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#draco malfoy x reader
dracoscum · 3 hours ago
PLS DO DRACO SMUT WHERE YOU ARE IN THE COMMON ROOM BUT YOUR SKIRT COVERS YOU BOTH So when people are coming in and out of the common room you just pretend youre just sitting on his lap but when they walk out he continues to drill you
better angle- dm
warning : smut, edging, cockwarm, public sex, overstim
this is shit, i know
''you moved, then it's over''
your frustrated small cries was muffled by draco's shirt, cock stuffed in your cunt as you hug him tighter to feel him more,
you both skipped dinner just to hang out in the common room, cuddling to each other while enjoying each other warmth, but that's until draco complained how it's still cold even when you were already wrapped around his body,
your thigh is shaking, tears performing in the corner of your eyes as you counted back how much hours till its past curfew, you were too sexually frustrated that you couldn't move a muscle, tried to relieve your frust, because students keep coming in and out the common room,
''aww you both are so cute together ; i didn't know that draco can act this sweet towards you'' comments were thrown by your fellow housemate who passed your both seats, which draco just slightly chuckled and said ''she's asleep, and i couldn't bare to wake her up'', which it's completely wrong, little did they know draco's cock was stuffed in your cunt, that perfectly hiden under your skirt,
your mind is too fuzzy to even think what happen to your surroundings, head rested on your lover shoulder, ofcourse they would thought you were sleeping
''we have to wait until its past curfew love'' draco whispered lowly while his hands carrasing your hair, and kiss your earlobe before bringing your closer, to make you suffer,
and now it's almost curfew, you were to drawn into the subspace that you didn't realised had draco lifted you up, before slamming you down, making your eyes widen and cries escaping your mouth,
''sorry, need a better angle'' he asked before he pull your head back to rested it on his shoulder, which make you cry at the raw feeling of his cock in you, with his cock twitching very often, you felt like you were getting a little too close,
your mind was only focused on the way draco's cock perfectly fit in you, making you more sexually frustrated than ever,
decided to take care of yourself, without thinking the consequences, you start move your hips in a circle motion making draco's face turn into a bright red, as he was also has been waiting for this,
his head was thrown to the back of the head couch as he felt your cunt slowly slipping out of his cock, before sliding in again, wrapped around his cock perfectly, moans and whines escaping your both lips, mind focusing on your orgasm,
you felt yourself getting closer by the second considering draco edge you for god knows how long, you bounce yourself on draco's cock faster, the tip very so often hitting the spot making you shuddered at the pleasure, eyes close as your mouth gasped open, and before you knew, you felt yourself cumming on draco's cock, eyes rolled back and thigh completely shaken,
you dropped yourself on his cock with your cum coating perfectly on his cock, hot breath tickling draco's neck trying to catch your breath,
''and who the fuck told you that you could stop, do you think this is all about you ? move'' the blonde beneath you spat, hands spanking your ass making you jolt at the touch,
''i said move''
you obediently followed his order, as you lifted up your hips before slammed down, and start bouncing on his cock with cries escaping your lips as draco's tip keep hitting the overused spot,
draco leaned back to the head couch while watching how his cock slipped in and out perfectly, the sound of your arousal and orgasm could be clearly hear as you repeatedly bounce on him, your previous cum trailing down you thigh, you were a mess
''m' so tired sir'' you cried as you slowed down your paced which make draco laugh darkly, he yank your hair to the back,
''not until i cum deep inside you hm ?, now faster and keep moving''
taglist : @dracoandcedwhore @o-rion-sta-r @slut4drvc0 @dracomalfoys-wh0re @trashyvicks @dracosxxgirl @elevatorsdoor @dlmmdl @crystxlss @malfoysbiitch @marrymetheonott @underappreciated-spoon-321 @msmimimerton
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crystalcow · 3 hours ago
𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑝//𝐶𝑒𝑑𝑟𝑖𝑐 𝑑𝑖𝑔𝑔𝑜𝑟𝑦
Tumblr media
Cedric Diggory x reader
Warnings: none just fluffy things
Pronouns: none used!
The dawn of fall came upon the wreaths of Scotland. The air felt chilled and the trees became a mixture of orange and red. I took in a deep breathe as I stepped out of the castle, clutching onto my sweater as I looked around the courtyard.
“I can’t believe your going out with Diggory.” Draco scoffed from besides me. “Oh please, as of you aren’t planning on snogging up with another girl in the back of the three broomsticks.” I rolled my eyes as we waited for the carriages.
“What time is it?” I asked trying to tap my watch. It recently stopped working and I hadn’t have had the time to go get a new one, now I just wear it for looks. “9:54, don’t worry you’ve got a couple minutes before your golden boy arrives, or did he say you were meeting there?” My shoes tapped the stone ground, dried leaves crunching underneath as they fell from the trees. “No I believe he mentioned meeting over at tomes and scrolls.”
Silence spread around us, screaming louder then our voices. Wind chiming and faint bells could be heard. “A bookshop, very romantic.” “Yes I agree.” I quickly overthrew his sarcasm walking towards the carriages, which may I add, had came at the perfect time.
I climbed on drawing my arm over the side whilst 4 students including Draco boarded. The ride was mostly quiet, only the small chatters from the 2 third years experiencing this trip for the first time. It felt like ages since I experienced the bumbs on the trail or the faint swoops of the wind. The October chill I had grown to love over the years. Some may call the season dark and mysterious, but that is truly what makes it better. Exploring the following horizons one pumpkin patch or story at a time.
We had arrived not long after, carefully jumping out of the ride quickly petting the skeleton like horse. “I fear this may be where we split paths, Draco.” I smile at the blonde as he returns the gesture. “It’s not the most tragic turn of events sadly to say.. When Diggory ditches you, you know where to find me.” If I could recall the amount of times I had rolled my eyes in just the past week, well I’d be a genius.
I quickly found my way to the quiet bookshop smiling as I saw the brown haired male standing outside of it. “Well I could say you look dashing, but that would be an understatement.” I chuckled at the lighthearted compliment holding the arm which he had offered. “I could say the same except,”
I reached up to wipe the smudge of maple syrup on his face most likely from breakfast. “You had something on your face.”
He gave me a sly grin like an absolute dork hole we entered the shop. “Shop around, genres of all kinds! Elves at assistance of any need.” The shop owner, Mr Fleabert greeted us.
“So Cedric tell me, what books do interest you the most?” I asked trailing around the different shelves. Candles floated on every window seal, different witches and Wizards studying or working at the small desks.
“Well personally, I have had the most interest of reading. But I have always fathomed ‘The Tales of Beadle the Bard.” He gently traced over the spines on each of the tale telling stories. “That had been one of my favorite children’s book when I was younger.” I shrugged taking a book with a spiral blue cover with gold accents, flipping it open reading the first couple pages.
“Seems we have one common interest, what are some others?” I quickly scanned over the book turning each delicate page. “Well as you possibly know, we’re both a fan of quidditch. But it’s not the game I love most, it’s the techniques.” I looked up at him as he nodded allowing me to continue further.
“You can study different techniques for multiple reasons. Either for yourself, to get better and tips of mistakes. Or to catalogue it, and teach.” I put the book back onto the shelf looking at Cedric admiring how beautiful he looked while the morning glow shone on his hair.
“That sounds like coaching, but I believe you have another reason?” In Scotland, it rains quite often. Sometimes it leaves everything all mucky as terichable.
“Maybe I am fairly predictable. Yes, I like technique because it helps you advance on other things. How many times have you used quidditch in spells?”
Other times, it looks beautiful. Leaving the air with this sprinkled look and faint fog still bearable to approach.
“Not much that I can recall, I don’t pay much attention to those sort of things.” The sun reflecting on this sprinkle makes the morning air warm with the mix of the chill, like a fan of air. The trees with the reflection of the water making it sparkle.
“Look at it this way, If you take how Fred Weasley for example.. He drags through the field, hitting bludgers are simple but avoiding them are another thing. You have to be cautious of others also stealing or redirecting your hit.”
“Yes but how does that connect to spell casting?” Cedric asked while we both stood in the middle of the aisle. Thousands of books around us and the sweet morning dew, makes you feel careless and special.
“In spell casting you may take it so being quicker then the others in making your move. You have to make sure you can deflect getting hit by the spells and you may take ways from your game into it.” He looked at me with a raised brow attempting to recreate the scene of a match, accidentally knocking into one of the book cases.
I laughed as we both bent down to pick up the fallen books, gently his hands caressed mine but we both swiftly took away. “Sorry!” Simontainously the two of us had apologized, quick to put the other off. The books were on the shelf once again, a smell elf came around to make sure everything was alright.
Once the creature was gone I was quick to gently kiss Cedric but pulling back immediately afterwards. I slowly backed away spouting out a numerous amount of apologies. “Nono it’s fine, I wouldn’t be mad if you did it again.” I sighed thankful that he wasn’t mad. Thoughts rammed through my head but cleared out once his lips connected with mine again, this time for a little longer.
Aha this was my first thing I’ve written on tumblr 😍!
I’d you want to request more of any fandom such as Mcyt, Harry Potter, miraculous ladybug, Gilmore girls, etc I will do so! Just doing this for fun I’m not expecting to blow up or anything :))
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angelblacksmith · 7 hours ago
my english is still very terrible, sorry
Dating with Neville Longbottom would include:
We walk together by the hand
He's sooooo embarrassed
You're cheering him on
Light kisses on the forehead
And in the nose
And in the cheeks
He will be confused
We go to greenhouses together
Explore plants together
He's so excited about it
You're so happy
Goes to class with you
Evenings in the living room
Warm hugs and blankets
He'll probably worry a lot about you
Romance romance romance
He'll give you socks tied by his grandmother
Pumpkin pies and lots of sweets from Grandma
She loves you
Luna finds you good
He'd be the best guy on earth
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With Me
A/n: post hogwarts, lots of muggle references, mostly fluff
"You're coming out tonight, right, Y/n?" Draco asked Y/n from across the lunch table.
