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beatlesdarkfics · an hour ago
John forced to poop into his baby potty in front of Paul, George, Ringo, Brian, Mal and Neil while on tour
John had been assaulted by a strong, explosive belly ache.
He whimpered, quickly walking to Paul, "My tummy hurts really bad" he whined.
He knew how childish and annoying he must sound, but he needed to shit extremely bad.
Paul smirked, grabbing his arm and dragging him to the centre of the suit room.
There, everyone else, including Brian, Mal and Neil, were talking and chilling together.
Paul quickly walked towards one of their bags, taking out a huge, albeit still small for an adult, plastic potty.
John's legs were trembling, pain and humiliation shining on his face as he walked towards the potty.
Paul hastily pushed his trousers and pants off, helping him sit on the potty with trembling legs.
"I know it hurts" whispered Paul, kneeling next to him and gently brushing his hair, "But can you make a big poopy for me?"
John moaned, dick perching up. Nodding a little, he grunted as he started pushing.
Everyone was whistling and wooing, enjoying the show, enjoying the humiliation shining from him.
With a loud shriek, John emptied himself in the potty, the sound amplified by the plastic and making John moan in relieve with every rumble and squelch.
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talkingaboutcheese · 2 hours ago
After the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss takes Rory out to the woods to teach him to shoot.
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foxsoulcourt · 5 hours ago
Hi, sometimes tumblr eats asks so I was just wondering if you had gotten one I sent recently? It was a question about the fics you’ve written :)
Dear Nonny, I just answered an ask about writing a KevAaron fic. Not sure if that’s the ask you meant. It’s the post just before this one. If it’s not the ask you meant, please ask again + give me some more details so I can answer more accurately for you. Thanks! 
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findafight · 5 hours ago
My @swspringfling  FinnPoe fic for @agrippaspoleto! I hope you like it! :)
Pairing: Finnpoe
Tags: thunder and lightning, hurt/comfort, fluff
“I like the thunder.” Finn says.
Poe turns his head, wet hair still sticking to his forehead. “Yeah?”
Finn nods, looking away and into the swirling storm clouds, “Somehow it makes the rain seem...deeper.”
“Yeah like,” he sweeps his hand not occupied by Poe’s in front of them, towards the trees dipping and swaying under the force of the water, “it’s rain is nice, but thunder? Thunder makes it seem like...I don’t know, an event! It’s bigger than just the water in the sky, it’s energy. Enough to down a star cruiser.”
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bitchin-beskar · 6 hours ago
listen y’all, I swear I am working on my extensive list of WIP’s, but TFATWS has been occupying all of my attention at the current moment, especially (1) James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes...
if I were to hypothetically write something smutty for him, is that something y’all’d be interested in seeing??
theme: dirty dancing?
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bitchin-beskar · 6 hours ago
listen y’all, I swear I am working on my extensive list of WIP’s, but TFATWS has been occupying all of my attention at the current moment, especially (1) James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes...
if I were to hypothetically write something smutty for him, is that something y’all’d be interested in seeing??
theme: dirty dancing?
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organicreations · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Requests are open.
Tumblr media
Hello there! Welcome. Have a seat, I'll brew you a cup of tea. My name? You can call me Jin, it's short for Jihyun. Make yourself at home. Settle down, and close your eyes. I'll tell you the story of a beautiful landscape and all it had to offer. Or would you rather hear about the story of two people who were always fated for each other and eventually found their way together? Or, perhaps, do you just care to take a break, sit back, and drift off into sweet nothingness? It's your choice. I'll be here, regardless.
Tumblr media
About Me: Jin - She/Her - Shaper of Dreams
Interests: Piano - Violin - Science - Writing - Art
Tumblr media
Note: I mainly write original content, but if a person happens to request a fanfiction about a topic that I happen to know about, then I will definitely consider writing about it. Some examples include webtoons, books, and anime. (I don't really watch that many shows; I don't really watch television in general, so please don't be disappointed.)
Tumblr media
I cannot put enough emphasis on the fact that this is a blog that is meant to be appropriate to all ages. In other words, all content posted here will be completely SFW (safe for work). Please do not request inappropriate content to be written. That being said, enjoy reading my blog!
