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#tech tbb
mallr4ts · 39 minutes ago
Happy Tech Tuesdays!!! shoutout to everyone else who has Tech as their comfort character<3
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flowery-moods · 2 hours ago
So...this week seems to be the time I smack together my loves of the Bad Batch and musical theater together in one package. I've got one piece with the title of a song from "Hamilton" about to be submitted to AO3, and another with the title of a song from "Six" in the works...after that, I just hope I have enough muse left to start in on the Hadestown AU.
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darthzero22 · 2 hours ago
Disobeying orders
Hunter x Neutral Reader 
On the last mission, you disobeyed a direct order from Hunter to maintain your position. You did it because your hunch was that if you didn’t react and you didn’t intervene, the mission would fail, and luckily you were right. The bad news is that Hunter got very angry and refused to talk to you when the mission was over.
Tumblr media
“I did what I thought was right, and the mission was a success!” you said to Tech.
“Technically it was a success by sheer luck. The chances that your actions had a positive impact on the mission were very low. I know because when you said what you were going to do, I made my calculations. The good news is that the mission was a success, the bad news is that Hunter seems dissatisfied, and very angry I must add”
“But our squad disobeys orders all the time, and we get in trouble many times”
“In this particular case it was not necessary to disobey orders. My calculations showed high chances of success in the same way, I would even say it was more than obvious that we were going to succeed”
“Your calculations aren’t always the reason we acted, Tech. And now Hunter hates me for what I did...”
“I doubt Hunter would hate you for disobeying him when he ordered you to hold your position. He’s just very angry, and I must congratulate you on being the first to make him angry like that.  My personal recommendation is that you stop insisting on talking to him, at least for a while”
You decided not to listen to Tech, even though he was the smartest and his recommendations were very useful. Luckily in the Marauder there was only Hunter, and he seemed to be very focused on the screen in front of him.
“You should be with Tech analyzing the information we get. Or will you disobey that order, too?” he wasn’t looking at you at all.
Yeah, Hunter was definitely mad at you, not just for the tone of his voice, but the way he talked to you.
“Hunter, I told you what I did was the right thing to do. Why are you getting mad anyway? Our squad has a reputation for breaking the rules and disobeying orders on many missions!”
“In this mission it was not necessary, do you hear me? It was very dangerous! I ordered you to keep the position and you disobeyed me"
“Hunter, I’m not going to apologize for what I did. While Tech’s calculations were correct, why would we risk waiting? They were about to shoot Wrecker!”
“Crosshair was watching and he was going to stop that from happening”
“Yeah, but I…”
“Just go with Tech, will you?”
You nod your head and get out of there. Hunter sighs and runs his hand across the right side of his face.
“I told you not to talk to him”, Tech said to you.
“Tech, I’m not in the mood...”
“Look, our hero is here. Did Hunter scold you for your stupidity?” Crosshair got into the conversation.
“Ah, Crosshair. You like making me feel like an idiot”
“Only when it’s necessary, and today you outdid yourself”
“Crosshair, shut up, please”
“Whatever the hero says” Crosshair laughs mockingly and leaves.
“Well, the only one who seems to agree with your actions is Wrecker. But it’s more than obvious, he likes unnecessary danger”, Tach said.
“Thank you, Tech. And I’m being sarcastic”
To your great surprise Hunter called you from the Marauder and you’re obviously going with him. You could see that he wasn’t as angry as before, you’d even say he was sorry for something.
“Hunter, I know I said before that I wasn’t going to apologize, but... You were right. I shouldn’t have risked. I just... almost ruined everything. I hope I didn’t disappoint you and…”
Hunter hugged you and you hugged him too. For a few moments you didn’t talk, you just felt the warmth of each other and surely he could feel your heart beating a lot. You could actually feel his heart was beating, too.
“I almost lost you today” he told you gently near your ear.
“I’m so sorry, Hunter…”
You separate a little from the hug for the two of you to put your foreheads together, and that feeling felt closer than a kiss.
“I know. And I’m sorry, too, for yelling at you. But the next time...”