The six of them; Draco, Pansy, Theo, Daphne, Blaise and Y/n, were sat in one of their favourite muggle London lunch spots. It was not too far from the ministry of magic where they were all employed and they served the most delicious sandwiches. 
Theo and Pansy both gave them the side-eye, the couple insinuating something to Y/n. “Yeah, sure.” It would be their usual Friday night at their local pub or maybe club, where they would mix with the muggles in an attempt to override the hatred their parents built into them. 
It was the same thing every week and it was a tradition none of them ever wanted to break. Blaise would bring his wife Luna, Daphne her muggle boyfriend Jack, Theo and Pansy together always, Draco, and Y/n. 
“We should go back,” Daphne mentioned, picking up her water bottle and getting up from the table.
The rest of the group followed her, getting up and making the walk back to their offices. 
The rest of their days did drag on, as Friday’s usually do. Although it seemed Pansy had been busy from the look of the ‘official’ memo she sent out to the other members of the group, letting them know that instead of a pub they would be going to the theatre. It wasn’t their usual plans which excited Y/n and by the look of it, Draco sitting across the board room table from her. 
When they were finally finished with work and had returned home to change into some more appropriate nightwear clothing, they met up at Blaise and Luna’s house which was well out in the country. 
“Are we ready to go now?” Pansy asked, rallying the group once Daphne and Jack had finally arrived late as usual. 
“I still don’t get why we’re not just going out clubbing.” Draco moaned, his green velvet suit looking very dapper. 
Pansy rolled her eyes at him, they had always had a relationship of siblings and she was acting like the elder now. “Because you don’t need more numbers of girls in your phone. That’s not what phones are for.”
He huffed in return and used the floo powder to travel to London. 
The city always seemed to be bustling and Y/n had to take a minute to take it all in once they got there. Draco was the only one who noticed, pulling her to get her out of the way of other pedestrians. 
“Watch out, love.” He said softly, his arm still on her waist. His gentle nature was something new, only developing with the people he loved, after Hogwarts.
“Sorry.” She stuttered out, trying not to blush with him around. 
He smiled his soft little smile. “Don’t apologise, you ready to go?” Draco asked, finally turning his head away from her and to the rest of their group who were walking ahead of them. 
Y/n nodded and the pair continued walking behind them almost together but just far enough it could be seen as coincidental to their friends. 
Once they were finally at the theare, Draco brought them all a round of drinks.  His new soft nature led to him doing things like that as well; rounds of drinks, dinners, parties and fancy birthday presents. 
They all drank a lot. Round after rounds as they watched the play. And like normal they had a great night. 
“We’re going now, do you want to come to our and take the floor to your place?” Pansy and Theo offered Y/n, knowing she was the only woman in their group leaving alone. 
Y/n was feeling rather like puking from all the alcohol now in her system and an hour ride with Pansy and Theo making out was not appealing. “No, thanks. I’m just going to take a cab home.” She told them.
“Alone? That’s not a good idea, come with us.” Pansy defended, always the good friend. 
“I’ll come with you,” Draco said, suddenly next to her and wrapping his arm around her. Pansy subtly raised her eyebrows. “And then go back to my place.” He added, noticing Pansy’s expression. 
Y/n shrugged, hoping the answer was good enough for Pansy and Theo to let her go without them, then she could convince Draco to let her go alone and have a peaceful taxi ride to her place. 
Pansy agreed, letting them walk off to the taxi. It wasn’t hard for them to find one and Y/n got in. 
“You don’t have to come with me, Dray, I can get home myself.” She told him quickly but he ignored her, getting in the car next to her. “Fine then.” She mumbled. 
He rolled his eyes but smiled. “I’m not going to let you go home by yourself.” 
Y/n just looked at him, with a glare before turning her attention back to the cab driver and telling him her address. 
The cab ride was much shorter than the one to Pansy and Theo’s, only 10 minutes she had to sit in that cab with Draco and stare out the window.
Once they got to her apartment Draco followed her closely inside. She got to the door and unlocked it, turning back to look at Draco. “Come in.”
He obliged, walking in and taking off his coat and walking over to her wine fridge. “What are you doing?” She asked him. 
He didn’t reply, he just got out some vodka he could find. “Why do you keep it in here? That’s weird.” He continued to fumble his way around her kitchen getting some glasses. 
“Personal preference.” She shrugged, taking a seat on her couch. 
Draco walked over, giving her a glass and sitting next to her with his own. They sat together in silence, drinking far too much vodka added on to their previous drinks. 
Y/n finished the drink before Draco, putting her glass on the table before  getting up to go off to her bedroom. “You can go whenever.” She told him as he looked up at her. Something came over her and she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, something she’d only ever done once before. 
She didn’t stick around to see how Draco reacted, she just sautered off. After she changed into a satin set of pjammas, she got into bed and sat up against the headboard, reading a few pages of the book she was trying to get through. 
Draco peaked around the corner of her door with a slight tap on the doorframe. “What are you reading?” He asked her, walking over closer to her so he could get a look at the pages. 
“Just a muggle book.” She commented, flipping him the cover to look at. He hummed in agreement and it was only then that she noticed how close he was to her, she could almost feel his breath on her neck. 
He stood there for probably a few seconds too long. “I’m going to go.” He said, pulling himself away from her. It was like he was magnitised and every time he had to go it was painful. 
Neither of them expected what happened next, her hand reached out to grab his. “Stay.” It was the only word he ever wanted to hear leave those soft, parted lips in such a delicate way. 
He didn’t argue he just nodded and went to her ensuite to get undressed. When he came back she was still sitting in bed but it was obvious she had been watching for him to come out, her eyes darting back to the page. 
“Guest room?” Draco asked, he was admiring her closed now. Taking in her cheekbones and perfect nose. She looked prettier than ever now, no makeup, no fancy dresses, she was just her. 
She shook her head at his question. “Stay with me.” Those were the words he was waiting to hear. “If you don’t mind.” She quickly added, hoping that he wouldn’t. 
“Not at all, my sweet girl.” ‘My’, he really said ‘my.’ Y/n was trying not to look at how beautiful Draco was, standing in front of her in just his underwear. She had seen him this intimately before, once back at Hogwarts but he was more built now. The lower amount of stress and consistent eating really looked good on him. 
He could tell she was admiring him and the tension in the air was building. But he let it go as he slipped into the covers next to her. They almost couldn’t resist touching one another. 
Y/n made the first move. She quickly swung her legs over his hips, so she was stradderling him. He didn’t stop her for a second, all he did was lean up and placed his hands on her cheeks before kissing her with more passion than she’d ever experienced. 
She returned the heated kiss, messily smashing her lips onto his. It was the perfect mix of passionate and built-up tension they’ve had for years. 
“I’ve loved you forever.” He pulled back to smile at the gorgeous woman sitting on his lap. 
“Draco.” She smiled. “I’ve loved you even longer.”
He flipped her over so she was now lying down and he was on top of her. “Nuh-uh.” 
She retaliated by using all her body weight to flip him back over, although she was convinced he was allowing her to because he was far physically stronger. “Yuh-huh.” She replied with a wide smile. 
He repeated the same move but flipped her the opposite way, smartly pinning her hands above her head so she couldn’t move. She wiggled around a bit, playfully squirming around. “You’re a little minx, aren’t you?” He grinned as he traced his fingers down from her lips. 
“Draco, do something.” She pleaded as she thrust her hips out, his finger close but just not close enough to where she really needed him. 
And that was enough to get Draco to be with her.
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earlgreydream · 14 hours ago
broom closet.
| draco x reader | smut |
anon requested. reader has been acting like a brat all day and making draco jealous all day so draco lost all his patience and punish her, he shoves the reader into empty closets... 
cw: slight degradation, d/s, punishment, brief spanking
Tumblr media
Draco watched you. 
He’d been watching you walk around in your skirt that was just a little too short-- the one he’d told you to get rid of. You’d paired it with thigh-high socks, and you moved to be sure it rode up just a bit, giving his friends a taste of what was his. 
You’d been terribly bratty all day, and by lunch, Draco had half a mind to bend you over the great hall table and lay into your backside with his designer belt.
You were being a tease on purpose. Draco had been neglectful of your needs, too busy with quidditch and studying for O.W.L.S. to fuck you properly. You’d expressed this to him, and he’d hushed you gently, telling you that, “good girls wait.” Asshole. 
Now, if you couldn’t get attention from him, you’d get it from his friends, remind him of what he was missing. 
“Theo, show me again!” you giggled flirtatiously, leaning back into his chest. 
“Like this, Y/N,” he laid his hands over yours, guiding them to the plant in front of you. 
“Y/N,” Draco said your name in a warning tone.
You ignored him, and you felt Theo step away from you, not wanting to be the victim of Draco’s temper. 
“What are you doing?” 
“Taking care of this plant, what does it look like I’m doing?” you sassed, making him exhale sharply. 
Draco’s ringed fingers wrapped around your bicep, tugging you away from the table and pinning you against the wall. Annoyance flashed in his grey eyes, and his brow knit together as he glared down at you. 
“Are you quite finished being a brat?” Draco hissed. 
Your mouth set into a hard line, challenging Draco with your silence. His chest rose and fell with heavy breaths, and you knew he was trying to contain himself, his ability to be calm drastically affected by your behavior. 
“Stop acting out or you will be punished. Do you understand me?” Draco asked.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, sir,” you scowled, slipping out of his grasp when he released you. 
You glared at him over your shoulder, picking up your bag and walking to potions. Draco followed, and you knew you couldn’t evade him for the next two hours, not when he was your partner. 
