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honeytae · 3 minutes ago
No cream, no sugar.
hey bubs! i’m back with some ultra fluff :) honestly i don’t even know what this is, but i just really want a nice little coffee date with min yoongi....and that’s all. soft and shy college!yoon makes the reader swoon over him (obviously) and they just have a nice little first meeting here. i hope you all enjoy! tags: @ahgasearmyfan, @hoseokayy genre: fluff (college! au) word count: 2.2k
The warm air of the cafe embraced you when you stepped inside, bell chiming over your head as your shoulders loosened at the familiar scent of frosted pastries and hot coffee. Scanning the empty tables, you breathed a sigh of relief, knowing you’d be able to get your work done in peace without any loud acquaintances bugging you. 
You’d already tried the library, and that had been enough of a disaster for the few minutes you stayed. 
Quickly shuffling over to the counter, you readjusted the strap of your bag, guiding it back up your sore shoulder as you quickly rambled off your coffee order. 
Ugh, these books are heavy. 
You graciously smiled once the barista set your cup down on the counter, thanking her with a nod before making your way to a vacant table across the room. 
You weren’t one to typically do your schoolwork anywhere but the desk placed beside your bed. However, with the way your roommates had been bickering lately, you hadn’t been able to get a thing done there. And since the library was always full of guys obnoxiously trying to pounce on every living breathing female, that wasn’t exactly an option either. 
Pulling out your textbook, you set it on the table with a huff, dread filling you at the dizzying words and numbers on the page. Taking a breath, you rolled your shoulders back in an attempt to calm yourself before tugging your notebook out of your bag and heading a title for your notes. 
You were four pages in before you heard the bell chime to indicate another customer entering, a slight feeling of disappointment filling you at the thought of anybody coming in to disturb the peace you’d built before the feeling seemed to vanish at once, instead replaced with a slight giddiness at the man who’d just stepped into the building. 
Min Yoongi.
You knew of him, but not much. You knew that he stayed away from parties, he lived off-campus and seemed to just stick to his own thing. 
Most importantly, you knew there was no need to worry about him since he was so quiet himself. In fact, he seemed to dodge any kind of unnecessary social interaction, so he’d probably be taking off with his coffee in a matter of minutes. 
Logistically, that’s all you knew about him. But you also knew he was super cute, and you had a definite budding crush on him. 
Deep brown eyes peeked out from underneath his beanie, dark hair swept over his forehead occasionally shifting to cover his irises, to which his nimble fingers almost immediately brushed the strands aside. 
The apples of his cheeks moved along with his mouth as he mumbled an order you couldn’t quite hear, causing you to lean a bit further onto your elbow in order to hopefully hear the next thing he said.
He had pale skin, a stark contrast to the dark hair color he was sporting, but his cheeks were a soft glow of pink, lips pouted slightly as he patiently waited for the barista to make his coffee. 
You knew it was rude to stare, but christ, you swore he was the prettiest human you’d ever seen. He had effortlessly put you in a trance.
Seeming to sense your eyes on him, the man turned to you, briefly catching your eyes before you diverted them back to your work on the table. 
Way to go, idiot.
You swore you could feel your heart beating out of your chest with the knowledge that you’d been caught red handed, cheeks burning as you clutched onto your pencil.
Scribbling down a few random loops, you tried your hardest to act occupied, only halting your actions when you heard footsteps approaching your table. 
Peeking to the side, you confirmed that there were a pair of roughed-up sneakers beside the legs of your table, eyes trailing up the torn pair of jeans and oversized hoodie adorning the figure to meet his dreamy chocolate orbs.
“Hi,” Yoongi smiled, holding up a little white pastry bag, “I saw you eyeing the display case so I just, picked up a few things since you look kind of busy.” He said shyly, offering it out to you with a slanted grin. 
Your eyes quickly shifted to the display case behind him, realizing that when you were staring at him, you could in fact pass it off as looking at the display case. Whether he genuinely thought that or not, you had no idea. 
“Oh, thank you.” You smiled back, hand brushing his for a moment as he transferred the bag to you. His fingers were warm, touch electrifying, causing your chest to erupt in butterflies as you now clutched the bag. 
His other hand held a lidded coffee cup, steam rising from the small mouth hole at the top. 
Peeking into the bag, you noticed multiple pastries stacked inside, grinning at the variety he had chosen. 
“Uh, Yoongi,” you spoke up, watching his eyebrows raise in surprise. Did he not know you knew his name? Did he even know your name?
“Do you want some? I mean, I can’t eat all this myself so,” You found yourself stumbling for an explanation, immediately relaxing when he easily nodded with a smile of his own. 
“Sure. I skipped breakfast anyway, so,” he shrugged, you nodding in encouragement as he lowered himself down into the chair across the high top table from you. 
Pushing your notebook aside, you opened the bag of pastries, spreading them out atop the paper material with a raise of your brows. 
“These look really fucking good.” You said without thinking, covering your mouth with a muffled noise as you realized you’d sworn. 
Yoongi, to your surprise, broke out into a full-on grin, shoulders shaking in a quiet chuckle as he switched his gaze to the pastries you’d laid out. 
“They do.” He agreed, smile fading as he slid back into his cool demeanor. 
You were instantly captivated by the man, the way his face melted into a smile, the way the apples of his cheeks pushed up and made his eyes wrinkle slightly, the sparkle in his orbs. 
Clearing your throat, you drew his attention again, properly introducing yourself with a murmur of your name. You nearly passed out in your chair as the man chuckled again, eyes glittering at you as he nodded in response. 
“I know you.” He smiled, taking you by surprise as your shoulders eased slightly. It was nice to know he wasn’t laughing at you, at least not in a mean way. 
“We had some classes together last semester, right?” He asked, raising his eyebrows for you to confirm as he held a glazed danish in his left hand. 
“Yeah, that’s right.” You nodded, surprised he remembered as you watched him munch on the treat. 
You watched as his eyes pointed out the window, studying his beautiful side profile as his cheek filled adorably with the danish in his hand. 
His eyelashes fanned out in front of him, blinking every few moments as his orbs flitted over the street outside. The slope of his nose was perfect, a round end meeting his pout that seemed to lift a bit at whatever he was looking at outside. 
Realizing you were being completely rude with all your staring, you shifted your attention to the notes on the edge of the table, scanning them with only the sound of clinking of dishes from the kitchen in the background. 
The man didn’t seem to be one for conversation, which was not entirely a shock to you. The silence was surprisingly comfortable though, which was a shock to you. Both of you nonchalantly munched on pastries, your gaze fixated on your work as you tried to take in all the information you’d read up on over the past hour. 
“You taking Stats this year?”
His soft voice interrupted the silence, causing you to glance up to see his own eyes pointed at your notebook, squinting at the figures to make them out from his upside-down angle.
“Yeah,” you nodded, then sighed, “sadly.”
Yoongi’s lips quirked a bit at that, smile lasting a bit longer than the last one as he leaned over further to check out your notes. The action caused a wave of his cologne to hit your nostrils, a sweet herbal smell mixed with the cotton scent of his detergent. 
It fit the man so well, his shy yet soft demeanor being as comforting as the spray he’d put on his neck this morning. 
“God, I remember that.” He seemed to say to himself before leaning back in his chair, hands holding his coffee secure on the tabletop. 
“It’s horrible. Not that Doctor O. is any help.” You mumbled, face lighting up slightly at the sound of Yoongi’s chuckle again. 
