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aboardthehavocmarauder · an hour ago
The Bad Batch x Reader • She/Her Prounouns • Angst/SFW • Mechanic!Reader
Requested by: Anon
“This is your new mechanic. Since you scared off the rest of them and the good ones don’t want to work with you”
“Are you implying she’s not good at her job?”
“No! This is the last good one willing to work with you. Well. She’s new here but all of her references give her good reviews. Don’t fuck this up. I’m not looking for any more mechanics for you” The leader of the repair crew informs the bad batch before leaving Y/N alone with the five.
“You think you can fix the hyperspace?”
“Do think I can? Already doubting me huh sergeant” Y/N pushes through the group to get to work.
Y/N pushed herself out from under the control panel when she heard the bickering grow louder.
The boys are back this soon? She thought as she cleaned up her tools before getting up to check on them.
“I can’t believe we failed”
“We wouldn’t have if Hunter have direct orders”
“Oh so this is my fault? Wrecker needs to remember the hand signals correctly. Instead of assuming one gesture means blow up the main building”
“Hey! Like you were any help. You literally fought Crosshair at his post”
“As much as I trust our sniper, someone had to watch his back—“
“I don’t need you defending me. I’ve been shot a couple times. Being stabbed wouldn’t have changed anything, if you had covered our two smartasses we would’ve gotten the codes for the republic instead of having one of them taken down and the other in the crossfire of Wrecker’s grenade”
“Wait tech and Echo—-“ Y/N shut herself up when Crosshair gestured her to do so.
“I don’t need fucking protecting Hunter.”
“You think Y/N would’ve preferred to reunite with one of us dead verses two of us injured?” Hunter got up in Crosshair’s space as he immediately pushed him back.
“I’m like a fucking roach. I wouldn’t have died that easily”
“With the amount of droids heading in your direction, you would’ve died” Tech interrupts treating Echo’s injuries and vise versa. “Wrecker should’ve waited for a signal to use that type of grenade. Then I wouldn’t be here”
“Selfish much Tech? You’re not the only one injured here”
“We’ll take into consideration the 90% of your body being mechanical”
“Tech—-“ Y/N tried to call him out for stating that, she knows Echo doesn’t like being referred to as anything other than just echo. But once again Echo now started yelling at Tech.
“I understand that I just—-“
“I UNDERSTAND THAT” Tech snaps getting up in Echo’s business as they continued.
“Seriously all of this shit could’ve been avoided if—-“
“DONT YOU DARE TRY AND DRAG THE BLAME ONTO ME” Wrecker yells at Crosshair as he grabbed him by the armor pinning him against the wall.
Hunter froze in the middle of all the arguing when he heard a rapid heart rate. He knew his brothers were at a fast pace but this one stood out. And it only meant one other person. He turns to Y/N hugging the wall trying to get out of there as she held her chest avoiding eye contact.
“Y/N. What’s wrong?” Hunter’s words weren’t piercing through as Y/N really just. Needed to get out of there.
“Y/N—-“ Hunter reached to touch her shoulder only for him to get immediately pushed.
“DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME” Y/N yells causing them all to snap out of it as she retracts into herself still panicking.
“Y/N hey—“ Echo tried this time and Y/N suddenly punched the button opening the ramp falling out of the ship.
“Y/N!” They all yelled as Y/N quickly collects herself before wandering off not wanting to spend that night on the Havoc.
“Tech track her”
“Does she even want—-“
“This is fucking Pantora. I’m not losing our cyar’ika out there because of our fucking bickering”
“Alright. If she has her comm it’ll be easier, if not—-“
“Then I’ll track her, like what I do best. Now just—“
“Already on it” Tech rolls his eyes hacking into the surveillance systems before stopping when he heard the beeping. “Who’s sending messages?”
“Have to try and talk to her one way!” Wrecker frowns sending messages through his comm in the few coded phrases he knows
“But who’s receiving?” Tech states causing them all to look at Y/N’s tools from fixing the hyperspace to see her comm laying on top of it.