Tumblr media
Are you still there? Or have you embarked on your journey to dreamland? The land of sleep. It is truly miraculous. Wonderful. Sleep can be frightening at times, and at others, it will embrace you, work wonders to your mind. Allow me to shape your dreams and guide you on your journey, my friend.
Tumblr media
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shalimars-insights · 10 hours ago
(cw: brief religious self-harm, overall kinda gross
for context: "marked for death” black scarves)
After dragging the body of Galasa Uvayn into a deserted treasury room, Thinker Tamina crouched down to admire the patterns on her sash.
The House Hlaalu designs were silk-screened onto gold satin weave, a network of interlocking squares framed by channels that stretched up the entire length of the garment. It reminded her of the topography of Vivec, the gridded cantons floating in the bay, or else their labyrinthine insides. She traced the path of one with her sharp nail. Up, left, down, straight on to the right. A trail of dirt and dew of corpses stained the fabric in her wake. Toward the unseen and unlooked-for corners, becoming illuminated under the blood.
She purchased the blight-moth floss silk from a hawker in Ald-ruhn, wound in perfect, soft shimmery skeins wrapped with sedge-paper. It flowed beautifully between her fingertips, nothing like the tough tapestry wool she used to twist in Chorrol, beside the hearth as the dra’fada hummed about the Moonstrings. After practicing on dust rags she tore an expanse of cloth from a black shirtdress she no longer wore and hemmed the edges to reshape it into a scarf.
The silk of the blight-moth was the color of its poisonous namesake. Pulled through the black canvas, it disappeared, and Tamina strained her eyes to see it when she laid the scarf flat. When she lifted the scarf into her hand, the threads shone and mirrored like cooled rivers of lava pouring down the face of the cloth. A secret within a secret, she thought with amusement. Her pulse shuddered in her veins.
She began by transferring the patterns of the sash, adding her own flourishes here and there. The hair-thin needle cut effortlessly, rapidly vanishing and resurfacing, the silk glinting and splitting like sinew. A series of violences outlined the pattern of her desire. She was unsure if he would like this, but perhaps at least it would demonstrate the gravity of her oath, affirm her place. All along she could speak in the language of the weaver.
It became a meditation. In the quiet hours, curled up in her cot between writs or huddled under lean-tos sheltering from the blustering ash down the foyadas, her listless hands inevitably found the scarf. When she woke in terror, sweating with her blood on fire, the cool slipperiness against her skin calmed her. She filled in the maze of the arena canton with dense threads of her longing, so that she wouldn’t have to think about it during the day. A secret whispered in every stitch. A death waiting around every corner. A body. A prayer. Please, Mafala.
Watching the Dagon mage Talis Veran sputter and cave in at her feet, she knew it was complete. Tamina wrapped his Sanguine ring in the scarf, tied a gentle knot at the top, and presented it to the Grandmaster when she returned.
“So do the Threads of the Webspinner return to us one by one,” Eno Hlaalu said, rolling the magic copper band in his palm. Placing it reverentially upon his table shrine, he then held its packaging up to the hot light of his lantern, eying the dark web of needlework with curiosity. “What is this, Knower?”
“It’s for you,” Tamina replied. Eno Hlaalu’s face fell faintly open.
He stared at her for several moments. “You are unwise to threaten me,” he finally said, his mouth pressing into a thin line. He set the scarf down and made to leave the room.
As he passed, he flicked her arm with the billowing sleeve of his robe.
Brothers and Sisters greeted their leader with unease as he strode to the altar of Mephala, some carefully training their gaze on the floor, others unable to wrest away from the black scarf bound around his neck. As he knelt before the hewn stone, readying the knife for his arm, Dral took the risk to ask: “Are you in trouble, Grandmaster?”
Eno Hlaalu smiled. “Someone wants my life,” he answered. “I quite enjoy the embroidery.”
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beatlesdarkfics · 11 hours ago
John finally giving birth to his baby, but the babies born prematurely and he just sobs and begs to hold his baby before they pass away,,, but the doctors don't let him hold his baby and he just sobs and quietly waits for Paul to get there,,,
John had been taken to the hospital by himself, without Paul with him.