“Yeah, he sucks.” He agreed, taking a sip of his coffee as he seemed to internally debate his next words. 
“If you ever, uh,” He stumbled, frowning before he tried again, “if you ever need any help, I’ve taken that course before, so,” He offered with a shrug of his shoulders, so casually shy about the extension for help that you nearly pouted at the endearing man. 
“Thank you.” You smiled, the man nodding politely as he watched you tap the eraser end of your pencil against the table, your actions pausing as you realized he was tuned into it.
“Sorry.” You chuckled, the man shaking his head to dismiss your apology with a small grin. 
Reaching for your iced latte, you sipped the cold liquid from the straw, frowning slightly at the cup when you realized it was nearly gone.
“You’re fine.” His teeth shone at you, eyes filled with something mirroring endearment as they traced over your features. You felt flustered under his gaze, diverting your eyes to the coffee cup in his hand and gesturing to it. 
“What’d you get?” You asked, the man’s own eyes shifting to the cup before he raised it in front of his face. 
“Just coffee.” He responded, causing you to tip your head at him in confusion. 
“No cream, no sugar.” He elaborated, causing your face to twist in disgust, Yoongi’s face lighting up at your reaction. 
“What’s that for?” He raised his eyebrows in amusement, another smile greeting you as you chuckled in response, raising your eyebrows back at him. 
“I think I’d rather take ten more years of Doctor O’s class than drink a single sip of plain black coffee.” You grimaced, Yoongi’s laugh causing your face to crinkle into another smile as you bit into one of the doughnuts he’d brought for you. 
The conversation flowed with ease after that. 
You discussed all the biggest campus scandals, rolled your eyes about all the same teachers, laughed about the one time Yoongi had gone to a party and ended up having to carry his two abliterated best friends home. 
“That scene isn’t really for me.” He followed the story up with, making you nod in understanding as you waited for him to talk more. 
You talked about your hobbies, finding out that you actually did have a lot in common. You both wrote in your free time, loved sleep, and were just trying to make it. 
You were both broke college students, working multiple jobs to keep up with the cost of your educations. He picked up any hours he could get at a bookstore just down the road, which made you feel warm and fuzzy while imagining him in that position. 
It was another thing that fit perfectly, the vision of him in a calm and quiet bookstore surrounded by endless shelves of novels. 
He liked to read, he said, but he didn’t have much free time nowadays to read anything other than his textbooks. You sighed in agreement then, feeling a reprieve from trying to act as if you weren’t buried shoulders high in work to get your degree. 
You felt a peculiar sense of comfort with Yoongi despite this being your first conversation, his voice gentle and thoughts genuinely intriguing as you’d not heard him speak much before today. 
Suddenly, the man seemed to remember something as he moved to retrieve his cell phone from his pocket, squinting at the screen under the table. 
“Oh shit, I have to go. 5 o’clock lecture.” He muttered as he looked at the time on his phone, tone sounding slightly disappointed as he shoved the device back in his pocket. 
You watched as he took your pencil between his fingers, clutching it to scribble a small set of numbers at the top of your notes. 
“If you ever need help, or, just want to talk shit about Doctor O.” He explained with another shrug, placing the pencil down in its previous spot on your notebook as you smiled in response.
“Thank you, Yoongi.” You said, the man picking his almost empty coffee cup off the table with a slanted smile, your eyes remaining on him as he stood from his seat.
“I look forward to our next coffee shop shit-talking.” You leaned on the heels of your palms to look up at him, the man humming with a small grin. 
“Me too. Same time next week?” He smirked, erupting into a smile when you agreed. 
“See you then.” 
Hiding your smile behind your hand, you watched as he waddled cutely toward the exit, pushing his shoulder against the door and sending a final smile and wave your way as he exited the cafe. 
Perhaps you had some fond feelings for Min Yoongi.
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mayraki · 3 minutes ago
summary of the next chapter: a single promise 👀
trying to recover from the last fight, the team takes angela to sarah wilson’s place back in louisiana. meanwhile, sera and bucky struggle with their feelings about each other.
let’s play fire with fire masterlist (b. barnes x oc)
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mcwriting · 3 minutes ago
Lost in Rome
hello, friends! Ever since "La Vita Dolce," I've wanted to write something else involving Italy and at least one Italian phrase, and so this lil story was born! Hope you all enjoy!
Ship: Tom Holland x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: mentions of drinking, vv slight language
You had been walking around Rome for what felt like an eternity.
(It had only been like 30 minutes)
You knew the bar was right near Piazza Navona, but you'd only been to that part of the city one other time, having been staying south on the other side of the river in Trastevere.
You felt embarrassed knowing you were dragging your friends around the city without much of a guide, but you were too stubborn to admit that you were actually lost.
"Maybe we should've gone to Bar San Calisto again. It was cheap and close but noooo. I just had to look up a 'best bars in Rome' list" you thought as you continued to trudge on.
Not only were you lost, but you also didn't have the ability to look up where you were going, since you'd decided to go cheap and not buy an international plan or a vpn, choosing to only using wifi so you'd "stay in the moment."
That moment seemed stupid now that every marble wall and cobblestone street started to meld together in your brain as it continued to darken.
A trip to Rome was something you'd been wanting to do for years, so when your university offered up the chance to go study abroad for 4 weeks, you immediately began scrounging up the funds to go, even scoring a scholarship based on the fact that you'd taken Italian classes in school.
You'd only been there a week but thankfully had bonded with your roommate before even going, having struck up a conversation at the informational meeting the semester before. Since then, you had also bonded with those in the room next door, them sticking to you as their translator.
Finally, you couldn't take it anymore, stopping.
"Okay, look, guys. I'm really sorry but I literally have no idea where we are," you admitted, feeling guilty. Everyone else smiled.
"That's okay! This place is beautiful! I'm sure we'll find it eventually," your roommate, Olivia, said.
"Yeah. Didn't you say it was at Piazza Navona?" Aaron, one of your neighbors, asked. You nodded. "Well as long as we can find that, then we're basically there!"
After some wandering, your group found itself in the square in front of the Pantheon, which was a step in the right direction, but you were determined to actually find the right place.
There was a hotel right there, so you quickly stepped in to ask the desk worker to point you towards the Piazza, who explained that it was only a couple streets East of where you were.
Relieved, you and your friends quickly walked that way, breathing out a collective sigh when you walked into the giant open square, looking around at the familiar structures from the second day of class when you'd toured the area.
"Sooo... where's this bar?" Aaron's roommate Joseph asked.
You all circled the square from the inside and out a couple times, not seeing any signs with the name "Bar del Fico Roma" anywhere.
Dread started to wash over you as you realized the website must not have meant the bar was actually on the square, but was somewhere nearby. You felt stupid for not screenshotting the website page or, you know, actually looking it up first.
"Fine, that's it! I'm marching up to the next person I see and asking where this darn place is. We've made it this far!" you said, exasperated.
The first thing that caught your eye was a group of people who looked close to your age, talking in a small group. They were pretty well dressed, typical of a young Italian, so you immediately started over towards them, expecting them to be the most helpful in giving directions.
"Wait, y/n!" Olivia protested, but you ignored her, walking between a shorter boy and taller girl.
You couldn't help but sigh out the words as you started speaking, placing a light hand on the boy's arm.