“Fuck” Crosshair punches the wall of the ship before quickly stepping off. “I’m going to fucking find her and bring her—“ he felt his collar grabbed by Hunter and forcefully pulled back. “Don’t fucking try and get me in your business again”
“That’s not what Y/N would want. Her heart rate elevated the second we all started arguing.”
“You’re saying we triggered her.” Echo frowns looking at the two as he started getting angry with himself. “Fuck. Seriously why did we even—“
“Because we’re selfish. Forgetting that we can solve most of our issues before returning back. But we don’t know what it triggered—-“
“But we triggered her! It shouldn’t matter what memory could’ve caused it Tech. As much as we want to know, what matters is making sure she’s okay!”
“I second Echo! Let’s find our cyar’ika” Wrecker alerts starting the walk as Crosshair takes off a detachment from his belt that acted like a grappling hook and immediately brought himself onto the roofs to take the high ground.
“The second you get something. Send a signal” Hunter speaks into the comms the second they all spread out, getting the okays in response.
Come on.
She shouldn’t have gone far
Where the fuck would she go
I’m a fucking idiot Crosshair frowns wishing he knew so she wouldn’t have left. He soon spotted someone familiar in a window as he used the scope on his rifle to zoom in since he left his helmet behind seeing Y/N in an inn.
“I found her” then the coordinates were sent in.
Y/N sat on the floor propped up against the bed hugging her knees to her chest. What a waste of credits… she thought as she sat there. Getting a room at an inn just to get away when it could’ve been resolved. But she doesn’t like talking about it.
Parents constantly fighting is one thing
But roping you into it a number of times, and using you as the scapegoat, leaves a mark or two
Y/N froze staring at the balcony finding Crosshair as she immediately grabs the blanket and tossing it over her person to avoid it. Even though the balconies at many inns don’t have the steadiest locks and Crosshair managed to get in.
“Y/N…We’re..Im sorry about back there” Crosshair stepped forward about to sit beside her when he watches her form under the blanket flinch to the knocking. He groans to himself before letting the rest of them in. “Sorry”
“Maybe we shouldn’t have let Wrecker knock and picked in”
“Or just inform—-“ Crosshair stops himself. “I’m not going to argue this” he states setting his rifle down against the small table before kneeling down to Y/N’s covered form. “Y/N can we talk?”
No response.
Tech sat on the bed above them reaching for them before retracting himself. “I’m sorry about the yelling back there. It got a bit carried away”
“I didn’t mean to be so loud, can just be how I speak sometimes.” Wrecker sat down on the right side of her body.
“Didn’t realize you were in the room until Hunter confronted you. Honestly, I didn’t think you would react the way you did. We argue quite a lot” Echo frowns sitting on the other side of her as Y/N removes the blanket from over her head still covering herself in it.
“We’re just worried cyar’ika, we didn’t mean to have you storm off like that. Didn’t mean to freak you out” Hunter reassures kneeling beside Crosshair, holding his hand out fo her expecting rejection until she took it.
“I’m sorry…I-I shouldn’t..have left. I should’ve…”
“No love. You don’t have to apologize. You needed to get out of there and you did.” Tech reassures.
“We shouldn’t have brought our fight into the ship. It should be a safe place for you as it is for us. Didn’t mean to ruin that for you” Echo states feeling Y/N lean up against him wiping away the tears that fell as he immediately wraps an arm around her shoulders.
“We’re sorry, cyar’ika” Crosshair frowns brining himself closer as Y/N unravels her person to come off as less defensive.
“You five didn’t know I’d react that way…I never really could react when my parents constantly fought. I just. Couldn’t be there anymore…”
Y/N felt more tears coming as Wrecker took care of them gently wiping them away seeing her smile when he did. He gently rests his hand on her head petting her hair as it seemed to calm her more.