“Be careful,” Draco scolded you when your hand slipped as you mixed the potion. You rolled your eyes, knowing it got under his skin. He was always telling you not to roll your eyes, usually followed by a threat to spank some respect into you. But he couldn’t scold you, not with Professor Snape standing in front of your table, monitoring your potion. 
“How does it look, professor?” you asked, laying your hands on the table and leaning forward a bit, making sure to give him a much better view of your cleavage. 
That did it for Draco. He swallowed hard and shot you a scathing glare. As soon as Snape gave his approval and walked away, Draco was on top of you. 
“I’ve had it with you today. After class I’m going to deal with your slutty, bratty behavior,” Draco whispered against your ear, his breath hot on your neck.
You shuddered a bit, hoping that whatever he planned to do with you involved getting you off. Pent up need was beginning to settle deep in your belly, Draco’s sharp tone and ringed fingers gripping you, only adding to your arousal. Despite his affinity for harsh punishment, you liked to rile him up, loving it when he got rough. 
Draco liked your wild, mischievous side, but his patience for blatantly disobeying him only lasted up to a point. You’d managed to far surpass that. Fucking around with his friends, Theo specifically, was one thing. Acting like a slut in front of Professor Snape had sealed your fate, and you’d be lucky if you were able to sit down for the rest of the night. 
“Get in here,” Draco snarled, shoving you into a broom closet in the hall. 
“Draco, we’re not-” 
“You lost your say when you decided to be a slut today!”
The door slammed shut behind you, locked with magic. He immediately pushed you against the wall, buckets clattering on the floor as you tripped over them. 
“I’m sorry, you pushed me!” you snapped back against your better judgement. 
“Shut up and hold your whorish little skirt, unless you want to be on your knees, having your throat fucked,” Draco hissed, and you obeyed, your fingers holding the fabric up around your waist.
He put one hand over your mouth, his fingertips digging harshly into your cheeks as he kept you silent. You jumped when he ripped your panties off, your eyes narrowing at him. 
It was the third expensive pair he’d ruined that month. While you couldn’t truly be mad, because they were always replaced with gorgeous lingerie from him, it annoyed when when he ruined your favorite pairs. 
“You’re lucky I’m even touching you after how you’ve behaved. You’re going to take what I give you, and then you’re going to adjust your attitude.” He put your panties in his pocket, before going in on you. 
You moaned against his hand when he shoved two fingers inside of you, pumping them in a fast, brutal pace. The stone wall was cold against your back, contrasting the heat that was burning between your legs. Draco’s knee was pushed between your thighs, forcing your legs open, exposing your dripping sex to him.
You tried to arch your back off the wall as he brushed against your g-spot, making you jolt with arousal as he prodded the sensitive spots inside of you. He held you down, still keeping his hand on your mouth. He pressed his body against yours, and mouthed at your neck under your open collar. 
“Don’t you dare come.”
Your cry of protest was muffled by his hand, and you squeezed your eyes shut as he thrusted a third finger inside of you. Draco was rough and fast, fueled by his annoyance with you. You loved the unforgiving friction against your walls, and feeling your body struggle to stretch to accommodate him. You were being taken care of exactly how you wanted, but you needed to come, despite his order not to. 
You shot him a pleading gaze as your thighs started to tremble. Whether you wanted to or not, you were going to come if he continued his movements, your body unable to fight against the constant, intense stimulation. 
Your head dropped forward as he pulled his fingers out of you, ruining your orgasm and smearing your arousal down the inside of your thighs. You tensed around nothing, feeling empty and unsatisfied. 
“Draco-” you gasped when he let go of your face.
“Turn around.” 
He grabbed your hips and spun you to face the wall in the dark closet, your hands going out to brace yourself. Your fingers gripped at the indents in the stone, trying to ground you and secure you. 
Draco pushed your skirt up before pulling your hips back to his, impaling you on his length. He sighed at the feeling, slapping your ass at your slightly-too-loud cry. He spanked you again when you moaned before grabbing your hair and jerking your head back. 
“Do you want me to gag you with my tie? Because that’s what is going to happen. All that noise will bring Snape looking, and I bet you don’t want him to see me balls deep in your filthy cunt in a hall closet,” Draco threatened. 
“N-no, I’ll be quiet!” You swore, though he didn’t entirely trust you. 
You bit down on your lip, squeezing your eyes shut and focusing on staying upright while Draco pounded into you from behind. His grip was bruising on your hips, dragging you back to meet his powerful thrusts, slamming directly into places that had your vision going white. You were all heat and energy, sparking with raw electricity as Draco fucked you. 
“Please, please, I’m so close,” you begged softly, tears sliding down your cheeks. Your head was jerked back to his shoulder, his fingers woven tightly in your hair. His mouth burned against your throat, his teeth grazing your skin as he left evidence of your scandalous activities. 
You were pulsing around him, and he could feel how close you were. He barely stifled a moan when you tightened around him all at once. Draco spilled into you, thrown into an orgasm from feeling the shocks of your own pleasure. 
You felt his warm seed coat the inside of you, spraying out in hot ribbons as he throbbed. Your entire body was practically trembling, and Draco was impressed that you hadn’t collapsed when he came inside of you. 
“Come, Y/N. Let go, love,” he granted you permission, his free hand rubbing your clit. 
You let go of all the pressure that you’d fought off, giving in to your orgasm. Draco’s hand was soaked, as well as the soft skin of your inner thighs, clear liquid pouring out of you like a fountain. 
“Oh my god, did you just squirt?” Draco almost laughed.
He had forgotten your earlier transgressions and what landed you here, marveling at the fact you’d just came all over him. 
“I’m... I’ve never done that, I’m sorry,” you whispered, immediately feeling ashamed. 
“Shh, come here,” Draco gently pulled you into a kiss, reassuring you that you had nothing to be ashamed of. 
“That was so fucking sexy.” 
You struggled to catch your breath, holding his arms and leaning back against the wall, now facing your blonde lover. A tiny light ignited at the end of his wand, a spell expertly falling past his lips. The mess you made vanished, the magic cleaning the two of you up, concealing your activities hidden in the dark broom closet. 
Draco helped you fix your clothes and your hair, being careful to touch you tenderly, and avoid the areas he had inflected small bruises. 
“Can we go back to your dorm?” you whispered as the two of you stepped into the hallway, disappearing into a crowd of students. 
“Of course.”
“I’m sorry for misbehaving,” you admitted, taking a cup of coffee from him and settling back into the green velvet couch. 
“It’s alright. But if you ever pull that shit with Snape again, I’ll bend you over his desk,” Draco said, lifting his coffee to his lips. 
You looked away shyly, running your fingers through your hair. 
“Come here, I want to hold you,” he opened his arms, allowing you to move onto his lap. 
“You still love me after that?”
“I love you more with each passing second.”
You smiled into his chest, comforted by his arms around you and the gentle kisses that were pressed to your face and cheeks. 
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drawlfoy · 14 hours ago
fuck it requests are open again!!!!! i’m picky as hell so plz do not feel bad if i don’t write yours but i want your ideas ‼️‼️ plz add details beyond just “draco x gryffindor reader” but other than that write awayyyy
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lilcherubwrites · 16 hours ago
Darling | Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Pairing: Fred Wealsey x Fem!Reader
Summary: Fred makes sure you know the consequences of being a brat
Warnings: *SMUT, Minors DNI*  Dom!Fred, Sub!Reader, dumbification, size kink, brat taming, pet names, edging/orgasm control, unprotected sex (please use condoms), subspace, dirty talk, choking (but not really)
Word Count: 1.7k (not proofread) 
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
“Please, Fred! I need to—” Your words immediately morphed into a frustrated whine as the feeling of his fingers filling you was replaced with emptiness, your cunt clenching in an effort to crest the now fading precipice of your orgasm.
You could hear his chastising chuckle over the sound of your own blood coursing through your veins. The hand that was previously between your thighs mapped its way up your body, leaving a shiny trail of your arousal between your breasts before he stuffed two fingers into your waiting mouth.
“Quit your begging, darling. Thought I told you to be quiet while I have my fun.” Fred swallowed down a groan as he watched your lips stretch around his fingers, your tongue sliding between them and licking up any evidence of your slick.
You whimpered around his fingers as you blinked back the tears that had been building since the beginning of Fred’s little game. You knew that there would be a punishment for your bratty behavior during your weekend visit to the Burrow, but you had no idea it would turn into this.
“Go ahead, princess, let me hear how sorry you are.” Fred slowly pulled his digits from your tongue, dragging his now wet fingertips down your body slowly. His descent paused as he circled his index finger around your right nipple, feeling the skin pebble beneath his touch.
Your eyes fluttered closed, a mewl escaping your lips as Fred’s wet fingers toyed with your nipples. It wasn’t until a sharp pinch exploding in your nerve endings that you began babbling. “I-I’m so sorry, sir—so sorry. Didn’t mean to be a brat to, sir. Just wanted your cock, s’all.”
Fred’s hand continued its descent down your body, gripping gently at your hipbone before finding the flesh of your inner thigh. He shushed you as he pinched the skin between his fingertips, bringing his lips down to sooth the reddening skin.
“S’hat right? Just wanted me to fill you up ‘till you were leakin’?” Whenever you nodded pathetically, Fred cooed softly bringing his free head up to brush the hair from your face. “My dumb little baby just wanted me to use her little cunt until she was satisfied, hmm?”
As your mouth opened to answer, the feeling of his fingers plunging back into your heat made those words die on your tongue, resurrected as a pitiful moan.
Fred pushed himself up to a kneeling position, all the while keeping his fingers steadily pumping in and out of your cunt. “How many times have you almost cum on my fingers, poppet? Four, was it?” With his free hand, he quickly undid the button and fly of his jeans, pulling his trousers down just enough for his reddening cock to slap his bare stomach. “Aww, is my princess so fucked out she can’t even answer me anymore?”