His waters had broke. But it was way too early.
"He's losing a lot of blood!" "Quick, I can't hear the baby's heartbeat!"
All the doctors' voices were a confusingly meddling together, hurting John's ears.
He was feeling extremely weak and light-headed. He could hear a nurse telling him to push and to please not close his eyes.
"Why can't I hear them cry?" he suddenly sobbed. A nurse looked at him pitifully, holding an extremely small baby.
"Please let me hold my baby!" he pleaded, weakly stretching his arms out.
"We're so sorry, Mr. Lennon..."
"I want to hold him, please! Please!" John was outright crying.
He knew that his baby hadn't survived. There was no frantic cry. And on everyone's face he could only see pity and sadness.
The doctors walked away, wheeling a small incubator, John screaming in pain as he saw the small, unmoving body belonging to his baby.
A nurse helped him clean up from all the blood, gently whispering comforting words to him.
But John was too distraught. He just wanted Paul, who was promptly called, to be there.
So he silently kept weeping, feeling extremely empty as he waited for Paul.
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deheerkonijn · 14 hours ago
Two New Mod Fics Where They All Show Their Asses A Little Bit! (except for Gimli, he’s perfect)
@roselightfairy​ has a little headcanon about the perceived vegetarianism of elves. Very generously she has let me borrow it for modern ‘verse reasons because I love it so much! These two take place in both the early days, and the later days of Legolas and Gimli’s relationship. 
* CW: vomit and talk of the meat processing industry - please tread carefully if these are sensitive topics for you!
substitutions: add $1.50 
T+ for swearing :>
He’s clearly been carefully cultivating his annoyance, but so has Legolas. He whips around and tosses his sleek hair over his shoulder with as much haughty disdain as he can muster.
“I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?”
He is a Man. A tall man, even taller than Legolas, with an only-sort-of-fitting button up shirt and a scowl under a scruffy beard and mustache. The stranger’s well-worn crow’s feet squeeze at the edges of his eyes as he squints, and he’s about to say something, but then -
“Ah - Legolas!” Gimli appears at Legolas’ elbow, and does his best to make insinuating himself between the two look casual. “Oh and I see you’ve met my supervisor. Éomer, this is my fiancé, Legolas.”
Meat’s Back on the Menu by Roselightfairy
T+ for barfing :(
The boy’s eyes meet Éomer’s and he could swear for a second that they share a moment of exasperation. Éomer tries to cast him an understanding smile – he’s sorry about his dinner companion. He thinks it comes across fine; the boy rolls his eyes just a little before heading off into the kitchen.
Legolas turns his attention back to his menu once the boy is gone, scowling at the pages as though they have offended him. “You know,” he comments, “if they would just offer one single decent vegetarian option . . .”
Tumblr media
* CW: vomit and talk of the meat processing industry - please tread carefully if these are sensitive topics for you!
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angrybirdcr · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
For all those wishing to know what I'm currently working on.
Let me know which one are you more excited to read? Do you have any questions about them that you would like to ask me? Please, don't hesitate to reach me out! I appreciate all the support!
Tumblr media
*These are already posted series with upcoming chapter updates.
For The Win Ch 8
I Don't Want To Be Ch 3
Broken Ch 4
Somnium Ch
In The Eye Of The Beholder Ch 3
Heartbeats & Scrubs Ch 2
No Matter What Ch 3
The Shape of Guilt Ch 2
Tumblr media
*These ones are coming later on this month, no later than the beginning of May.
White Wolf (Red Riding Hood AU- Bucky Barnes x WOC! reader)
Crowned Sin (Crown Prince!Ransom x reader)
Timeless Love (1940's AU- Bucky Barnes x reader)
The Wrong Adress (Chris Evans x reader)
Tumblr media
*Most of these are currently in the drafting stage.