You shut him up by kissing him on the mouth, and he’s obviously kissing you back. You were separated only by lack of air and joined your lips again in another kiss. There was no need for words.
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hrtiu · 6 hours ago
@flybynite19 There are literally only three tech x OC fics on ao3. This will not stand 😡
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degreeinsimping · 6 hours ago
Tech and 29, congratulations btw!!
Cloud 9 (Tech x Reader)
A/N: This was requested by my very dear friend @microdeers !!! I hope you all enjoy!! <3
Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Summary: Tech finally decides to tell you how he feels, but he’s more than a bit nervous.
Word Count: 742
Tumblr media
Tech was absolutely enraptured by everything about you from the very moment you joined the team, and everyone knew. Well, except for you, and Tech was beyond thankful for your obliviousness. He didn’t know if he’d be able to handle being rejected. Sure, he’d been rejected before by women at 79’s, but he never took it personal.
But if you looked him in the eyes and said you didn’t feel the same? Oh, it would shatter him in every sense of the word. That’s why he kept his feelings under lock and key, admiring your beauty from afar.
When you’d wake up and walk around the ship, sleep still clouding your vision, clothes wrinkled and hair a mess, Tech would have to hide his smile and loving gaze.
Or when you’d suit up for a mission, latching your armor pieces together and looking gorgeous as ever, if he didn’t know any better he’d say his heart would skip a few beats.
And oh, when he’d get a few cuts or scrapes, maybe a bruise or two, on a mission and you’d insist he sit down and let you take care of him? Maker, he was putty in your hands and you didn’t even know it.
His brothers teased him relentlessly for his ‘crush’ as Crosshair had once so childishly referred to it. He could never escape Hunter subtly nudging him in your direction, or Echo’s smirks. Wrecker almost sent poor Tech into cardiac arrest once when he acted as if he was going to tell you of his feelings. Funnily enough, in that moment Tech’s blaster that he had been cleaning ‘accidentally’ went off - right next to Wreckers foot. Very odd malfunction indeed.
It was exhausting, trying to hide his feelings when all he wanted to do was tell you. Eventually, Tech got fed up and decided to throw caution to the wind.
He set it up with the others so on the next supply run, he and you would stay back on the Marauder. Hunter made up an excuse as to why they could handle it, and they wished Tech luck before leaving.
The second you two were alone in the cockpit, seated only a few inches from each other, what little confidence he had began fading away. You were talking about something, but for once he wasn’t listening. He was too focused on how the light reflected off your skin, how much he adored your smile, and then—
“I have something to tell you.” Tech barely recognized his own voice. Normally he spoke practically perfectly, enunciating words clearly and keeping an even, clam tone. But when he spoke this time, he sounded breathy and even stuttered a bit, and his words ran together.
And you noticed, so you turned your full attention to him, wanting to know what could have him so worked up. “Alright, what’s up?”
Upon seeing how his mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, and how his eyes darted everywhere except for your face, you leaned forward and placed what was meant to be a comforting hand on his knee.
But that one little touch sent a spark through his veins, kickstarting his brain into overdrive and Tech was speaking without even thinking, “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
He paused, you leaned back.
He furrowed his brows together upon realizing what he said, “No. No, wait, I-I know I’m in love with you.”
Your silence was deafening, and Tech took it as a rejection. He didn’t want to see the look on your face, so he stared at the dirty floor of the ship. It was dusty, there was so much dirt, even a few pieces of grass, and just as his eyes intently focused on a lone pebble in an attempt to hold back tears, he seen your feet move. You stood up and just as he looked up to see why, your hands were on his jaw and your lips were against his.
You took his breath away, quite literally. If cloud 9 was the happiest someone could be, well, he was on cloud 90.
As you slowly separated and looked in his eyes with nothing but adoration and leaned in again to ghost your lips over his, whispering that there was no need to be terrified because you loved him too, Tech was sure this was the best moment of his life so far.