“Scusa, potresti dirme dov’è la-" "Excuse me, could you tell me where the-"
"Sorry! I don't speak Italian!" the boy answered in a British accent, turning to face you with hands in surrender.
You both seemed taken aback when your eyes met.
Tom Holland?
"Um, oh what was the word for sorry in Italian again?" the actor in front of you asked, looking to one of his many Spider-man costars around you. Before one could answer, you blurted out one for him.
"It's 'mi dispiace' or 'perdonami,' depending on how you want to say it," you started, realizing how stupid you probably sounded to be teaching a world famous actor Italian words after accidentally infiltrating his conversation.
However, Tom was more shocked by your American accent. Your eyes still widened as you realized what was actually going on.
"Oh my gosh, what am I saying, um. I- I'm so sorry. We're just trying to find this bar and got lost and-"
"Which bar?" he asked in return. You furrowed your brows and looked at him funny, wondering why he would care. He seemed to take notice. "It's just that, we're also headed to a bar and can't seem to find it, either."
You chuckled at the situation, baffled.
"Well, um, it's called 'Bar del Fico Roma.'"
Tom's eyes widened.
"Hey, that's where we're headed!" Jacob Batalon cut in, making you look at him and the rest of the actors in surprise. You could see your own friends shock from your peripheral.
"No way! Really?" Joseph said for you. The group nodded.
"I just got it pulled up on maps," Zendaya said, holding up her phone. Realization suddenly hit that she of all people was the one who you had been standing next to this whole time.
You and your friends all gasped incredulously, amazed at your luck after spending all that time lost.
"If you want, we can show you the way," Tom offered.
"What? No, no we couldn't impose like that," you began, knowing your friends were probably internally screaming at you.
"Oh come on," Tom responded. "We're all going to the same place anyways, not like we won't see you there. It's barely a five minute's walk."
"Seriously, y/n. Do you really want to go around asking more locals for help when we've got it right here?" Olivia asked, raising a good point.
"Alright, fine," you started, rolling your eyes. You turned back to Tom. "You know what they say, 'when in Rome.' Seriously, thank you. All of you. You're definitely saving our asses."
He chuckled as Zendaya began leading the way. Though the sun had set, lights throughout the roads and emanating from various shops lit the way.
Without meaning to, you fell into step with Tom, easily matching his gait as you crossed through the bustling piazza.
"So what brings you to Italy?" He asked. "You don't quite sound like a local."
"We're studying abroad through our university. Unfortunately for me, these goons keep following me 'cause I speak the language," you joked, causing Olivia to slap the back of her hand to your shoulder.
"Ah, I see. I was definitely confused when you went from Italian to American in an instant. Y/n, was it?"
"Yes! Yeah, that's me. And you're obviously Tom Holland."
"You better remember that later, he tends to forget his own name after a few drinks," Zendaya called back to you, causing the group to laugh.
"Hey! That was one time!" Tom defended himself. "Not my fault I was going through a breakup!"
He turned back to you.
"Don't listen to them. I'm quite fun to drink with. You should see for yourself."
"Is that some sort of offer..?" you questioned playfully, tucking your hair behind your ear.
"If everyone's alright with it, I figured you all would join us at the lounge. I'm more than happy to pay for a round or two," he winked.
The group was approaching the bar, and any anxiety you'd had about finding it finally quelled when you could see people outside laughing and drinking as they enjoyed the summer night.
"Hmm... I don't know..." you sing-songed, looking up at the sky.
"Dude are you crazy?" Aaron exclaimed, causing the others to argue in agreement with him.
"Okay, okay. Of course we would be happy to join you for a drink. Thank you."
Both groups cheered in approval.
"The only thing I ask in return is a little lesson in Italian and, if all goes well, a pretty lady's number at the end of the night," he said smoothly, giving you a look.
The others looked between you with wide eyes, surprised at his open flirting. You couldn't help but smile and blush before replying.
"I think that's something I can manage. Now come on, your first lesson will be in ordering drinks," you said, grabbing his hand to lead him in what was about to be the best night of his life.
And yours.
A/N: Okay fun fact I thought up this concept immediately after publishing La Vita Dolce and just... never wrote it? The entire work was actually written around the one Italian phrase I used haha.
Anyways... Hope you all enjoyed as per usual and feel free to hmu anytime about anything :)
Send a message or ask if you’d like to be added to my permanent or series taglists so I can verify you’ve been added!
@jackiehollanderr, @one-big-fangirl, @agentnataliahofferson, @spider-babe, @justafangirlduh
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hotdamnhunnam · 3 minutes ago
I was wondering if any characters or even Charlie himself would like to be a sub and the woman/partner be dom... Don't get me wrong I fucking love them being dominant but I can't help but think about they getting off with a dominant partner with loads of teasing and getting them high and dry....
Hi! So my sense is that while Charlie Himself and most of his characters would have a strong preference for being dominant, they’d also be happy to indulge in submission on occasion if their partner had interest, and/or just to try something different. I tend not to write about this much in my own fics just because I myself have such a strong preference for completely submitting to my sex god king 😅 But Part 2 of The Gavel Corrupts (not sure if you’ve already read it) is based on a request for Jax and the reader indulging in this kind of thing!
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blu-joons · 3 minutes ago
My Last Piece ~ Im Jaebum
-part 1- 
Tumblr media
You never quite imagined that you’d find yourself in the position once again, sitting opposite Jaebum was something that you vowed never to do, not after he broke your heart. But as you were always told, love made you do funny things, and even though you’d found your footing without him in your life, you never truly felt as if you were yourself.
He was the first to admit that he’d made many mistakes, but he was also the first to admit how sorry he was. It was the only way that he’d managed to convince you to come to dinner that night, under the promise that so much about him had changed.
“I’ve missed doing things like this,” he suddenly spoke from the other side of the table, breaking apart your daydream. “I didn’t know how much I needed you until you weren’t around, it’s been hard without you around.”
“We can’t go straight back to how we were once before,” you pointed out to him before he got too carried away, “we don’t know how this new life will turn out, I’m going into this thinking of myself.”
His head nodded, “I appreciate that, and I’ll adjust myself to fit what works for you.”
“You are the only one I’ve ever wanted.”
Your words brought a gently smile to his fae, knowing that there was still a part of you that longed for him in the same way that he longed for you. A small part of him always hoped that things were meant to be, the two of you seemingly had a destiny to be by each other’s side.
He’d tried to move on and find someone else, but each time his mind came straight back to you. He thought he’d lost his chance, but he was never going to quite waiting for you.
“It’s always ever been you,” Jaebum responded to your comment after a few moments, making sure that he found the right words. “Nobody else in the world gets me like you do.”
You softly smiled across at him, nodding your head in agreement with what he said. “As much as I want to hate you right now, I just can’t. You complete me, that’s why we spent so many years together, even if it wasn’t always the way things should’ve been.”
Despite the attention that he received, travelling the world, meeting fans, celebrities, and several beautiful women, known of them ever compared. He was offered dates, dinners, he had it all, but he refused, simply because none of them were ever you.
You were the one that he held out for you, he hoped for, because you were the only one that got him. You knew the answers to support him and the words to say to encourage him, you were the last piece in the crazy world that he lived in to give him the perfection that he’d searched his whole life for.
Even if his life sometimes felt like a roundabout, going round and round in never ending circles, for so long you had been the one constant in his life. The most important piece in the cycle that was there for him no matter what.