New Beginnings (Sam Wilson x Reader)
Country Love (Country AU- Bucky Barnes x OFC)
Out of the Box (Ari Levinson x OFC)
Scélérat (Steve Rogers x OFC)
911 Avenge Me (Steve Rogers x OFC)
The Legend (Post-Snowpiercer AU- Curtis Everett x reader)
Fire Love (Firefighter AU- Bucky Barnes x OFC)
Containtment (End of the World AU? Steve Rogers x OFC)
Forbidden Affairs (King!Bucky Barnes x Maid!Reader // Sam Wilson x reader (formerly) )
The Secret (Bucky Barnes x reader // Steve Rogers x reader (Platonic) )
Original Works (TBA)
*NanoWrimo Project April 2021.
Hollywood Glam (Romance- Actress x Actor)
Hollywood Off the Record (Hollywood Glam prequel)
Plan A (Thriller- Journalist x FBI Agent)
Regina* (Royalty- Extended Rework of my fic by the same name)
No Matter What* (Romance/Angst- Extended Rework of my fic by the same name)
Tumblr media
Do you have any artwork or moodboards inspired by my works? I would love to see them! All forms of creativity are highly encouraged and welcome! 💖💖💖
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twokinkybeans · 15 hours ago
Y’all I did a thing 🙈❤️
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beatlesdarkfics · 16 hours ago
John messing himself and then not letting Paul change him because of how much he enjoys being messy
Paul chuckled as he saw John's nappy being completely messy and squishy.
But when he went to change him, John scooted back.
"Don't you want me to change your nappy?" he asked amused, but John shook his head.
"But you're poopy" but John only moaned, hips moving a little faster.
His face was flushed, head thrown back and cock tenting the front of the nappy.
Paul could see how much John was enjoying his shitty diaper, could hearing each slight squish he was making.
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coyoteweird · 18 hours ago
i think we should be very critical and aware of content that features or focuses on queer identity, relationships, and history.
this is especially true for fan content like fics, headcanons, art, etc.
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beatlesdarkfics · 20 hours ago
Paul and John's first time. They're kids and inexperienced, making the whole thing slightly painful for John and also a bit awkard, but in the end they burst laughing
John grunted a little as Paul's dick prodded into him, making his hole ache.
"God...I don't even know where that something is..." whispered Paul, shifting slightly.
He was searching for something he had found out was inside men, a spot that would have made sex with another man wonderful.
But he couldn't find anything.
John gritted his teeth in pain, body tensing up.
"Am I hurting you? Do you want me to pull out?" asked worriedly Paul, seeing the pain on John's face.
"It hurts a bit...but please, keep trying to find the spot" whispered John, legs better wrapping around Paul's waist.
After a little more of prodding around, Paul groaned, taking himself out.
"Well, I guess I should do a bit more of research" he said, looking at John.
Suddenly, his face was hit by a pillow and John bursted into a loud laugh, "Agree"
Laughing, Paul leaned down to spoon John, kissing gently his naked back as John comfortably snuggled to him, the two of them still chuckling.
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beatlesdarkfics · 20 hours ago
Maaaaaybe.. part two of John yelling at Julian and Paul gets really pissed at John for yelling, but afterwards, John develops a habit of not even talking to Julian, and one day Julian's had enough of it and starts tugging at John's leg, begging him to talk, and John feels completely guilty, resulting in him snapping again, and Julian starts crying again and it's a whole cycle. (Thank you for this, I'm craving angst-)
"John, you know how pissed off I was when you started shouting at Jules? He's only 5, Jesus Christ" sighed Paul, liting a cigarette.
It took about 20 minutes and the promise of playing for Jules to forgive completely his mother after John had shouted to him.
John looked down, sniffling. He felt so bad, like he didn't deserve to be Jules' mother.
Some days had passed and John was incredibly quiet around Jules.
He was a tender mother like always, but he wasn't speaking to him at all.
"Mummy" called Jules. Nothing. John only turned around and hummed.
"Mummy, why aren't you talking to me?" Jules' eyes were huge and sad as he clung to John's leg.
"Mummy, mummy, mummy!" he kept calling, tugging the leg of his trousers.
Hearing so much pain in his baby's voice was hurting John, making him feel even worse and guiltier.
"Have I done something, mummy? Have I made you angry? I'm sorry, mummy, please talk to me mummy!"
