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#the bad batch
elysiadjarin · 6 minutes ago
Sword and Shield 3
Summary: Bad Batch x reader (you), fem!coded, poly!relationship, multi-part series, nonhuman!reader, Echo later on
Chapter 2:
Warning: Mentions of previous abuse/trauma, and an injury.
3: Integrate
Nervously, you bit your lip and tugged at your hair. You’d secured it so it would stay out of your face for the mission, and you’d already gone over the notes you’d taken the previous day as you’d gotten ready for the day. Dressed in your gear, you double-checked that you had everything.
The whole crew had gathered in the cockpit while approaching the mission site to receive orders from Hunter.
“Tech, tell them the layout and strategy.”
Tech adjusted his goggles and pulled up a holoscreen. “Our mission is to obtain some information that’s been stored in a vault underneath this Separatist bunker,” he said, pointing at the map. It zoomed in on the bunker’s location, revealing the armored doors.
“It’s only going to be there for one day before it’s supposed to be moved, so we have to move in on this intel as soon as possible,” Tech continued, laying out the stakes. “This might be our only chance to get our hands on his information, especially since this base is out in the middle of nowhere. It’s held in the base, but there’s not much of a guard around the bunker itself.”
“So how are we getting in?” Wrecker asked, clearly eager to get to the plan.
“The biggest problem is going to be getting in. Once we’re in, it’ll be a quick and easy trip to the vault. There’s a holopad right by the doorway. I need a running distraction to let me get close enough to hack it and get us in.” Tech adjusted his glasses.
“Cross will find a point to pick off whoever comes in and out of those doors,” Hunter spoke up, focused on piloting while he listened. “Wrecker, we’re going to need you to try to run as big of a distraction as possible and keep them occupied. Tech will get close to the door, and I’ll follow behind him as close as possible to watch his back while he’s hacking the keypad.”
Tech turned to you, observing you. “We don’t know much about your skills yet. Do you see a place that would best suit you?”
You thought for a moment, eyebrows furrowing as you ran though the plan in your mind. “I’ve studied the footage and information you gave me yesterday,” you said, slow but even. “Considering the way we’re approaching this, I think I should be most useful if the Sergeant uses me as a weapon. Since I’m versatile and can be changed depending on what the situation requires, the close combat might be best for me. Plus, once we’re in, I might be able to help clear a path.”
“Sounds like a solid plan,” Hunter said crisply. “Hold on, we’re entering the atmosphere.”
Everyone grabbed onto something or strapped in as the descent began, and you grabbed onto a hanging strap, bracing your feet. You caught sight of Wrecker turning to you, and you glanced up at him instinctively.
“Oh, hey, thanks for the food yesterday!” he called over the rattling, grinning so wide that you swore you could count his teeth. “It was really good!”
The comment took you off guard, and you had to grab onto another strap to keep yourself from sliding against the floor. “Y-you’re welcome,” you called back, feeling some heat creep up your neck and cheeks. You supposed that answered your question about whether they’d at least found the portions.
Hunter evened the ship out as you broke through the atmosphere, leveling out and beginning to more smoothly descent. Everyone relaxed again, checking gear and preparing for the landing itself.
You took in a deep breath, closing your eyes for a moment in order to mentally prepare yourself. You’d have to create a Transference Bond with the Sergeant, so it would take a moment. You only opened your eyes once you felt the landing gear hit the ground and the ship settle in landing.
Hunter stood once the process was complete, turning. “Let’s go.” Once at the ramp, he turned to the group. “Gear and Plan?” He checked. Running his eyes over everyone and getting their confirmation, he turned to you. “Commander Rex explained a little of the process of Transference Bonding to me to give me a basis of understanding. I suppose it wouldn’t be the best idea to do it all at once.”
You shook your head. “I could, but it’s easier to do it one by one to give me a distinction between each Bond,” you answered, knowing the importance of explaining how you worked.
He nodded. Taking a breath, he held out his hand to you. “I suppose it’s time. Everyone watch and listen closely for when you have to do it yourself,” he ordered.
You nodded back, straightening. “You have to offer your hand and say ‘Permission to Transfer.’ It begins the process for me to able to start Transference.”
Hunter stared at you, focused. “Permission to Transfer,” he repeated in a firm, even tone.
You let the sensation of the sucking whirlpool in your gut start to grow stronger, stirred by the initiating words. Deliberately, you reached out and grasped his hand. “Once I finish the initiating words, you’re going to feel a strange sensation like you’re absorbing something into your body. Don’t fight it, just let it happen so I can stabilize the connection,” you warned. “If you feel anything like a weird snap or push in the back of your head, that’s just the Bond solidifying.” You took in a deep breath. “The more open you let yourself be towards me, the stronger the connection.”
Hunter nodded in understanding.
You closed your eyes. “Transfer Granted,” you said, finishing the circuit. Again, you worked through the suctioning sensation, allowing your body to Shift into a basic form you knew very well. Opening your eyes once the sensations settled, you checked the Bond and stability of your connection.
Hunter had been surprisingly receptive compared to most first-time Handlers, and you found the Bond to be pretty sturdy all things considered. As soon as you feel comfortable, getting used to the new Handler, you let yourself materialize over his shoulder.
“I usually start out with a standard blaster,” you said, your voice a little wispier than normal as you pointed at the blaster in his hand.
He stared down at the weapon, turning it over in his hands. “I can hear you both out loud and like... like an echo in my head,” he remarked, voice a little terse.
You nodded. “It’s part of the Bonding. You can communicate with me out loud, but in cases when silence is required or for quick-time response, there’s a limited mental connection created. You can either speak in words or visualize, whichever comes more easily to you. That’s also how you can customize me as a weapon, by visualizing or describing to me the specific modifications that you want,” you explained, used to the process by now. “I don’t read your mind, you have to sort of... push them towards me, in a sense. It’s a limited connection,” you added, knowing the trepidation of the idea of someone possibly being able to read your mind.
He relaxed a little at that, and a blurred image started to bloom in the back of your mind. You tilted your head, and slowly the image started to crystallize as Hunter got used to the Bond and the communication. You picked up on the request, and between one breath and the next, you had Shifted into a modified blaster specifically balanced to his preference.
You took in a breath. “Please be patient with me,” you requested. “It takes me a little while to become completely accustomed to your particular fighting styles in order to best accommodate to your strengths. It may take me some time in the beginning.”
Wrecker bent forward, squinting at you. “Hey Shiv — I can call you that, right? — why do you look so... blurry?”
Tech adjusted his goggles. “It’s more like she’s a shadow, Wrecker,” he remarked clinically, observing you closely. “I think it’s the only way she can manifest herself since she’s technically the weapon itself.”
You nodded at him. “Tech is right. It’s kind of my astral form,” you confirmed.
“Cool!” Wrecker grinned at the general vicinity of your face.
“Alright, let’s go,” Hunter said, starting down the ramp and off towards the direction of the base.
