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voidxriordan-stilinski-ace · 19 minutes ago
We do people always forget about Mirrorball and Mad Woman for songs that Taylor Swift really wrote out her emotions. To me these songs just mean more than Cardigan...
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daisyyswifties · an hour ago
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There is some new post 🌟🌟you can follow my ins attention my account 💛💛💛🌼
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yoair · 2 hours ago
Anthropology: Spiritualist Ethnographies, Supernatural Signs, and the Subjectivity of Experience
Anthropology: Spiritualist Ethnographies, Supernatural Signs, and the Subjectivity of Experience
  Introduction Anthropological research often questions the difference between what people think they experience, and reality. We can potentially learn more from subjective interpretations of the world, as understandings shift rapidly in our world. Once unquestioned doctrines may become unbelievable, many of these revolving around death and spiritualism. Cultural understandings of the afterlife…
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tsmadwomanfolk · 4 hours ago
How many albums did Taylor write/release within a few months of each other over quarantine??
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fenny2613 · 4 hours ago
Who is skipping hoax voluntarily?
Miss Taylor swift did not say the words “my kingdom come undone. My broken drum. You have beaten my heart” for you to be skipping it
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coutelier · 4 hours ago
The Hidden People
In which I read a bit from an old book from the 1970′s about fairy lore in Britain. Also, I'm aware that it often sounds like I'm saying furry instead of fairy. Just shut up - I'm new at this (part of the reason for the weird way I pronounce things sometimes is that I was tired, and it’s partly my natural accent).
I’m going to try and upload a video at least once per week, which will usually be on a topic related to whatever story I’m writing; either the real-life mythology or science it's based on. Or I might play or watch something that’s been an inspiration (although down the line I might play some things just for fun).
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anamatics · 4 hours ago
From her back pocket, Blake produces a brush and starts to sweep it over what she thinks might be the head of the casement. There, in looping proto-Menagerian script, are a knot of words so stylized that it takes Blake a minute to read them. Weiss holds the flashlight, and Blake traces her finger down the loop of the script. “Who guards the forbidden knowledge, who holds the secret close, whose name can never be known, and whose wish can never be granted.”
“Poetic.” Yang plucks the brush from Blake’s fingers and uses the back of it to jam into a chunk of earth and clay that’s lodged itself into…. “There’s some sort of lock here. Looks like stone on the inside of this thing too.”
“Whoever it was, they didn’t want them getting out.” Weiss stares at the knotted letters carved into the casement. “Is there anything in the stories about something like that?”
“No.” Blake shakes her head and wraps her arm around herself. “It doesn’t make any sense,” she mutters. “We don’t –” She casts searching look to the mural, to it’s faunus and the god of the animals flying lazily by a whole moon. “I have no idea what we’re dealing with here,” she confesses. “This is beyond…anything I’ve ever encountered. The stories of the Lost City of Knowledge don’t mention a guardian.”
“Why would they lock the guardian away?” Weiss frowns.
Something unpleasant lurches in Blake’s stomach and she swallows down bile. “Faunus didn’t entomb their dead, but humans of the time did.”
Yang takes a step backwards. “This is a murder victim?”
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sadbeautifutragic · 5 hours ago
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TSCreators Nature Event | Day One → Taylor & Flowers Wisterias symbolize immortality, love, sensuality, tenderness, bliss, and sensitivity
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teatitty · 6 hours ago
I’m in the mood to share one of the most fascinating and horrifying Aos Si creatures: the Fetch, one of the oldest Irish legends, which is often likened to the german Doppleganger and for very good reason
A Fetch is basically an exact, spectral double of a living human (literally described as a “ghost of the living”) usually spotted in the evenings and regarded as an omen of impending death for the person whose appearance it has chosen, though some believe that if you spot one in the mornings instead then it’s a sign of good fortune
As if that wasn’t a little disturbing enough, Fetch’s can sometimes bear the marks of what exactly will end up killing you, so if someone was about to die in a fire, the Fetch may be burned and “horrible in appearance.” If you’re about to have a heart attack it may be seen clutching its chest. So on and so forth
Sometimes it can only be seen by the person it imitates and other times it is seen by everyone except the person it’s imitating. Fetch’s are often grey and shadowy when seen from the corner of the eye and being “airy in substance” or “not all there”
They can also appear after a person has just recently died, walking among their living loved ones, although seeming to be distant or distracted. If you follow one for a while, it will eventually vanish into dark corners or behind trees
To date, I have never found a single story in which these creatures can be killed so :) Fun Times For Everyone :)
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church-history · 6 hours ago
A curious 12th century account of a werewolf that spoke with a priest
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According to Gerald of Wales' "Topographia Hibernica":
I now proceed to relate some wonderful occurrences which have happened within our times. About three years before the arrival of earl John in Ireland, it chanced that a priest, who was journeying from Ulster towards Meath, was benighted in a certain wood on the borders of Meath.
While, in company with only a young lad, he was watching by a fire which he had kindled under the branches of a spreading tree, lo! a wolf came up to them, and immediately addressed them to this effect:
“Rest secure, and be not afraid, for there is no reason you should fear, where no fear is.”
The travellers being struck with astonishment and alarm, the wolf added some orthodox words referring to God. The priest then implored him, and adjured him by Almighty God and faith in the Trinity, not to hurt them, but to inform them what creature it was that in the shape of a beast uttered human words. The wolf, after giving catholic replies to all questions, added at last:
“There are two of us, a man and a woman, natives of Ossory, who, through the curse of one Natalis, saint and abbot, are compelled every seven years to put off the human form, and depart from the dwellings of men. Quitting entirely the human form, we assume that of wolves. At the end of the seven years, if they chance to survive, two others being substituted in their places, they return to their country and their former shape. And now, she who is my partner in this visitation lies dangerously sick not far from hence, and, as she is at the point of death, I beseech you, inspired by divine charity, to give her the consolations of your priestly office.”
At this word the priest followed the wolf trembling, as he led the way to a tree at no great distance, in the hollow of which he beheld a she-wolf, who under that shape was pouring forth human sighs and groans. On seeing the priest, having saluted him with human courtesy, she gave thanks to God, who in this extremity had vouchsafed to visit her with such consolation. She then received from the priest all the rites of the church duly performed, as far as the last communion. This also she importunately demanded, earnestly supplicating him to complete his good offices by giving her the viaticum. The priest stoutly asserting that he was not provided with it, the he-wolf, who had withdrawn to a short distance, came back and pointed out a small missal-book, containing some consecrated wafers, which the priest carried on his journey, suspended from his neck, under his garment, after the fashion of the country. He then intreated him not to deny them the gift of God, and the aid destined for them by Divine Providence; and, to remove all doubt, using his claw for a hand, he tore off the skin of the she-wolf, from the head down to the navel, folding it back. Thus she immediately presented the form of an old woman. The priest, seeing this, and compelled by his fear more than his reason, gave the communion; the recipient having earnestly implored it, and devoutly partaking of it. Immediately afterwards, the he-wolf rolled back the skin, and fitted it to its original form.
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These rites having been duly, rather than rightly, performed, the he-wolf gave them his company during the whole night at their little fire, behaving more like a man than a beast. When morning came, he led them out of the wood, and, leaving the priest to pursue his journey, pointed out to him the direct road for a long distance. At his departure, he also gave him many thanks for the benefit he had conferred, promising him still greater returns of gratitude, if the Lord should call him back from his present exile, two parts of which he had already completed.
- Gerald of Wales, "The History And Topography of Ireland"
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