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why-i-love-comics · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
RWBY/Justice League #5 (2021)
written by Marguerite Bennett art by Emanuela Lupacchino, Wade von Grawbadger, & Hi-Fi
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ibusukiss · 7 minutes ago
uruu-kun, you’re reminding me of Ata 👀👀👀
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zazu75 · 12 minutes ago
You know something that I haven’t seen anyone touch on:
The ruin guards were called field tillers, as in the grilled the fields with bloodshed. They were weapons of war. And they were around long enough for there to be hundreds or even thousands of them, and at least one alternate model (the ruin hunters).
This begs the question: when were they created? Prior to the cataclysm? During?
Because if they were created during the cataclysm, then it means they were built in self defense.
But if they were before.... then there’s a good chance that the cataclysm was self defense from the other nations.
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cruorlupus · 14 minutes ago
So postwork brain forgot freeze counts at cc so we died in the first phase twice before I removed the freeze mod because I kept messing up him blocking the orbs spawn. Phase 2 we one shot even though we didn’t have optimized builds for the time being.
Main campaign final boss so spoilers follow the fight
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beautifuldehydratedbitch · 16 minutes ago
And with the way the fight just stops dead the moment Lemar hits the floor makes it very clear to me that Karli did not intend to kill Lemar. She mostly likely just overestimated her hit in the heat of the moment.
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simxn-laurent · 23 minutes ago
Omg Kez lesbian? 😍😍😍
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why-i-love-comics · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Children of the Atom #2 - "Prison Break" (2021)
written by Vita Ayala art by Bernard Chang & Marcelo Maiolo
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fahiries · 31 minutes ago
still crying over eren and mikasa
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why-i-love-comics · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1 - "Last Flight" (2021)
written by Kyle Higgins art by Juanan Ramirez & Erick Arciniega
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cozycoochie · 45 minutes ago
Shameless has ended
I really get attached to characters in shows but I must say Shameless was a show that I became very emotionally invested in. I loved how human each person was and how we got to see how poverty affects people no matter race or sexuality. As much as I loved this show I have to say I fucking hated the ending though
is carl having a baby?
how do they react to frank dying?
did debbie move?
did lip sell the house?
do v and kev move?
do they sell the alibi?
is liam ok?
does ian and mickey get a child?
and seriously fiona couldn’t even facetime for the finale ?
my favorite character was Lip. I thought he was cute af and I loved how intelligent he was. Personality wise he reminded me of myself and my older brother. You have this guy who is literally a genius but he literally can’t get his shit together. In a way you start to understand that Lip has very little emotional intelligence but it’s not his fault. His parents are drug addicts who literally abandoned him, and yet we watch him nurture his own siblings and often times women he dates. He cares a lot but he can’t seem to navigate through life without the emotional support that he never received, and yet he often gives it out. In my opinion Lip deserved so much more. Even in the last episode when he helps the guy he’s delivering food to we are reminded that Lip isn’t an average person but his life makes it challenging for him to do things in a way that aren’t illegal or bare minimum. 
My least favorite character was Debbie. She’s annoying the older she becomes and then it makes sense towards the end that she’s exactly who she didn’t want to become.. her mother. It’s actually so interesting watching her grow up because you see how situations can change someone. You also see how much Debbie tries to be a great mother and how she really wants love. Debbie has extreme abandonment issues and besides Monica and Frank it’s also Fiona leaving her as well. Deep down Debbie really wants family even if it’s toxic as hell. Since the first seasons it’s like she’s ignored how fucked up her father is because she wants so badly to feel like she has these great parents but she doesn’t. Just like Lip, Debbie is pretty intelligent but her emotional intelligence and self esteem is on the floor. It actually hurt watching her grow up and get so fucked up. Like damn she just needed some love from her parents and she would have went in a better direction. .