Tag List (If your name is marked out it means Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you): @questforgalas @greenysnarl @imabeautifulbutterfly @bleghbreakdown @foodandbooksplease @shytastemakerthing @erinoirsprize @wille-zarr @sirkekselord @sweetsunflowerkisses @perpetual-fangirl900 @echos-newlegs @m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s @captain-rexs-girlfriend @sitherin-mxschief @anotherdudeinthisworld
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lavenderstars37 · 7 hours ago
Extremely random tbb shit that @maddpotatoxd and I talk about but it becomes increasingly more depressing
Hunter most definitely intentionally moved his hand on purpose back in the cell on Kamino (Ep.1) just to see if Omega would keep copying him. 
Episode 12 is titled “Rescue on Ryloth” so we are probably going to be waiting a whole MONTH to a reunion. How dare they. 
Omega trusted Hunter so much to protect her she may have completely forgot she had her own weapon and didn’t think to shoot Cad Bane or the droid 
The fact that Echo told Omega she needs to tune out distractions to make her a better shooter and then Hunter losing a standoff because he was distracted trying desperately to keep Omega safe...yeah
Hunter probably regrets using a knife all the time, because if he had trained more with the blaster maybe he could have saved Omega against Bane
Imagine Tech is fixing something and holds out his hand, waiting for Omega to swap tools with him, but she’s not there
Echo talking to his dead brother’s in his head, praying that they keep Omega safe until they can rescue her
What if they show us a little scene where Omega thinks Hunter is dead, she has no idea what happened to the rest of them, and she just breaks because she doesn’t know exactly what she's fighting for anymore
A scene that switches straight from Hunter looking sadly at Omega’s trooper doll and then Omega looking at something one of the boys gave her
A parallel scene similar to when Omega accidentally found Crosshairs weapon kit, but this time it’s Omega’s bow, and somebody asks who the bow belongs to...
Omega running into Hunter’s arms and he just doesn’t let go for so long
Imagine Tech hugging Omega when she is rescued. The very practical Tech showing very obvious affection 
What if they have Hunter die the same episode as Hunter and Omega’s reunion or something equally as painful
Maybe Echo will die in some sort of sacrifice but he will be at peace with it because he can go be with his old squad, and he’s content with his last moment being to save whoever is alive.
OR Echo is the only survivor just like how his entire old squad is dead
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darthskys · 9 hours ago
Okay I’ve finally forgiven Cad Bane for separating my favorite clone family but ONLY because he, like Thrawn, is a sexy blueberry man
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kalm421 · 10 hours ago
Tech is the shit disturber of the Bad Batch.
Everyone would think it would Wrecker or even Crosshair that would have started it. NOPE!!!
Tech is the likely cause because they would never think the nerdy kid being the one that caused the problem in the first place.
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suddenly-clones · 11 hours ago
Updated: Crosshair
Because this next episode is gonna,, it's gonna. Oh also these are all evil. I'm pretty sure. I have a game for you, guess which ones are gonna be fics 😌
Crosshair wasn't always a grump, he wasn't always unhappy. When they were little he'd smile and laugh and always want to play. But something happened and the light in his eyes flickered out. Once that happened he distanced himself, lashed out, he never says 'I love you' back. Most of the time he's who he is now, but on the good days, maybe even late at night, he'll crack a smile, make a joke, laugh a little. In those moments, he's okay again, he loves again. But those moments never last long. The unhappiness sinks back in and he shuts down. His brothers wish they knew what they did to take away his smile.
Tech and Crosshair used to be a lot closer, Tech would sneak them out while Hunter and Wrecker were sleeping, take them to 99's room and they'd watch old movies with him or go exploring. Crosshair would sit with Tech, doing the math for Tech's project. But one day, one random, insignificant day, Crosshair changed his mind. He taught Tech to do the math on his own, offering only to check. He'd shoo Tech off when his brother wanted to go exploring in the dead of night. He'd rather sleep. He started hanging out with Wrecker a lot more. Tech, why, well how it affected him is for another time... Over the years, the fact they were inseparable became such a silly thought, as if it had never been true. Crosshair had made a decision that day when he was a cadet, Tech was no longer his favorite brother and from there, they drifted apart.
