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#star wars
parkkrys · 33 seconds ago
Welcome to the Cursed Wars!
The losses have been great and many.
I love you dearly so:
Toast Clone/Fox Wedding
Oh god I don't know how to feel bout this but take it
They met after the whole disaster that was Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi faking his death and going undercover. He wasn’t at his best considering he had been knocked out and his beautiful toast that he had been excited to eat was all over the floor.
Of course, he had shoved that away when Commander Fox of all people came in to question him about what had exactly happened. Things had somehow gone from there to the point where he gave his name, Ciabatta and Fox had just smiled at him in amusement.
Ciabatta loved his bread alright? And Commander Fox was the first one who didn’t laugh at him but instead just asked about it and put up with the different types of breads Ciabatta demanded to try.
Now they were here, getting married and he may or may not be panicking.
“You’re overthinking it,” Thorn said and Ciabatta just gave him a glance, their eyes connecting and he just whined lightly while Thorn rolled his eyes.
“Wasn’t it you that said if I hurt Fox you would force feed me bread until I die?”
“Yep, and I still will if you hurt him despite you being his almost husband,” Thorn drawled as he fixed his tie, “Now relax and go marry him and then you can panic eat bread later.”
“The amount of bread jokes honestly,” Ciabatta muttered under his breath and Thorn just chuckled.
“Your fault for naming yourself after some kind of bread.”
“Excuse you, ciabatta is the superior bread and I will fight you on this.”
Thorn just rolled his eyes again as he pushed him towards the doors, “Yeah, yeah, later we have a wedding to do!”
Ciabatta wanted to disappear but he knew this is what he wanted, he had wanted it since Fox had asked him on that first date. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this man even if they still had to find the cure for their accelerated aging.
But everything went quiet when his eyes met Fox’s and it felt like it was only them and he knew this was right. Who knew a lowly clone like him could be everything to an exhausted overworked commander.
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orderkyloren · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Как завоевывать друзей и оказывать влияние на людей (и Хакса) Автор: Аэ Описание: Как сказать начальнику всё, что накипело, и выжить. #starwars #kyloren #generalhux #фанфики_зв ➰ Источник ВК
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sassinake · 4 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/4 Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars - All Media Types Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Snoke & Ben Solo | Kylo Ren Characters: Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Snoke (Star Wars), Armitage Hux, Han Solo, Chewbacca (Star Wars), Knights of Ren, Original Characters Additional Tags: Character Study, Pre-Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Flashbacks, Visions in dreams, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Physical Abuse, Trauma, Force Bond (Star Wars), Kylo Ren Angst, What girl?, POV Kylo Ren Summary:
A week in the life of Kylo Ren before TFA.
Tumblr media
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webtrinsic1122 · 5 minutes ago
When we find Ezra I’m kinda hoping he ends getting a purple lightsaber lol
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rex-is-best · 9 minutes ago
Unpopular opinion: 90% of the fandom gets Cody’s character wrong 😬
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where-dreamers-go · 14 minutes ago
“Patience” Luke Skywalker x Reader
(A/N: I’m finally back with another addition to @girl-next-door-writes Make Me Feel Bingo challenge. Why does it feel like so long ago when it wasn’t? OMG totally forgot I finished this for a bit there.
Bingo Card: Temporary Amnesia
Warnings: Angst.
Word Count: 622 words)
“Luke, give them time. They’ll be alright.” Leia said calmly as she watched her brother pace the hallway. They had been occupying that area for almost forty-five minutes. Leia was the calmer of the two in that moment.
“How much time? Will they remember anything? Everything?” Luke’s voice raised as he stopped pacing.
“Their injuries weren’t severe. It might take a few days or more for them to regain their memory.”
“Leia, it took almost five people to get them back on the ship. They didn’t know what the Rebellion was! What if they don’t remember—.” He tore his gaze away, trying to hide his emotions. “What if they don’t remember me.”
Crossing her arms, Leia tilted her head. “Do you really believe that?”
Luke looked about five different places before sighing, “No.”
“I just want them to okay.”
“And they will be. You have to be patient.”
Luke turned to start pacing again.
Watching her brother, Leia hoped she could think of something for Luke to do in order to take his mind off of you for a while. At least something that did not involve him wearing a path into the floor.
You went on one mission without him by your side and one slip up had you being carried to safety. That was even when you started fighting your fellow rebels. Apparently you were fighter and survivor all the way.
“I should have talked with them before the mission.”
“And then what, Luke? Be even more upset that they don’t remember you told them how you felt?” Leia asked, “How would they feel if you had done that and then days later they remembered? They care about you. They wouldn’t want you going through this.”
He sighed, “You’re right.”
. . .
It had been almost a full week before Luke had the nerve to enter the barracks where you spent most of your time after the accident. Did his sister give him work to do? Oh, yes. Did she almost drag him to see you? Once, but she stopped herself because Luke was not ready.
Blue eyes did not take long to focus on you. He never did have a problem finding you anywhere.
Taking a deep breathe, Luke walked over to you.
“Hi.” You sat up from your bunk. “Uh…Luke, right? No?”
The Jedi held in the urge to leap for joy. “I’m Luke. You’re right. You’re absolutely right.” He was doing his best not to break down into tears in front of you. “Do you…remember me?”