You could feel the way your muscles were beginning to convulse, the way your thighs twitched against your hands that were splaying them open for Fred’s access. “Sir, please—” Your pleas bled into a lengthy whine as Fred curled his fingers slightly, the tips brushing along the spongy roof of your cunt.
You knew that he knew. You knew that Fred knew just how close you were to coming undone. The amount of times you two had been intimate with one another had made him an expert of your body. You were positive Fred knew your body better than even you did.
Right as the crest of your orgasm came into view, Fred pulled his fingers from you once more and caused the white light that was peaking into your vision to fade. “You didn’t think I was actually gonna let you cum, did you?” He cooed mockingly as he flattened his hand along your sopping entrance, pulling it away and using your slick to lube up his cock. “Stupid little thing, aren’t you?”
You felt Fred’s left hand rest along your cheek, thumbing away at the tears that had begun falling. Nuzzling into his open palm, you could feel the haziness settling inside of your brain as your lips unknowingly wrapped around Fred’s free thumb.
“You wanna suck on m’cock, poppet?” Fred grinned as you nodded, mewling softly around the thumb in your mouth. His right hand, which was still pumping his cock steadily, pushed down to swipe the weeping head through your puffy cunt, making your hips jolt up suddenly. “I don’t know, princess. ‘Looks like your little cunt wants to be filled.”
Another swipe across your sensitive heat made the thumb between your lips tumble out as you whimpered, glassy eyes meeting Fred’s in a dumbed stare. “Y-Yes please, want your big cock. ‘Need it so bad, need to be full.” Your babbling ceased as Fred gently tapped cock against your swollen clit, chuckling at the way your eyes rolled into the back of your head.
Fred leaned over your body, his left hand massaging your scalp gently as he began to push his cock into you slowly. “Shh, that’s it—good girl, taking my cock so well.” He nosed against your jaw, moving it up and out of the way to leave kisses along the side of your throat. Once he had bottomed out inside of you, he sat back up on his haunches, pulling your legs so the backs of your thighs were pressed against his abdomen. “Tell me what you need from me, poppet.”
You reveled in the way Fred towered over you, his frame completely swallowing yours whole. You could hardly speak with the way his cock was impaling you, reaching places inside that only Fred could know about. Whenever he noticed your slow response time, he snapped his hips forward just an inch, enough to draw out a loud moan from your lips.
“’Need you t-to fuck me, sir, please.” Your head lolled to the side and eyes squeezed shut as Fred pulled himself from your heat. “Want you to use me, sir, wanna be a good girl for you.”
Fred nearly growled as he pumped his cock back into you, beginning a steady and deep rhythm that had a steady stream of whimpers coating your tongue. His fingers curled around your throat, not choking you but simply showing the power he held over you. “I shouldn’t even be fucking you, not after the weekend we had, but ‘just can’t help myself.” Fred squeezed his fingers around your throat enough to make your eyes open slowly. “My dumb little baby is just too good not to use.” He grinned at the glazed look in your eyes, the little bit of drool coming from your lips. 
He’d never seen you so completely fucked out for him, and he thought he was going to bust right then and there.
You couldn’t even speak as his thrusts sped up slightly, the head of his cock brushing against your g-spot each time he pushed back in. All you could do was whine as your fingers dug into Fred’s wrists, one of which was holding your thighs to his torso while the other was against your neck. 
“You gonna cum, darling? ‘Can feel you squeezin’ me.” Fred grunted softly as your cunt clenched rhythmically with his thrusts. His hand fell from your neck to where your bodies were connected, rolling gently over your puffy clit and making your back arch up. “Ask nicely, poppet, and maybe I’ll let you cum.” He growled lowly as your cunt clenched particularly tightly around him. “Might even fill up this little cunt ‘till you’re dripping.”
Your vision was already wavering as your eyes fought to stay on Fred’s. Your tongue swept over your chapped lips as another pathetic whimper fell from your tongue. “Please, please Freddie—wanna be a good girl, wanna cum on your cock.” You felt your eyes roll into the back of your skull as you tried your hardest to stave off your orgasm, despite Fred’s thrusts becoming uneven and deep. “Lemme milk your cock, wanna be full of your cum.”
Fred pinched your clit between his index finger and thumb, groaning as your cunt began to spasm around him. “Cum for me, baby. Wanna feel you milk m’cock.” 
The tension which was building in your belly the entire night—hell, the entire weekend—finally snapped, your orgasm rocking your body completely. Your muscles tensed and spasmed, your mouth agape as a silent scream fell from your lips. Your toes, which were behind Fred’s ears, curled so tightly that you could’ve sworn they would fall off.
As you began to crash back down to earth, you could feel Fred spill into you, his warmth coating your insides in long spurts. He was curled over your body, arms enveloping your quivering form as his lips spoke praises into your ear. You could feel his thumbs rubbing the skin on your ribcage gently as he sponged kisses onto your collarbone.
You still weren’t completely back on earth when you felt Fred pull out of your cunt with a small hiss, the cold air hitting both of you equally as hard. Your lover disappeared for a minute, coming back with a warm, wet rag to clean you up with.
“I know darling,” he cooed softly as you recoiled from the rough fabric brushing against something so sensitive. Fred’s hand gently held your legs apart while he continued cleaning you up. “Just gotta get you all cleaned up so we can have a cuddle, yeah? You wanna cuddle me?” He smiled sweetly as you nodded, your body almost boneless in the way it was so limp.
Fred crawled back into bed a minute later, his naked skin against yours as he gently pulled you against his chest. He thumbed at your temple softly, whispering sweet nothings into your ears as he waited for your headspace to finally dissipate.
“Freddie?” Your voice was raw and cracked as you blinked up at him, the haziness in your eyes finally gone.
"You back with me, darling?” Fred sponged a few kisses along your cheek, smiling as you nodded tiredly. “Did so well f’me. 'm so proud of you, so lucky to have you.” His fingers began to rake through your hair, gently pulling out any knots he came across. “Let’s get some rest, yeah? Can’t believe how much you wore me out.
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theravencawsatmidnight · 17 hours ago
I had this idea while zoning out at work today
Reader is going to Hogwarts as a transfer. (IDK OK JUST GO WITH IT) and she has NO idea where anything is. Shes a 6th year and basically misses the whole ‘magical experience’ that is Hogwarts. And Lucious sees her wandering the train station and figures she would be good to mess with so he tells his son to show her around n stuff.
Hes reluctant at first. Why should he have to waste him time in such a way? She has to be Sorted and get her things from Diagon Alley . So Lucious gives him the look and instead of getting on the train he has to go back to Diagon Alley with u to get the stuff u need. She thinks hes the best ever cuz he offered to assist her in her troubles . And ofc this makes his ego grow 10x.
He gets her to steal chocolate frogs and they go on a mini stealing spree. Then they get back to the train and to hogwarts -finally- and shes sorted into Slytherin and Draco is like well shit.
Lucious sees how friendly his son is with this girl and tells him ‘ i told you to mess with her’
And Draco is like but why?
Turns out shes not a pure blood and Draco just stops
He cuts ties with you altogether and you dont know why. One day you over hear him talking down about muggles and your still confused because thats what you are but you dont know whats so bad about it so your lost, confused.
& thats all i got. Would be a angsty fic i guess??? Sound like a cool idea ?
@khemz1312 what do you think?
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latenightartist-author · 18 hours ago
I’m going to make a tag list for my Alienist, Harry Potter, Supernatural and marvel content. If you want to be on one of the tag lists comment or something in the notes section and tell me which list.
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hawksahandful · 19 hours ago
Date nights pt.2
what each person would do on a date with you pt.2
Tumblr media
(includes: Hermione, Ginny, Fred, and George)
part 1
no specific pro-nouns used
⇩ ⇩ ⇩
- 100 percent would be. study date in the library
- you looking up books for certain classes and quidditch and her, trying to look for anything that helps her understand what professor Trelawny’s talking about
- the whole time was you calming her down from getting angry at any group of girls that came in groupie-ing over boys, but her ending up dragging you out by the end
- “honestly why come to the library if you’re going to make noise?!”
“it fine, that's why you’re able to check out the books”
- you two end up going back to her dorm
- and when you were done all you did was lots of playing around with “Accio” with random things just to make time go by.
- by the time she was done you had already made a dinner reservation somewhere down in Hogsmeade, once she heard about that you could tell any stress she had felt from studying had completely gone away
- “thank you (y/n) this is why I love you”
“I love you too mione”
- quidditch, quidditch, quidditch!!
- I personally believe that she would be one to take you on a fun quidditch date, more playing around than focusing on the “game”
- you guys would stay out all night in fact that's what happened, but the rain did catch y’all
- “Are you okay with staying out in the rain?”
“only if you are”
“if you wanna go in because we both know I'll win then that's fine”
“ oh you’re on (y/n)”
- eventually, you gave up after she beat five games
- which led you both to go back to the burrow
- “shh, mom’s asleep”
- “I’ve been here before gin, I know how it works”
- sneaking some food back up to her room, watching movies, and eventually falling asleep on her shoulder.
- one hundred percent spend the whole night giving you “regular” things that he actually fixed to do certain things
- “oh sorry (y/n) I meant to say those were the ones that explode”
- eventually gets tired of you not giving him more reactions
- takes you down to the great hall and haves you wait for him for a bit
- as your waiting, you look up to see him floating?
- “what the hell?”
- turns out he tried to frighten you, then have peeves throw something at you
- “Good thing you didn’t, I would’ve turned you into your mom”
- would pick you up after class
- “I’ve got the whole day off”
“and why is that?”