There's a headcannon floating around that Crosshair was afraid of the dark due to his enhanced vision, I've stuck with that. Now, he isn't afraid of the dark, that's what he says. For the most part, he isn't. But every now and then, he'll close his eyes at night when walking around the Maruador, if he gets up to use the refresher or something, he keeps his eyes closed. So Crosshair also knows his home blind.
This came in handy when Wrecker's accident left him unable to see in his left eye. Sure he has a cybernetic eye now, but he didn't get it until his wound had healed. Crosshair remembered, in the days they waited for their brother to come home, Crosshair closing his eyes and finding out where Wrecker may hurt himself, then he closed his left eye and did it all again.
When Crosshair was little he'd call Hunter 'Worm,' He didn't know why but he always had such a hard time talking to Hunter. Wrecker and Tech were easy, but Hunter, if Crosshair was honest, kinda scared him. He was very much intimated by his older brother for a long time. Sometimes he still is. So he'd call Hunter 'Worm,' something small and good. It made it easier, in a way. Nowadays, he doesn't call Hunter anything really, he doesn't try to talk to Hunter anymore. But there have been occasions, very rare ones, where Crosshair is scared or desperate, where he reverts back to a child, and 'Worm' slips out.
Inspired by the reels, Crosshair is one of those weirdos who can fall asleep in a moving vehicle. He doesn't sleep a whole bunch, if they're floating in space or on a planet. But when they're flying, he'll zonk out as long as they're moving. Hunter and Tech think it's funny, it's almost like Crosshair's snooze button. Crosshair says it's a little stupid, he doesn't know why, but he just really likes to sleep when they're moving. Wrecker figured it out, though he's never said anything. When they were little, Crosshair was pretty sickly and spent most days laying around or at target practice. Needless to say, Cross' never had the energy or muscles his brothers did, when he realized that his smile started to fade. So Wrecker would put Crosshair up on his shoulders or in his arms and he'd run around the facility, just making his little brother laugh. Wrecker would jump, do abrupt stops, etc.. Anything to make Crosshair happy, he'd keep running until Crosshair was too tired and ready for bed. So Wrecker figured when in motion, that's when Crosshair feels safest, as if he was little again, safe in his older brother's arms.
// Tech // Echo //
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poessunflower · 11 hours ago
*Battle Scars*
Hunter: We’re not going anywhere, Omega.
*one episode later*
Dave Filoni: You’re not, but she is!
Cad Bane: Hello.
Tumblr media
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m0mmat0rtle · 11 hours ago
Star Light Chapter Three
Pairing: Tech x Pantoran!OC
Words: 1542
Warnings: none
Summary: Tech returns to visit Star Light and the two start to form an unlikely bond.
<Chapter Two
Tumblr media
"A little more to the left!" Star shouted as she balanced on one foot while standing on top of her trusty gonk droid, Gink. "GONK" Gink replied as he shuffled slowly to the left with Star balancing on top. She teetered slightly as her poor balance threatened to send her tumbling to the ground. "Woah!" She shouted before she caught herself by resting one hand the wall in her room. The other hand held a pallet of freshly arranged paints and a paintbrush nestled between her teeth as she balanced poorly on the gonk droid. A knock at her door startled the pantroan and almost caused her to fall over off of the droid who GONKed at her frantically, trying to keep her from falling over. "Come in!" She shouted, catching herself again. Once she finally caught her balance she looked at the wall, using her thumb pressed against her paint brush and holding it eye level to her face as she imagined her desired artwork on the wall. She used her thumb as a measuring tool, planning out how she wanted her work proportioned. She was so focused she didn't even hear the door swoosh open and someone step in. "Are you sure that's the safest way to do that, Miss Star?" The sudden voice of someone else in her quarters startled her, causing a small shriek to fall from her lips as she finally lost her balance and fell back into the arms of someone she had only known for a day. "Tech," She breathed as her eyes met his under the cover of his bucket and goggles. "Hi." She added as a small smile formed on her lips. The moment happened so fast Tech was a little stunned from it all, holding the small girl in his arms bridal style. "You should really be more careful miss Star Light." He said as he gently put her down. Star brushed off her skirt before looking to Gink with a groan. Her pallet had fallen smack upside down on the droid covering it in shades of green and pink. "Thank you Tech." She said to the clone before grabbing a spare clean cloth and quickly working to wipe the paint off the droid. "What are you doing here anyways? How is your cut?" She asked kindly, flashing him another smile from her position of cleaning her droid. "Oh-" He felt a small brun coming to his cheeks when he caught the sight of her smile. He removed his helmet against his better judgement, and kneeled down with Star, helping her clean the droid. "My cut is fine, miss Star Light." Tech replied. "I'm simply here to see you."