"Stop it, Jules!" he snapped, "You know I hate shouting at you, don't provoke me"
Obviously the child bursted into tears at the angry bite in his voice.
John picked him up, "You know I'm sorry, right? I wasn't talking to you because I didn't want to shout anymore...I'm such a shitty mother" he whispered, but Jules was too busy crying.
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baronzemosupremist · 23 hours ago
Writing tips I guess?
- ppl aren't often "baffled" or absurdly confused when someone offers them things? Usually when u offer someone something, the answer is yes or no.
- think of the fluidity of the sentence. If you can't say it without losing ur breath, put in punctuation.
- Guys don't go al gooey eyed at partners. This isn't a Disney movie, please don't write ur character barely able to walk just from looking at (insert thirst trap).
- if ur gonna add a pet/house hold animal, make sure you don't just write about them once and forget. Animals don't just go away, they always come back for attention and usually they do it when there's lots of conversation happening.
- it takes about 20 minutes to finish a meal. Keep that in mind. breakfast, lunch, dinner etc should not be done in a few bites.
- ppl don't often ask "You got me ____" or "you made me ______" after receiving something. They accept with with a thank-you or decline with a no thank-you. You don't need to write a whole beginning thesis about Bucky Barnes bringing you a cookie.
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alexspinkhoodie · a day ago
Here’s my Ao3!!
Julie and the Phantoms
Even if I’m the Last Standing- After the deaths of his friends, Bobby Wilson attends all three of their funerals. There, he reminisces about what their lives were like, and works through the guilt he feels about their deaths.
Crushing- After Luke shows up at Bobby’a house after a fight with Emily, Bobby is forced to deal with feelings he never knew he had.
That Night- The night of the deaths of Luke, Alex, and Reggie, Bobby is left alone to reflect on what had happened that night, and what happened before, and what was supposed to happen after.
I’m Sorry- After the Orpheum performance, the Phantoms go back to the studio. However, Julie doesn’t go into the studio that night, leaving Alex, Luke, and Reggie alone to deal with the jolts. This leads to Alex realizing that there’s one person he has to say goodbye to, even if it might be a little selfish.
Love and Easter Egg Hunts- Easter was always one of Julie’s favorite holidays. She used to spend it with her mom, dad, and Carlos. So, when Easter rolls around once again, she decides to continue that tradition with Luke, Reggie and Alex.
An Eternity- What if Caleb had possessed Julie instead of Nick? 
Surprise!- Flynn wakes up on her birthday to Julie acting strange, and suspects she might be up to something.
Jatp Prompt Oneshots
Nickinald Oneshot #1
Nickinald Oneshot #2
Flarrie Oneshot #1
Flarrie Oneshot #2 (angst)
Flarrie Oneshot #3
Flarrie Oneshot #4 (Warning for a brief mention of homophobia)
Juke Oneshot 
Willex Oneshot #1 (a little angsty)
Willex Oneshot #2
Willex Oneshot #3
Jatp 200 Follower Celebration Fics
Reggie Appreciating his friends
Jatp Crack Fics
Soulmates- A Fruke Patterbox (Luke x Fridge x Dreambox) fic that I wrote ffor no reason.
Jatp Smaus
Game Night au- part 1, part 2, part 3
 The World as We Know It- One hundred years after his death, Dean is done with being stuck in heaven. So, he asks Jack for a favor, and gets sent back to Earth with Sam, Cas, and Eileen. He discovers a case there as he deals with how much has changed and his budding relationship with Cas.
The Other Side of Hollywood (a Jatp Supernatural Crossover)- Julie's life fell apart after her mom was killed by an infamous demon by the name of Caleb Covington. Now, her and her best friend, Flynn are on a mission to hunt down Caleb and put a stop to his rein of terror. However, when Julie meets three boys named Luke, Alex, and Reggie while on a hunt also trying to track down Caleb, she worries about them getting to his first. So, she and Flynn decide to work with them, but what happens when Julie's archenemy Carrie and her group of hunters also try to take on Caleb too. Will they began to work together? And what happens when Julie and Luke start to develop feelings for each other?
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