“We didn’t know…but now we do. And we can sure promise to not fight like that anymore”
“Or realistically, not on the Marauder.”
“And yknow we’ll try our best not to get you involved in our pointless fighting. Don’t want you getting hurt in any way” Hunter reassures finally as Y/N continues to wear that soft smile of hers to reassure her boys.
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schlorbe · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
i erm redrew it😖 the skin tones were way off so i wanted to fix it i hope this is more accurate if not let me know 😓
i added a new instalment of crosshair so hopefully yall don’t mind seeing it on your feeds again
again HEAVILY inspired by @suja-janee !!!
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aboardthehavocmarauder · 4 hours ago
I just want Wrecker cuddles 😔
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murdertoothpick · 4 hours ago
dave filoni how much money would it take for you to rewrite the rest of tbb episodes so that crosshair gets his chip removed and is reunited with tbb and they move to a planet on the outer rim and live on a farm and it becomes a slice of life sitcom, i have $3 in my bank account ready to be transferred
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fat-zygerrian · 6 hours ago
Should I write Wrecker smut? Like. Would anyone read it or am I the only one who wants to get wrecked by this giant man?
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thicctails · 7 hours ago
Summer of Whump Day 12 [Death/Rebirth]
Tumblr media
A direct continuation of the last one!
 The room was quiet when Tech entered, the only sound being his and Omega’s breathing. He slowly inched forward, trying his best not to look at the glaringly obvious wound on Omega’s back. He took a seat, folding his arms and resting his head on them. Today had been a complete mess, and he was still processing it. Their chips weren’t supposed to activate! Crosshair was suppose to be the exception, not just a warning of what was to come! Thank the Maker for Rex, he wasn’t sure what they would have done without his help.
 A shudder runs through him at the thought of Wrecker’s chip activating while they were on the ship or on a mission. Hell, he could have easily ended their lives in their sleep at any point. Apparently, they had all been one blow to the head away from becoming killing machines. Today had proved that the chips truly took away any semblance of control, because Wrecker would never have hurt Omega if he could have helped it.
 ‘But,’ Tech thought sadly, ‘he still did.’
 Wrecker had hurt Omega, and it wasn’t just a little injury. Her neck was purple with bruises, and he could still couldn’t bring himself to look at her back. He knew he’d have to, she’d need to have bandages applied soon, if the bacta did its job, but he wanted to avoid it for as long as possible. He’d hurt her, and Tech wasn’t sure how to feel. He wanted to feel angry at Wrecker, wanted to have someone close by who he could take his anger out on, but he knew it wasn’t his brother’s fault. It was the Empire who had put those chips in their heads, in all of their brothers’ heads.
 He settled on feeling mad at everything.
 Omega shifted slightly, her face scrunching up in disgruntlement. Tech frowned, unsure of how to help. Was she having a nightmare? Was she in pain? He couldn’t tell.
 “What’s going on in your head, little one?” He asked softly, taking one of Omega’s hands. Her hands were so small compared to his own, and he was once again reminded of how young she really was.
   Omega blinked, finding herself in familiar darkness. Waves of purple and blue rippled around her, ebbing through the void. She tries to move, and discovers that, unlike before, when she had felt grounded and normal, she now feels much lighter.
 ‘I wonder if this is how clouds feel.’ She thought, smiling as she floated around.
 “That’s an interesting thought, young one.”
 The voice surprises Omega, and she spins around to see a man standing before her. He was dressed in long, brown robes that hung loosely off of him. He had long hair that flowed over his shoulders and his eyes were a kind blue. An aura of blue light seemed to emanate from him.
 “Who are you?” Omega asked.
 “A friend. Would you like some company?” The man asked, not quite answering her question.
 Omega shrugs. “Sure. Not like there’s much to do here.”
 The man chuckles a bit and sits down, crossing his legs. “Yes, I suppose this place isn’t the most entertaining for a child.”