“I don’t want to lose you again,” Jaebum then whispered, “I can’t do anything without you.”
Your eyes glanced across to study his face closely once again, “I mean it when I say that I can’t go back to how we were straight away though Jae, I need the space to breathe.”
“I know, and I don’t expect you to stay by my side no matter what straight away, I just want to know that you’re here, because you’re the one the one who completes me,” he whispered.
Your hand brushed over the top of your head, your heart was full of an abundance of emotions, whilst you still loved Jaebum, you couldn’t forget how everything had ended before so quickly and easily. You were hurt and you suffered, all at the hands of him.
When the times were good between the two of you, they were incredible, your relationship was a masterpiece that so many other couples could only dream of having, even if you hated each other at times, you were the only ones in the world that each other wanted.
“You know how I feel about you,” Jaebum noted, taking a sip from the glass in front of him, “you don’t need me to sit before you and tell you all of the things I love about you. I’ve called your name thousands of times in the hope that you’d come back to me.”
Your eyes stared down at the candle that was sat in the middle of the table, letting go of yet another sigh. “If I remember correctly, I was the one who ended up calling your name when we were at the event that night.”
His eyes rolled as you yet again proved him wrong, as you had done time and time again. “I would have come and seen you eventually, but I watched your performance, and I didn’t know what else to do, you were incredible.”
A heavy sigh came from you as Jaebum met your gaze as soon as you looked up. You knew he was keen and intent on winning your heart once again, but you were terrified of opening yourself up once again only to get hurt.
The two of you needed each other, just as you completed Jaebum, he completed you. The two of you often walked the same path, but just as you were for him, he was the piece that was the constant in the many circles you found yourself running in.
His words were everything that you really wanted to hear, but with every word that came, your heart was screaming at you to slow things down.
“I don’t want to rush,” you warned him once again, “I’ve ridden this wave once before.”
Jaebum’s head nodded, he’d already made it clear to you that he was going to be a version of himself that was best for you. When he promised you that he’d do anything for you, he really did mean it, there was no way he was going to lose his best part all over again.
“But you want to give things a go?” He anxiously questioned.
Your smile slowly grew wider, “like I told you before, you’ve got once chance, otherwise this really will be the last time.”
“And I promise that I’ll prove to you that you’ve made the right choice,” he assured you, reaching across the table to take a hold of your hand. “I’m me, because of you, you’re the most important piece of my life, I don’t want to let you go.”
Your hand squeezed around his much bigger hand, “I hate the way you make me feel, because I can just never seem to let you go.”
“I don’t want you to let go,” he chuckled, smirking across at you, “I want to be able to feel your hand hold onto mine forever, I want to be able to wake up beside you and fall asleep just the same, even when you do breathe too heavily on me.”
Your eyes widened, pinching gently against the back of his hand as he shamed you for one of the old habits you had that you knew he absolutely hated about you.
“Each of those breaths is filled with love,” you retorted, “and I bet you’ve missed those breaths of love whilst I’ve been gone.”
“I’ve missed them more than anything else in the world,” he acknowledged, “I’ve missed everything about you Y/N.”
Your heart continued to pound, “you know that I’ve missed you as well.”
“Say my name,” he chuckled, “I’m still not used to hearing you say it.”
“I’ve missed you, Im Jaebum.”
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blazedbakugou · 3 minutes ago
sunshine smiles and strawberry kisses
In which Itadori experiences the joy of waking up to you truly in your element and can’t help but fall even more madly in love with you.
a/n: very self-indulgent, I was making breakfast the other day and thought about the intimacy behind sharing it with the one you love
genre: fluff/suggestive
warnings: food, suggestive? idk they kiss but that’s it
word count: 600
pairing: itadori yuji x gn!reader
put your head on my shoulder - paul anka
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Itadori stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen, narrowly missing the potted plant that had barely been spared by his clumsiness. With one eye shut and the other slightly squinted open, he allowed his sense of smell to lead him to the sweet aroma that seemed to be coming from the kitchen. Still, in the early phases of waking up, it was a miracle he had managed to brush his teeth before coming to find you, and sure enough, there you were, standing at the kitchen stove with a spatula in your hand.
His heart swelled at the sight of you, just as it always did. With a foggy brain and blurry vision, Itadori acted on instinct and made his way over to you, wincing as he banged his hip on the edge of the kitchen counter.
You turned around with a gasp, “You scared me! Don’t creep up on me like that.”
“Sorry…” he mumbled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.
“Making us some strawberry french toast.” You smiled, stepping aside to show him the pan. Not that Itadori bothered to look inside of it, he already knew whatever you made would be delicious. But really, he was too busy appreciating you instead— he made a mental note to thank whoever decided to add a skylight to the kitchen for it gave you this angelic appearance as the morning sun shone down on you. The bright smile on your face made it seem that you’d been awake for hours but the puffiness under your eyes, the dry toothpaste peeking out of the corner of your mouth, and your wrinkled pajamas proved that you hadn’t been awake much longer than him. Nonetheless, Itadori thought you looked absolutely beautiful.
“Mm, looks good.” He finally replied, allowing you to resume your cooking while he opted to stand back and observe.
Itadori didn’t stay away for very long once he realized that he’d much rather hold you in his arms than watch you from the other side of the kitchen. He sighed contently as he lazily wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you into the warmth of his chest. You stopped what you were doing for a mere second, grabbing his other hand with your free hand before turning off the stove and beginning to slice up the strawberries.
Gentle kisses were scattered over the expanse of your left shoulder and the side of your neck, tufts of pink hair tickling your skin when Itadori rested his chin on your shoulder. His body relaxed against yours, sleep causing his eyes to shut as he struggled to stay awake.
“Don’t tell me I’m boring you back to sleep, I even took the time to cut these into the shape of a heart for you.” You teased, turning around in his arms and leaning against the counter behind you.
“Too good to me…” he sighed, bringing a hand up to caress your cheek.
You reached into the bowl of freshly sliced strawberries and picked a few out, popping one into your mouth before doing the same to Itadori. He accepted the fruit from you with a grateful smile, tenderly biting it from your extended fingers. The fruit had an initial taste of bitterness, but that was expected after having recently brushed his teeth, and he certainly wasn’t complaining. Itadori stared at you pensively before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on your strawberry-coated lips.
“Love you.” He whispered as he thought to himself just how lucky he was to have found love in someone as beautiful as you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist // taglist open // requests open
@combat-wombatus @sunflowersuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inferni-inferno · 4 minutes ago
Crow and Sparrow
inej ghafa x reader
content warning: none
inej has a crush on the bartender at the crow club, and jesper is going to make it his personal goal to poke fun at her every spare moment he gets.
he understands of course. the bartender was stunning, and perhaps even more attractively, didn’t take any shit from rude drunk patrons. they always wore a pistol strapped to their side, and jesper had seen on more than one occasion that you were more than adept at using it when the need arose.
there was a reason they were hired, after all. jesper remembered kaz mention offhandedly once he thought they could be a heartrender with the way they were able to control the atmosphere in the crow club.
jesper was certain half the regulars at the crow club came just to chat with you. it made perfect sense that inej would have a crush on someone as magnetic as you were.
but this was inej! inej the wraith, inej the sneaky! and she had a crush? jesper couldn’t pass up such an easy opportunity to ruffle her feathers. all in good fun, of course.
