it for such a stupid reason—Harry had broken your heart and Draco was still offput by the thought—the thought of you dating anyone else. The realization hit him like a ton of bricks as his urgency to find you grew. Pansy was right. It was time and he was tired of pretending like it wasn’t.
His heart sank when he saw you with someone else—bright blond curls piled atop of a wicked smile and prying eyes. Rita Skeeter. Draco beelined for you, only catching the tail end question: who accompanied you here?
“That would be me,” Draco cut in easily, his hand becoming a comforting presence on your waist. He could see you physically relax.
“Mr. Malfoy,” Rita took a minute step back. “I wasn’t aware that you were invited.”
“Minister Granger extended the invitation,” Draco put on a placid smile. “Now if you’ll excuse us, Miss Y/n promised me a dance,”
Draco all but dragged you to the dance floor, away from that wretched woman, as another musical number began, the one he and you had danced to for hours on end in his apartment. You continued to relax in his presence despite being cornered not moments ago.
“Thank you,” You whispered as you two fell into step.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Draco acted nonchalant, all of his attention on you.
“Saving me from that,” You rolled my eyes as he led you into a spin and pulled you back.
“I promised I’d protect you,” He murmured, and you flushed slightly. “I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier, it wasn’t fair to you.”
“It’s fine,” Your gaze dropped.
“You weren’t the cause,” He clarified. “You were right, I was brooding,” Your smile was back. “Did I ever tell you, you look stunning tonight,” He said as he pulled you a bit closer.
“No, I don’t think you did,” 
“Well, you do,”
Your blush deepened. “You look handsome as always Draco,” You seemed almost scared to admit it.
“I wasn’t fishing for a compliment.”
“I know, you always look immaculate Draco,” Your giddy smile now accompanied your blush.
“Thank you,”
The room and people around him faded into nothing but you. Draco led you into a new step pattern before his hands moved quickly and he easily dipped you, having you secure in his grip.
“Draco!” You exclaimed and gripped for him as he righted you, a soft laugh coming from his lips.
“Did you think I was going to let you fall?” He teased as your dance slowed, the two of you closer than ever.
“Haven’t you already?” You asked, catching him off guard, that same excited look in your eyes and giddy smirk on your lips.
Draco froze at your words, and you seemed to be expecting his delay, because your smile didn’t’ falter, rather it stayed just as warm and lovely. The room around him faded back into view as a round of applause. You two were the only couple dancing and every eye had been fixed on you. You didn’t notice and neither did he. Now all Draco could think of was what to say next.
“They’re all staring,” You noted, not timid nor anxious, but rather mischievous—something that Draco had missed, and had always loved, as he had always loved you.
“Let them,” Draco grinned, and the crowd faded out once more as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.
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dangerouslyallaboutdraco · 13 hours ago
Hello!! May I please have a Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader where they are making out and get caught by her overprotective older brother? And so they try to explain themselves and stuff bit her brother ends up taking the reader with him and just her brother being worried about her absanana
Found out
A/n: Of course !! I adore getting these requests. I chose the reader to be the sister of Cedric, just because the prompt sounded a lot like how I imagine him but feel free to request another character. This is set during 4th year and is an AU where Cedric doesn't die. Also slightly sexual towards the end
Being Cedric Diggory's younger sister was difficult, the popular Hufflepuff always had a crowd hanging around him but he and Y/n weren't completely alike.
When the Triwizard tournament was announced Y/n had begged him not to put himself in danger. But Cedric wanted to win that cup, and he was stubborn. Of course, she was beyond proud of him when his name flew out of the cup but she couldn't stop the bad feeling in her stomach.
"Cedric, you know you don't have to do this," Y/n begged him once she'd pulled him out of dinner one night. The sibling pair didn't talk to each other much during the school day, due to their differing social circles, but they were close.
She stood next to him in an alcove near to the big doors where the rest of the school was sitting.
"Y/n, if I win this mum and dad are going to be so pleased." He had the proudest look she had ever seen him with. Such a wide smile.
Growing up he was always the more carefree one, willing to get on a broom before their parents allowed them, climbing any tree around their house and getting into any number of bad situations for his friends. He was a risk-taker, Y/n knew that. But he was the most honest person she knew and if he said he would be okay, then it would be okay.
"Just be safe, okay? I'll see you out there tomorrow." She made him promise as she gave him a hug.
Cedric nodded and pulled away. "I promise, don't worry about me. Get some sleep." He told her, still fulfilling his protective older brother duties.
Y/n didn't notice Cho Chang until she stood next to Cedric, threading her fingers in his in a way Y/n hadn't seen before. She had heard the rumours that her brother was going out with Cho but wanted to wait until he confessed.
"Sorry to interrupt." Cho started, smiling awkwardly at Y/n who quickly cut in.
"No, don't worry. You can take him." Y/n told her with her own soft smile to let Cho know she didn't mind.
She looked relieved at that, clearly not wanting to piss off her apparent boyfriend's sister this close into their relationship. "It's nice to officially meet you, Ced talks about you a lot," Cho replied as she held out her hand for Y/n to shake.
Y/n had only ever heard their mother call Cedric 'Ced' and that was when they were really young and he was feeling sick but she thought the nickname proved their relationship was close.
"Yeah, you too." They did know each other, only by mutual classmates and Y/n found it mature she introduced herself.
"Okay, we should go, I'll talk to you later, Y/n," Cedric said, breaking the slight awkward tension he had created and turning the girls' attention back to him. When Y/n looked at him he looked awkward as he bit his lip and shifted his weight around.
Y/n raised her eyebrows at him and made it obvious she was looking at the couples joint hands. "Yeah, we will talk later." Her sarcastic tone made him gulp but made Cho laugh.
They walked off together, joining some of their other mutual friends and leaving Y/n there.
Instead of walking to her own dorm room, she waited until the hallway was quiet from students leaving the hall and snuck into the dorm room of her favourite Slytherin.
Draco was waiting for her, as he had done for the past 2 months since they started dating. Unlike Cedric, she could keep a relationship secret.
"How did it go?" He asked her cautiously, pulling her into a hug in the doorway.
Y/n was surprised by his embrace but welcomed it as she finally let herself, for the first time since Dumbledore readout Cedric's name, relax in his arms. "Badly." She replied, finally pulling away from his warm body.
Draco pulled her over to his bed, sitting on it and patting the spot next to him for her to sit. "Tell me about it, love." He insisted.
She sat next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "I don't want him to get hurt, he's always been so protective of me and now I feel like I need to be because he's doing something stupid that could get him killed." Draco was the one person she could really speak honestly to which surprised her when they first got close.
"I know you think that but a lot of people volunteered to compete, they wouldn't have if it wasn't safe. Even stupid Potter got accepted despite being too young." He tried to reassure her, as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her tighter. "They wouldn't even have the tournament if it wasn't safe."
Y/n let out a huffing sound, knowing Draco was completely correct. "Thank you. I just need him to be okay."
"I know, he will be. And you never have to thank me for being here." There was that sweet smile that she adored. It wasn't something a lot of people got to see and that made her more grateful.
The couple sat together for a minute, the fall and rise of Draco's chest syncing with hers.
Then she spoke. "Can I stay here?"
"Yeah, of course." He agreed, smiling down at her again. And maybe it was the widest grin she had seen on his face.
It wasn't how either of them pictured their first night together like, but as Y/n drifted off to sleep in his arms she was infinitely more relaxed. And Draco didn't want her to get up and leave as she did every night.
"What colour is your dress?" Draco asked Y/n, one particular evening they spent up at the astronomy tower. Keeping their relationship secret was difficult but they both knew hiding places and the astronomy tower was one of their favourites.
It was quiet at night, a nice peaceful quiet. As the weather got colder naturally the nights were too and being up there meant they were bundled up in coats and blankets to not catch a cold.
Y/n looked over at him, focusing on his dark features instead of the bright stars. "I'm not letting you see it before the big night." She grinned at him.
"No, I want to match my tie." There was a shy smile on his face, something she didn't see much. "So tell me."
She rolled her eyes, still smiling at him. "Silver." She had picked the dress out the day the Yule ball was announced. At first, she thought of going for his favourite, green, but she knew he would love the dress.
He nodded. "Shouldn't be too hard. Will you at least dance with me?"