“ I did all my homework to be with you”
- tells you to get ready, taking you to some sort of “everything garden”
- “I want those flowers to please, George”
- “hey (y/n) I hear they have fruit picking!”
- the two of you spends hours in the fruit garden, sneaking some un-paid fruit here and there
- “hey do you think anyone would notice we were missing from dinner?”
- ended up leaving when they closed, 2 am
- takes you back to your dorm
- “thank you, George, I really enjoyed this”
“anytime (y/n) I enjoyed this too”
- gave him a peck on his cheek then went to bed.
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lovegoodsgf · 20 hours ago
Stealth | D.M x Reader
Summary: Draco fucks you in a broom closet
Warning: nsfw 🔥‼️ below the cut
A/N: I haven't written Draco smut in a while...
The bell had just rung, signaling the end of the class period. Students filled the halls, alarming you.
Draco's hand moved from your tit to your mouth. He pulled you up to his chest as he thrust into you from behind. “Be quiet, my love, can't risk being caught” he said.
You gave a low whimper, nodding against him. “Or would you like that, hm? My dirty whore wants to be caught” he chuckled. His sharp thrusts didn't slow, neither did his assault to your clit. He groaned feeling your walls flutter around him. You let your head fall back to his shoulder, scrunching your face in pleasure.
Students and staff still roamed the halls, but that thought slipped away as he pulled out of you. You were flipped and pressed against the wall. Draco grinned, slipping two fingers inside you with ease. He was enjoying this. Watching your back arch off the wall, his hand pressed to your mouth to muffle the loud moans that threatened to escape.
How you could be caught any second. He loved bringing you to this state. Pure bliss was written across your features, unable to make any sort of word that isn't his name. It was truly a sight for sore eyes.
The halls were now mostly empty, but small sounds of a few students could be heard. His fingers sped up, curling at every thrust, and his hand loosened on your mouth. He leaned forward, just inches away from your lips. “Cum for me, darling” he said.
The release came as a surprise as you weren't sure you felt the knot tighten. Your back arched further into him and he chuckled. “Make a noise, let us get caught” he dared. Before you could control the moan, it had escaped. His eyes darkened and he pulled something over you both.
The door opened with a creak, and the professor raised an eyebrow. You both stared at her, breathing heavily, hoping she didn't see you. She looked around, stepping into the closet. Draco took a deep breath as your hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him at a fast tempo as the professor walked out. He came on you with a groan and a curse of your name.
He laughed as the door shut behind the professor. “Maybe it is a good thing you're friends with Potter” he said. You muttered a charm, cleaning the both of you, and got dressed. The door creaked once again as it opened. The two of you stepped out but froze as McGonagall walked around the corner. “Care to explain why I'm hearing sex noises from the closet?” she asked.
“Or maybe it's not such a good thing”
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holden-caulfield · 20 hours ago
Hatred, you thought.
Tumblr media
↪︎ 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
SUMMARY: enemies that get trapped in the same room and have no choice but to work together to get out, inevitably leading the two of them to realize their true feelings for each other to lovers.
WARNINGS: is it angsty? i don't think so, fluffy ending tho
A/N: i'm not really sure what this is, but i used my prompt and this came out... i don't think i ever mention draco but i wrote this with him in mind. also, i don't think they are in school, it's an au of some sort and it's very messy :) it will make sense as you read it tho!!
Tumblr media
No way out. An empty room. Just you and him.
Oh, how ironic Fate could be, how insensitive, cruel and ironic.
No way out.
You were stuck, how it happened was still a mystery to you. Such a fool for having let yourself be trapped in there.
An empty room.
No windows, just a door, which was now sealed. The only source of lightning was enough to illuminate both of your faces, his features so sharp in the pale light emanated from the dangling lamp above you.
Just you and him.
It could have been anyone, but it had to be him, of course. He wasn't any happier than you, he despised you just as much as you did, if not more.
But there you were, alone together. Words weren't needed because facial expressions were enough to convey each other's feelings: scowls perfectly disclosed any emotion that passed through your minds. Aversion, loathing, abhorrence, hate.
Such a strong word, you never thought you'd have used it to describe someone, but he was worthy of the title. You hated him, so deeply, so violently, so passionately.
He was much more generous with the use of the word, he hated pretty much everyone who didn't agree with him. But with you. Oh, with you it was different. He made sure you knew he actually hated you. It was not playful banter, it was not temporary animosity. It was pure, unfathomable hatred.
Then why did you find yourself there with him? Fate, once more, came into play.
It has such a weird way of playing, Fate. It can conjoin long lost lovers just as easily as it can unite sworn enemies who would happily have nothing to do with each other. And it takes great pleasure in doing the latter; you couldn't help but imagine the Moirai laughing, deriding you as they spun the inexorable thread that was your own Fate. Insensitive and cruel they were as they got their merciless job done.
"What now?" he asked, but he already knew the answer. He didn't want to admit it, admit he needed your help; neither did you.
But the only alternative was waiting, waiting for the inevitable destiny that would have hit you if you hadn't got out of the room. However, that meant more time to share with him, and neither of you was hoping on it.
"We find a way out, isn't it obvious?" you couldn't refrain the sarcasm dripping from your tone. The even deeper scowl decorating his face was worth it.
"How?" it took a lot out of him to stop himself from snapping at you as he analyzed the only object in the chamber, the door.
"Aren't you the one always preaching about his above-average intellect? Put it to good use, then." you knew snarky remarks wouldn't have helped you to find a way out, but they did help improve your mood, even if only in the slightest.
"No lock. No handle. No hinges. What is your great intellect suggesting?" he threw away that last ounce of restraint he had in him and decided to play your game. A challenge, to entertain you while you endured his vile presence.
"Push it. Break it down."
"Ladies first." you took a running start and collided with the door. It didn't budge.
You tried again, this time he joined you. It didn't budge. Useless attempts.
"Great idea." you could feel the smirk in his voice but you didn't give him the satisfaction and stared at the still-closed door instead.
No way out. An empty room. Just you and him.
When suddenly an illumination: while scrutinizing the room, you looked up and, narrowing your eyes, you noticed a square-shaped line, so thin you couldn't have seen it if you hadn't been so focused.
"Give me a hand, quick!" you let of all the hostilities as an opportunity arose and grasped his shoulder, forcing him to look towards the area your finger pointed to.
He joined his hands and helped you reach what you hoped was a trap door.
"God, i thought you were lighter..."
"And i thought you were stronger but look at us." you stretched your arms to reach it but it was still too high up, "Higher!"
"I can't extend myself, you know?" he said, quite irritated.
"Oh woah, something you can't do? Bewildering..." arms still outstretched, you lifted yourself on your toes. A mistake.
You lost balance and could already taste the blood in your mouth from the inevitable contact with the floor, but it never happened.
Because he caught you. You were shocked and from the look in his eyes, he was too.
"Try not to do other stupid things because i won't be there to catch you again." you quickly lifted yourself from his hold and immediately started to study another way to reach the trap door, your only hope, but in your mind thoughts about what had just happened still roamed freely.
There was no explanation other than the fact that he could not work with an injured person; if you had hurt yourself, you would have been weaker and therefore unable to help him get out. Yes, that was the reason.
"Give me a lift again."
"You can't reach it-"
"Give me a lift. Again." your tone was sterner and he complied, but not before scoffing and rolling his eyes.
You climbed on his hands once more, but it was still too high. You lifted your foot tentatively and placed it on his shoulder.
"Woah, are you trying to kill me up there?!"
You didn't answer, instead using the new added height to reach the ledge. You pushed it open and climbed up, successfully exiting the room you had called prison just moments ago.
He smirked disapprovingly, a smile that didn't reach his eyes, and signaled for you to help him out now, so you moved to find something, anything to help him.
It was dark, the only light brightening the new corridor that had just appeared was faint and came from the far end of it.
You crossed the entire hallway, looking for a rope or a box strong enough to support your nemesis when it dawned on you: your nemesis. Why were you even helping him? Sure he had helped you, but that was before you were free.
You had now a choice, he didn't have any. If he did, he wouldn't have been so magnanimous. He surely wouldn't.
You kept on going towards the light, strengthening with every step you took when a rope appeared in your way.
The choice was now concrete. You could help him. Or you couldn't.
"Y/l/n! Found anything?" what to do now? He wouldn't have helped you.
"Took you long enough, huh?"
"I was trying to find something, you ungrateful twat." you sneered as you threw him the rope. He grasped it and began climbing, but you had still time. Time to let the thread go and leave him there. Time to save yourself.
But you didn't, an actual reason still missing in your mind. Too much compassion, too much pity, you thought. But you weren't convinced, you couldn't lie to yourself, there was something else.
He climbed all the way up, you offered your hand to finally hoist him on the ledge. He considered it, he refused it.
"We're not friends, y/l/n."
"Believe me, i know. I was just trying to make sure i hadn't to get you up here all over again. I thought you were lighter, you know?" he glowered at you, but it was not the same as before, as always.
One way out. Just you and him.
You treaded that same corridor you had crossed seconds ago, besides him this time. It was narrow and your bodies tried so hard not to touch but it was close to impossible. Shoulders collided, legs bumped, hands grazed. But eyes refused to meet; hatred, you repeated to yourself.
The light seemed to never arrive even as you quickened your step. You were running, striving to reach that light that you so desperately clang to. But then a sudden stop.
The hand that was once ruthlessly brushing against yours, grasped you. It was rushed, it was vital, it was puzzling. But it held you close to him.
He was your enemy, you needed to distance yourself, but you couldn't find the strength in you to do so. Hatred, you repeated in your head and you pushed him away.
"Watch your step." he said, pointing to a hole in the floor, a square one. You were running in circle.
You felt stupid, to think he had forgotten your rivalry so easily, to think things had changed between you.
"Thanks." it came out of your mouth without thinking. Good manners are hard to forget, you reckoned.