“inej, did you know every time you look over to the bar your cheeks turn red? are you feeling okay?” jesper all but giggles to himself.
“jesper what are you on about”
“it would be so much less painful if you would just go up and talk to them!”
amusement flickers across kaz’s face as the two bicker back and forth.
“i will end you, jesper fahey!”
kaz decides to intervene.
“inej, go order another round for the table.”
“kaz are you serious?” she pleads. “jesper’s being cruel not you too!”
a slight smirk forms on kaz’s lips. “perfectly serious.”
you can’t help but watch her.
she’s beautiful in the way that her knives are; enchanting and dangerous to be too close to.
kaz’s whole crew were not to be messed with, and you really needed this job, so keeping distance from all of them seemed to be the best solution.
you liked her quiet attentiveness, her fierce protection of her friends. you liked the way she leaned forward when talking about something that excited her. and her eyes, oh her eyes! you felt if you looked at her for too long you would disappear into them.
inej appeared in front of you at the bar, so suddenly that you startle. “inej! gods, you frightened me.”
“i didn’t realize i would startle you so much i’m sorry i-“
you, for the first time, see inej fumble with her words.
“hey, no harm done. what can i get you?”
“just some shots for our table,” inej awkwardly raises three fingers as well for the number of people.
you feel a smile pull at your lips but keep it hidden, not wanting to embarrass her.
“of course, i’ll have them for you in a moment.”
“it’s good to see you, inej,”
the tips of your fingers brush against hers as you hand over the drinks, and you see a blush form on inej’s cheeks.
“um- goodbye,” she darts off abruptly, back to the table at the back of the bar.
you can hear jesper cackling from across the club, followed by a, “shut it!” from inej.
you smile to yourself, turning back to the bar to wipe up some spills along the counter.
you wonder fleetingly if the trio were talking about you, but then the bar is swamped with new patrons and your mind is filled with drink orders and table numbers, and maneuvering around the rowdy drunks seated at the center of the bar.
it takes jesper a few tries to get your attention, not that he wants to distract you while you work, but he felt it was necessary to speed along inej’s love life a tad.
“so i need a favor,”
you quirk an eyebrow, but nod. “and what might this favor be, mr. fahey?”
he leans in conspiratorially, “i need you to ask inej on a date.”
you blink. “i’m sorry what?”
“listen. inej is never going to do it and if i have to watch her pine after you for the next six months i’m going to lose my mind!”
you barely have to think about it. “give me a second.”
you scrounge around under the bar for a notepad, finding one and quickly scribbling out a note. you fold it, not letting jesper see what you had written. “alright, give this to her and don’t peek.”
north docks, midday, tomorrow.
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thewhizzyhead · 4 minutes ago
dude don’t worry about the late responses!!! perfectly normal thing to do, don’t worry about it :D
(also, yeah noodle powder is a choking hazard, I say, currently trying to chug water because the powder is stuck in my throat again, but it’s worth it because it’s GOOD)
also I am absolutely here for the Izzy-and-ari tag podcast- it should totally be a thing I think that would be amazing???? I just love it so much SJDJJFJG imagine being able to form words, honestly-
also I think I’m freaking benefiting from nepotism because we won the rap battle- and I got beat speaker- how-???????
HI AGAIN TEA ANON AND UM Yea i very much hope that the noodle powder stuck to your throat is gone now so um yea EAT NOODLE POWDER RESPONSIBLY FKFJSJDG
also wooo for the tag podcast and hurray for the tag ramblers that are very much into analyzing WATT cause holy crap there is actually quite a lot to unpack in WATT ngl like i legit think that the good-ass writing here should be talked about more woo i really do admire pma's writing skills
Also YAYY FOR WINNING THE RAP BATTLE WOOOO HURRAY FOR BEST SPEAKER!! I'm pretty sure your skills played a huge freaking part in that so woo congrats dude!!!
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piecesofem · 8 minutes ago
Hello! First off, congratulations on almost getting 100 followers!! Honestly you deserve so many more because your writing is just 😌🤚
I was wondering if I could request george x reader where she’s stressed out about O.W.L.S (or something?) so george finds her crying so they make bracelets with/for each other and maybe paint each other’s nails? (Extra fluff please?) thank you !! <3
A/N: Thank you, darling!! <3 YES YES YES. I had finals this week, so I can definitely relate to this prompt right now. Aw, I hope you enjoy this one. It’s really a big soft fluff, nothing too dramatic or anything. I would love to hear your feedback and as always, feel free to request more! 
Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Warnings: Slight mention of anxiety and a little mental breakdown
Word Count: 1.6k
Feeling the brink of tears setting into the corners of your eyes, you stare down pitifully at the notes scattered around your desk. You had been studying for hours on the same material for your upcoming O.W.L.S, but you found yourself not being able to retain any of the information. Furthermore, this led you to grow even more frustrated as you felt the increased pressure of your assignment deadlines creeping up on your back. Eventually, you couldn’t help it as you let your head fall to the middle of both of your palms, letting the warmth of your tears encompass your face in a steady stream. 
Without even considering the fact that George was to meet you after his afternoon detention session with Snape, you barely noticed as the door subtly opened to reveal your suddenly very concerned boyfriend. Hearing your, quite loud, sobs from the other side of the door, he slowly entered the room before walking over to your shaking frame. 
“What’s the matter, darling?” he asks quietly, crouching down beside your desk chair. 
Being too frazzled to respond at that moment, you bring your head up to dramatically shake your hands in the direction of all of the notes covering the top of your desk with a pitiful laugh in reference to the source of all of your current stress. Sniffling and heaving at the mere sight of all the work you had left to do, you felt yourself curl your knees up to your chest in an attempt to gain slight comfort from yourself. 
Quickly seeing the trepidation amongst all of your physical features, George uses one hand to rub circles on the part of your leg which he can reach. 
“Hey, hey. You’re alright. Let’s take a break, hm?” he asks before standing up to collect the mess of papers on your desk, compiling them into a neat pile, “See, looks much better now, yeah?” he questions referencing the smaller stack on your desk. 
Nodding your head slightly, you lay your head against your tucked knees in order to gaze at his broad figure. 
“Thank you,” you hiccup as the tall redheaded boy crouches down next to you once more. 
“C’mon, let’s take a little break,” he coos, stroking the pieces of hair stuck to your glistening cheeks before standing up.
Guiding you down to the softness of the rug covering the cold bricked floor beneath you, George retrieves the little craft box your mum had sent you a couple of months ago from the depths of your trunk. Placing it down in front of you, knowing that a fun little distraction is just what you need right now, he smiles as he pries the lid off of the tub. 
Feeling your heart warm slightly at the boy’s nurturing actions, you give him a soft smile before taking out the little boxes of beads and string from inside of the box. 
“Bracelets it is then,” he says before placing the box off to the side.
Intently focused on the plastic string in his hands, George uses the length of his fingers to gently glide the chunky beads in place along the thread. Although very determined to create the perfect pattern, he continuously steals small glances at your still puffy face attempting to do the same in order to see if the activity was relieving any of your stress. While you weren’t entirely calmed down from your previous meltdown, you felt yourself subtly relaxing as your mind focused on stringing the beads to spell out your name. Adding little pops of lilac and a gentle orange to the mix, your sniffles subside to quiet breathes of focus. 
“How you feeling, bug?” he asks softly in an attempt to not disrupt your steady focus. 