There was a desperate, insecure look in his eyes. "Yeah, we'll sneak out." Thankfully, he didn't look disappointed.
Tonight was the big night. Y/n found it hard to recognise her classmates dressed in their best clothes. The whole castle was decorated beautifully.
She has been waiting for Draco on the top of the staircase but when he didn't turn up she made the walk down the stairs herself, being careful not to trip with her heels.
That was when she saw him, at the bottom of that stairs. He was dressed in a white and black suit with a shiny silver bowtie and his hair was done slicked back, just how you liked it.
"Merry Christmas, you look beautiful," Draco told her as she met him at the bottom of the stairs, trying to look as inconspicuous to their peers as possible.
She has already received her Christmas gift from Draco, a stunning pear-shaped emerald necklace set in expensive gold. On the back of the gold setting was his initials 'D.L.M'
"Thank you for my gift, it's gorgeous," Y/n said, toying with the pendant in her fingers.
"You're gorgeous." He returned the comment. He was trying and failing, not to make it look like he was staring at her.
"You can get your gift tonight." She smiled, thinking about the gold watch she had waiting in her dorm for him. It was more than ironic they brought each other such similar jewellery, they were soulmates. "And also, you look amazing." Gently she let herself touch the bowtie, straightening it.
Draco grinned down at her, consumed by the smell of her perfume when she was so close to him. He had to fight every urge not to kiss her. "Ready to go in?" He gestured to the ballroom door.
She nodded, grabbing his pinky finger discreetly so she could touch him without anyone else seeing them.
They stood close to each other in the crowd of other students while the competitors walked through with their dates. Cedric briefly locked eyes with his sister, not noticing whose hand she was holding as he paraded his own date through the entrance.
Y/n grinned at both him and Cho, impressed by her dress. Then they split to dance with their own friends, trying to ignore the urges they were both fighting to kiss each other.
"Follow me," Y/n whispered into his ear once the ball had died down. Most of the students were leaving off beds they didn't belong in.
Draco's heart started to race as he watched the silver figure walk out of the room. He waited just long enough to see her disappear before racing out himself, hoping but not really caring if anyone noticed.
Once he reached the corridor he seemed to have lost her, a few other students were mingling around but his face dropped at the thought of her leaving him hanging.
He took a left, walking through the corridor before he found a wooden door he wasn't sure he'd seen before. Twisting the doorknob open he revealed Y/n who was standing in a small room he hadn't seen before.
"Missed you tonight." She grinned, pulling him over to her. They could still hear the slow songs playing from the ballroom and with her hands wrapped around his neck and his around her waist they began to sway.
"Missed you too." He whispered in her ear, as they danced. It was peaceful and far more quiet than the ballroom was.
When she finally looked up at him, he was staring right back down at her. His pupils were enlarged, and not just from the dark. She knew he needed something.
They were so close she could taste the punch on his breath and a hint of the cologne he put on at the start of the night. She lent up an inch and he met her lips. Unlike their usual soft kisses, this one was filled with more need.
He didn't let up either, gently slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moved her hands through his hair, tugging slightly at the blonde ends and making him groan with an open mouth. He moved his hands up from her waist, gently tracing up and down the sides of her boobs.
"Can see right down your dress, making me crazy," Draco mumbled once he pulled away to breathe, leaving both their lips wet. He slurred his words whenever he was feeling needy for her.
She grinned at him, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him back in. He groaned again and pulled her body closer to him. They were so close as their lips and tounges continued to intertwine that she could feel his body pressed up against hers, pinning her to the wall.
Suddenly through closed eyes, they could feel the room getting lighter. Draco pulled away from her quickly, spinning around to the door.
There stood Cedric. With a frown on his face.
"Y/n Diggory, what is going on?" Cedric asked sternly. She had seen her brother made over Quidich games, or when their parents told him off but he was fuming. His eyes were angry as he glared between the pair.
She didn't want to talk to him. She just wanted to be with her secret boyfriend that nobody knew about until now. "Nothing." She mumbled her faced flushing red due to her annoyance with her brother disciplining her.
When she met Cedric's eyes he wasn't looking at her, he was looking at Draco. "We're together. We have been for a while." He quickly answered. Y/n wasn't expecting that, now looking at her brother he almost looked as shocked as angry.
"No, no way," Cedric said strictly. "There is no way this is happening." He put his hands over his eyes like it would stop the recurring image of his younger sister making out with her boyfriend.
"Stop being so dramatic." Y/n shot back at him, finally feeling less embarrassed and angrier herself. "You have no say over what I do."
"Can we go somewhere else and talk about this?" Cedric asked more calmly, refusing to look at Draco anymore.
"Why?!" Y/n spat back at him. Although they were both quick to tempers they didn't often fight. This was an anomaly for their relationship but due to their joint stubborn tempers, neither of them could stop it now.
He glared at Draco and then back at Y/n. "Because I need to talk to you!" He told her, grabbing her arm so he could pull her away from Draco.
Draco let her go, still in shock himself and Y/n let Cedric pull her away. "I'll be back." She told her boyfriend.
Cedric pulled Y/n back into the corridor, taking her to a secluded alcove. "What is wrong with you?" She quickly argued with him.
"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?!" He mocked her, still fuming.
She rolled her eyes and huffed. "Right, I'm going back to my boyfriend." She said, tugging her arm out of his grasp.
"No, wait." His tone turned desperate as he pleaded. "Y/n, come on." There was a softness in his voice she hadn't heard today. "I'm sorry for yelling. I'm just shocked." His face was softer now as well now.
"I just hate it when you talk to me like I'm a child." Clearly one of the siblings was more stubborn.
"I know." He was being much more reasonable. "You're really with Draco Malfoy or was that a lie?"He finally found the courage to ask.
Y/n looked at him with disgust. "What? He wouldn't like someone like me?" She defended quickly.
"No, I'm not saying that. There's a lot of things that people say about him." That made her even madder.
"Draco is not what people say he is." She quickly defended, it was true. There were a lot of lies people said about him.
Now it was Cedric's turn to huff. "Really? Have you not heard stories about him hooking up with girls? All the girls he danced with tonight?"
"Shut up." Y/n pushed his chest. "He's not like that. We've been dating for 3 months." Cedric didn't say anything else, he just stood there like he was judging her. "And also I treated Cho very nicely so I would appreciate it if you did that same thing to my boyfriend." She finished not wanting to listen to him anymore. She stomped off back to Draco who now stood with his hands in his pockets near the Diggory siblings but far enough he couldn't hear.
Once she reached him she felt calm as her features relaxed. "Hi, sorry." She smiled, reaching out to hold his hands.
With their hands together at the bottom of the staircase, she leant in and kissed him on the lips, not worried about who was seeing. "Getting bold, Diggory." Draco smiled at her once she pulled away.
"If my possessive, seriously annoying older brother can't do anything about it, why not flaunt it, Malfoy?" Y/n questioned with a wide grin on her face.
She noticed his eyes shift off her and to someone standing behind her. He took his hands off her and stuck one out. "It's nice to officially meet you." Y/n then noticed her older brother standing next to her.
"You too," Cedric replied, shaking his hand. Y/n could tell he wasn't completely genuine but let Draco assume he was.
Maybe, it would be alright.
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theravencawsatmidnight · 15 hours ago
Draco Malfoy x Half Muggle Fem Reader
Pt 2
Angst. Friends > enemies> lovers
Reader is transferring into Hogwarts for her 6th year. Completely missing the ‘magical experience’ the school has to offer. She is lost at the train station. No supplies, nothing. Not even sorted into a House. Lucious Malfoy spots her and notices something interesting about the girl. He instructs his son to mess with her out of amusement . Draco is reluctant at first but comes around, only to find out what had his father so interested.
Tags. @khemz1312 @squeaky-ducky
Tumblr media
Draco was running his thumb along the seam of the hat following its pattern, it was indeed quiet without you talking his ear off. He still did not know why his father wanted him to help you so bad. This was a very new experience for him either way, Draco Malfoy was not one to help someone else let alone give them his time of day. The man looked down watching you sleep without a care in the world, surely you were a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff, definitely not a Slytherin.