A pause.
"You're welcome." could a situation of forced proximity really change the feelings between two people?
Incredibly thin is the line between love and hate.
You didn't love him. You didn't hate him either. Things were evolving, you didn't know whether it was good or bad, but they were.
"We have to find another way." you thought aloud. He agreed with a simple nod, no remarks. The awkward exchange must have had an effect on him just as much as it did on you, or so you thought.
His eyes were lighter than you had ever seen them, his face seemed tense, but it was not a grimace; that was new. He looked quite entrancing when he wasn't too busy glowering at you, his features looked endearing as they attentively surveyed the area.
Sense of guilt took over because you knew you shouldn't have been thinking about such things, but had he always been so tall and captivating? Had you never noticed that sparkle in his eyes that caused the image of crystals glinting in the sun to appear in your mind? Was he thinking the same?
Undecipherable; intriguing. You wanted to know more, was it possible? You pondered no further and returned your gaze to the corridor, unwillingly.
It was his turn to watch you now because when you turned again you caught him staring.
"What are you looking at?" you couldn't help the defensive tone with which you uttered the sentence, but it didn't bother him.
"You saved me. Why?" he was genuine, he was sincere and this had you even more confused than you already were.
"You did too, it's nothing but a temporary truce."
"Is it?" he whispered without missing a beat and suddenly the walls weren't narrow anymore, no, they were far too wide, he was far too distant. As if reading your mind, he took a step closer.
"Of course it is." were you that sure?
"Are you sure?"
"Of course i am."
"But why did you save me?" what game was he playing? Your mind was not able to form any coherent thought as the man in front of you kept on making questions to which you didn't know the answer. You didn't want to admit the answer.
"It's just a truce, we hate each other-"
"Do we?" his questions were quick, it was much simpler making them than answering them.
"Do we?" you repeated.
"You could have left me there..."
"Do we?" you insisted.
"You didn't have to do that, you could have-"
"Do we hate each other?" you were impatient to hear him say it.
He remained silent but his eyes were speaking, only his mouth didn't allow them.
"Do we hate each other or-"
He cut you off, that same mouth that had suddenly become dumb reached yours. Hatred, you repeated in your head.
You kissed him too, logic leaving your mind, hands entangling in his hair, bodies flush against each other.
Love, you admitted.
Maybe Fate wasn't as cruel as you thought.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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mellifluousart · 21 hours ago
I should be sleeping but I’m going to write on a new fluff draco fic instead
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mellifluousart · a day ago
It will be forever us | d.m. x reader {part 2}
Read PART 1 here
Summary: After years of not seeing Draco, he was finally back. But is it too late?
Warnings: angst but I’m trying to make it a little bit more fluff in the end, post-war, broken Draco and broken reader.
Word count: 1.5k
a/n: This is part 2 to the my fic ‘I’m forever yours’. Thank you all for the lovely responses on the part 1. You guys make me so happy. Hope that part two at least gives the heart a little bit fluff 🖤
You couldn’t believe it. Years, it has been years! But now he was standing in front of you.
Not only was it that, he had also said that one sentence. A part of a meaning that have meant everything to you. ‘I’m still forever yours’ had he said.
You were supposed to say ‘it will be forever us’ back. It has always been so easy. But maybe some things changed. Because now you struggled to say it. You wanted to. You really wanted it more than anything else.
But you had said it so many times before, but in the end it didn’t last. Could your broken heart go through it all again?
All these thoughts and feeling that were coming back to you, they made you to broke down again. Draco caught you in his arm. His arms were now wrapping around you. It felt perfect. Always warm, always safe, and always a familiar feeling that made you feel like home. The only place that had always calmed you down.
Draco held you tight. He was so scared that if he loose up a little bit, you would slip away and be gone forever.
You were crying. So much. You loved how he held you. How you could smell him. The same smell as always. The smell that you first had mentally noticed in your Amortentia potion back in a potion class at Hogwarts.
“Maybe we should get you home before you get sick.” Draco said with a calmly voice. You were soaked from before sitting in the rain crying.
You just nodded. As you two walked to your apartment, Draco never let you go once. He was holding you the whole way home. You had really missed this feeling.
“I’ll help you draw a warm and nice bath” Draco said as you enter your apartment.
He looked around and asked “Where is your bathroom by the way?”.
You pointed to the door on your right. Draco immediately walked over there, and entered the bathroom to draw a bath for you.
You were just standing there in the hall. Frozen. Your mind couldn’t process that Draco was now in your apartment, preparing a bath for you.
It was this life you both had always wanted. To live together were you could get home to each other after work, to fall asleep in each other’s arms every night, and wake up beside each other every morning.
“Your bath is filled.” Draco said as he walked out from the bathroom.
He notice you still standing in the hall, deep in thoughts. He took your hand and led you to the bathroom.
“I think you will feel better after a nice warm bath. I added some of the lavender soap you really like, so it’s a lot of foam now. Just the way you like it.” he said and gave you a smile.
You looked at him, at his beautiful face.
“Will you stay until I’m finished?” you asked. Really hoping that he would never leave again.
“Sure, I’ll just wait outside and explore your apartment then.” he said and that made you smile for the first time in a long time. Draco noticed it and smiled back.
“Take as long time as you want. I’ll be waiting for you, I promise.” Draco walked out from the bathroom.
You was lying in the bath. It was indeed very relaxing and needed. There were so many feelings and your heart and mind were a mess. What were you supposed to do now? Maybe you could stay here forever.
No. You decided to get up and get ready after a while. Draco was in your apartment, waiting for you, and you couldn’t bare a minute not to be with him.
But at the same time you were so hurt, and seeing him today, speaking to him, and feeling him made you too overwhelmed. You were scared. Scared that you will lose him again and this time maybe never to see him again. But were you also ready to forgive him?
You walked out to see Draco reading your old potion book.
“You kept this book?” he asked you once he noticed you walking towards him.
“Yeah, it holds too many good memories. And sometimes I read all the notes when I feel too lost and miss you.” you said, looking down at the floor.
You and Draco got to know each other through the potion class were you sat beside each other. It was first meant to annoy each other in a flirty way to make doodles and notes in each other’s books. But it eventually turned out to be sweet notes in each other books when you two realized that you actually liked each other.
Draco looked at you now and felt his heart break into a million pieces again. His heart had broken so many times by now, of all the thoughts of missing you, and that you got hurt. Broken so many times so it felt like it was only dust left.
“I also still have mine. It’s always beside my bed on the night stand, and I turn to page 247 every night.” he said with a low voice. That was the page were you had written a note saying that you like him.
He had so many times wanted to come back to you, but he was scared that you will only get hurt again, and he couldn’t stand to bring that you.
He had hoped that you would have found happiness by now, even if he wanted you more than anything. But clearly you were not fine. You were in an even more painful state. Draco hated himself for leaving you like this. Why can he never do anything right he thought.
“Why did you leave me?” you asked and were now looking at him.
You really wanted to know. Because you were sure that he loved you deeply, if not still loves you.
“Because all I did was bring you pain and get you hurt.” he said, eyes started to fill with tears.
“I’m so sorry! I hate that I couldn’t protect you, I hate that I couldn’t be the man you deserve.”
“You do know that you leaving hurt me more than anything. We were supposed to be forever!” you yelled at him. This conversation brought out so many feelings.
“I realized that now when I saw you so broken down in the street that I even hurt you more. I’m so so sorry. I can never forgive myself for that! That I wasn’t there to protect you and hold you through the most difficult time.”
There were so much hurt in his eyes when he said it.
You walked towards him and put your arms on his shoulder. Your hands wandered on the back of his head. His hair between your fingers.
Draco calmed down a little due to your actions. He closed his eyes to take in all the feelings he felt. To be so close to you again.
This is what his heart had been desired since he left you. This is what he has been dreaming of every night. Which had made his days when he’s awake to be a nightmare, because those are the moments you’re not with him. For a few years could he only feel you through his dreams, which made him to never really want to wake up again.
“I still love you more than anything, my y/n. I never stopped to love you. And I mean it, like what I said that day at the hospital. I will be forever yours.” Draco opened his eyes now and looked into yours.
You were two broken souls. Always trying to protect each other. And maybe these two broken souls would together complete each other where the other’s soul was broken.
You were very much still in love with him, and he was with you. The feelings couldn’t change for neither of you two. Nothing could change that for you two, and maybe that’s why forever has always been working.
You realized that you are meant to be. Forever was right. Even if there where a gap between the years, you two never stopped to love each other. What it meant was that in the end it was still you and him.
You stood on your tip toes and slowly was leaning towards him. Draco noticed your action as he also slowly was leaning towards you. Your eyes closed and your lips connected. The familiar feeling that you have been missing all these years.
In that moment you knew that Draco was the one for you, and Draco knew that you were the one for him. A love that could not be changed.
You slowly ended the kiss. Your forehead resting on his. You looked up in his eyes, and you saw that the sorrow in his eyes was mostly gone now. It was filled with love for you. You smiled, and were now ready to respond to his words that he had told you when you still were outside in the street. So you said to him,
“It will still be forever us.”
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malfoyswhxre · a day ago
If Only... - [Harry Potter x Fem!Reader]
Tumblr media
Chapter Two: - Anger Issues:
cw: sarcasm, a lot of swearing, aggression (between y/n and Mione), ferret slander (I love Draco but like- ✨slander✨)
Word Count: 1.2k
a/n's: ALSO, sorry this took so long to get out [a literal MONTH], I legitimately forgot I was putting stuff out for a hot second, and school has been kicking my ass. BUT IT’S HERE NOW, SO LIKE FORGIVE ME!
Have a wonderful day bubba’s, chapter three should be out soon <3 ~Ellie
‘{Y/n} I know that you’re in there so open up!’ Hermione knocked on the hard, stone doors. The echoing sound radiated through the empty dungeon corridors
‘What do you want, mudblood?’