"See me?" Star replied with a raised brow as she set her cloth down. "No one ever comes to see me." She replied before crossing her arms over her chest. "Why are you really here?" Tech had to think of something to tell her and fast. Most of the clones were bad liars and unfortunately Tech was no good at it either, that is most of the time. "Lama Su wanted you to spend time with someone. According to research, social interaction is good for an individual's mental state." "So she sent you?" Tech didn't know if he should be offended or not. The way Star said his name made it sound like she was almost surprised that he was the one chosen for Lama Su's experiment. "Yes." Tech replied. "I do have a superior mind compared to the other clones. I would be the ideal subject for such a procedure." Tech replied as he adjusted his goggles, pushing them father up the brim of his nose. "What was your name again?" Star asked as she moved to sit at the edge of her bed, looking at the ginger clone with a slight glimmer of curiosity in her eyes. "Tech." He replied. "Well Tech I'm sorry but I hope you're prepared to be completely and utterly bored." Star said with a sigh before leaning back onto her bed. "I'm afraid, for once, I do not follow." Tech said as he watched her from a respectable distance. "Tech I stay in this room all day every day. I don't exactly do much, never the less do anything worth sharing or entertaining." "So you believe you aren't interesting?" Tech asked. "Ye-up." "I believe I have found a fault in your assumption." Tech replied and Star sat up to look at him. "What do you mean?" She asked. "Well I haven't known you long at all and I am already intrigued by you and your nature." Tech said as he looked over at the paints and pallet that had been left on Star's desk in her room. "You're an artist." Tech observed before turning back to her. "You create things." He added before tilting his head to the side and looking at her. "Tell me about your process."
"I always like to picture what I paint before I start." Star said as she stood up and walked back over to the spot on the wall where she was planning to paint her mural. But first she picked up her atlas, her one book that she owned, and brought it over to Tech. "I was gonna paint this scene of Naboo, the one I was looking at yesterday, that is before you came by." She said as she pointed at the picture of the planet. It was a landscape with beautiful flowers, each a different pastel shade. It was beautiful, almost as beautiful as the girl holding the book. "Then once I have a clear picture of what I want to paint, and I have the motivation to do so, I find the perfect spot for the painting and begin my work like so." She said as she added her selection of paints to her pallet, grabbed her paint brushes, and attempted to climb back onto the Gonk droid once more. That is before Tech stopped her. "Miss Star Light, please refrain from standing on a Gonk droid like that." He said as he walked over to her. The pantoran who stood on one foot, standing on the tips of her toes, turned to him. "What? Why?" She asked and Tech sighed as he reached to pick her up again, his hands gripping her torso right underneath her arms and lifting her like she were a glass ball and setting her down on the ground. "It's not safe. The probability of you falling at an angle like that is unsatisfyingly high." Tech caught her eyes for a moment as he set her down. Those golden yellow orbs met his and for a moment he felt his breath hitch and that familiar sting of a blush spread on his cheeks. Compared to him, Star was small. She barely came up to his shoulders meaning he had to lean down when he set her down on the ground. "If you want a lift so bad while you paint why don't you sit on my shoulders." Tech blurted out, mentally cursing himself and wondering where in the galaxy his boldness came from. "You'd do that for me?" Star asked, raising a brow with a small smile forming on her lips. "Well I- uh-" "You're sweet, Tech." Star said kindly. "I like you."