Only a few people passed his area while on the train ride, he was all the way in the last cart so no one would bother him. The people who did come by got dirty looks from him, in return he got a giggle . It took him a few minutes to realize it was because he had an actual person on his arm snuggling it close with a happy smile. The Draco Malfoy.. Letting some girl use him as a pillow. Damn girl, once he got to Hogwarts he was ditching you.
The train took a turn swaying the train and waking you up; you rubbed your eyes to see Draco looking out the window with your hat on his lap. “Mmhh..” you whimpered out, getting his attention. Draco rolled his eyes glancing down at you to see you giving him a happy grin and finally freeing his arm to sit up right . “i fell asleep?” you asked him.
“Yes. on me. “ he put the hat back on you and you pouted at him when he put it down over your eyes.
“Im sorry Mr. Draco.” you told him, trying to fix the hat but Draco just held it down.
“And stop calling me that.”
“But..!! let go!!” you raised your hands trying to fight his grip on the hat.
“Only if you stop calling me Mr Draco.”
Draco let the hat go and flicked your forehead. “Good.” he leaned back in his booth laying his leg over the other and turning his attention back to the window, fingers folded over his lap.
You looked all around the train seeing a girl pass by , she seemed to be looking for someone. “Whos that?” you asked the man, tugging his sleeve.
Draco looked then returned his attention to the window. “Just Hermine, probably looking for Pottah..”
“Wanna help her look?” you were getting up and Draco grabbed your wrist sitting you back down.
“What's wrong? Maybe she needs help.”
“If..”.. Why did he stop you.? Why… ? “you come right back here after, understand?”
“Yep!” with a hop you got up exiting the cart to go catch the worried girl leaving Draco to roll his eyes and be hard on himself. “As if i care, i dont care. Pottah is more suited for …. Friends then i am. I dont need anyone”
“Talking to yourself boy?” Lucious said from the entrance . Draco straightened out in his seat as his father closed the door behind him. “We have something to discuss. It was supposed to be at Diagon Alley but..” he took his wand out gesturing to his sons sleeve. “Its time you became like me, boy.”
“Hey hey!!! Hermine!” you yelled and the girl turned around seeing you.
“Oh hello!”
“Hi ! im y/n, nice to meet you, im a transfer!”
“A transfer? You sound american too, thats quite interesting, it since to meet you too !”
“I saw you by the end carts .. were you looking for someone ? do you need help?”
Hermine shook her head sighing. “Those damn boys are off on their own again. The end carts? That was you huh ? with Draco?”
“Yep!” you said all happy . “hes been awesome! Helped me out in the Dragon Alley , i got my wand and books! And i ate a frog!”
“Dragon.. Oh you mean Diagon Alley.. And he did..? Really?”
“Yes! He was a little moody but he was super nice to me , even let me fall asleep on his arm.”
Hermine wanted to laugh , she would have loved to see Draco be dragged around Diagon Alley and have someone sleep on him. “Thats great, hilarious even.”
Just then the two missing boys came into the area through the door. “There you are!” Hermine gave each of them a heavy stare.
“We got lost…” the red head said.
“Our chocolate frog got lose.” the glasses one said.
Hermine rolled her eyes moving to the side. “Well i found them.” she told you. “ and these two troublemakers are Ron and Harry, boys this is y/n, shes a transfer”
“Hello!!!” you waved to both of them.
“Pleasure to meet you y/n, if you have any questions about Hogwarts let me know.” Harry told you while Ron just kinda waved awkwardly.
“ i will!! But i think i should get back to Draco, he told me to come right back. Bye!!!” you took off leaving Harry shocked.
“Did..did that girl just say Draco?”
“I think so.. She must be mad?” Ron questioned.
Hermine took them both to a empty cart. “Ill explain, you'll love this.”
You had returned just as Lucious was leaving, almost bumping into him.
“Oh im sorry!” you said with your hands up.
“... “ the man walked away not saying anything and you joined Draco again by his side.
“Im back!”
“Are you? He flicked your forehead again. “Did you find Pottah?”
“Oh they found me ! a Ron too ! Hermine seems really nice. Is she also your friend?” you asked him while rubbing your forehead.
“But w-”
“I dont need friends, Weasel”
“But..” you took his hand in yours giving the man a slight scare.
“But what? You think we are friends? This again?” he yanked his hand away looking out the window
You put your hat on him and Draco flipped out grabbing your wrist holding it up. “What are you doing !?”
You giggled, wrapping your arm around his. “Friends give each other nicknames”
“Oh do they? Whats mine?” he asked you , resting his hand on your thigh hoping you would not notice.
“ Mr Draco!”
“Bloody hell…”
“Heheh!!! So i win, we are friends. And if im your only friend then ill be the bestest friend youve ever had!”
“I think i'm going to be sick”
“Oh no! Do you need help?” you got up “ill go -!”
He sat you back down putting the hat on you over your eyes. “Just.. just stay still . and stop talking …”
Draco told himself over and over and over and over … the whole way to Hogwarts as a matter of fact. That he was going to ditch you once he got there. Well he got there .. but..
After the professors get her up to speed ill ditch her…
After getting her classes ill ditch her….
After the sorting ill ditch her….
“Slytherin!!!!” yelled the joyus sorting hat.
“Draco!” you jumped down from the stage into his arms, he nearly didn't catch you.
“Oof!!! Off off!!!
You pouted at the angry man getting down but still giving him a happy smile. “I'm with you ! “
Draco rubbed between his eyes and heard Snape behind him . “She needs you, Malfoy. Protect her.”
“I'd rather die” he spat back, looking at the man from the corner of his eye. Snape said nothing, he moved back to the sorting hat leaving him with you. “Ugn , come on now.” he took your wrist yanking you out of the huge hallway. “Now i need to show you the dorms and give you the password”
“A password?! Can we be roommates!?”
You hugged his arm on all the way to the dorms. Draco got you settled in under his floor and told you the password for the dorms. - he had to write it down and help you pronounce it- then he was about to leave.
“Where ya goin? Can i go ?”
“No, ill be back later. Go find something to occupy yourself.” he slammed the door and left you there looking confused.
“Occupy.. Myself?” a few broomsticks flew by catching your attention and you got the biggest smile on your face looking very excited.
Meanwhile.. Draco was up on the top floor of the castle uncovering a rather large magical was the Vanishing Cabinet.
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earlgreydream · 17 hours ago
| draco x reader | angst | smut |
enemies to lovers 🖤
anon requested. theyre enemies but deep down theres a sexual tension and one day theyre on vacation and have to stay in one room together
cw: angst, name-calling (degradation), hate-fucking, very slightly dubcon
Tumblr media
“I can’t stand you! I don’t want to stay in a room with you!” You shouted, shoving him away from you.
“I’m just as angry as you! I don’t know how the hell this happened!” Draco snapped, pushing past you into your shared hotel room.
You had gone on vacation to America with some of your schoolmates, and due to a mix up in the planning, you and Draco had ended up in the same hotel room. To make matters worse, the room only had one bed.
Draco was your sworn enemy since first year. He’d embarrassed you in front of the Weasley twins, the boys you had a crush on, and you’d retaliated by tainting the love potion he gave to Pansy. It had started seven years of fighting and backbiting, the two of you always at each other’s throats and never seeing eye to eye.
It had become second nature to fight with Draco. Screaming matches with him lit a specific fire in your belly— different from anything else. It burned through you, igniting every nerve in your body. You thought it was anger, though it proved to be more when nothing satiated the rage, and your mind began to wander.
The electrically charged energy between you was hard to ignore. It was like a live wire, blazing everything in its wake, or an oil spill, turning everything flammable.
“Malfoy-” you started, but you were cut off by his sharp glare.
“I was going to suggest that we change quickly and meet the others in the lobby. I was going to ask if I could use the loo, but I was going to give you the courtesy of offering it first,” you hissed, and he shook his head.
“Go, it’s fine.”
You stepped into the bathroom, closing the door. You were desperate for some distance from Draco. You freshened up in the mirror, not taking too long so you didn’t get him even more agitated than he already was.
“What are we going to do about-?”
“We’re going to worry about it when the time comes,” you interrupted, glancing at the one bed.
The bathroom door slammed shut, leaving you alone in the small room. There wasn’t a couch— and the chair simply wasn’t adequate. Ultimately, you both knew the two of you were going to end up in bed together that night, whether you liked it or not.