 Omega sat down as well. “Yeah, you’d think a dream would be more interesting.” She frowns. “Wait, if I’m dreaming, why are you here? I don’t know you.”
 The man’s smile turns a bit sad. “This is no dream, young one. You are in the Between.”
 “The… what?” Omega was confused.
 “The Between is the place that exists on the line between life and death. You haven’t passed on yet, but you are close enough to that point that you can exist here.” The man explained, gesturing to the void around them.
 Omega looked at her hands, then back up at the man. “So, I’m dying? Isn’t there anything I can do? Are you dying?”
 The man shook his head. “I passed on years ago. The best thing you can do is find peace and wait to see what the Force wills.”
 “Peace? How can you tell me to find peace?! I’m dying!” Omega yelped. “That’s not something you feel peaceful about!’
 “You are strong in the Force. Your body might be gone, but your soul will remain. There is nothing to fear.” The man said, trying to calm her down.
 “Easy for you to say, you’re dead! Look, maybe you were okay with dying, but I’m not.” She huffed, getting to her feet.
 “Where are you going?” The man asked, sounding somewhat amused.
 “I’m gonna find a way out of here. I need to tell Wrecker that what happened wasn’t his fault!” Omega said, looking back over her shoulder as she picked a direction and started walking.
    She did not find a way out.
 Omega groaned and flopped down when, for the third time, she ended up back where she started. The man was still there, looking over at her as she visibly deflated.
 “This sucks.” She muttered.
 “Giving up?” The man asked.
 “Well I don’t really have a choice. There’s no way out, so I guess I just have to wait and see if I die.” Omega sighed, tears starting to form as she felt frustration build in her chest.
 “If you give up, you almost certainly will. You must have faith in yourself and in the Force.” The man said, patting the space beside him. “Come, I’ll show you how to meditate. Connecting with the Force isn’t a bad way to pass some time.”
Omega looked uncertain, but moved to sit next to the man.
 “So, are you going to tell me your name, or am I going to have to call you “dead bearded dude” forever?” Omega asked, not afraid to sass a ghost.
 The man actually laughed at that. “You remind me a great deal of my padawan. He always had a quick remark ready on his tongue. My name is Qui-Gon Jinn, but you may call me Jinn.”
 “Your padawan? You’re a Jedi?” Omega questioned.
 “I was. I died before… well, before everything went wrong. I wish I had been able to stay around longer. I had never wanted to leave my padawan alone like I did. I’m not sure he ever found peace after my passing.” Jinn said, sounding remorseful.
 “I’m sure he misses you. I don’t think I would get over the death of someone I cared about very easily, if at all.” Omega said, staring out into the shifting darkness.
 “Jedi aren’t supposed to mourn. We believe that there is no real death, just your life returning to the Force.” Jinn responded.
 “Wow. That sounds…” Omega frowned, her brow wrinkling, “really awful. No wonder the Force is mad at you guys.”
 “What?” Jinn reeled back a bit, not at all expecting Omega’s statement.
 “Yeah. It said that the Jedi ruined someone named Anakin. I think he was the Force’s favourite.” She said.
 Jinn blinked. “How do you know about my grandpadawan?”
 “The Force told me. I was created to be Force-Sensitive, so I have an unnaturally strong connection.” Omega explained.
 The ghost’s eyes widened.
 “Oh Maker, that- that is not good.” He whispered. “How the hell did they manage to piss of the Force?!”
 “Maybe by teaching this Anakin guy your terrible ideas on life?” She deadpanned. “Did you tell him to not mourn and also to just be at peace with dying?”
 “Something like that…” Jinn said, putting a hand on his face.
 “Jedi suck.” Omega said simply.
 “They can.” Jinn agreed. “But not all of them are bad. My padawan tried to help Anakin, but he didn’t understand how bad things were until it was too late. The guilt he feels from his failure is so great, I feel it even as we speak.”