‘Draco Lucius Malfoy, step away from the Gryffindor,’ {y/n}’s voice rang through the doorway and appeared the girl. Her {h/l} wrapped in a head towel placed firmly on her head. Draco turned to look at her, his piercing eyes trying to stare into the depths of her soul. They were only met with a cold stare from {y/n}. She was never one to back down, especially when it came to protecting her friends ‘I’m serious Malfoy, if you don’t get away from Mione, I’ll make you.’
{Y/n} slightly raised her wand and Hermione just made out a flash of fear in Draco’s eyes. ‘Alright, alright, I’m going! Merlin, Heartwood calm down.’
‘I’ll calm down when you back away from the Gryffindor,’ Draco sulked and sat on the patent leather couch. ‘Ugh, asshole.’ {y/n} muttered to herself as she walked towards her fluffy haired, brainiac of a friend. ‘You alright, Mione?’
‘Yup, totally fine. I still never understand why you’re friends with him though.’
‘Honestly, neither do I,’ {Y/n} chuckled to herself as she took the hair wrap off of her head, her {h/t} locks framing her face. ‘Anyways, what did you need me for.’ She grabbed Mione’s hand and dragged her through the green and silver common room, slithers of gold were engraved into the ceiling. The common room had a blueish tint to it as it was quite literally under water.
‘I just came to see if you were getting ill after what Harry did’
‘Oh, so he owned up to it did he?’ A bitterness filled her voice, as she avoided eye-contact with Hermione, trying to pick off non-existent nail polish from her hand.
‘Okay {y/n} this is getting absolutely ridiculous! What the hell is wrong with the two of you! Like come on you live with his-’ Hermione was cut off as a hand covered her mouth, stopping her speech.
‘If we’re gonna have this conversation it is not going to be here. So just shut your fat gob for half a minute, then we can talk, got it?’ Hermione’s eyes grew wide, she had never seen {y/n} like this. The lack of emotion on her face, the narrowed eyes that seemed to stare into the depths of Hermione’s soul. ‘Granger, I asked if you understood and now you’re staring at me like some lost puppy. Answer.’
Hermione nodded slightly and relaxed her features as {y/n} removed her hand. Before Hermione could even take a breath her wrist was roughly grabbed as she was dragged up the Slytherin dorm-room corridor. They passed what seemed like a hundred doors until {y/n} finally stopped and swung the door open. She stormed in, Mione still trailing behind her, and shut the door.
‘Look I get that I was aggressive, but what the hell were you thinking!’ The last few words were more of a hiss than normal speech. ‘Mione, no-one knows that I’m living with the Weasleys, or with anyone for that matter! And I’d like to keep it that way,’ She took the towel, her {h/t}, {h/l} falling down. She placed the tip of her wand to her head, muttering a spell, so that her hair dried in an instant.
‘Alright, Jesus! Im sorry!’ Hermione sighed and looked at her friend, well someone she considered her best friend for that matter. ‘But I’m serious {y/n} you’ve been living with the Weasleys for how long? And you and Harry are at each other's throats constantly. Ronald is basically Harry’s brother, Harry is totally in love with Ginny, Mrs and Mr Weasley will basically die for him and Fred and George have begun to treat him like Ron and will never let him forget about the stupidest things. You’ve both hated each-other from first year and no-one; not me, not Ron. Absolutely no-one knows why!’
‘No-one knows why? Really Hermione? Absolutely no-one knows as to why I would rather kill myself then become friends with Potter?!’
‘That’s what I said, isn’t it?’
‘Oh-my-Merlin, and I thought Potter was the one who needed glasses. Do you not see him disrespect me every chance he gets?’
‘Yes bu-’
‘Right so did you or did you not come all the way to the Dungeons because it was Potter who threw me into the Black Lake, completely unprovoked might I add,’ The anger was becoming prominent in both girls.
‘Are you being serious? Unprovoked?’
‘I’m not Sirius, I’m {y/n}’ A small smirk appeared on {y/n}’s face joy came in knowing how much it pissed off Mione. But it was wiped away quicker than you can say quidditch as glare that screamed bitch please met {y/n}’s gaze. ‘Okay, maybe it was a little provoked,’
‘You’re being stupid {y/n}, Harry’s a good person’
‘Right, because he faced Voldemort? Yeah that totally makes up for him ruining all of my books, wasting all of my money. It’s totally fine that they’re all at the bottom of the lake with the giant squid, and the goblins or whatever is fucking down there. Hey here’s a fun idea! How about we go down to the common room and if we look really hard then we can see the mer-people fact checking my transfiguration homework!’
‘Don’t take that tone with me Heartwood,’
‘No, I will. Just because Potter has gone through some traumatic shit, doesn’t mean he’s a good person. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my life isn’t exactly peachy-perfect! So how about you watch what you say to me!’
‘Fine, but {y/n} you’re still being idiotic. Harry is a good person, but he’s made some crappy choices but he still-’
‘You know, Granger, for the smartest girl in school you are acting unbelievably ignorant right now’
‘{Y/n}, {m/n} Heartwood, you take that back this instant!’ The previous calm was gone, tears started to well in Hermione’s eyes. Her voice began to choke at the end of her sentence. She could barely get it out. {Y/n} knew how insecure she was about her brains, she knew the amount of studying was put into her lessons, just to not fail her parents. To make them proud of her.
‘Why should I? You’re obviously… You know what? I don’t need this.’
‘Get. Out.’ There it was. The emotionless voice. Not even anger could be heard, that’s what scared Mione the most. {Y/n}’s voice was dangerously quiet and there was no telling what she’d do next.
‘Not until I get Harry’s wand...’ It took almost all of Hermione’s courage to say that. She knew when {Y/n} was like this it was a bloody gamble as to what she would do.
‘Take your stupid wand, and get the fuck out!’ She threw the wand at Hermione’s face and started throwing whatever she could find at her. Pillows, books, quills, anything she could find.
Hermione ran out of the room as fast as she could, her bushy hair being the last thing {y/n} could see.
‘UGH!’ The screams and shouts echoed down from the corridors all the way to the common room, until the hard slab doors stopped her cries of frustration from echoing out into the dungeon halls.
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alexismalfoy · a day ago
[ request ] draco being dared to throw the cheesiest pickup lines at reader while being best friends. reader catching on and it all turning into a competition
☕︎︎Pick up Lines☕︎︎
Tumblr media
Warnings: None.
Summary: Game night takes a turn.
It's was no secret that Draco Malfoy had a crush on y/n y/l/n. He adored her.
It would be stupid to say she didn't feel the same.
Alas, the two ‘love birds’ (as Blaise likes to call them) were too scared to express their feelings.
Being friends wasn't enough for either of them but they had to make it work.
It's Friday night- Draco’s favorite night.
Tonight was the night he had an excuse to hang out with you for hours on end without seeming too suspicious.
Game night.
You, Draco, and your friend group get together every Friday for this.
Though you and Draco hung out a lot, game nights were by far your favorite.
Just last week you and him had been dared to kiss.
It lasted mere seconds but you both wished for more.
“Dare.” Draco said back to Blaise.
“I dare you to say a line from this book to…y/n.” Blaise smirked tossing him the tiny book.
You were late and Draco was constantly looking back to the door but your name pulled him out of his thoughts.
Draco looked at the book.
‘250 Pick up Lines’
He glared at the 5 Slytherins who were now grinning back at him.
“A dare’s a dare Draco…and you always follow through.” Theo said with a devious smile.
His entire house had grown tired of this ‘waiting game’. So they took matters into their own hands.
They had planned this.
“Fine” Draco spat.
He flipped through the book and found one, getting up and going to the corner of the room.
The group looked at him confused.
Then you walked in.
“Sorry, I’m late!” You exclaimed walking to the couch, not seeing the blonde in the corner.
They were silent, still trying to see what he was planning.
Then he headed towards you.
You furrowed your brows.
‘Why was he over there?’ You thought.
He sat down beside you.
“Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I need to walk past again?” He said...surprisingly serious.
You almost choked on your spit. Laughs erupting all around you.
Draco kept a straight face.
That's when you caught on.
“Did it hurt?” You asked, smirking at Draco.
This time he looked confused (along with the rest of your friends).
“When you fell from heaven.” You said back, leaning closer to his face.
‘Oohs’ came from around the room making you blush.
Draco didn’t back down. Both of you smirking now.
Draco grabbed your hand and brought it to the center of his collared shirt.
“You feel that?”
Your confused face reappeared.
“That’s made of boyfriend material.” He said moving closer, his smirk bigger than ever.
Your faces were inches away, practically sharing breaths.
“Well, that took a turn.” Blaise said quietly.
Hey! I’m not sure if you wanted them to go from friends to lovers or just stay friends so I’m sorry if I messed up.
I loved this idea!
Taglist: @marrymetheonott
(Contact me to be added to my taglist!)
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clickbait-official · a day ago
Greetings dear human! How has your life been? May my humble soul please request a Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader where she's an animator? For example, in Hogwarts she just makes flip books, while in her muggle house she makes full on animations and she's really good at them? You have my gratitude!
omg are u the same anon from last time? i should give u a name...
- fascinated
- h o w ?