A deep sigh left your lips, and you grabbed your bag, preparing to meet your friends downstairs. Draco locked the door behind the two of you, and the elevator ride was painfully silent. 
“My two favorite people. Sorry about the room situation,” Theo grinned, opening his arms as you walked up to him. 
You stepped into his chest, letting tattooed limbs wrap around you. He kissed the top of your head, grinning into your hair. 
“If Malfoy’s mean to you, you just let me know, okay? I’ll take care of him,” Theo promised you, finally getting you to giggle. 
“Maybe tell her not to be a right bi-”
“Draco, baby, try a little harder,” Theo hummed, kissing Malfoy’s cheek before getting pushed off. You laughed at them. 
Seven years, and you still wondered how it was possible for Theo-- the sweetest boy in the world, to be best friends with Draco Malfoy-- the devil’s incarnate. 
“Come on, we’ll get breakfast then catch the ferry,” Cedric said, handing out ferry passes to your group: Draco, Theo, Blaise, Fred, George, Hermione, Ginny, Pansy, Cedric, and you. 
Hermione took your hand, pulling you from the Slytherin boys. 
“It’s going to be fun. And besides, we’ll only be sleeping in the rooms. It’s not a problem,” Hermione assured you, the girls walking ahead of the others.
“Except there is only one bed,” you muttered, and Ginny and Pansy spun to look at you. 
“Are you serious?” Ginny giggled, and you smacked her arm. 
“It is not funny!”
They held their hands up in defense, though their amusement was clear. You took the subway to the ferry, crowded with American muggles. 
“Careful!” Draco hissed in your ear, catching you ask you lost your balance. His hand went around your waist, pinning you to his chest. 
“M’sorry, I slipped!” you were thankful for him holding onto you, even if you’d never admit it. You gripped the pole for support, trying not to lean into him too much. He helped you off of the train, and you took Theo’s hand as you boarded the ferry. 
“Look at the statue!” you gasped, admiring the skyline and leaning on the railing of the boat as you road to Staten Island. 
“Don’t fall,” Draco came to your other side. 
“Are you serious? Draco, I’m not a child!” you snapped.
“You’re leaning on the railing, and we can’t be using magic to drag you out of the water!”
You shot him an indignant look, and climbed up to stand on the railing. Even Theo looked anxious at your actions. 
“Get the fuck down, right now.” Draco’s grey eyes were wide, and you stared back at him, daring him to touch you. 
“We’re going to dock, and it’ll knock the-” Theo was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. The boat stopped suddenly, and as you caught yourself, Draco grabbed your waist, pulling you off of the railing. 
You shrieked, struggling away as he pulled you down. He refused to let go of you, and you tried to shove him off. 
“Knock it off. And quit doing dangerous shit,” Draco swatted your ass through your denim shorts, making Theo choke on his water bottle. You immediately stilled, staring at him in horror. 
“Did you just spank me?” You gasped, startled. 
He let go of you, answering with only a cold look. You shook your head and went to join the others, Theo and Draco falling into conversation with Cedric and Blaise. 
“What happened back there? We heard you yelling,” Hermione asked, grinning behind her oversized mirrored sunglasses.
“Draco just being an ass. It’s fine,” you said, stealing her sunglasses and putting them on. 
“Come on, let’s go have some fun.”
You spent the day sightseeing, walking around Staten Island before going back to Manhattan. The sun was warm overhead, the summer heat getting to your minds. You’d managed to avoid bickering with Draco most of the day, but now the sun was hanging low in the sky, casting a golden-orange glow over everything. You were drinking cocktails at a place near Times Square, tired from being on your feet all day.
“Tomorrow we’re going to the MET,” Theo said, checking the plans. 
You stayed out late, talking and laughing until the lights of the city had drowned out the ink-black sky. You were tired, a little buzzed, overly hot, and you wanted to sleep. 
“What the hell was that on the ferry? Do you think you can just-?” Draco grabbed your arm, cutting off your rant that you’d saved until you were in private, not wanting to fight in front of your friends. Your back hit the hotel room door, Draco’s chest pressed up against yours.
“Do I think I can just what? Knock that bullshit little smirk off of your face?” Draco seethed. 
“Tell me what to do!” You pushed his shoulders, though he didn’t move.
“It’s clear that you can’t be trusted to make good choices on your own.”
“That’s rich coming from you-” you hissed, feeling the familiar burning spread through your abdomen. 
“You should learn a little respect,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your throat, the rings on his fingers cold against your warm skin. A moan escaped you before you could stop it, and his eyebrows shot up. 
“Is this what you need? Do you just need to have the bitch fucked out of you?” You squirmed, gripping his wrist and trying to pry his hand off of your throat. 
You were seething, the energy between you becoming intensely sexually charged. You hated yourself for growing aroused, but you couldn’t keep the heat from spreading through your body, and you were becoming keenly aware of your throbbing sex. 
Draco pushed his knee between your thighs, and you shook your head. 
“No, no.”
“No? You aren’t horny and desperate? I know how much you hate me, and I know you’ve been dying to release all that pent up energy. You’re going to be sleeping in the same bed with me tonight, trapped under the sheets with my body. If you don’t act now, you’ll have to go untouched for the next week of this trip...” he smirked, knowing he had leverage, able to see how desperate you were. 
Truly, Draco was desperate for you too. You made him so angry, but you managed to turn him on as you got under his skin. He was aroused now, growing harder as he watched you squirm in pure need. He was waiting to hear you say yes, to give in. He may have hated you, but he wasn’t an animal. 
You bit your lip so hard you tasted metal, trying to hold in a scream. Your chest heaved with heavy breaths, your eyes narrowed into a glare. His thigh was pressed against your sex, and you fought against the urge to grind against him, desperate for friction. 
“Fuck,” you swore, and Draco squeezed your throat, making you whimper. 
“Is that a no, Y/N? Do you want me to let go of you? Let you go finger yourself in the shower?” he mocked you. 
“I hate you.”
“I know. It’s mutual, love.”
“Alright, Draco. Please fuck me. But this doesn’t mean anything!”
He smirked, letting go of you and tossing his shirt aside. You rid your own clothes with his, freezing as your eyes lingered on his naked body. The need and arousal pulsing through your body was overpowering, and just the sight of him was making you falter. 
“Do you need me to do everything for you? Get over here,” Draco’s hand wrapped around your elbow, tugging you toward him. He ripped your panties off, the veins in his hand flexing at the display of strength.
“Save it.”
Draco hauled you to the bed, bending you over the edge. You struggled, trying to sit up. He shoved your head back down, pressing your chest against the duvet. 
“Are you serious?” you snapped as he gripped your wrists in one hand, holding them at the small of your back. 
“You’re going to lay here and be good or you’re not going to get fucked at all,” Draco threatened, and you burned in shame. You stopped straining yourself to look at him, residing to resting your head on your side, ceasing your struggle against his hold. 
A choked groan left your lips as Draco slammed into your cunt all at once. He buried himself deep enough to where his hips were pressed to your ass, his body bent over yours. Draco slammed into you, frustration powering his rough thrusts. You writhed under his strong grip, moaning and squealing as he tore into your tight heat. Even with how wet you were, your body spasmed at the force. 
It felt primal, rough, and dirty. 
Fucking Draco was scandalous, even for you. The two of you getting so angry that the energy had to be channeled into sex felt deviant, Draco’s cock tainting your innocence with every thrust. 
You felt better than Draco had imagined. Your noises were erotic, encouraging him more than the momentum he was gaining. He kicked your legs further apart, shoving himself deeper into your sex. Your moan was muffled by the duvet, squeezing your eyes shut. It felt like he was tearing you open, and you couldn’t get enough. Your head was spinning, and your fingers flexed, the only part of your body you could move freely against his hold. 
“You’re fucking divine,” Draco breathed, reaching his hand under the two of you. His fingers found the area where your bodies connected, sliding upward through your folds. 
“Draco, fuck, please!” you cried, arching your back as he pressed against your nerves. 
“Please what, love? Are you going to quit being contrary?”
“Yes, I’ll do anything, just please touch me there,” you begged, abandoning your stubbornness.