You mentally picked apart the details of the modified weapon he’d shown you, making sure your copy of it was exact down to the weight and size. You tried your best to recall all the footage you’d analyzed the day before, specifically the patterns you’d noticed and highlighted about the Sergeant. You’d have to try to accommodate yourself to his movements and attempt to predict his preferences in weaponry and how he chose to utilize it. That way, you could start to make your performance seamless and save precious nanoseconds of response time that could mean the difference between life and death.
He glanced down at you, feeling the slight shift in the weight as you adjusted. A distant voice sounded in the back of your mind. If I wanted to change weapons, how would I ask?
You strained to hear. Project a little more towards the area you feel like the Bond is. You coached. You’re a bit faint.
He repeated the question, and it sounded much clearer and louder.
Thank you. I can hear better. The best way is to either mentally request it, or to visualize it again like you did to modify this blaster. Whichever is easier for you. You responded to his question.
I tend to visualize things when thinking. Hunter said. I think that’s how it’ll probably come across.
I understand, you acknowledged. After all, different people worked differently. Luckily, you’d worked with both visualizers as well as stream-of-consciousness, full word or sentence thinkers. I’m only limited by the amount of information you give me. I can Shift in nanoseconds, but if you don’t make sure to specify everything, it might be incomplete or a little different than what you wanted. You warned.
He nodded wordlessly, just as you came up to the clearing where the base was. The planet itself was rather forested, and the base had been set in the middle of a small clearing, half-hidden from above by the tree canopy. You briefly wondered how much intel had been needed in order to even find this place, much less know when and how long the intel would be shipped through this base anyway.
Two guards stood by the door, holding electro-spears with blasters at their sides. You didn’t doubt that there were probably more stationed within the base as well that would probably stream out like a disturbed ants nest once a confrontation began.
“Alright,” Hunter hissed lowly, gathering everyone’s attention. Cross, find a spot. You’ve got three minutes. Wrecker, get ready to run distraction. Yes, you can blow the ground sky-high for all I care, just make it big enough and keep their attention for as long as you can. Tech, get ready to slip around once Wrecker has them occupied.”
A sudden idea occurred to you. Cloaking shield. You whispered to Hunter, sending across a visualization of your possible contribution.
He instantly pounced on the idea. “Shiv is going to create a cloaking shield, get over here,” he hissed to Tech, who stepped closer to Hunter’s side. “We’ll use this to get as close as possible. If our cover’s blown, I’ll back you up.”
Tech nodded, pushing the visor of his helmet down in preparation. A minute later, Hunter nodded. “Let’s go.” He motioned to Wrecker.
With a booming laugh that you swore rattled through your currently nonexistent bones, Wrecker took a running leap into the clearing and slammed his fists into the ground. Chunks of earth went flying, and just as expected, the two armored guards started to run towards him. As soon as Hunter decided they were distracted enough, he motioned decisively.
You Shifted, creating the cloaking shield large enough for both him and Tech to fit under. Hunter started to move around the edge of the clearing, trying to stay a bit away from the flying rubble as Wrecker pulled out his grenades. You tried your best to keep monitoring, materializing over Hunter’s shoulder in order to keep eyes out for the flying rubble that might cause you to lose concentration if it hit the shield too hard or unexpectedly.
“How long can you hold it?” Hunter hissed, trying to stay quiet but let Tech in on the conversation.
“As long as nothing directly damages or hits me, as long as you need,” you whispered back. “But I expend more energy the larger of a weapon or shield that I am required to be.”
He nodded, helmet focused forward. You’d almost reached the doors, and the doors had cracked open to briefly allow backup to wriggle through.
“There’s going to be a risk,” you warned them as you reached the keypad. “I can’t hide the fact that the keypad is going to disappear from view or be tampered with. If anyone notices, the cover is blown.”
Hunter nodded. “Tech, you know how fast you can work. Concentrate, we’ll give you cover.”
Tech nodded, instantly pulling out some gear and hooking himself up to the keypad.
Hunter started filtering information to you about various weapons and their modifications he preferred to use, and you started instantly absorbing the information. To your surprise, you found that his visuals were extremely detailed, to the point that you almost started feeling them yourself. Everything in his head felt so much... crisper. So much more. You realized that it did make sense, considering his heightened senses. Everything would feel that much more to him, so it would naturally be transferred to you, especially considering your Bond.
Send me your Instincts, you whispered to him mentally.
You let your astral form float a little in front of him, then pointed to his hands. Push across every instinct that you can towards the Bond. Channel them straight to me. Let your thoughts and instincts flow straight through the Bond, like a stream rushing by.
Hunter glanced at you, keeping an eye out for the distraction Wrecker was running. Crosshair had begun to snipe them down one by one, you vaguely noted. What does that do?
You started to feel him direct towards you, trying your best to accommodate and map out the way his instincts were honed. I am a living weapon, Sergeant, you reminded him. If a weapon could understand your instincts and become a part of your body, an extension of yourself, able to work with your thoughts in real time, what would you do with that? How would you shape that weapon and use it? I am a tool. I am a weapon, under your control. Please use me. This is my job.
Sometimes, the words felt like betrayal, coming from your own mind and mouth. Even though you knew you had worth, were more than just an object, you also knew that your part in this war and what you fundamentally were as a being was... a weapon. A weapon to be utilized to devastating effect. To kill, or to protect... to shield, or to destroy.
I am a weapon. You are a Handler. I will be used however you decide.
Hunter’s eyes hardened as he glanced at your form, and you felt his fingers tighten around the handle of the cloaking shield. But he said nothing and continued to funnel everything like a rushing stream into the Bond.
Tech hissed. “I’ve got it.”
The doors slid open, revealing an empty hallway.
Hunter stepped forward. “Get in, now, before anyone notices,” he barked.
Tech and Hunter quickly stepped in, heading down the corridor.
Blaster, Hunter requested.
You Shifted, allowing the cloaking shield to disappear. The three of you crept down the hallway, Tech leading the way as he glanced down at the map of the base he’d managed to strip. He fiddled with his controls as he led down the twisting hallways, opening doors as necessary.
“The intel holding should be just past this door,” Tech whispered tersely, holding his device up to the blast doors. The infrared picked up several life forms, and when he switched to x-ray, a couple of droids showed up on the screen.
“Those are assassin droids,” you whispered urgently, recognizing the shape and build.
Hunter nodded grimly. “Tech, once the doors are open, go for the others. We’ll handle the droids.”
You leaned toward Hunter’s ear. “Weaken the head plates and use a vibro-shiv to get to the cores,” you whispered, knowing how those droids worked. You’d lost Handlers before thanks to the stupid droids and their required close-combat.
Hunter nodded, and the doors started to open. As soon as they’d opened wide enough, Tech followed Hunter’s nod and slid around the corner. They both started to shoot at the same time. A few of the organic soldiers dropped thanks to getting caught in crossfire from the assassin droids, and Hunter started to target the head plates of the droids.
You quickly picked up on his flow of movement, correcting for precision aiming and knocking plates loose from the droids. Three of them started converging on you, and Hunter shouted at Tech.