“Feeling better I think. I’m almost finished,” you reply without sparing a glance from the beads in your hand. 
George gives you a small hum in reply before directing his focus back to the jewelry in front of him. Doing his best to string the dainty beads along the length of the string in his calloused hands, he finishes spelling out his name before placing a couple of finishing touches to the end of the bracelet. Tying the ends of the thread into a tight knot with the use of his teeth, he holds up the dainty bracelet with two fingers to present it to you. 
“Oh, Georgie it’s so cute. But I reckon it’s not going to fit on your wrist,” you giggle before typing your own knot on the bracelet in your hands. 
“Well good thing it’s not for me,” he says before grabbing one of your hands and sliding the circle to where it dangles slightly around your wrist. 
While you knew all along that you were most likely the recipient of the homemade bracelet, you couldn’t help but feel the heartwarming feeling of admiration coarse through you at his actions. Giving him a soft smile, you quickly do the same with the fairly large bracelet you’re holding in your hand before placing a tender kiss atop of his smooth freckled skin on the back of his hand. Dramatically holding his arm up to admire the collection of beads on the string, he gives you a wide-toothed grin before leaning in to cup the sides of your cheeks to press a soft kiss to your forehead. 
“It’s darling. I’m sure the guys will be quite jealous,” he says as he pulls away. 
Feeling the smile dropping from your cheeks as you begin to think about the stress of all your assignments again, you let your gaze wander over to the pile of papers lying on your desk. You let out a sigh as you move to stand up to begin working again. Seeing your sudden wave of stress strewn across your face, George gently grabs your hand to suddenly regain your attention. 
“Y’know, I’ve been thinking about painting my nails. Was wondering if you still wanted to do it,” he says, cocking one of his eyebrows up at you. 
While he didn’t really care about the added beautification, he knew you’d been begging him to let you paint his nails for a couple of weeks and he thought that maybe the notion would be enough to cheer you up from your current slump. He let out a breathy chuckle as you peered down at him with eyes glistening with pure excitement. 
“Really?” you ask excitedly, practically running to the bathroom to get the handful of nail polish you’d brought with you. 
“Really. Maybe black?” he questions as you sit down criss-cross in front of him. 
“I reckon I could do that. I have these ones too,” you say, peering up at him to display your collection of bottles clinking together in your smaller hands. 
“Hmm,” he says pretending to ponder the idea of some of the brighter colors amongst the mix, “I think I’ll go with this one,” he responds, pointing to the bottle encompassing a deep shade of grey. 
Nodding your head, you shake the bottle in your hands before getting to work. As you begin to paint George’s nails, the two of you find yourselves lost in a fluent conversation of small talk as he attempts to get your mind farther and farther away from the burdens of school. You firmly grip one of his larger hands in the depths of your own as you slide the brush across the hardness of each of his nails. Being so focused on the task at hand and continuing the conversation of him and Fred’s most recent pranks, you found that every ounce of stress you previously occupied had left your mind entirely. 
George watches as the color gradually floods back into the apples of your cheeks and the radiance of joy sparkles in the depth of your eyes once more. Feeling quite accomplished with himself, he sits there admiring your tiny frame sitting in front of him as you focus on perfecting the second coat on his nails. He felt a small smile creep up onto the corners of his lips as you suddenly look up, catching him in his observational act. Giggling slightly as you finish up with his nails, you lean up to wrap your arms around his neck, gradually shifting yourself to where you’re straddling his lap. 
“Thank you,” you whisper before peppering his face with sweet kisses. 
“Of course, darling,” he replies, catching your roaming lips to press them against his own. 
Moving one of his hands up to attempt to stroke the side of your cheek, you give him a small swat before he gets the chance to. Staring up at you with eyes of widened surprise, he lets out a breathy laugh as you reprimand him.
“You’re going to mess up your nails,” you urge before gently grabbing his hands to move them to steadily rest against your thighs where they can’t be ruined. 
“Guess I’ll just have to resort to other measures,” he remarks before quickly attacking your neck with ticklish kisses. 
Giggling at his sudden actions, you squirm in his lap while trying to tuck your head against the side of your shoulder to avoid the tickling feeling. 
“George! Quit it!” you squeal, trying to push him away slightly. 
You feel the deep vibrations of his laughter erupting in the crook of your neck as you bring your hands to gently push through the ginger tufts along his head. 
“I’m sorry, darling. I couldn’t help it,” he says before pulling back to place a gentle kiss on the plumpness of your lips. 
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dress · 9 minutes ago
having a dog is so fun. i just look at her and am like wow u r so cute and perfect i love u i’m going to cry now
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kimnjss · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
meaingless sex
Tumblr media
— you’re just his type. so it’s no surprise when all of his time and effort goes into making you his. though, they’ve always said… you only want it because you can’t have it.
⤪ masterlist
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @itsrapmonstanotdancemonsta @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @iridescentstories @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tata @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @rlynotme @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @yayo-kittty @chocobetterknot @v3nti @ggukkieland @kelitt​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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promptsvomiting · 12 minutes ago
Person A and Person B just like kidding and acting like they're dating, but with time, it's too natural. Realizing this, one of them start to act awkward around the other.
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jaegerbombb · 15 minutes ago
If Ymir didn't save King Fritz and he died from the spear, then WHO made her daughters eat her corpse ??
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classreptenyaiida · 16 minutes ago
Tenya...(hope you don’t mind me calling you that) I have a question. Why do people insist that you are a bad boy because you almost committed murder on bling anger. Meanwhile Bakugo has literally told deku to go kill himself + bullied him for the most part of his life + almost committed murder a bunch of times, yet people think HES the good guy?
- [somebody]
Of course you can call me that :) I know some may view me as, as you put it, a “bad boy” but I don’t find that to be true. People go to great lengths to get “revenge” or act ways they wouldn’t usually when they are emotionally unstable or blinded by anger.
That being said I don’t agree with people’s view of my classmate. People always say “he is so angry all the time” and that it “is his only personality trait” but may I remind you that anger is always a product of another emotion. No one is ever just angry. Anger comes from other strong emotions being dealt with through anger. If that makes sense. There is more to him then you all think
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starrybrock · 16 minutes ago
queen of hearts ✧ bucky barnes
taglist | masterlist
once again, everyone go thank @rebelemilu for this
pairing: chubby mob!bucky barnes x fem dom!reader
summary: the big man in brooklyn bows down to only one person. 
word count: 1,608
warnings?: 18+ MINORS DNI, all porn no plot, chubby subby mob bucky, bucky in panties, mommy kink, breeding kink, slight bondage (hands tied to headboard), oral (f and m receiving), unprotected sex
Tumblr media
James “Bucky” Barnes was the most powerful man in all of Brooklyn. People feared him, his name, what he could do. The mythos surrounding him was almost as great as the things he’d actually done. Few people had ever seen the man, but everyone knew what he had done. He was cold, he was calculating, he was ruthless. Or, at least, that’s what he wanted people to think. In his line of work, he had to command respect. He had to rule with an iron fist. Make sure nobody stepped out of line. But outside of work? In the bedroom? There was one person he’d answer to, one person he’d do anything for.
And that’s why, when you’d told him that you wanted him to wear a pair of your pretty lace panties while he worked, he couldn’t tell you “no”. He lived to make you happy, to make sure you had anything and everything you wanted. And if that meant wearing your panties while he ran Brooklyn? Well, then that was the way it had to be. 