You buried your face in the bed and screamed, your back curving into a bow as he fucked into you in time with the circles he was tracing with skilled fingers.
Draco swore as you pulsed around him, squeezing his cock as you cried from euphoria. Electricity shot through your limbs, your orgasm ripping through your body. Draco was quick to follow, pulling out and coming over your ass, watching you shudder and throb around nothing. 
As his memories being frustrated with you returned, he continued his assault on your clit, pinching you harshly to watch you writhe and scream. 
“Draco, Draco, I’m sorry, I’ll be nice, just stop!” you squealed, trying to kick him as he overstimulated you. 
He released you as you asked, taking in the sight of your absolutely wrecked body. Your arms were shaking as you brought them under you, trying to push yourself up onto your elbows. You heaved in deep breaths, still trembling as you came down from your high. 
Draco wiped down your skin for you, finding some decency. 
“Hey, look at me. You alright?” Draco held your jaw, tilting your face up. You nodded, and he slid boxers up his leg before digging for something in his jacket pocket. 
“Y/N. Come here,” Draco’s voice was low and husky, his back to you. 
You forced yourself to stand up, your legs weak as you stepped toward him. You followed Draco onto the balcony, where he sat down on a lounge chair. Ringed fingers wrapped around your wrist, pulling you to sit sideways on his lap. 
His touch was no longer aggressive or harsh, but instead moving you with authority. You held a blanket loosely around your body, shielding you from the cool night air. 
Draco didn’t speak as he pulled a cigarette from the box, putting it between his lips. He lit the end before setting the box and the lighter on the table, leaning his head back and taking a drag. He held your jaw, pressing his lips against yours before exhaling the smoke into your mouth. 
He turned, watching the city lights glitter around you. He offered you the cigarette, and you accepted, sharing with him. 
“Our secret?” you asked softly, and his silver gaze connected with his.
“Our secret.”
“Do you still hate me?” 
The corners of Draco’s lips pulled up, and his fingers brushed over your bare back, his hand resting at the base of your spine. 
“Only when it serves me, I suppose,” he murmured, and you fought off a smile.
“You’ll not bite me in my sleep then?”
“Full of questions. I make no promises, I’ve found I rather like how you taste.”
He kissed you then, under the city lights, tasting like smoke and sage and secrets. 
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mellifluous-cosmos · 18 hours ago
𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐛𝐨𝐲 || 𝐜.𝐝
pairing: cedric diggory x reader
word count: nearly 3k
warning(s): SMUT, fluff, loads of nicknames, sub!ced, insecure!ced, dom!reader, mommy kink, praise kink, dirty talk, cockwarming, choking, p in v sex, unprotected sex (remeber kids wrap it before you tap it. Stay safe, stay healthy folks), oh and swear words.
summary: you turn cedric into a pretty boy….and then wreck him
a/n: Had a dream with a boy in eyeliner, screamed as soon as I woke up, couldn’t breathe the entire day, now I’m serving it to you….so bon appetit!! (Also please go easy on me as this is my first time writing smut and am a virgin who knows zero shit)
Tumblr media
The scratching of quills on paper was the only audible sound in the great hall as the students slaved away writing their last and final N.E.W.T. paper: History of Magic. The worst for the last, right? The clock chimes thrice signalling the end of the three hour writing paper. The hall gets filled with the sound of relieved sighs and disappointed groans.
“That was one lengthy paper” exhaled Lydia from beside you as she packed her stuff in her satchel, “So what plans do you have for celebrating the end of exams?” she asked. “I dunno, most likely spend the night with Cedric and dance around in his bedroom. We haven’t had some alone time lately with the exams and all”, you sigh, slinging your bag over your shoulder. You look up to see Lydia giving you a knowing look. “Don’t even say the words you are thinking now”, she holds her hand up in defense “I didn’t say a word, did I?” “I’m not dumb Lyds.” She shakes her head with a laugh.
You were about to exit the hall, noticing Cedric with his group of friends just across the corridor, but were stopped by Lydia, “Oh! I wanted to recommend this album by David Bowie. He looks absolutely divine in mascara and eyeliner on the cover!! And the songs are just so damn good, my compliments to the chef.” “Oh which one…” and soon you both got lost in that conversation, obsessing over the amplified beauty of an eyeliner clad singer, completely oblivious to the fact that your darling boyfriend seemed to catch only the words “gorgeous boy” out of your conversation and simply to say, got jealous.
A while later you said goodbye to Lydia and made your way towards Cedric. “Hi there love, how’d the exam go?” you ask while going in for a hug. “Went fine” he hummed out, almost dismissively, yet pressing you into his chest . The exam might’ve not been that good, you thought, trying to find a reason for his sour mood. “Anyways, you up for tonight?” you beamed up at him. “Of course darling! Just bring over whatever you’ll need and we’ll have a much deserved sleepover.”
Time passed and soon evening came, along with an incredible idea. What if I put makeup on Ced’s face? Make him look like the title he has, a “pretty boy”? The idea of him in eyeliner and a bit of pink lipstick resulted in fluttering butterflies in your stomach, so you rushed towards your cabinet and put the handy makeup kit into your overnight bag.
It didn’t take much time for you to find yourself in front of Cedric’s door, knocking thrice to tell him it’s you. “It’s open darling, come in.” You open the door to be met with a pajama clad Ced, your second favourite look on him, first being him in nothing. You hoped to see him all relaxed and cozy, not having a frown etched into his face which was hard to see with the room being dark only a lantern illuminating the corner of the room he was in.
Cedric sat at his study table writing down in his diary, clearly bothered by something. “What’s troubling you lovie?” you asked as you put the bag by the door, turned on the lights and walked up to him. Standing behind him and rubbing his tense shoulders, you press a kiss to his neck. “Nothing mommy,” he mumbled. Oh boy, you thought, something must’ve really troubled him for him to be so subby. “Talk to me sweetheart, mommy promises you she’ll erase all your troubles” you kneel in front of him.
“You called someone else a ‘gorgeous boy’ , am I not good enough?” immediately figuring out where his insecurity is stemming from you rush to answer “Oh baby, no! It’s not like that, I was just talking about how beautiful a singer looked on his album cover with Lydia, there’s no other but you lovie.” “Then I want to look gorgeous too!” he whined. And the opportunity presents itself, you thought. “Then mommy will help you look like the prettiest boy in the universe” you say to him, stroking his thigh to comfort him. “How?” he asks. You smile, “The muggle magic of makeup.” “Quite the alliteration” he nods.
"But mommy I don't wanna apply that stuff to my face, can’t I be pretty without it?" Cedric whines as he sees you bringing out your makeup supplies. "You don't want to be a pretty baby for me darling?” you look up to him, pleading. He huffs, "But I'm already handsome". Sighing you put the many different tubes and palettes onto the table in front of him. The black eyeliner immediately catches his eyes, "Didn't David Bowie wear that?" You smirk, your plan to lure him in working, "Yes he did. And isn't David Bowie handsome and pretty?" Cedric ponders over the question for a moment "Very pretty" You walk up to him and sit on top of the table, holding his face between your palms you say, "How about this? You let mommy doll you up and I'll reward you multiple times later" His face lights up at the suggestion and suddenly his head nods up and down like an excited puppy. He leans into your hand and says, "Anything for you mommy."
And so you begin the procedure, firstly making him wash his face which he obediently did. “Now come on love” you ushered him to the chair you had placed in front of the mirror. “Sit” you pushed him by the shoulders, “Now I want you to follow every instruction of mine, understand” “Yes Mommy” came an enthusiastic nod from him.
You decided you weren’t going to do much just, eyeliner, mascara and a bit of lipstick should be fine. Grabbing the supplies from the table, you made your way to the mirror, where you found him staring at your reflection and twiddling his thumbs. You asked Cedric to scoot his chair a bit back and he did that. You wasted no time in straddling his hips while facing him and making yourself comfortable on his lap. “Wh- What are you doing?” he asks. “Just making myself comfortable, now hold still” you order him. His hands wrap around your waist and hold you tight, his fingers drawing circles on your naked thigh, which got exposed from your skirt riding up while wiggling on his lap. You wiggled around a bit more to ensure that you were comfortable and that there was enough space between you two, for you to drop the other products on his lap. With you sitting directly on top of his crotch and wiggling, no to him it was more like grinding, it took little to no time for Cedric to get hard.
