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#captain rex
craziest-in-the-guild · an hour ago
I came for Rough Day and I’ve stayed for the rest of the wonderful, nerdy, smutty Star Wars content. I’m working on my own Captain Rex x reader fic now.
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hrtiu · 2 hours ago
i won’t get to watch the bad batch episode until later tonight but i’m pretty confident rex isn’t in it because if he was his beautiful, chiseled-from-marble face would be ALL over my dash. y’all thirsty folks wouldn’t be able to resist.
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decoloraa · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
All I wanna do is give him a hug (or ten of them)
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cc-2020 · 2 hours ago
me: i'm fine
also me: rex and cody are canonically very close friends so it is possible that they purposefully made rex's unit color blue and cody's unit color orange because these colors are complementary in the traditional RYB color model-
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gryffindor-jedi · 4 hours ago
Echo and Fives: *Kick down Rex's door at 1 am* Rex, half-asleep: What did you do? Echo: In my defense, it was Fives's plan and he forced me into it. Fives: Well, too many people didn't die. Rex, fully awake now: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!!
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allietheallycat · 4 hours ago
I swear on my mental health filoni WHERE IS CODY TELL ME WHERE HE IS
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kaminaudio · 5 hours ago
“Cinnamon Roll Sweetness” by @pro-fangirls-unsocial-life​
Cast of Characters
Commander Cody   *   Obi-Wan Kenobi   *   Captain Rex
Every Friday, Professor Kenobi stops by the bakery Cody and his brothers run together. This time, Cody includes a little surprise with his usual order.
All audiences
Link to fic
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starshipgalaxies · 5 hours ago
I cannot wait to see Rex meet Omega. I can already picture him being weary about her, like Deserter, but once he sees how that Bad Batch are around her, he warms up to her and realizes that she's an OK kid
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clonehub · 5 hours ago
in my captain rex novel ahsoka is brown eyed. rex is bisexual. rex has lots of opinions on things that he keeps his mouth shut about but he cery quickly develops a wry sense of humor and a pretty decent skill for lying when it comes to his opinions on things. he hates opening up. he hates being vulnerable but you know sometimes both of them just hit him at once so it becomes a battle of trying to wrangle it down so he doesn't have to introspect too much. natural blonde but he hates it, fave food is the galactic equavalent of chicken fingers and french fries (next fave food is cheesy pasta). can't help but be competitive and definitely can't help but show off. if he fails at something he takes it personally. complains and talks a lot when he's drunk. his favorite lie to tell? "I'm fine."
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kratosfan6632466 · 6 hours ago
(Big “I love you moment coming guys”!)
Rex and viva were eating and watching the animals that were nearby *
They found a loth cat laying on their sheets *
Viva: looks like we have a friend
Rex : you like loth cats?
Viva: yeah lothal was nice
Rex : god I love you
Viva was shocked *
Rex : S-SORRY I didn’t mean to say that so quickly!
Viva: no it’s ok at least your honest
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hecckyeah · 7 hours ago
...... 375 days since the last Rex sighting, and I........ *claws my way across the desert* I can’t..... I must..... *collapses in the sand*
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kratosfan6632466 · 7 hours ago
Rex : alright let’s go!
Viva followed rex and just in case she brought her blaster and knife *
Rex: alright sit down here
Viva sat on the grass *
Rex : wait hold on (he put out a sheet for them to sit in as she moved over to the sheet )
Rex : there we go
Rex : considering I just met you I don’t know what food you like so I made it random
Also I got coffee
Viva : cool thank you
Rex : hey uh I’m sorry if I’m being weird about all of this it’s just that I’ve never felt this was about anyone before it’s all new to me....
Viva: I understand that
Rex : do you feel them too?
Viva: what part ?
Rex : the sudden nervousness the feeling that you ate something that went bad like right now I feel like my stomach turned into a knot
Viva : you know there’s a word for that
It’s called butterflies
Rex : hm that’s a more interesting way of saying it yeah
Viva : and yes I get them too I didn’t really think that I’d feel this way about anyone..... but I like it
Rex : oh uh heheheh I guess it’s normal for lovers to feel extremely nervous
Viva: oh yeah I’ve done a lot of research of symptoms of falling in love
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starshipgalaxies · 7 hours ago
Since apparently I'm starved of more Rex content in canon, I feel like writing a possible one shot of Rex's time with Cut that we didn't see in Episode 2 (including Ahsoka)
I have a personal headcanon that Ahsoka went with him, but Rex made Cut promise not to tell anyone
What do you think?
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phoenixyfriend · 8 hours ago
Fake Affair to Cover Up the Real Affair
Anakin asks Rex to cover for him while he calls up Padme because he needs to speak with his Wife. Obi-Wan approaches, and Rex has to scramble to come up with a reason to get Obi-Wan to leave. He panics. He rambles.
He accidentally implies that he, Captain Rex, is the one that's having an affair. I'm not sure if he implies that he's having an affair with Anakin or that he's having an affair with Padme, but Obi-Wan comes away from the conversation entirely convinced that the private conversation behind closed doors is someone getting a shovel talk to protect Rex's virtue. He makes vague allusions about it to Anakin's face later. It's just enough for Anakin to panic about his marriage.
Rex has to explain the actual mess to Anakin, followed by either Anakin pretending his employee is having an affair with his secret wife, or pretending that he himself is blatantly fraternizing with his second-in-command that his secret wife is very fond of and gave him a shovel talk about.
I'm not entirely sure Obi-Wan knows which of these situations is more likely. There's a betting pool over whether Rex is with the General or the Senator.
Every Jedi that hears about it just quietly assumes that Rex is with Padme so they can have plausible deniability about Anakin's nonsense, but then someone questions the consent situation because clones are underage and legally owned by the senate and actually no I'm not going there that's too depressing.
Endgame is poly and I want Rex to have at least three fake-out make-out moments where in order to cover up the secret marriage he just has to have a full-on snog with his boss and/or a politician.
This is very stressful for him but hopefully he comes out of it being Loved And Pampered by these people.
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moonvixenart · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just doodles, Rex with weird eyes and Hunter like stolen from disney promo pictures
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boba-fetty-wap · 11 hours ago
Anakin: I trust Ahsoka.
Rex: You think they know what they're doing?
Anakin: I wouldn't go that far.
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agentequus · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
“See? this is fiiiiii-ohmygod it’s moving it’s moving it’smovingaaaaaaaaghhh-”

“So, er…something tells me you don’t get away from Coruscant much, sir.”
 @shadowlight17 requested someone teaching someone else how to ride a horse for casual cowboy friday last week and I held onto the sketch I did to clean up for this week. thanks for the prompt!
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chevyharvelle · 11 hours ago
Me sitting here at 7:23 in the morning thinking about how if Rex and Ahsoka have already split up that means it’s the first time Rex has truly been alone. No brothers, no General or commander—
Tumblr media
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