Tech's shoulder's had been aching for hours but was he going to tell Star that? Absolutely not. She had been happily painting away and talking nonstop about her artistic process. She had filled Tech's ears with talks of color theory, form, the influence of line, and now she was currently on the philosophy of art. Tech had happily listened to everything she told him, always happy to hear new information. As soon as a final brush stroke was applied to the painting and Star gave a sigh of relief did she realize that she had been talking the clone's ears off. "Oh my goodness." She said softly as she slid off of his shoulders. "I was rambling that whole time... for three hours. Tech I'm so sorry." The clone smiled at her however. "It's alright. I ramble myself, sometimes." He replied. "I would like to hear some more about your opinion on the theory of art." Tech prompted with curious eyes. "You would?" Star asked and the clone nodded. "I have often heard that what makes something art is the work's ability to go beyond culture and current events of life. The work, in a sense carries the viewer above the stream of life and provides them with-" "The aesthetic emotion." Star finished his statement for him with a raised brow as she used a near by paint stained rag to remove the paint buildup on her blue hands. Tech nodded at her, a small smile on his lips. "You know art philosophy?" She asked and her eyes twinkled ever so slightly with amusement and the clone nodded. "Well yes, there isn't much that I don't know." His response caused Star to merely giggle with delight and Tech found himself fascinated with the sound. He had never heard a sound so pure and sweet as the giggle from a delighted girl. He never wanted it to end.
Tumblr media
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dread-bed · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me and my friend had some thoughts at 2am about what if the bad batch played Minecraft and I’m very tempted to make art
(Edit: how could I forget hunter 😩)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iellarenuodolorian · 14 hours ago
Just when I thought I was starting to get over Bad Batch Episode 8…..I looked at the galleries from this episode and I’m pissed off all over again… angry ranting spoilers under the cut…
Let’s start with this….
Cross’ika, oh how I’ve missed you. My grumpy, loveable asshole….I have missed your face. And your voice. So much, cyare.
I knew this episode was going to be rough, BUT NOT THIS ROUGH!!
Tumblr media
Rampart gives the order to kill them. Crosshair disobeyed that order. HE IS fighting the chip. First, when he hesitates to take the shot when he has Hunter lined up PERFECTLY in his sights when they have the fight in the hanger on Kamino. Second, when he misses Tech on the star destroyer. Remember what Hunter says when he first introduces Crosshair?? “If you need to hit a precise target from 10 klicks, Crosshair’s your man.” Crosshair is the BEST of the BEST, and he does not miss. I can guarantee he could have taken a different shot at Wrecker, but he didn’t. It was enough to take him down, but not enough to kill him.
Crosshair is still in there, but he can’t escape alone. He needs help, when will the rest of the Batch realize that? And talking IS NOT GOING TO WORK HUNTER!
Tumblr media
And then there’s this…
So you’re telling me that Wrecker can almost kill all of them, but we’ll save him because he’s the loveable teddy bear. But because Crosshair is grumpy, and rude, and quiet, and being used by the Empire, we’re just going to leave him to suffer alone?! Get the kriff out of here……
See my previous reasoning for why I think it’s absolute OSIK that they have abandoned him, as well as the following.
Something is off about Omega. I don’t know if it’s just me, or the fact that I look at small children and get suspicious of their conniving minds and what they are capable of, or what. She DOES have a chip, all clones that the Kaminoans have ever created have a chip. What happens when they activate hers, we will have to wait and see.
Part of me also wonders if Crosshair has done some research about what she could be since he’s been on Kamino all this time and we don’t know what he has been doing. Who knows, we might be wishing he had taken her out by the end….
I also have a problem with the Batch killing other clones. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch Wrecker throw those two out the window.
You had THE PERFECT opportunity to take Crosshair up to the medbay and take his chip out. He was knocked clean the kriff out, and so were the rest of his troops.
Tumblr media
So what you’re telling me here, is that you passed up an opportunity to get Crosshair’s chip out. And you’re still going to leave him at the mercy of the Empire’s hands. So you can go looking for the kid that you’ve know for all of a few weeks now, instead of getting the brother you have known for YEARS!!!