“Close your eyes for me now love” you command him. “But mommy my-” “Shh”,' you put your finger on his lips. “What did I say? Let mommy doll you up and then she’ll reward you.” “Okay” he sighed, clearly defeated. “Now listen to what I say or you aren’t getting any rewards.” your threat made him stop fussing and behave. You took the brush out and carefully drew the perfect fox eye you could, and just for the hell of it, added extra pressure on your hips while leaning forward. That action alone made him whimper and dig his fingers into your hips. “Now the mascara” you say after a while when you got satisfied with the results. “You look so pretty already” you exhale out when you see his eyes in all it’s eyeliner glory.
“Can we stop then. Please Mommy, I need you now, please” he begged. He’s too adorable for you to ignore, with his pouty lips, scrunched up nose and eyes which ooze out faux innocence. “Aww what does my pretty baby want me to do?” you ask him mockingly, fully aware of the effect you have on him. But before he could answer, you spoke up “Seeing as you’ve been a good boy for me lately-” “I have” he says proudly, at which you giggle, “I’ll be your cockwarmer?” As soon as the words exit your mouth he lets out a slight gasp, “Yes please mommy!” “Say it then” you order him, he whimpers and goes bright as a tomato. You wind your dominant hand into his hair and tug at it, “Say. It.” he chokes out a pleasured gasp “Mommy please let me put my dick into your pretty pussy.”
That’s all you had to hear for you to swoop in and put your lips on his. Hands grabbing at his face, your tongue slithering into his mouth and him instantly submitting to your dominance. The kiss is fuelled by pure hunger and passion. All the weeks you two had spent not touching each other to focus wholeheartedly on your academics was like digging your own grave. All the pent up frustration resulted into a kiss full of raw emotions: hot and messy.
His hands roamed your back as you continued to kiss. Grabbing at your shirt because he was blown away by the intensity of it all, Cedric pulled away, panting heavily. As soon as you left his lips, your hand slowly roamed down to his pajama bottoms and tugged at it. Cedric lifted his hips to help you, thank god for this sturdy chair, you thought as you let his pants drop to the ground. A large tent was present in his pants, “Aww, you’re so excited f’me darling, want me to help you” you say to him. “Yes please mommy, it hurts.” he looks up to you, unshed tears present in his eyes. “Look at you, haven’t even touched you properly yet and you’ve already started crying my little prince” you mock him, not feeling a single ounce of regret.
You pull off your underwear first, and take your merry time in getting off his. Cedric whined impatiently, “Patience love. Have patience.” you say to him. His cock sprang out, the head a shade of angry red and oozing out precum. “Look at my baby, so hard for me” you coo at him. You unwrap your legs from around his waist, to raise yourself a bit. You had been wet from the moment you grinded at his crotch, and enough arousal had gathered between your legs for him to enter smoothly. You raised your hips and slowly sunk into him, the action earning pleasured gasps from Cedric. When he bottomed out you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan, “Fuck…” You both took a few minutes to compose yourself, “Remeber, do not dare to fucking move.”
But in a second your demeanor changed. “Now stay still for me, yeah? Need to do your mascara and your lips still.” you ask him while breathing heavily. Cedric whimpers out a yes as you pick up the bottle of mascara next, surprised that the objects somehow remained in their place after so much happened. You were about to be done with the mascara when his cock twitched inside of you, and Merlin did that feel amazing. Your hand lost it’s balance for a few seconds, avoiding a fuck up narrowly. Next up was the lipstick, you had picked up the lightest shade of pink to colour his lips the shade of a powder pink rose. After all, he was your English Rose, wasn’t he? “Open wide for me now” you order him and he does as you say. Opening his mouth open, he looked up to you, his eyes begging for you to be done already. You fixed him with a stern glare and applied the lipstick to his lips. “Now rub your lips darling” you say, showing him how to do it and he mimics your actions.
“Perfect” you breathe out, leaning back from his face. That action led to Cedric squeezing your hips tightly and whimpering at the feeling of your warm cunt around his dick. The sight in front of you was absolutely marvelous, just like the feeling in your nether regions. You smile at him, admiring your work and then go in for a hug. His hands try to pull you even closer as it created the smallest of frictions that he was desperately in need of. He needed to feel something other than pure torture that you were subjecting him to. You whisper into his ear while resting your head on his shoulder, “Look in the mirror darling, you look so pretty”. Cedric obeys your order and stares at his reflection in awe. You turn your head to the side to watch him, admiring himself. “I look absolutely gorgeous, thank you for making me pretty mommy.” You laugh at that, “You were already pretty lovie, I just increased the level of prettyness.”
For a few moments there is nothing but silence, your eyes boring into each other’s soul but one movement of Cedric’s eyes to your lips made all hell break loose. You don’t know what happened in the few seconds, but you somehow found yourself fully naked on top of an equally naked lover, on his bed, while he was still inside your cunt. “Move please move. I can’t take it anymore please” Cedric begs you and perhaps for the first time that night it is you that follows his order.
You waste no time in gently moving your hips up and down his length, rolling yourself onto his pelvis everytime you come down. His moans sounded like the songs of angels, the sound deserving to only be in heaven. “You’re doing so good for me love. Wanna help mommy cum, don’t ya?” you say as you put his hands on your tits. He catches onto what you’re saying and grabs your breast. His large hands massage them in such a manner that it acts as a catalyst to your already evergrowing pleasure.
“It feels so good mommy, please go faster” he manages to choke out. You put one of your hands by his head and the other wraps itself around his throat, slowly cutting off his air supply. “Oh, so pretty boy wanna be used huh? You want mommy to use you darling? Then say it.” You put more pressure on his throat, his pulse beating rapidly right beneath your palm. “I-” he moans “Yes please yes I want to be used. Please use me for your pleasure mommy.”
His words lead you to rapidly bounce yourself on his cock. And soon the room was filled with nothing but pleasurable groans and the sounds of skin hitting on each other. His face was slowly turning red and your movement was getting messy, the onset of an orgasm near. “Be a good boy and make me cum love” you order him.
Cedric wastes no time in grabbing your hips and switching the position and you wrap your arms around him. He thrusts into you at a rapid pace, enjoying what little dominance the position gave yet clearly aware of the fact who actually is in control. “Open your eyes” he snaps his eyes open at the sound of your voice. Your hand finds a home on his throat yet again, “Who do you belong to?” you ask. Lost in pleasure he manages to give out only breathless moans as an answer. Putting more pressure on his throat, you demand again, “I said. Who. Do. You. Belong. To?” “You only you mommy, no one else.” “That’s right my pretty boy, no one else can make me feel like you do.Only you. You’re the king of my heart, body and soul”
After that, it doesn’t take much for you both to reach your respective orgasms. His thrusts start to get sloppy and you notice it, “Gonna cum for me baby, yeah? Let’s do it together. At the count of three.” And just as you reach three, he yells “I’m cumming, gods oh gods yes.” “Uhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuc, fu-” It’s a chanting of swear words and each other’s names as you finally come down from the high the orgasm gave you. You both are heavily panting, him still inside of you, when you smile at him and say:
“I love you”
“And I you”
And a last sweet kiss to end it all.
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slyttherins · 19 hours ago
Post battle | Draco Malfoy x Reader
Summary: After something traumatic happened during the Battle of Hogwarts, you are in complete shock and has only one thing in mind: finding Draco
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Word count: 969
Square filled: Post battle
The battle was finished - Voldemort had been vanquished -, yet your fingers were still tightly gripping your wand, ready to fire hexes and counter-spells at anyone who'd aim at you. Your tights were ripped on the leg where you had tripped and you could feel blood dripping on your forehead - nothing alarming though.
''Y/N! There you are,'' someone said, coming toward you. Ginny.
You didn't react, hands trembling as you stood in the middle of the hallway, in complete shock.
Another set of feet followed Ginny's, lighter in their step.
''It's over, Y/N,'' Luna' soft voice informed, her delicate hands covering yours as she lowered your wand. ''The battle is over.''
Slowly, your eyes found hers, blue-grey like-
''Draco. I need to find Draco.'' Your words sounded almost robot-like.
''He's not here-'' Ginny started, but you didn't let her finish.