Ian and Mickey are may favorite television couple and not just because they’re gay but because their relationship is real af lol. Over time we get to see that Mickey is very sensitive and there is a lot he cares about but he’s not familiar with so many emotions and a better lifestyle. When him and ian move and seems as though he has a hard time fitting in because he doesn’t feel safe and he doesn’t think he deserves nice things. Terry was so shitty to him and he doesn’t know his mother. Even with Terry dying you realize he cared about his dad, even if he was mainly shitty. Terry is still family and him expressing that pain and anger is so human. It’s so real and I love that they show Mickey and various sides of himself. Just like with Ian, he’s usually the most calm Gallagher but he also is bipolar. Over time we see that he’s taking care of himself but we also get to see how bipolar disorder works. My mom and my sister are bipolar and it can hurt seeing your family members like that. I know for them it can be frustrating as well. I love that Ian and Mickey were so imperfect and human. I love that even though they are gay they didn’t have the stereotypes of gay men. I honestly hoped their relationship encourages more gay men to not feel conflicted with who they are because of the stereotypes... and queer people in general ( that’s a different post though)
Kev and V. Honestly i’m just proud of them for sticking together for so long and for showing the realness of relationships. They were so open to so much from sex to a poly relationship and now to leaving. I feel like they can do anything together and can we just give Veronica credit for being smart as the fuck! This women can sell and do anything and she’s fucking gorgeousssss. Kevin is dumb but his spirit is so sweet.
Fiona. To be honest I didn’t really care for fiona. I did care about jimmy but fiona annoyed me a lot. She was chaotic and I understand why but watching her in previous seasons annoyed me but raising a house full of kids since you were a kid is annoying and unfair so eh. Still wish she would have came back to visit before the show ended but reality right?
Carl also had a lot of growth. He’s not the brightest but he grows from being this destructive child in poverty to a very caring young man. I loved seeing him grow up and care for black people, trans people, and poor people in general. 
ok but who the fuck was jimmy and what did he actually do?
I wish karen wouldn’t have got fucked up. I really liked her nasty ass.
I wish they would have brought Heidi back earlier in the season because she’s cute afff and I just liked her energy. 
It’s not really much that I can say they did with liam. I wish they would have developed a story line for him instead of just random lines and little moments 
I didn’t like Monica but I did cry for her funeral it hurt. I just wish we got more of who she was. 
Annnnnd Frank
whew. I loved and hated Frank constantly. He was so shitty but he’s a person. His past was pretty awful too. I loved how the writers showed so many dimensions of Frank. Like he’s shitty but he’s crazy intelligent as well and he’s a horrible father.. but when he gets diagnosed with dementia... ugh shameless did such a great job with showing us the complexities of people.  
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zepellin-and-unicorns · 45 minutes ago
Is Jackie going to attempt suicide in WTLB? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I know I'm kind of asking for a spoiler but I'm triggered by these stuff
Okay, firstly, if you’’re triggered by any of the subjects in WTLB, please stop reading it for your own good. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad!
And I don’t mind giving spoilers! If you want to know what’s going to happen in my stories and want to ask me, feel free to do so. I’ll just tag it as a spoiler, those who don’t want to read about it, just block the tag and don’t click on the “keep reading” thing I’m adding.
To answer your question: No.
Jackie is going to have suicidal thoughts, but she’s not going to try to take her own life. I thought about it, I really did, but a suicide attempt is not easy for me to write. I don’t mind reading about it, but I found out that writing it is a trigger for me.
And recovering from a suicide attempt is so, so hard, the story would need waaay more chapters in order for me to write everything properly, and I don’t want to make WTLB longer than it already is (53 chapters is a lot).
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beautifuldehydratedbitch · 56 minutes ago
What happens to Lemar just... sucks, plain and simple. I had a suspicion that he was gonna die when he got introduced and it just... makes me sad. Mostly because we know nothing about him as a person other than him being John’s friend. And I say that it sucks because it just... feels unnecessary to me. My all time favorite tiktok creator, human_espresso, made this video where they talk about how we could’ve gotten the same result without Lemar dying.