 “What happened to them?” Omega asked. “Your padawan and Anakin?”
 “Anakin has fallen to the Dark side, and he now acts as the Empire’s attack dog. My padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, now resides on Tatooine. He watches over Anakin’s son.” Jinn said. “If you would like, I could ask him to train you. I could tell right away that you were strong in the Force, even before you told me to what extent. I’m sure you and him would get along extremely well.”
 “I don’t think I’ll be doing any training for a while.” Omega said. “I- I got really hurt today.”
 “I know. The Force felt your pain, and we could feel its alarm.” Jinn said sympathetically. “What happened?”
 “I’ve been travelling around with a group of clones who’s chips didn’t activate right away. Today, one of theirs did, and he ended up chasing me down into the bottom of a Jedi cruiser. There was lots of steam and really hot metal, and, and…” Omega shuddered at the memory, phantom pain rippling through her.
 Wait, was that phantom pain?
 “It seems as though the Force doesn’t wish for you to join us yet.” Jinn said, pointing to Omega’s hands. They were becoming more and more transparent as the seconds passed.
 “What’s happening?” Omega cringed as she felt another wave of pain hit her, a couple of tears dripping down her cheeks.
 “Don’t be afraid. You’re waking up.” Jinn said quickly. “Consider my offer, little one. Reach out to me when you have healed.”
 Omega tried to respond, but found herself unable to. She felt heavy, and she started to fall into the void. She blinked, and the world went white.
    Wrecker hovered by the doorway, unwilling to go in. When he’d woken up, his memory had been fuzzy for a moment. His head had ached a bit, but nothing like it had before. He’d been shocked to see the muzzle of a blaster pointed at his face, and even more surprised to see that it was Rex who was holding it. He’d held up his hands instinctively, shrinking back in shock. He must have done the right thing, because Rex’s face had softened and he had moved the blaster away. Once he’d gotten over his surprise, he’d asked why Rex had been pointing a blaster at him.
 His stomach had dropped when he got his answer.
 He’d been standing just outside the door for a while now, needing to see for himself that Omega was alive, but also not being able to bring himself to face her after what he had done.
 He’d been assured that no one blamed him for what had happened, that it was the chip’s fault. But it hadn’t been a piece of metal in his brain that had grabbed Omega by her little throat and slammed her against that burning hot steel. That had been him. How did you even begin to apologize for something like that? Could you even apologize for that? Or had he just irreversibly shattered his relationship with Omega?
 Rex’s voice brought him out of his own head. The blonde was standing on the opposite side of the doorway, looking at Wrecker expectantly.
 “Aren’t you going to go in?” He knew that Echo was sleeping in the room, so he kept his voice low.
 “No, uh, I don’t think so.” Wrecker murmured. “I think I’ll stay out here.”
 “For how long?”
 Rex sighed. “Wrecker, you can’t keep avoiding them.”
 “But what if they all hate me? I wouldn’t even want to be around me after what I did.” He said, crossing his arms as he looked away.
 “No one hates you, Wrecker. You were a victim, too.” Rex said.
 Wrecker didn’t respond, still looking down at the floor as Rex laid a comforting hand on his arm.
 “Just remember, Omega is going to need all of her buirs while she recovers.” Rex said, smiling as Wrecker startled at the title.
 The burly man turned the word over in his head. He’d only ever been a vod before, and he’d never even once consider that he might someday be something more. The idea wasn’t an unpleasant one; he actually liked the idea of being seen as a parental figure, but how could Rex even think that Omega would still think of him as such, if she ever had before.
 Suddenly, he heard a familiar yelp, followed by a thud. Instinctively, he jolted into the room, eyes wide with fear when he saw Omega on the ground. Tech, who seemed to have been dozing off, had startled awake, knocking over the chair with how fast he stood up.
 “Omega!” He gasped, stepping forward to help her up.