“Get to cover!”
In a heartbeat, you’d Shifted into the vibro-shiv and he’d slashed at the wiring under one of the droid’s loose plates. It started to stagger, some of the support lost. Kicking out at the other, Hunter quickly managed to incapacitate the other two enough to slash at their wires as well. It didn’t take long for them to stagger about, losing some of their motor functions.
Tech found an opening and managed to nail one droid right in the exposed core, downing it in a shower of sparks. Hunter sank the shiv into another core, but you’d already caught sight of the last droid starting to point its blastered hand.
Hardly thinking, you bulked the weight of the vibro-shiv and made Hunter drop at the unexpected weight, barely missing the blast that went over his head. You returned it to normal a second later, and Hunter whirled on his heels close to the ground and threw.
You pointed the shiv with deadly accuracy, making it sink directly into the center of the exposed core. The droid froze, shuddering. For a moment the whole room seemed to freeze as Hunter and the droid faced off. Then the droid crumpled with a screech of metal, collapsing on the floor. The shiv shuddered.
Hold out your hand, you whispered to Hunter.
He held out his hand, and the shiv whipped back into his hand as you returned yourself to him. His hand closed over the hilt, and it shifted back into a blaster.
Tech had already scurried over the vault and was quickly working on it, fingers flying over his cracking device. Hunter turned toward the door, pointing the blaster and keeping an eye out.
“Thanks,” Hunter said gruffly. “Back there, with the third.”
The thanks caught you off guard. Why would he thank you? I... It’s my job, was all you could really think to say, thoroughly confused. You were a weapon. Why would he thank you for doing what you were literally born to do?
A flash of anger traveled through your Bond, and you instinctively shrank away though it passed just as quickly as it had appeared. Why would he be angry? Had you done something wrong? Had he not wanted you to correct it? Would it have been better if you’d done it differently?
You tried to refocus, knowing better than to get distracted now. The mission was still underway.
You heard the vault click behind you, then a quick rustle. Tech’s footsteps faltered, then squeaked against the floor.
“We need to go!” he shouted, beginning to sprint. “The vault was rigged! This place is going to blow in T-minus two minutes!”
Hunter had automatically followed Tech, but his pace quickened. “Tech, we’re not going to make it,” Hunter called grimly.
And he was right. It would take you longer to get out than that. There were so many twists and turns. You thinned your lips, materializing over his shoulder.
“Grab Tech,” you said, already Shifting. Hunter lunged forward towards Tech, grabbing him as he threw you down and jumped. You guided yourself to catch both him and Tech as a hoverdisc. A joystick grew from the base, and Tech unquestioningly grabbed it, beginning to guide you down paths so quickly that you barely had time to register any surroundings.
You rounded a corner, and Hunter shouted something. The doors had begun to close. But Tech just hunched over, and flicked a button you provided on the joystick.
“Hold on!” Tech yelled.
You Shifted, closing your eyes in order to concentrate, get it right, there wasn’t room for hesitation or error, you knew this, you could do this-
Heat seared your senses just as you managed to throw up both a shield and the proper mechanics that you’d studied so diligently and meticulously.
You screamed.
Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew that you were flying through the air, the Transference forcefully Dissolved. But all you could really pay attention to was the pain that burned through all of your nerves and senses. The moment you felt yourself hit the ground and roll, all breath was knocked out of your lungs.
Tears streamed down your cheeks as you wordlessly clutched at your arm, unable to make a single sound. You knew this had been a risk, the moment you’d done it. You’d only managed to put up the shield just in time to save Hunter and Tech from the blast approaching behind you, but it had been incomplete in your hurry to both throw it up and blow the doors open.
You’d been distracted. And now you were paying for your own mistake.
A half-strangled sob burst from your lips as you peeled your hand away from your arm, digging your hand into the soil underneath you and jacking yourself up. You’d taken damage from the blast, and just as you’d known would happen, it had Transferred to your physical body as well. After all... you were a weapon. And every weapon gets dents and scorch marks in battle. But you knew you were meant to take it. You’d always known you were meant to be the shield for your Handler.
Someone skidded to your side as you hunched over, trying to breathe through the pain. If you could just-
“Maker,” a voice snarled.
Vaguely, you half-registered the voice as Hunter’s. You scrabbled back, throwing out your good hand. “Don’t touch me!” you sobbed out, begging, praying that he wouldn’t touch you.
“Shiv, you need medical attention-“
“Please, don’t touch me, you don’t understand-“ you managed to sob out, shaking and hunching over.
“What happened?” Crosshair’s voice growled from nearby.
“Shiv-“ Hunter’s voice barked.
But you staggered to your feet, trying to just focus, you needed to focus- your ears rang. Gritting your teeth, you forced yourself to push. You were a weapon. You did not fail your Handler. You got back up. You took the consequences, you will take the pain, you will do your kriffing job-
A shuddering gasp tore from your throat as you felt yourself begin to work. You could feel the numbing ice of cold gunmetal creep up your mangled arm, could fairly smell your hissing flesh as you covered your arm slowly but ruthlessly.
Numbness. You barely felt anything, now, except for a vague pressure on your arm. Letting out a half-broken sob, shuddering, you reached up and smeared tears away from your face. Looking up, you caught sight of all four of the Bad Batch gazing at you with varying expressions of horror or concern.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered, feeling dizziness start to descend. Everything started to spin. “I’m sorry, I’ll- I’ll fix it-“
As everything tilted, the last thing you saw was someone’s hand reaching for you.
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generallysi-fi · 7 minutes ago
Hunter reminds me of Rambo.
The hair, the bandana. And the knife.
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uponrightful · 18 minutes ago
I have a PSA for all fans of Crosshair.
His new nickname is: Prickstick
That is all for my PSA.
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squishneedsahero · 20 minutes ago
Bad Influence
The Lost Padawan
Part 5 of ?
Word Count: 1229
You were raised in the Jedi order, Padawan of Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi.
It wasn't your first crash landing nor would it be your last, you and your friends had been thrown out of hyperspace and were now plummeting towards a desolate moon. "We're gonna die. We're gonna die. We're gonna- be- fine," Wrecker repeats to himself until he notices Omega looking at him worriedly.
You on the other hand were calm because out of all the terrifying situations you'd been in recently this wasn't very high up on the list. After you all impact the ground and come to a stop Omega hops out of her seat while the others talk.
"We need to find the capacitor then we can keep going," Echo says.
"Is it in here?" Omega asks, pulling out a random case.
"That's- Crosshairs weapon kit," Hunter says somewhat mournfully.
"That's it- I'm gonna say it, I miss him," Wrecker says.
They find the capacitor and Tech and Echo head out to install it before coming back shortly. "There, now we just need to fix the other systems that are failing."
Then the power goes out and Omega screams from the cockpit. "There as a thing, it had four legs and it was this long-" she says holding her arms out wide.
"You guys stay here, I'll go take care of it," Hunter says and turns to grab his gun.