That didn’t mean that wasn’t hard, though. Bucky was painfully aware that he was wearing your panties, the material brushed up against his cock so deliciously. Every time he shut his eyes, he envisioned you on top of him, grinding against the silky material while you murmured your dirty little fantasies in his ear. By the time the day had ended, he was practically racing home so that could finally have your way with him. 
You were already waiting in the bedroom when he came in, his eyes wild as he searched for you. You had been standing at the vanity, clasping a pretty silver necklace he’d gotten you around your neck, but you turned when you heard him come in. You smirked when you saw him, your voice sultry as you asked, “Well, well, well, looks like someone’s a bit needy right now.”
“Please.” It was all he could say. His brain had short-circuited the moment he saw you. All he could think about was you, your sweet pussy, and the pleasure only you could bring him.
“Please what?” you asked as he stumbled forward, kicking the door shut behind him. You met him halfway, stopping just in front of him. “What do you want, baby boy?”
“You,” he begged. “Just you. Want you and wanna make you happy. Please.”
“Yeah? You wanna make me happy? That mean you’re gonna give me a baby?” you asked, palming his hardened cock through his trousers.
“Give you anything you want,” he groaned. “Please, just wanna feel you.”
“Mm, but have you been a good boy? Done what I asked?” You smirked as he let out a low whine. “Did you wear my panties like a good boy? Do your dirty work in mommy’s panties?”
He nodded quickly.
“Yeah? You be a big boss man while wearing my panties?” You smirked, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair. “Oh, if only they all knew how their big strong boss bowed down to me. Think they’d still respect you then?”
“If they knew how good you are, then they’d understand,” he mumbled, pulling your hand down to his face and rubbing his cheek against your open palm.
“Yeah? That right? If I’m so good then, I bet my baby boy can’t wait to be buried inside me, yeah?”
He nodded quickly, reaching out to grab you and pull off the pretty red dress you were wearing.
“Mm, but first you’re gonna eat mommy out, yeah?” you hummed, slipping out of his hold and moving across the room, taking a seat in your favorite plush chair. You opened your legs, revealing your bare pussy, your hand slipping between your legs as you played with your clit. “Gonna make me repeat myself, baby boy?”
He shook his head quickly, stumbling over until he was knelt in front of you. He gently nudged your hand away from your clit, his lips immediately latching on it as he sucked. Your hand flew to his hair, tugging on the roots and you moaned loudly. He quickly abandoned your clit, shoving his tongue past your wet folds and lapping up your juices. 
“Shit, baby,” you moaned. “Gonna make mommy come. You wanna make mommy cum?”
That only spurred him on, his tongue working faster until you were screaming as you came. When his head popped out from between your legs, his face wet with your slick, you couldn’t help but coo, “Aw, baby boy, you did so good. C’mere, give mommy a kiss.”
Bucky pushed himself up, leaning down to kiss you, his tongue slipping past your lips so that you could have a taste of the sweet meal he’d been treated with. 
You moaned as you pulled away, looking at him with the utmost love. “Go ahead and strip, baby boy, then get on the bed. Do it just how mommy likes it.”
He nodded, tugging at his tie until it fell to the floor. His fingers fumbled over the buttons of his white button down. You cooed at his struggled, coming up to your feet and moving in front of him. Your nimble fingers undid the buttons with ease, your eyes lighting up as you revealed his soft belly. Bending over, you pressed sloppy kisses to his tummy, mumbling how much you loved it between your kisses. Bucky fought the urge to grab at your hair, knowing that he wasn’t to touch you without permission. 
“Think you can get your pants off, baby boy, or do you need your mommy’s help?” When he could only whine in response, you smirked and grabbed at his belt, unfastening it, before undoing his pants and pushing them down his legs along with your now ruined panties. His cock stood at attention, precum leaking from its tip, and you couldn’t wait to get it inside you. “Mm, get on the bed, and then the real fun can begin.”
He stumbled over to the bed, placing himself in the center, sinking into the soft pillows you insisted upon decorating the bed with. His arms immediately went up as you followed closely, slipping onto his lap, brushing up against his cock. He whimpered at the contact, squeezing his eyes shut as you took one of his wrists and trapping it inside you’d attached to either bedpost before doing the same with the other. You sat back, admiring the masterpiece that was a desperate Bucky. You were the only one that could do this to him. You were the only one who could make him react like this. And you were proud of the power you held over him. 
Oh, you were so drunk on power as you pulled your dress over your head, revealing that you’d been totally naked underneath. Bucky’s eyes lit up, groaning at the thought that you’d allow yourself to be so readily available.
You scooted back, settling between his legs and grasped his cock with one hand, stroking it as you licked up the precum around the tip. He groaned, bucking his hips. You didn’t too much time teasing him, desperate for your own release. You swallowed his cock down your throat, letting the tip hit the back of your throat before you began bobbing your head up and down. Moving your hand to tug at his balls, you licked a stripe up the underside of his cock before deepthroating him once more. But, as he moaned that he was close, you pulled off of him with a quiet pop! as you pushed yourself back at. 
“Nuh uh,” you said, wagging your finger at his teary eyes. “Can’t waste a single drop. You said you wanna give mommy a baby, yeah? Then you better give mommy everything you got.”
You moved up, your pussy brushing up against his cock again before you grasped it, guiding it past your folds. You sank down, letting out a loud moan as he filled you. Once he was fully sheathed, your hands settled on his chest as you began to rock back and forth.
“Shit, this feels so fucking good,” you groaned. “You make mommy feel so fucking good.”
“Please, shit, please mommy,” he begged, his eyes screwing shut.
“Please, what, baby boy?” you cooed, your fingernails raking down his chest. “Use your big boy words and mommy will give you whatever you want.”
“Please, wanna come, wanna give mommy a baby, wanna make mommy happy,” he whined.
“Yeah? You wanna give mommy a baby? Wanna make me all round and swollen with your baby? Wanna make my tits all big and have ‘em leaking?” You bounced faster, your head falling back as he thrust his hips up. “Then come, baby boy. Make mommy the happiest woman alive.”
He came with a shout, you feeling his cum painting your walls. You kept bouncing, one of your hands slipping down to play with your clit while you chased your own orgasm. You weren’t far behind, falling forward onto his chest as the coil snapped. Panting, you remained still for a moment, Bucky’s cock still perfectly snug inside you before you leaned up, reaching over to release his hands. Immediately, they wrapped around you, pulling you impossibly closer to him.
“Did I make mommy happy?” he asked, his voice soft. 
You looked up at him, smiling. “Yeah, you made mommy happy. Now rest up, baby boy. We’ll give you a lil break before we start again, yeah? Don’t want you leavin’ this bed til I got my baby.”
“Anything to make my queen happy,” he whispered, nuzzling his face into your hair. “Anything.”
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atomic-taco-muffin · 16 minutes ago
Xenmas: I'm this close 🤏 to kill all of you
Demyx: your fingers are touching
Xenmas: Exactly. Run
Ahh, I love that meme!
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satanhalsey · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N is doing great, until she receives a call asking her to help her ex boyfriend. | SELF HATE (part one).
happy birthday hs1! i love u. pd this is unedited so sorry for the grammatical mistakes :).
Y/N is better.
She really is. Laughing and being happy, living in a small but cozy apartment with a cat who gives her all the love she needs. She is better.