 Tech beat him to it, the younger clone easing Omega into his arms with extreme care. Omega instantly buried her face in his chest, shivering as she whined in pain.
 Hunter and Echo practically materialized beside Tech at the sound, and Wrecker didn’t miss the way Hunter’s hands twitched upwards, like he wanted to take Omega from Tech and hold her himself.
 Perhaps Rex hadn’t been too far off when he’d called them her buirs.
 “What happened?” He asked, shuffling a bit closer.
 Tech’s eyes flickered up towards him, and he silent exhaled in relief when he saw no traces of the hatred he had been expecting to see.
 “I don’t know. She was sleeping just fine, and then she suddenly woke up and fell off the cot. I think she’s feeling her injuries.” He said, quickly looking towards Rex. “Where is the sedatives? We need to give her a low dose so we can reapply the bacta.”
 “It’s in the cabinets. Wrecker, grab a sedative from that cabinet there!” Rex barked, rushing over to a different cabinet. Wrecker obeyed without question, retrieving a pack of needles with a green liquid within them.
 He gives the sedatives to Tech as he set Omega down. The girl wasn’t too happy about having to release Tech, and she clung to him as she cried. Tech looked at Hunter for help, needing to administer the sedative but not wanting to make Omega even more upset. The man instantly brought Omega into a hug, holding her while Tech opened a needle. He whispered reassurances as Omega tucked her face into his neck, shivering all the while.
 Finally, Tech managed to get the sedative ready and he stuck it into Omega’s neck, grimacing when she squeaked in pain. After a few tense minutes had passed, Omega relaxed, still breathing hard as the sedative kicked in. Rex came over soon after with some more bacta, and they quickly applied the healing substance. Omega pulled her face away from Hunter’s neck and looked around the room, her eyes wet and still a bit wild looking. Her eyes met Wrecker’s, and the enhanced clone realized that he was now in the very room he had just been trying to avoid.
 “Hey Wr-wrecker,” She said, her voice still shaky, “how’s y-y-your head?”
 To his complete and utter surprise, she smiled at him as best she could. It was a little bit wobbly, and it looked like it was hard to keep it there, but he could tell she wasn’t forcing it.
 “It’s- it’s good. I’m okay now.” He said, rubbing the back of his head.
 “Oh, g-good! I was w-worried ‘bout you.” Omega said, leaning against Hunter’s chest as she shakes.
 “Me? You shouldn’t worry about me, Omega. I’m not worth worrying over.” He said, shaking his head. Omega frowned, her eyes becoming misty.
 “N-no! It’s not your fault! You weren’t in control!” She argued, trying to sit up. She hissed when her back muscles were moved, and she was quickly eased back down as Echo gently pushed on her arm. “Please don’t blame yourself.”
 She sniffed, and Wrecker quickly put his hands up. “Okay, okay you’re right! I won’t blame myself! Please don’t cry…”
 He moved closer to her, kneeling down in front of the cot. She reached a hand out, and Wrecker slowly took it gently. She squeezed his hand, blinking away tears. She breathed, struggling a bit from her throat muscles being deeply bruised.
 “I-I,” He started, looking down as he tried to think about what to say, “I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am, Omega. I tried to control it, tried to stop, but I just-”
 “Couldn’t.” Omega finished. “I know Wrecker. It’s okay, I forgive you.”
 “Don’t.” He said instantly. “Don’t forgive me, at least not yet. I gotta earn that.”
 Omega huffed but nodded. “Okay Wrecker, if you say so.”
 Wrecker nodded, more to himself than to Omega. He kept holding her hand as Echo applied bandaged, the clone trying to avoid touching Omega’s skin as much as possible. After around half an hour had passed, Omega’s eyes began to droop. She yawned and, upon deciding that Hunter would make a good pillow, leaned into him and settled down to sleep. Hunter didn’t dare move, lest he disturb Omega. Even when she fell into a far more peaceful sleep, she kept a sturdy hold on Wrecker’s hand.