"I'll go too-" you and Omega say at the same time.
Hunter's attention goes to Omega, seeing as there's no reason you can't go with to help. "No, you're staying here, it could be dangerous."
"But I'm part of the squad too," she says gently, already preparing to be rejected.
You mutter, "she's right," under your breath, gaining a glare from Hunter and a smile from Omega.
"Fine, both of you stay close," Hunter says and leads the way out of the ship. Omega skips her way off the ship, excited to be going with you and Hunter. "Kid, I know it's normal for the Jedi but you're going to have to stop arguing with orders," Hunter says to you.
You look at the clone with a smile, sticking your tongue out slightly, "I wasn't arguing, I was stating an opinion."
Your response gains a shake of his head, at least you weren't trying to take over leadership and that was probably as good as he'll get. Then he freezes, and you stop as well, having heard the rustling, Hunter sticks an arm out to stop Omega. Before you have a chance to do more the creature leaps at you, you jump out of the way, and Hunter takes the hit to keep Omega safe. He looses his oxygen mask and Omega hurries to put it on him, but it's too late he's knocked out for the time being.
"That's not great-" you comment and place a hand on Omega's shoulder, looking around for the creature.
"Tech- Echo, Wrecker?" she asks through the now not working com unit. "No answer- what do we do?"
"Hunter will wake up in a minute, but the creature will gone if we don't keep going," you say pointing to it as it climbs into a cave. "Grab his blaster, let's go," you say as you stand up.
"Alright," Omega says, sounding somewhat excited as she gets up to follow you. It doesn't take long to find the creature, and the two of you freeze as it growls at you. "Uh- I don't-" she stutters.
"It's alright," you say gently, your arm in front of her as she clutches the blaster. You reach for your lightsaber, but it isn't there, you'd forgotten to get it back from Hunter after you'd taken off, "okay... maybe not as alright, you know how to use that thing?" you ask about the blaster.
"Yeah," she says and takes aim at the creature then something changes in her eyes. "Wait, I have an idea," she says and lowers it.
"It can't hurt to try it, considering I don't have much of a plan," you laugh softly as you joke.
"Okay, trust me."
"I do," you respond and gain a smile from her.
With that she stands up and holds out her light before tossing it to the side and allowing the creature to leap at it and begin eating it. She then runs and grabs the capacitor off the ground and you follow close behind, climbing back out of the cave with her.
"Nice going, we girls gotta stick together," you joke, feeling comfortable with Omega.
Then the two of you run into a distressed looking Hunter, "where did you go?" he asks worriedly.
"The mission was to get the capacitor so we did," Omega says, holding it up.
He seems to want to ask more questions but then his eyes settle on the blaster in Omega's grip, "is that my blaster?"
"Yeah, but we didn't have to use it."
"Yeah, Omega came up with a plan and kept us from needing to use it, which was good considering someone never returned my lightsaber," you say snarkily and give him a pointed look, "it was a pretty good plan too."
Omega looks happy about your praise and Hunter just shakes his head, "alright, let's get back to the ship," he says. Great, the two of you were just going to fuel one another. How did he end up with not one but two children who can't seem to listen in life or death situation, you could at least handle yourself but Omega was still learning.
You and Omega talk to each other the whole way back to the ship, since you aren't needing to be quiet and track down any creatures. Omega was like a breath of fresh air for you, sure you were a few years older, but you hadn't ever really spent time with kids who were allowed to act like kids. You had grown up seeing the good and the bad of the galaxy, you'd been right in the middle of it growing up on Coruscant. On the other end of the spectrum was Omega, she was brilliant but had absolutely no idea how things worked out in the wild, as you'd seen on Saleucami. You were definitely a bad influence on her, but don't get things mixed up, she was just as much of an influence on you, quickly building some sort of chaotic good sisterhood. It was fun.
Once the ship was back in the air Hunter finally gave you your lightsaber back, once again saying, "nothing stupid, alright?"
You eagerly take it back since it was basically the only item you owned and could call your own, when you don't respond to Hunter's question he pulls it back before you can actually take it. You roll your eyes, "fine nothing stupid," you say, but as soon as it is safely back on your hip you add, "unless you don't catch me," before scurrying off to the other end of the ship.
Hunter already knows you're going to be the death of him. Omega was defiant in the way where she wanted to help but had no idea what she was doing and kept accidentally getting herself in trouble and trying to give him a heart attack. You on the other hand knew exactly what you were doing every single time you'd get yourself in trouble and felt no remorse for your actions.
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picklesthelesser · 24 minutes ago
The Bad Batch Episode 7 Reaction
U think the bad batch would be smart enough not to ask questions
Lmfao gotta ask dad for permission first
O shit that a clone??
I knew it was rex
God where is ahsoka
Rex pulling a danny devito "so anyway I started shooting"
Lmfao rex just dips
Damn that line starship grave yard carries some weight
The graphics are insane
The use of silence is emaculate
Lmfao why they keep shitting on Rex's age like that
Also I get it's for the show but why don't the bad batch and rex ditch their clone armor doesn't it make them stick out
I like this post apocalyptic waste land themed episode
For a sec I thought omega was going to tell wrecker to execute order 66
Why do they make rex seem evil
Damn this is like Doom
So intense I love it
Omega went for the kill shot
Rex for the win mates
Ooooo who rex chatting with? The rebellion?
When does ahsoka join the rebels and become "fulcrum"?
Damn good episode
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earthtogrogu · 29 minutes ago
Greef (about Grogu): I have no idea if he wants to eat it or hang it on his wall.
Cid (about Ruby): Maybe it's a pet, maybe he wants to turn it into a stew.
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kaijusplotch · 41 minutes ago
Do you ever think hunter or Crosshair tried to put heavy books on Tech's head as cadets to keep him shorter than them during growth spurts?
Tech: ow this hurts my neck, hunter!!
Crosshair: I'll cut off his legs then he'll be short!
Hunter & tech: *staring in horror*
Wrecker: guys I'm already taller than both of you why does it matter if tech is taller?
Hunter and Crosshair: BECAUSE HE IS LITTLER BROTHER!!!
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the-sad-batch · 46 minutes ago
PAIRING : Hunter x female reader (she/her!)
WARNINGS : enemies to lovers (!!), threatening each other, swearing, pranks, chasing, jealousy, SPICY SCENE AT THE END (not smut!)
A/N : like, comments and reblogs are always appreciated if you enjoyed this!! let me know what you think, enjoy!!
TAGLIST : @perpetual-fangirl900 @wakeupjackthisisntfair @itsnottilly
“Look who it is.”
You rolled your eyes.
You hated the sergeant of clone force 99. With a burning passion. He was like a bad itch, you couldn’t seem to get rid of him. But when you did it was the most peaceful, glorious time always. Although part of you missed the chaos between you and him, the excitement of having someone to argue with until he would get tired or mad and storm off, mumbling curse words as you laughed with Fives and Jesse about it. They didn’t take a warming to the Bad Batch either. They had tried but they were rather cold towards everyone (including them and you) so they were on your side always, sitting with you and gossiping about them all the time.