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basket-of-fruits · 56 minutes ago
season 3 episode 2 here we go!
interesting, shigure knows tohru knows but tohru doesn’t know that shigure knows that she knows and he knows tohru wants to take about what she found out and i think is giving her the opportunity to but its interesting that he doesn’t want her to know that he knows she knows lol
momiji and haru yay!
lol ‘why do you always appear out of nowhere to be rude?’ that’s my boy haru
oh no tohru feels guilty that she can’t tell anyone and she knows they probably wont be the happiest that she knows and never told them
hana not going after yuki’s fan club because ‘it gives her no personal gain’ lol that’s my girl
i love any interaction between uo and kyo, they are so funny together
all the boys and girls love yuki
aw yuki looking at the group friends and saying ‘aw that looks fun’ in the last seasons he would probably have looked at them and felt like ‘i won’t be able to have that’ but now he has his little group of friends, i’m not crying you’re crying
aw yuki being genuinely surprised that someone would seek him out just for him
machi chucks the flower at him lol. this scene especially makes me really wish that they kept things platonic between them. platonic friendships mean so much, obviously as we’ve seen with yuki and tohru and yuki and machi are definitely a parallel to that situation, but this time yuki is strong enough now to be able to help someone else as someone helped him and i think the affection of two friends can be just as cute as the affection of a romantic couple. i think this maybe the first time that yuki realizes someone likes him for him. obviously last season kakeru became his friend but he is friends with a lot of people and just a friendly guy in general and i don’t think at the time yuki realized how he has impacted kakeru as well, not just the other way around. so this is the first time that he’s like ‘here is this person who isn’t very good with people but is making the effort to be friends with me’ and that is very cute
lol uo and hana totally left kyo and tohru alone on purpose
ugh kyo doesn’t want to give himself even a little bit of hope that it could possibly happen that someone’s curse could be broken
omg him being so upset that he thought he made her upset. that’s growth baby. normally he sort of brushes it off or kind of gets upset himself and lashes out in those situations but now he’s like genuinely concerned he’s hurt her feelings and is apologizing right away directly instead of indirectly later on
ugh such a sweet little moment with the flower but of course it gets interrupted 
akito and shigure are both so prideful and don’t want the other to think they have the upper hand. but its interesting because akito seemed like she was sort of about to have a moment of vulnerability with shigure about that moment but that moment also puts him in a vulnerable situation so he deflects it
tohru just thinking about girls lol jk...sorta
its so so cute that yuki and tohru’s quality time is doing dishes together
dude akito and shigure’s relationship is so like ah! lol. so messy. they are both so terrible at communication and don’t want to give the other the upper hand and be vulnerable with one another or be truly honest with each other. and they both did fucked up things to each other and don’t want to apologize. it is interesting to see akito being more emotional now, in the other seasons we really only see her being conniving and lashing out. she’s really just a damaged person who now damages others because she doesn’t really know anything else. i’m not sure how to feel about the shigure saying he loves her when he was a teen and she was still a child, i know there is a lot of discourse about that. i don’t know if he just felt a connection because of the curse or loved her in a non romantic way and then it turned romantic. i would like to see more of their past relationship for sure.
aw the end scene has the hat now <3
wow what an episode! a lot of drama for sure. things are definitely getting interesting! see you for the next one!
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why-i-love-comics · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 (2021)
written by Sam Maggs art by Mario Del Pennino, Isabel Escalante, & Heather Breckel
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hyliabeilschmidt · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Polsterreich copic spoiler art
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why-i-love-comics · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
America Chavez: Made in the USA #2 (2021)
written by Kalinda Vazquez art by Carlos Gomez & Jesus Aburtov
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sakura-minamotos-gf · an hour ago
And like usual, with another Thursday comes a new episode of ZLS!!
so ofc i’m gonna put all my thoughts from today’s episode down!!!
-damn the saki fans were being FED in this episode
-honestly she deserves it i love her
-we even got to see her in middle school before she had the iconic ponytail and only a small orange streak in her hair
-lets be real there’s no way they weren’t dating at some point
-also speaking of dating i love how flustered junko got whenever someone brought up relationships hehe
-the whole being in an ad was cool too i liked the shrine segment
-and the radio show was so cool too i really think it’d be cool to do a podcast of some sort that we could listen to
-and then there was That Guy
-i forget what his name was but his hair was weird
-he seemed pretty cool EXCEPT for that line at the end where her was all “call me when ur older” like BRO EW
-at least the song he wrote slapped
-the ending performance was so good too!! we got to see maria and the gang again
-so glad they didn’t use the cgi for this performance
overall rating 9.9/10
-0.1 for that One Line
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