     Pillow sniffed the air, trying to figure out where Warm One had gone. Blue Stripes, a new human that had apparently joined their group, had led Warm One’s pack into this large, broken metal den, and they had yet to come back out. He’d brought her doll, just in case they were staying here for a while. Pillow hauled his way up into a vent, wiggling through the cold metal space. He could hear something moving around up ahead, so he followed it, eventually ending up above an open room. He poked his head down, cocking his head in confusion.
 There was a human standing in the room, staring at something in his hand. He wore the same colours as the other members of Warm One’s pack, and he smelled extremely similar to them, but he didn’t recognize him.
 ‘Must be a lost clutchmate.’ He thought sadly. ‘Poor human. Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back to your pack!’
 He dropped down, sitting on his haunches. He honked a greeting as the human whirled around, his weapon raised. Ah, he must not understand that he was here to help. Humans had practically useless noses, after all. They needed to use their eyes to identify each other.
 Pillow dropped the doll, nudging it towards the human. He pauses, then picks up the doll, turning it over and examining it.
 ‘See? I know where your family is!’ He thought.
The human stares at the doll, then at Pillow.
 “Where did you get this?” He asked, and Pillow thinks that his voice is a bit… cold.
 Ignoring that, he sniffs the air again. It takes a moment, but he eventually picks up the scent of blood and tears and familiarity. He honked, now worried. Was Warm One hurt? Was that why she hadn’t come back?
 ‘Hold on, Warm One. I’m coming!’ He thought, taking off down the hallway. The new human was quick to follow.
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bluedaddysgirl · 8 hours ago
Two more chapters of Imperial!Omega & Imperial!Crosshair are out today! In this one, shit hits the fan and Omega gets lethal.
Maybe one more tomorrow... I think we're two chapters away from the ending.
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clanoffetts · 8 hours ago
Hi hi Cait!! 💖 Bestie, I am so exited for you - congrats on 400!!! That is amazing! You are such an incredible writer and kind friend.
I have a Wrecker thot for you, I’m thinking about coming up behind him while he’s standing near a table (working on something) smiling at his distracted “hey, pretty girl” while you wrap your arms around his waist. Your hand slides down the front of his blacks, and you’re crooning “shhh, big guy - let me take care of you”, when he starts to protest that it’s his turn to do that to you.
It doesn’t take long before he’s hard, he’s been aching all day for you. It doesn’t matter than your hand can barely reach around his thick cock, just your touch has him moaning, his hips bucking against your hand. A moment ago he tried to turn around, so he could touch you too, but you pressed your weight into his back, keeping him trapped between your body and the table.
He’s putty in your hands, beautiful groans coming from him as you bring him closer and closer, his own large hands gripping the table so hard the durasteel warps at the edges. It feels like all too soon that he’s moaning, his back going rigid against you as stroke him. The sound of your name dies on his tongue as he cums, his release messy and dripping down your hand as you milk every last drop from him.
“Mine.” Your voice is low, as you bring a finger to your mouth to taste.
His answering chuckle is utterly spent, “Yours.”
JESS????? OMG??? this destroyed me holy shit
400 follower celebration - thot/hc night!
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di-kutla · 8 hours ago
Ahhh! I've been reading your tags on Tech specific posts and I agree!
He is the emotional rock and anchor for the boys and, as much as it would hurt, I do want to see him break. That would be such a sharp contrast to everything we have seen from him, and I want to know how his brothers would react to their most emotionally reserved (distant?) brother.
And I fully agree with your idea of him being an insomniac. I've headcanoned that his brain is almost too active for his own good, and it won't rest - so sleep is either fleeting or near impossible for Tech.