Not all of the Bad Batch were horrid.
Wrecker was one of the nicest and most welcoming people you could have ever met. He would rush to meet you, a mechanic of all ships for the republic, at the hangar and instantly start conversing with you. Tech would always have his nose in some holopad so you didn’t speak to him that much but if you did he was always sweet and would start by asking how things were going, how you were and if there was anything he could do to help you. He’d often stand and talk to you about the mission or tell you random facts he knew just to spark conversation. Crosshair was tolerable at least. He’d walk past, grumbling a hello to which you’d smile back at him. You knew he didn’t like conversation and appreciated that he was trying, especially with you given that his sergeant-his brother hated you.
You turned to the sergeant with a false smile. “Oh hello, sarge. How’re you?” You grinned.
“Fine. How’s been stuck here cleaning ships?” He remarked with a fold of his arms.
“Pretty great, hey, how’s risking your life each mission knowing it could be the last just because you don’t feel like breaking from conformity?” Your shot back, slinging the oil covered rag over your shoulder and walking away from the ship.
“I’m a soldier, meshla . I’m happy to risk my life fighting for the galaxy so that you can live happy. Though if you want the separatists to win this war and make you some sort of slave, please, I’ll take you to them.” He followed you to your office, glancing over at the picture on your holopad of you , the 501st, Ahsoka and Anakin. He rolled his eyes.
“I think I could handle myself just fine, sarge. But I appreciate the offer you’ve given me! I’ll keep it in mind-hey, you think you could take someone else for me? He’s about five foot eleven, he’s got genetic mutations so he’s an enhanced soldier, he’s pretty awful.”
“I don’t think he’d enjoy that.” He retorted and kicked his feet up on your desk.
“Move your feet, asshole.” You snarked and moved them for him. “Let’s go.”
“Where are we going, meshla?” He stood up, walking out of your office with you as you locked the door. “You thinking of rough housing me, princess?”
You bellowed out a laugh. “Rough housing? God how old are you? No, I’m planning on going home, princess.”
“Inviting me?”
“Why would I? You’re gross.” You chuckled.
“Childish, how unsurprising.” You had turned your back to him to walk away from him but paused when you felt something liquid like being thrown at you from behind. You froze, looking at your arms to see black oil dripping from you. “I’m gross? Gosh, meshla, you’re covered in oil!”
“I’m gonna-” You had gone to rush at him but the door opened and you both immediately jumped behind a crate. It was late and nobody was meant to be in the hangar after eleven, it was half past now.
“Who do you-” you brought your fist to his jaw and smacked his head to the side to hear a click. “Ow!”
“You’re lucky you’re still here.”
“Meshla!” You heard and stood up, the voice being your best and (evidently) favourite clone. “You ready to go home…what happened to you?”
“An animal got in here.” You kicked him in his chest before you walked away. “Let’s go.”
“Aww Cmon, look how cute you look with all that gross-”
“Fives I swear to the stars I’m gonna kick you out of my apartment if you carry on!” You exclaimed, both laughing as you left the hangar.
Hunter squatted behind the crate with pure jealousy through his veins. He had no reason to be jealous of Fives…stars he was a Reg for makers sake. A reg, he and his brothers didn’t tend to get along well with the regs. But as he listened to the two of you joke about going back to your apartment and how he had called you beautiful in Mando’a, it made him evidently furious. He knew why he hated it, he knew why he was jealous, but he wouldn’t admit it.
Of course he wouldn’t.
Fives and you didn’t live together. Not officially anyways. But everytime one of the 501st or anybody in the republic needed a break, change of scenery or even a night off, your apartment was open to them and everybody knew that. You were extremely sweet by checking on everyone to make sure everything was good with them and if they needed to talk about anything.
Sometimes, clones would come to your apartment in the morning to have breakfast with you before they went on a mission so they could talk to you about their anxieties for it. They all agreed that your presence was extremely calming and you were helpful in it. You adored them and they adored you.
So earlier that day, fives had approached and asked if he could stay over in your spare room to have a break for the night. Not to mention you had a gaming system set up, but you were ignoring that part. You had immediately told him he could (although he had a key so he could let himself in whenever) and he had made little plans to get you takeout as a thank you and watch your favourite holomovie with you.
When you had arrived back at your apartment, you had grabbed your home holopad and typed out a message.
‘Gonna pull a prank on your brother tomorrow morning (probably at 8) if you’d like to get involved, you don’t have to! But if you want to, we don’t have to talk if you don’t feel like it!’
Minutes later, you got a response from the sniper. ‘I’m in, be at the hangar with the reg at 7’.
You smiled to yourself villainously.
Hunter was going to ever regret throwing oil at you.
You and Fives were by the hangar at seven with Crosshair who was surprisingly sociable. In a weird way you were proud of him. He was asking what you’re plan was, how you were going to execute it and what you needed him for. When you explained what you were doing, he threw you some confetti cannons that he had Tech make during the night. So even tech was in on it and agreed to not say a word. Once you had it all set up, Crosshair went to retrieve Hunter and Fives had evacuated the area to the canteen where he would be waiting for you.
So, hiding behind some crates, you observed as the door handle nudged to open. You bit your lip to prevent yourself barking out a laugh. The door opened and black, thick, slimy oil poured over the sergeant of clone force ninety nine. It covered his hair, his face even his armour. He froze with his jaw tensed. That wasn’t even the best part. The best part was when he walked out into the middle of the room and sensed something was going to happen, so he moved (as you had prepared for) and the confetti cannons went off. Glitter and shiny paper confetti glued itself into the black oil and you then bellowed out a laugh. Your body was uncontrollably shaking as you laughed.
“You!” He exclaimed, storming over to you.
Scrambling to your feet, you skidded under his arms and rushed out of the room through the halls of the base. You looked back to see him following you-he was gaining on you. He was much taller than you which meant he could catch up easily but ultimately meant that you had to run so much faster than you would have if it was someone else. His jaw was locked and his fists balled with his darkened eyes on you. It was hard to take him seriously given that he was covered in silver glitter and pink confetti strips.
You made your way to the canteen and raced in, Hunter following seconds after. Fives had stood up with the rest of the five-oh-first to hide you behind them, to create a wall so he couldn’t reach you.
“What’s-what’s going on here?” Rex had asked, somehow managing to retain his laughter as Jesse turned to you to give you a high five. “What happened?”
“Your mechanic has ruined me and my armour.”
“You started it!”
Kix, not turning to face you but leaning back enough so you could hear him, whispered. “Get out of here through the back so he can’t find you.”
“This is funny, though.”
“I swear, I’m going to kill-”
“You lay a hand on her and you face us.” Captain Rex’s voice turned to a slightly lower octave as he stood before the battalion.
“All of us.” Commander Cody stood by his side, followed by Commander Fox as you grinned with folded arms. The enhanced clone snarled and stormed out of the room, seething with anger at them all and even at you for humiliating him. The whole of the canteen turned to you after he had left and bellowed out in fits of laughter.