When Harry returned to get his things and leave, she decided that it was a better option for him to live there and for her to leave, because she couldn't live in that house full of memories, and he knelt down again and cried for forgiveness.
Six months after the day he ripped off a part of her and stepped on it, she tries to fill that void with series, work, her cat, men who are idiots compared to Harry.
Because she only wants Harry.
But not the Harry who cheated on her, the Harry who she fell in love with, who told her every day and every night that he loved her, who wrote songs for her, who snuggled into her arms whenever he could.
But she knows that this will never be possible again, he betrayed her trust and hurt her like no one else and for once in her life, she has to think about her own happiness.
She has avoided hearing from Harry these months, she can't help but wonder if he's doing great too, or if he's drowning in his misery as he deserves but she's so kind that she doesn't want to see him suffer, maybe he finished the album that he was so excited to show her about, telling her that it was full of songs for her, or maybe he has already found someone else to love.
Curiosity kills her, but she never dares to google his name. It's better this way, she tells herself.
"Fuck!" She screams as she realizes that she burned herself on the water for her coffee from being distracted, thinking of someone she shouldn't.
Her cat gets scared and runs off at the same time her phone starts ringing, and she runs to attend to him while drying her hand with a wet rag.
When she sees the name in the screen, the rag slips out of her hands, falling to the ground.
"Hello, Y/N?"
"Mitch, hi." She answers, with a lump in her throat. "Is everything alright?"
"Yeah, yeah." He answers. "How have you been?"
"Good, if it's possible. You guys?"
She can't help but worry, they were all a great family and Mitch was one of her great friends, she misses them so much.
"We're good." He sighs, his voice would be. "We miss you."
Y/N feels her heart clench in her chest.
"Me too, maybe we can meet up with the other guys on the weekend?" She asks, eager to see her friends.
"Yes, sure. But first we need your help."
She doesn't take a second to answer.
"Of course, what do you need?"
While holding the phone to her ear, she walks to her couch and sits worried, putting a hand to her chest.
"It's Harry."
Y/N exhales, feeling her heart race at the sound of his name. She misses him, she misses him so so much and she hates herself for it. He doesn't deserve her, but she just wants to see him well and happy as when they were together.
"Since what happened between you two, he's only getting worst, he doesn't he doesn't go to the studio or anywhere, people haven't seen him because he never leaves his house. I went once, the place was full of alcohol and he was run down and depressed, Y/N, and that was two months ago."
Without realizing it, she finds herself crying because she can't help but think that the person who hurt her so much is also suffering, she can't imagine Harry in that state, it also hurts her.
"He's my best friend, please." Mitch begs. "We need you, he needs you."
The words get stuck in her throat as the tears fall down her cheek, she will have to dig up all the pain not overcome, for Harry, because she loves him despite everything.
And for his family, his fans, all the people who need him.
"I understand if you don't want to, but you are the only one who can help him..."
"Yeah, I'll go today." She stutters. "I'm about to leave."
She exchanged more words with Mitch and finally hung up, getting up from the couch to put her phone in her pocket as she walked into the kitchen. She opened the third cabinet drawer, and sighed.
"The things i do for you." She said and grabbed the key to that house that she vowed never to enter again.
Y/N could have sworn she felt the bile rise up her throat when she turned the key twice and walked through that door.
Everything was... the same as when she had left, except for a dark aura that now completely covered the house. The pressure on her chest was present from just stepping on that floor.
Everything was silent, there was no music, laughter, or anything that characterized them both. It looked like the house of someone who had died. And Harry, he swore he was, inside.
She walked uncertainly through space, as if she had not lived there for years, looking for the brunette.
She climbed the pink stairs, which had made her laugh at that striking color among the cold-toned house, but now it only brought back nostalgic memories that brought tears to her eyes. She walked down the hall until he reached their room, which had the door open.
The curtains were down, and if it weren't for the light coming in from the private bathroom window, She wouldn't have seen him.
"Oh my god, Harry." She whispered, her voice cracking.
The named opened his eyes, and let out a gasp when he saw the love of his life in front of him, again.
"Y/N..." He murmured, his voice cracking as if he hadn't spoken in months, only straining his throat to let out heartbreaking gasps and sobs. "Y/N" he repeated, as if he couldn't believe it.
He never thought that he would ever see her small body, her beautiful face, and her whole being in person again.
"Yes, H. It's me." She crouched next to him, moving the bottles of alcohol, the used tissues, and ignoring the scent emanating from his body.
He was not Harry Styles, known for always having a smile on his face, his kindness, his elegant clothes and his joy lighting up every room he entered. He was Harry, curled up in a fetal position on the floor, dirty, drunk and sad, drowned in a facet that no one ever knew about him, not even himself.
When she took him in her arms, trying to sit him in front of her, he began to cry like a child, shaking his head. The greasy curls of him moving for the gesture.
"N- No, you're not here, it's the alcohol, or maybe that relaxant I took for my head, y-yeah..." He avoided her gaze, speaking to himself with his gaze on the ground. "Not again."
If Y/N's heart had been broken when he cheated on her, then now it had simply vanished.
"Harry... it's me, I'm here." She took his face in her hands, seeing those green eyes bloodshot, empty and with the only glint that tears gave him. "It's me, baby."
"It's you." He said, his voice small as if he was trying to convince himself. "It's you."
Y/N expected him to hold her, or allow himself to be caressed by her, but when he pulled away completely to snuggle into his dirty clothes, she was confused.
"N- No, you can't see me like that. It's not right, you deserve someone fixed, good, someone who is worth showing off to the world, someone who doesn't ch- cheat... I can't- I can't breathe."
It only took her a second to get up off the floor and run to her nightstand, opening the drawer to find the inhaler that she ran to put in his mouth.
"Breathe, H."
When he finally stabilized, Y/N had to endure the tears that caused her to see him like this, so... empty. In the ten years that she knew and loved him, she had never seen him in this state.
It was heartbreaking, for the two of them.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Angel, please, you don't know how sorry I am." He sobbed, releasing the inhaler and allowing himself to hug her, snuggling into her chest like when it was dawn and neither could sleep, or early in the morning when they first woke up.
Those memories felt so far away... a past in which both of them were happy.
"Please, please, I beg you." He murmured into his neck like a little child, shaking uncontrollably feeling her caresses on his hair. "I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry." He kept saying. "I can't live without you."
She couldn't take it anymore.
"Harry, stop it." She said, swallowing the lump in her throat. "I forgive you."
"W- what?"
"I forgive you, I know that it hurt us both equally, so i forgive you." She pulled him away from her body so she could look into his eyes, he looked surprised as never before. "It's okay, H. Don't cry anymore, please."
"B-but what I did to you..."
"We will never talk about it again." She cut him off, proud of her firm tone. "We will go slowly, but I have loved you since we were children, and I won't stop now." She stroked his bearded cheek, and for the first time, she could see the shadow of a smile, marking his right dimple.
"I don't deserve you, thank you." Harry sobbed again, happy tears running down his cheeks. "I love you more than anything, I love you, I love you."
"Before our second first date, please take a shower." She joked without being able to get those three words out again yet.
"I didn't want to take care of myself if you weren't with me." He confessed, feeling defenceless as always when he was with her.
"I'm not going anywhere."
When she said those words, Harry felt his body slowly being pulled out of the water, and his lungs filling with exquisite air that he hadn't been able to inhale for a long time.
He would never drown again, because he had her.
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