Breaking eye contact, your gaze landed on your folded hands. “I don’t know. I heard someone talking about a Luke who carried a lightsaber and figured it was you.”
“Oh…” His hand absentmindedly touched the pommel of his saber.
“Not that they’ve been saying anything bad or anything.” You held your hands up in defense. “Just normal talk. Stuff.”
Luke found himself smiling softly. It was as if you two were having your first conversation all over again where you knew of him first.
You drummed your thumbs together.
“How are you?” He asked softly.
“Fine, I guess. People have been asking me that a lot lately. Pretty sure it’s because of my spotty memory right now…or lack thereof. At least I know my name….not that I remember why I’m here.” A deep frown set on your features.
“I can leave if you want,” Luke said as he took a step back. “I don’t want to overwhelm or upset you in any way.”
“No.” You said quickly and cleared your throat. “I could…I could use some company. If that’s alright with you. If you have time.”
A hopeful smile brightened Luke’s face. “I have time.”
(If you love my writings and want to support me, I have a Ko-Fi where you can buy me a coffee. I would be eternally grateful. coffee
Best wishes and happy reading.)
DreamerDragon Tags: @cubedtriangle
Star Wars Tags: @darkenwolfy @sweetheartliz07
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hecckyeah · 16 minutes ago
completely useless headcanons i have after watching all of season 1 of rebels in 2 days
kanan is a lightweight. he smells alcohol and he's already plastered. kombucha gets him blackout drunk
hera tried to put up a chore chart in the ghost with little gold stars, but sabine used it for target practice and ezra super-glued the two hundred gold star stickers to chopper. it took nothing less than sandblasting to get them off again. stickers are now banned from the ghost
when they watch movies together, sabine wears her helmet so they can't tell when she cries. which is all the time, for every movie. she just can't help it. so she lounges on the floor in her pajamas and helmet. no one asks why. no one dares
ezra doesn't mind the taste of orange juice and toothpaste. it doesn't bother him. so zeb performs an exorcism
kanan once tried trimming his hair with his lightsaber. it slipped and left a scar on his shoulder. hera has never stopped teasing him about it
hera does yoga, hates dancing, and collects stamps
chopper keeps files on every single person and droid he's ever met. they range from "kill on sight" to "make life as difficult as possible" to "🧡🧡🧡🧡" (reserved only for hera)
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flilisskywalker · 23 minutes ago
I still have hope that once TROS is accepted by the fandom, we will produce a bunch of content about Rey bothering Grandpa Palpatine.
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Agen: C'mon, brothers are supposed to be a shield against life's cruel adversity!
Eeth: Brothers ARE life's cruel adversity!
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swtor-legacy-sitcom · 30 minutes ago
@actualanxiousswampwitch nsfw joke. When Aric goes down on one of your Cathar troopers, is it Pussy eating Pussy pussy?
asking for a friend
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artisticwarnug · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Papa Bear
Because I am watching the Clone Wars series atm and because of my obsession with @ollovae3​ ‘s work and her clone art I’ve been designing my own clone trooper and this is the full armour painting I finished today for Captain Bear named because he’s as large as and as protective as a Garu-Bear. 
He is a massive softie. He’s large, he’s kind of intimidating at first glance (out of armour), but he’s a massive sweetheart and he fully embraces it and accepts it. This man’s armour is always like this, it is always covered in doodles and drawings from little kids because he lets them draw over him for fun or if they’re scared and then he just doesn’t get rid of it. It becomes his permanent armour. He is a big dad basically. Dad to his troops, dad to the little younglings he comes across, massive dad, who will tell you to go to bed and get some rest and will give you a hug when you need it or a shoulder to cry or draw on. 
I will be doing a painting/drawing of his unhelmeted design, which involves freckles and long hair because I'm weak for both. I just want to get his features right and make sure he looks the way I want especially as I adore @ollovae3​ ‘s designs for the clones and want to make sure that Temuera Morrison shines through as well!
If possible I want to do that painting before easter break ends and I go back to work because then I probably won’t have the time/energy to do it for a long while! 
🐻 A5 Watercolour Paper
🐻 Derwent Watercolour Pencil (for the under sketch) + a USB light box to get it neat!
🐻 Himi Jelly Gouache 
🐻 Talens White Jar Gouache
🐻 Paintbrushes of no specific brand, mostly cheap ones i’ve got off of amazon + Arteza miniature brushes (really good quality, small detail brushes)
This is available on my Redbubble Shop as prints, pins, stickers and more! 
(Watermark won’t show on actual products, it’s just there to discourage art theft)
Check out my art instagram @ artisticwarnug
{Reblogs help artists reach new audiences and help with the tumblr algorithm that hates external links to art shops!! Please Reblog art that you enjoy or like! Thank you!}
Colour Plan Below the Cut/The Original Sketch:
Tumblr media
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idiosyncraticrednebula · 33 minutes ago
Hot take: There should be more fairy tale!Star Wars Anidala AU’s considering how Star Wars is technically a fairytale set in space and Anakin and Padmé’s relationship was written in the style of medieval/classic romance and many of these fairy tale romances are set during that time period. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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ask-admiral-locust · 33 minutes ago
General Hux, after one of Inez's shenanigans: I hate Major Inez
Me: Hate is a strong word
General Hux: I have strong opinions
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