It was no longer funny.
Not at all.
The Jedi’s had found out about what happened. And had called a meeting with the two of you. It was Captain Rex who had showed up at your apartment to give you a warning that they were calling a meeting, an hour before it had been called.
You knew you were in trouble.
When you arrived in front of Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka who were the only Jedi who were at this base, Hunter snarled at you once more. You wanted to make a remark about him needing to grow up but you knew you were probably in enough trouble.
“What went on today, you two?” Obi Wan asked and opened up a hologram to show Hunter’s previous state of oil and confetti covering him before he had showered and changed. You looked at Anakin and Ahsoka who were both holding back their laughter.
“Your precious mechanic hates me for no reason and did this to me!”
“Hates you for no reason?” You asked and turned to face him. “You literally threw oil at me last night on the hangar, count yourself lucky!”
“What were you two doing on the hangar?” Anakin raised his brow.
“Oh please, he wishes.” You retorted and Ahsoka snorted. “Sorry, I mean to say that I was sprucing up one of the ships and he came to talk to me for no reason. When I was leaving he threw oil at me.”
“Is that true, sergeant?”
“Yes but-”
“Then you both are even now stop. I expect no more mess, understood? If I hear anymore reports of things like this and near fights in the canteen, you’re both going to be in deep trouble. Understood?”
“Crystal.” You both nodded before you were dismissed.
You walked out of the room first after saying goodbye to them all. Ahsoka had given you a discreet high five and you left, turning to leave the building to go to your apartment.
A hand gripped your wrist and pulled you into a separate, empty meeting room. You didn’t need to see him to know it was the sergeant. He locked the door behind you and instantly strutted to stand before you in close proximity-thinking it would scare you and you would move back. But you didn’t.
“What stunt were you pulling? Do you know how much trouble I could have been in!”
“Oh get over yourself, Hunter.”
You rolled your eyes and turned to leave the room, but he grabbed you by your hand once more. With your free hand, you punched him in the face before he brought you into his chest, your back against it. You kicked him back and watched as he got out his dagger, you getting yours out and standing in a fighting stance. Fighting wasn’t something you were great at but you could handle yourself if you had to. You’d had a small amount of training from your friends. You moved to attack first, but he could read you like a book. Even if you hated admitting that. He marched your back into the wall and pinned the dagger against your neck, making you gulp.
“Sweetheart, you need to watch yourself.” He said. “Oh, look at you. You’re heart rate’s increased hasn’t it?”
“You’re threatening me, di’kut, of course it has.”
“No, it’s not. You’re giving off different chemicals-oh sweetheart. This is working for you isnt it?”
“Fuck you.” You snarled. In a swift move, you switched your positions and pinned the hand with the dagger to the wall. “If you thought you were going to get away with it, you were wrong. I’ll always one up you, sweetheart.”
He shoved you off of him, but edged you towards the table. Your body reached it and you turned to face away from him but his hand grabbed you by your chin and turned you to face him. “Maybe this is what I wanted. Us, alone.” He smirked and leaned in closer to you. “You couldn’t one up me, nobody can.”
“You’re a royal asshole.”
“You’ve got no idea, cyare.” And with that he kissed you.
You were knocked back by it, it wasn’t what you had expected. His hand moved to your jaw whilst the other was tangled up in your hair on the back of your head, his grip iron. His lips were moulding yours, stars you thought it was amazing. You were both fighting for some form of dominance over the kiss, but as soon as he pulled the ends of your hair and your head tilted back, he was in control over it. Your mouth opened to let out a gasp and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue over yours to explore your mouth. You whined and brought yours hands up to around his neck. Effortlessly, he picked you up and slammed you on top of the table to place your legs at either side of him on the edge. His lips left yours and trailed along your neck, finding a spot that made you moan out and throw your head back.
He darkly laughed against the spot and began biting and sucking at it to amplify your pleasure. The hand that was on your hair slid down your frame to between your legs, making you whine as he squeezed your thighs.
“All these pretty little noises for me? I feel so honoured, cyare.” He hummed against your sweet spot and you moaned out. “See, so precious. So pretty.”
“S-shut it.”
He chuckled and slipped his hand further up your thigh and you gasped shakily. “Something wrong, princess?”
“Please what?”
“Please touch me, sarge.” The look in his eyes almost terrified you. The name turned him feral. “Please, sarge?”
“Oh, I’m touching you now, my love.”
“No-no please, sarge.” You batted your eyelids, seeing his darkened eyes flicker to your lips. He kissed you once more, with much ferocity this time, all to distract you as he slid a finger into your core.
You moaned out into his mouth and he smirked, taking his lips away to kiss at your neck again. “Oh, these pretty little noises.”
“C-can we go to my apartment?”
“Is anybody there?” He turned back to his calm self, the calm and soft side you saw when he was with his brothers. “Sweetheart, I need you to answer me, okay?” He had removed himself from you.
“Then we can go if you feel more comfortable there, meshla.” He helped you stand up, his arm around your shoulders. “You okay?”
“Can I tell you how gorgeous you sound moaning out my title? Stars.” He whispered in a hush and you rolled your eyes.
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id-be-home-with-you · 48 minutes ago
I think I figured out my main issue with the bad batch narrative wise (obviously the main issue is the horrible whitewashing going on in the animation)
I think this has been said before but the bad batch themselves are so static
Like we got hunter who’s personality is leader and dad and kind of like a blander mando, wrecker who is big fight man (I love him don’t get me wrong), tech who is literally just a stereotypical 90s nerd character in space, crosshair is just brooding mini antagonist now, and omega is just child. Echo isn’t really as one note and has a lot of potential but they really aren’t doing much with him? Like he’s had some good moments but I feel like they just kind of throw him into whatever role the other bad batch members can’t fill at the moment.
That being said I feel like all of these characters have potential but the writers just haven’t done anything with it. Like obviously they’re a bunch of overconfident dudes with a superiority complex over the other clones. It would be very interesting to see that dismantled as their chips activate or even as they learned more about the chips. Like when wrecker and crosshairs chips activated they should see that they’re not special and can be taken control of like the rest of the clones. And I just want to see a bit of sympathy once they realize what it’s like to be under the control of the chip. I would even love to see some conflict between echo and the rest of the bad batch over their disregard for the other clones. Like they literallt touched on this in the clone wars bad batch arc why aren’t they continuing it?? I don’t think the takeaway was supposed to be “Rex and Cody are the only good clones :)”
I don’t really have too much critique for omega because I feel like they actually do have a plan for her and she’s actually been learning and growing as a person but I just want to find out more about her abilities.
All I want is a bit of growth from these characters because they’re in a situation where they can start to move away from this superiority complex and find their place in the Galaxy. I mean my ideal situation would be them trying to help the rest of the clones get their chips removed once they realize how horrible the situation is but I mean id settle for them joining the rebellion but I don’t want to see them as the exact same characters they started out as.