The brother who has watched your back, saved your neck, supported you through the good and bad times, who has ALWAYS been there for you. You’re just going to leave him to be a pawn of the Empire because you think he has chosen his side in this, when in reality he cannot choose because he is still being influenced by his chip, THAT YOU PASSED UP THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE OUT!!
Tumblr media
And then there’s this…yeah its cool and I love it. But it’s too simple. I know, its a cartoon and it can’t be too chaotic, but I have a completely different HUD in mind.
I want it noted that I love each and every one of the Batch. Crosshair was the one I thought I would gravitate toward when the group was first announced. But then Tech stole my heart because we are just so SIMILAR! His hyper fixation, his infodumping, his knowledge about various random topics, the way he processes his emotions. But then I also love Crosshair because I always have a soft spot for the grumpy ones, and sniper’s just do something to me ok?? Hunter is just handsome and protective and stoic and I love that in a man. And then Wrecker is the big snuggly teddy bear that I would absolutely fall head over heels for. His energy, his extroverted personality, his high energy level would definitely be something I feed off of. And then last and most certainly not least is my cyar’ika Echo. I cried so hard when they pulled him out of that stasis chamber. I couldn’t believe he had been alive all this time. I really hope that Echo is finally the one who pushes them to get Crosshair back. Echo knows what it is like to be used for a purpose you don’t support. I’m just impatiently waiting for that to sink in…
I know all the clones are Mandalorian, you can’t change my mind. It’s why they all took one look at Omega and went “Orphaned child, must adopt” which leads to “Ni kyr’tayl gai sa’ad Omega” and then BOOM they are one genetically deviant aliit.
Thats all I want is for them to be a family….and for it to keep growing.
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mandomorp · 15 hours ago
Ok but what if...
The Bad Batch need help getting Omega, they go to Cid whose like “I know a guy”, and that guy is HONDO OHNAKA! They go to him for help and he’s like “I cannot help you. But I know someone who can!!!” and drags BOBA FETT out of a back room. 
Boba’s like “Fuck you old man, I’m not working for clones.” Hondo’s like “You will do as your told, these are your brothers and they need help rescuing your sister(also they promised to pay me very handsomely, we will split the profits 70/30).” So Boba rounds up some buddies and they go hunting Cad Bane.
They track Bane to his hiding place, I doubt he’d just waltz into Kamino without getting paid first. A pissed off and crispy CROSSHAIR and his little gang of stormtroopers arrive to collect Omega, as does FENNEC SHAND.
Fights ensue. The Bad Batch get Omega back and go after Crosshair, they’re not leaving him behind again. Bane and Boba have their standoff and Boba comes out on top. Fennec decides there will be better opportunites to get her bounty and skips out. 
Now the Bad Batch Family is together again, they have their little sister back safe and their brainwashed brother is tied up in the utility closet, vowing gruesome and painful deaths to them all. They don’t care, they saved him and now they’re gonna save his mind.
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iellarenuodolorian · 16 hours ago
D*sney give me a job challenge because whoever is in charge of these gallery captions CLEARLY has not watched the episodes....
Tumblr media
If you’re going to misquote ANY of them, don’t even try with Tech. I will catch it every time and you’ll end up looking like an even bigger fool. ECHO is the one who suggests MULTIPLE times that they should have left with Rex. ECHO is the one who clearly does not like the way Cid treats them, hates being a mercenary, and believes there is still a cause out there that they could be fighting for. And he’s right!
Echo KNOWS Rex. They have been brothers for longer than Echo has known the Batch, Echo trusts Rex to know what is best for ALL of them, and Echo just misses Rex! Yes, his path changed when the Batch rescued him from the Techno Union, but now all of their paths have changed.
Echo might see this as his chance to reunite with Rex, even though we know he doesn’t end up with Gregor and Wolffe on Seelos.
Which diminishes my hope that all of the Batch makes it out of this alive…
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battledroidfingers · 16 hours ago
friend: tech is my favorite clone. hes so weird and cute
me: *sends her your tech x reader fic*
her: *reads it*
her: what the fuck.
which fic was it?? I wrote two about him (my humble contribution to society)
here's a little edit for your friend <3
Tumblr media
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