And I FULLY agree with the desire to see Wrecker reconcile with his brothers over what happened in Battle Scars. He choked Tech, and almost killed Hunter, but we only see him apologize to Omega? I was a little frustrated that we didn't see him get to talk to his brothers about that situation, as the brothers relationship is the most important part of the show to me. I don't know but... ah, I think I'm frustrated that we only really got to see how Omega reacted to that whole situation? The episode focused on her, when I was desperate to see how Tech would respond to his big brother choking him - especially since I see Tech as almost unable to process one of his brothers hurting him? And to see how Hunter was feeling after Wrecker almost killed him, but ugh, that's :/
Anyways, just wanted to say that I love seeing your tags about Tech!
honestly i think at this point its a necessity for Tech to finally just. break, and i just hope its in this overly exaggerated way! i want there to be emphasis that Tech has never reached this point before, he has always been able to keep himself under control no matter how exhausted or stressed hes been before. I want the emotional breakdown to crash through him so hard and fast that it leaves him so devastatingly exhausted that he cant even stand on his own and Hunter and Wrecker have to run to catch him from falling. I want Tech's breaking to break them. and really i think more than anything i want Tech's final breaking point to be just. something, ANYTHING relating to Crosshair.
i completely understand why they would keep all the focus on Omega, and show the importance of Wrecker apologizing to her and explaining that he tried. she's not a soldier, this was never the life that she was meant for. she was never trained for this and is so unaccustomed to the terror and the violence that could possibly follow. though she was raised around soldiers, she was kept pretty sheltered, i think. whereas, this is the life that the batch is used to, what they were born for and trained for. so i get the distinction and the importance of Wrecker apologizing to her
but still the FRUSTRATION of not getting the same with Hunter and Tech bc, like you said, these are his brothers, these are two people who he was raised with, trained with, theyve been through everything together. they are his team, his family. Wrecker would never hurt them, and they would never in their life think that Wrecker could hurt them, but now its happened! even if it was bc of the inhibitor chip a line has still been crossed. even if it wasnt Wrecker's fault, there still had to have been a shift in trust and awareness on Hunter and Tech's side of things
and that needs to be addressed! it needs to be rectified! there needs to be a clear understanding of "you didn't mean to do this, and i don't blame you, but it still happened and we still need to work through the aftermath. things have changed, but we can get past it and come out on top" and frankly if i am not given this then i will have to do it my damn self!!
#carif answers#wwheeljack#tech#wrecker#the bad batch#i just. AGH#let me see the consequences for actions taken#let me see the reconciliation!!#give me the horror and the shame and the emotional conversations that are almost too hard to have but NEED to be had!!!#give me the not broken but fractured trust and then show me that despite the difficult things and the hardships that trust is still there!!#and at its very foundations is unshakable no matter what happens!!!#except apparently if you are crosshair bc then one (1) specific bespectacled brother just throws everything out the window then#i just. god. GOD#honestly ive been debating it and i think i might start a fic series that just. addresses these sort of things i guess??#like i have a few ideas like wrecker apologizing to tech#and also rex and echo actually talking about fives#just stuff happening between scenes or between eps that i wish would have gotten addressed or talked about deeper#cause theres just. THERES A LOT#ANYWAY god sorry i went on a rant dksjf;a#thank you for the ask and im really happy youve been enjoying my tech tags i just. i love him very much and i have a lot of thoughts!!#also sorry this took me a hot minute to get to ive been slammed with work and prepping to move#and wait okay one more thought really i think it would really be more hunter and tech trying to brush off what happened#even echo would probably shrug it off bc wrecker did say that he tried to fight it#but still just the amount of shame wrecker would be feeling for it regardless#i think there really would be this interesting distinction to be explored of like....... knowing there is a line#between who you are and what the chip is making you do#but in that moment that line is just so blurred and everything just kind of bleeds together the longer the chip stays activated#and even after the chip deactivates or is removed its still just. hard to distinguish if who you were before and after the chip#were really two separate people at all#i. this may be a scene and conversation that i want to write between tech and cross bc i just. i have a lot of thoughts about them frankly
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