And don’t even get me started on all the missed potential they’ve already had with echo. I’m biased of course because he’s one of my favorite clones. However he has such a extensive background in the universe like he’s been there since season 1 and he can be the bad batches connect to the previous material established in clone wars. And we’ve barely even addressed the trauma he had because of what the techno union did to him. Also I just want the show to address what happened to fives more then in just a few lines. I want echo to know exactly how Fives died and what he died trying to do. Knowing fives died for knowing too much for knowing information that could have saved so many clones I think it would motivate him to help as many clones as he can remove their chips. And like I mentioned earlier that could make great conflict between him and the bad batch.
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clone-comics · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
tech and wrecker being bros
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swordbladeknight7 · 57 minutes ago
I got the sudden urge to edit this stupid Bad Batch comic into a video so here’s that
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orpheusminseok · an hour ago
In today’s fic tag news, the best one I’ve seen is: No Beta We Die like Domino Squad
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iellarenuodolorian · an hour ago
Just a few of my favorite shots of Tech so far 😍 Happy Tech Tuesday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shinyasahalo · an hour ago
Star Wars Thoughts (6/15/21)
I miss how when Rebels was airing there would be a small clip of the next episode a few days before it airs.  I hate what they’re doing now where we don’t even know the episode title.  I miss feeling excitement for an episode because you know a character you like is going to be in it.  When I saw Rex, I was like, okay.  I think my reaction would have been different if I had time to sit on that knowledge.    
With the last episode I was expecting to see Crosshair again, and I was hoping to get a name for the woman Imperial officer because despite what people have been saying and the fact that there’s a woman writer, Bad Batch is not good with female characters, because so far it it Omega + female character(s) of the week.
Forget the Bechdel test, what I want to see is a checkmark on the Femslash test;  that there are two female characters with enough screen time and character dynamic that it wouldn’t be a surprise if people decided to ship them.  Gold star if they do a canon queer relationship. 
I do want to point out that Bad Batch is the first show I’ve seen where the fan fic is mostly Gen, and I’ve noticed that just like with the Mandalorian, a significant percentage of it is Reader fic.    
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devilishly-stupid · an hour ago
I have a bad feeling about this...
Bad batch ep 7: thoughts while watching
I'm all caught up guys :D
YOU are a strange looking lizard
"Aha... the kid..." the dynamics ugh, immaculate
I don't even know what to comment on the fact Wrecker and Omega are putting them in debt, but I sure have to mention it
Echo? Slightly less pale
Tech you savage bitch
Dramatic hood removal and everything
Clone hugs someone hold me
"This one we like" HOLD ME
Echo? Not actually less pale
Omega straight up walked up to Rex and called him old
Finally someone who will be concerned about Wrecker, everyone go worry about him or else
Stop reminding me about order 66
Look at him in his armour. I AM STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM
Is that really all you have to say about Fives?!?!?!
Creepy water has Really good graphics
Everything has really good graphics, check out that rust
I have hope that It may not happen
The interactions, the dialogue, 10/10 😫😫
Oh no it's gonna make it worse
I'm turning this shit off
Wrecker is scary strong
Logically I know they won't kill him but they totally could
This music akdjakdb
You know what at least it's over
My blood pressure 📉📉📉
I'll miss Rex, he better show up again
Oh shit I'm all caught up guys D:
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dragon-pups · an hour ago
Fighting the Trigger
@ct-fleabag @icedcoffee101 @brandywine-tomatoes
not quite what i wanted, but i like it
Break because i don’t want to crowd
They rescued the adolescent Rancor Muchi three and a half days ago. Today Cid sent them into a droid decommissioning plant to retrieve a tactical droid. 
It was simple enough to get inside and locate the droid. Everything went to hell when those girls, Rafa and Trace Martez, he believes they said, showed up. They interfered with the job and alerted the workers to their presence. Soon they were surrounded by police droids and taking heavy fire. Hunter had gone after the tactical droid that they needed while he and Echo rebooted the system. It had all worked well and they were all together in the center of a ring of security droid blaster fire.
He had just gotten the copy of the data they needed when it happened. One of the droids got a lucky shot that caught him in the small gap between his goggles and helmet. It was a skimming blow to his right temple. Luckily it mostly damaged his helmet instead of him, but it left his head screaming. Echoing cries of the jedi on Kaller, Crosshairs sneered good soldiers follow orders. The pounding grows stronger. He’s a good soldier… and he has his orders.
He struggled to his feet, and gave a quick glance of his surroundings. CT-1409 is next to him, adjacent to his position is CT-9903, and across the way is CT-9901. There are two civilians of unknown origin and with an unknown purpose. There’s also the little girl. She’s wanted… being hunted by bounty hunters. On the orders of an unknown individual… She never left Kamino before. His creators must have hired Fennec, that means they require her back. Retrieving the asset takes priority.  
If he can take down the child then the traitors will be less likely to engage, but there is still a great likelihood that they will attempt a rescue. If he can grab one of the traitors though he greatly increases the likelihood that they will stay their hand. But which one? CT-9901 is far too big for him to handle alone. CT-9903 is broad and strong but not impossible to restrain. One of the civilians would be a good choice if they hadn’t already proven to be enemies of the traitors. CT-1409 is his best bet, malnutrition has made him weak and he’s the closest.
With that plan in order he quickly whips his blaster around to the kid. Barely pausing long enough for her eyes to widen in fear and shock. With that taken care of he throws her over his shoulder, and with the same motion shoves his blaster into the jugular of CT-1409. Blaster fire still rings out through the room, but a chilling stillness fell over its occupants.  
“Tech, what are you doing?” CT-1409 says slowly. A concern and fear flashing like lightning in his eyes.
“Good soldiers follow orders.” He states unbothered and uncaringly as he presses the blaster closer to the traitor's throat. Probably burning the flesh there with the hot tip.  
“T-tech. This isn’t yo-” 
He stops the traitor's stutters with a quick jab to the throat. As the CT-1409 chokes he swiftly grabs his still flesh arm and twists it harshly behind his back until he hears a satisfying crack. The former ARCs cries makes the rest of the squad lurch forward before they are swiftly reminded of the situation. With the child over his shoulder and the gasping ARC to his front he makes his way deeper into the plant. The rest of the traitors try to follow, but are quickly pinned by the blaster fire.
He maneuvers his way through the belly of the plant, having to shove and force the ARC to move. They make it to the water line that traverses the entirety of the plant and towards where he parked the Havoc Marauder. This was his back up plan in case the job didn’t go as planned, and it has become quite handy. He forces CT-1409 to open the hatch at gunpoint.
He kicks the ARC into the opening and jumps down with the girl. He lands heavily on the stunned trooper, cracking a few ribs at the impact. The traitor's screams are muffled by the water covering his body. He harshly drags the man to his feet and shoves him in the direction of the Marauder. Shoving the stumbling ARC threw the knee high water and algae. They make it to the ladder in good time.