''He has to be somewhere in the castle,'' you said sharply. ''I...I can't lose him too.'' Tears filled your eyes, but you didn't let them fall, afraid you wouldn't be able to make them stop.
Before you, the girls shared a confused look. Ginny opened her mouth, about to ask questions, but you walked away, ignoring your friends who were telling you to come back, and went in search of your lover.
You frantically searched through every classroom of the castle, taking every staircase to every floor. Most classrooms had been partly destroyed during the battle, desks and chairs resting on the floor in a puddle of dust and broken wood. Some stairs were falling apart too, but were still usable.
On the second floor, you recognized a boy from your Potion class, laying on the ground, half of his body covered by a massive brick. His eyes were open, but he wasn't breathing. How could he with a piece of wall crushing his lungs? Your breathing fastened, horrified, and you stepped back, almost tripping through the debris of what must've been an explosion.
To your left, pieces of glass littered the floor, coming from the busted window just above. You carefully stepped on the glass, having no other choice and was about to take the staircase to the fourth floor when you heard his voice.
You almost didn't turn around, worried you had imagined it, but something inside you knew it was him. He had emerged from the hospital wing with Theo by his side, hair a mess and black dust on his cheek.
Draco abandoned his friend and came up to you, relieved to see that you were alright. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you tight, but you were too in shock to return the gesture. He frowned, your lack of response alerted him.
He saw the cut on your forehead and got worried you might have a concussion. ''What happened to your head? Did you hit it?''
You shook your head.
Draco performed a quick episkey, making the cut heal and disappear.
''Have you seen Blaise?'' Theo asked, joining you. He looked around for his friend, but the Slytherin boy wasn't there.
''He's-'' You interrupted yourself, voice caught in your throat, unable to say it.
''Where is he, Y/N?'' Theo pressed.
''Don’t pressure her. Can’t you see that she’s not well?'' Draco warned the brunet. He understood that Theo was worried about his friend - he was too -, but you were clearly in shock and pressuring you would only make the situation worse.
''We were duelling on the fifth floor. I got cornered by Dolohov and Blaise came to my rescue, but another Death Eater fired a curse at him. H-he's dead.'' After the word left your lips, you broke down, emotions crashing over you. Tears streamed down your face and you couldn't stop them.
Losing people was inevitable in a battle, but he thought Crabbe would get killed first. Not Blaise. He was a skilled wizard, it didn’t make sense.
Draco exchanged an apologetic look with Theo before shifting his eyes back to you. Blaise was dead. Theo started crying in silence, mourning his friend. Draco wanted to cry too. Blaise was his friend - one of his closest friends.
''Someone needs to owl Mrs. Zabini. I say we go back to the Manor and-''
''Someone needs to get his body. We can’t leave him here, Draco. They’ll put him with the Death Eaters. Blaise wasn’t a bad person. He can’t be with them, they’ll tarnish his name.''
You were rambling at this point, but you weren’t wrong. All bodies who had the death mark on them would be put together and registered by the aurors as Death Eaters - followers of Voldemort. Blaise may have had the mark, but he never did anything bad. He never killed anybody.
''We can't stay here, Y/N,'' Draco explained. ''The castle is falling apart and you're in shock. Mother should have a few calming draught vials at home. Perhaps a sleeping potion too-''
Your head snapped up. ''No. I'm not tired. I don't want to sleep.''
It was false. You were exhausted, but you didn't want to close your eyes, forced to relive your friend's death every time you'd do so.
Blaise's flipendo had knocked Dolohov into a wall, saving you from his curse, but another Death Eater with dark blond hair had just gotten up and was aiming at Blaise. You wanted to scream at him to look out, but it was too late. That bloody killing curse had hit him.
Draco kissed your temple, but didn't fight. ''Okay. Let's at least get you clean up.''
''I’ll go look for Blaise and meet you at the Manor,'' informed Theo.
Draco nodded and disappeared with a crack.
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notvasi · 19 hours ago
anyone but her (draco x muggleborn reader)
Tumblr media
**requested by Anon. thank you for inspiring me to write something today!**
| summary: soulmate au, Draco x Muggleborn Slytherin Reader
warnings: language |
The day that two tiny golden initials appeared on the inside of Draco’s wrist was the most exciting day of his life. Two neat little letters right above the Dark Mark that would forever mar his skin. His soulmate was near and better yet, here. They were both at Hogwarts. He wouldn’t have to travel far and wide for her, or wait fifty years to see her face. 
Once he figured out who it was, they would be together. She would be someone strong enough to hold him together when he felt like he was breaking apart. She would be smart and cunning like himself, or perhaps entirely the opposite to balance him. She would be strong enough to keep their family safe from the Dark Lord. 
The day that two tiny golden initials appeared on the inside of Draco’s wrist put his life into perspective. He was meant to fiddle with the Vanishing Cabinet today, but that wouldn’t do for today’s plans. Draco Malfoy’s life would not be a repeat of his father’s; entangled with the Dark Lord at the expense of constantly putting his family in danger. Draco would not live to put his soulmate or their children in the same circumstances. 
Draco took a seat in the common room, spreading his long legs out on the small table between two black leather couches. She would surely be a Slytherin - a pureblood one at that to preserve the Black-Malfoy line. He felt like a predator lying in wait for her in the grasses of a savannah. Maybe that was too dramatic - more like a hunter who has set a trap, waiting for his prey to spring it. No, that was too … possessive? If there was one thing that he admired about his parents’ marriage it was that Lucius and Narcissa regarded themselves as rulers equal in power. 
He was a king waiting for his queen.
Hurried whispers carry from the girls dormitory into the Slytherin Common Room in confirmation of Draco’s suspicions.
A Slytherin girl she was. And in 6th year, same as him.
As familiar faces came into view, his heart dropped into the pit of his stomach. Three girls held the forearm of the one person that Draco hadn’t considered as an option. The last person that he would consider for the title of ‘soulmate’.
It couldn’t be her. His father would kill him. The Dark Lord would hurt her. It could not be her.
But it was. There was no denying that the two initials that glimmered on her wrist were d.m. No denying either that when she looked into his silver eyes that it made him feel different. Seen. As if he had been truly looked at for the very first time. 
There was no denying that his soulmate was Muggleborn.
Draco didn’t remember bolting from the Common Room. Well, at least, he didn’t remember it how Blaise had described it to him. To his memory, he had left coolheaded, and said “I need to get to class.” before stalking away to gather his thoughts. Blaise told it differently.
“You told her that you didn’t know who d.m. was and made a break for it. You ran, Draco.” Blaise says, tipping his head back as he roared with laughter. 
“Shut up, Zabini. You’ve said it five bloody times by now, I don’t need to hear it again.” Draco growls, lazily spooning at the bowl full of soup before him. It took all of the self-restraint in his soul to not look at her, seating five places down from him. He didn’t cast a glance in that direction once. By the end of dinner, he was feeling quite proud of himself for not giving into temptation.
But then she tapped him on the shoulder. 
Draco didn’t turn around. He could feel her closeness through their bond, as much as it disgusted him to admit it. It wasn’t her lavender perfume or the sound of her voice that clued him in to who stood behind him, but this treacherous feeling inside him. 
“I think we should talk,” she says softly. 
The words leave Draco’s lips before he really thinks about the consequences of them. He says them like a coward, with his back still to her. He wasn’t even brave enough to say them to her face. “I think you should have never come here. I wish I hadn’t met you.”
He feels her leave just as he felt her come to him. 
Blaise sighs from beside him.
She stayed away for two months before cornering him in the common room late at night near the Christmas holiday. She had considered writing a letter, or taking the easy way out and having Pansy or one of the other girls talk to him for her. 
Even Blaise serving as a messenger was considered as an option. Hell, Crabbe and Goyle were on the table at some point as foolish as an option they were. She wasn’t even sure they knew how to read, let alone express feelings.
They were all the coward’s way out. If she had chosen to do it one of those ways, she was as cowardly as her soulmate was. 
“I get it, Draco, I really do.” she says from the shadows as Draco entered the Common Room. He startles slightly, having expected everyone to have gone to bed long ago while he was tinkering with the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement.
His guilty conscience travels there first. 
“I wasn’t anywhere suspicious.” He says pathetically. 