- he wants to know how you do it
- he'll get you the best materials
- paper, pencils, whatever
- but only if tell him how you do it
- so if he doesn't talk to you much for a set of days
- (he's trying to make something for you)
- for your anniversary or birthday
- he'll give it to you
- pls appreciate it
- even if it isn't that good
- pls
--- requests and asks are open! (request more here)
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borninslumber · a day ago
♟syndrome. (draco malfoy x reader)
requested by: @sycathorn-slush “Hello!! Can I please request trope 41 with Draco (x reader) thanks!!😃”
what i listened to: godric's hollow graveyard by alexandre desplat
pairing: draco malfoy x reader
warnings: violence, torture, mental and physical anguish, angst
genre: angst, hurt/comfort
word count: 2k
a/n: please pay attention to the warnings! this took a turn, and isn't your normal stockholm syndrome type story, this was a challenge but i ended up writing something i do enjoy. i hope y'all enjoy it as well! requests are still open, if you'd like to request from my trope list you can view it here.
trope 41: stockholm syndrome
Tumblr media
the manor was engulfed in silence; only his glossy black shoes make echoing clomps with every step. inside the pale woodwork of the fireplace and the columns lining the wall near the head of the dining room table, a darkness cast over the insides of the hall. though thin slivers of evening sun could be seen through the curtain draped windows, the house felt inky black and draco felt far from home.
his feet continue carrying him, close to the doorway of the kitchen, until he hears it.
it’s soft, hidden in the deep confines of the manor. beneath the black wooden floors, under his shoes and a string pulls taught in his soul. the highest string on the finest violin - each hair on his body standing on  end.
visions of the writhing body fill his head. your screams, how they made his blood curdle, face twisting in agony behind his mask as he listened.
they insisted he come that time, to watch it be done. they took your frozen body, and though you were unable to move, tears of pain streamed down your cheeks and onto the floor where your body hovered.
he closes his eyes at the memory, fists clenching by his side, and he turns over his shoulder to find your cries. with every nearing step, the volume increases and he wishes the feeling of his skin crawling would stop.
the stairs to his dark muggy basement seem endless - and a chill runs down his back at the sight of cells lining the north wall. the hefty door slams behind him - and your cries silent.
inside your cell, you throw a hand over your lips to silent your sobbing, eyes closed tight and chest trembling as you attempt to quiet your breathing. the steps near your cell, and your arm wraps tight around your middle in terror of the person nearing your cell.
you open your eyes, and past the bleary tears that blind your vision, you see a head of platinum hair and an obsidian suit.
your hand loosens around your middle as he crouches, your hands wipe your face, draco’s eyes soften.
“draco?” you’re eyes are narrow, the image of his face and body are still a bit fuzzy behind your swollen eyes.
he says nothing, but his eyes are fixed on your trembling body and face. you swallow although your tongue is dry, and his jaw tightens; clenches.
“w-why… why did… did you bring me here?”
he shakes his head and the movement is small. “i didn’t want to.”
“but you did.” your head rests on the wall, eyes far off and grey.
“i did.” his vision falls to the ground.
the space between you in silent. your breaths go unnoticed at the ragingly loud quiet. you part your lips, ready to say something though unknowing if you had the strength to think about it.
“i-i want to go home.” your lips quiver again, frightful that if you cry too loud he might smite you in anger.
he’s afflicted, maybe even disturbed. you can see it written on his face; paint on a canvas.
you feel, not overcome with fear, in his presence. it does however feel quite different from the boy you knew in potions class. yes, he was always sneering or deathly quiet. sometimes his knife would stutter when slicing through ingredients on his work mat. a knife in the hand of the weary is a dangerous wielder.
“i know you do.”
“why am i here, draco?” you ask - he is violently transparent.
“for his entertainment.”
draco came every once in a while to see you. usually on weekends when school wasn’t in session. he always wore black, you noticed the bags beneath his eyes turning a rather indisposed shade of plum.
“what are you learning?” you ask quietly, though it is quite hard, you hadn’t much strength to speak after enduring a crucio curse for a mere few minutes.
he sits on the floor across from cell, back rested against the stone and long legs stretched out before him.
he shakes his head, though eyes lost. “i don’t know.”
your eyes narrow. “what worries you, draco?”
his head lulls as he looks to you, he shrugs. “i don’t like what i am becoming.”
“and what is that?”
“i hurt people.”
“then don’t.”
his brows are furrowed. “is it that simple for you?”
“sometimes, if i really want something.”
your talks with draco usually centered around your shared pain. the things he couldn’t talk about in school or with anyone else, and though he didn’t want to admit it, he questioned if it was because he knew you were damned.
personally chosen by voldemort as an instrument for mudblood torture.
the words he spoke to you were meaningless, not that they didn’t mean everything to him, but that he knew they’d die safely with you.
but his heart ached each time he laid awake and thought that.
because he didn’t want you to die.
“draco,” you smile, head resting against the stone walls, arms wrapped around your body.
“y/n.” his voice is riddled with a bit of panic. the tray of food he brings to you is warm and you melt at the taste.
“you risk yourself to bring me food, my prince charming.” you chuckle into your spoon, though sarcastic he manages to smile - he hadn’t done that in weeks.
his face falls quickly, not unnoticed by your keen eyes. looking at your face hurts, you’re exhausted, body quitting and mind perhaps shattering in a million pieces. he wishes it could stop.
“something is bothering you.”
“i shouldn’t talk about it.”
“we both know your secrets while die with me.” and even though you smile and cozy up to the wall again, draco frowns.
“you know it is true.” it’s always sad when you smile, draco wishes it would be because of genuine happiness.
“i have to kill dumbledore.” he says, sitting now parallel to you, just beyond the bars of your cell. he’d never been so close.
“how will you do it?” you ask.
“enchanted amulet? poison… i can’t choose.”
“draco… you’re so young to be taking on a task like this. i can’t believe it. how does he expect you to-” “i must do it.”
you silence yourself, his chin quivers. “for my parents.”
months had passed, the week prior you were held above the dining hall table as voldemort called a meeting, he continued to curse you and tears streamed from your eyes though slowed in your state causing beadlets of salty water to hold in the air.
snape was there, you could nearly sob at the look in his eyes. you knew he hadn’t a choice. perhaps none of them did.
after that incident, draco cried before you and apologized. for what, you didn’t know, it was not his doing.
you see him every weekend now, and count the days till you see him next.
“can i see it?” you ask, breaking the minute long silence you both bathed in.
“see what?” he asks.
“your mark.”
he swallows, wets his lips, and lifts his suit jacket and turtleneck to reveal the writhing mark on his pale skin.
you feel your eyes water at the sight of his lips turning downwards, he had such a distaste for the inky mark. “i’ve thought about cutting it off.”
a tear rolls down your cheek.
“i wish i-i could touch you.”
he looks at you suddenly, seeing all of you broken into pieces before him. his lips quiver, but he nears your cell, his left hand extended to you.
“you can touch me.”
you reach for his pale nimble hand, cradle his knuckles and palm, then reach for his mark. his eyes close tight when you touch it, you can’t decide if it’s in pain or just purely because he refuses to look at it.
the feeling of his skin, of warm human skin on your own bleeds more tears from your eyes. you hang onto his warmth, holding his hand gently between either of your own.
“i want to get you out.” he says suddenly, eyes watery.
your head snaps up, “draco, it could be dangerous. i don't want you to get-”
“you’ve been trapped in a cell for months under curse of voldemort, and you worry for me?”
you shrug, the reality he’s offered you hits rather hard. you try not to sob against the wall of the cell.
“start putting yourself first, at some point.” now both of his hands grip yours and your insides flutter and the affection is nearly too much.
“i’m getting you out, that’s final.”
he keeps the main key to your cell, creating a copy to hide evidence of his aid in your escape. and late one night, in the silence of his home, he unlocks your door, and you see freedom once again.
you stand on wobbly legs and grip draco's forearms in support. a bag of flu powder in one hand, he pours a bit into your palm.
“somewhere safe, to stay hidden for a while, can you lay low in a room in the three broomsticks? it’s close enough to hogwarts.”
“draco, i-”
“there is no time, take this. pay for two weeks and i promise i’ll see you again-”
you wrap your arms around him, tight. his breath catches in his chest, the feeling of being held is so foreign he’s unsure of what to do. he pats your back, arms around you lightly.
“thank you. thank you so much, draco-”
“please, go now.”
you take the dusty powder in hand and look at him one last time with watery eyes. he nods, stepping back to give you room to work.
“the three broomsticks.” you toss the handful of powder to the ground and your body is engulfed in green flames, hotness spreads in the cell and draco watches as your body gets swallowed.
suddenly the room is silent. he feels as though he can’t breathe.
you make it, though it’s the middle of the night during a weekday, you startle enough people to catch attention and make it to your new room as quick as possible, locking the door behind you and drawing all of the curtains with fast hands.
your breathing won’t quit - it’s hot, burning, and being without draco’s presence seems impossible. the only source of comfort, your only friend, and you aren’t sure when you’ll see him again.
you fall to the ground, body infatuated with aches and pains and enervation. you must quit, you must stop.
a week passes and you haven’t seen draco.
though your anxiety is a bit smoothed over having been far away from the source, a new kind reared its ugly head.
without him you felt anxious, sick. you thought of him nonstop - the idea of him being around seemed like cold water on a fresh burn.
you washed your hair, bought new clothes and a new wand, not with great ease however. the thought of stepping outside broke great fear into you, so you insisted on wearing a cloak wherever you went.
you were staring out the window when you heard a knock.
you nearly jump from your skin, but call out anyway.
“who is it?”
“it’s me.”
the voice surges something in you, familiarity so scary you get whiplash. nevertheless, you run to the door and fling your arms around his middle, eyes immediately drowned in tears.
he wraps his arms around you without hesitation, chin resting at the top of your head.
“you’re okay, you made it.” he says it as his own safety blanket of comfort. but here you stood, alive, though your face seemed tired he’d never seen you so good. injuries healed, hair lightly styled, and eyes glimmering once again.
“what happens next? i’m not sure if i can return to school.”
“i seriously doubt you should, unless i can stage your fake death.”
“staging my fake death… that’s prince charming alright.”
he smiles.
you admire how good it looks on him despite knowing how much farther he has to go.
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