Therein lies the problem. The ladder. CT-1409 only had one good arm and it's now broken. He wouldn’t be able to climb it now, and carrying the traitor is not an option. He moves his blaster from between the traitor's shoulder blades to the back of his head as he switches his blaster from stun to kill.
His hand shakes, his head screams. There's a voice begging screaming in his head to stop. The ARC tenses and turns his head, glancing at him over his shoulder. The traitor slowly turns to face him. Once he is fully turned around he leans back against the ladder as an accepting look falls over his face and he waits.
The shaking gets worse as he stares at the familiar helmet before him. His head pounds with the same phrase. Good soldiers follow orders. Over and over again until he can hear nothing else. If he’s struggling to down a traitor this much, what good is he to the empire. His resolve is stead in his mission. His grip firm and ready to lay down this threat to his glories empire. His finger rests on the trigger and is ready to pull when the ARCs bucket twists just slightly. Indicative of the way CT-1409 moves his head with his eyes… wait. 
He goes to spin around but all he sees is a flash of blue before he knows no more.
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iellarenuodolorian · an hour ago
Since I just learned that Tech Tuesday is a thing, here’s a Tech thought I had the other night….
Tech has ARC training, here’s why:
He carries the two DC-17 hand blasters.
His chest plate is closer to Echo’s than any of his brothers.
His belt is full of useful tools and pouches for anything he could possible need (because ARCs are always prepared).
His thigh pouches are his kama.
His vambraces are also heavily modified for various tasks.
His brilliant mind makes him the perfect candidate for ARC training, it also explains why he and Echo get along so well (along with their love for technology and all things nerdy).
Tumblr media
Anyone who has more thoughts, hit me up 🖐🏻
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paper-crane-castles · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“Oh! Hello! Were you following me...?”
Please excuse scribbly-ness and lack of actual decent colouring (along with my usual drab colour schemes I’m sorry I can draw absolutely nothing bright and happy), this is pure self indulgence because I am obsessed with Bad Batch and basically I’ll take any excuse to draw Cal’s freckles...?
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soclonely · an hour ago
Technically Engaged: Chapter 3- Dinner
Summary: David Filoni is a coward and won’t give us a crack plot of Tech being forced into an engagement he doesn’t want to be in so I gotta do it for him.
Chapter 3: Wow Tech really sucks at being bad
Warnings:This is all around a crack fic that I honestly would expect to happen as a filler episode in star wars. Just many chapters of Tech being weird trying to put off a princess he is engaged to.
Word Count: 922 words
"So tell me son," King Hubert address Tech across the dinner table. "How does it feel to have your life change like this?" He smiles fondly at his daughter, who in turn continued to bat her eyelashes in her beloved's direction. "I myself and very pleased with Penelope's choice! Its not every day a fine gentleman like yourself catches such a lovely ladies eye. Don't you agree?"
"Y-yes sir." Tech squeaks out, slowly inching his chair away from Penelope. "It's very unexpected and an honor." He quickly shoots a pleading look at Hunter before continuing. "I assume the Princess has had many suitors at her calling." He forces a small small. "I guess I am the lucky one."
As the king continues his conversation with Tech, Hunter glances over at Wrecker slurping his bowl loudly. "I-is that your finger bowl?" He asks, eyes widening. "Wrecker! You aren't supposed to drink that! You are supposed to dip your fingers in it like this to clean them off!" He demonstrates, face turning red as the other guests begin to stare and whisper. "Please behave your self."
"Well how was I supposed to know?" Wrecker exclaims, setting the empty bowl down on the table. "They set it next to the wine and you know I don't drink that stuff Sarge!" He picks up his bantha steak, grinning. "Besides, they put lemon in it! S'not my fault!"
Echo chuckles, pushing his own finger bowl across the table. "Here you go Wrecker, you can have mine as well." He looks over at Hunter, noticing the glare. "What? Its not like its gonna kill him. I can't use it anyway it'll make me rust!" He waves is prosthetic in the air half-halfheartedly. "You need to relax."
"Easier said than done." Hunter mumbles, turning his attention to Omega. "How are you holding up, kid?" He asks, forcing a smile.
Omega smiles, fidgeting in her seat. "The people here are really nice and Princess Penelope is fun to talk to. But this dress is uncomfortable." She looks down at her outfit sighing. "I can't wait to change back into my normal clothes." She laughs, pulling a small chuckle from Hunter before they begin listening to Tech and King Hubert conversation again.
"You see princess, I am not always so put together and smart." Tech says, looking down at his plate sadly. "Sometimes I do things that even shock Wrecker."
Princess Penelope rests her chin on her hands, looking at Tech with love puppy eyes."Oh really?" She asks, raising an eyebrow. "I find that hard to believe!"
"Its true!" He insists, nodding his head vigorously. "Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I will shut down my data-pad without exiting out of all the program files properly."
Penelope lets out a small gasp."Really?" She clutches her pearls. "But surely you at least have them saved before doing so? SO you don't lose the data I mean."
Tech tries his best to look ashamed. "I'm afraid not." He sighs "I normally don't remember to save them. So hours of work, lost in the empty world of the holonet. So you see, I am afraid I may not be responsible enough for you."
The Princess looks at him sadly, patting his arm. "My sweet little mouse, do not worry. We all have our flaws." Her eyes brighten. "But see this is why we are simply perfect for each other! I can always make sure you are constantly saving your work as you go along! Seeing as once we are together I never want to be apart!" She grips his arm tightly, beaming. "I am a stickler for proper documentation protocol!"
"Its true!" The king laughs from across the table. "She even yells at me for not saving things in an orderly fashion!" He stands up, and pats his belly happily. "How about we move this party to the Parlor?" He asks, watching the rest of the table stand and nod. "Very good then, darling?" He walks over to his daughter, extending his arm. "Shall we go and talk to the others? We can't let my future son-in-law monopolize you just yet." They make their way out of the room with the others, leaving the Batch to slowly gather around Tech.
Hunter nudges Omega."Hey why don't you go on upstairs to the room and get ready for bed?" She nods and happily follows the nurse droid the castle provided. "We will be up in a moment!" He calls, before turning his attention back on the others.
"Is that really the best you can do?" Wrecker asks, laughing loudly at Tech. "I thought you were supposed to be bad! Not a dork!" He reaches for an extra roll. "I dOn'T tUrN mY dAtA pAd OfF cOrRecTlY." he mocks.
Tech glares at Wrecker, tossing his napkin onto his plate."I don't know what to tell you!" He barks at them, standing up. "I was told to be the exact opposite of myself and that is it." He turns to Hunter. "You know I would never shut down my datapad without proper closing procedures."
The clone sergeant rubs his temples. "Yes, we know that Tech but its not enough." He sighs shaking his head. "We better come up with something else and fast. And-Wrecker! Stop drinking out of the blasted finger bowls! You don't know where the hands have been!"
"We're doomed." Echo groans, walking toward the parlor. "We are going to be stuck here forever please. Call the Empire and tell them to just take me now!"
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