She makes a face. “I don’t give a damn about where you were or who you’ve been kissing in the hallway. It doesn’t matter to me.” Pansy, Astoria, Merlin knows who else in the last few weeks. He had been doing anything to remove the two tiny golden initials on the inside of his wrist. 
Let the bond be with anyone else, anyone but her, he had thought. Not that it would actually work, but he had to try.
Her eyebrows knit together in confusion, but anger is rising to her chest. She stands from her seat on the black leather couch, arms crossed over her chest. “Okay? After all this time, all you have to say is “Okay”. You know what, Draco? Fuck whoever sick, sadistic bastard thought it was a funny little trick to bind our souls. I reject it, I reject you.”
“Really?” he breathes, shifting his weight uncomfortably from left to right. He looks like a child caught in a lie. The hopefulness in his voice is a lie. 
All Draco ever wanted was to not be alone. All he ever wanted was a soulmate, someone meant to be with him forever. And here he was about to throw it all away for his father’s pride and his stupid family name. 
“Really.” She says making for the exit. 
She isn’t looking at him to notice the way his eyes widen with the fear of losing her before he even really knows her.
“Wait-” he pleads. “Wait, I-I’m sorry.”
She stops but refuses to look at him. Hearing Draco Malfoy apologize to someone for the first time shocks her into listening. 
“Can we start over? I’d like to start over.” 
Shrewd, calculating eyes meet his own as she weighs his proposal. For the first time, Draco feels like he has met his equal. Something about him scares her. Perhaps it is the unknown or perhaps it is the fact that she truly is his match.
“Yes.” she says simply. 
And then she’s gone, having slinked away to her dormitory. 
Draco is left with nothing but the sound of his heart pounding in his ears and hope for a second chance.
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mellifluousart · 21 hours ago
Eyes like a museum full of art | d.m. x reader
Summary: Draco catches you sneaking around in the corridors of Hogwarts during his Prefect rounds. It leads to a bit of love confession.
Warnings: just fluff
Word count: ~1.5k
a/n: This one is based on one of my old poems. So I don’t really know if it did fit as a fic hehe. But I wrote it anyway.
The corridors of Hogwarts were empty as the night sky was filled with stars that light up the darkness.
Draco sighed at another Prefect round that he had to take. He wanted to get back to his dorm and call it for the night. He had told Pansy earlier to split up so he could walk the empty corridors by himself. Just him with his thoughts.
It was pretty pleasing that it was calm at night. The corridors were always filled with many students and chattering during the days. However, it was a different scenario very late in the evening.
Draco continued to walk down the corridor when he thought he saw a shadow of someone running past. He was not sure as he might have imagined that. But, on the other hand, he was indeed tired, so it wouldn’t have been odd if he didn’t see someone.
However, did Draco walk faster in the direction where he saw the shadow. If someone were there, he wouldn’t mind catching them to give them detention. Draco rounded the corner, and for a split second, he saw the shadow on the wall again. He now ascertained that he did not imagine this - someone was out of curfew.
Draco starter to run as quiet as he could. He wanted to catch up before the person was gone, but at the same time, he needed to be quiet so they won’t notice him.
In the corridor, a familiar scent hit Draco. It was a scent he liked. The smell was not strong, very faint. But Draco had since he learnt whose scent it belonged to, he could directly recognize it. So he was kind of excited to catch the person now.
He saw the direction you were headed in, and he took a shortcut. As you were rounding a corner, you felt someone grab you by the arm and pushed you toward the wall.
“Hello, miss curfew breaker.” Draco greeted you when your eyes met.
He had a relaxed facial expression where you could see the corner of his lips lift, forming a smile on his face from seeing you. His eyes wandered to your lips. The lips he has many times wanted to kiss.
“I see that also miss curfew has a new lipstick. Red suits you.”
You had bought a new lipstick and had wanted to try it on. You thought it was a good time now to try it as you were not supposed to be caught by anyone. So you just rolled your eyes and gave Draco a playful smile.
“How did you know it was me that was sneaking around?” you asked him.
“I could smell the same scent in the corridor as the one that is in my Amortentia.”
You giggle at his response. You and Draco liked each other. It couldn’t go unnoticed by anyone. However, had none of you talked about it. You two had just been giving each other sweet glances and flirty comments.
“So, what are you doing out here?” Draco asked. He was indeed curious about why you had sneaked out to break the rules.
“If I tell you, you have to come with me.” you said with a soft voice. Hoping that he would agree to that since you wanted to spend time with him.
“You do know that I say ‘yes’ to anything that involves being with you.”
“Such a smooth talker you are.” you chuckled, but you liked it.
“I wanted to look at all the paintings. Hogwarts’ walls are filled with paintings, and you know how much I like art.” you continued to say.
“And for that, you have to sneak around at this hour?” Draco asked.
But he was happy that you were sneaking around when he had his Prefect rounds. So he could now spend a little bit more time with you.
“Because it’s calmer at this hour. You can stand in front of a painting that you like without anyone bothering you. Taking in all the emotions and thoughts one painting can give you.”
Draco noticed how your eyes brighten up when you talked about something you liked. He wondered if your eyes ever were filled with such passion when you spoke about him.
“And it’s also the one time that I can be caught by my favourite Prefect.” you teasingly said.
Draco chuckled and said, “I supposed I should make you company to go and look at all the paintings then.”
You nodded and took Draco’s hand. Dragging him to the direction you were headed before Draco had caught you.
“Why is it that you like looking at paintings so much? I understand that art is beautiful for the eyes. Still, you seem to like to stare at one painting for a much longer time than everyone else.” so Draco asked you as you two now were standing in front of a painting.
You had been standing in front of this painting for quite some time. The butterfly in the painting spread its wings as it was flying around in the painting. You had always loved the magical paintings more as they were more alive.
“Because, interestingly, you look at one painting, and it can give you all sort of feelings. The artist might have been talented enough to capture its emotion in it for us to see. So we might be able to understand the emotions, but at the same time, we cannot fully know what kind of thoughts went through their mind when they created this painting.”
You had very often been standing in front of paintings, trying to understand them. Draco stood beside you in silence as he looked at the painting, taking in everything you said. It was the kind of good silence where you both took in all the emotions the painting showed.
“It’s like your eyes.” Draco suddenly broke the silence.
“Sorry, what?” you said, confused. Then, you turned your head to him to try to understand better what he meant with that.
“Your eyes are like a museum full of art.” he said, still looking at the painting.
You were standing there confused. Still not understanding what Draco was trying to say. He turned around to face you.
“I get lost in your eyes. I could stare at them forever. They are beautiful, like art. They show the heart’s emotion. I might be able to understand them, like the art at the museum.”
You were fascinated by the way he spoke. Curious about what this conversation would lead to. Draco continued with his explanation.
“But I can only imagine the thoughts running through your mind. Never truly knowing for sure what you’re thinking of. Just like when I do not fully know what the artist thought of when they created their art. And in this case, I would love to know the thoughts behind the way you always look at me, and one can wish that the thoughts are the same as the emotions are shown.”
You were standing face to face with Draco now. You felt so many emotions right now, so your face started to heat up. Draco looked a bit nervous as you were silent to take in everything he had just said.
“Just to make it clear, I like you a lot y/n, I think I even love you.” said Draco with a low voice.
It was almost like he was whispering. Like he was a bit afraid to confess that.
You put one of your hands on Draco’s cheeks. The palm of your hand touching his skin, giving Draco a warm feeling of the touch of your hand. Draco took his hand and put it over yours. It was almost like he held your hand there, stopping from, him losing your touch on him.
You slowly leant in to kiss Draco. Your lips collided with each other’s as you kissed passionated. It was like you could hear the heartbeat of both of your hearts beating faster and louder.
When you slowly pulled apart from the kiss, Draco could swear that he saw your eyes brightened the same way your eyes brightened up as when you spoke about art.
You softly giggled as you noticed that your red lipstick had now smeared out all over Draco’s lips and face.
“It looks like I just made art here.” you said and tried to wipe off the lipstick from Draco.
Draco only chuckled as he was too happy that you had shared a kiss.
“But this time, you’ll know what the artist behind this art was thinking about when she made the art piece.” you said as you were referring to the lipstick mess you had created.
“That she loves you.”
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